Little Voice (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Tell Her

["Little Voice" playing]
[Bess] I don't know why you
think that you have to do this.
but I guess you don't really
care about our cute breakfast.
-That's what you're actually upset about.
-[dog whines]
[indistinct conversation]
Why is this still here?
-[Bess] Tell her we fight ♪
Until the neighbors knock ♪
[no audible dialogue]
And I am predisposed To wander off in thought ♪
Tell her I fall asleep When we watch TV ♪
And it drives you crazy
Having to rewind the scenes ♪
But you do for me ♪
Tell her my temper has a strong grip ♪
[dogs barking]
I'm stubborn as a bloodstain ♪
[Bess] Oh, my-- [groans]
And we both know it ♪
Tell her we laugh a lot ♪
We need to get them.
And I've seen you cry ♪
And it isn't lost on me She's the reason why ♪
Tell her ♪
All about it ♪
Tell her ♪
I don't want to take her place ♪
While you're at it Tell
yourself the same thing ♪
I know she's still your friend ♪
And that won't end ♪
But I just need to hear I'm the one again ♪
So if you don't want to see
me leave Could you please ♪
Tell me it's complicated big love ♪
[Ethan] Hi.
Hey, you.
Well, the, uh-- the video's done.
Is it that bad?
[scoffs softly]
It's beautiful.
-So, you didn't tell her?
-I tried. I really did.
But she's in such a dark place.
I couldn't do it. I-I can't do it to her.
Not right now.
She left her home. Moved
here with me. I-I can't just--
I get it.
Look, it won't always be like this.
You don't have to say anything else.
I don't want to lose this.
Bess, I am
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I know. You're always sorry.
The video we made? It is-- Well, you're
It's so special.
[dog whines softly]
[phone buzzes]
[no audio]
[phone clatters]
[man] handle it internally.
[woman] This has gone way
beyond the classroom, Jake.
Did you know that the
father of one of your students
-was on the board of trustees?
-[man replies, indistinct]
[woman] Jerry Bonham is not only a trustee
Louie, I've told you this a
hundred times. No TV before 6:00.
Louie, I'm in no mood today.
Me either. Mom always let me watch TV.
I know, but you're a big
boy now, and that's the rule.
Mom didn't make stupid rules.
You can't just watch TV all day.
-Mom would've let me.
-Well, I want you to have a life!
-You're mean.
-This isn't mean.
Mom wasn't mean. Mom loved me.
Well, Mom left! She left us!
She loved us so much, she friggin' disappeared!
I miss Mom.
I know you do.
[sighs] I know I do.
Why did she leave?
Sweetie, you've asked me that a thousand times.
I thought maybe you
would've figured it out by now.
I thought I would have figured it out by now too.
But I don't know why anyone would leave you.
[soft rock intro]
[woman and man, together] ♪
Take me back in time again ♪
Stay with me like you did then ♪
[man] More, please.
-Take me as you find me here ♪
-Hey. Excuse me. One bourbon, please.
Take me now, feel me near ♪
Excuse me.
-Love like I never knew
before -[glasses rattle]
Can I get another?
-Someday will fade and be
ignored -[no audible dialogue]
Nothing is forever anymore ♪
Hey, little lady. Hi.
Hit me again. Can I get a smile chaser?
-Here you go, two Buds and a Heineken.
-No, we said two Heinekens and a Bud.
Sorry. Sorry, I spaced it.
Man, oh, man, were you
right about Ethan. Dude killed it.
He really got you.
Did you see it? It's great, right? Am I right?
Take your time with that bourbon, sunshine.
Look, I know that you are picking yourself apart,
but trust me, it is epic.
I cannot believe that we pulled it off.
[phone buzzes]
Hi. Of course I remember it's
your birthday Thursday, Louie.
I'm at work, I've gotta--
Okay, talk quick. I'll write it down.
So, that's a Dear Evan Hansen cake
with peppermint fudge ribbon ice cream?
[man] You want me to get it myself?
I'm sure your roommates would love to come.
You have friends. They're your friends.
I love you more. Later.
Hey, princess. Why don't you
make up for keeping me waiting?
How did you get your foot in your
mouth and your head up your ass
at the same time?
Hey, hey. Whoa.
Get it in check.
Take five. I got this. Go watch
the video. It'll cheer you up.
Someday will fade and be ignored ♪
Nothing is forever anymore ♪
-I was raised classic Italian-Indian.
If you're confused by
that, don't worry, so was I.
-I was a guido Indian growing up.
-[scattered laughter]
A "guindian," if you may.
-I used to rock the deep dark V's, right?
-[phone buzzes]
-But I had a hairy chest
-Hey. Uh, can't really talk right now.
Why is everyone laughing?
I'm at a comedy show with Sundeep.
I know, I'm totally being that girl right now.
Sorry to interrupt.
No, don't be sorry. You sound weird.
Okay, let me just go where it's quiet.
No, it's okay.
You're in the middle of something.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[comedian] Did pretty good for themselves.
My brother's a doctor.
Okay. Bye.
[comedian] And I'm healthy.
[song continues, faint]
[inhales, sighs]
-[water splashes]
[gasps] No!
[dryer whirring]
[whirring stops]
[whirring resumes]
[birds chirping]
[woman] Ten minutes.
Thank you.
You never texted me back.
I know.
I'm in love with him.
That's the truth.
It's the simple, messed up truth.
Well, as my dad always says, at
least I'll get a good song out of it.
What rhymes with "I love you"?
"True." "Blue."
"Fuck you."
So, this next song is called "Simple and True,"
and we're gonna play it next.
Oh, I already said that. [chuckles]
At first, I was gonna call it--
Yeah, well, we won't go there.
That's a funny title. "We won't go there."
Well, I thought it was kinda
funny in a not funny way.
Samuel is looking at me with
such a serious face right now.
That means I should stop talking.
Easier said than done though.
[playing soft intro]
If I start with a guitar ♪
Even though I don't play well ♪
And be still until the melody ♪
Claims what's on my heart ♪
Then it won't have to stay there ♪
And soon I can set it free ♪
Simple and true ♪
I just don't know what
I'm gonna do without you ♪
Simple and plain ♪
And I just don't know How I
would ever say it any other way ♪
Simple and true ♪
I still love you ♪
If I hold this in my hands ♪
And rock back and forth ♪
[together] Could I soothe me a song to sing ♪
To add to the millions of other ♪
Songs to lost lovers ♪
Will mine lift up a spirit at all? ♪
If you hear it Simple and true ♪
I just don't know What
I'm gonna do without you ♪
Simple and plain ♪
And I just don't know How I
would ever say it any other way ♪
Simple and true ♪
Simple ♪
I just don't know ♪
Simple and plain ♪
I just don't know How I
would ever say it any other way ♪
Simple and true ♪
I still love you ♪
[song ends]
[speakers: rock music playing]
That took my breath away. A toast.
I think she's had enough.
No, she hasn't.
Come on, Bess.
-[music continues]
You played so pretty, Samuel.
-You always play so pretty.
[Samuel] Yeah, let's get you home, Bess.
[Bess] Not yet.
I booked us some time at the studio so
we can replace what we did with your pop.
Maybe we can also lay down
that tune that you just slayed.
Love to. That is so great.
-Isn't that great, Samuel?
-It's really great.
Let's get you home, Bess.
It's all right, Dad. I'm not grounded anymore.
-Come on, Bess. You've had enough.
-Don't be such a party pooper.
[scoffs] Why is he being such a party pooper?
Dude, did anyone ever tell
you you're a bit of a buzzkill?
I got this.
Pops, I'll get her home safe.
-[Bess chortles]
-Yeah, cheers.
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[dog whines]
Oh. [inhales sharply]
Louie, are you okay?
Of course I remember it's your birthday.
Happy birthday. Yeah, I was working.
I-- I can't wait for tonight too.
Yes, there's gonna be
enough for all your roommates.
Love you.
Boy, am I glad to see you.
I am so, like, I don't even
know where to begin, but--
Hey, Bess.
Want some coffee?
[softly] No.
[Prisha, softly] Hey, thanks for coming.
-How you feeling?
-I'm okay.
[door opens]
Wanna talk?
I have to get to the studio.
Are you okay?
Why wouldn't I be okay?
Well, you were pretty messed up last night.
Do you remember getting home?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't seem fine.
Look, I'm fine.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Why wouldn't I be okay?
Well, must feel weird lying to your family,
lying to that nice guy, probably
lying to Ananya right now.
I'm not lying to her.
We're too close.
So, she knows about Sundeep
and where that's headed?
[Ananya] Prish, toast is done.
Toast is done.
Bess, who are you right now?
Oh, I-- I can't just leave her out there.
Could you ask her to give me
back my shirt she's wearing?
I have to wear it to work.
[door closes]
Hey, you're never late. Are you okay?
I'm great.
Your shirt's inside out. You might wanna--
Uh, it's intentional.
-Get some sleep?
-Yeah, I feel great.
You were pretty great last night.
I meant at the club.
So, round two?
Wait. First I need everyone's phone.
'Cause while you guys are working your magic,
I am going to watch and like Bess's
video on every device known to mankind.
Dude, I played it for a friend
of mine at a record company,
and he's open to hearing more.
He dug her.
What record company?
So, the clock is ticking.
Let's, uh, get to it and
redo your pop's part, huh?
I think some of what he did we can use.
You are such a sweet thing.
[speakers: "Sweet Jane" playing]
[phone buzzes]
[buzzing continues]
Are you okay?
What's the matter?
No, talk-- talk slower, son.
Louie, I can't understand what you're saying.
It's okay. I'm here. Just tell me what happened.
Where are you? I'll get
there as fast as I can. Just--
Where the hell do you
think you're going with that?
Nowhere. I'm just talking to my
son on the phone. He's disabled.
-He-He just got-- -Right.
I didn't wanna disturb anybody. He needs me.
-[no audio]
-[speakers: "Dear Hope" playing]
[together] So I will write it down ♪
And make jagged edges ♪
Into something I can hold ♪
-Don't wanna lose my way ♪
-Lose my way ♪
Like dear Hemingway ♪
So I won't let go ♪
-[Jeremy] Hang on a second, guys.
-[Bess clears throat]
I just wanna adjust your mic a bit.
Sorry, my voice is a little ragged this morning.
[sighs] You were pretty vocal last night.
I'm kidding.
Maybe I'm not.
Don't worry. You were a good girl.
Okay, so, uh, let's try it again.
And I'd like to try it again.
And I'd like for you to shut
up. So shut the fuck up.
What the hell was that?
If you're not gonna defend
yourself, someone has to.
I don't need you to defend
me. I knew what I was doing.
-I needed that studio time.
-Not that badly.
He's gonna introduce me to a label.
Oh, please. That guy was getting
off on messing with your head.
You think I don't know that?
You think that I need you to
point it out to me? I made a choice.
To watch him adjust the
mic like you were blowing it.
I work six jobs, and if I wanna
take advantage of an opportunity
so maybe I can move one inch forward--
You don't have to prop this guy
up to make something happen.
-You're good. Have you forgotten that?
-I didn't fucking fuck him!
Hi. I'm here to pick up an
ice-cream cake. It's under "Bess."
-Oh, my God. It's perfect.
-[phone buzzes]
Oh. Sorry. Give me one second.
Hi, Dad.
That's horrible. What's wrong with these people?
How much?
I'm on my way.
You know, it's all wrong. I said
Phantom, not Dear Evan Hansen.
I can't take it like this.
You just said it was perfect.
I meant the "Presenting Louie's B-day" part.
The cake is all wrong. I'm not gonna pay for it.
-Here, use this.
-Ring it up.
-No, don't you pay for it.
-It's nothing. Hey, box it.
-No, don't you dare box it.
I have to go. I have to go.
I told you not to pay for it.
It's your brother's birthday.
He needs a goddamn cake.
-Don't you have your own life?
-What happened with your father?
Stay out of it. What does it matter to you?
Because I fucking care about you.
I see how much you're up against.
I see what you're dealing with,
with your brother, your father.
-It's a lot.
-A lot of people have a lot.
It's too much.
I don't want your help.
Of course you don't 'cause you're too
messed up to let anyone care about you.
That's why you want Ethan, because
he can't care about you. It's your normal.
If you really care about me, you'll just go away.
-What happened with your father?
-Go away!
I don't
He practically single-handedly raised my brother,
and you have no idea how hard
that was, and you pull this shit.
There you have it. Happy?
Give us the album.
We have a birthday party
that we're already late for.
You don't get the album, doll.
This is just to make sure I don't
press charges against father of the year.
-Are you kidding me?
-Let's go.
No! I'm not leaving here without that album!
[Louie] No presents?
I've never not had any presents.
You said you had a special present for me.
It'll just be a bit belated, buddy.
And the cake is melted. Why
would you let the cake melt?
You talked about the cake all day, Louie.
You really set us up.
Let's go to my room and look at
the tropical cyclone tracking charts.
Wait. Don't go.
The cake could be more like sundaes,
okay? We can serve them in bowls.
It-It's just not the same.
That's what I'm trying to say.
[Louie] This is my birthday.
-[door opens]
-It only happens once a year.
This is the day that it comes.
[Louie sighs]
And it's almost over.
But we're here, and we love you.
That's there all the time.
That's not a special present.
This is the worst birthday I've ever had.
We can still have fun, Louie.
Peter Pan, leader of the Lost
Boys, who never, ever has to grow up.
"How do we get to Neverland?"
I think you're trying to distract
me from what I'm feeling.
And this is what I'm really feeling.
You're right, Louie, I am. I'm-I'm sorry.
I know you had a bad day.
Dad said you called him really upset.
I didn't call Dad. I was
having a great day until now.
Yeah, but somebody pushed
you on the subway today.
I was watching Turner Classic Movies
Pays Tribute to the American Musical
all day long.
It was my birthday, Bess, remember?
There were no TV restrictions.
The sun'll come out tomorrow ♪
Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow ♪
There'll be sun ♪
Now, that was a good birthday.
That was the first Broadway show I ever saw.
It was at the Alvin Theatre
and starred Andrea McArdle as Annie
and Reid Skelton as Daddy Warbucks.
[chuckles] You know, Louie,
you should have your own vlog.
-I should, shouldn't I, Bess?
It ran for six years and won
the Tony Award for Best Musical.
It was the longest-running
show at the Alvin Theatre,
which is now the Neil Simon Theatre,
until it was surpassed by Hairspray in 2009.
Everything you need to know about Broadway.
And then some. Starring Louie
King, the king of Broadway.
[Louie chuckles] The song
"Tomorrow" was originally written
for a musical production of Flowers for Algernon.
The switch was made
because Annie was having problems with
its out-of-town tryouts in Washington, DC.
"Tomorrow" later became
the title for the titular song.
The sun'll come out tomorrow ♪
Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow ♪
There'll be sun ♪
[all] Just thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
Clears away the cobwebs And the sorrow ♪
Till there's none ♪
When I'm stuck with a day ♪
That's gray and lonely ♪
I just stick out my chin ♪
And grin and say ♪
[singing fades]
[girl] The sun'll come out tomorrow ♪
Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow ♪
There'll be sun ♪
Just thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
Clears away the cobwebs And the sorrow ♪
Till there's none ♪
When I'm stuck with a day ♪
That's gray and lonely ♪
I just stick out my chin ♪
And grin and say, oh ♪
The sun'll come out tomorrow ♪
So ya gotta hang on Till tomorrow ♪
Come what may ♪
Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪
I love ya, tomorrow ♪
You're always a day away ♪
Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪
I love ya, tomorrow ♪
You're always a day ♪
Away ♪
When I'm stuck with a day ♪
That's gray and lonely ♪
I just stick out my chin ♪
And grin and say ♪
Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪
I love ya, tomorrow ♪
You're always a day ♪
Away ♪
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