Live at The Apollo (2004) s09e04 Episode Script

Adam Hills, Andi Osho, Terry Alderton

1 Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your host for tonight, Adam Hills! Hello, London! Hello, London and welcome to live at the Apollo.
My name's Adam Hills.
I have two amazing acts to present to you tonight.
Are you well? Yeah! Excellent! There are celebrities in the house - Tinie Tempah's here, people! Hey, buddy! Tinie Tempah's here.
Love your music, love you.
We've met before.
But you know what I love about Tinie Tempah? The name.
There's thought gone into the name, Tinie Tempah.
You've told me this before, you chose something harsh, like "temper", then you offset it with "tiny" and I love that.
There's thought that's gone into it.
Not like Jay-Z who threw two darts at an alphabet! And so what it is it's something impressive and harsh like "temper", offset by something cuddly like "tiny", brilliant.
It's a lovely name.
It's like Angry Birds or Prime Minister Miliband.
Er Sorry, every time we look at your Prime Minister we go, "Yeah, go on, I dare you.
" Kimberly Wyatt is here from the Pussycat Dolls.
Absolutely brilliant.
Yes, Kimberly Wyatt's here.
The only thing I know about you is that your nickname is Flexi Doll, because you are the most supple of the Pussycat Dolls.
Just let's all take a moment to imagine that Again, I compare myself to that and go "Well, I would be Rusty Babushka" if that was the case.
Yeah, inside this 43-three-year old decrepit body is just a broken 62-year-old.
And then inside him there's a 95-five-year old weeping cos he can't find his Zimmer frame.
I'm genuinely chuffed that you're here and I don't care, I love music and I don't understand it and I'm blown away by it and that's why I think you're brilliant.
And I've seen the power of music around the world.
I've seen music bring people together, regardless of nationality.
I've seen that Jon Bon Jovi is the universal constant.
Whether or not you like his music if you can sing a Jon Bon Jovi song anywhere in the world you will bond a room full of people instantly.
I was doing shows in Belgium once and I was backstage with a group of Belgian comics, five Belgian comedians, me and Michael McIntyre.
And I'm thinking, what do you? I've got nothing in common with these guys.
How do you How do you start a conversation with a Belgian? I was like, "Er, do you like waffles?" It was this weirdest thing where everyone was nervous and nobody knew what to say and one of the Belgian guys, I can only assume out of nerves just started singing to himself under his breath.
In the middle of this crowded room everyone's gone quiet and this one guy went, This Romeo is bleeding You can't see his blood It's nothing but some feelings that this old dog kicked up Then he must have suddenly realised what he was doing cos he looked at me and went, "Oh.
" So I looked back across the room and just went, It's been raining since you left me And I'm drowning in the flood You see I've always been a fighter but without you I give up! And he gave me a look that said, "You're not serious, are you?" And I gave him a look to say, "I am if you are, big fella.
" He took a step in and went # And I can't sing a love song Like the way it's meant to be And I thought, "I will see you "and raise you, my friend," so I stood up and went, And I guess that's just not good any more but baby that's just me! There was a pause, then everyone in the room did the chorus! Me, five comedians and Michael McIntyre just went, And I will love you, baby! Ooohhhhh! We bonded.
We Jon Bonded.
And it occurred to me then that Jon Bon Jovi songs may not solve the Middle East peace crisis, but it's worth a shot, isn't it? Just send an envoy into the Middle East, Israelis on one side, Palestinians on the other.
"No, no, this land is for the Jewish people.
"God promised it to the Jews.
We will never back down.
"You guys?" "No, this land is for the Palestinian people.
We will never back down!" "Is there any way?" "No, no way.
" Just pull out a microphone.
Oowa, oowa, oowa, oowa, oowa, ooowa, oowa And just wait! Honestly, I think the Israelis would crack first.
"No, this is ridiculous, how can we?" Tommy used to work on the docks The Palestinians would have to join in.
"This is outrageous! Gina works the diner all day And within a minute they'd all be on their feet, lighters in the air.
Whooooooaaaaaah! Living on a prayer! I mean, they'd argue about which prayer but at least they'd be singing together.
You see, that's the thing, music fires people up as well.
I get very fired up by music.
Oh, man, I went on a rant.
I was in Starbucks recently.
Now, I have a lot of problems with Starbucks.
My main problem with Starbucks is, they make shit coffee.
I was in a Starbucks and they were selling albums.
They were selling albums, they were selling CDs.
They were selling a Doors CD.
Does that appal you as much as it appals me? Are you aware who I'm talking about when I say The Doors? Jim Morrison, The Lizard King? The man who died choking on his own vomit in a bath? Who was arrested for indecent exposure on stage.
He's available in Starbucks?! That's not Mika, Mika should be available in Starbucks.
I don't know if you know Mika's work, it sounds like James Blunt shagged a sponge.
That should be in Starbucks.
You know what I mean? If you have The Doors in Starbucks at least pay homage, have a Morrison mochachino where you drop in acid and stir it with your cock, do it properly! I love all music and do you know what I love? I love boybands.
I know, and not necessarily the music but just the fact you can put one together.
You can create a boyband, you just need a certain look.
Honestly, I could create a boyband out of five members of the audience right now.
In fact Right You, fella, could you hop up on stage, please? Come round on the stairs here, excellent.
Yep, you'll be right.
There's a few down here that look a little too obvious.
Oh, shit, yeah, you have to! You have to.
One, two, three Yeah, come on, yep, four.
And I'm going to go one more.
Oh, yeah, two rows back.
You, fella, come on down.
All right, here we go.
Oh, hey, Nick.
How are you with stairs? Yeah, I can do it, mate.
Yeah, cool.
I just realised I picked on Nick Hamilton! I know.
That's right, Adam, find a guy with cerebral palsy make him walk upstairs.
They didn't think to put a ramp in for you, did they? All right, all right, I think this is going to work! Now, we've got every member you would find in a boy I'll need to swap you round a little bit.
Yeah, you don't have the dodgy guy at the end.
Look at this, we've got the buff guy that the ladies are going to love, we've got the slightly nerdy guy that the weird girls are going to get into, we've got the rebellious bloke, we've got the one Well, you're probably the one who can sing cos I can see no other talent there.
And we've got the guy who'll become gay.
So Right, every boyband member has to have their own look.
Now, I'm going to try you, Nick, I'm going to try you with this.
Your look, when I go, just hands down in front Nice! All right, awesome.
Yours fold your arms, turn side on.
Brilliant! You're Superman, hands on hips.
You've got one arm behind your head.
Nice! You, er, you've got both arms behind your head.
Awesome, awesome.
Now, if I do this we have an album cover.
There's more to it than this, though, there's more to it than this.
So at some point I'm going to click my fingers.
When I, go into your boyband pose, OK? Right, now, this is going to I don't know if this is going to work.
Then at some point I'm going to say "Dance".
Now, we've got Brendan Cole here from Strictly Come Dancing.
He's not going to need to teach you steps, this is very easy.
It's a man dance, it's right foot, left foot.
Just try that.
Yep, you got it.
That's perfect.
If you get out of step with everybody, just stop, they'll come back to you and you join back in again.
It's absolutely fine.
We can all do this.
And then at some point I'm going to say "Turn".
I don't how it's going to work but we'll just give it a Yeah? Yeah? How am I going to do that? Yeah, that's a good point.
You know what, yours is so quick no-one sees it.
How's the rest of it, stepping and all that? Cool.
When you're stepping, if you feel like clicking your fingers, feel free.
Clap your hands if you want, you'll be fine.
All right.
Everyone, I need starting positions, which is heads down.
Oh, nice! Heads down, no smiling, no smiling, serious faces.
Can we do something with the lighting? Can we drop the lighting ever so slightly? Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you tonight the newest boyband to come out of London.
Yeah, the Back Yard Boys! OK, you ready, boys? Here we go.
You are No, not all of you! Just one at a time! Sorry, we've all gone off a bit early.
I should have explained that.
Try and think about something else, reload, you'll be fine.
When I click at each of you individually, into your Oh, God, is this what it was like in the Pussycat Dolls? Jesus, which one's Sherzinger, which one? Weird in the middle, isn't it? Yeah, all right.
All right, here we go.
Jeez, it is harder than I thought to put a boyband together, isn't it? You are My fire My one Desire I love when you say That I want it that way Dance! Tell me why ain't nothin' but a heartache Tell me why ain't nothin' but a mistake Tell me why, I never want to hear you say And turn! I want it that way.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Back Yard Boys! Thank you, guys! Ah! Ladies and gentlemen, I'll back throughout the night But are you ready for your first act of the night? Yeah! She's absolutely amazing, she is Andi Osho! Whoooo! Wow! Wow! Hello, Apollo! Hey! Excellent! I'm so glad to you've come out tonight, so nice to see people come out to support live comedy.
Cos not everybody gets it, right? The other day I was took a taxi, it had a Romanian cab driver and I was trying to explain to him live comedy and he was just like, "No.
" Like it didn't mean anything to him.
And I said, "Well don't you have like live comedy, live comedians in your country?" He's like, "No, he is on television.
" It made it sound like there's one comedian in Romania! "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, "I am your premier comed ONLY comedian.
"What you get if you cross Polish man with Latvian man? "You cannot, this is homosexuality and is banned.
" "An Englishman, an Irishman a Scottish man walk into a bar.
"Because they are British, they are drunk and alcoholic.
"Two nuns are in the bath because there is water shortage.
" I could do this all night.
So what else has been going on? Oh, right, this happened - a kid got expelled from school for putting a picture on Facebook of his genitals in his teacher's mug.
Now, that is taking teabagging to a whole new level, innit? How did they even know it was him? Did they dust the mug fro wrinkle prints or something? "Yes, that's definitely Jonathan from year 11.
" "How do you know, Headmaster?" "I just do!" They need good role models.
Also, like in celebrity land, they need good role models.
Not the sort that are famous for being famous, like Peter Andre.
God bless his heart but he's made an 18-year career out of one song! So much so that he's even got a perfume called Mysterious Girl.
Now, call me crazy but surely, as a woman, the one thing you don't want to smell like is mysterious? You don't want to spray that on and then walk past your mates and your mates are like, "Ugh! What is that? Is that egg? "You smell mysterious! "Ugh! Eurgh!" Or Cheryl Cole.
Sorry, I just get so angry whenever I see her face! Like I was watching her when she was on that Piers Morgan Life Stories bleating on about, "Being in Africa and my fight with malaria, erghhh.
" I got so angry but then I remembered malaria's a disease - not the name of another toilet attendant she's been kicking the shit out of.
"Take that malaria, you bastard! Give us a lollypop!" "We're gonna fight for this, love.
" It's good, innit, I like that one.
Yeah, if she likes hitting people so much maybe she should go out with Chris Brown, see how that works out for her! Yeah, I said it! Yeah, I did that joke in Cheltenham and this old lady turned to her husband and was like, "Chris Brown? Wasn't he the home secretary in 1987?" Her husband was like, "I think I'd remember if we had a black home secretary, Margaret!" He-he.
That'd be amazing to be a black home secretary, if I was a black home secretary Well, if I was home secretary obviously I'd be black but er Think it through, Osho! That would be amazing because I would do the biggest wind up on the Daily Mail ever.
I would go straight to the BBC news studios and do a live broadcast, I'd just go AFRICAN ACCENT: "Good mornin', viewers! "As de new home secretary, I want to announce, "from now on there will be no immigration laws! "Dat's it, de borders are now open!" "Tell your friends, tell your family, we have plenty o' money, "plenty o' jobs, plenty o' benefits, com, com! "Just com, eh?" And then close the borders! It's tough.
It's tough.
Young people do need good role models.
I think the Paralympians we had last year they were amazing role models, and I don't think you can get better than right? I mean seriously, they put footballers to shame, they did.
I mean John Terry must have watched the Paralympics and just gone, "Oh! I get it! I'm a twat!" As amazing as the Paralympians were I think sometimes we did get a little bit patronising towards them.
Some people went a little bit OTT with all the, "Ah, they're so brave, argh!" They're just people who happen to have disabilities, they have to train like everybody else.
They're just athletes and we didn't do this for other minority groups, you know what I mean, we didn't watch the 100m final going, "Look at the black people running! They're just so fast! And they're not even being chased! But we should all do that next time! Apparently, er, this Paralympics that we had here was the most successful Paralympics in the history of the games so Rio better change it up.
They should add new categories for the disabilities.
They should add non-physical ones.
Depression, that's a disability.
You'd just get a guy sat in the sandpit at the end of the long jump going, "What's the bloody point?" I hope I haven't scandalised anybody, cos with comedy you've got to be careful, you gotta make sure you're politically correct and blah blah, but sometimes you know people take it too far and you don't wanna be like too caught up in that, the boundaries of political correctness - some people do take it too far, like somebody complained to IKEA because their instructions only showed men making the stuff.
Now, let me just check, girls, give a shit? No! Cos as far as we're concerned that is a win-win situation! We'll be watching the geezer building the furniture going, "Oh darling, I'd love to help you build this thing "but it says you have to do it!" Woooo! Ladies and gentlemen you've been awesome.
I've been Andi Osho.
Thank you very much, good night! Ladies and gentlemen, Andi Osho! Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to introduce your next act, there is no way to describe this man, he is unlike any other comedian you've ever seen, you are gonna love him.
Please raise the roof for Terry Alderton! Ladies and gentlemen, it's so lovely to be here at the O2.
Er I know when I come out here a lot of people don't know what I'm about.
You look at me and you think to yourself possibly I am "Hiya, how you doing so nice to be here!" And others look at me and think, "What you looking at, mate?" I'm into monkey fighting at the moment.
It's all imaginary monkey fighting.
It's all in my mind - no beasts get hurt, one is about to ensue.
One has a knife the other has a gun but the one with the gun has no bullets but the one with the knife doesn't know that! But I don't want to come across at any point in my life I don't want women to think I'm wrong in any way but as a man I do things I can't help myself for, like when I have a thought when I see a girl, I feel terribly bad about it, you know, every single time and I think every man in here does it, when you see a woman you can't help yourself you have that feeling like, a voice that goes, "Would ya?" Bearing in mind you women know that this happens next time you go to a family do, like a wedding or something like that, bear in mind that's going to happen when you're with your new boyfriend that you're so excited about.
And you're skipping along and you go, "Mother, this is Darren, Mother this is Darren.
Darren, Mother, Mother, Darren".
She goes, "So lovely to meet you, Darren, "you're such a good looking boy we've been so excited to meet you.
" And he goes, "Mrs Smith, it's so nice to meet you to" Would ya?!" And then you think it's going so wonderfully, let's go and see Auntie Linda.
You say to Auntie Linda, "Linda this is my new boyfriend, Darren".
She goes, "Darren, you're such a beautiful looking boy, it's lovely "to meet you" he looks at her and goes, "Lovely to meet you" "Would ya?" Let's make it a hattrick.
So you think, let's go and see Grandma Oh, you ageist bastards! How do you know she's not a 68-year-old GILF? You've seen Blondie, right? You go to Grandma, "Grandma, this is Darren, "Darren, this is Grandma".
She looks at Darren and goes "I'd let ya" and so What happens when the one with the knife realises the one with the gun has no bullets? My wife and I we don't argue very often - the only time we argue is over finances and of course, But apart from that We don't argue over much, No point.
But I don't see anything from that, do I? So ladies and gentleman, I would now like to re-enact my wife and I arguing over the finances in our house.
Tonight, she will be played by my left hand and I will be played by me, heheh.
So this is my wife and I, arguing over the finances in our house, thank you.
Winner! "Listen, there's the one in the white shirt "and the quiffed hair, I don't think he's enjoying himself.
" "What you on about? You can't judge someone just cos "they're not laughing - he could be laughing inside, "you don't know that he's not enjoying himself here tonight.
" "I don't think he really likes it.
" "You don't know that!" "What shall I do here? "You must forward roll to his girlfriend.
" "What?" "Just forward roll to his girlfriend.
" "That could be at least two forward rolls!" "It is your destiny.
" It's lovely to meet you, love.
Click-click! Now, I have a question for you.
Do you like shoes, madam? You do! I like shoes as well.
All right, love? I'm looking forward to the drive home tonight.
'What?' I said I'm looking forward to the drive home tonight.
'What you on about, you don't do nothing! 'You just sit there while I do all the accelerating and braking! You don't do nothing!' 'Heard you sneaking out last night.
' Eh? 'I said I heard you sneaking out last night, where did you go?' Went out with a little flip-flop, didn't I? 'What did you say?' I said I went out with a little flip-flop.
'You can't say that! It's 2013!' 'You can't call them flip-flops, you gotta call them beach shoes, 'beach shoes!' I don't understand, a lot of my friends are flip-flops.
'There you go again, it's beach shoe.
' Well, they say flip-flop.
'Well, they can, can't they, cos they are flip-flops!' 'Anyway, what does she look like?' Well, you know, they all look the same, don't they? Thank you! Dooosh! Winner! Ladies and gentlemen, you've been great, I love you, good night! Ladies and gentlemen, Terry Alderton! Often at the end of an act you can come out and say, "Hey he's got a DVD coming out or he has got a tour but at the end of Terry's act you just go, "Terry Alderton, we're not sure if he's OK!" Ladies and gentlemen, have you enjoyed yourselves tonight? One more time for the acts you saw, Andi Osho! And Terry Alderton! Thank you to all the celebs who turned up, thank you to all of you, my name's Adam Hills, thank you and good night!
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