Locke & Key (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Head Games

1 Guys, you gotta come see this! Follow me! Welcome to my head.
Am I just super high? - This is seriously amazing.
- Yeah! This is awesome! - Who's that? - Yeah! Whoo! My glee.
Feelings can become living things here, too.
How do you know that? It's my head.
I just do.
Okay So trippy.
There we go.
Orion's Belt complete.
What is this? We're inside one of my memories.
Dad! He can't hear you.
I already tried.
You too tired for a story tonight, buddy? Never.
What do you say we give Peter Pan a break and I tell you a Rendell Locke original? I don't know Yeah maybe you're not ready for the one with the sea monster, it's too scary.
- Sea monster? - Yeah, see, there was this very old fisherman and he's sailing the ocean with his trusted shipmates Well one day, they find themselves in the middle of this huge storm, and they got so turned around that they ended up on a remote island that wasn't on any map.
As they explored around looking for food and shelter, they come across a chest buried in the sand.
When they opened the chest, they discovered it was full of gold.
I thought you said there was a sea monster.
Oh, I'm getting there.
I think I remember this one.
They decided to take it with them, but while they were trying to drag the chest back to their ship, they were suddenly attacked by a vicious sea monster.
And the sea monster chewed up their whole ship so they couldn't escape.
It was its job to protect the treasure and make sure What happened? I think I fell asleep before Dad finished.
I never heard how it ends.
It's probably for the best.
That story got dark.
What are you talking about? It had a happy ending.
If you say so.
I remember so.
- How is any of this possible? - I told you, it's the keys.
How are you even finding them? I hear them whisper.
What are they saying? Not really words.
At least none that I understand.
I just focus real hard and it leads me to them.
Dad must've known about the keys.
There was one in the bracelet he gave me.
I wonder if there are any more.
- Okay, Tyler's turn.
- No.
No way.
No one is poking around - in my head.
- Come on.
- Kinsey, come on! - Same.
Please? What's the point of having magic keys - if we can't even use them? - Shh.
- Hey - Until we know how much damage they can do, I'm gonna hold on to both of them.
- What? - Why do you get both? You already have the one with the two faces.
The Mirror Key.
Obviously, I'm the the oldest so And the least responsible.
Hello? I'm the one who's finding them all.
You already lost one.
That wasn't my fault.
Okay, I didn't tell you this before, but there's this scary well lady who's trying to get the keys.
So I need to protect them.
And so we should give them to you? Exactly! I don't think so.
Okay, look, here's what we're gonna do: Tyler's gonna take the Mirror Key, and I'll take the brainy key.
Sure, we'll go with that.
- She is real.
- If she comes back, you tell us right away.
Okay? What if it's too late? What the hell? That's my laptop.
Doppio macchiato.
Marky Mark.
You knew I'd be coming, didn't you? That sounds crazy.
Somebody's in there.
It's probably just some sad hobo.
Hey, lady! Where'd you come from? Where'd you get that key? - Don't worry about it.
- Were there any others? Perhaps one in the shape of a head? No.
Why? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
What does yours do? It's like a lighter.
You said you'd show me yours.
If you insist.
What the hell? Hey! Does anybody else want to see? Go.
Go! Hey! How's it going? Me and the droogs wanted to thank you for all your hard work yesterday.
So, voilà.
Excuse me.
- Oh, my God! Band of Horses tickets? - Yeah, well, no.
Not exactly.
It's a local Band of Horses cover band.
Cover Band of Horses.
Yeah, Matheson isn't exactly a hotbed of culture.
But we do actually get some pretty good cover bands.
You know, we've got Novembress, Death Lift for Cutie, Nerdvana.
You know, it's a it's a nearish approximation of having a formative concert-going experience.
You sure Zadie and Doug aren't still pissed at me for botching their blood gag? Actually, this wouldn't technically be a designated Savini Squad outing.
- Two tickets.
- Yeah, just you and I.
Oh So this is a date? Yeah, well, I mean God, not a date.
Not that word, that's that word's so antiquated.
You know, pedestrian even.
No, I would never deign to make anybody feel obligated to the social constructs that exist under a dating umbrella.
No, why don't we just call it a a hang? - Hang? - Hang.
So, Saturday? I have a paper due and this summer program application Okay, well, no no pressure.
I'll just swoop! I'll hold on to these and if you want to join me, great, but if it's a no, you know, I'm a big boy.
I can take it.
It's a maybe.
Maybe? Maybe's good.
Maybe's I'll take maybe.
Just, uh, let me know.
Rocky Road.
You don't have to sit with us.
Go ahead.
Sit with your friends.
That assumes I have any.
So make some.
- Nina! - Hey! Hi! So good to see you out here! My son Tyler just joined the team.
Bode, this is Ellie, Rufus's mom.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Bode.
Rufus told me all about his fellow soldier.
- Bud, you wanna go find us some seats? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye, Ellie.
Right! Right! So how's the renovation coming along? Oh, you know, fix one problem, eight more pop up.
Well, if you ever want to get out of the house, I've been wanting to check out this new Italian place downtown? Ooh Do they have a kids' menu? Probably not.
Sounds perfect! Jackie, I mean he's clearly into you, maybe he just wanted to make you jealous or something? I don't know.
It's just like a really weird situation.
Can we just watch the game? Who comes to these things to just watch the game? I didn't realize that we had a little audience.
- Come on, pressure! - It's Kinsey, right? Pick it up! Come sit with us.
Get him! Let's go! I don't know why I even bothered lacing up.
I've seen you at practice and you're good but you're also new, and the coach is pretty loyal to his guys.
You'll get your chance.
Yeah, that's Chad Garland.
All-star dickwad.
Close game.
We lost by six.
Still, good effort.
For what? Cheering from the bench? Hey, Ty, it was just the first game.
You'll get more time the next game.
I'm gonna I'm gonna go to Javi's.
See ya at home.
Cool, I'll see you guys there.
Jackie? Uh You going to this thing at Javi's? Yeah.
Um You want a ride? Sure.
- Oh, shit.
- What? That douchey guy was trying to get me and Eden to go to a party tonight.
I don't actually have anything because I just moved here, so I think you should really let me show you around town.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's just get out of here.
Who is this? Your boyfriend? - Her brother.
- You need to relax.
I mean, we're just having a conversation.
Is that how all your conversations go: you talk and she tries to flee? Maybe you should sit this one out.
Like you did most of the game.
Tyler! Fight! Tyler, stop! Get off him! Feels good, doesn't it? - Hey! Break it up.
- Get off him! Come on.
Come on.
Walk away.
Well, the other player swung first.
But there's no question, Tyler went too far.
I'll speak to Coach Riggs.
Probably looking at a few weeks suspension from the team.
Tyler's just been so off.
Down on himself, defensive.
It's understandable, with everything he's been through.
You know, I wish I could just jump us a year into the future.
Get us past all the tough parts.
Well, you'd miss out on some pretty great parts, too.
Yeah, that's true.
You waiting on your dad? Mm-hmm.
What did you do? I got home late from a hockey party last night, I broke my curfew by 15 whole minutes.
- Bummer.
- Yeah.
Dad's gonna He's gonna give me a whole lecture about it, so You two have been fighting a lot lately.
I can never just make a mistake.
You know, it's like every little thing becomes a moral lesson.
Kinsey's perfect, but I can't catch a break.
I feel you.
Can't tell you how many times I wake up thinking I gotta kill my dad today.
Well you ever do decide to kill your dad, do me a favor: kill mine while you're at it.
Yo! Hell of a fight there, Mayweather.
That asshole was creeping on my sister, so you can you can spare me the lecture.
Hey, no lecture.
Look, um I may not know what it's like to lose somebody like you did.
But I know a ton about anger, man.
I've been there.
That shit will destroy you if you let it.
So, uh don't.
What's with the shorts? My legs look cold to you? Come on, man.
Enjoying your punishment chores? This is just This is just how I like to spend my Saturdays now.
I'm sorry about last night.
I I didn't mean to push you or That wasn't even you.
I saw the look in your eyes, Tyler.
You went somewhere else.
It was scary.
Come on.
How can you even say that? I I don't want to talk about it.
Listen, I've thought about this a lot.
And I've decided I want to go inside my head.
- Sure that's a good idea? - No.
But I have to know what it's like.
It freaks me out, but but I think that's exactly why I need to try it.
By yourself? Yeah.
I don't think so.
I'm coming with you.
Don't wander, don't touch anything, don't take anything.
It's my head, I'll know.
Got it? Sure.
Holy shit.
Here goes.
Bode got an arcade and I get a weird ass mall? They're like memory stores.
"Summer camp, birthdays, sleepovers.
Best dance moves"? Wow.
So organized.
Even your head is a control freak.
That's where I want to go.
What is it? The first time Dad took me to the top of the Space Needle.
- Wanna see? - I'm good.
They ran to their ship, and the fisherman boarded first with the treasure in tow, but his friends they didn't make it in time.
A sea monster attacked them while the ship just sailed away.
His friends all got swallowed? That's right.
And the fisherman felt so guilty.
So instead of keeping the treasure all for himself, he decided to give it to their families.
- That was nice.
- Until one day, when the sea monster returned for his treasure - Oh, no - Yeah but it saw what the fisherman had done, how many people he had helped, and it coughed up all his friends.
Incredibly, they were still alive.
And they were all reunited, right there on the shore.
Super dark ending, huh? That's not how I remember it.
Goodnight, sweetie.
Night, Mom.
That's Bode.
You want one more story? Okay, pumpkin.
Goodnight, Daddy.
I should've asked for one more.
- You asleep? - Not yet.
You forgot Sally in my room.
I know she helps you sleep.
Thanks, Tyler.
What just happened? I don't know, I was thinking about you and we jumped memories.
You can control it? Can you control what you're thinking? Let's get out of here.
I didn't hit him that hard.
In my mind you did.
Who's that? It kind of looks a little like Me.
Where'd it go? I don't know.
Let's get outta here.
Now where are we? We're back in Seattle.
How do you know? Kinsey? Kinsey! Holy shit.
I was hoping your dad would answer some questions, but he wasn't any help.
Will you help me, Kinsey? Must've been so scared.
I saw that fireplace poker.
I could've grabbed it when Sam's back was turned.
I could've hit him.
- Mom Mom came in.
She stopped him - But what if she hadn't? I hid like a coward.
I was paralyzed.
We all have regrets about that day.
Tyler! Are you okay? Yeah.
What the hell was that thing? My fear.
It's like Bode said, I just know it.
Oh, my God.
- You're hurt, even out here.
- Wait.
Why did you make it attack me? I didn't! It was in your head, Kinsey.
I'm sorry.
Let me get some ice.
No, I'm fine.
Just Just let it go.
Now I put up for my city Like the video to karma, yeah It only pushed me harder Only made me stronger Had a list of things I wanted Staying only made it longer Yeah, I lift that scholarship Told 'em give it to another kid They probably deserved it NYU just wasn't working The sea monster swallowed all of the fisherman's friends.
But not the fisherman.
He let him live.
He let him live so he could spend the rest of his days on the island.
Never forgetting what had happened.
What he'd done.
All the pain he'd caused.
The past is always with us, Tyler.
Now, you can try and run away but it's always there.
And I'll have a Malbec.
Or Should we just share a bottle? I'm good with water.
So, I should, um I'm actually sober.
And I got you that bottle of gin for your housewarming, like an idiot.
It's always good to have something for guests.
Do you wanna just go get some coffee? No, no.
This place is great.
It doesn't bother me.
People drinking around me.
How long's it been? Six years this April.
It's not easy.
The worst part is all the time I missed out on with my kids.
Which you're getting to make up for now.
How are they doing with the move? They're coping in their own ways.
Kinsey's really anxious.
She overthinks everything.
Tyler hides out in his headphones.
Bode's just this tornado of energy when he's not hanging out with his scary imaginary friend in the well house.
The well house? Yeah, he definitely inherited his father's overactive imagination.
To new friends.
There we go.
I'm floating! Tyler.
Tyler! Tyler, look at me! I'm a ghost! Can you see me? Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Whoa! Whoo! Yeah! Whoa! Whoa Cool.
Yeah! We have our own cemetery? - Hello, there.
- Whoa! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to give you a fright.
Are you a ghost like me? A ghost? Yes.
But not like you.
I passed on many, many years ago.
The name's Chamberlain Locke.
Hi, I'm Bode.
I'm a Locke, too.
I just moved here.
How wonderful.
Key House has new inhabitants.
Pleased to meet you, Bode.
Have you seen my dad, Rendell? He might be a ghost, too.
He died a few months ago.
Oh, I haven't seen Rendell in quite some time.
If I may ask, where did your father die? Back in Seattle.
Only those who've died on the property like myself still roam here.
Some have chosen to cross over, but I myself prefer to stay.
I'm so sorry to hear about your father, Bode.
He was a fine young man.
You knew him? Oh, he was my great grandson.
He and his brother Duncan used to fly around and explore.
My dad used the keys? Oh, yes.
That's my mom getting home.
I better go.
It was nice meeting you, Great Great Grandpa I'll come visit you again.
Oh, thank you, Bode.
I'd like that.
What's Ellie doing here? Lucas.
Lu Lucas.
Bode, did you eat the rest of the chow mein? Bode? Bode? Bode? Quit screwing around.
Bode? Bode! Bode! Wake up! Bode? Gotcha! What just happened? I found this key that lets you turn into a ghost.
I was floating around and then I met our great great grandpa.
That guy there.
- And then he said - I thought you were dead! I'm sorry.
We told you not to screw around with the keys.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
- Then why did you? I just thought I could find Dad.
Looks like you've got a lot of great options.
When's the application deadline? Wednesday.
I can only pick one so it has to be right.
I love this shading here.
Nah, it's too obvious.
There's no point of view, no vision.
These all came from your brain, sweetie.
Your brain, your vision.
No one else's.
Why don't you get out of the house for a little bit? Huh? Just clear your mind.
What're the kids from the hockey game up to? Or your movie friends? Well, Scot invited me to something, but I'm not gonna go.
How come? 'Cause I don't wanna screw it up.
That shouldn't be your assumption.
I disappoint people.
Or they get hurt.
I doubt that's true.
Who got hurt? This Scot guy? Not yet.
But probably eventually.
Or he'll hurt me.
Decide I'm not as cool as he thought.
And why does he get to decide what's cool? Well, he does spell his name with only one T, so Kinsey Go.
You'll have fun You could never disappoint.
A little to the left.
How's that? - Good.
- Okay.
We'll work on the Big Dipper tomorrow night.
If Dad used the keys, why wouldn't he have told us? Probably he forgot.
Just like how Mom forgets.
Maybe 'cause they're old.
Or He didn't want us using them.
Chamberlain Locke said he had fun with them.
Then why'd he hate this place so much? Maybe he was scared of the well lady, too.
Me and Kinsey we're here.
Okay? You're gonna tell me what I need to know about Key House!
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