Locke & Key (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Crown of Shadows

1 Here you go, two lattes.
It's perfect.
Thanks for suggesting this.
Six years of sobriety, just poof.
Slips happen.
They don't erase the progress that you've made.
That day at our house when you came by to check on us, you knew, didn't you? I suspected.
Everybody's recovery is different, but what worked for me was small steps.
It's all about tomorrow, not the next year, or the next five.
I just feel stuck in today.
Whatever step that's supposed to be.
Matheson was supposed to be our fresh start.
I thought I'd feel closer to my husband, connect some dots about his past, but it hasn't quite worked out the way I hoped.
Maybe living here is not healthy for me or my kids.
Where's Ellie? It's only been an hour.
She should've been here by now with the crown.
We just need to wait, and stay ready.
What happens if Mom comes home? This'll all be over by then.
Uh Guys? Look! I hope you don't mind, I invited some friends.
Just a scare tactic.
Shadows are just shadows.
Get inside, now! Help me barricade the door! What do you see? - There's nothing out there.
- I don't like this.
Where did she go? Did you lock the side door? It's too quiet.
I'm gonna go check upstairs.
Not without me.
Well, you just can't leave me here.
Tyler? Stop! Tyler! Where is it? It's the lights.
That's what stops them! Okay, turn on all the lights.
The kitchen.
They're looking for the Omega Key.
It's safe, they can't get to it.
Keep the lights on.
As long as they're on, they can't touch us.
What are you doing? Making a weapon with the Matchstick Key.
Come and get me, Shadow Monsters! Uh-oh.
- Fuse box.
- It's in the basement.
I'll go turn the lights back on, you guys distract Dodge.
Give me the key.
Get back! There are more flashlights upstairs, come on! Flashlights have to be in here somewhere.
Where are they? Where is the key? You're not gonna hurt us anymore! Holy shit.
Where did she go? Guys? Come see this! Did I kill her? After I stabbed her, her shadow melted downstairs.
She's still breathing.
Whatever you did, she's out cold.
Where's the crown? I don't know, but first things first, is the Omega Key still safe? Affirmative.
- What do we do with her now? - We can't kill her.
Why not? She's the reason why Dad is gone.
I mean, we literally can't kill her.
Ellie said Echoes can't be killed by normal means.
Maybe we can put her back in the well house.
We'll need the Echo Key for that, but Ellie has it.
What if we send her back where she came from? What are you talking about? The Black Door! We use the Omega Key to open the Black Door and send her back.
The last time that door was opened, Dad's friend got possessed by a demon and he had to bludgeon him to death.
What happens if she wakes up? If you have any better ideas, I'm all ears.
Wait, so we're going to the sea caves? No, you're not, we are.
You're staying here.
Fine, but I'm gonna go check on Rufus.
He and Ellie were supposed to come back with the crown.
If Ellie's in trouble, he could be too.
That's not a good idea.
Well, I can't just stay here! Rufus is my friend, and I don't care what you guys say, I'm going.
Just don't do anything stupid.
You either.
If we're gonna carry her all the way down to those caves, we're gonna need some help.
Demon Disposal Service, you rang? - Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
We brought back up too.
Scot told us you needed help.
Yeah, and the FOMO was real.
Wow, Eden, I I did not expect this.
Well, I was feeling a little bit generous after my brush with death.
Plus, I don't know who this bitch is, but she's not about to let some rando demons run through my town.
Well put.
Yeah, we would've called the rest of the Savinis, but you know, they still have a little bit of "Cave PTSD," so It's okay, this is awesome.
And I'm sorry I freaked out earlier.
I Mostly I'm just sorry that you didn't think you could tell me about all this stuff sooner.
Yeah, I didn't I didn't think that was gonna go over so well.
I get that, but I'm not scared.
Then you're way ahead of me.
And I'm not going anywhere.
Sorry, sorry.
It was It was nice, like a really sweet moment, but I just feel like we have a demon to be dealing with, and You know, uh, so where is she? He It I don't know what the pronoun is, demon non-binary.
What are we doing? Not exactly what I picture when I think of "formidable demon.
" Really? Pretty much exactly what I was expecting.
Oh, come on.
Where are the fangs? Where are the horns? - Where are the - No, no, this is all This is all meant to lull you into a false sense of security.
You know, the perfect bone structure and the impeccable style Guys, can we focus? Where'd you put the flashlights? I'll get them.
What? Do not post that.
I guess it makes sense really, doesn't it? Demons have to be disposed of properly, so throwing them behind a big demon door just seems logical, doesn't it? You know, that being said, I don't know, I feel like this is a little bit doomed, you know? I'm not saying like it is doomed, but I definitely feel like we're walking towards the Gates of Mordor.
Can I ask a question? Besides, Scot, can you stop talking? Yes, go, Eden.
So what happens if she wakes up? Like do we have a plan for that? I brought a knife.
Oh, you're gonna have a knife-fight with the demon? You can't kill her with a knife.
Might at least give us a head start.
Okay, any more questions? Yeah, can we just get this over with? How's the tide situation? It's just past full-low.
We're okay if we go now.
Are we? Look, no one has to go down.
No, we're going.
I mean, at least I am.
Me too.
Yeah, of course.
Not one to resist some good, old-fashioned peer pressure, am I? I'm in.
Rufus? Ellie? Rufus? Rufus? Rufus! Rufus! Rufus, wake up! Help! Here we go again.
Watch your head.
It's worse than last time.
How did you guys find this place? We were gonna shoot the movie in here.
Yeah, no, I would've quit if I hadn't already quit.
- Go ahead.
I got it.
- Okay.
Well, that was fun.
What's next? You're hearing that, right? You mean the really scary rumbling sound? What do you suppose is on the other side of this? Nothing good.
Well, unless you're a demon.
- Let's just do this and get out of here.
- Yes.
I don't think we should.
It was your idea! Does this feel right to you? If you got any better ideas, I'm all ears.
Best-available idea doesn't make something a good idea.
Uh, okay, I hate to break up a good old sibling squabble, but I am very worried about these tides and I do have some experience to back that up.
Yeah, we should hurry.
That is not what you said before.
Yeah, it took a lot longer to get down here than I thought.
Is she waking up? Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, guys, we gotta do this now.
Are you sure? We can't take it back.
Kinsey, we're here.
We can end this for Dad.
All right.
Okay Kinsey will unlock the door, the rest of you, stay on it.
If something happens, just close it.
- Just close it, all right.
Sure - Okay.
I'll carry Dodge to the edge and throw her through.
And if anything exits that door when we open it? Wait, hold on.
Anything like what? Ellie said they were like glowing bullets.
Just don't let them hit you, okay? - Okay.
- Yeah, that's it.
- Ready? - Okay.
That's - What is that? - Yeah.
Look out! There's another one.
Tyler, what are you doing? No! Tyler! Tyler, don't! No! No! No! No! Close the door! Okay, I hope we never have to do that again.
I don't think that's actually an option.
Is it weird that I kinda had fun? No weirder than what we just saw.
Tyler, Kinsey, you guys were awesome.
We all did it, everybody.
Do you guys want some food or something before you leave? I mean, it's the least we can do to thank you.
I've always got an appetite.
Yeah, I'm down! Kins? You got a minute? Uh I know this probably isn't necessarily the best time to do this, but, uh I've been thinking a lot about your notion that Gabe and I both date you and I've just gotta say that that's that's not gonna work for me.
So, if you're undecided, then then that is your decision.
I understand.
So, I mean, we can be friends.
You know, great friends, I hope.
Right? Tried and true, bonded by demons and magic and all sorts.
Yeah? I hope so too.
Okay, so my mom is gonna live until she's 109.
She has more energy - than I had when I was 20.
- Ooh.
She comes up here to visit me sometimes, but mostly because she wants to clean my house.
No, and you let her? Yes! Try and stop her! I may be a cop, but I am not saying no to Mom.
Oh, uh Matuku.
Okay, on my way.
Police business.
Afraid so.
I, uh I gotta go.
Of course.
I really enjoyed this.
Yeah, me too.
Your friend's okay.
They're gonna take him to the hospital so he can get checked out.
You can go see him now, if you want.
- Bode.
- Are you okay? I usually feel a lot better.
Well, what happened? Where's your mom? I don't know.
Lucas used one of the keys to turn himself into a lady, with long, black hair.
That's Dodge.
Take this.
Rufus, you okay there? Affirmative.
Sorry, kid, we gotta go now.
Goodbye, Bode.
Bye, Rufus.
Where's Dodge? She's gone, for good.
So you threw her through the door? - In the cave? - Yeah.
Are you sure it was Dodge? Why would you ask that? I went to Rufus' house, right? Right.
When I got there, Rufus was knocked out.
So I called 911 and the police came, and his mom was missing.
And then when he woke up, he told me - that Lucas did it.
- Wait, what? Where's Ellie? Nobody knows.
And since Lucas is Dodge, I just wanted to make sure you guys got rid of her.
Trust me.
She's gone.
We both saw her get swallowed up in whatever was on the other side.
Okay? Okay? We're safe now.
Hey, late risers! - Uncle Dunc! - Hey What, you guys have a raucous night or something last night? - Or something.
- Get it while it's hot! Look at this spread! Did you make this? No, no, this was all your mom! Ă‚Â¡Delicioso! Does anyone know what happened to Dad's car? I was driving it to the store this morning and something's wrong with the steering.
It was shaking and wobbling I felt like I was riding in a blender! I guess I'll have to, uh, take it to the shop.
When I was at the store, I saw Bernadette from school.
Nobody's heard a word about Ellie.
Nothing? No, so weird.
What about Rufus? He slept with some neighbors last night, and his aunt and uncle are flying in from Nebraska this morning.
Anyway before everyone runs off, we need to have a little family meeting.
It's important.
And you're gonna need to hear this too.
Okay What about? Yeah.
I made a mistake moving us here.
I thought it was a good idea at the time.
I wanted to learn more about your Dad's past, and I thought the change would do us good.
I dragged all of you out here against your wishes, and now, we get to go back home.
This house is in good enough shape for us to sell, and we can use that money to buy a great new house in Seattle.
And that will be our house! We'll just consider this a necessary little side-trip At least, for me.
But now, we get to go back to our normal lives.
Don't everybody jump for joy all at once.
We actually like it here.
I mean, it did seem like a shitty idea at the time.
Now, we love it here! I wouldn't say love it, but I don't I don't wanna move again.
Me either.
Seriously? You guys want to stay? Yeah, definitely.
- I thought you guys hated this place.
- We did, until until we didn't.
Because we finally got good WiFi.
And maybe Dad didn't always love it here, but this place is still part of who he is.
We like being here where he lived.
I'm not sure that I get a vote, but, um you're the best thing to ever happen to this place - since at least the 1890s.
- Okay.
Well, I'm just processing all of this.
I really felt like I made a horrible mistake.
You didn't.
Okay? Uh Hey, what about me? Come on! It's not a group hug without me! Dear Rufus, I hope you're getting settled at your uncle's house.
We drove through Nebraska on our way to Matheson.
Kool-Aid was invented there, so it must be a pretty great place.
My mom has been helping the police detective look for your mom.
I know something weird happened that night and I promise you, I'm going to figure it out.
At first, these keys were fun, but now we know that they're more than that.
They're important.
They're part of our family and we need to protect them.
We're the new Keepers of the Keys.
One more thing, mail me a picture of the front door of your uncle's house, because if I do get back that Anywhere Key, I'm coming straight to Nebraska! Your fellow soldier, Bode.
You're home now, Rendell.
We're home.
So I guess you're stuck with me all summer now.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Hold on one sec.
Where are you headed? Going fishing with Jackie.
Her parents have this, like, ridiculous boat.
Wanna come? I'm going to grab a bite at Phil's with Gabe.
Phil's is trash! Yeah, yeah! - Have fun! - Yeah, you too! So, I'll see you at six? Yeah, perfect.
What's up? I'm Gabe.
Craft service? I mean, that door was what the hell was that thing? I don't know.
I think it has something to do with the magic.
You think you have a key that might open it, or I should never have made you guys go down there.
You didn't make us do anything.
I mean, I'm excited to be alive right now! You just you have that effect on people.
You have this energy that I think we'd all follow, anywhere.
You're a badass.
I like this Kinsey.
I should go.
I'll call you tomorrow? Sure.
So where can a girl get a drink around here? What are you doing? No.
You're not gonna hurt us anymore! Guys? Come see this! So, how are you feeling? So hungry.

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