Lodge 49 (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Magnum opus HQ.
You're exactly where you're supposed to be.
And I can prove it.
I-I paint my dreams.
El Confidente is just another con man.
You had me figured out from the beginning, didn't you? What we need to know now is where to go in Mexico.
We will make you very rich.
To Dudley & Son and daughter.
I just want to know what else my dad said about me.
You must be Dud.
I've been dreaming about you.
BLAISE: Conjunctio.
The alchemical marriage.
That's your destiny, Dud.
What are you What are you talking about? - I don't get it.
- I'm talking about the Sun and the Moon, Sulphur and Mercury, the reconciliation of opposites.
I'm talking about true alchemy right here, once I solve Smith's diary.
Blaise, I told you.
Daphne said that's a dead end.
Daphne's a liar, just like Avery.
They lied about a few things, but - Dud, you're my apprentice, right? - Yeah, of course.
Then focus on that, not some unholy cash grab down in Mexico.
You cannot treat the scrolls like an ATM.
Okay, I I know, but you're the one who told me that an alchemist navigates by two maps, - one real and one mystical, right? - Mm-hmm.
So, we solve our real problems with the money, and then we solve our mystical problems with the scrolls.
- It's a win-win.
- To complete the Magnum Opus, you have to have pure intentions.
Once you start thinking about gold, the universe has a way of punishing you.
I know, Blaise.
I know.
But you don't get it.
Mexico is my destiny.
And it's yours, too.
I can prove it to you.
- This is happening right now.
- Oh, my God.
- Where's Ernie? - He's, uh [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
There! [LAUGHS.]
And And And here is you in Mexico with the scrolls.
- I feel dizzy.
- You know? Ernie.
We're all going to Mexico! It's been foretold! Hey, man, this is all a party trick.
- Look.
Notice something? - What? I'm not dressed as a goddamn Mariachi.
Sometimes things get scrambled, okay? I-I-I don't have time for this.
Hey, look, I brought your tiger van back, so we're square, okay? And I'm sorry.
You don't have to apologize.
You were always going to steal the van, just like Judas was always going to betray Christ.
It's what he had to do.
That's why Judas is the holiest of all the saints.
Look, Ernie, you keep the tiger van because you're going to drive it into Mexico.
No, I'm not.
I'm sitting on my ass for eight hours, taking toilet orders.
No glory, but it's a guaranteed paycheck.
You have responsibilities, Ernesto.
Larry told me that he anointed you Sovereign Protector, right there in that trailer.
What?! Ernie! You didn't tell me that! That's huge! Come on! Dud, Dud, it was just two drunk dudes looking at TV.
- Didn't mean a thing.
- Ernie, I don't know.
It sounds like a holy moment.
I think your claim to the throne is legit.
You just have to fulfill your knightly quest.
Ah But - Nah.
- No, but it's You're the king, man.
One, two, three.
- Ohh.
- Hmm.
- Ohh! - [CHUCKLES.]
- Oh! - Come on! [LAUGHS.]
Anyone can have balls with good cards, alright? But Balls is about having balls when you've got bad cards.
She's got balls for days.
Who'd you say she flies for? She doesn't.
Hold up.
You can't bring a land pig in without our permission.
This shit's on lockdown.
FAA's got spies everywhere.
They broke up the Ontario game last month.
Everyone got grounded.
That's right.
She's cool.
Let's play.
One, two, three.
- Come on.
- For God's sake.
No celebration.
I love it.
You know, Bill said when you played soccer as a kid, you never celebrated your goals.
He never understood why.
How do you two know each other? I used to bang her dad, on and off for years.
Of course she did.
Then she threw hummus in my brother's face.
You know, the classic story.
- FAA! Run! - Whoa! Come on! Wait! Lady love came in the night Knowing no wrong, but feeling right Liz! Touched with warm the cold of blue The chilling wind that no one knew Child of the sea, I can't see living without you [JET ENGINES ROAR IN DISTANCE.]
Child of the sea, I can't see living without you [TELEPHONES RINGING, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
My online teacher encouraged me to send my poems to some magazines, but no takers yet.
I won't lie.
The rejection hurts.
Bob, I'm not going to pretend I know what rejection feels like, but I can talk to Wayne at The Flow.
Maybe he'll publish you.
That would be great.
Poetry is just like the plumbing business.
It's all in who you know.
It's like that new kid I'm putting on the order desk.
Glen at CC Mechanical called.
He said, "My nephew needs a job.
" I said, "Send him on over.
" And look.
There he is! - [WHACK!.]
- Ugh! [GROANS.]
- [THUD.]
- Ow.
This is exciting, a bright new face at West Coast Super Sales.
It's like Emerson wrote to Whitman "I greet you at the beginning of a great career.
" Oh, I don't know about a career.
I'm an entrepreneur.
I just can't catch a break lately.
I'm just doing this for a little while, you know? That's what I said 40 years ago! And here I am, still having a blast! [CHUCKLES.]
And how long have you worked here? A long time.
I spent my first year on the order desk.
Then I made the jump to outside sales.
The freeway, all day, every day, for years.
Coffee, maps, the radio.
I loved it.
Sometimes at dusk I'd be at the top of a transitional loop, and I'd see the whole city down below lights going on, sun going down and the fire out over the ocean.
It was beautiful.
- Lizard.
- LIZ: Oh, hey, brother.
What's going on? Getting ready for Mexico.
- The big trip.
- Mm-hmm.
So, wait.
This is some kind of lodge retreat? Uh, no.
It's actually the opposite of that.
Does something smell kind of bad in here? Oh, yeah.
Uh, it's me.
I was hiding in a dumpster for a couple of hours.
- What? You were - We had no choice.
- Oh, Jesus Christ! - That Dumpster saved us.
Thanks for letting me freshen up, Liz.
Maybe we can do it again some time.
- Sure.
- [SIGHS.]
I guess Lenore dated all these guys she met serving drinks in first class.
Like, they'd take her out for a fancy night, show off, - and that was it.
- Mm.
She liked Dad 'cause he was so down-to-earth.
Liz - I don't care.
- Wait.
You don't care that Dad had a whole other life? No.
And I'm not surprised that he never told us about her or brought her around 'cause he knew she was nuts.
You know, she said Dad wanted to marry her, but she kept blowing it up because she didn't want to give up her jet-set lifestyle.
- We were like 10 or 11.
Can you imagine how different our lives would've been? No.
And I don't have to because it never happened.
He He didn't love her, okay? It was just a stupid fling.
He loved Mom.
He dated Lenore for three years.
She knew him really well.
Mom and Dad met on a blind date and got married a month later.
It was fate, okay? That's what love is supposed to be.
You just, you know, know, and then you jump right in.
You know, you have this picture of Dad in your head, and it can never be questioned.
- It's total nostalgia.
- Yeah.
So what? Okay.
All it means is that I care about Dad.
I care about the life that he created for us after he lost Mom.
I care about our family, the three of us.
But something was missing.
Not for me.
Okay, yeah, sometimes I think about Mom.
But the truth is, is that I never knew her and neither did you.
It was always just the three of us.
It was always Dudley and Son.
Liz it's like you're nostalgic for something that never even happened.
No, that's not it.
It's just Hey, what what's going on? It's like f-first you get back together with Bobby.
Now you're jumping in and hanging out in Dumpsters with Lenore.
Like, what, are you guys friends now? Like, I don't What are you getting out of this? I don't know.
I don't know.
It was maybe just a couple weird nights.
She just wants you to buy more Fydro.
I mean, you said it yourself.
It's a pyramid scheme.
You should just stay away from her.
Yeah, you're probably right.
You want to come to Mexico with us? I mean, it could be just what you need.
There's probably room in the van.
And I can kind of fill in you on the nature of our quest.
Well, um I've got to work.
Also, and don't take this the wrong way, but being trapped in Mexico with you and your lodge weirdos is pretty much my worst nightmare, so Yeah.
Hmm? Hold my gaze, Jeremy.
Mnh! Hold it.
This is torture.
What do you want from me? Out there, we proffer our deeds to oblivion.
But in here, under the watchful eye of Omni and Janet, things matter! Do you understand? Higher Steaks.
I just want to make drinks.
Overpriced drinks with stupid names that make people happy.
And then I want to go home and hug my son forever.
And perhaps you will.
You look great, by the way.
You all look great.
Don't they, Liz? Yes, we look elegant and servile.
I never noticed your scar before.
I like it.
Very real, very authentic.
Once you call something real and authentic, it no longer is, but whatever.
I got this in '81 at the Cuckoo's Nest Shh! I want you all to know Janet is anxious to hear how things go tonight.
She wants Higher Steaks to be a kind of great leap forward in terms of evolving our brand.
- We're ready, Liz.
- Yeah.
For your speech? Okay.
Well, guys, this is my speech.
Long ago, at Shamroxx, we served french fries.
But here we serve Pommes Frites.
They literally come out of the same bag, and we charge twice as much.
It's magic.
So, let that inspire you.
Also, if some dickhead complains about the mushroom sauce or the Burgundy, just send them my way and I'll cool them out, okay? Remember, when things go wrong, it's my fault for being a crappy manager.
And when things go well, it's because you guys are awesome.
So, let's go.
One "Ticking Time Bomb".
I hope the lady likes it.
I've done the best I can, and that's all anyone can ask.
That's a big table.
Why only one cocktail? Well, it's a bachelorette party, but everybody's pregnant.
One "Ticking Time Bomb".
- Make sure it doesn't blow up in your face.
Keep them coming.
Hi, ladies.
I'm Liz.
I'm the manager here.
I just want to make sure you guys have everything you need.
Oh, my God.
Liz? - Liz Dudley? - Oh, hey.
- Beth! - Yeah! Wow.
Long time.
Oh, my gosh! You guys see this broad? She is a legend.
Our senior year, she got annihilated at a party in Rossmore and ended up at the airport driving around in a forklift.
- She got arrested.
- Yeah.
It kind of ruined my life for a while.
So hardcore.
Oh, thank God.
This is amazing, Liz.
Tonight was sucking big time.
What do you want, Beth? Do you want us to kill our babies - just so you can have a good time? - Sorry, Kaitlin.
I'm just I'm just really excited to see an old homie.
- We were all in a sorority together.
- Oh.
Sisters, you know I love you so much.
You know that.
It's just that I'm getting married in a couple of days, and nothing is going like I imagined.
Well, how about I comp some desserts for your - sisters.
- Oh, my gosh! And later, before you go, come find me.
We'll do a shot.
You're an angel.
Ever had your picture painted before? ANITA: Well, I used to posed nude for figure classes at City College.
So, yeah.
- 1,000 bucks, it's yours.
- Hey, hey, hey! Guys, guys, guys! Guys, guys, come on.
We need money for Mexico.
You know, invest with us.
I would, but I just bought into this franchise thing - Fydro.
- Fydro? Hey, my cousin's doing that, too.
- It's all around town.
- Are you guys nuts? That is a pyramid scheme, alright? Put your money into something real the scrolls.
- God.
Guess we have to make our appeal to the usurper.
- The what? - No! The lodge will not be funding any expeditions to Mexico.
Hey, maybe instead of doing that, you guys could volunteer this weekend.
There's a wedding.
We need to clean the grease traps in the kitchen.
The holy grail is out there, and this guy's talking about grease traps? - What's his problem? - I haven't got a problem.
Jocelyn, what do you think? Uh, well, actually, um, I-I can't see a problem, to be honest.
Um, I mean, if there is an actual lodge artifact out there, why not have a go? Yeah.
Might be a cool time.
I could, uh, speak to my superior, maybe, uh, move some money around.
No! Absolutely not, end of discussion.
Hey, hey! I'm in charge, alright? You know what? I want I want all you guys out.
You're not even the rightful king, Scott, because Larry anointed Ernie.
- Yeah, well, Larry lost his mind.
- DUD: You know what? There's a word for guys like you, Scott, guys who steal thrones, and that word is - What is it again, Blaise? - Usurper.
The usurper.
You're a usurper, Scott.
BLAISE: You know what you need to do? You need to take a moment and look inside yourself.
And for the first time in your life, look underneath the surface and get in touch with the dark tunnels of your unconscious.
Go play with your magic potions, Blaise.
I got a lodge to run! That got a bit tense.
You okay? Actually, Blaise might have a point about, um, looking within.
I've certainly done a lot more of that since I've been here.
Scott, it doesn't seem like being Sovereign Protector is making you happy.
You work so hard for everyone else your dad and Connie.
What about you? What would make you happy? I want you to go back to London immediately.
That's an order.
- Scott - You have no rank! And I don't need your help anymore.
I mean, I'm a monster, right? Like, I should not be having doubts about Tim two days before our wedding, but I just My greatest fear is that I'm gonna end up nailed down in the wrong place.
You know, everyone has doubts.
About everything.
That's right.
Doubt is the only real thing.
- Mm.
- Our senses lie.
I mean, how do you know you're not just a brain in a vat of goo, being manipulated? Right.
It's just that Tim drives me insane.
Like, he forgot to put down a deposit on the venue, and now we're getting married in the crappiest place ever.
How can someone be both uptight and incompetent? I just I just don't know if he's How's Dud? Good, good.
He did get attacked by a shark.
I thought it was a snake.
Yes, no, I mean, there was a snake, but then there was a shark.
Oh, God.
Is he okay? Yeah.
I think so.
He's on his way to Mexico on some - quest.
Your brother he's just so carefree and spontaneous.
I always really loved that about him.
And he's tall.
He's way taller than Tim.
Ugh! I just don't want to get left behind.
All my friends are married and pregnant.
And And I think about my mom at our age.
You know, she was already married and had three kids.
What was your mom doing at 30? Uh my mom was dead.
Oh, God, that's right.
Hey, what did you mean, that our senses lie? CHAMP: We live in a Cartesian cage.
- Who are those people? - Oh, uh, those are my associates.
I'm sort of brokering a deal right now, you know, cryptocurrency, antiquities, all kinds of other I got to focus, Alice.
- Alright.
- So, um, who do you work for? I can't tell you that.
Dud says you know how to get to the antiquarian.
Where is he? I'm not telling you.
Oh, my God, this is so intense.
Look, h-how do we know when we get down to Mexico, she won't run off with the scrolls? Because the scrolls are worthless junk.
I just need a couple of pictures, and then they're all yours.
Okay, guys, guys, let's focus, okay? I-I wrote up a contract, right, on a legal pad.
Okay, Daphne, now, we have info you want the location of the antiquarian, right? You have something we want money.
Okay, so, we drive you down to Mexico, you know, and get the scrolls, and then let you take, like, a photo or whatever it is that you want, and then you cut us in for, like, a fair amount.
I can live with that.
- Okay.
- Alright! I just don't get what this Bitcoin thing is all about.
Well, it's basically a decentralized, peer-to-peer banking network of Right.
Okay, just let just let me cut you off there.
Look, um, look, you don't want to get in the weeds on this, okay? Trust me.
All you need to know is that she gets a code off the scrolls and then you put into, like, a computer and then we get money.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So, Daphne, uh, we're about to spend 35 hours in a van together, so tell us a little bit about yourself.
Oh, um okay.
I'm from Fullerton.
I enjoy baking a little - but not really.
- No, no, no.
Tell us something real or something Who are you as a human being? I mean, do you have hopes, dreams, and shit like that? Well, I I used to.
I wanted to be a historian.
I have three master's degrees, but I can't get a job.
I've been an adjunct professor for the past 15 years.
A professor.
That's amazing! Do you know what "adjunct" means? - No.
- No.
It basically means that I've been sleeping on a futon my entire adult life.
I've eaten so much ramen that my bones are hollow, I once had to do my office hours in a stairwell, and I am $250,000 in debt.
You should talk to my sister 'cause she's got some kind of system [VOICE BREAKING.]
I mean, I love teaching.
I love my students.
But, you know, the university just makes it impossible for me to to live.
Maybe we should have a legal authority look at this contract, okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Your penmanship is terrible.
I don't need your judgement now, Burt.
I just need you to stamp the doc.
Um how do you know Avery? Oh.
We met online.
Esoterica chat rooms.
Hashtag Voynich Manuscripts, et cetera.
But, uh, I didn't know anything about the Lynx until we pooled our knowledge.
- Mm.
- Are you a member anywhere? - Oh, no.
- Oh.
You should join.
It's a lot of fun.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? I need signatures from all of you.
I don't like people knowing my real name.
Me neither.
I don't care how you sign.
100 bucks for my notary services.
I'm broke.
Uh, yeah, the people that I worked sort of cheaped out on my per diem.
Yeah, my cash flow is kind of limited right now.
Um Burt, could you, uh, roll your your fee into the interest of my shark loan? If that's what you want.
Now we just need to lock down some financing, you know, for the trip.
- Mm.
- Mm.
I think there's something I can do.
Do you have any more Hieronymus Kush? My anxiety is out of control.
It feels like the walls are closing in.
Don't worry.
I got some in back.
The healing starts now, my friend! Get back here! - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
So, what is this place? It's a brain company.
You know, like, uh, research, counseling, that sort of thing.
And they pay you? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's like a sperm bank, but for dreams.
You know, a few years ago, some doctors found out what I was painting.
And so I come up, and they they give me a test.
They listen to me talk.
They watch me paint, and 500 bucks a pop.
And so they really think that you can see the future? Well, some of the doctors do.
But there's this one guy, Parker he's got a different theory.
His theory is that I'm not seeing the future.
I'm creating it.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
And And have you always been able to do this? No, uh It started about 10 years ago, when my wife died.
I'm sorry.
It happens, you know? Mm-hmm.
But the first year after was there was really torment, you know? And I would have these vivid, vivid dreams about her, and it was hell waking and she wasn't there.
So I started painting as a way to try to remember them.
And And then one thing led to another, and took me down a whole different path.
You know, if if you can create the future, could you do me a favor? Maybe.
Could you paint me somewhere down the line after my leg's all healed and we get the scrolls, my bills are paid.
And it's like I'm somewhere at the beach with my wife or just someone special.
And I don't know.
Maybe we have a kid.
And Liz is there, Ernie and whoever else wants to come and hang.
It's just like another day at the beach, but it's The day of days.
Something like that.
MAN: We're ready for you, sir.
I'll see what I can do.
LENORE: Sometimes when I would leave on a flight, your dad would slip a little note and a gift into my carry-on.
"Twix for Tucson" or something like that.
Oh, my God.
Puke, right? Mm.
But I loved it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should go.
It's rude just showing up, demanding stories.
- I know you're busy.
- Stop it.
You're welcome any time.
I just want today to go well.
It's a lady's choir from some church in Fountain Valley.
They were all on a flight to Phoenix, and they fell under my spell.
Of course.
Good luck.
Mm! I'll see you around, I guess.
Uh, Lenore, um did my dad ever tell you anything about my mom? It was a long time ago.
Uh, I don't know.
It was painful for Bill, all that stuff.
I-I get it.
It's just, uh, we grew up hearing the same stories about her, looking at the same pictures.
I just I think she worked at a cafeteria over at Orbis.
Uh, I knew that Lenore.
Actually, I do remember something.
I guess your mom loved swimming at night in the ocean.
It terrified your dad.
Even when she was pregnant with you two, she'd be out there.
Why don't you stay and meet the choir ladies? Come here.
Try the Fydration Font.
Go ahead.
Dive in.
Go for it.
Have you ever seen one of these before? No.
That's the Orbis logo.
The old aerospace giant.
Everyone in Long Beach has a connection to it.
Long Beach? Orbis? There's something strange in all of it.
I just I don't know what.
Anyway, that was found in Merrill's crypt.
At least, that's what I was told.
It doesn't matter.
I've got to focus on my responsibilities.
I'm setting things in motion.
We will get those scrolls back, even with our current budget woes.
And, Connie, now that you've been initiated, there might come a time when we'll be calling on you.
To do what? That remains to be seen.
But you're one of us now.
You're on the inside.
Do you actually believe the scrolls are you know, magic? Because I-I've never believed in that.
I believe in Merrill's dream.
I believe that if there is magic in the scrolls that they should be protected because if they fall into the wrong hands, to use a phrase, it would imperil all of Christendom.
But mostly I believe in being part of something, a tradition.
It's given me new eyes and a reason to get up in the morning.
I've embraced my double life.
And it's brought us together.
And that's no small thing.
So now I just go back to Long Beach and what? Just hop back into my dumb life? Basically, yeah.
Figure out what you need to.
And of course there's the remedy that we talked about.
It's going to freak people out.
How long will I have to do it? Not long.
Hopefully, you'll see something and you'll know that it's time.
JOCELYN: Scott? I'm on my way to the airport.
But I just wanted to say thank you.
I appreciate, uh You have friends here, Scott if you'd just let them in.
Farewell, Don Fab.
I was hoping to hear you and the Longshoremen play again, but I guess that's not meant to be.
I've heard legend that Harwood Fritz Merrill came to California.
If he did, I don't know why he ever left.
"Isn't there any heaven where old beautiful dances, old beautiful intimacies prolong themselves?" Some lines I read once.
I guess it's time to go.
Take care, buddy.
El Confidente painted this today at this brain place or whatever.
So you can't escape, okay? - Pack your bags.
Let's go.
Ernie, man, I feel like you brought a ghost back from Mexico.
It's like you're haunted or something.
I mean, you're a million miles away, man.
No, I'm right here.
That's where you need to be, too.
Dud, you've been through a lot.
You're not thinking straight.
You need a reset, time to let your leg heal, find some work.
Mexico sounds good to you because you feel like you got no options here.
We got a job opening at West Coast Super Sales.
It could work for you.
You've got a background in residential hydronics.
It's Dud if you keep running away from your real problems, they'll only get worse.
I'm not running.
I'm fighting.
Hey, Liz? Liz? - [KNOCKING.]
- Hmm? Mm! Hey! So, Dud convinced you, huh? You're back on your horse, ready to ride.
I'm not going.
And Dud shouldn't go, either.
He's not ready for this kind of thing.
He's confused.
And you need to tell him that he can't go.
You know, Larry never put up with that kind of talk.
You know, he was on a mission, and we've got to honor that.
Otherwise, what's the lodge all about? There was a point in my life when I thought I was going to be a father, a family man.
It all fell apart.
And I was lost and miserable.
And that's when I ended up at the lodge.
And Larry he wasn't on any missions.
There were no scrolls.
He was just a guy who became a friend, and he helped me get through.
Look, I don't know what we're gonna find out there maybe nothing but that's not the point.
My wife, Maria she had a rough road, you know? Treatments, back and forth in the hospital for two years.
It was hell.
We had a life, but we were lifeless.
Towards the end, she came up to me and pulled me by the ear.
I can still feel her hand.
And she said, "When I go, don't you dare be sitting on your ass the rest of your life.
" So here I am, off my ass and crazy as I want to be.
Yeah, but you and me we had our time.
We had a chance to do our thing.
Dud's at the beginning.
He still has a chance for a life that's normal.
Just think about it, okay? Hey, there you are.
So, El Confidente got some funding for the trip.
Want to go on a on a grocery run before we go to take off? What's ? I'm not going.
Are Are you okay? The universe punished me.
That's what happened.
My motives weren't pure.
That's The world everything outside these walls is corrupt and rotten and dangerous.
So I'm staying here.
Blaise, we need you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? Blaise, Ernie, my sister.
It's like no one wants anything to do with me except you.
Means a lot.
Thanks, man.
Sorry, Dud.
I knew I was gonna do that, but I didn't know why.
CONNIE: Ernie! I'm in here.
I used the key under the mat.
Don't worry.
I'll explain.
So, are we gonna pick up Dud? Uh, no.
He bailed.
It's just me and you.
- Ah.
- No worries.
It's turning out exactly the way it's supposed to.
Yeah, but he was so excited to go to Mexico.
I really thought he would It doesn't take heart - [NAIL GUN FIRING.]
- In the animal park The rhythm's familiar Once you've ridden Love's skirting disaster And jaguars can't catch her Desires three sides all night One stays hidden He appreciates the gesture Keeping the hard style outside While getting all our clothes off On the everlasting ride She takes you away Without leaving - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
- And she holds you without touching Your swing on the green Dud? - Beth? - What are you doing here? Um I'm a member.
Is Is Is that your wedding? Uh yeah.
It is.
Um well, congrats.
And I'm really happy for you guys.
Hey, Dud.
Do you believe in fate? Absolutely.
Because we have a really beautiful history together.
You mean, like, um, when we had oral sex at homecoming? And now we keep running into each other.
I saw your sister at Higher Steaks, and since then I have been thinking about you so much.
- And now you're, like, here? - Yeah.
We've always had a thing, haven't we? Yeah.
I think so.
Oh, my God.
You know what? I'm not afraid to say it.
I want you.
And I think I've always wanted you.
And I know that this is moving really, really fast, but, I mean, that's that's what's happening, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
'Cause th-that's what that's what happens sometimes.
You know, my parents they met on a blind date.
- And when it's love, you just jump right in.
- Yes! And I don't care if we're brains floating in a vat of goo.
- Me neither.
- Oh, my God.
Do you want do something crazy? Like Like right now? Can we start? This is the last ceremony of the day.
BOTH: Yes! ANNOUNCER: On the next episode of AMC's "Lodge 49" - You're married? - Yeah.
Newly wed! Fire plus water equals magic.
- We made an impulsive decision, - [THUD.]
you know.
But who's to say it's not gonna work out? - I agree.
- No, you don't.
The blindfold is really hard.
I'm doing great.
- Are you? - Yeah.