Log Horizon (2013) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Serara, the girl we saved in Susukino, belongs to Marielle's guild, the Crescent Moon Alliance.
A guild is a team comprised of many players.
Guilds offer many advantages that parties, which are more provisional, don't have.
For example, a shared vault in the game's bank, and a dedicated communication system.
And most important, potential use of a guild hall, located here, at the Guild Building.
These halls can be purchased or rented, and are divided into several ranks.
Normally, you select a hall based on your guild's size.
The Crescent Moon Alliance uses what's known as a rank-B hall, consisting of seven rooms.
Welcome home, Serara! For them, the size is exactly right.
Making the food without using commands is more difficult, but it's worth it.
This smell This perfectly charred color I remember this! It's food! You're going to make it too salty.
I still can't do it! To make difficult foods, you need a high cooking skill.
And even if two people with the same level use the same ingredients, their dishes can still taste different.
It's no different than in our old world.
Serara's working hard.
Even though this party is for her Resolve Resolve.
Listen, kid.
Your level isn't what's important.
It's what comes after that.
What comes after my level? Secret techniques?! I mean panties.
Pa— What are you talking about? Nothing much, just p— Powerful monsters! About powerful monsters Marielle? Coming! Don't tell anyone? We shouldn't let our rivals learn about this food for a while.
Why? It's a big deal! It's too big a deal.
If people suddenly find out, it could cause problems.
That's what Shiroe said.
Thank you for your help.
I-It was nothing Everyone's grateful! Let's have a toast! I'm so happy! Not just Ashlin, but Akatsuki, too! Wh-What are you going to do? Ashlin Right! Today, we have three types of summer dress for you.
I am my lord's personal ninja! I couldn't wear such frivolous things! Shiroe's given his permission.
Now, just give up Y-You sold me out, my lord! You sold me out! Marie, I We'll have a lot of cleaning tomorrow.
Are you going to sleep, too? I'm not that tired.
Then shall I make some tea? You really helped us this time.
Thank you.
It's fine, really.
I didn't do anything too big.
If it wasn't big, then what would be? While I was away, what's happened here? Here? You mean in Akihabara? I think it's better than it was.
There is far less PKing, and it's a little safer.
But I couldn't say exactly why, but there's something unpleasant in the air.
It's like, well Like everyone has fallen into ranks.
Ranks? We're a small guild, with fewer than thirty members, right? We have four level 90s, while most are under 50.
But the biggest guilds For example, have you heard of D.
, Crusty's guild? The raid guild that beat Oracle's Tower, right? The Legion Raid that they said the Japanese couldn't have beaten Yeah.
A raid like that can have hundred-player fights.
Supposedly, they have over 1,500 members, including plenty of level 90s.
Then, by "rank," you meant the guilds? It feels as though the bigger guilds are determining the town's feel and its rules.
For example, who has priority using the market.
I had no idea.
It's the same way with the hunting grounds.
Since the strong and weak guilds were divided, the weak guilds will no longer approach the stronger guilds' territories.
Then the larger guilds have taken all the good hunting spots? You can't fight in the town, of course.
But that doesn't mean you can clash in the hunting areas.
Well, it means there's less PKing, which is good.
But that's still Somehow, I don't like it I understand what you mean.
It isn't just the hunting grounds.
Invisible barriers are being erected everywhere.
I think that's what they mean by the guilds falling into ranks.
No one's to blame.
And I'm sure the large guilds have their own problems.
No laws or ethics prohibit people from using whatever strategy they can to give themselves an edge in this world.
But still It isn't a good thing.
Though perhaps it's a matter of preference.
That's true.
A few days ago But even if we try to oppose the bigger guilds That's why we're trying to think of a way.
For example, we could share the hunting grounds among ourselves.
many small guilds that know each other well discussed the possibility of creating a joint council.
But each of the small guilds has its own opinions.
We ended up quarreling over minor differences of opinion and selfish requests W-Wait Why don't we talk about this a bit more? It's a waste of time.
Bye! I'm sorry.
I wanted to help, but I knew this wouldn't work.
Further, the Black Sword Knights and the Silver Sword are aiming for 91.
91? The old level cap was 90, but with the expansion Yeah.
With The Novasphere Pioneers expansion, the level cap was raised to 100, wasn't it? And since no new players have entered since the Apocalypse Oh, I see Because of the limit on how many you can allow to join The Black Sword Knights have always had a thing about being the best.
Their guild master, Isaac, is proud Or maybe just enjoys excluding others He won't allow anyone below 85 to join.
So he isn't in the position D.
was, where he can just start absorbing a bunch of smaller guilds.
He's trying to fight quantity with quality, then? But At a bare minimum, they'd need to hunt for level-85 monsters.
But this isn't the same as the game Isn't that pretty dangerous? It would be if they did it the normal way.
They're using EXP pots.
EXP pots? Do you mean they're leveling up by cheating? EXP pots Items that slightly increase attack power and health regeneration.
And they double experience earned from combat.
Death One of these potions was freely distributed to every player below level 30 once a day, so new players could level up and start enjoying the game more quickly.
After the Apocalypse, a guild called Hamelin gathered new players, claiming they wanted to help them.
But they're selling their EXP pots to large guilds that want to raise their levels.
It's all starting to go wrong.
This town This world Who's at fault? No, to a greater or lesser degree, everyone is.
Including me, since I'm not doing anything.
That's right I only went to Susukino to vent some of my frustration at the way things are going.
Thinking again? There's nothing wrong with thinking.
But you're smart enough, so why not just solve the problem? But what can I do? I don't even have a guild I don't have a guild is it? Tohya Hamelin Minori Hamelin Shigeru Honesty Crusty D.
That's just an excuse to run away Can't sleep? No.
Yeah, I'm too tired to sleep Your brother helped me out yesterday.
Tohya did? He's a good guy.
Kind, cheerful, and hard-working.
He's just empty-headed.
You two seem to really get along.
When this world was still a game, you two would form a party and adventure together, right? Yeah.
Tohya Tohya wanted to play.
All the old guilds that invited me just wanted to take advantage of my status as a veteran player.
I hated it, and that's why No, that isn't it.
It wasn't all bad, having people rely on me.
I wish our guild master had a better grasp of things.
Our guild's done for But when a lot of people get together, lip service isn't enough to get by anymore.
And I hated that.
No I knew all that going in A guild A guild? Do you still not like guilds, Shiroe? Chief Meow.
To be honest, I don't really know anymore.
The more I think about why I didn't like guilds, the more haughty and childish I seem.
It's true that the system itself makes it easy for guilds to go rotten.
So I can understand why you'd want to keep your distance from that.
But if there were a thing that never went bad, I don't know that I'd trust it.
Any kind of life can go wrong, or sicken, or suffer.
Lives get old, decay, and finally die.
Disliking that fact because it hurts isn't any different than disliking life itself.
I know you realize this.
For example, our old place, the Tea Party, was a wonderful place But the reason was because everyone worked to make it that way.
Any treasure you attain without anyone ever working is no treasure at all.
He's right.
The Tea Party and the Crescent Moon Alliance In both, there was someone hard at work behind the scenes Chief, what should I do? The most amazing thing that you can.
Amazing? You hold back too often.
I don't think you need to feel so bound by duty all the time.
I mean, there's no need to hold back! I've kept you waiting? That's right.
Both of you were waiting for me? That's right.
Instead of going elsewhere, you stayed with me.
That's right.
Oh, a message Shiroe Um, hello.
Do you remember me? It's Shiroe.
This is Minori, right? Yes.
Listen carefully, Minori Cough softly once for yes.
Twice for no.
Three times if you want to say something.
Got it? Shiroe knows what's happening to us now Cough once if you understand.
You're both in Hamelin, right? And you're giving your EXP pots to Hamelin? Are you okay? Are you okay? Really? You want to say something? I did tell you to cough three times if you had something to say.
All right, I'll hurry, so I can hear it.
For now, I'll believe you're okay.
So believe in me, too, all right? I'll come to rescue you.
Got it? Hey! Shiro! My lord, don't worry me.
If you're leaving, say something.
That's right.
What That's right.
Those two have been waiting for my words.
This time, I'd like your help with something.
Our help? Anything you need, Shiroe! That's right.
The Crescent Moon Alliance owes you much.
Well? Some twins I know are being held captive Or rather, being forced to stay in a nasty guild.
I'd like to save them.
I see So you just need them to quit the guild, right? We could draw them off Um This guild you're talking about This guild supposedly gathers new players and takes their EXP pots.
Hamelin I think it's time they left.
W-Wait a second Do you mean you'll destroy them? No, I mean exactly what I said.
I'm going to have them leave Akihabara.
Shiro, I understand how you feel But we I'm sorry, but please let me finish.
This is only the first part.
Hamelin's just a small portion of this.
To be honest, I don't really like the way Akihabara feels right now.
It's petty, pathetic, and cheap.
That's why I'm going to clean the place up.
Akihabara is our hometown.
It's the largest city on the Japanese server.
And it's sad, unpleasant, frail Everyone walks with their heads down It's as if our only purpose in life were to be pathetic.
We number thirty thousand.
But that also means there are only thirty thousand of us.
I think everyone's been underestimating this world far too much.
We aren't nearly desperate enough.
I Please help me.
Shiro Guild master Could we at least hear him out? For a long time, I've been feeling the same way.
Shouryuu How would you do it? It depends on your plan.
Tell us.
And we'll decide if it's something we can help you with.
I need money.
For now, five million gold.
F-Five million M-Money? That's insane! Our treasury only has sixty thousand.
Even if we included all our members' belongings What would you use all that money for? The money isn't that important.
It's only the start.
The real problem comes after.
I need everyone's hope and goodwill.
I believe that more people like this town than hate it.
The more people who want to save it, the more likely it is that we can win.
So I'll say it again.
Lend your assistance to me.
To me And to my guild.
Shiro, did you just say "guild"? "My guild"? Yes.
Then you made one? Yes.
I'm sorry, since you've invited me.
No, it's nothing to apologize for I see.
Congratulations, Shiro.
So you managed to make one You made a home What's it called, Shiroe? What's the guild's name? Ah, right Its name is Log Horizon.
Fragrant scents are in the air Juicy meat Crisp, fresh lettuce.
And tomato with a touch of sourness.
The sweetness of lightly toasted bread and smooth butter.
Topped off with spicy mustard.
This is called the Crescent Burger.
On sale today, for just 50 gold.
Next time: Crescent Moon.
Crescent Moon This is our reality.