Log Horizon (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Round-table Conference

1 Now Silver Sword's here, too? Look, another one! Seriously? There are many guilds, with many different goals.
There are combat guilds, whose primary goal is to get stronger.
In Akihabara, the major ones are D.
Player Count 1,534 Players D.
, Black Sword Knights Player Count 186 Players the Black Sword Knights, Honesty Player Count 743 Players Honesty, West Wind Brigade Player Count 64 Players the West Wind Brigade, Silver Sword Player Count 220 Players Silver Sword.
There are also crafting guilds, whose time is primarily occupied by amassing items or selling them in town.
Marine Agency Player Count 2,547 Players Marine Agency, Roderic Merchant Guild Player Count 1,881 Players Roderic Merchant Guild, Shopping Street 8 Player Count 669 Players Shopping Street 8, Grandeur Player Count 31 Players Grandeur, Radio Market Player Count 21 Players Radio Market.
Crescent Moon Alliance Player Count 24 Players And there's the support guild, Marielle's Crescent Moon Alliance.
And Log Horizon.
Log Horizon Player Count 4 Players So all the major guilds' masters are here? What's going on? Round Table Conference Round Table Conference.
It's a good sign that everyone came.
Asking Soujirou to handle the invitations was the right move.
Thank you all for taking the time to come today.
I am Shiroe, of the guild Log Horizon.
You can keep the introductions short, Shiroe of the Tea Party.
Isaac Race/ Human Guardian, Lv.
90 Black Sword Knights Thank you, Isaac.
I'm surprised and honored that you remember me.
How could I forget? Well? William Massachusetts Race/ Elf Assassin, Lv.
90 Silver Sword Why are we here, exactly? I've brought you here for input and aid, concerning Akihabara's present state.
As you know, ever since the Apocalypse, we've been trapped in this world.
And there's no way to know if we'll be able to return.
Given the circumstances, I'd like to keep the situation in Akihabara from getting any worse.
That's a lot to ask.
Are you thinking of something similar to the failed attempt to form alliances of the smaller guilds? Crusty Race/ Human Guardian, Lv.
90 D.
D Similar, yes.
However I've heard that that plan was halted.
Ichimonjinosuke Akaneya Race/ Human Sorcerer, Lv.
90 Radio Market That plan had many problems.
It was the smaller guilds' attempt to unite, to compete with the larger ones.
Woodstock W.
Race/ Dwarf Assassin, Lv.
90 Grandeur In other words, they wanted to protect their interests.
They were only concerned with themselves.
Eins Race/ Human Shrine Priest, Lv.
90 Honesty Then is your goal today to gather the major powers in Akihabara, to prevent the collision of interests? That won't happen.
Everyone seems to assume that this would be a continuation of the first failed alliance.
Correcting them quickly would be best.
That is not the intent.
My only goal here is to improve the situation in Akihabara.
Then I'll be on my way.
We are a combat guild.
We have no interest in the city itself.
That's merely where we go to sell our items.
In other words, the city's condition doesn't matter to us.
Let those who care about the city solve its problems.
I don't believe there's anything wrong with discussion.
But I do think it's a waste of time.
Regardless, we aren't interested.
Do it without us.
Silver Sword's out.
An expected scenario.
Um It's such an important day, but I haven't seen Akatsuki or Naotsugu Or even Shouryuu and Hien all day.
Come to think of it I'm sure they're busy with something else.
Hey, is it true? That we can escape from here? Yeah, I got word this morning.
As soon as Tohya and the rest depart to hunt, leave the guild hall with them.
Take all the new players with you.
You need only walk out the door.
A female assassin named Akatsuki will be in the Guild Building.
And just in case, a guardian named Naotsugu will be in the Cathedral.
I can't be with you, but don't worry.
The entire Guild Building is under my control.
He said we only need to go out the door.
Just run straight.
Got it.
But what does he mean that the Guild Building is under his control? I don't know, but all we have to do is run out the door.
You there.
What are you whispering about? N-Nothing! Not a thing! I'll continue.
I've gathered you here to help create a council to discuss Akihabara's problems.
A Round Table conference.
Our immediate goal will be to improve the city's atmosphere and safety.
In the long term, I'd like us to be capable of addressing different types of problems.
This is where it gets serious.
Before we get to that, can you tell us how you chose those you invited today? Certainly.
First, the Black Sword Knights, Honesty, D.
, and the West Wind Brigade were chosen as the largest or most notable of the combat guilds.
Same for Silver Sword, which is no longer with us.
Marine Agency, Roderic Merchant Guild, and Shopping Street 8 were chosen to represent the crafting guilds.
The Crescent Moon Alliance, Grandeur, and Radio Market represent not only their own guilds, but the smaller guilds, as well as players who don't belong to one.
Indeed Around 6,000 players in the guilds are represented here.
Which means 9,000 players in the city either don't belong to one or are in a smaller one.
And you? I am here as meeting organizer and the one who came up with the proposal.
Log Horizon only has four members.
Normally, they wouldn't have the right to participate in this conference.
In other words, you put this meeting together and invited us, so that you would have the right to be here.
That's correct.
Even if we form this council you're talking about, how will we keep the peace? No, what do you mean, exactly, by the city being unsafe? You're all aware that certain guilds are locking up new players under the guise of protection, yes? You're talking about the EXP pots.
Listen up! It's time to go hunting.
Get ready and meet, up front.
Crafters, be sure to reach your quotas.
Got it? Shiroe, we're ready to go.
One cough.
Okay Everyone, time to go.
But that isn't illegal.
Currently, in this world, there are no laws.
Sure, there are.
There are No Combat zones.
That's simply a defensive system attacking players who fight in No Combat areas.
It isn't a law, but a natural phenomenon, like any other.
That's right.
Laws are what people create, and others recognize.
That's what Henrietta said.
A few days ago, I went to Susukino.
Susukino? A guild there was trying to control the city, and threatening NPCs and other players.
By your previous logic, that is not illegal, since the system doesn't attack them.
But is that really all right? Is that all that the law is? Shiroe is trying to explain that we need laws to bind us, in this lawless world.
Everyone seems to be wavering.
Some think rules of some form are necessary.
Some think we'll never be able to reach such an agreement.
But what will you do if a group appears that refuses to recognize this Round Table? A group that goes against anything we decide? We will fight them.
Fight them? How? Banish them from Akihabara.
And if necessary, of course, we'd force them to disband.
Banish But you can't kill anyone in this world.
Either way, you won't be able to do it without combat guilds, like us.
If the major guilds here say they don't care about the conference, or about your laws It's war.
If the major guilds were to go out of control, there'd be no way to stop them I must say that this doesn't strike me as realistic.
I believe forming this Round Table is worthwhile.
But it would be mostly for show, without any real— Today, approximately four hours ago, I purchased the Guild Building's zone.
Guild Building Japan Server Akihabara City/ No Monsters No PVP Entry Restrictions/ None Exit Restrictions/ None Owner Shiroe Guild Log Horizon What did you just say?! Impressive Naturally, I have the authority to control the zone's settings.
Including who enters and leaves the zone.
In other words, anyone I put on the blacklist won't be able to access the Guild Building at all.
See? He's a real villain.
What does his buying the Guild Building mean? The Guild Building's zone is now Shiroe's private property.
Why would that be a problem for people? Anyone Shiroe doesn't want entering the Guild Building, won't be able to.
But the large guilds have their guild halls elsewhere.
To create, join, or leave a guild, you have to come to the Guild Building.
And the bank is here, also.
Walking around with lots of money is dangerous, so most players keep the majority of their assets here Including valuable belongings.
Since a bank is located in every town, you can make a withdrawal anywhere.
But with the Transport Gates off-line, travel to other cities is almost impossible.
In other words Shiroe can prevent any Akihabara adventurer from accessing their own bank account.
Then that makes him just like a bad guy! Shiroe makes the devil himself look meek and mild.
The devil knows he's a bad boy, but Shiroe doesn't.
The nickname "Villain in Glasses" is too generous.
A zone's owner has the right to control who enters and leaves it.
But they can also designate areas to allow or prohibit combat.
Given their need to control the new players, Hamelin's guild hall should allow combat.
Quick, let's go! I thought something was suspicious.
Where are the other kids? What are you planning?! Remember what Shiroe taught you! Tohya! The samurai skills Shrike Impalement and Lanius Capture These temporarily mute an enemy, stopping it from casting spells.
Go on ahead! Right! Lanius Capture lasts fifteen seconds! It's about to run out! The shrine priest's healing ability, Damage Interception It sets a barrier that absorbs damage up to a certain amount.
Right, Shiroe? You bastards I'll send you to the Cathedral a hundred times! Stop yelling What's going on? The kids ran! Okay, good.
Come on! My lord, the escape has begun.
What's he laughing about? But keeping us from our banks That's blackmail.
I simply answered his question.
Anyone who opposes the Round Table will lose access rights to the Guild Banks.
That's why it's blackmail.
Then, "If we have to, we'll start a war," is also blackmail, correct? Purchasing the Guild Building's zone should require an astronomical amount of funds.
Where'd you get the money? Five million.
We gave him the money.
Then the quest you were leading It isn't a quest.
It was to create this council.
This is it? Th-This? Something this simple was Crescent Moon's recipe? You made us pay for this? Why do you think this isn't worth five million? We're almost there, Minori! This isn't your lucky day, kids.
Schreider Race/ Human Summoner, Lv.
46 Hamelin Why, you Tohya! In Combat Tohya Race/ Human Samurai, Lv.
15 Accuracy Down Sustained Damage Hamelin Zone Information All skills permitted.
Oh, no! At this rate Pentagram Barrier! Oh, no My level is higher It's higher! Too bad, kids.
Tohya! Minori! Schreider?! You're late.
Drag the kids back.
Right! Let's go, Minori! Stop! Tohya, it's not safe here! R-Right! What are you doing? Th-The door Zone Setting: Guild Building Access Restricted Owner: Shiroe Guild: Log Horizon ID Recognition Zone Information: Smoking Thunder Guild/ Hamelin No Combat Allowed Access: Not Allowed No Skill Use A character who owns a zone can control who enters and exits.
They can add someone to a list, and prevent their entering.
Huh? No one's following us So you're the last two? I'm Shouryuu.
Shiroe sent me.
He did? Where is everyone? Waiting at the entrance.
Huh? Come on, you can deal with— Anyway, let's get to the entrance.
Right! I told you— Huh? You stupid fox! That'll cause trouble for Mari— I mean, the guild master! I'm sorry.
Hey, quit stumbling around.
You look pathetic.
You're so mean, Tohya.
It hurts, doesn't it? But this doesn't count as combat.
What did you do to the guild hall?! What's that look for?! Tohya! Don't get cocky, brat.
There's nowhere you can go! Both of us We have nowhere to go! Who are you? I was sure I'd added every member of Hamelin to the blacklist.
Huh? Oh? My lord? I'm sorry, I missed one.
His name is Schreider/ Adventurer Schreider? Just as the name suggests, his face looks like it's been through a shredder.
Wh-What are you babbling about?! Wh-What just Ow! Ow! So this doesn't count as combat, huh? I'm really glad to hear that! M-My luck's run out One down, shrimp.
Don't call me "shrimp"! Tohya and Minori, right? I'm Akatsuki.
I'm a ninja of my lord, Shiroe.
You and your friends are safe now.
My lord is fighting on another battlefield.
Why don't we start by getting you a bath? You still have other things to say, don't you, Shiroe? That's true No matter what you say, you're still in a position to blackmail us.
Do you all really think that this town No, all this world's adventurers are okay as things currently are? I have two goals.
First, to restore life to everyone in this town.
And in the long term, in this world.
My other is to create laws that, if nothing else, bind the people of this town.
Does anyone here oppose these two goals? My lord, the escape was a success.
I told you to stop laughing! If you're that insistent, then I'll make a proposal of my own.
Why don't you tell us specifically what Log Horizon has in mind? Shiroe succeeds in rescuing the new players, but his battle continues.
His goal is to create a place where he belongs.
But it belongs to more than himself alone.
He has friends and those needing his protection.
A place where they can sit under the stars, eating curry.
Grab It in Your Hand Next time: Grab It in Your Hand.
This is our reality.