Log Horizon (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Freedom Shield

1 In this world, in addition to adventurers and People of the Land, there are also groups called demi-humans.
For example, the goblins.
They have limited intelligence, but are hardy and breed quickly.
And above all, they're cruel and wicked.
An individual goblin is no match for an adventurer of intermediate strength or higher, but their numbers and variety are not to be underestimated.
Most of their territory is in the northeast of the island chain.
Then, what should we do? I think it's a bad idea for us to attend only one.
A banquet with Lord Darte, an evening party comprised primarily of young knights, and a dinner meeting with Count Kirino of Tsukuba and the Academic's Guild The Academic's Guild is a little much for me.
Same here.
I'll handle that one.
Crusty, why don't you take the party with the young knights? I'm sure you'll enjoy the dance.
That isn't a bad idea.
Then I'll take the banquet with Lord Darte.
Will you be okay, Crusty? You'll have to deal with flattering lords and noble ladies.
Lately, I've found a shield that's so durable, it's nigh-unbreakable.
I'll be fine.
A shield? Shield and Freedom Shield and Freedom.
Lady Lenessia, it's almost bedtime.
No, Elyssa I'm not wearing the silk pajamas.
Those are evil pajamas.
Not this again.
Then you'd prefer these? These are perfect! Flannel pajamas Wear the silk ones once in a while.
I'm the one who gets scolded.
Sure, eventually.
All the gentlemen call you the melancholy twilight princess, you know.
I'm not melancholy.
Merely gloomy.
And it isn't twilight.
I'm just unmotivated.
You won't find a gentleman who will allow you to lie around all day and do nothing.
Yes, but I'm sorry, Lord Kiliva But I have another engagement.
Another engagement? Oh, with Princess Lenessia? A pleasure to meet you.
I am the adventurer Crusty.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
What did you mean by an engagement? That was only an excuse.
If it caused you any problem, I apologize.
N-No He doesn't seem like a bad person Merely a pain.
You were just thinking I'm a pain, weren't you? Not only that, but when our eyes first met, you thought, "What a bother.
" H-How How did I know, indeed? He can read my mind.
How about some tea? The lords have been chasing me around all day.
B-But I realize the prospect doesn't please you, but right now, I'm the subject of much scrutiny in the palace.
If the two of us were to take tea together, it would give us an excuse to skip some of the ceremonies and tea parties.
H-He's a bad person! Please be careful, Princess.
You're right.
He can tell what I'm thinking That isn't what I mean! He's an adventurer.
We don't know what they're like.
I don't like saying this, but you need to think more about your position as a member of Duke Cowen's family.
A member of the duke's family, eh? Beautiful, as always! How delicate! Half of those compliments are more for my grandfather's sake than mine.
With the right decoration, anyone can be beautiful.
And I can't even dress myself How long will this last? Y-You win What a splendid strike.
I hope you can take some time to train me.
A goodwill match? Yes, they invited me.
That's surprising.
What is? I thought you'd find such things tedious.
Not at all.
I wanted to know more about the People of the Land.
He's looking to see if any of us are good.
Crusty? Oh, that's Princess Lenessia.
What did you think when you fought them? You're an adventurer.
None of them is likely to be stronger than you.
No, they were all quite talented.
That last fight was close.
I see.
Yes It's difficult to fight your way up and rank first here Princess Lenessia? Y-Yes? Princess, would you please give a reward to the strongest of these brave knights? A reward? The right to accompany you to this evening's party.
Th-That's great! Okay! I'll do my best! I understand.
That's quite a shield.
But what does Duke Cowen intend to do with the adventurers? Who knows if negotiation with them is even possible? By the way, have we still not heard where the Izumo Knights are? We could just use the adventurers for that.
After all, they're immortal.
Oh, hello, you two I found you! It's that hide-and-seek genius.
Come play hide-and-seek with us! She really is good at hide-and-seek! I'm not playing hide-and-seek.
Your theory denies the possibility that the People of the Land can progress! Your refusal to admit the possibility of my theory is hindering our progress! What does progress even mean? Isn't that where we should start? That is merely running away from the issue! I guess there are heated debates in every world.
What?! Is that your answer? I'm thinking of all the People of the Land when I say Shiroe? Minori? I'm heading into the dungeon now Can we talk for a while? Oh, sorry I'm right in the midst of a conference.
Huh? Of course! I'm sorry I'll be fine.
I'll talk to you later.
Y-You win.
Amazing! Well, naturally, he was going to win.
Facing so many renowned knights is tiring.
Was that sarcasm? Of course not.
Wake me up in a while.
But What if someone sees you? I don't care.
I'm only a barbaric adventurer, after all.
I'm sure the lords would accept it as natural.
Somehow, it isn't fair.
You just thought it isn't fair, didn't you? Why not join me? The table is cool, and it feels nice.
So you're saying, it's that? Yes, that it is.
Adventurers are free.
Free? They can eat when they like, sleep when they like, and move when they like.
But Being free takes resolve.
Free Here! An hour in, and look at us We've done this over and over.
Why can't we win?! I'm taking damage because you guys aren't healing right.
Don't talk that way! Everyone's doing their jobs! Then why is this happening? Why am I so weak? I'm at level 24.
The enemies range from levels 17 to 21 So why is it this hard? This doesn't make sense! It's because It's because you aren't fighting at your full potential! Do I just need to keep training? Will those kids be okay? It's been four days since they entered the dungeon.
It's fine.
You worry too much.
But what if something happens, and they get sent back to Akihabara? Then we'll use our griffins to retrieve them.
You talk like it's not your problem They say lions toss their own cubs off cliffs, right? Oh, but that isn't true.
You won't surpass the dungeon teams like that! Fight harder! Either way, being overprotective won't help.
The point of this training camp is to help them gain experience.
You're right.
Got it.
I'll believe in them.
Well, I think I'll eat some crab.
Thanks! The big ones are bland.
The new kids get training, and I get to eat crab.
Two birds with one stone! Shouryuu, what's that? I don't know.
Bubbles? They disappeared? What was that? How do you like it? This meat is known as the best in my domain.
It's delicious.
I've sent for some chefs, myself.
Next time, I'll invite you.
I look forward to that.
I've heard many rumors about it.
This revolution has greatly affected our eating habits.
Everyone's in love with the new food.
The people of our domain are more motivated to find good food, as well.
Production has elevated in a number of areas.
We've begun to be more careful in raising, harvesting, and transporting it.
I'm glad to hear that.
But there's one problem Problem? Raising lots of food and transporting it as far as possible makes many people happy, and it enriches the domain.
But transporting it over land means Monsters, right? Indeed.
And so, I have a request, Michitaka You want us to defeat the goblins? No, there's something else we wish to request.
The technology to transport goods by sea.
Princess Lenessia's sad expression She must be troubled by the world's future.
I know it's a bother, but you'll have to smile a little.
It must be suffocating, hearing the young knights' flattery.
I think we have the same interests here.
I know that.
Princess Lenessia! I'm sorry to interrupt your chat.
May we join you? We brought cookies! I think they're nice girls, but We saw you fight with your sword! You're strong, aren't you? No, I still have much to learn.
Don't be so humble.
It took my breath away! I'm unworthy of praise from such beautiful ladies.
Thank you.
Why is he so polite to these two, and so rude to me? Crusty, you're special! Of the adventurers, you're the most elegant and noble! Yes We've all been talking about you.
I'm very honored.
No, that dignified elegance is why Princess Lenessia allows you to accompany her.
Isn't that right, Princess? Y-Yes, of course.
I w-wonder what they're talking about.
Princess Lenessia is so beautiful.
Accompanying her must be fun! She is a kind, compassionate person.
Her kindness allows a newcomer like myself to remain in her company.
I am unfamiliar with courtly etiquette, and she allows me to avoid looking like a country bumpkin.
It is an honor of which I am unworthy.
He's a bad person.
He's a really bad person! Then, we'll introduce you to everyone.
Once they get to know you, no one will mistake you for a bumpkin.
No, I am a barbarian who knows only war.
Until I repay the princess for the kindness she's shown to me, I cannot leave her side.
What is his problem? A knight serving his lady! How wonderful Feel free to leave me behind and look at the pretty palace flowers instead.
I already have my hands full with a single beautiful flower.
But you know exactly how to handle girls, don't you? It depends on the girl.
In my hometown, I have a younger sister, so girls like you are easier for me to handle.
A-Am I like your sister? Yes.
Can you not see her? At the moment, it would be difficult.
You miss her? I couldn't say.
He's Looking at you reminds me of her.
Putting your cheek against the table to feel its chill, lying around all day if you let her, only wearing the most comfortable clothes You're just like her.
Y-You haven't seen me do all that! How do you know? Because you're like her.
In many ways, being around you eases my tired heart.
Please give me the chance to repay you during the conference.
You scratch my back, and I scratch yours? Give and take.
Very well, then.
A handshake? One, two, three One, two, three Akatsuki, aren't you going to sleep? My lord H-How long were you there? Um I just arrived.
Want some? The Academic's Guild finally released me They kept pestering me to let them research adventurers.
I see.
His hair swirls to the right.
It's cute.
Well? Did you learn anything? People of the Land see us as potential enemies, but they mean us no direct harm.
Their opinion of us is about half favorable.
Oh I believe they see us as potential enemies because of our power.
Neither of us has a real idea as to what the other is capable of They're probably debating whether to defeat us by surprise or do everything we say.
Anything else? Come to think of it, they also mentioned something about still not knowing where the Izumo Knights are.
The Izumo Knights? You must be Shiroe, of Log Horizon.
I've come to speak with you tonight.
Who are you? I am the mage Regan, of Miral Lake.
That day, everything changed.
That day, I suddenly found myself here.
That day, the Apocalypse descended on tens of thousands of people.
The Mage of Eternal Eyes, Regan, speaks regarding its secrets.
Shiroe learns the rules that govern the lives of adventurers.
World Fraction Next time: World Fraction.
Always look thirty seconds ahead.