Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman s01e10 Episode Script

The Man of Steel Bars

That was yesterday.
Today I heard 96.
I can't work like this.
I can't think like this.
Taxi! You gotta be kidding.
We're walking.
Come on.
Looks like she might have cooled down.
Hey! What do you know? The press conference better be air-conditioned.
Clark? That's gonna be $2.
What planet are you from? You're running and not even sweating.
Biorhythmic control.
Mind over heat prostration? Something like that.
Poor kids.
Come on, people.
I've never been a summer person.
Especially in winter.
An elephant.
- What? - Where? I don't understand why Ladies and gentlemen.
Please! Ladies and gentlemen.
The last thing we need right now is panic.
- Mr.
Mindlin, Channel Six.
- Mr.
Mayor isn't it true that if the temperature reaches 100 and everyone keeps driving their cars that we will all die a slow suffocating death from carbon monoxide poisoning? Of course not.
The citizens of Metropolis are perfectly safe.
It's just hot out.
And getting hotter by the hour.
And the heat goes on.
Miss Lane, Daily Planet.
Yeah, Mr.
Mayor what about the brownouts? There isn't enough electricity to power the air conditioners, let alone the traffic lights.
What's the city doing about it? I got you, babe but there's no need to worry about the power supply.
It's completely under control Ladies and gentlemen if I may, the Mayor asked me today to assure you that the Lex Corp.
Nuclear Plant is 100% prepared to meet your energy needs.
Isn't the Environmental lmpact Committee withholding final approval pending the results of its safety inspections? Not anymore.
I have the report.
I'm pleased to announce that we passed with flying colors.
Metropolis needs power.
I have it to give.
Mayor another power source is helpful but it's not going to solve the problem.
Where is the heat coming from? We've been studying all meteorological phenomenon in the area.
The jet stream, the ozone layer.
Even sun spots.
But all patterns have remained consistently normal.
Why only Metropolis? It's 12 degrees in New York there's eight inches of snow in Chicago and we're having a run on sunblock.
Excuse me, pardon me.
We we have a theory.
It's merely speculation at this point, Dr.
- What theory? - It has not been proven, and I don't We have a right to know what is causing this extreme condition.
Not what.
It's who.
It's merely a hypothesis - and one I do not agree with.
- Who? Dr.
Saxon, on behalf of the citizens of Metropolis I demand to know who that person is.
- Yeah.
- We demand it.
Superman? Superman, how can it possibly be Wow.
Superman affecting our weather.
It's intriguing, I'll say that.
Mystery novels are intriguing.
This is like Slander.
The gossip business has heat stroke.
My suntan, however, has never been healthier.
On the other hand, the heat wave does have its upside.
Chill, Jimmy.
Cold shower ought to do it.
What's the matter? Never see a pair of legs before? Come on.
This isn't a beach day.
Let's keep at it.
- What have we got? - Some half-baked theory.
It's better than raw.
Let's hear it.
This is a temperature chart of greater Metropolis taken over successive days.
Each temperature rise correlates to some super-effort by Superman.
- Coincidence.
- Maybe.
Most physicists do think that his power is solar-induced.
Lots of things are solar-powered.
Why blame Superman? Nobody knows how strong his powers are or how much energy it takes to recharge him.
He could be drawing the sun's rays down on Metropolis like a giant heat funnel and not even know it.
Yeah, but he's been here for months.
And why would Metropolis start heating up now? Well, it was summer and it was hot.
Now it's winter and it's still hot.
Whose side are you on? Well, Lois, you have to admit - it could be possible.
- Clark? You joining the Sisters of Metropolis Convent is more likely.
Now, look, Lois.
I understand how you feel.
We all like Superman but you got to keep an open mind about this.
I refuse to believe Superman is at fault.
It is just a theory.
There are lots of theories.
We'll publish them all.
You can't print something like this.
Tell him.
It's like you said, chief.
I think the public has a right to know.
- Clark.
- Chief! Line two.
If it wasn't Superman, we wouldn't even think twice about it.
Where? When? Okay, there's been a warehouse explosion.
Bayrock and Queen's Way.
Transformer's overheated.
- There are workers down, live wires - I'll go.
Now, Lois.
Afternoon edition.
"Super feat equals super heat.
" Go out the door! Shocking.
From the Utilities Commission, sir.
Well, let's see.
My nuclear plant has been approved for full operation after only a month of testing.
Politicians can be so reasonable in a crisis.
Might it be rather a good time to power it up, sir? No.
Not yet, Nigel.
Any good chef will tell you that all stews must - simmer.
- Simmer.
I'm feeling a bit chilly.
I think a few degrees warmer might be good.
Warmer, sir? Yes.
Superman was kind enough to use his powers again today.
The newspaper cooperated by printing our theory.
So now it's up to us to provide - The proof.
- The proof.
As the City Attorney for Metropolis, I will be seeking an injunction ordering Superman to immediately cease and desist in the usage of his super powers.
I have subpoenaed him to appear in court tomorrow morning to show cause why he should not be so enjoined.
And I'm making this public appeal asking him to submit to the laws of our community.
- What if he doesn't? - I hope we won't be forced to use any extreme measures.
Exactly what extreme measures are you contemplating? Am I the only sane person in this entire city? We gotta do something.
Professional scientists haven't been able to figure this out.
They've been studying weather.
We'll study Superman.
I want you to track all his activities here in Metropolis.
- Friez already did that.
- He compared dates.
I want locations.
Got it.
Earth to Clark.
Hello? Sorry, it just It just can't be true.
Well, what do you know? - It's finally gotten to you.
- What do you mean? You're sweating.
- This hearing will be in order.
- All rise.
This is a courtroom.
Not a circus tent.
This is a gavel and when I pound it, that's the international symbol for all of you to shut up.
You got that? Good afternoon, Mr.
- Just Superman, Your Honor.
- That's your full name? - That's what people call me.
- Fine.
Make it one word.
I understand you've refused counsel? I'd like to speak for myself, Your Honor.
Superman, I've to tell you right up front I'm a big fan of yours.
A lot of the low lives you catch end up here.
What you're doing in my courtroom is unfortunate - and between you and me - Objection, Your Honor.
You can't object, Patricia, because this isn't a trial.
Superman do you know why the City Attorney dragged you in here? The theory is that my powers may be causing the city's peculiar heat wave.
- What do you think? - I don't think it's true, but if Metropolis is worried about me using my super powers I'd like to put their fears to rest.
All right.
I'm gonna grant this injunction pending further scientific study.
Superman, you are hereby ordered to cease and desist all super activity until further notified.
Do you wish to contest? I'm anxious as anyone else to discover the source of this heat.
No super activities of any kind.
Flying, the visual thing, nada.
Comprende? I'll do my best.
All right, people.
We've got a deal.
Just like when Elvis played the Sullivan Show.
Okay, everybody back.
Don't even think about it, buddy.
Put it down.
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.
Me and my pal here, we're gonna walk right on out, nice and easy.
Did you see that? He violated the injunction.
It didn't even take him a minute.
Are you crazy? He saved everybody.
The law's the law.
You break it, you go to jail.
Superman, you're under arrest.
Over here.
And spread them.
If it's okay with you? - Sorry.
- All right.
We'll start over here instead.
What did he get, a speeding ticket? Or flying too low? Press firmly.
Let's move on.
On the line, please.
Profile left.
Profile right.
Smile, please.
And again.
One more time.
Thank you.
- I get a phone call, don't I? - Right.
Right over here.
- It's on me.
- Thank you.
- Hello, chief? This is - Clark? Is that you? - Yes, sir, it is.
- Where are you? - I'm down at the police station.
- Good.
Now, I want a first-hand account of Superman's arrest.
Don't leave that building until he goes back to court.
- That shouldn't be a problem, chief.
- Okay.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Well, boys.
Look who we got.
The man of steel bars.
Hey, what's that on his chest? - You gonna break us out of here? - No.
I wasn't planning on it.
That's right.
You can't use your powers.
He's no better than the rest of us, boys.
I'm crying buckets.
Watch this, watch Hey, I'm slapping Superman.
Watch this.
I'm stepping on Superman's foot.
I'm tugging on Superman's cape.
What're you gonna do next? Spit into the wind? Watch this, watch.
You messed with Jim.
You wanna help me out here? - You wanna help me out here? - Sorry.
Like you said, can't use my powers.
Now, we can talk about this.
- Chief, we need to do something.
- Now, Lois, our job here is to be objective.
All right, people, sit down.
Sit down.
- Superman? - Your Honor.
Charge here is contempt of court.
How do you plead? Court is not something I am contemptuous of, Your Honor.
I have vowed to fight for truth and justice.
All I'm looking for is a guilty or not guilty.
Not guilty.
So recorded.
I'm entertaining bail requests.
I'd like to be released on my own recognizance.
He's an obvious flight risk.
What on earth am I supposed to do with him? Your Honor, Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet.
We've been covering Superman ever since he arrived in Metropolis.
And he's always conducted himself with absolute integrity decency and honesty.
So you're willing to vouch for him, is that it? - Absolutely.
- Sold.
- What? - He is yours.
The Daily Planet is now responsible for the whereabouts of Superman.
You try it for a while.
And no super powers.
- Is that clear? - Completely.
All rise.
Way to be objective, chief.
- Jimmy, what about that map? - I'm working on it, Lois.
Superman has been very busy since he came to Metropolis.
How's he doing? He's getting the treatment.
You see, son, Elvis was a law-abiding citizen himself.
Well, now, sure, he had a brush or two on the wrong side in his later years, but for the most part his heart was in the right place, just like yours.
The problem was that he was famous.
And famous people are targets, this day and age.
But, well, I don't need to tell you that, do I? No, you don't need to tell me.
And you know, President Nixon considered making Elvis an honorary FBI agent.
Am I making myself perfectly clear? Chief, I hate to interrupt but I need you to look at my copy.
Lois, can't you see I'm in the middle of something here? - It's important.
- Mr.
White, please go ahead.
You should act like I'm not even here.
Well, all right, son.
You might as well see how we run a world-class newspaper.
- What in the Sam Hill is this? - It's my take.
Here's my take.
You're too close to this story.
- It's the truth.
- Well, no offense, son, but I can't run a puff piece like this, even if it is about you.
- Well, hello.
- Hello.
- Run it on the op-ed page.
- I need something for the front page.
Do we have to argue about this in front of Superman? Yes, we do.
Or you could recognize my wisdom and experience and authority and give in.
Hold that thought while I square Superman away.
- You got a place to stay tonight, son? - He's staying with me.
Don't you think all the mirrors above the bed would keep him awake? Count on it.
Why don't I stay with Clark? I don't think he'd mind.
That's perfect.
Where is Clark, anyway? He called in some of the jail piece.
I think he's on his way home.
- Well, at least we've got a plan.
- Great.
I'm telling you, we're risking environmental catastrophe if we allow this to continue.
You scientists are so prone to overreaction.
And what if they should discover us? You've got to stop this now.
- Was that an order? - No.
Of course not.
I'm just worried, that's all.
That's understandable, Doctor, but I would think the $5 million you've been paid would buy a little peace of mind.
Shall we get on with it? Out of deference to your concerns I believe the good citizens of Metropolis deserve a break.
Especially since our friend in the cape hasn't been in action all day.
You said that you were only going to use this for a few days.
It's been weeks.
Doctor, what can I say? When I find something I enjoy, I stick with it.
When do you think you'll stop enjoying it? I believe that depends on Superman.
All is set, sir.
- The 10:35 is on schedule.
- Very good, Nigel.
- Have a very pleasant evening.
- Thank you, sir.
And to you.
There's going to be another mishap.
And if Superman's true to form, the temperature will go up.
Now, Doctor.
Why, sit down.
It simply further proves your theory connecting Superman with the heat.
Mint julep? No, thank you.
Clark? Open up.
It's me.
Hey, Lois.
What's up? - Came to fix you guys a decent meal.
- We're not hungry.
I'm trying to do something nice here, Clark.
Where's Superman? Is he all right? - He's fine.
- The man needs company.
He needs to know that somebody cares.
I think he just wants to be alone.
- He said that? - Yeah.
That is so like him.
He is obviously reaching out in his time of need.
It's a good thing I came.
So, where is he? He's in the shower.
Superman is in the shower? Did you see him? I mean does the outfit actually come off? - I didn't look.
- Of course not.
No, I wouldn't, either.
- I don't hear any water.
- He probably just got out.
I wonder if he likes pasta salad.
What? I'm just gonna ask him.
The guy just got out of the shower.
Give him some privacy.
I'll ask him.
Our topic: Superman's super powers.
Is he a super guy, or does he cause super heat? How much more proof do you need, Kyle? I am not convinced, Ellen.
You have yet to establish a succinct argument explaining the heat wave in Metropolis.
Anybody with a high school degree and half a brain knows it's the greenhouse effect.
Look what's happening in California.
You don't need to make dinner.
It's you.
I want to.
You do eat, don't you? I don't have to, but I like to.
Well, then you'll like this.
I only know how to make four things and this is the only one without chocolate.
I'm sure it'll be delicious.
We'll never eat that way.
We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin.
We have a runaway express train on the green line.
It's just barreled through Hobbs River Station heading south at over 75 miles an hour.
At that rate, it should reach the main Metropolis terminal in eight minutes.
That area is being evacuated but there are over 300 people at risk on the train I'm sorry.
Dinner's got to wait.
I have to go.
- So do I.
- Wait.
- What are you doing? - I'm going to stop the train.
You can't.
You gave your word.
I have to Lois, you know I have to.
Clark and I will meet you there.
Clark? - He's already on his way.
- Great.
What kind of partner are you, Clark? You call this loyalty? Superman to the rescue.
It is going to be a hot time on the old town tonight.
It's a 110 degrees and thousands are fleeing Metropolis for cooler weather.
In the news, Superman has again violated the injunction using his super powers to save Lois, I think I've got something.
I charted all the super activity, just like you said.
I compared it to the heat distribution map of the same time period.
The dates match the temperature rises, but get a load of this.
The really hot spots aren't anywhere near the super activity.
I knew it.
Nobody's gonna give up one theory until we can prove another.
If I start now, I can have a mail order physics degree in six years.
I've got a better idea.
Call Dr.
Goodman, the physicist from the press conference.
She didn't believe he was guilty.
Maybe she can tell us something.
Lois, I need you to get down to the courthouse right away.
I thought all I was good for was puff pieces.
I'm trying to run a newsroom here, with everybody missing in action.
Even Kent called in with heat exhaustion.
So it's you, or nobody.
Superman's about ready to turn himself in.
I'm on it.
Fax this map to Dr.
Tell her I'll call her as soon as I get back.
- Lois.
- Now what? You tell Superman I'm pulling for him.
I will, chief.
I will.
Superman must go.
Superman must go.
When I first arrived in Metropolis, I said I came to help.
That's still how I feel.
But I'll have to find another place, and another way.
I have voluntarily agreed to leave Metropolis by noon tomorrow.
I believe it's the best way to put all of your fears to rest.
I will miss everyone.
Thank you.
- You can't leave.
- I have no choice.
But they can't be right.
Lois, I Hey.
- Never mind, it's not important.
- It's okay, Jimmy.
What is it? I sent everything we had over to Dr.
- She said she would take a look at it.
- Thanks.
- Think we should give up? - No way.
Me, neither.
See this? I guess C.
Made it to the courthouse today, after all.
"Crowd reacted with surprise and relief.
"It was over.
Superman knew it.
"He felt something strike him in the chest.
"His eyes fell on the face of a young boy "who appeared to hold back tears as Superman picked up the object.
"A Superman action figure, once priceless to its young owner.
"Superman wanted to return it, but the boy was gone.
"They say the man of steel is invulnerable.
"I don't think so.
" Don't be mad.
We had to come.
I've never been so glad to see anyone in my life.
Honey, sweetheart.
- You don't have to do this.
- What choice do I have? I don't get it.
I just don't get it.
You used your powers in Smallville and it never got hot.
But that was just everyday stuff, Dad.
Since I've been in Metropolis, I've been doing some pretty big things.
But do you believe it? Do you honestly think you're causing this heat wave? I don't know, Mom.
Everybody else seems to think so.
Who cares what everyone else thinks? This was your dream, Clark.
A good job, a real life for yourself here in Metropolis.
Why should you lose that? It's only Superman who has to leave.
I can't just turn it off, Dad.
I can't look past people who are hurting, people in trouble knowing that I can help them and having to stop myself.
I just I can't do that.
You're such a special person, Clark.
It's not fair you're being punished for it.
I've made up my mind.
- All right, then.
We'll take you home, son.
- No.
- I can't go back to Smallville.
- Well I know it's not the big city, but it's home.
It's not that, Mom.
What if I am a solar conductor? I can't take the chance of hurting you and Dad.
Well, then, where are you gonna go? I don't know yet.
Just away from the people that I love the most.
Lois? Clark? I must've fallen asleep.
It's late, Lois.
You should go home.
There's no time.
Here, take these over to your desk and - What are you doing? - I'm leaving Metropolis.
Clark, I'm a little too tired for jokes.
It's no joke.
Leaving? As in quitting? I'm going to work for the Smallville Post.
Managing Editor.
I guess I'm just not cut out for big city life.
Well, nobody's cut out for big city life.
That's what makes it so exciting.
I know there's no good time We're in the middle of a crisis.
Superman is on the line, and you're out of here? I just wanted to say good-bye.
Good-bye? We're partners.
You don't need a partner, Lois.
You never did.
Well, maybe not.
But I was starting to like having one.
So, are you planning on giving notice? This is for Perry.
I was wondering if you might give it to him for me.
- I get it.
- You do? Well, it's obvious, Clark.
Nobody gives up a great job in the middle of the night because they have the chance of a lifetime to edit the Smallville Gazette.
- Post.
- Whatever.
This isn't about a job.
Did you really think I hadn't figured out what it was about you and Superman? - What do you mean? - You idolize the man, Clark.
And now he's in trouble and you share his pain.
Look, we all feel bad about Superman but the only way to make it right is to fight like crazy.
Don't give up on him, because he wouldn't give up on us.
Maybe you don't know him as well as you think you do, Lois.
This is stupid, Clark.
Go unpack your stuff and let's get to work.
You're not a quitter.
Good-bye, Lois.
Are you sure you're gonna be okay? - Fine, chief.
- All right, now look, Lois.
Kent was a heck of a reporter, but so are you.
And if anybody can find a way to save Superman, you can.
Yes, sir.
Lois, you all right? I'm fine, Jimmy.
- Look, if you want, I could - Just buzz me - if you hear from Dr.
Goodman, okay? - Sure.
Hi, Lois.
- Okay, stop it.
- Stop what? Stop trying to be so nice.
- All I said was hello.
- Exactly.
No little dig, no rude remark.
It's not normal.
Everybody around here is treating me like I just lost my best friend or something.
- You and I should talk.
- Why would I want to do that? Because I know more about losing men than you might think.
First Superman and now Clark.
I don't know who I'll miss more.
I know what'll cheer you up.
- Cat, please.
- Double-double chocolate fudge.
I said buzz, Jimmy.
Goodman, Lois Lane.
I hope you're here with good news.
I might be.
I think you should come.
I have something to show you.
- Just up ahead.
- What is? - Your answer.
- I feel like I'm in a sauna.
- Well, you are, sort of.
- What do you mean? Below us is the Metropolis aquifer.
It's basically just an underground system of rivers and lakes.
But the temperature under the aquifer is 46 degrees even in the depth of summer.
Now, in here you can look right down into the main body of the aquifer.
Boiling water? Yeah.
And water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
This is what's causing the heat wave? Well, the geological pattern of the aquifer is identical to the heat distribution maps that you faxed me.
So what's making the water super-heat? All I know is it's coming from up above, not down below.
I did temperature studies.
It seems to be hottest near Hobbs Bay.
There's the aquifer.
And there's Hobbs Bay.
Trace that aquifer to Lex Corp.
Nuclear? It's not my specialty, but I would say the plant sprung a leak somewhere.
They're about to turn that up to full power.
If they turn it up to full power the way it's leaking now it could blow the whole thing apart.
- We could be looking at a major meltdown.
- A meltdown? We've gotta find Superman.
Come on.
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there, sir? - Superman.
- Superman who? Exactly.
- Yes, very droll, sir.
- Yes, what a joyous day.
First, my nuclear power plant gets the go-ahead because of an emergency that I myself create.
And then, as an added bonus I get to drive Superman out of town for good.
Bye-bye, so long.
I've beaten him.
- I've won! - Yes, sir.
This is a wonderful device.
I'll have to remember this on one of those dreary winter days when my tan is fading.
But for now, all the heat from Lex Corp.
Nuclear will go directly into the Bay, where it belongs.
But wouldn't that create an ecological disaster, sir? Plenty of fish in the sea, Nigel.
Berkowitz? Lex Luthor.
I'd like very much to have you by my side when I throw the switch that powers up the Lex Corp.
Nuclear Plant.
Well done, sir.
We interrupt this program to bring a special report.
Here, live from downtown Metropolis, is Murray Mindlin.
Superman has taken a super hike.
And not soon enough, as far as this reporter's concerned.
Not only is he responsible for baking Metropolis but rumor has it his force field is the real reason the Metropolitans lost the pennant this year.
- This, among everything else - Excuse me.
This is important.
Keep rolling.
Superman, if you can hear this, come back.
We figured it out.
You're not causing the heat, never were.
But there's an emergency and we need you.
Meet me at Lex Corp.
Nuclear Plant and I'll explain everything.
And Superman, hurry.
This is Murray Mindlin and you heard it here first.
There's an emergency at Lex Corp.
Nuclear Plant.
A meltdown in progress.
Superman, where are you when we need you? Bob.
Back to you.
Folks, can I have your attention.
I have some great news and I'd like to share it with you.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to inform you that within minutes air-conditioners will be humming throughout this great city of ours.
Isn't that wonderful? - Mr.
- Let's wait no longer.
Stop! I'm afraid that stopping is not one of the options, Superman.
We think there's a leak in the reactor core.
That's what's causing the heat, not Superman.
- It's impossible.
- What other explanation can there be? Your plant is causing the aquifer water to heat up.
Unless, of course, there's some other reason, Luthor.
Of course not.
And believe me, there's no leak.
Well, then, there's no leak.
We're online.
The fuel rods are hot.
- Can your men shut it down? - No.
Once the sequence is initiated, it's physically impossible.
It's one of the safety features.
You can't go in there.
The radioactivity will kill you.
The reactor core has been breached.
All personnel must wear full The plant's a total loss.
And the city wants me to pay all the cleanup expenses for a leak that I had completely under control until Superman decided to save the day.
Not only did he have the pleasure of totally dismantling my plant but the radioactivity didn't even affect him.
What more gloom do you have to bring to my attention? Well, sir, I thought you'd be rather pleased to hear that the Lex Corp.
Air Conditioning Division did make a 2000% profit over the last three weeks.
Look for the silver lining Where're a cloud appears in the gloom Remember somewhere the sun is shining And so the right thing Snow on the ground, Superman in the sky everything's right with the world.
Well, almost everything.
Hey, C.
You don't know many people are gonna be happy to see you.
Hey, Kent.
I heard you were doing a little early spring cleaning.
- Chief, l - Now, look, son.
In case you hadn't noticed, it's wintertime out there.
Now, why don't you just take this stuff and put it back on your desk and get to work.
I think Lois needs some help with that nuclear power plant follow-up.
Thank you.
I'll take this before you can change your mind.
Now, don't worry, son.
That heat made us all a little bit crazy.
I figured you want this back.
- You didn't read it? - I didn't think I needed to.
I knew you'd be back.
I guess you knew me better than I thought.
You really did it.
You saved Superman.
And he saved Metropolis even after the way he was treated.
I guess he couldn't give up after all.
Neither could you.
So, there was no job in Smallville, was there? No.
Well, I guess if I can forgive Superman for almost leaving I suppose I can forgive you, too.
- Thanks.
- After all, you're only human.
So, what do you think of our lead? That's not how you spell "aquifer.
" Easy, Kent.
You can be replaced.
I was already starting to look.