Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman s02e19 Episode Script

Target: Jimmy Olsen!

Tonight on Lois & Clark: Clark.
What are you doing here? - Dad's here.
- What's he doing here? When the subjects were infants, they were injected with a dormant synthetic virus.
The only physical manifestation is a reoccurring rash.
That must be some itch.
I get it every year around this time.
And they will carry out any mission you give them.
- It's time to choose the fallen warrior.
- Yes, I understand.
Put the gun down.
Come on, Jimmy.
Jimmy, it's Lois.
You've been brainwashed.
Katherine? - What are you doing? - Dr.
I thought this was settled.
Those files are to be destroyed.
These files represent years of my father's work.
Katherine, Project Valhalla was a horrible mistake.
Was it? Nice work, Mother.
I thought you were gonna keep him occupied.
Well, apparently I'm not Dr.
Golden's type.
Oh, Claudette, this is insane.
Even your husband admitted that experiment never should've happened.
But my husband is dead.
And Project Valhalla is going to be my reward.
For playing the doting military wife all those insufferable years.
- I'm getting Security.
- Allen, please work with us.
You kept the secret for 20 years.
- Now earn your reward.
- You disgust me.
Katherine, please.
Listen to reason.
You can't play God with people's lives.
Oh, yes, we can.
- How many guinea pigs do we have? - Three.
Sarah Goodwin, G.
Mallow, James Olsen.
That's him.
Oh, Jimmy.
Jimmy, Jimmy.
I left contact sheets on your desk.
Did you look at them? I got the chance to look at them right before I left.
They look good, I like I'll have the prints after lunch, I promise.
Thanks, Hank.
Morning, Lois.
- What is that? - Well, it's obviously a Dan Scardino sent it over, and I haven't a clue what it is.
The DEA guy who's been hitting on you? - He hasn't been hitting on me.
- Well, whatever it is, it's ugly.
That must be some itch.
I get it every year around this time.
It looks painful.
Isn't there cream you can put on? I've tried everything.
My doc says not to worry.
Can I see you in my office? Sure, chief.
- Hi! - I see you got it.
You shouldn't have.
Anybody can send flowers.
I thought this would be something you could appreciate.
Yeah, well So So if you remember, a while back we talked about us maybe going out.
Dan, I'm really flattered.
It's just that I've been seeing Clark.
Kent? Nice guy.
Real polite.
- Oh, he's a lot more than that.
Look, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
What did Inspector Gadget want? He is just temporarily on assignment in Metropolis, and he came by to say hi.
- Yeah, I bet.
- Lois, Clark.
Jimmy, what's the matter? My doctor's been murdered.
Allen Golden.
They found his body this morning.
He just called me yesterday.
Left a message.
I was gonna call him back today.
Here, I want you two to check it out.
- On it, chief.
- I wanna go with them.
- Now, Jimmy, l - Chief, I knew Dr.
Golden my whole life.
- All right, son.
Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Hey, guys! Wait up.
Were you able to manufacture the serum? Yes.
But what good is it, Mother if you can't get your bimbo to bring in these kids so I can inject them? She means "bimbo" in a good way, Klaus.
We'll find a kid.
- Did our buyer call? - Yes.
He's very intrigued with the idea of creating assassins that can kill on command.
- Most terrorists are.
- He is returning to his country the day after tomorrow, and he wants a demonstration.
So your Ken doll better get me a subject fast.
I have hospital rounds to make.
Excuse me.
May I help you? Yes.
We're from the Daily Planet.
We'd like to look at Dr.
Golden's office.
Would you? Well, we have strict orders not to turn this place into a media circus.
Well, Miss Burky.
I assume it's "Miss.
" We assure you Do you understand English? Maybe you can interpret for her.
- Charlene? Twenty-two needs a bedpan.
- Right away.
- Now, do I need to call Security? Security! - No, no.
That's okay.
We'll be leaving now.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
And have a nice day.
Talk about your bedside manner.
We're gonna need some kind of diversion to get past her.
Please hurry.
I've got an idea.
All right, Lois.
Keep it up.
- Nurse! I've got an emergency here.
- Doctor, what do you need? - A room for a C-section.
- Who should I call for an anesthesiologist? - Pain.
I'm in so much pain.
- Anyone.
- What's the diagnosis? - It's a complication of - And she's really in pain.
- Take the staff elevators, doctor.
It's faster.
- The staff elevator, doctor.
- Pain.
I'm in pain.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Watch it.
As a member of the board I have to tell you, we're unhappy with the level of security at this hospital.
Excuse me.
Watch it.
I've got a pregnant lady coming through, and I think Look out! Congratulations.
A healthy baby basketball.
Here you go.
- Guess I won't need that C-section after all.
- Security! Just a mistake.
Bye! - What was that all about? - It was a couple of Daily Planet reporters.
Trying to poke around Allen Golden's office.
You see.
That's what I'm talking about.
The security here's atrocious.
I gotta admit, Clark, that was a pretty wild scheme.
- What happened to you guys? - Oh, our basketball arrived a little early.
- Did you find anything? - It's what I didn't find.
The police said Dr.
Golden tried to call two patients.
Well, their files are missing, and so are mine.
I guess we should find these people and see what you all have in common.
You go after G.
Mallow, and we'll take Sarah Goodwin.
And, Lois, keep an eye on him.
That's her room.
Open up! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
I guess so.
- I'm going after him.
- What happened? I don't know.
All I remember is waking up and then seeing that guy standing over me.
- I haven't lost a game of chicken yet.
- Thanks, Superman.
Who are you? Listen, blondie, unless you're a mute, I want some answers.
I'll take him downtown.
Maybe the police can get him to talk.
Jimmy, her arm.
How long have you had that rash? Well, ever since I was a kid.
I get it every year at this time.
Why? So you think the guy at my apartment is connected to Dr.
Golden's murder.
I'm sure it's a possibility the police will be investigating.
How long have you been Dr.
Golden's patient? All my life.
Ever since my dad was stationed at Fort Truman.
- You were born at Fort Truman? - Yeah.
Me too.
- How old are you? - I just turned 20.
So did I.
This is really weird.
Are you easily excited? Prone to impulsive behavior? Capable, intelligent, even sensitive, but still seeking self-confidence? - What are you talking about? - Well, I'm a psych major.
I was just wondering, am I close to describing your personality? No.
No, I don't think so.
Describes me perfectly.
- Well, we don't have that in common.
- Here you go.
- Where you been? - At the police station.
Detective Wolfe told me what happened.
Hi, I'm Clark Kent.
What were you doing at the station? You were gonna get Mallow.
Well, he's missing.
I don't think you should go home until we know what's going on.
- Jimmy, you can stay with me.
- All right.
Oh, and you could stay with me.
- Thanks.
- As long as you don't analyze me.
Just how long have you had this fear of self-discovery, Lois? Jimmy.
Hey, hold on.
Katherine has completed tests on one of the Valhalla subjects.
I'm sure you'll be very impressed with her findings, Mr.
Well, I'm impressed with nothing I've seen so far.
- Nothing? - Mother have some respect for yourself.
My daughter views this project as a validation of her father's work.
Me I smell money and power.
So right now my goal is to please you.
When the subjects were infants, they were injected with a dormant synthetic virus.
This virus affects the part of the brain that controls free thought.
The only physical manifestation is a reoccurring rash.
But when they are injected with the Tycion serum they can be activated by the trigger word "warrior.
" And they will carry out any mission you give them.
But given the price you ask, you still haven't convinced me of its value.
Unlike my father, you're a man of very limited vision.
- Katherine.
- The virus and serum can be mass-produced.
You tell people your government is giving out flu vaccines set up clinics, and you can inject everyone in your country.
Thousands of people who blindly answer to your command.
I'd say that's valuable.
Wouldn't you? I want proof.
And on a man only.
Where I come from, we don't need drugs to control our women.
And a man it shall be.
Moonhauer meet Mr.
We're sending him to deliver a special message to some reporters at the Daily Planet.
I can tell a lot from the way you organize your kitchen.
- I'm taking this course in psychology - Sarah, I warned you not to analyze me.
That's exactly what I would've said about you from the way you organize.
I got it.
Is Lois home? - Maybe.
Can I tell her who's here? - Yeah, I'm a friend.
A friend.
A boyfriend, a "friend" friend or just a friend? If I knew there was gonna be a test, I would've studied.
Who are you? - She's a friend.
- Just a friend.
What are you doing here? You're working on the murder of Dr.
Golden, right? - Well - Well, I've been assigned to investigate the disappearance of a shipment of a drug called Tycion.
- Yeah, so? - I thought you might be interested that Tycion is a regulated drug that Dr.
Golden ordered.
Only it turns out his signature was forged on the order.
Lois? Dad's here.
What are you doing here? I've got some information on Mallow.
What's he doing here? I was giving her information about your case.
Look, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about, but I'll catch you later.
Nice tie.
You know, what you two are doing is classic.
You're both thinking the same thoughts but hoping the other person's gonna talk first.
I I left something in the bathroom.
Excuse me.
So, what did you find out about Mallow? He was born in the same Army hospital as Jimmy and Sarah.
And get this: Golden was head of Pediatrics there till he went into private practice.
Really? I hate military investigations.
You never get anywhere.
Well, don't worry.
Perry's old Navy buddy, Admiral Whalen, he's in town.
You mean, Sailin' Whalen? - D-3.
- Miss.
Again? Admiral, about that hospital at Fort Truman? Oh, yeah.
I heard about something back in the '70s, something called the Valhalla Project.
What was that? You play, and I'll talk.
That sinks my cruiser, damn it.
According to the rumors some rogue doctors were trying to tinker with the brains of babies and fix it so they could control their minds.
The whole idea was to turn them into assassins when they grew up.
- Miss.
- How far along did they get in their testing? I don't know.
The whole thing was scuttled by the Pentagon when they found out.
The colonel in charge got a DD, dishonorable discharge.
Your turn.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you have x-ray vision.
Do you have any idea where we might find this colonel? Wilder? He's dead.
He died a few months ago.
Any family? Let's see, he had a wife and one kid.
In fact, the daughter grew up to be some kind of a doctor herself.
Your turn.
And game.
It's probably a good thing I was never in combat.
How are you at Stratego? I know it sounds weird, chief.
But I feel like everywhere I go, there's eyes watching me.
Now, Jimmy, you gotta realize something.
It's just your mind.
It's playing tricks on you.
I guess you're right.
- I'll see you upstairs, okay? - Okay.
Here you go, Mr.
- Mind control? - It's just a rumor.
We haven't confirmed anything yet.
I thought listening to the Violent Femmes would fry my brain.
Jimmy, where's that photo sheet you promised me a half-hour ago? I'm on it, chief.
Who needs drugs to control people when you can use fear? Lois, you got three calls.
All of them from someone named Scardino.
Three calls? Can we say "a little insecure"? Maybe it's something important.
Well, let's see.
"What about dinner tonight?" "Dinner tomorrow?" "Lunch?" That's real important.
Clark, let me see you in my office for a minute, please.
Excuse me.
- So, what is going on with you and Clark? - Nothing that's any of your business.
We went on a date, and it was great.
And then we kissed, and that was really great.
Ever since then, he's been tiptoeing around.
I have no idea what his problem is.
And now this Scardino guy's arrived on the scene, and he's looking pretty good.
Lois, it's classic.
Psych 101.
Okay, look.
You ever have rocky road ice cream? I think that's a bad example if you're talking about relationships.
Just a metaphor, Lois, okay? Just go with me.
All right.
If I told you you could only have one ice-cream flavor for the rest of your life what would it be, rocky road or chocolate? Well, I don't know.
I'd have to try the rocky road before I decided.
That's the point.
Clark's chocolate.
I mean, it's good.
It's good and all, but you've had it.
But you can put hot fudge on it.
And whip cream and nuts.
- Bananas.
- Oh, bananas.
Don't take me there.
So now this Scardino guy, he's rocky road.
He's different, interesting, chunky.
You know, Sarah, if you go around trying every flavor, you're gonna get awfully fat.
That's when you go for the taster spoons.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
I'm telling you, Lois.
Chocolate will always be there.
Not necessarily.
I think I'd really miss chocolate if I couldn't have it.
Chief, I'm not really sure I'm comfortable talking about this.
Well, I don't wanna sound like an alarmist.
But it just seems like to me that this Scardino character has already got one paw in the chicken coop.
Chief, there's nothing more for me to do.
She knows how I feel.
I thought I knew how she felt.
If you ask me you're doing too much thinking and not enough doing.
Chief, I really don't wanna start competing for her attention.
Well, you better do something.
Because believe me it's no picnic down at Heartbreak Hotel.
It's not that simple, chief.
My situation is a little bit different than your normal Am I interrupting? No.
No, no.
Medical association came through on Dr.
Katherine Wilder.
Look familiar? We saw her when we were dodging the claws of Nurse Burky.
She's on staff at Metropolis General.
- That's where Dr.
Golden worked.
- Coincidence? Give me the rifle.
All right.
He's dead.
- What did you do to him? - Nothing.
Maybe something is wrong with the formula.
Ladies, please, it appears that this experiment was a waste of my time.
Relax, Mr.
I'm sure that Katherine can fix it.
What good would that do? You killed your subject.
We have another.
He's right over there.
The young man with the camera.
Hey, guys.
Look at this.
Mallow had the same rash on his arm that we do.
You think he was already under mind control? That's exactly the kind of behavior Whalen said Valhalla was capable of producing.
What does Valhalla mean anyway? Oh, it was a Nordic myth.
Supposedly there was this band of young women called the Valkyries.
They would ride out over the battlefields on these great airborne warhorses.
And their job was to pick fallen soldiers who were fit to enter Valhalla.
The police finally ID'd that guy in Sarah's apartment.
His name was Klaus Martin.
And his one phone call was to a bail bondsman named Roxie Terrace.
Forensics report just came in on Mallow.
It says the doctors found a drug called Tycion in his blood.
Tycion? That's the missing drug Scardino's been tracking.
The one that was ordered under the forged signature of Golden.
So we have two doctors connected to this Valhalla Project Golden and Wilder.
One of those is dead.
And I would bet my boots the other one doesn't make house calls.
Why don't you two pay her a visit.
Apparently too much Tycion leads to an overload on the brain synapses.
That's what killed Mallow.
Too bad your father didn't note that in his research.
Wilder, there are two reporters here to see you.
- Really? Send them into my office.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Can I help you? - Hello.
I'm Lois Lane.
- This is Clark Kent.
We're from the - Daily Planet.
- Yes, I know.
I've read your work.
- So have I.
You're very good.
- This is my mother.
- How do you do? I'm terrific.
How about you? Dr.
Wilder, we wanted to talk to you about a project that your father, and your husband, was involved with in the Army.
Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have a pressing appointment.
I'm sure that Katherine can answer all of your questions.
So while he did tell me of the Valhalla Project as far as I know, all the papers were destroyed by the Pentagon.
- Dr.
Wilder, line one.
- Excuse me.
- Dr.
- I leave at 3 tomorrow.
- Will I be seeing another demonstration? - Of course.
I'll call with specifics later.
I was wondering, do you know a bail bondsman by the name of Roxie Terrace? Do you always read people's phone messages? Well, it's sort of a bad habit I picked up being a reporter.
Bad habits can be very hazardous to your health.
Terrace is a patient.
- Perhaps you'd like his diagnosis? - No.
That won't be necessary.
Thank you for your time.
If Roxie Terrace is her patient, I'm Dumbo the elephant.
And was she threatening me? I don't know.
I think we should keep an eye on her.
I've got a hunch that something is gonna happen tonight.
Another late-night stakeout.
You know, it seems like a stakeout is the only way we can spend any time alone together these days.
You think it means something? Like, on a cosmic level? I don't know.
But I know that there are things that I'd like to get clear about us and our relationship.
I'm glad you said that.
- I've been having feelings lately - Help me! - I think it would be good - Look, I'm starved.
Why don't I grab some takeout and we can talk on a full stomach.
I'll be right back.
- To get things out in the open.
Nice work.
Too bad that's a public wall and not a canvas.
- Hey! Let's go! - Go, man! Now that you've expressed your feelings, I'm gonna express mine.
Hey, you missed a spot.
- You think that's funny? - Yeah.
It's F Troop.
I know it's kind of stupid, but it's funny.
You got Corporal Agarn, Chief Wild Eagle - You think I'm an idiot, don't you? - No.
No, I think you're just weird enough to be sexy.
Bag F Troop.
Open up, police.
- Scardino, what are you doing? - I got dinner.
Your office told me you were on stakeout, and I thought you might get hungry.
I got some great Thai food.
How did you know I like Thai food? Lois, I am an undercover cop.
What else do you know about me? Shall we toast? - To what? - How about to the future.
- Whose? How about ours? Boy, you never stop, do you? Lois when you live the kind of life I do you learn fast that time is a precious commodity.
And every minute that goes by that we're not together seems like a terrible waste.
Carpe diem.
Considering the hour, carpe night.
Clark, where you been? Scardino, if you wanna chase Lois, that's your business.
When you start doing it on my time, that's my business.
So I'd appreciate it if you'd let us do our job.
- Alone.
- Hey, not a problem.
Enjoy the food.
I guess he's starting to get on my nerves a bit.
Really? At least he doesn't run out on me every time I have something important to say.
I'm I'm gonna go get a drink.
You You want something? Well, this wouldn't be one of those avoidance-of-intimacy things, now would it? I'll get it.
- Sarah? - Yes? It's time to choose the fallen warrior.
- What? - Warrior.
Listen carefully.
- Open the door.
- I understand.
Well, all Lois has is diet.
I hope that's okay.
- Sarah, what are you doing? - Exactly what she's been told to do.
Close the door, Sarah.
You still don't get it, do you? Klaus wasn't kidnapping Sarah.
Don't move! He was putting her back after we injected her.
- Jimmy? - Yeah, chief? You getting enough sleep, son? I find if I don't get enough shuteye, my carcass is dragging all the next day.
It's really weird.
I woke up on the couch, right? But I don't remember anything about last night.
Well, you've been under a lot of stress lately.
I guess short-term memory loss is not uncommon.
Oh, boy.
You know, it's almost 12.
You seen Lois and Clark? They're sleeping in.
They were out on a stakeout.
Oh, brother.
You know, back in the days when I was a cub reporter the old pros, they'd pull an all-nighter and be back first thing in the morning.
They were real warriors.
Speak of the devil, there's Clark now.
How'd it go last night? Wilder didn't leave her office till 3 a.
, then went home.
Canfield's watching her now.
Well, Sailin' Whalen called.
He remembered that the National Security Agency had a file on the Valhalla Project.
It's in their database in Washington.
Looks like I have a little bit of hacking to do.
What? How? All right.
Well, we'll see you back here.
Canfield lost Dr.
Oh, Judas Priest.
All right, well, see what you can get on the database.
- Jimmy, you feeling okay? - Yeah.
Jimmy, I thought I told you to get some shuteye.
Yes, sir.
Mother, what are you doing? How are we supposed to have this meeting with him in here? Don't worry.
Lars doesn't understand a word of English.
Isn't that so, you gorgeous blond moron? That's right, I forgot.
Mother prefers men who don't talk back.
Wilder, you have wasted enough of my time.
If you've perfected this technology to create the perfect assassin, show it to me now.
- Otherwise - Fair enough.
Get Jimmy Olsen on the phone.
Not only will I prove that our technology works but I'll prove that our assassins will kill even their closest friends.
Daily Planet.
Hold please.
- Jimmy, line one.
- What? Line one for you.
I understand.
Hey, Jimmy.
Where you going? To see Lois.
She needs me.
Well, this is the only book on Nordic myth your library has.
What do you need it for? I'm trying to find the code word that will let me access the files on Project Valhalla.
And you think they used one word associated with the myth? Long shot, huh? Could you sharpen this pencil for me? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
Good as You got in? I just typed in the word "Odin.
" He's the Norse god who gave the Valkyries their orders, and voilĂ .
- Thank you.
- Well, you're welcome.
- Jimmy, you're friends with Lois Lane.
- Yes.
Would you please kill her? Yes.
- Impressive, no? - We'll see.
Hey, crazy boy, get out of the road! One down, one to go.
Hey, Jimmy.
Are you here to see Lois too? Look at this.
It says the subject is triggered when they're given a code word.
They return to normal behavior once their mission is accomplished.
Excuse me.
Clark Kent.
Yeah, she's right here.
It's for you.
Hello? Yes.
A package on Lois' desk.
Yes, I understand.
What are you doing here? I left my wallet here last night.
Really? Well, I didn't see it.
But come on in and take a look.
I was just about to get dressed.
Help yourself to some fruit.
This says there's a drug that can deactivate the Tycion serum.
Sarah, just relax.
Just put the gun down.
- What's going on? - Somebody call Security.
- Yes, sir.
- What in the sam hill is going on out here? She's been brainwashed, chief.
All right.
We better get the paramedics.
Are you okay? Lucky she's a bad shot.
Where's Jimmy? He went to see Lois.
All right.
Come on, show's over.
Got a newspaper to put out.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm surprised Perry let you go out alone.
Did Katherine Wilder leave her house? Come on, Jimmy.
Jimmy, it's Lois.
You've been brainwashed.
Don't, Jimmy.
Stay back.
No, Jimmy.
Jimmy! Jimmy, it's me, Lois.
Jimmy! Whoa there, cowboy.
- Jimmy, take it easy.
- Jimmy, jump out the window.
- Lois? - Come on.
Something tells me you folks aren't Jehovah's Witnesses.
Superman, what happened? Well, for a minute there, Jimmy, you thought you could fly.
- Really? I wonder what got into me.
- You'd be surprised.
- Thank you.
- Oh, you're welcome, honey.
Hey, Jimmy! I thought I'd come by and cheer you up.
How you feeling? - Much better, chief.
- I talked to your doctor.
He says you gonna be out of here, good as new, in a couple days.
It's great news, huh? Well, it does have its downside.
Yeah, I'm gonna have to help him with his insecurities about interpersonal relationships.
I bet you will.
Well Jimmy, I just wanted you to know how well important you are to me, son.
And well, I I'm glad you're doing okay.
- Okay? - Thanks, chief.
So hey, what's the scoop around the office about Lois and Kent? - And used his heat vision to cut the cord.
I'd say that's good timing.
Speaking of timing, Lois I know that mine wasn't very good last night.
You mean, when you went to get food as I was about to reveal my intimate feelings? You have every right to be angry, Lois.
I'm sorry.
Well, I appreciate you saying that, Clark.
- Help! - Our relationship is very - Help me! Help me! - You know And I am so sorry right now.
Don't forget what you're about to say.
I'll be right back.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
Last time I saw that look, you stuck a plunger in my stomach.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I got information on Tycion I thought you might wanna know about.
The only thing I wanna know about is: Would you like to go out? - You mean, on a date? - Yeah, on a date.
- Well, yeah.
I mean - Great.
- You're on.
- Great.
Just out of curiosity, something happen that I should know about? Come on.
- How about lunch.
You hungry? - Lunch is very good.
- What do you got in mind? - Maybe ice cream.
Ice cream sounds good.
Did you ever try rocky road?