Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman s04e10 Episode Script

Stop the Presses

Who was the last person to see|Eric Press before he disappeared? His parents, Sunday night.
You'd think if it was a kidnapping they|would've got a ransom demand by now.
- The police don't have any leads?|- No.
Something tells me that hackers|aren't a high priority for them.
Hey, Jimmy, you're cyberguy.
|You ever heard of Eric Press? Eric Press, are you kidding? He's, like,|the Michael Jordan of hackers.
Last year, he tapped into the Pentagon|mainframe, pulled off the coolest prank.
It was childish, really immature.
|Frankly, I was appalled.
If he can break into the Pentagon,|he can break into anyone's.
That kind of access is pretty valuable.
- Hey, guys.
|- Hey, Ralph.
- Hey.
|- You hear what happened? Perry just got promoted.
- Get out.
|- Swear to God.
Corporate job.
|He's upstairs getting his stripes.
You're kidding.
When? This afternoon,|right after they let old man Rosen go.
- Circulation problems, apparently.
|- Heart? No, subscriptions are down 8 percent.
Well, great for Perry.
He deserves it.
Who's gonna replace him? Scuttlebutt is,|it's gonna be one of you two.
One of us? But we're not department heads.
|How is that possible? I've been asking myself the "same " I mean, I think either one of you|would make an excellent choice.
Should be interesting|on the marriage, though.
I'm gonna go see what I can find out.
"Wow" is right.
|What are we gonna do? - Do about what?|- About what Ralph said.
If one of us gets the job,|how are we gonna handle that? Aren't we jumping the gun? I mean, maybe they'll pick|somebody else.
Or maybe not.
I wouldn't want to see it|affect our relationship.
Look, if it'll make you feel any better,|I'll take myself out of the running.
- It's not important.
|- It's not that important to me either.
And besides,|you would make a great editor.
Me? No.
You're the one|with all the Kerth awards.
- Honey, you deserve it.
|- Oh, well, I don't know.
What does "deserve"|really mean, anyway? Can we make a pact? We'll be okay, no matter what? No matter what.
- I'm proud of you.
|- Perry congratulations.
We just heard.
We're so happy for you.
Everything's happening so fast,|my head's spinning around like an old 45.
- I'll bet.
|- Now, listen.
I gotta get back upstairs.
I'm still trying|to figure out what my new job is about.
But in the meantime, we gotta|keep the presses rolling down here.
And for that,|you all are gonna need an editor.
Now, this is just temporary,|mind you until we all have a chance to sit down|and sort through things.
That said, it|It was a difficult decision.
It was one of the most difficult|I've ever had to make.
So without further ado the new editor in chief|of the "Daily Planet " is Lois.
|- Yes! I mean, wow, wow, wow.
Printing will tell you they need copy|by 8 to make deadline.
But don't be afraid to switch|out your lead up until 10: 15.
- Right.
|- Lf you have to.
And don't let|the Sales people bully you.
You just remind them|we're a newspaper, not a bus bench.
- Ditto Classifieds.
|- Okay.
Oh, and watch your overtime sheets|Especially the Art Department.
- Or the bean counters will be|all over you faster than the King|can swallow a T-bone.
Got it, I think.
You're gonna make a terrific editor.
I better.
I learned from the best.
Oh, here.
|Let me get this out of the way.
- My wife, the boss.
|- I still can't believe it.
Now, listen.
You sure you two|are okay with this? I mean, I|I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.
Don't worry, we've already talked|about it.
Everything's fine.
You sure? Positive, chief.
In fact, I'm kind of looking forward|to sleeping with the boss.
All right, all right.
|I gotta get out of here.
Now, Clark, come on.
Let's let the lady do some work.
What story am I doing? Chief, can I get you a cup of coffee?|What do you need? Yeah, well, you know.
|I'll be back and "forth " picking up things,|checking in on Lois.
- I'll be around.
|- Okay.
Listen, Clark " I" would've picked both Lois and you|to run this deal.
- Problem is, it's a one-person job.
|- That's okay, chief.
I just want you to know, in every|category, you were neck and neck.
It finally came down to|who had more experience.
- That's the only way I could decide.
|- Believe me you made the right choice.
Well Boy, it's hard to believe after 30 years|in the newsroom " I" won't be hanging|my hat here anymore.
K? You're okay, right?|With Lois and everything? Why does everybody|keep asking me? Of course.
Okay, good.
|Because I need your help, all right? See the girl over there|by the vending machines? Darlene, works in Research.
We went|out once, I didn't want to go out twice.
Now every time I turn around,|there she is.
Ever see "Fatal Attraction?" Come on, Jimmy.
Her?|She looks so sweet.
|- No.
There's something wrong with her.
I got dead roses delivered|at my place, okay? - Lf you order me to do something|- "Three-alarm fire.
" she'll get the hint and go away.
- I gotta go.
|- But Yeah.
I'll get right on that|for you, Mr.
The computers!|They're making the system overload.
Superman, thank God.
- What happened?|- The computers have gone haywire.
They opened the safety valves|on the hydrogen tanks.
People are still inside.
|It could blow any second.
Look at Superman.
What a showoff.
I hate him.
I wish I could just blow him up.
Wait, I am going to blow him up.
That's why we're here.
Right, Eric? Okay, blue boy let's see just how invulnerable|you really are.
You okay? Superman.
- Are you okay?|- Yeah.
It's a good thing|no one else was inside there, though.
I can't even tell|if the blast affected him.
I don't know how to work this stuff.
|You're the computer whiz.
You do it.
- You kidnapped me, Ethan.
|- So? So I'm your brother.
|You can't kidnap your brother.
I used to tie you up when we|were little.
What's the difference? The difference is you're forcing me|to help you kill Superman.
Need I remind you, little brother that he silenced the single|greatest voice who ever spoke? Our childhood hero, Lex Luthor.
Lex died, like, a year ago.
You're just getting around to this? It took me that long|to find Superman's Achilles' "heel " the chink in his impenetrable armor.
And now, thanks to you we know what that is.
Wait a minute, I only hacked into|STAR Labs' computer as a prank.
Nevertheless, you got the key to|Superman's confidential medical "files " and with them,|we know the key to his powers lies in his vast energy reserves.
What did you say? He's like a|One big battery, right? - Yes, but|- So all we have to do is find a way to drain that battery|and make him vulnerable.
And then, when Superman is dead " we" won't be remembered|as some spoiled rich kids.
Like Brutus, and Booth,|and Oswald before us the names Ethan and Eric Press|will live in infamy.
- You're sick.
|- I take after Dad's side.
You don't have a chance, Ethan.
Even a blast that big hardly put a dent|in Superman's bioelectric aura.
So it did affect him.
This monitor|shows his bioelectrical strength.
It dipped for a nanosecond.
It's gonna take a radical force|to really drain him.
Even then you'll need|an incredibly powerful weapon to take advantage of it|before he rejuvenates.
No problem.
You tapped into the Pentagon once.
|You can do it again.
- Jimmy, can you do something for me?|- Anything, name it.
Get a list of the last outgoing calls from|Press' modem line, as soon as possible.
- Gladly.
|- Thanks.
Annie, how's your|subway hijacking story going? Fine.
I snagged|an interview with the suspect at 3.
- Shouldn't have trouble making deadline.
|- Good.
Harry, your lead? The O'Connor murder.
|I got a tip the wife is gonna confess.
- I ought to have copy for you by 6.
|- Perfect.
Ralph? I think we're talking column one.
Everything I got says the mayor's|definitely having an affair.
- Sounds more like tabloid page one.
|- Agreed.
Except for His Honor's pillow talk spills|the beans on some major corruption.
- I'm waiting for my source to confirm it.
|- Okay, keep me posted.
Clark, are you any further along|on that missing hacker story? - Further along?|- Have any new leads? Well, nothing concrete " but" I think I'm close.
That lab explosion yesterday|looks like it was caused by someone tapping|into the computers.
Could be him.
- Can you prove a connection?|- Jimmy's working on a thing that might.
So there's no story there? Again, not yet.
|I just need some time to break it.
Can I talk to you outside for a second? Be right back.
- Lois, what are you doing?|- What do you mean? If I didn't know any better, I'd say|you were trying to kill my story in there.
Wait a minute,|you are killing my story.
Sorry, but I don't have a choice.
You don't know the pressure I'm under|to generate stories.
It takes time to build good stories, Lois.
|You know that better than anyone.
Miss Lane, excuse me,|but Copy Department's on line 25.
- Be right there.
|- You thought there was a story before.
That's true, when I had one story|to worry about.
Now I have 50.
- They said it's really important.
|- Okay.
Let's talk about this later.
|In the meantime I wanna team you up|with Ralph, okay? Ralph? Lois, you gotta be kidding.
You've got editorial at 5,|the printer's union rep at "5:30 " and Phil needs you to approve|an orthopedic chair.
- Orthopedic chair?|- Copy Department.
- Lois.
|- One second.
Hello? L I mean, Lane here.
No, I don't have my lead yet.
Well, you better prep the subway|as a backup.
Did I eat lunch? Lois, you gotta slow down.
- You can go at super speed for so long.
|- I know.
I just want to do a good job.
Perry put so much faith in me and I|just really, really don't want to blow it.
Honey, you're not gonna|blow it.
It's not your style.
But this thing with me and Ralph?|That is just not gonna happen.
I know he's green.
But he might be onto something|and you can help.
Perry used to mix us up all the time|and you never objected to him.
Clark, you're the best reporter I've got.
I can't afford to not have you|on what might be the best story.
Please try to understand.
|I need your support.
Please? Hey, hey.
No currying favor|with the boss, Kent.
- What is it, Ralph?|- Staff meeting.
Are we through? - Oh, God.
Sorry, I forgot.
|- Honey, honey, what about dinner? - I'll just grab something here.
|- My parents are coming.
What? Oh, right.
No problem.
Put her there, partner.
- Are you Press?|- That's me.
You the one that contacted me? Actually, that was my brother.
He's|the one with the high level access.
Just so we're "clear " we're not having this conversation,|this weapon doesn't "exist " " and" I'm not really here.
I understand.
You're looking at the most|deadly weapon on Earth.
The Quantum Disbander a new and improved version|of the Quantum Disruptor.
It's lighter and more energy conscious|than its predecessor yet still more than capable|of long-range target annihilation.
May I? Mind if I ask|what you're gonna use that for? Actually " I'm" testing to see how much force it|requires to drain Superman's "reserves " which would, according to|my theory, render him vulnerable.
Which would, in turn create a brief window of opportunity|for me to be able to kill him.
And from everything you described,|this weapon sounds like it'll do the trick.
I forgot.
You're not really here.
Totally cool.
I can't believe how late I am.
|You think they'll know it's frozen? Hey, was I supposed to pick up|the dry cleaning or were you? Okay.
I'll get the door.
|You get the phone.
Hello? Yes, it is.
- Hi.
|- Hi, honey.
- Hope we're not late.
|- You guys are fine.
Lois is just on the phone.
Well, we've got to get|the early edition out somehow.
Can't we just rent a truck? - Is she running the newspaper now?|- Actually, yes, she is.
Just temporarily anyway.
Perry got promoted.
|She's the new editor.
Hey, that is great! - Isn't it?|- Yeah, yeah.
- I didn't know editing interested her.
|- Congratulations.
- At least, she never talked about it.
|- Yeah.
Just do it.
|You've got my approval.
Sorry, delivery truck broke down.
Lois, we are so happy for you.
It's exciting.
Let's eat.
Just go ahead, start.
Lane here.
Look, son, if this is a bad time,|we could No, Dad.
Everything's just|a little bit crazy right now.
It's fine.
Oh, it's to be expected.
|It's perfectly understandable.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, this looks delicious.
|Did you make it? I better get that.
It's your turn to watch her take off|on a moment's notice, huh? Hello? Hello? It'll take her a while|to get all this sorted out.
- I know, Mom.
|- Hang-up.
Let's eat.
- Reports say the east bridge|- What is it? has just given way.
- A bridge collapsed.
I'd better|- Oh, of course.
Excuse me.
- Lane here.
|- Let's eat.
Good morning.
What's so funny? Just getting coffee.
- Nothing, Miss Lane.
|- Morning.
Everybody's gonna look at you a little|differently now that you're the boss.
Even though you are exactly|the same you were yesterday.
- Oh, here.
Don't mind if I do.
|- Don't they have coffee upstairs? Oh, yeah, but they got that fancy|designer espresso junk.
Tastes like sludge.
Nothing like the taste|of good old newsroom java, huh? So how's it going? You doing okay? Let's just say I had no idea|how much you juggle every day.
You made it look so easy.
You didn't see me|when I first started.
Believe me, I was running around here|like a roof rooster.
- Really?|- Oh, Lois, I was a mess.
It's a ton of responsibility,|you're squeezed from every "angle " it all rests on your shoulders.
And the worst part,|the job can be very isolating at times.
Lois, just give yourself some time.
You got the brass to do this job.
|Otherwise, I wouldn't have picked you.
How is your new job? Do you like it? What's not to like? More money, less hours.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, you know, I|I gotta get back upstairs.
Clark Kent.
- Thanks.
|- Here's what I got on the "mayor " to get you up to speed.
Interview notes, corroborating|witnesses, the works.
Want some? - No, thank you.
|- Suit yourself.
Let me know when you're caught up.
Some of the witnesses' statements|contradict each other.
The interview with the call girl? It almost reads like|she's setting him up.
Well, yeah,|but you read that stuff already? Speed-reading classes.
You said you had|incriminating photographs.
- Ralph, line two.
|- That's probably my source now.
Better let me talk to him alone.
|You know, he trusts me.
Just sit back and watch a real pro|go to work here.
Ralph here.
Yeah, I've been|waiting for your call.
What do you got? The rocket, it's overheating!|We can't shut it down! - "Everybody clear the area!"|- Just a sec.
Hey, where are you going? I forgot my wallet.
I'll be right back.
Say hi to your mom for me,|will you? - Yeah, sure.
|- "Ralph? Ralphie!" Have you seen C.
K? I've got|the phone records he asked me for.
- Phone records?|- Yeah, you know, on the hacker story.
He's not on that anymore.
|Just put them anywhere.
- Thanks, Jimmy.
|- You're the boss.
How long can a person wait? Let's get out of here! Forget it, let's get out of here! - What's wrong?|- We can't shut it down.
The computer's actually|forcing the engine to overheat.
- Can't you shut off the fuel supply?|- Only by fusing the internal pump.
Superman, we've got a|nuclear warhead in the silo.
- Lf this thing explodes|- I understand.
All right, the moment it blows, we crash|through the gate and we zap him.
What's he doing? He's fusing the fuel supply line.
How did he do that? - Wasn't supposed to be able to do that.
|- Yeah, but look how much it drained him.
- All right, that's it.
|- No, wait.
Look, he's already restoring himself.
How is that possible? The sun recharges him,|it's the source of his powers.
So if we drain his powers|and we keep him out of the sun then that will be our opportunity|to kill him? Look, stop saying|"we" and "us," Ethan.
What am I doing? I'm out of here.
Come on.
You wouldn't|kill your own brother.
Would you? You remember Sunday school?|Cain and Abel? I always liked Cain.
Sit down.
This sucks.
Hey, Jimmy, how you coming|on those phone records? You better talk to Lois about that.
She sort of told me|you weren't on the story any longer.
This is nuts.
- You got a minute, Lois?|- Oh, yeah.
Just checking the typesetting.
I just got back from watching Superman|save a test rocket from nearly exploding.
Is Superman all right? Yeah, he'll live.
But whoever caused it|tapped into their computer system.
It's got Eric Press'm.
|Written all over it.
- Think it's tied to the lab explosion?|- Well, maybe, yeah.
Which means that this isn't some prank.
|He's up to something big.
Do you have any evidence|to support that? - No.
|- So you still can't prove a connection? Lois, there's a story here, I know it.
|I just have to find it.
Without hard facts,|there is no story, honey.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe it.
As a reporter,|you would never take that position.
As a reporter, no.
|But I'm talking as an editor.
If I'm wrong, I'll take the heat for it.
But I'm just trying|to do what's best for the paper.
And I'm trying to do|what's best for my "story " and for the people of Metropolis|who might actually buy the paper.
You're not the only one who fights|for truth, justice and the American way.
As I recall, I'm the person|that coined that phrase.
- Your point?|- My point is that without hard facts " I" can't have you on this.
- I'm assigning you to Ralph's story.
|- You don't need a reporter for that.
You need a hook and ladder.
He's|blowing smoke.
He doesn't have a story.
How do you think I look when everybody|sees you on a story that I took you off? - Like you're letting me follow my instinct.
|- Know what I think? You have a problem with the fact|that I'm the one wearing the tights.
I mean, pants.
- That's ridiculous.
|- Really? Then why were you|moping around at dinner? How would you know?|You weren't even there half the time.
- You took off in the middle of it.
|- A bridge collapsed.
What do you want? - Well, I was dealing with my own crisis.
|- Yeah, I noticed.
See, I knew this was gonna affect us.
Well, congratulations! First fight.
Honey So are you riding in with me? I'm supposed to meet|Ralph downtown.
We're supposedly meeting his source.
Well, bye.
Morning, boss.
I hope you|don't mind me taking your old desk.
- Gotta be close to Kent now, you know.
|- Oh, yeah, sure.
No problem.
Better get going.
Don't wanna|keep my new partner waiting.
Excuse me.
Sorry, Miss Lane.
Martha, what a surprise.
|What are you doing here? I was in the neighborhood.
|I thought I could buy you coffee.
Oh, I'd love to.
|But I really can't leave now.
That's what I figured.
|Nonfat, no sugar, right? Dad, what are you doing here? I called the office.
|They said you were here.
Plain cake donuts, right? Yeah.
Believe me, honey,|after 40 years of marriage I can spot a fight coming|a mile away.
Good eye.
This one's a doozy too.
Let me guess.
|Can't sleep, can't concentrate.
- Got a big knot in your stomach?|- The size of an anvil.
And you're constantly fighting|the urge to apologize " even" though you don't think|you have anything to apologize for.
Am I getting warm here? I can't believe we're fighting like this.
I mean, it just seems|like it came out of nowhere.
I remember your mother's|and my first fight.
Total sucker punch.
|I never saw it coming.
Although I forget|what it was about now.
He bought a new truck without|even talking to me about it first.
We were newlyweds and he was used|to still making all his decisions alone.
- And you put a stop to that?|- Yes " but" we didn't talk to each other|for three days.
Worst five days of my life.
|Believe me, felt more like 55.
That's how I feel.
|But what am I supposed to do? I know Lois is under a lot of pressure|right now and she needs my support but in order to give it to her,|I have to ignore my instincts " and" I don't know if I can do that.
|I don't know that I should.
I can't help you out there, son.
But what you're going through|is just being married learning how to deal|with each other's shifting lives.
The problem is that, right now,|it feels like they're shifting apart.
We were a team,|doing everything together, and Now we're apart.
And it hurts me too,|but what am I supposed to do not do the best job I can? Of course not.
Because you're not partners right now|doesn't mean you're not still a team.
That's what makes you two|so special together.
You just need to give yourself some|time.
It's a big change for both of you.
Look, son, you can't expect|to figure it out overnight.
No chance of that happening.
Not if you don't talk to each other,|there isn't.
With everything you've been through,|you should know that better than anyone.
You're right.
You're right.
Thanks for the coffee.
You know, I've always wanted|what's right for my son.
Now I want the best|for my daughter too.
I'm not saying|that the bridge collapse isn't news.
It's just not column one, that's all.
I think we should do|the subway story.
I mean " it's" local news.
|We are a commuter paper.
Of course, no one asked me.
Lois? The subway.
No, it was all over|last night's Tv news.
Ancient history.
|What else do we have? We could go with the mayor story - " but" I don't|- Why did Clark ask you to run these? He was trying to connect up|the hacker's computer with the lab.
I think we had the mayor on his heels|the entire interview.
- He was tripping over his tongue.
|- "Rocket Propulsion Center emergency.
" - The Rocket Center.
|- Excuse me? Hey, Lois, what have you got? - STAR Labs.
|- What about it? Eric Press called STAR Labs' confidential|modem line the day before disappearing.
I'm sorry.
What does this have to do|with the front page? Can you tap into his home computer,|see what he wanted from STAR Labs? Yeah.
It's a piece of cake.
Once I'm in, all I have to do|is check his recently downloaded files.
This looks like|a job for Superman to me.
All right.
Remember, our timing|must be very precise.
Our window I thought we had this discussion, Eric.
No, wait, Ethan.
I can explain.
No, Ethan, not the typewriter! Afraid so.
Not the carriage return.
Knock it off! I've had it, Ethan.
I'm sick and tired of you beating me up|and telling me what to do.
No more! Okay, just put it down, Eric.
I swear to God, I'll shoot you.
I will.
Really? Okay, go ahead.
I dare you.
Don't tempt me.
Oh, but that's exactly|what I want to do.
Tempt you.
See exactly what you're made of.
|If you have the Press family spine " or" if you're still the runt of the litter|I could've offed any number of times.
Go ahead, be a man.
Pull the trigger.
Goodbye, Ethan.
I disarmed it.
You know, just in case.
Whoa, what's he doing with these? What is it? Dr.
Klein's classified medical files|on Superman.
Check it out, it's It's the secret to|how all of his powers work.
- Why would he want that?|- I don't know.
But it can't be good for Superman,|that's for sure.
The lab explosion, the rocket.
What if those were just tests|to see if he? Oh, my God.
- Where's Clark?|- I don't wanna be a tattletale, but - Where is Clark?|- Whoa, he just disappeared again, okay? Said something about a rocket center|or something, I don't know.
Superman, it's happening again.
Only this time it's the nuclear warhead.
|In the silo.
- I'll fly it into space.
|- Wait, no.
It's pressure-sensitive.
As soon as you hit the stratosphere,|she'll blow.
- Where do you put nuclear waste?|- In the silo there's a mile-deep well.
If it's all the same to you,|I'd like to run for my life now.
See, Eric?|I told you he'd save the day.
You superheroes are so predictable.
Eric? As in Eric Press? - I never wanted anything to do with this.
|- Oh, stop groveling.
Anyway, you're wasting|your mea culpas on him.
He won't be around long enough|to exonerate you.
To wit Totally cool.
I wonder|if there's a video game in this.
Now, let's see|if you can handle a second blast.
- Did you hit him?|- I don't know.
I think so.
Over there! I think I got him.
You sure? Nope.
You boys have got|a lot of explaining to do.
Well, well.
Look at this, Eric.
It worked after all.
I'll give you credit, Supes.
Nuked, point-blank,|took all those blasts and look at you, still kicking.
Bad news is that your super reserves|are tapped out " and" it's not exactly|sunny in here, is it? Amazing, isn't it? Of all the villains|who've wanted you "dead " I am gonna be the one to pull it off.
A spoiled dilettante|with too much time on my hands.
Lex would be so proud.
- No!|- Oh, yes.
- What are you doing here?|- I came to save you.
- Does this mean you're not mad anymore?|- Are you okay? I am now.
Wait till Dad|finds out about this.
He's gonna kill us.
Looks like our lead story to me.
- So no corrections?|- Wait, wait.
The byline should have|Lois' name on it too.
- After all, you did crack the case.
|- You "would've " - " if" I hadn't sat on evidence.
|- Maybe, maybe not.
The bottom line|is that we did it together.
You're the boss.
Hey, chief,|what are you doing down here? Oh, I just thought I'd stop by,|see how things are going, you know.
God, I love the smell of ink|in the morning.
- But it's not morning.
|- Oh, hell, Jimmy.
I know that.
Just doesn't sound as good,|you know.
Well, we miss you.
- Look, Perry|- Lois.
- You go ahead.
|- You go ahead.
All right, look.
|I'm not gonna beat around the bush.
Truth is, I miss the newsroom|something awful.
I guess after being down here|for some 30-odd years, it's just - It's just a part of me.
|- Perry I don't want you to think I'm asking|you to step aside because I'm not.
It's just that,|after spending the last few days upstairs with those fancy suits,|sipping lattes and taking lunches well, I It's just not my style.
- Chief.
Chief, you should let Lois|- Now, here's what I propose.
Lois, you and I both|run the newspaper together.
Partners, editors in chief.
- What do you say?|- I say, I already have a partner.
Yeah, well, it I guess it was worth a shot.
You don't understand.
|I don't wanna be editor anymore.
No, I understand, it's just that "I " What? You can have your old job back,|as long as I can have mine.
I miss being a reporter as much|as you miss being in the newsroom.
Lois, are you sure? Positive.
You got a deal! Here.
Lois, I got a killer scoop.
|Guaranteed headline.
Oh, don't tell me, tell Perry.
|He's the editor.
What? Perry, swear to God,|you're really gonna love this.
Can we go home and talk? Sure.
- Hey, C.
|- Oh, let me just grab my coat.
Check it out.
Looks like Darlene wasn't out to get me.
|I guess I was a little paranoid, huh? I think you've seen|too many movies, Jimmy.
Good night.
Don't forget to lock|your doors at night.
Kind of scary, huh? How quickly things can fall apart.
I guess we were a little naive|to think that it wouldn't affect us.
I should have let you|run with the story all along, Clark.
Are you saying,|if you had to do it over again " that" you wouldn't kill my story? I'd kill it in a second.
If I were editor.
Being editor that's what I won't do over again.
- Are you sure about that?|- Totally.
I know where I belong.
|Where the action is.
And that would be? Usually with you.
Does this mean we've made up? Yeah.
Is anybody watching? No, why?