Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman s04e14 Episode Script

Meet John Doe (1)

Lois, I got your message.
What's going on? Why are we here? I needed to see you.
I wanted a chance to say goodbye.
Goodbye? What are you? Lois.
No! I'll always love you.
Lois! No! Lois! No! Honey.
Honey, you know what time it is? I couldn't sleep.
What are you doing? Paperwork.
Insurance forms.
Bank signature cards.
I thought filling out these forms|would put me back to sleep.
But you know what? I kind of like it.
I get a kick out of checking|the "married" box.
Plus, I never had a beneficiary before.
You know, in the event of death.
Honey, you can do this later.
I'm just thinking about the future.
The future can wait.
Come on.
I'll help you get back to sleep.
Or not.
You're probably right.
The future's overrated anyway.
Couldn't possibly get any better|than this.
Let's go over it once more.
Can we move this along?|I'm breaking out this morning, you know.
You believe that a peacekeeper from|the future will be arriving on this date to Extradite me back to the future to face punishment for crimes|I've committed in various time zones.
So I gather you still believe you're|from the future? And that you|were first brought to this century by science-fiction writer H.
Wells|in a time machine of his own invention.
A real brain twist, isn't it? And using this time machine,|you tried to kill the infant Superman? In the early '60s, yes.
I see.
And your assertion that Superman|has a secret identity? I stand by it.
And that secret identity is? I'd tell you, but you'd think I was nuts.
Tempus, assuming this is all true why would you admit it to me? Because you are, in a word,|Looney Tunes.
"Looney Tunes" is two words.
Not if you say it fast.
So how can you be so sure this|peacekeeper guy's gonna show? Because I'm from the future.
I know what's going to happen.
Kind of how I knew this was going to happen.
Soon, I'll have everything I want: World conquest and as a bonus,|the destruction of Superman.
Right on time.
Citizen Tempus? I am Andrus, Utopian peacekeeper.
Really? I have a warrant for your extradition.
I will recite from the list of charges: For crimes against humanity,|vicious deeds Blatant disregard for human life,|blah, blah, blah.
Can we go? I leave in your place this replicant.
A synthetic Tempus who shall keep the people|of this time from asking questions|better left unanswered.
Oh, God, it's starting to come back|to me.
They all talk like you in the future,|don't they? Well, let's get this over with.
- Oh, look, what's that?|- What's what? I really appreciate the "Daily Planet's"|endorsement, Perry.
It's gonna go a long way for us|at the polls.
Like you need it, Mr.
Your approval rating's higher than|a cat's back.
You're a shoo-in.
Oh, never say shoo-in, my friend.
No chance Superman might be around,|is there, White? I know he's a friend of the "Planet.
"|I'd sure like to get a photo with him.
It's a safe bet that Superman would prefer|to stay out of politics, Mr.
A wise policy, Lois.
President what are your thoughts on|this third-party candidate, John Doe? John Doe? Some adman's idea of a joke.
The election's tomorrow and still|nobody's seen the guy.
No, the mysterious John Doe|doesn't worry me, Mr.
Thank you.
Well, we are off|to dedicate a mini-mall.
But I'll tell you what: Lois, Clark, I've got an exclusive for|the two of you.
You'll sit with us election night,|watch the returns come in.
- We'll order a pizza.
|- Sounds great, Mr.
- No anchovies.
|- I promise.
Well, this is the most uneventful|election year in my memory.
If things don't pick up,|we're gonna be doing restaurant reviews.
Still, I can't help but wonder|who this John Doe really is.
Hey, this area is restricted.
As well it should be.
Do you realize this satellite|relay station is up-linked to every major long-distance|phone carrier in the country? - What is that thing?|- It's a Subliminator.
A what? A device that will be invented in the late|25th century and subsequently outlawed.
I borrowed mine from a museum|in the 26th century.
Well, all right.
Stole it, then.
What are you talking about? What I'm talking about is power.
With this device,|I can implant subliminal messages into the minds of the masses,|thereby controlling the collective will.
That enough exposition for you,|or shall I go on? I'm calling the police.
Don't move.
This is for Malcolm, the security guard.
The security alert was triggered|by a rodent.
Yeah, Carl? Malcolm.
No, no, nothing up here.
Must of been another rat.
You will go to the window.
At exactly 12 noon, you will be overcome|by an irresistible urge to take a flying leap out|of that window.
Gotta go.
Gonna jump to my death soon.
You guys, I just heard.
That is so cool.
You getting to be with the president|on election night.
I guess you'll be invited to the|big victory party afterwards.
- Probably.
|- I think so.
Hottest ticket in town.
You know, I've always been a big|supporter of the president's.
His daughter's pretty cute, isn't she? Total Betty.
Would you like us to get you invited? Thanks.
You know, I love women|raised around politics.
They're just so Earnest, you know.
Lois, here's that book you wanted.
Oh, thanks.
Thanks, Jimmy.
Sweetheart, is there something|you'd like to share? No, after redoing my|insurance papers last night " I" realized I hadn't had a will.
That's because you don't need a will.
Well, this year alone I have been|shot at strapped to explosives and electrocuted.
|If anyone needs a will made out, it's me.
Lois! No! This bothers you, doesn't it? Yeah.
Well, honey, I know it's "unpleasant " " it's" just one of those things that you|do.
Like paying taxes.
It doesn't mean Look out.
He's gonna jump.
Somebody needs help.
He's gonna jump.
I hope he isn't.
What happened? - You jumped.
|- Yeah, yeah, I did.
Wow, I didn't mean to.
Sir, are you on any sort of medication? What? No.
- But you say you didn't mean to jump?|- No.
Actually, I guess I did.
Why would you do that? Well, it just seemed like the thing to do.
- Metro train 515 has jumped the track.
|- Train derailment.
- You promise you'll use the stairs now?|- Oh, I swear.
Oh, Superman? Thanks.
Attention all registered voters: John Doe is a darn nice guy.
John Doe is a darn nice guy.
The devil is here.
He He walks among us.
I saw him myself.
He entered through a porthole from hell.
Why don't you listen to me? "Daily Planet.
" Darn tooting,|John Doe's a very nice guy.
It took longer than I thought.
Someone|tried to jump off a station and a train derailed.
|- Is anyone working on this? - I'm on it, chief.
|- Work faster.
I want an exclusive on this.
I wanna find what makes this man tick,|what he stands for.
And most of all,|why is he such a darn nice guy.
- What is he talking about?|- John Doe.
- Hi, Benny, what do you got for me?|- John Doe? What do you mean no number to|the headquarters.
You gotta do better.
John Doe shot up in|the polls while you were gone.
While I was gone? What? This morning everybody thought|John Doe was a joke.
You shouldn't say that|about John Doe, C.
I mean, he's such a darn nice guy.
Darn nice guy, what? Thanks, Benny.
|I knew you'd come through.
Let's go.
I got a tip that he's staying|at the Metropolis Regent Hotel.
It's exciting, isn't it? I don't get it.
What's not to get?|Doe's campaign is catching fire.
His message is resonating with people.
|It cuts across all barriers Message? Lois, what message? - Well, you know|- No.
I don't.
No one's even seen this guy,|let alone heard any message.
Why are you suddenly so? Why is everyone taken with a candidate|they know anything about? Well, I'm not taken.
|I'm still a Garner supporter.
But you have to admit|John Doe really is What, a darn nice guy? Yeah.
Oh, there he is.
|There he is.
Oh, there he is.
Oh, there he is.
Oh, he really is Tempus.
Yes, Tempus.
Fascinating case.
Thinks he's from the future.
Arrested for bank robbery.
|Brought here ranting about Superman.
Claims the Man of Steel|has a secret identity and that he knows what it is.
- He didn't happen to get specific?|- No.
He says the most outrageous things.
But that's one bit of information|he refuses to divulge.
Don't ask me why.
The mind of the paranoid delusional|is a complex thing indeed.
- When'd you first notice he was missing?|- Missing? - But he's not missing.
|- He's not? No.
He's here.
- He's here?|- Yes.
As a matter of fact we just finished a session|about an hour ago.
I have great hope.
He finally seems to be|responding to therapy.
Tempus? You have visitors.
Clark Kent and Lois Lane.
Star reporters for the "Daily Planet.
" Tempus.
- You know why you're here?|- Yes, I do.
Doctor Dussel explained it to me.
I'm deeply disturbed.
I've lost my identity.
|The result of a traumatic event.
So I fashioned a romantic|alter ego for myself.
Assuming this role allows me to avoid|dealing with painful childhood issues.
What about Superman? Superman? Clearly, I've projected my own|identity issues onto Superman.
I'm learning that now.
No, please.
Put me in solitary.
|Put me anywhere.
Just don't make me go back in there.
Listen to me.
They went out the window.
|I saw them.
You win some, you lose some.
Excuse me.
Now, Mr.
You know there are no windows here.
I suppose John Doe could be|a present-day ancestor of Tempus.
- That could account for the likeness.
|- Forget John Doe for a minute.
Whoever was in there was not Tempus.
- How can you be so sure?|- He didn't have it in the eyes.
- Have what?|- Evil.
So that wasn't Tempus,|but you're sure John Doe is? Just put me in a room with him.
|I'll know.
Rising in the polls everywhere except|these small communities.
Why is that? Mr.
Doe, those would be|Amish communities, sir.
So? Have you done your get-out-the-vote|phone drive? The Amish don't have telephones, sir.
- No telephones?|- No, sir.
Sir, there are some reporters|outside to see you.
- Well, of course there are, Randolph.
|- Yes, sir.
But there are a couple of|particular reporters.
- Lane and Kent?|- You wanted to know if they showed up.
- Bring them in.
|- Yes, sir.
The Amish are not your friends.
They are anti-John Doe.
Boycott their quilts.
They're overpriced and|the workmanship is shoddy anyway.
Oh, and John Doe is a darn nice guy.
I'm John Doe.
You don't mind if my aide sits in.
We were a little surprised|when you agreed to see us, Mr.
Oh? Why is that? Well, there has been a complete|media blackout on your campaign.
This is the first interview, isn't it? Well, I've just been waiting for|the right journalists.
Someone who wouldn't misquote|or misrepresent me.
I've read your work.
I think we stand for the same things.
What is it you do stand for exactly? Oh, you know.
The usual.
Maybe you could give us|a little more on your background: Where you're from, have you ever held|office before.
Because, see, we looked " and" we weren't really able|to find anything.
No skeletons in the closet? No closet.
Well, I've kept a low profile.
Well, then, you must be equally surprised|by your sudden surge in popularity.
Given that nobody really knows|anything about you.
Ain't America great? You just tell your readers that when|John Doe becomes complete and absolute democratically|elected public servant.
Their lives will vastly improve.
Doe, has anyone ever told you that you bare a striking resemblance|to someone else? Just who else would I look like,|Mr.
Kent? A nihilistic sociopath from the future.
Who'll stop at nothing to quench|his bitter thirst for power.
For example.
It is said we all have a twin|someplace in the world.
Why, Mr.
Kent, without those glasses " I'd" say you'd look exactly "like " Well.
I'm sure you get my meaning.
Oh, yeah, I get your meaning.
Then we're clear.
If you'll excuse me, I have babies to kiss.
My God, Clark.
It is him.
He practically came right out|and admitted it.
Not practically, Lois.
|That's exactly what he did.
We gotta figure out how he's|swaying public opinion.
He's not swaying opinion.
|He's getting into people's heads.
I know two things for sure: Tempus is evil and has to be stopped,|and John Doe is a darn nice guy.
- You still believe that?|- No.
No, but it's in my head.
He put it in|my head just like everybody else's head.
The difference is, I know who he is|and what he's capable of.
And he knows who I am.
He must've known you wouldn't|be affected.
That's why he allowed us|to speak.
It was a warning.
No, it was a challenge.
- What are we going to do?|- Stop him.
Just hearing the name, John Doe gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Now what is it, Randolph? Well, Andrus.
What a surprise.
How did you get past my|Secret Service detail? The minds of these primitives|are easily manipulated.
But I see you've already discovered that.
And on a much larger scale.
Oh, well.
It was fun while it lasted.
|Catch me if you can.
After your escape,|the peacekeepers erased the code on that window you stole.
|It's worthless.
You won't be fleeing into any more|time periods.
Oh, no? I rather doubt you got back here|by subway, Andrus.
It won't work, Tempus.
|We've taken precautions this time.
The window I carry has been coded|so only I may operate it.
In truth, if you were even to touch it|while in operation it would break apart,|spinning you into eternity.
Which is probably where you|belong anyway.
And you wonder why you never|get asked out.
We return for your trial.
I don't think so.
Tempus, I speak to you as|a fellow Utopian.
Return with me now|and make amends for your crimes.
And save what is left of your soul.
Funny, no matter how you pretty it up,|it still sounds like prison to me.
- Send in my photographer.
|- Oh, sure.
Bobby? Congratulations, Andrus.
|You've just become my running mate.
- I wonder what the folks will think?|- Smile, please.
Right-hand man in the most ruthless,|barbaric and oppressive regime the world has known, or will know.
Lock him up.
I don't know, Dr.
Think something in the water|is making people susceptible to John Doe's charms? Oh, you think so.
Oh, you think John Doe is so charming.
I see.
Well, he was no help.
Neither are these scientific journals.
While plenty evidence suggests|that subliminal suggestions work and are used to an extent,|there's nothing similar to John Doe.
- What?|- I don't know.
When you said that "name " John Doe, I just got this warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
That's not good is it? It's Tempus.
- It's Tempus.
|- Better.
Tempus must've gotten out|of that asylum somehow.
Maybe he didn't use the door.
- What do you mean?|- Well, he's a time traveler.
Maybe he was using time.
Maybe he went forwards,|or backwards, and then just somehow ended up in Metropolis.
I suppose anything's possible.
Maybe what he's using to manipulate|the public hasn't been invented yet.
- Message for you, C.
|- Thanks, Jimmy.
Jimmy! Hey, we got you invited to|Garner's victory party tomorrow night.
Actually, I'm going to the John Doe rave|at Club L7.
- But I thought you|- Come on, a victory party for Garner? Like he's gonna win.
He's right, you know.
|John Doe's polls just keep rising.
And we're no closer to proving fraud|or anything else for that matter.
John Doe is the devil! He came into this sphere|through a porthole from hell! I saw it myself! They came through the devil's window.
Through the window! John Doe is not nice.
- Mr.
President?|- Lois, Clark, come on in.
You got the message|that the celebration moved, I take it.
There was a sign on the ballroom door.
Lot of last-minute cancelations.
|Didn't see the point "in " renting that huge hall if it was|just going to be us die-hards.
- Where's your wife and daughter?|- At the John Doe bash at Club L7.
President, we need to talk.
With 80 percent|of the precincts reporting it looks like John Doe|is taking Manhattan Damn! I can't believe it.
|He took Manhattan.
the Bronx and Staten Island too.
|Correspondent Mike Mr.
President, we have reason|to believe that John Doe is A darn nice guy.
I can't disagree.
Hell, even I voted for him.
- You what?|- I was in the voting booth this morning.
Now, I meant to vote for myself, but I thought about John Doe and well, I just felt I had to vote for him.
actually taken the White House.
|But LNN is predicting the projected winner and the next|president of the United States of America: John Doe.
Yeah! Way to go! Wait a minute that means I lost.
No! Lois! Though the Doe administration doesn't|officially take power for a few months I want to let the people know we're gonna make the transition|as painless as possible.
Already working with President Garner|on that score.
God, it's starting already.
My greatest hope is that the former|supporters of President Garner will join with me in making|this country great again.
"Again"? Like back in the days of slavery.
In particular, Superman.
Superman, if you're listening I want you to know that I hope|we can find a place for you in the Doe administration.
Once all citizens are working through|the proper channels especially well-meaning but lawless|vigilantes such as yourself the world will be a safer|and more ordered place.
I hope you can understand that and if you, Kent I mean, can't well we'll just have to figure out|something else.
That's all for today.
Thank you.
- Clark, he said your name.
|- I know.
I know this isn't our|usual approach but I say you go over there|and kick his skinny butt.
I would love to.
But, honey, you know Superman|can't just beat up the president-elect.
- Why not?|- Lois - He's dangerous.
|- I know.
And he's the most popular man|in the country right now.
Elected by a landslide.
We have to be very, very smart|about this.
President of the United States.
|What a nightmare.
Lois, I've been "having " Two-eleven in progress.
1214 There's a robbery going down right now.
Do me a favor, stay here,|lock the doors, don't go out.
- Clark|- Honey, just do it.
I got a funny feeling.
- Come on.
The coast is clear.
|- Quick.
You going somewhere, boys? - Take care of them.
|- They're all yours, officer.
Wait a minute.
- What What's going on?|- You boys stay out of trouble.
You didn't read them their|Miranda rights, did you? No, I never do.
You guys always do that.
You can't let them walk,|I caught them in the act.
It's your word against theirs,|I'm afraid, Superman.
What? They have guns and ski masks The Constitution allows them|the right to bear arms.
And last I heard, skiing's still legal.
Excuse me, Superman.
I'm Smithers.
|I'm with the FAA.
Was that you flying overhead? What? Yeah.
- I need to see your license.
|- My what? Your license.
To fly? - You do have one?|- No, I don't.
Agent Bower, IRS.
We've been trying to contact you.
|We need your Social Security number.
- I don't have one.
|- Everyone has a Social Security number.
- Well, I don't.
|- I guess that explains " why" we can't find your tax returns.
It doesn't appear|you've actually ever filed.
That can't be, can it?|Superman, a tax dodger? Should we be looking under "S"|for "Super" or "M" for "Man"? Superman, Emily Stevens|with Immigration and Naturalization.
- We just need to look at your green card.
|- Green card.
You are an alien, are you not? Superman, I'm afraid until|this is cleared up " I'm" gonna have to ground you.
Tempus set the whole thing up.
In less than 24 hours after the election " he's" already insinuated himself|this deeply into the system.
We have to bring him down|before the inauguration.
Once he has access to the government - I may have something.
|- What? Last night, a homeless man|was shot and killed.
How does that tie in? His name was Terrence Rutherford.
|Here's what's interesting: There have been a lot of complaints|against him for disturbing the peace.
It seems he was in the streets|ranting against John Doe.
So Tempus hasn't gotten to everyone.
But there's more.
"Witnesses claim he was "saying " John Doe came in|through the window.
" - That sounds familiar.
|- Remember that inmate at the asylum the one who was ranting?|- He was saying that they went out the window.
I think there's a connection.
We've got to talk to this inmate.
|Find out exactly what he saw.
He doesn't sleep, just sits "there " all night, eyes open, watching me.
How long has he been doing that? Ever since they made the switch.
- The switch?|- Yeah.
One's a fake.
I don't think he's even human.
- How do you know?|- I saw the whole thing.
The window appeared right there.
|Just like he said it would.
Who said it would? Tempus.
And that other guy,|the peacekeeper he made the switch.
Someone came back for Tempus.
And Tempus busted loose.
But no one believes me.
|They think I'm nuts.
But I'm not nuts.
I'm Superman.
This one.
They ask about you.
Everybody wants to meet|the new vice president-elect.
I don't know how much longer|I can put them off.
You might want to consider giving me|the code to that window.
Then we can put an end|to all this unpleasantness.
You are a true force for evil, Tempus.
You're just saying that because|I've got you tied to a "chair " " and" I'm about to plunge the world|into 1000 years of darkness.
You won't get away with this.
Men of greater character|will conspire to stop you.
Or not.
If you don't allow Superman|to do his good work Utopia will never come about.
But I'm creating a new Utopia, Andrus.
One that suits|my own unique sensibilities.
Great men aren't|so easily neutralized, Tempus.
You know, you're right.
History has taught us nothing else,|it's taught us this: Never invade Russia " and" don't underestimate the power|of Superman's disgusting goodness.
He'll need a little more convincing|to cooperate fully and I know just where|to hit him hardest for maximum effect.
This one goes out to Lois Lane.
Lois Lane.
Hello? No, I can't hear you.
It's a really bad connection.
I'll meet you outside.
Yeah? No, I can't hear you.
Hello? So do you remember anything else? What did this peacekeeper look like? Oh, that's easy.
He's right there.
The vice president-elect?|That's who came for Tempus? - Thanks.
|- Oh, you know I could break out of here|any time I wanted " but" then they'd know I was Superman.
So I just stay locked up.
Clever, huh? Very.
Lois? Superman, what happened? You just drove the car off the cliff.
I did? I did.
Lois, why? I don't know.
"I " - It just seem|- Seemed like the thing to do? Exactly.
We have you surrounded.
|We need to talk to you.
- You okay?|- Yeah.
Get out of here.
And see about hiring some painters|for the White House.
I despise the color.
Well, Superman, you patriotic thing, you.
Come on in.
Should I call for the Secret Service? No, Randolph.
|He won't harm me.
See, Randolph? That's something|you must learn about superheroes.
No matter which way they turn they're constantly bumping into|their own ethics.
I'm gonna bring you down, Tempus.
Who's Tempus? You've gone too far this time.
What are you gonna do, impeach me? I'll do whatever's necessary.
You might wanna|reconsider cooperating with the new administration, Superman.
One never knows when one's "wife " will drive her car off a cliff does one?|- This is a warning you stay away from her.
Or I promise you,|you will see my ethics disappear.
That was outrageous.
That man is history, sir.
Actually, not for long, Randolph.
Soon, I'll be "history " and Superman will be nothing more|than a freakish footnote.
I don't think he's gonna agree|to cooperate with you, sir.
- I know that, you imbecile.
|- Okay.
I'm going out for a while.
|Unlock the vice president-elect's door.
When he tries to escape let him.
It's totally understandable.
|The man tried to kill your wife.
Considering I'm your wife,|I'm not sorry you did.
That's not what I mean, honey.
I let him see my anger my fear.
It was stupid.
Your fear? Lois, when I came outside|and you weren't "there " - What?|- I've been having these dreams.
About losing you.
Honey, they're just dreams.
Tempus is in them.
And I started having them|before all this started.
You were dreaming about Tempus|before John Doe showed up? I didn't realize it was him at "first " until just recently.
But he has always been there,|in the shadows.
You just turned that figure|in your dream into Tempus " when" he reemerged, that's all.
It was always him.
Lois if I ever lost you " I'd" be losing myself.
I'm right here.
I know.
Make love to me, Clark.
- Clark Kent?|- Oh, my God, you're My name is Andrus.
|I'm from the future.
And I need your help My world is extraordinary a true utopia the world your love made possible.
If it weren't for you|there would be no Utopia.
Men of peace, such as myself wouldn't exist as leaders.
But now both our worlds are in danger.
Yours and mine.
- We'll do whatever we can to help.
|- Good.
Will you come with me|to the future, Superman? Help return Tempus to justice? Once Tempus is delivered to justice your husband will return here,|of course.
I'll be waiting.
I love you, Lois.
I love you too.
Best not to do this out in the open.
I don't think we'll have|any trouble getting inside.
- Hello?|- Miss Lane? This is Dr.
Dussel at the asylum.
You asked me to call if there was|any change in Tempus' condition.
Well, there has been.
He's escaped.
- Escaped?|- Yes.
- He was here.
|- Who? Who was there? President-elect Doe.
- What?|- Yes, he broke in here.
He was armed, Miss Lane.
|He took Tempus with him.
And to think I voted for the man.
You know, it's "odd " but he does look strikingly like Tempus.
I'm amazed I didn't notice it before.
It's over, Tempus.
Is it? Walk through or be dragged through.
Makes no difference to me.
Either way, you're going back.
Have you nothing to say? No remorse? What would you have me say? It's just as well.
What? No!|That was the replicant! - Superman!|- Lois! Get out! Get out now! - No.
Let her through.
She should see this.
|- Yes, sir.
No! If he touches the window,|Superman is doomed.
- Lois!|- Clark! - Lois!|- Clark! Lois! No! Well " time" to get on with the country's work.
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? - Gone.
|- What do you mean "gone"? He traveled into time|without the window.
He's in eternity now.
Well, you have to help me get him back.
I feel strange.
It's not unpleasant.
Everything's changing.
I no longer exist.