Loki (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Breaking Brad

LOKI: That's who built this place.
That's who's coming back.
- She was going to kill him.
- GENERAL DOX: Sylvie?
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
The branching is overloading
the Temporal Loom.
- Temporal Loom?
- That's bad.
- We need to prune those extra branches.
- We can't do that.
There are people with lives
on those branches.
You had a life on the timeline.
And so did you. We're all Variants.
- This changes everything.
- This changes nothing.
HUNTER D-90: Dox and her
crew are raiding the armory.
(PANTING) There you are!
RENSLAYER: There's our Variant.
SYLVIE: Renslayer.
I don't have friends.
I don't have anyone.
LOKI: I won't let you down.
- Sylvie, stop. Stop.
- What're you doing?
LOKI: I just want you to be okay.
SYLVIE: But I'm not you.
We need to know what happened
at the end of time.
Find Sylvie.
MAN: What would you like?
I wanna try everything.
- (SIGHS) Sylvie's not here.
- We just got here.
- It doesn't feel right.
- I know, but why?
- It's too safe.
- Okay.
It's not a war zone, it's not
an apocalypse. It's not her style.
Maybe she's changing tack.
Plus, we got a hit on a TemPad
that belonged to Hunter X-5
before it went dark.
Well, if the TemPad went dark,
then she found him first.
- No question.
- Yeah, I don't disagree.
But you said you want
to find Sylvie, right?
With Dox and X-5 not responding,
this is our only lead.
Yes! Yeah!
X-5 is an actor now?
Or he's undercover.
Looks pretty real to me.
How are the kids? How are you?
How do you feel about
your meteoric rise to fame?
I don't know how I feel, but I
know I look pretty darn good.
Come on, look at this.
Pretty darn good.
Are the Brigitte Bardot rumors true?
Ooh, Ron. Ron, you cannot
ask me about that.
What are you doing? I'm
on a date here, man.
Well, buddy, that stays
in the vault. In the vault.
- You.
- MOBIUS: Will there be a Zaniac Two?
You know, a sequel for the fans?
Mobius! Whoa!
Nice to see you haven't forgotten
about the little people.
(CHUCKLES) I used to work with this guy.
- You look great.
- Oh, thank you very much.
You look pretty good yourself.
We're gonna need to catch up.
- Afterwards, all right?
- Well, let's catch up now, maybe.
- What are you doing down here?
- Hi.
- Hey. Hey. Hey!
- Everything all right?
Everything's great.
I'm actually really glad
to see you both.
I need to catch you guys up
on what's going on here.
- Sure.
- But I think first
we could all use a drink, right?
What are you drinking?
- Surprise me.
- Okay, how about you?
- Oh, I'm fine.
- All right. We'll do whiskies.
It's okay to have a drink
while we're down here
because we're still working.
- Is he running now?
- He is running.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, it's Brad Wolfe.
Can I get your autograph?
Anything for a fan Hey, hey! (GRUNTS)
You okay?
MAN: Oi!
Brad. Brad. Hold it!
Stop! Come here.
Come on, Mobius. You're
gonna ruin my life here.
Your life here?
You still glad we're here?
Come on!
Come on, X-5, did you really think
you could outrun me?
Where's the rude boy off to?
Where is the fancy lad
going off to, then?
Did you lose your tickets to the opera?
Did ya? Oh, goodness!
- All right. Oh, God!
- Where you going?
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah.
MAN: He came down
the wrong street tonight.
Let's just hold on a second.
All right? Relax.
- Back off. Hey. Back off.
- ALL: Whoa!
Hey! Back off.
Oh, you're the tough guy, huh?
- So unsophisticated, X-5.
- Of course.
You're doing your own stunts now?
Real cute, real cute.
You quit with the magic and fight fair.
Oh, shoot!
(SIGHS) It's not a fair fight.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, but why'd you run? (PANTING)
A little over the top, don't you think,
all the shadow play?
I thought it was spot on.
WOMAN OVER PA: All available analysts
report to Chronomonitor
- Suits you.
- You must love this.
It's tighter than you think
it's gonna be, isn't it?
Yeah. I'll get you a looser
one next time.
- What is this?
- That's a TemPad.
What did you do to it?
I put some colorful
buttons on it for you.
You will tell us if you found Sylvie
when you've had time in holding.
Right. 'Cause I'm a criminal, right?
Okay, come on, get in there.
Come on!
Keep moving.
I see X-5 didn't go quietly.
Quietly is not his strong suit.
But he will talk once
he's had time to marinate.
- What about this?
- Have O.B. check it out.
O.B.? Hello?
O.B.: Oh, man, I'm good.
Okay, I've gotta weave
these two wires together, and
I've gotta make this neat and tight,
- so it holds fast.
- Ah. O.B.?
Oh! Hey, guys.
Uh How are things going?
Well, the Loom is in rough shape.
But I'm trying to figure out
a retrofit device
to handle all those new branches.
He's got it covered.
O.B., could I get you to take
a look at this TemPad?
Let me see.
Ah. Interesting.
Yeah, I can definitely get into it.
Do you think this is a higher priority
than preventing a Temporal meltdown?
- Oh, no.
- No. I'd stay focused
- on the Temporal meltdown.
- I agree.
Seems prudent. Okay.
Everything you need to know about this,
I wrote about it in here.
Any hits on Renslayer's TemPad?
MAN: Will do.
- (SOFTLY) The Renslayer trace?
- Why are you whispering?
It's a secret mission, right?
Renslayer killed C-20,
attempted to kill Mobius,
threw me in Time Jail
and tried to take over the TVA.
Why would tracking her
TemPad be a secret?
- Right.
- Right.
Right. But no, no hits.
With Miss Minutes down,
the analysts are running
traces manually.
And with all the extra branches,
it's like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.
But I did find something else.
Renslayer erased the data
from her TemPad,
but I was able to piece together
who sent the last message.
I'll screw this back in, right?
That's what it said on page seven.
No. Section 42 should match
with the system manager.
Is that with the red light?
- 'Cause we've tried that already.
- Well, try it again.
'Cause I don't think you had
that pressed back, did you?
It's too complicated.
Am I on the wrong page or
I was just seeing upside down.
- I can't focus. It's like gibberish.
- Mobius.
Here's what'll help you focus.
If we don't work this out,
this entire place is gonna be destroyed.
Temporal meltdown or not.
- Okay, I'll tell them.
- Casey, tell them what you just told me.
Miss Minutes is helping Renslayer.
- What?
- That explains the radio silence.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Hang on.
Um, when I was in the past,
I heard something.
An old conversation between Renslayer
and He Who Remains.
It sounded like they were partners.
She really is Full of surprises.
You can say that again.
Where are they, Renslayer, Miss Minutes?
Not sure, but I'll keep searching.
If there's a hit on the TemPad,
I'll let you know.
But it'll take some time, so
- How are things going here?
- No, not that great.
It's all right. We'll get there.
- When were you gonna tell us about
- What is that?
It's just a rigged TemPad.
- What does it do?
- That's what we're trying to work out.
X-5 says it somehow blocks TVA tracking.
That's not what it does.
Yeah. Haven't you read
the TVA Guidebook?
- I mean, I haven't memorized it, but
- CASEY: Uh-huh.
It'll take me a while to analyze
the modifications,
but this definitely doesn't block
any trackers, that's for sure.
That's where we'll start with X-5.
Let's take a run at Brad Wolfe.
- Let's take a big run at him.
- Thank you.
Okay, keep it simple. Where's Dox?
Where's Sylvie? And what
did he do to that TemPad?
That's all we need to find out. Okay?
But of course, Brad knows us,
and he knows our tactics.
But that's what makes for
an interesting chess match.
Okay, most of all, Brad's an asshole.
So, don't let him get under your skin,
all right? Okay? Loki?
Come on.
Oh, welcome back. Why don't you go ahead
and take this Time Collar off
and start treating me like
somebody who outranks you?
- I don't work here.
- Oh, that's a good point.
You should stop talking.
Hey, what were you doing down
there on the Sacred Timeline?
- Making movies.
- Don't waste our time, X-5.
- It's Brad. Bradley.
- Right, Brad.
Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
What did you do to this TemPad?
- Answer the question.
- It blocks your trackers.
- No, it doesn't.
- Yeah, no shit.
- What is it designed for, X-5?
- It's Brad.
And under whose authority
are you even holding me here?
'Cause looking around this room,
I do not see anyone ranking
high enough to make that call.
I don't need approval to detain a hunter
that abandoned his post.
Oh, that's good. That's good.
But weren't you the one
blabbering on and on
about how we all had lives
on the timeline?
Well, I went down and got my life.
What exactly are you mad at me about?
There are lives at stake.
There are lives at stake?
Oh, you've got some nerve.
"There are lives at stake".
Everyone here knows
what you're doing, you know?
You're just trying to make up
for all the terrible,
awful shit you've done in your life,
you pathetic little man.
- Okay, that's enough.
- No, no, Mobius. No, it's
It's riveting.
- Keep going. I want to hear more.
- Good.
See, everything you and Sylvie
have ever done to try to help,
- has only ever made it worse.
- Is that right?
See, I've read your file.
It's you. You're the problem.
Every time we've ever found a you.
Problem is, you think you're
special, but you're not.
So, it doesn't matter
what outfit you put on,
play dress up or what little lies
you tell your friends
or even the lies that you tell yourself.
At the end of the day,
you just make everything worse.
For Mobius, for B-15,
for your mother.
'Cause that's what you do.
You lose. You're a loser.
- MOBIUS: Loki.
Stop trying to be a hero, man.
You're a villain.
And you're good at it. Do that.
Thank you, Brad
very much.
I really am touched.
You know, you're right.
I have done some terrible, awful things.
Yeah, maybe that is who I am,
and he knows.
It's the real me. (CLAPS) A loser.
Always have been. Always will be.
And perhaps I've been
- holding something back.
- Loki.
Perhaps I've just been biding my time.
Perhaps I've just been waiting
for a moment like this,
so I can do terrible,
awful things to you.
So, let's try this one more time.
Where is Sylvie?
You're way too obsessed with her.
He needs therapy.
- I can recommend someone
- Okay. Come on.
if you wanna work that out.
Control your little pet, Mobius.
That got a little tense.
Hey, you wanna hear a good one?
Knock, knock.
- HUNTER X-5: Who's there?
- Brad.
- Brad, who?
- That's showbiz.
And I don't want that to happen to you.
So, play along with us,
answer our questions
and we'll get you back down there,
so they don't forget about you.
How's that sound?
- You would do that?
- I will.
- You promise?
- I promise.
You seeing this? Mobius,
you could be an actor.
I'm not an actor, I'm an analyst.
But thank you.
You're not an analyst. I'm not a hunter.
None of this is real.
I mean, who even are you
on the timeline, do you know?
Doesn't matter.
I think it does matter because
none of this is real.
- Well, okay.
- The TVA is not your real home.
Mobius isn't even your real name.
Well, it's what I answer to.
Do you have any idea what kind of life
you might have left behind?
Who might be waiting for you
back there? I mean, do you care?
I mean, you know they took us.
You know they took our lives,
and you're still here.
I mean, it's kind of weird, man.
I mean, you need to wake up.
- I'm awake.
- Yeah, no. You're asleep.
- You need to wake up, Mobius.
- I'm awake.
- And until you do, you're nothing.
- No.
She is nothing.
I don't even know where to start
with that, but you're nothing here.
And until you wake up, you're
just a nowhere man. You're a
You're a nowhere man!
You're a silly little man.
- Whoa!
- Silly little man.
Mobius! Yes!
- LOKI: What was that?
- Nothing.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- What happened back there?
- Nothing.
- Didn't seem like nothing.
- It was tactical.
- Seems like he got under your skin.
- Nope.
He didn't get under my skin.
He got under your skin.
Mobius, are you all right? I've
never seen you like this before.
- Seen me like what?
- It's okay, I'm not judging.
Feels like you are.
Look, I told you I can play
the heavy keys and I can
- Where are we?
- I was following you.
No, I was following you.
Mobius. You were clearly ahead of me.
How about a slice of pie?
- Key lime.
- Okay, great. Come on.
It's really good.
It is.
Listen. That wasn't tactical.
I lost it.
It's okay.
- Look, it happens.
- Hmm.
You know, sometimes a rage builds up
and you just gotta let it out.
Do you remember that time
I was so angry with
my father and my brother,
I went down to Earth
and I held the whole of New York City
hostage with an alien army?
Tried to use the Mind Stone
on Tony Stark.
It didn't work,
so I threw him off the building.
I mean, let me tell you something.
- Wasn't tactical.
- Yeah.
I lost it.
Sometimes our emotions
get the better of us.
You can say that again.
Let me ask you something.
X-5, you know, he obviously
touched a nerve, right?
You've never wanted to visit
your place on the timeline?
Look, that's the last thing
I should be thinking about.
Are you Aren't you curious?
Don't you want to see the life
you were supposed to live
before they kidnapped you
and brought you into the TVA?
- Not really.
- Why?
- Because it's not my life.
- But it could have been.
It isn't. This is.
I'd like to thank the guy who kidnapped
me and brought me here.
Got me this pie.
If you never look, you'll never know.
The TVA is the only life
I've ever known. I like it.
Look, I understand that. I get it,
you know, you might
think twice in case
it's something bad and you
Or something good.
Something bad, I can handle.
What if it's something good?
Do you think I wanna have that
rattling around in here?
- Of course not.
- Sure.
You know, X-5 isn't gonna talk.
X-5 is gonna talk.
We just have to find a way in.
All right. So what aren't we
asking this time?
Look, X-5 is a good hunter, okay?
He's very good at his job.
So, does it really make sense that
he could spend all that time down there
and not find Sylvie?
Look, Sylvie spent her whole
life hiding. He didn't find her.
Yes, but maybe he got
a little help from that TemPad.
Okay. If he found her and walked away,
then she didn't know he found her.
That's the only way that makes sense.
Think about it. He found her,
but maybe didn't turn her in
because he wants to continue to live
his best life on the timeline.
- He wants more time to be Brad Wolfe.
- Who wouldn't?
Now, we just have to find a way
to get him to admit it.
He's the only one who knows
where Sylvie is.
Just gotta make him talk.
Well, come on. You're
the God of Mischief.
WOMAN OVER PA: Loom status unstable.
Please take immediate action.
Loom status unstable.
Please take immediate action.
- Hmm.
Oh, no.
Hello, Loki. Ready for round two?
I felt like I just, need
another session, you know?
Get a few things off my chest.
Gonna try the hardball
tactics this time?
- Something like that.
- Okay.
Where's B-15?
She's not gonna be
attending this session.
Oh, I get it. So, you come
in here without B-15
and I'm supposed to believe
you're gonna torture me, Mobius?
Well, let's simplify everything.
You have information that we need.
You don't want to give it to us.
So, how do we find common ground?
- You are gettin' desperate.
- You're not wrong. He's not wrong.
We're definitely getting desperate.
And I'll be honest with you,
we're down to our last option.
- And your last chance.
- This is cute.
Which one of you came up
with this script?
Because you're a tough nut to crack,
you've left us no choice
but to kind of ramp
Mobius, controller.
- Right, okay.
We can't start the festivities
without that little baby. Stand by.
- Hey, open up.
- Hey. Loki?
- Turns out,
there is actually one other option.
No, no! Hey!
You sniffed us out, Brad.
And I knew you would,
because you're a clever chap.
So guess what? I wrote
a little script of my own.
Loki. Loki, this isn't right. Open up!
That thing does not work without
the controller, though, so
What're you gonna do?
This one?
Okay, great. We're gonna
have a little Q and A.
Did you find Sylvie? And
if you did, where is she?
Simple question, really,
but doesn't mean we can't
enjoy ourselves as we go along.
This one's plugged in.
You almost got me.
You have no idea how to work that thing.
I'm not trying to be a hero, Brad.
I'm a villain. Remember?
No. Loki.
This isn't the kind of mischief
I was talking about!
Hey! Loki, you're not
a villain. You're not
- Look at that.
Um, earlier, I said some
really hurtful things,
and I brought up your mother.
And I am really sorry about that.
- Mobius! Hey, get in here!
- It's locked, Brad. It's locked!
You need to put that down.
That's you don't know
what you're doing with that.
What does this one do?
Could've hurt yourself there.
Hey, don't just touch random
buttons on that, okay?
Mobius, get in here.
I guess there's a learning curve
with this thing, right?
Yeah. There is a learning curve.
You know, you could kill me with that.
Could I?
This is exciting.
Turn it off.
Loki, turn it off.
- Let me try this. Let me try this.
Okay. Okay. All right.
Sorry. That's only made it smaller.
Now, look. I don't know where
Dox and the others are.
Okay? I don't know.
I don't know if you know this,
but I've done some
terrible, awful things.
Yeah, you have. You're
doing one right now.
Have some perspective on yourself.
(GASPS) Okay!
Trial and error.
(CHUCKLES) I swear I don't know
where they are.
Brad. You're so convincing.
I want to believe you, but you're
just You're such a good actor.
Look, I really, I really
don't know. I swear.
You're so talented.
- They did not tell me the plan.
- Please tell me the truth.
- I know you're lying.
- Okay? Okay, okay.
I lied. I lied, okay? I did.
I was supposed to go look for Sylvie,
but then, I bailed, okay? I bailed.
Right. So, they told you to go
after Sylvie and you bailed?
What's the penalty
for a highly-decorated field
officer abandoning his mission?
You and Dox, I don't buy it.
(GASPS) Okay. Look, I swear, okay?
I went down there, and I
went to get my life, okay?
Because none of this is real.
Well, if none of this is real,
I guess you aren't either.
Hey! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait.
- Just tell me where Sylvie is, Brad.
All right.
I'll tell you where she is.
She has a new life!
There you go.
Got there in the end.
Why do you make it so hard
on yourself, Brad?
One thing, you said
you bailed on the mission.
Yeah, but I found her first.
She's on a branch.
- He knows where Sylvie is.
- See?
- Little bit of mischief.
- Only as good as your plan.
Thank you. Let's go, Zaniac.
- Are you telling me that was
- Hell of a performance.
If I tell you where she is,
you'll let me go?
No. You're gonna show us.
Hey, O.B., this is Casey.
I thought he could help.
- O.B.: We're all gonna die!
- O.B.?
We're all gonna die!
Oh. Hey, nice to meet you.
- We're all gonna die.
- What do you mean?
The blast doors won't open.
Did you try the C-12 bypass pathway?
That won't work.
- Are you sure?
- Of course. I wrote it.
You're Ouroboros?
- Yes.
- You wrote the TVA Guidebook.
- You've read it?
- Read it? I practically memorized it.
Will you sign mine for me?
Of course I will. Happy to do it.
Yeah, just next to your picture.
Hold on.
You just said we were all gonna die.
Oh, right. The containment doors
are locked,
and only the person who designed it
can open it with a live scan
of his temporal aura.
He Who Remains.
And he's dead.
So without Miss Minutes to help us
override the lock, we're stuck.
So, we have to convince
a rogue artificial intelligence
to come back to work?
Whatever we're doing,
we gotta do it fast.
The more those branches grow,
the closer this thing
comes to melting down.
I'll build the device,
but you need to find a way in
or it won't matter.
- Brad, walk.
- Brad, I'm telling you right now,
if you're wasting our time, you're
going right back in the Gizmo.
Would you like getting scrunched up
in the cube?
Hey, hey, hey! Okay. All right.
Look, she's in there, all right.
She's in there. So, why don't you guys
just head on in and remember that
I'm the one who brought you here,
and a deal's a deal. All right?
So, you go ahead,
I'm gonna head on back.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Why are you so jumpy?
- It's making me nervous.
- I'm not jumpy. I'm not nervous.
- All right.
- Yeah, you're like, you wanna take off.
I just don't wanna be around a Variant
who killed 400 of our co-workers.
So I'm just gonna
If you just open the door
What do you think?
If she's here, I have to
find out what she knows.
I'll do the talking. Be ready.
Hey, can you refill the straw dispenser
when you get a sec?
Already done it.
Bill, order's up.
MAN: Thanks, Sylvie.
This feels tense.
What do you say we leave them to it.
We head on back to the TVA.
What are you talking about? No.
I'm not going anywhere
until I get some apple pie.
No, no, no, no, no.
Listen, I haven't got all day. You're
gonna order something? Or, what?
Can we talk?
My break's in five minutes.
It's a short break, so talk fast.
Uh, I know I'm the last person
you want to see.
I, uh
I haven't come here to make trouble.
Then why are you here?
Uh this is gonna sound strange.
But there's been a problem.
It's complicated.
I've been pulled through time.
Between the past and the present.
I was in the past
Oh, just get to the point, Loki.
Sylvie, I was in the future
and I saw you.
The TVA is in danger.
And you were there. I need to know why.
So you see the future now? Cool.
It's not something I chose.
Look, as much as I'd love to see
the TVA burnt to the ground,
I have no intention of going back there.
My life's here now, and
I'm not running. I'm happy.
Explain what I saw, then.
- I don't know. I don't care.
- It's the future. It's going to happen.
Is it? Really?
Because that sounds a lot like
the future's already been written.
And we both know that
it hasn't. Not anymore.
I made sure of that.
Enchant me. You can see what I saw.
I don't want to see. I want
nothing to do with this.
I have no answers for you.
Sylvie, if you and I don't
work together on this,
I can't guarantee
- how long any of this will be here.
- You have some nerve coming here
- with your TVA bullshit.
- Nerve?
This is bigger than the TVA.
This is about everything.
You like it here?
You like this place? You've made a home?
If what He Who Remains said is true,
the TVA is the only defense.
And if what I saw of you is true,
then there's nothing that
stands between this world
and utter destruction.
Without the TVA,
all of this, everything
is gone.
I thought you were setting
us up for an ambush.
Hell, you were just setting us
up for a great meal. Thank you.
What is happening right now?
It's like they're going
over every detail
of their relationship
that's ever happened.
Look. It's a complicated
relationship, okay?
There's a lot to unpack
when you're basically
- in a relationship with yourself.
- Yeah.
They say opposites attract. No.
What is this?
God, it's weird.
- But I brought you Sylvie. I did that.
- Yeah.
I held up my end of the bargain.
- You hold up your end of the bargain.
- I will.
And you get me back to the
Sacred Timeline, like you said.
Can we just talk for a second,
about how crazy life is?
I mean, ten minutes ago,
you were screaming at me,
"You're nothing!"
And then I kind of freaked out
and basically tortured you.
And now here we are,
enjoying a meal like gentlemen.
You slapped me in the face.
I won't forget
But I got you a shake. Okay?
Look, just enjoy this.
Tell me about Zaniac.
- What about it?
- I wanna know about it.
- Oh, come on.
- Can Please.
- You don't care about my movie.
- Brad, I saw the poster.
- It looked scary.
- It's not. It's not.
It's not scary.
It's elevated thriller, all right?
- It is? Yeah?
- It's cinema. Thank you very much.
You can't see it either, alright?
You gotta get your own tickets.
I'm not hooking you up.
Not after all this.
I will. I will.
Look, why don't we just get this to go?
How about that? It packs right up.
Let's just get it to go and we
get up and we get out of here.
- How about that?
- You're like a broken record.
It's like, "Get me back
to the Sacred Timeline".
It's like, although now it's just,
"Get me out of here".
Is this a setup?
Hey. Hey. What's going on?
I've got to get back to work.
You're just gonna give everyone
free will and walk away?
That's the way it works. You're welcome.
(SIGHS) He shows up again,
his Variants, what are you gonna do?
Kill 'em.
Sorry to interrupt. I think
Brad's got something
that he might want to get off his chest.
Zaniac's getting a sequel.
And you're both invited.
- Hey, we can wait all day.
- No, we can't.
We need to talk about this
back at the TVA.
- No. We can talk here. Now.
- Now.
Fine. If we stay here,
we're all gonna die.
They're gonna die. Orange
shirt, she's gonna die.
Most importantly, we are all gonna die.
This is gone! Unless we
- All this for Sylvie?
- I don't buy it.
- They're gonna bomb every branch.
- Yeah, including this one.
- Where do we go?
- I'll show you.
- B-15, incoming. Let's go.
- Great.
WOMAN: Are we pruning timelines now?
CASEY: Targets are popping up
all over the branches.
HUNTER B-15: We need to know
where this attack is coming from.
- MAN 2: What's happening?
- HUNTER B-15: Mobius. What is going on?
MOBIUS: Dox wasn't looking for Sylvie.
She's gonna prune all the new branches.
She already is. Mobius,
she's gonna kill them all.
MAN 3: No pattern to it.
Start tracking those charges.
- MAN 4: How are you on supplies?
- MAN 5: Low on reset charges.
What are they doing with the Time Doors?
Looks like they're connected
to the TemPads.
MOBIUS: Maybe that's why
Brad's was modified.
pruned 30% of the branches.
Is Mobius on the ground yet?
HUNTER B-15: Mobius,
they're killing billions.
Take Dox down now.
Minutemen are all
carrying reset charges.
SYLVIE: That's how they're bombing
all the timelines at once.
They're all connected to that
central control panel.
MOBIUS: That's our target.
- I'll distract them.
- Okay.
Our mission is compromised.
Set off what you can!
We have to stop this. Can
we disarm the charges?
It's possible if we can track them,
but there's too many. I'm gonna call O.B.
MAN: Over here!
We're too late. Finish it!
Don't overthink it.
Is this all of Dox's loyalists?
Everyone who didn't escape.
HUNTER B-15: Mobius,
you should come back.
Loki, we need to go.
Those are people.
Those are lives.
Uh, guys, I got a hit
on Renslayer's TemPad.
- Sylvie
- Is this the best you lot can do?
There was nothing we could do.
Some defense.
The TVA is the problem.
It's broken, it's rotten.
I'm going home if it's still there.
Please, don't. It's harder
to stay.
Hey, Sylvie. You okay?
- Just wanted to check.
- Yeah, I'm good. Thanks.
No problem.
Um, do you think you'll
be in tomorrow, though?
- Cool, cool. Mmm-hmm.
- Jack?
Is your mum on her way to pick you up?
Yeah. She'll be here. I'm good.
Good night.
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