London Kills (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Sex Games

Uh, police, please.
There's something by the river.
I think it's a body.
What's the boss doing here? Could be his wife.
Same general description.
Hold up.
Why don't you stay here, eh? Stab wound? Kitchen knife maybe.
Someone else's tragedy.
First impressions? Perfect dump site.
Close enough to park up.
Not too overlooked.
She was found really easily.
I think this was done in a rush.
She was wrapped up in this sheeting.
Weighted down with these from a garden, probably.
The rope wasn't tied well, so it's come loose.
What does this tell you? Billie? Probable cause of death, a stab wound to the upper chest, but no hole in the clothing, so she was dressed postmortem.
Okay, the engraving on the necklace, that could help us track down who ordered it.
Maybe we can find out the victim's I.
that way.
Take a while to search through all the jewelers.
No, there's no need.
It's a Monica Vareesi.
You can tell by their trademark adjustable chain and the initials on the clasp.
Trademark adjustable chain, eh? I've got a thing for expensive jewelry I can't afford.
Lack of decomp would suggest the body wasn't in the water long.
A local resident thought he saw a white 4x4 parked up by the river at around 1:30 a.
That would tie in with when we think the body was dumped.
Helps narrow down the CCTV searches.
Where are we with the victim I.
? Oh, ah, the necklace she was wearing was ordered by a Patrick Morrell five years ago, and it was delivered to a solicitors firm in the city.
We're fairly sure it's the victim's father.
Billie? Patrick Morrell died just over three years ago.
But I spoke to an old work colleague, and Mr.
Morrell had a daughter.
Her name was Virginia, but she went by Ginny.
The necklace design's the letter G.
Checks on Open Source show two Virginia Morrells living in London.
One's 87.
The other shares a flat with a Tara Watson.
She runs a dating agency.
Can you think of anyone she might have been meeting after work yesterday? The thing is, Ginny doesn't didn't really have anyone in her life.
She moved back from Manchester last year.
She'd left her husband.
So she wasn't seeing anyone new? Maybe.
Maybe there Maybe there was someone.
I'm Harry.
I am precisely 30-something years old.
Six foot tall, and I work in the City.
Please don't respond if you're not looking for someone who has impeccable manners, who loves to laugh.
Out loud.
I attended Julian College.
I have mingled with royalty, but now I am looking to find my princess.
Miss Watson said Ginny needed cheering up after her marriage went south.
She wanted to fix her up with a nice chap.
And how many dates had she'd been on with Shelston? Three or four.
But Ginny stopped it because she wasn't ready, according to Watson.
Yeah, okay.
Cheers for that.
The call log on Ginny's phone shows an incoming call from the home number at Shelston's address yesterday.
Just after 2:00 p.
Sounds like Ginny might have changed her mind.
What's so special about Julian College anyway? Boarding school near Dartmoor.
Minor royals go there.
- What? - White 4x4.
Matches the car at the dump site.
Rob? Do those rocks look like the ones that were used to weigh down the victim? There's a body down here.
Yeah, ambulance required.
Yeah, it's 2 Cromfell Place.
That's SW7 9VC.
We're just gaining access to the property.
It's Harry Shelston.
He's dead.
The car belongs to an Alex Barker.
He also owns the house.
What? I thought this Shelston guy was loaded.
What's he doing living in someone else's house and driving their car? So Ginny died in the bedroom.
Some kind of sex game gone wrong? He stuck her in the river, then came back here and blew his brains out? You know, there's something strange about this room.
It's like it's been stripped of everything personal.
Maybe that added to the fantasy.
Keys for the 4x4 parked outside.
Now, if he used that to move Ginny's body, there'll be some forensics.
No I.
on the girl with your wife's bag yet, then? Well, the angle doesn't help.
Misper are checking other CCTV.
With luck they'll get a better one.
We'll find out who she is.
Briefing in five minutes.
She seems a bit off.
Might be time for a chat, as her line manager.
It's just a thought.
Amber, it's me.
Um, look, I'm really sorry about the way we left things.
I do like you.
I just Listen, call me back.
It's important.
Everything all right? Yeah, just thinking about the case.
Okay, if there is anything in your private life that's affecting your work No, no.
It's just a problem with a friend.
I'm trying to help.
Shouldn't keep the boss waiting.
Matches of Virginia Morrell's blood were found at the crime scene and in the 4x4, proving it was used to transport the body.
Now, this is backed up with roadside CCTV, which caught the car on its way to the dump site at 1:13 a.
It looks like we've got a murder-suicide.
Harry Shelston killed Virginia Morrell, dumped her body, came home, and then topped himself.
Oh, and by the way, Vivienne doesn't believe a word of this.
Okay, well, why would he bother trying to get rid of the body if he knew he was gonna kill himself? I think we're looking for someone else.
CRIS report shows two past callouts for domestic violence against Ginny's husband, Sean Montgomery, in Manchester.
He was cautioned for one and arrested for a second one, but the charges were dismissed for lack of evidence.
Doesn't he still live up there? No.
He moved here two months ago.
What, so he could murder Ginny and frame her new boyfriend for it? Maybe.
Meanwhile, I've got Alex Barker on his way in for interview.
Hopefully he can share his thoughts on evidence that we actually have.
Billie, do you want to interview the bloke that let Harry stay at his house and use his car, or do you want to explore the land of make-believe with Vivienne? Uh, SOCO found a receipt in Harry's pocket for a wine bar in Chelsea from last night.
Thought I might look into CCTV and see if I might find Ginny on there.
If that's okay.
Yeah, good call.
Sean Montgomery? I'm Detective Inspector David Bradford.
This is Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? I can get one of the girls to fetch you a coffee or tea if you like.
No, thank you, Mr.
We're here about your wife, Virginia Ginny.
You do know she left me, right, and we're separated? We were aware of that.
When was the last time you saw her? I haven't seen her since she left about eight months ago.
So you haven't made contact with her since she came back to London? Too busy working.
Can you tell us where you were last night? Uh, it was my night off.
I had some dinner, watched TV, flaked out.
What is this? Ginny was found dead this morning.
Someone stabbed her.
So you understand why we need to ask you these questions.
Okay, um Uh, just, um Give me a moment to process.
Okay? Was anyone with you last night? No.
What you're looking at me? We have a record of callouts to the property that you shared with Ginny after allegations of domestic abuse.
Our investigation needs to take that into account.
All those charges were dropped.
Hence the word "allegations.
" So all you have to do is answer our questions.
What's your side of it? Stuff gets said in a marriage, right? You're trapped, all the fun has stopped.
You do stupid things.
Like threatening your wife with a knife? And there's this.
We've a list of calls made to Ginny's phone up to and on the day that she died.
Several hang-ups from this place.
You still want to deny you made contact with Ginny? Look I thought since we were in the same town, we should meet up.
But every time she answered, I lost my nerve.
Hmm? That's it.
Look, listen to me.
I did not kill my wife.
There you go.
Thank you.
This is a shock.
I've known Harry since school.
He was a good guy.
We did a property deal together.
So you're in property too? A little.
Not a career.
You did better than Harry, though, obviously.
He lived at your house, borrowed your car.
Harry made some bad choices.
Just with money? You have to understand, Harry had never worked for anything in his life.
He drifted.
Got by on charm.
So Harry's bad choices.
Drugs? Harry's father had stopped his allowance because of the cocaine.
He was struggling.
That's why I let him stay, use the car.
That's very generous of you.
The house was empty.
Better someone be in it.
Stop the place from being broken into.
You weren't worried he'd sell all the furniture? Harry was promising to get help.
He was looking to clear his debts, sort his life out.
That why this is such a tragedy.
Did he have a phone and a laptop? Yes, both.
We didn't find them in the house.
Maybe he sold them.
I occasionally gave him money.
The last time I saw him, which was Tuesday of last week, he was depressed.
About losing his job.
What job? All right, cheers, mate.
So Harry was in deep debt according to his bank.
Also he wasn't a client at Superior Singles.
He was an employee.
Well, at least he was until Tara Watson fired him two weeks ago.
How did you get on with the ex? Oh, he's been down here in the same town as Ginny and claims he hasn't had the nerve to speak to her.
- As if.
- Tara Watson's here.
We provide a handsome, charming man to escort our client to a party so she doesn't have to turn up solo.
And no-strings sex included? You can see why your service might be misunderstood.
No! Not at all.
Look, if both parties are amenable, then that's strictly between themselves.
Our service is only concerned with the event.
And it was using this service that Ginny met Harry? She was only looking for a confidence boost.
Then Harry left the agency, and that was that.
Yeah, but he didn't leave.
Didn't you fire him? It was just time for him to move on.
Miss Watson, Ginny was murdered.
I know that.
One of our clients best clients left the agency after a date with him.
She was too discreet to say what had happened.
It was obviously bad.
What's her name? Corinna Richardson.
Why did you leave the agency? Just wasn't for me anymore.
Tara Watson thought it was to do with Harry Shelston.
Well, I never said that.
So you've got nothing to tell us about Harry Shelston? Like what? Like any threatening behavior? Odd sexual requests? No.
No, Harry wasn't like that.
We found some handcuffs in Harry's bedroom.
Was that something he used with you? No.
Why were you at Harry's house? He was found dead this morning.
Possibly suicide.
But we're investigating his involvement in the death of another woman he met through the agency.
Harry? That's not possible.
What makes you say that? Well, Harry was sweet.
Lost, actually.
I can't help you at all.
Now, I have to go.
I have to, um I have to be somewhere.
I watched right till the end.
All uneventful.
And then I saw this.
That's Ginny leaving with Harry Shelston.
Right, cheers, mate And that's her ex, Sean.
Stalking her.
That was the pathologist.
She found marks around Shelston's neck indicating a choke hold to render someone unconscious.
Harry Shelston didn't shoot himself.
The suicide was staged.
So, what happened after that, Sean? Did you follow them back? I was gonna follow them.
They were waiting for a cab.
I went to my car, but some idiot blocked me in.
Some guy using the cashpoint.
Check out the camera on the machine.
I had words with him.
When you're there, check out the guy on the moped.
He followed them down the road.
Say that again.
Some guy.
He had a tattoo on his neck and a bike helmet.
I saw him watching them.
And when they pulled off in the cab, He rode after them.
And you're only telling us this now? I didn't want to look like a stalker.
Right? She was still mine.
Do you get that? She was still my wife.
This guy matches the description that Sean gave us.
So we're ruling out the ex-husband.
Uh, yeah, the cashpoint CCTV showed Sean kicking off at the guy who who boxed him in for a good 10 minutes.
So it's looking unlikely that he followed Ginny to Shelston's house.
Which leaves us with this moped guy.
Why was he tailing him? We've had a hit on CRIMINT.
The tattoo was a winner.
Lee Matthews, 27.
Arrests for drug possession, one count for burglary.
Get the current address.
Get him in.
His mum says she hasn't seen him since this morning.
Sit and wait, then.
You take the front.
I'll cover down here.
I'm guessing that's not your friend with the problem.
Is this friend in the job or a civvy? In the job.
She's worried she might have broken the rules.
How? She got friendly with someone connected with a case.
Sexual friendly? No.
But she's been hanging out.
Only now she's thinking it might come out, and she's wondering if she should come clean to her boss about it.
No, she should cut this friend loose before anyone finds out about it.
Protect herself and her career.
She's tried.
It's complicated.
Yeah, well, she should try again to uncomplicate it.
Here he is.
Lee Matthews? I Ohh! Suspect on the run.
Crossing under the railway line.
Okay, he's heading towards you! Aah! Get off me.
Lee Matthews, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
- I ain't done nothing.
- Oh, is that right? - I haven't done anything.
- Do you understand? Okay, then, let's see, shall we? I'm holding that for a mate.
Course you are.
You've got phones, laptop, a purse, and a watch belonging to two murdered people.
CCTV picks you up at a wine bar where they met for drink.
A witness saw you following them on your moped shortly before the murders.
I saw the posh bloke and the lady coming out of the wine bar.
What, you just happened to see them? I wait around outside, try and find a couple who look like they got a few quid.
I clocked them 'cause of his watch.
Follow them home, wait for the light to go on upstairs, and then when they're at it, I run in, take their stuff, and then leave.
Houses like that you need people to be in.
What, because the alarm's not activated? I usually wait around for a bit, you know? Really let them get going.
But 10 minutes later, he was back down.
And then he comes out through the front door carrying her, like she was unconscious or out of it or whatever.
You didn't think that seemed strange? Well, it's not like he'd rolled her up in a carpet and put her in the boot of the car.
She was dressed.
I thought she'd taken something.
For all I knew, he was taking her to the hospital.
That's when I noticed he'd left the front door open.
So I went in, and I helped myself.
Did you go upstairs? No.
I found enough downstairs.
And then I didn't know when he'd be back, so I ran off.
And that's it.
Put your face away.
You asked me what happened.
I'm telling you.
The little git's lying through his teeth.
I've been through Harry's laptop.
Come on.
UK Reel Porn.
It hosts videos of couples covertly filmed having sex for the peeping Tom market.
So Shelston likes watching this stuff.
And? You know you said the bedroom felt impersonal.
And there were a couple of smoke detectors.
I'm pretty sure there were hidden cameras in them.
That's Corinna Richardson.
Let's have another word with her.
I've got Harry Shelston's call log.
On the days leading up to and the day of the murders.
Now, Harry made a call to an unlisted disposable phone last night.
Half an hour before Ginny's body was dumped.
So are you suggesting that there could be a third person involved, Rob? Yeah, okay.
You've been right so far.
Why stop now? What have you found out about Alex Barker? Barker told us that he'd met Harry at boarding school, so Billie checked the school records.
No record of an Alex Barker at Julian College at the same time as Harry, but I did find an Alexei Bakuri.
Alexei Bakuri was found guilty five years ago of a minor drugs possession charge.
Yeah, and of more significance, he is the nephew of Artem Bakuri.
Russian mafia, with ties to drugs, pornography, et cetera.
And he was arrested but not charged for the murder of an associate five years ago.
The body was found in the Thames.
Let's get Bakuri in.
Alex Barker, also known as Alexei Bakuri, I'm Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole, and you've already met my colleague Rob Brady.
We're arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Harry Shelston.
We've also got a warrant to search your flat.
I'm gonna caution you inside.
Let's go.
I changed my name to avoid victimization like this due to a Russian surname.
You mean having the same surname as a convicted mob murderer? I think my uncle was targeted because of certain cultural stereotypes.
But I'm sure we'll agree to differ on that.
Let's talk about your uncle's business, about his links to porn sites, in particular one called UK Reel Porn.
Did you know that Harry Shelston, your friend, was supplying content to that site? I did not.
What, so videos were being made at your house and ending up on sites that your uncle had interest in? It's a bit of a coincidence.
I don't know about any of this.
We suspect Harry Shelston called you last night to help him move the body of a woman who had just been stabbed.
You can check my phone records.
Oh, no, this call was made to a disposable, untraceable phone which we believe belongs to you.
Have you ever owned a gun, Mr.
Bakuri? I'm Russian.
My uncle was unfairly accused.
I must be some kind of gangster.
I'm a property developer.
And I've never owned a gun.
Anything from the search on Bakuri's house? Phone and computer's clean.
No sign of the memory stick from the camera.
We're examining clothes for any gunshot residue, but the wardrobe's pretty extensive, so it's gonna take some time.
Okay, so we've got nothing.
Corinna Richardson's on her way in for interview.
Um, sorry, do you mind if I just take this? No.
Why haven't you called me back? I need to see you.
Tonight? I heard David turned up at the crime scene this morning.
How's he been since? Okay.
On the surface.
Corinna, these videos weren't made for personal use.
Harry was supplying them to a porn website for cash.
Well, I don't believe that.
I don't believe Harry would do that.
Look, stop protecting Harry.
Tell us what happened on your last date.
Take your time.
We were robbed.
A man wearing a mask, carrying a knife, got into the house while we were upstairs.
Then what happened? He made me hand over my handbag and my jewelry.
Harry had to hand over his wallet and his watch.
And then He gave me a set of handcuffs.
He got me to cuff Harry to the bed.
Then he told me to do things to Harry.
Sexual things.
I was so scared, I He told me to lie down on the bed, and I thought he was gonna rape me.
But we had to close our eyes and count to a hundred, and then he was gone, and And he left the keys to the handcuffs on the floor.
The man with the knife wore a mask.
Is there anything else you remember? The mask was itching him.
He kept scratching his neck, and, uh, there there was a tattoo there.
We found your number.
In the contacts list on Harry Shelston's phone.
I used to serve Harry a bit of coke.
That's how we know each other.
Anyway, he started getting it from this other geezer.
And when he kept coming up short, this other geezer found another way to make him pay.
- Making sex tapes? - Yeah.
He knew Harry had a constant supply of women.
But after a while, Harry taping them having sex with him, it weren't enough.
He wanted something, um, spicier.
Like what? Like them getting robbed.
And the robber getting them to do stuff.
What happened last night? Harry came downstairs to make sure I'd got in.
He said there was jewelry and cash, that she had a necklace but I was to let her keep it.
Go on.
He went back upstairs.
They got down to it.
I burst in, balaclava on, waving a knife around.
Grab up all the jewelry and put it in my bag.
And Harry offers up his watch so that she gets to keep her necklace.
And then I tell her to cuff him to the bed.
And you're still holding the knife? Yeah.
And she took the cuffs.
- Ginny? - Yeah.
But instead of hooking them up to the bed, she starts swinging them at me.
And she keeps coming.
She tripped.
I end up on the deck with her on top of me.
I pushed her off.
Your knife punctured her heart.
So, what did Harry do? He started freaking out.
He's hammering the coke, and he says he's gonna call someone who's gonna help.
Who? The guy who got him into the porn.
So he goes in the other room, and he makes the call.
I can't hear what they're saying.
And when he comes back in, he tells me he's got help to move the body and that I ought to get out of there.
I grabbed up the bag, and I left.
Who did he get help with the body? I told you I don't know.
You're lying.
Do you know how I know you're lying? This is Harry's call log.
He made calls to this number, a disposable phone, including several last night.
And this is your log.
You made a call to the same disposable phone at 8:03 this morning.
This phone has since been disconnected.
Who did you call? We're looking at two murders.
Ginny and Harry's.
Alex something.
I never saw him.
He's the guy who owned the place.
He's also the guy Harry called.
And the guy Harry owed.
And I'm pretty sure he's the guy who helped get rid of the body.
The camera was still running after Ginny died, wasn't it? And it was still running when Alex Bakuri and Harry came back from dumping the body.
I don't know what you mean.
We reckon you got keys to Harry's place.
We also reckon you went back to remove that recording.
That's why you called Alex this morning.
Money in exchange for that recording.
Of Alex shooting Harry.
Our thinking is, Alex shot Harry in the head because he didn't trust him to keep his mouth shut.
Do you really think he's gonna let you live? Where can we find that recording? She couldn't take being threatened again.
Another man with a knife, just like her husband.
That's why she's dead.
Roll it on.
Doesn't prove I killed him.
The gunshot residue we found on your jacket will, though.
So just got to get those videos taken down and the website prosecuted.
But how likely is that? We got justice for Ginny, two bad guys off the street.
You sure you don't want to come for a drink? No, I just want to get home.
Evening, Sarge.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for today.
Yeah, see ya.
Did you talk to her? Yeah.
All sorted.
I'm gonna go and see if the boss fancies a drink.
Think he might need one.
Yeah, this is Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole.
Um, I've got the flyer for the possible witness in the misper.
Yeah, I've been told you were looking into getting a more identifiable image.
Yeah, that's great.
Okay, cheers.
You all right? Nice place.
Tidier than I expected.
We need to talk.
The boss' wife is missing, and that's you with her bag.
Yeah, I I found it in a park dumped on top of a bin.
I God, I should have handed it in.
You're gonna need to tell the team when you found it and where, or I will.
Sure, sure, I'll tell them, obviously.
If that's what you think.
Maybe I'll also tell them about you and me.
There is no you and me, right? Look, if the situation were any different.
Yeah, I get it.
I get it.
I'm sorry.
I I understand.
I do 'cause it's your job, and, uh I just liked that we were mates.
I did too.
Oh, how about one last drink, then? This is Amber Saunders with your wife's bag.
Who's Amber Saunders? She's the witness that found Tom Pryce's body hanging from the tree.
She didn't say that she knew him.
Why does she have Sarah's bag? Did she know her too? I hope not.
Why? You know I've always thought there were two people involved in that murder.
I think Amber's one of them.
I'm sorry, Amber.
I'm tired.
I've got work tomorrow.
I love this song.
- Amber.
- Dance with me.
- I'm tired.
- Come On.
Dance with me.
One dance.
Amber, come on.
I just want to Amber, come on.
I'll go.