London Kills (2019) s02e05 Episode Script


1 I'm assuming this isn't good news.
Rob told me that you had a visit from the misper team.
He's worried that they might have found Sarah.
They haven't, have they? No.
But they're winding down the inquiry.
Which means they think she's dead.
Who am I kidding? You forget about the gun, and I'll -- I'll tell you all about it.
That's right.
Sarah Bradford is very much alive.
Got it.
We've got a body.
Near the river.
I'll come with you, given that your colleagues have done a disappearing act.
Danny Roscoe, open up.
It's the police.
Open up.
How credible is your tip-off? Billie? We've got a body in Greenwich.
I'll text you the details.
Uniform have got an I.
for the victim.
Taxi driver called Danny Roscoe.
Could you repeat that, please? Danny Roscoe.
Yeah, that's what I thought you said.
What? You can stop looking for Danny Roscoe.
Why? He's dead.
Strange place to park a black cab.
It's not like he'd be dropping off a passenger.
- Morning.
- Boss.
How did he die? Someone staved the back of his head in.
Robbery? No.
Still got his wallet.
Complete with cards and cash.
We also found his membership card for the Chasing Red Casino, where Marcus Maguire was shot dead yesterday.
There's something I need to tell you.
I got a tip-off.
The informant claimed that he knew your wife is alive and that this guy, Danny Roscoe, knew where she was.
Who was the tip-off from? That's not relevant.
He won't tell me either.
Have you been to Roscoe's address? Uh, yeah, but there was no answer.
-Did you carry out a search? -Not yet.
Get on it.
Call me from there.
Billie, find out everything you can about our murder victim.
Rob, come with me.
Who's your source? Adrian Cook.
I caught him with the gun that was used to kill Marcus and Callum Maguire yesterday.
I was about to arrest him, but he made me an offer.
If I turned a blind eye, then he'd give me the name of the guy that saw Sarah alive.
Where's the gun now? I stashed it in my neighbor's garden.
They're away at the moment.
I wasn't gonna keep it at mine.
You know if you're found out, you'll go to prison.
So, what do you want to do? Pay Adrian Cook a visit.
Let's call by your neighbors' on the way.
Okay, get somebody out the back.
Oh, and bag this laptop.
Boss, um, Sarah is not at Roscoe's flat and I can't see any sign that she was ever held here.
Okay, Vivienne.
Thanks for looking.
Yeah, okay.
You'd better hope she never finds out what you've been up to.
This is Vivienne we're talking about.
She won't turn a blind eye.
Petra, can you tell me when you last saw your husband? Yesterday morning.
Before we both went out to work.
You weren't concerned when he didn't come home last night? I left him a couple of messages.
I just assumed he was busy working.
Do you recognize this woman? No.
Never seen her in Danny's company? Never.
I-Is she something to do with what happened to him? That's what we're trying to find out.
Let's see it.
You're certain we'll find Adrian Cook's prints and DNA on it? -A hundred percent.
I'll send you a text.
How can I help you? Talk to me about Danny Roscoe.
That constable of yours has got a big mouth.
All I want to do is find my wife.
I don't care about anything else.
So Roscoe had seen Sarah.
Why would that mean he'd come into money? Hmm? I don't know.
When he lost yet again, I told him I was canceling his credit, and that's when he told me all the stuff about your wife.
I'll need the hard drive.
Well, that would leave me without CCTV.
Danny Roscoe was found dead this morning.
This is a murder inquiry.
Nothing to do with me.
Nothing ever is.
We suspect our murder victim was a thief.
How come? The sarge recovered a laptop from Danny Roscoe's flat.
We checked the serial number, and it was reported stolen six weeks ago from an address in Hackney.
I contacted the owners.
Guess who drove them to the theater that night.
Don't tell me.
Danny Roscoe.
It's highly unlikely that Sarah hailed Roscoe's cab.
So, what if he came across her when he was breaking and entering? It's possible.
What did Roscoe's wife have to say for herself? Not a lot.
She was hardly likely to fess up to the fact that he was a thief.
I reckon I've been played.
Do you mind if I have another crack at her? Sure.
Take Vivienne with you for added muscle.
This is my sergeant, Vivienne Cole.
I'm very sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Well, it didn't stop you lot turning the place over.
Look, we just want to find out who attacked your husband.
Who killed him, you mean? Did you recognize this? It looked like the one Danny had.
It's an expensive piece of kit.
Yeah, Danny bought it off a mate.
Which mate? Have you got a name or an address you could give us? I don't remember.
This laptop has been reported stolen.
Are you saying that my Danny bought a dodgy laptop? I need to inform you that we believe that this laptop was stolen by your husband.
Get out.
Get out of my house! Petra, we understand you're upset.
He's not been dead a day and you, you're accusing him of being a thief.
I want you out! -Mrs.
Roscoe -- -Get out of my house! Do you think she's gonna make a complaint? Oh, let her try.
Whatever her husband was doing, I guarantee you she was up to her neck in it.
Dad? Dad? I ran Petra's name and date of birth through the system.
There was police contact with her when she was 15.
Why? Her dad, Tony Pearce, went to prison for high-value burglary.
So Danny Roscoe married into the family firm.
Where does her dad live? Hello, Petra.
What's in those boxes? I want to talk to my solicitor.
Yesterday lunchtime Danny told me that during the course of a burglary yesterday morning he had come across a woman who he believed to be held captive for some time.
He was convinced that this woman was the wife of Detective Inspector David Bradford.
He had seen her disappearance reported on the news.
I begged Danny to call the police.
To think of what that -- that poor woman and her family have been through.
But -- But he was rough with me.
So instead he was planning to blackmail Sarah Bradford's captor into giving him £5,000 to keep quiet.
Did Danny tell you who was holding Sarah Bradford? -No.
-Or where? No.
I used CCTV to track Danny Roscoe's journey to the murder site.
Mobile ANPR picks up his cab on Eulford Road at 22:18 last night.
Then I did a convoy check, and a red estate car rendezvouses with Danny's cab at an industrial site in Charlton.
Presumably checking they weren't being followed.
The estate then follows the cab for a further 15 minutes.
Can you I.
the estate car? I can.
Phoebe Ingram is the registered keeper.
41 years old.
Originally from North Wales.
Moved to London in 1990.
And she's got a nice big house.
The sort of house Danny Roscoe would love to burgle.
Boss? He was all on his own.
I found this under the bed in the basement bedroom.
It's Sarah's.
I'm sure of it.
That means she was definitely held here.
It looks like it.
One of the glass panes in the back door was broken.
Presumably that's how Danny Roscoe broke in.
And came face to face with Sarah.
What I don't understand is, if this is Phoebe Ingram's baby, where's she? What? Don't let David in.
Get a SOCO team down here straightaway, and keep the detective inspector out.
Is it Sarah? I'm sorry, David, I-I couldn't tell.
They're gonna fast-track an I.
The dead woman was wearing a couple of rings.
SOCO let me take a photo.
Are you up for taking a look? Those aren't Sarah's rings.
Are you sure? I know what my wife's rings look like.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It was a stupid question.
So maybe it isn't Sarah.
She's been missing for months.
Just because she's wearing different jewelry doesn't mean it's not his wife.
And he knows that.
None of the neighbors have laid eyes on Phoebe Ingram for months.
So she could be the body in the freezer.
Who's the boy? Her brother, Philip Ingram.
He's now 34 years old.
And the neighbors have seen him go in and out.
Phoebe and Philip's dad walked out years ago, and their mother died when Philip was nine.
What I can't find is any record of a baby.
That is properly strange.
So if it is Phoebe Ingram in the freezer, maybe her brother's got Sarah.
Makes sense.
We've got her car details.
Yeah, they're being circulated.
We'll find it.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
Adrian Cook's been picked up.
He's gonna accuse us of fitting him up.
He hasn't a shred of proof.
Act surprised.
I thought you'd both like to know -- Adrian Cook's been arrested.
What for? Possession of a firearm and conspiracy to murder Marcus and Callum Maguire.
The National Crime Agency found a gun hidden at his casino.
We suspected he provided the murder weapon.
Looks like we were right.
The NCA were acting on a tip-off from a confidential informant.
I'll let you know if there's any more details.
Well, that's a turn-up for the books.
Why would Cook stash the gun on his own premises? He knew we were looking for it.
Billie Fitzgerald.
Yeah, Billie's right.
Adrian Cook wouldn't be that stupid.
Phoebe Ingram's car's been spotted on ANPR in Hackney traveling south.
I reckon it's heading back home.
Somebody should tell the boss.
If we get a shift on, we can get there first.
Call for backup, but I don't want anyone else intercepting this.
Control from D.
Thanks Vivienne.
It was Phoebe Ingram in the freezer.
So it's got to be her brother driving the car, then.
Police! Aah! -Where's Sarah?! -No! Where is my wife?! Back off! Back off, sir.
You all right, Philip? Okay, Philip, it's okay.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
All right? We just need to know that Sarah's all right.
I took her back to where I found her.
Where's that, Philip? I took her back to where I found her.
Philip Ingram's being assessed to see if he's fit for interview.
It's a slow process, as we all know.
Yeah, and meanwhile Sarah's God knows where.
What do we know about this guy? Uh, well, after their mum died, the older sister, Phoebe, she brought Philip up.
And what was Phoebe's cause of death? The pathologist reckons it was a bleed-out as a result of a mishandled birth about five months ago.
Which explains the baby.
Yeah, um, the mum left them a substantial sum.
Phoebe did some voluntary work, but Philip's never held down a job.
Because of his mental health issues? Yeah, at the age of 12 he was excluded from school for repeated violent outbursts.
So then the sister homeschooled him, and it seems to me she cut him off from the world.
This was found in one of Petra Roscoe's boxes.
There's no Sim card.
It certainly looks like Sarah's.
I've charged it, but I need the passcode.
Um It's Carly's birthday.
July 7.
Sarah's phone hasn't been used since the day she went missing, so there's nothing new in calls, texts, or GPS.
What is new are the photos Sarah saved to her hard drive, not the cloud.
Have you any idea what this is? Liam.
Who's Liam? Last year, Sarah and I lost a baby.
He was stillborn.
Just under six months.
I wasn't there when it happened.
I was on a covert op, so Sarah couldn't get hold of me.
It hit her really, really hard.
She called him Liam.
I didn't know she'd done this.
Buried him? No.
No, the hospital took care of all of that.
I'm sure it's just a memorial.
That's Sarah's parents' grave.
This photograph was taken on the day that Sarah went missing, two hours after she was last seen.
Philip Ingram said he was taking Sarah back to where he found her.
What's been going on recently? Sorry? With you and Rob and the detective inspector? Do you really think I hadn't noticed? Rob and I had got the wrong end of the stick.
David wasn't where he said he was on the night that his wife went missing.
What, and you thought he had something Yeah, and now I feel ashamed at myself.
You know, he said I wasn't a team player.
Maybe he's right.
You didn't mention that Sarah was pregnant.
We didn't tell anyone.
She'd miscarried before.
It was six months.
You must have thought Sarah accused me of not really wanting a child.
She was wrong.
You could've talked to me.
It's years since I've been here.
Sarah's mum's funeral.
Can you remember where the grave is? This place is massive.
Somewhere up here, I think.
I see something.
Could that be Sarah? It's her! She's breathing.
Sarah? Sarah? I think he must have drugged her.
Call for an ambulance.
- T.
Fitzgerald to control.
- Go ahead.
We need an ambulance to St.
Cardus Cemetery.
Stay with me, Sarah.
- Boss.
- Billie.
We found her.
She's at the grave.
She's alive.
Thank God.
They found her? Where are you exactly? They're on their way.
All right? They really want to know what Ingram's given her.
Billie, find out if Ingram's sister was on any kind of meds.
Will do.
Look at that.
That's Philip Ingram's mother.
So that's how she met him, then.
It's Dad.
We've found your mum.
Yeah, she's with the doctors now.
Wish you weren't so far away.
Yeah, we'll get you home.
I tracked down Phoebe Ingram's G.
Phoebe had an accident a couple of years back.
She was on serious pain medication.
So maybe that's what he's given Sarah.
Have you let the hospital know? Yeah, I've just phoned it through.
Rob? Can I have a word? I've just heard off the record that Adrian Cook is threatening to make a complaint.
He's alleging that the detective inspector shut down his CCTV so that you could plant the gun in the casino.
He's desperate.
He's also saying that it was him that gave you the tip-off about Danny Roscoe in return for you turning a blind eye to the fact that he supplied a firearm used in a double murder.
You wouldn't do anything that stupid, now, would you, Rob? Of course not.
-Good to see you again.
-Ha ha ha.
So word is that you're about to be charged with conspiracy to murder and possession of a firearm.
I've been fitted up.
Oh, and yet forensics have come back showing your fingermarks on the gun, and your DNA.
So let me get this right -- You're not denying handling the gun, you're just complaining about the manner in which the police found it? See, I don't think that's gonna go down very well with the judge.
Doesn't your mate Rob Brady understand the concept of a deal? We don't do deals, Mr.
You should know that by now.
Where's Carly? Carly's fine.
She's on her way back from France.
She's been on a school trip.
I can't tell you how much I've missed you.
Lucy is here to act as your appropriate adult today, Philip.
If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask Lucy, and she'll explain it for you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay? Can you tell me about the baby, Philip? His name's Rhys? Phoebe met a man, the man stayed the night, and then we had Rhys.
Did Phoebe have the baby in hospital? No.
At home.
And did you help? I tried, but after Rhys was born, Phoebe stopped breathing.
Did you call an ambulance? No.
Why not? Phoebe doesn't want me to talk to people like that.
When Phoebe stopped breathing, what did you do? I put her in the freezer like they do on the telly, and she's safe then till she wakes up.
I made a memorial for our son.
I saw it.
I went to the graveyard to think.
And he was there.
Philip? When he told me he was trying to look after a baby, my heart went out to him.
How did Sarah end up coming to stay at your house? I went to my mum's grave, and Sarah was there.
Like an angel.
She told me that her baby had died.
What happened? That night.
Before you met Philip Ingram.
I followed you.
And I saw you.
With a woman and a child.
It was work.
Her name is Grace.
She's a witness -- an informant -- in a highly sensitive investigation.
Stay there.
Philip asked me to go back to the house, just to talk about things he might need for the baby.
It felt good.
Looking after baby Rhys.
Punishing you.
But just for a moment.
I told Philip I had to go home, and he wouldn't let me go.
And the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a cellar.
He's a big lad.
It wasn't hard for him to stop me leaving.
It was like having Phoebe back again.
Tell us about this man.
He broke into our house, and he took Phoebe's favorite statue.
Where were you when he broke in? At the shops getting food.
I spent most of the time with the baby in that cellar.
Yesterday morning I was half asleep.
Philip was out.
I heard a noise.
I knew it wasn't Philip, so I called out.
His name was Danny Roscoe.
I called out to him that I was being held against my will.
He tried to open the door, but it was padlocked.
When I told him who I was, he promised he would get help.
And what happened next? I came home, and Sarah started screaming at me, telling me that I had to let her go.
So I gave her the medicine to make her sleepy.
How did you arrange to meet Danny Roscoe? Shecalled.
She? A woman? Mm-hmm.
Was it his wife? Yeah.
Okay, we'll be having some serious words with her.
What did she say? She said I had to meet the robber, give him £5,000, or they'd tell the police, and they'd take Sarah away from me.
And what happened when you met him? He had Phoebe's statue.
He said it was rubbish and that he couldn't sell it.
He threw it on the ground.
I don't have £5,000.
And what did you do? I picked it up.
I hit him over the head with it.
I wanted him to be quiet.
Where's the statue now, Philip? It's in the hall.
All this -- this insane thing that's happened, it's -- it's not your fault.
David, it's me.
Call me back.
Or better still, just get over here.
I think that someone's outside.
I'm frightened.
That cellar that I was in, Phoebe used to lock Philip in there when she couldn't control him.
What'll happen to him? There's no way he's fit to plead.
I can't believe you're not angry.
I love you.
I'm gonna be just outside.
David, it's me.
Call me back.
Better still, just get over here.
Grace, I got your message.
I can't get away right now, but I'll send 'round someone you can trust.
Don't worry.
For everything you did.
It's finally over.
You got her back.
I still can't quite believe it.
We're just so happy.
Adrian Cook hasn't made a complaint.
Rumor has it Vivienne had a word.
Listen, I need a favor.
I shouldn't be telling you any of this, but I can't leave Sarah on her own, not again.
The woman I was with the night Sarah disappeared wasn't my girlfriend.
Grace Harper is under police protection.
She's a witness in a highly sensitive undercover inquiry.
That's why I couldn't be honest about where I was and what I was doing.
So why tell me now? I'm Grace's handler.
She's just left me a message saying she's frightened, and now she's not answering her phone.
Do you want me to go 'round there? Please.
I'll text the address.
Grace? It's Detective Constable Rob Brady.
David Bradford sent me.
Grace? You all right, mate? All right, then? Rob.
David, I know you're with Sarah, but you need to know something.
Grace Harper's dead.