Long Way Round (2004) s01e09 Episode Script

Calgary to New York

Got sun on my face
Sleeping rough on the road
I'll tell you all about it
When I get home
Comin' round to meet you
he long way round
We're gonna ride 20,000 miles in 115 days through 12 countries.
Europe, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.
And then ride the Road of Bones in Far Eastern Russia.
And we're gonna fly to Alaska and go through Canada, America,
and New York.
We're gonna give these guys video cameras.
They'll have cameras on their motorcycles.
They will have cameras on their helmets.
And mics in their helmets.
Here we are in deep sand. Always a favorite with a biker.
Having a third motorcycle travel with them.
On that motorcycle will be a cameraman.
In addition, there will be two support vehicles.
We will travel around the world as well,
linking up with the guys at borders.
But really, the motorcycles will be on their own.
Jimmy and I are going on this lunatic ride.
I don't know why I'm doing this. I don't really want to do it.
It's made out of wood. It's just wooden seats.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Jesus, fuck.
Holy shit.
Oh, fucking hell.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-My face. -Oh, please. Don't let us be upside down.
Hate to stand up here.
That was fucking That was fucking terrifying.
-You're very scared. -I was shitting myself.
Ah, fucking hell.
Raw, un-- irrational, unbridled fear.
And I will never, ever, ever do it again.
I think it'll take me an hour to get over it. I feel like shit.
I feel like I've been through some major trauma.
Back on the safety of my motorcycle,
after the terrors of the fun fair last night.
Fucking hell.
I just got in an accident Yeah, on the highway.
All the traffic slowed down and so, I just put my hazards on.
I just saw this red car just come up and just--
The car had hit Ewan's panniers and they hit here and over here.
And then his back wheel rubbed against here.
And the whole front wheel lifted up.
And he landed and he was going like this all over. I just thought he's coming off.
But like a fucking trouper, I didn't go down.
What were you doing with your fucking eyes?
Man, I didn't even see you guys and then, fucking some guy just--
We were right in front of you. How could you not see us?
I don't know. That fucking Cavalier came out, he was gonna hit me
and then I didn't see him and then I looked at him and then I saw you.
And then fucking hit you, man.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus, you're so lucky I'm not dead because hitting a motorcycle
in the back is like
-That was -Unbelievably lucky.
I didn't go down though.
-Fucking didn't go down. -You didn't go down.
I'm so glad you're still here.
I feel quite sick to the bone actually.
Why I-- I should be underneath the car dead is what I should be right now.
If he'd hit the back wheel
'Cause he-- 'cause the panniers took the brunt of it.
If he-- if they hadn't been there, he would've smashed right
into the back wheel and that would've just completely
That would've put me straight down and under the car, I think.
-Oh, definitely. -There's no question, so
My Touratech panniers
saved me life.
If he had maybe tipped him on the corner instead of in the middle of the car
-Yeah. -And he could've forced him over
into the other lane
Fortunately in this case, there was nothing serious that happened.
If you look here, Ewan's just been absolutely mullered.
But he's okay.
I can't believe he's okay.
It's so, so, so lucky.
I'm gonna phone, um
Who's the-- the guy who
crashed into me this morning.
And put the fear of God into him. No, I'm not.
It's Ewan. Ewan, the guy on the bike.
The guy on the bike.
Is that Nicholas?
How are you doing?
I'm fine, fine, fine.
But I wanted just to put your mind to rest. Don't-- I don't-- I don't
I don't imagine there's anything wrong with the bike
'cause it's running fine and, um
Unless something turns up tomorrow but I really don't think so.
And are you all right?
What are you--
Yeah, but let it go. These things happen. Not to worry.
All right, mate. Well, listen, if you don't hear from me, um,
take it easy and keep your eye out for motorbikes in the future.
Oh, all right.
Okay, mate. Thank you. Take care. Bye-bye.
I couldn't believe how young he was.
But imagine your first accident, hitting three bikers. It's such a--
It's your worst nightmare.
I was about to kill him.
I was really-- And then I noticed how young he was and I
I thought, "There's no fighting that."
It wasn't until we took off later that I was-- that I went,
"Oh, my God, what if?"
I'm reinspired about life in general.
-Yeah. -Les here has just been
He had my boxes bashed back into shape in 20 minutes.
The frame was-- Look, as you can see, it's cracked. It's actually cracked.
Right the way through now.
And I'm sure just from that, um
From the shunt yesterday.
But apart from that, considering I got smashed in the back
by a car at 50 miles an hour
Pretty-- Pretty good.
And I don't-- I don't need any welding, which personally I think is
the most important part, you know?
So, I'm in paradise today.
Oh, this is-- Oh.
It's such a beautiful little thing.
Oh, I have to go to the road and go do some riding and
-There's lots of backroads and-- -Some 12 o'clocks.
-Oh, yeah. -Brakies.
-Yeah. -Oh, that would be awesome.
Get my tire warm.
That's great.
Brilliant. Well done. Thank you for that.
-Hey? -Can't you fucking see?
-Sorry. -Fucking idiot.
We both have an accident a day apart in the same town, in Calgary.
It's crazy.
I love riding a motorbike.
I don't think there's any feeling in the world like that.
Covering hundreds of miles on the back of a bike.
Last border crossing into our final country destination.
US of A! Whoo-hoo!
We took off from Calgary in the morning and we were riding
towards this ranch and to ride horses.
-Both of you guys have ridden. -Yeah.
-And you've rode English, is that correct? -Yeah.
Well, we ride very similar to English,
so there's a few things that are different,
but we'll get in the arena.
And we'll spend a little bit of time in there riding.
And then what we'll do is we'll trot out a little bit.
All right.
The Cadillac of saddles.
Then we'll have you guys take the 50 head of horses back to their pasture.
I'm just having the most beautiful time. It's gorgeous.
I've never seen anything more beautiful. You know, riding alongside
this many horses with all the dust coming up and
It's-- You kind of-- It's weird. You kinda feel like you know what to do.
And I think I'm quite natural at it actually.
It's what it's all about.
What a beautiful horse.
What a good boy.
You know, you kind of just know-- I'm sure it's not complicated,
but, you know, getting your horse in the right place so that they don't
It's just great fun.
-Kind of instinctive somehow, I think. -Yeah, yeah.
Feels kind of instinctive to herd them along like that.
I loved it. I loved it.
RVs. Recreational vehicles.
Since we've been here over the water
Since we've been in America and then Canada and now America again.
Especially up, um
in Alaska.
The RVs.
I mean, we have caravans at home, right? People go on caravan holidays.
You get stuck behind a caravan. But these things are just like
They're like tour buses. All of them.
You know?
Recreational vehicles.
Guaranteed to hold you up.
I'm gonna get a bit embarrassed now 'cause of that car and I'm sitting here,
talking to my camera on my own.
Gonna be a bit embarrassed and, um
I'm gonna leave it there.
We're in this place which is called, maybe, White Horse.
Maybe it's not called White Horse.
-Charley. Where are we? -Yeah?
In a hotel.
No, what's the name of the town?
Uh, something "donkey."
Isn't it? Slim's Donkey or Knuckle Donkey?
Uh Starving Donkey.
I don't know.
Okay, the upshot is that we've no idea where we are.
We can't remember the name of the town that we're in.
It might be on your, uh, your credit cards.
It might be on the receipts.
Hungry Horse.
I knew it was something about starving horses.
Donkey. Fucking donkey.
-Well, it was close. -Close.
Tonight, we could only get a room for all of us.
So, that's Claudio's room.
Charley's bed.
Yeah, I guess you lost the rocks, paper, scissors.
Show them your bed, Ewan.
That's my bed. Charley's bed. My bed. Charley's bed.
It's so big, I can-- I can do acrobatics in it.
Can really feel the end coming on. And my first
moment of feeling a bit sad about the end, you know?
They call this the Big Sky state or the state of the Big Skies.
It couldn't be more aptly named. The sky is just
There seems to be so much more of it than usual, you know?
Yeah, well, look at this. This is an example of how it's changed.
We've come from the Rocky Mountains to this.
Prairie land.
I'm pretty sure this is the kind of road I was fantasizing about when I was
in Mongolia, Kazakhstan.
When I was in Siberia.
On the tough days
I was dreaming of this.
You don't have to look out for a pothole 'cause there aren't any.
You know around the next corner, there'll just be more tarmac.
Just beautiful driving along here.
We've just left Montana. This is now Wyoming.
We literally cut the top corner, the top right-hand corner of Wyoming.
And I'm sure in about
ten, fifteen miles, we'll be in South Dakota.
Heading down to Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
It's just very difficult, especially in the heat
and after this many miles that we've ridden
uh, to stay awake.
The way to deal with it is to stop and sleep for ten, 15 minutes.
Here's the map.
What are you trying to find?
Here, this place. Mount Rushmore.
This is where we're going. And, um
Well, on this map here
It doesn't really-- It has a picture of it there.
Now, is it
Is it there? I don't think it is.
This is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park.
But, um
It doesn't actually say where it is.
It's just becoming more and more difficult,
and we just don't seem to be getting anywhere.
We seem to be getting late everywhere.
We were supposed to get to Mount Rushmore today.
We managed to get to Rapid City and-- and we got here by six
and we were soaking wet and knackered.
So we haven't quite made another hour,
so it's another three hours out of our way tomorrow morning.
I feel like it's the end of this sort of holiday and I'm
I'm feeling a little bit sort of keen to get to New York actually.
And But speaking to my wife and now that she's in-- in America,
I just desperately wanna get over there.
And my kids are having such a good time. They're just loving it.
The first time they've come to America and I wasn't with them.
Looking for Mount Rushmore.
There they are.
It's lovely and it is smaller than it looks on the telly.
Beautiful though.
And we got here really early. Unbelievably, it's actually 7:36.
And we've been on the road for about 40 minutes. So we left before seven.
Which is a first.
I'm feeling a bit sorry for the one in the back.
Kinda got a bum deal squished in the corner, you know.
Donald E. McGregor and Wilson T. McGregor.
They, in fact, came up with the original idea for the whole thing, these two.
And, uh
So again it's due to the Scots that we've got this monument here.
Yep, we've seen the presidents, and the next stop is 550 miles away.
To Kyle's sister in Minnesota.
Met this American guy who's a really nice guy, Kyle.
He's got a sister who lives on the route that we're gonna take.
So, we're gonna try and hook up with her.
And he's given me this medallion which he had made up
to give to his sister when we see her.
I've carried it halfway around the world to give to her,
so I really feel-- I really feel it's important to, uh,
to give it to her.
We're on the highway today. Just all day really. Plowing along.
Trying to get down to-- into Minnesota.
So basically, we're crossing South Dakota in a day.
And the heat is baked potato hot.
We've got more-- more or less a 600-mile day today.
Think we'll take a little coffee break in a minute
to celebrate the 400th mile of the day.
Which leaves us-- We're at 396 now
and we've got 183 miles left to go.
It's a big day today on the bikes, but it's great.
You get really in a trance.
Your mind goes completely crazy.
Hello, Mum. I'm on the telly.
Hello, Mum. Look, I'm on the telly, going around the world on the telly.
Hello, Mum.
Six hundred and nine miles today.
That's the biggest day we've ever had, isn't it?
We've-- We came giftless.
But I do have one gift which is from-- which is from Kyle and
-Uh-oh. -And, um
I've brought it all the way from Mongolia, so quite a long way.
He gave me this to give to you.
-This is kinda cool actually. -That's what he told me to give you.
It's the first time that we've made
a second meeting because of somewhere we went, you know what I mean?
-Literally on the other side of the world. -Yeah.
Because we bumped into him, here we are in your kitchen.
I mean it's really random.
I really like that.
Has he worked all over the world?
-Pretty much. -He's been all over.
We've come up with really elaborate fantasies
that he's actually the American James Bond.
-I don't think so. -'Cause we think he is.
Kyle promised us a ride in a tractor.
He said my sister will definitely give you a ride,
so we're holding her to it.
God, look at all this dangerous-- Look how dangerous all that is.
This is where your foot goes to work and-- Look at the belts.
-Oops. -That is so dangerous.
The tractors I used to drive had, um
had a stereo up here and air-conditioning.
Nice sprung seat.
Separate brakes, look, for the left wheel and the right wheel.
But there's nothing quite like it. There's--
And when you're working on a field--
I used to do rotavating and stuff
where you're breaking up the ground
with this massive ground-breaking machine being towed behind the tractor,
being powered off the engine, and, uh
there's something extraordinarily satisfying about when you start a field
and then you start to see the effect that you're having on it.
You're following the line down, back, down, back. It's--
It's beautiful.
There's something really mesmerizing about it, I think.
I mean, I'm sure if you're doing it year in, year out,
maybe you have a different story, but I-- I loved it. I loved it.
And the power of a tractor, you know.
Isn't this just a little bit over the top?
Did you just get the bling-bling feel of it and thought,
"I like the size of that, I'll have that"?
"We don't really need one this big, but, you know."
Four hundred horsepower, Ewan.
Four hundred.
Holy shit.
What we wanna do is just make sure everyone's really out of the way
'cause I'm driving.
Never had so much power between your legs.
Boys and their toys.
Thank you.
-Ah, the smell. -Jesus.
The smell of new engines.
Ah, the smell of it. Ah, smells fantastic.
I like watching the, um
the assembly line the best.
To see the engine being built from nothing
to the point when someone fires it up for the first time. It's fantastic.
This girl just down here, she gives birth to every engine.
It's their little birthday every time she starts them up.
Oh, come on. That's listening to an engine being born.
It's its birthday today. The 23rd at 4:55.
-Happy birthday. -Its birthday. Happy birthday.
Ah, it'd be great to ride a low bike. I'm really quite looking forward to this.
-It's a very important part. -'Cause I spend most of my time like this,
just tiptoeing at the traffic lights, and so many times I've just gone
And once you get to a certain distance, you just gotta step off the bike
and let the thing fall 'cause it's so heavy.
God, never wanted to ride a Harley more in my life.
Really gets your juices going, that factory, doesn't it?
Uncle ZZ.
Uncle ZZ.
Uncle Top.
I can touch the ground.
That V-Rod is very poky.
But I really like the Fat Boy. I like the traditional
thwap of the Harley.
But it was nice. It was great to ride them.
Our last night on the trip, we're spending with
the Orange County Chopper guys up in--
-I heard that. -Yeah, isn't that brilliant?
-That'll be fun. -That'll be great fun.
I'm really stoked about that, that we've got this,
then we see the custom V twin boys and then
We've covered all our bases really.
We're on our way to Jimmy's for our first big home-cooked meal
in a long, long time and, uh
I can't wait. Jimmy's mom's laid on a feast apparently so, um
I'm absolutely starving.
Nice to have your wee boy back?
Nice to have your wee boy at home.
It's so nice to be here.
I'm so hungry.
I was very specifically told not to eat breakfast,
-and I very diligently didn't. -Yeah.
Isn't it nice? The home cooking and seeing Jimmy's house. It's just lovely.
And that's all. I just closed my eyes for five minutes.
Our constant battle against the falling asleep continues.
Which isn't really surprising
after 19,000 miles or something.
I got coffee. A double espresso.
Red Bull.
Did you have that little can of coffee
-and the Red Bull? Did you? -Yeah.
Jesus, you're gonna ride-- Well, mind you, we do need to ride for miles.
It's 'cause this was such fun. It's good fun hanging around.
Kicking it in petrol stations, drinking coffee and stuff.
I've loved it and I-- I absolutely loved it. I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I-I'm gonna wake up on Sunday morning, when-- when everybody flies home
and there'll be nothing to do.
There'll be nowhere to go.
There'll be no commitments. There'll be no nothing.
Just nothing to do.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I'll be sitting there, ringing Ewan going, "Ewan? Ewan?"
Imagine, "Where-- Should we meet out tonight, Charley?"
"Yeah, where would you like to meet?"
"Um There's a nice petrol station just off the King's Road."
"Okay, we'll go and hang out there."
-Yeah, tire pressures. -"Have you checked your oil?"
-"Oh, yeah, let's do that." -Oh, yeah.
Let's do that. "When did you check it last?"
"Last night, at the other petrol station where we met."
-As you arrive, going -"Let's go and find a field
and put a tent up in it and hang out there."
"Oh, all right then."
"Charley, it's not quite the same, is it? Camping in Wimbledon."
Oh, deary, deary, deary me.
Hmm, quite sad really.
Very nice.
Well, for our last night all together,
we should stay in this lovely place, don't you think?
-Definitely. -If they'll have us.
I mean the one-- the one great thing is that
I hope it'll inspire people. That it's-- That it's possible.
A lot of things in life people don't do because of the what-ifs, you know?
Oh, but what if this happens and but what if that happens?
What if you run out of petrol?
And it stops us doing things, you know?
And in actual fact, the--
The what-if's and the might-be's are-- are what makes it so exciting, you know.
Like if
Because every time we got in trouble, every time your bike broke down
we met people who helped.
And it's incredibly
It's a really optimistic view of the world I have now in that,
you know, all the people we've met all around the world
have been incredibly generous, nice people.
I mean, 99%.
But primarily
we did this just to ride a motorbike every day.
-Yeah. -And
And we still enjoy riding the motorbikes every day.
I got on my bike yesterday morning
and it felt like when I used to get on my bike
when I was in Ireland, when I first got my first motorbike.
So, we were contemplating just maybe not quite making New York
and just turning around.
Might go back a bit, you know.
Just go back west and just drive to London.
Almost round the world and back again.
Really, it's an interesting idea.
I'll tell you what I'm really excited about, Claudio,
and slightly nervous also about,
is getting to American Chopper.
Getting to the Orange County Chopper guys.
That they're not welcoming or I don't know, you know what I mean?
That they don't like us or
I'm just-- I'm very excited to get there
and I'm hoping that we can ride their bikes this afternoon.
-Can we go? Should we ride? Come on. -Yeah, let's go. Let's ride.
Let's go to American Choppers.
Paulie Sr. and Paulie Jr.
Fucking excited.
How you doing?
You get a few days where you just didn't wanna do nothing?
It was really hard in Mongolia. Sometimes you'd go on one road
and it would start to go off in the wrong way.
And you'd have to then come back.
And some roads you'd go on, they would get so fucked up
that you couldn't ride them anymore.
Then you'd have to go back and find another road.
-It was just-- -Would you do it again?
N-- Yeah.
-Not now but yeah. -Some other time.
-Not to-- not today, no. -Maybe in another year or two.
-It's beautiful. -How many miles did you do totally?
-Do you know? -I think we've done probably about 18,500.
-Eighteen thousand miles. -Yeah.
In six months?
No, in three-- in three and a half months.
In three and a half months.
A hundred and twelve days.
Just heading to you guys really.
Yeah, basically.
But it's been fantastic.
It's so nice to be here, guys.
-Yes, good to have you. -Thank you for--
So a lot of these aren't really functional roads?
-For making it possible. -You guys took a long way to get here.
-Yeah. -This bit of road here is
If you run an open belt with no cover on there,
it'll suck your pants right in sometimes and rip the bottom leg off your pants.
-But it's all good. Looks good though. -It does look awesome.
Safety second.
I love this.
It's incredible.
-This is nice. Look at that. -You know what's amazing was
when you're riding these bikes and you look down and there's this belt
just driving round just that far away from your trousers.
So, in the slightest out of your mind, you've always got--
Suddenly feeling this thing with your leg being dragged in.
But also, I was behind you, and I turned my wheel and I thought,
"What's it hitting against?" So, I looked and it was your leg.
It's-- It's so far ahead, it takes you ages to get used to that.
Just the idea that it's all the way out there, you know.
But you're right. It's the sound and there's the wind and it's the ride.
-The whole combination of the three -Oh, yeah, yeah.
makes the whole thing so radical.
It's incredible.
-You know, with that long nose and -Yeah.
I mean, my impressions were always that they wouldn't handle
and they wouldn't-- but it's not.
And they're poky as well, I mean.
-Yeah. -They sound like wasps or something.
-Nasty, aren't they? -It's wonderful.
Can I have a sit on that? Can I?
Yeah, what's that thing he's touching just there?
It's a shift. It's a suicide shift.
Yeah, you shift-- There's no hand clutch. It's a foot clutch and you shift it.
See, there's no clutch up on the-- The foot clutch. See where it is?
-Yeah. -So, you just push that in and shift it.
It's called "suicide clutch" for a reason. If I was riding it.
Oh, hello.
It's nice, huh? You look good. That's you.
-That's me, innit? -That's you.
If you rode that, you wouldn't wanna get off it.
Go all the way back to Magadan.
With great pleasure.
I-- I like them both. You know, I like-- I like this.
It really appeals to me. The look of it and, um
Somewhere between this, the black one, and the orange one, I think is
is my bike in there, isn't it?
Oh, my God. What is my wife gonna say?
"What do you mean you got another bike?"
I'll never forget that feeling of riding that bike.
I've never ex-- felt anything like it.
You looked so good on it as well.
You're just saying that.
No, it's true, baby.
Well, that's very kind of you.
Look, I swear, with your hair and that shirt
funnily enough just set it all off.
When you were riding back,
I just saw California and the sea behind you and I thought
"We gotta all move to LA and live in a-- You know, live on these bikes."
I wouldn't mind hanging out in LA for a couple of years.
Get a big communal house, you know? And two families.
"What are we doing today, Uncle Ewan?"
"Well, me and your daddy are going out on the bikes.
I don't know what you're doing."
The wives are here somewhere.
I don't know if they know. I don't think they know.
I really don't think they know.
-We loved the experience today. -It was so beautiful.
I am, like, completely drained from riding. I mean
I got in such a state of excitement before we got there and then, um,
we arrived and met, you know, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., and Vinnie and all the guys.
It's funny when you meet someone-- You feel like you know them so well
because you've seen them so often.
You can tend to be a bit overfamiliar with the person because you feel like
you know them and yet they don't know anything about you.
The wives are upstairs. I just called them.
I told them to wait, okay? For as long as they possibly can.
They're not here, are they?
-What? -Family. Here.
No. In Ne-- They're in Manhattan. Yeah, yeah.
-Sorry. -I just had this slight
feeling that they might've been here but they're not, are they?
I just had this thing that maybe they might be here.
Charley said maybe the girls are here and I went, "Do you think they are?"
-They're not, so it's fine. -It would've been wonderful.
What it's gonna be like when you see your wife
-for the first time? -Insane.
No, it won't be insane. I think I'll--
Oh, my God, they are here.
Oh, my God.
Hello, darling.
Coming up the hill, "What if the girls were here?"
-Oh, did he say that? -'Cause he had a feeling.
-How are you? -You've grown a beard.
I've grown a beard. Yeah.
You look gorgeous, you two.
I want it off! I want it off to see you.
-I'll go under here. -Oh, my God.
It's so bizarre that I'm seeing you and it's, like, not you
because you got this thing, but it is you.
I just cannot believe you're here.
-I just can't tell you -Where are they from?
how happy I am today.
Russ is behind. He's trying to sort of keep the BMW guys aside.
They're sort of insisting on an interview before the convoy.
I mean, I'm sorry. I--
We don't know what it is though.
No, I think it's probably how'd the bikes do, and I just said,
"Listen, we can only limit it to a photo and maybe a couple of quick questions."
-Go over there. Over there. -Oi, oi!
What's that like?
-What's that like? -Fantastic.
Is it nice? The old Boxer.
-Guys, how are you? -Hello, Russ.
And new jeans, Russ!
Let me introduce you to Lawrence from BMW. We're just gonna do this quick interview.
Lawrence, this is Ewan.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-Oh. -That's fantastic.
I spoke to Mum in Scotland. She's in Scotland.
Oh, Dad, it's so good to see you.
-Lawrence from BMW. -Lawrence from BMW.
How are you?
-How did you not say anything? -I had no idea.
-Did you not know? -I had no idea.
That's the most ch-- That's been the most choreographed bit of the whole trip.
I'm so excited now. I-- I can barely
I can barely contain myself to get there.
We did it! New York!
We fucking did it, mate.
-Fucking did it. Fucking did it. -We just did it.
Ah, they're unbelievable. I'm so happy for them.
And I-- I was honored to be a part of this whole thing, you know.
I actually felt choked up coming over the bridge for them guys
'cause I know they've been through so much.
They put themselves to the test, and they finally made it.
So, I'm real happy and I'm proud.
It's great to have them back. Great to have them back in one piece.
And last night, having dinner,
I was hearing about all the things that happened.
Like them getting hit by cars and--
We never heard anything about that when they were doing it.
Which is just as well really.
The whole thing's really cool.
Right from day one when they started out doing what they were gonna do
to right to here, you know.
-Start planning the next one. -Ten a penny.
We arrived here at 2 o'clock,
which is when we said we'd be here on the 29th of July.
See you in Heathrow, baby!
See you in Heathrow.
There's lessons to be learned all over the place.
There's lots of lessons we learned from the way the people were that we met
all around the world and how generous and friendly they were.
There's lots to think about about that and that will sink in over the next month.
Uh, I-I've learned to-- to listen more. Or at least try, anyway.
I'm certainly more patient.
"I have learned to be more patient." Cut.
"When does this fucking plane leave?"
Thanks for everything, Charley. Yeah, cheers. Yeah, thanks, mate.
This is a piece of gaffer tape that we stuck down four months ago.
Okay, guys.
See you in New York!
Get me out of fucking London.
I'm so glad we're doing it now.
-Calm down, Russ. -All right.
It just went straight into Ewan's eyes.
There's guns everywhere.
There's a long, long way to go.
We're in Kazakhstan!
Just getting stopped again and again and again.
I look a bit like Manimal.
Tarmac is now a thing of the past.
Physically, the roads can't get much worse,
because you wouldn't be able to even drive on them.
It's just gonna be a nightmare.
Welcome to Mongolia.
Oh, my goodness. These roads are gonna be intense.
It's like some moon or something.
I love it here.
People we met and the culture and the animals, it's beautiful.
But it's hard, it's hard. It's harder than anything we've done so far.
Russ and Vasiliy just got into an accident.
I think we've ridden to the other side of the world.
Oh, my God. It's cracked here as well.
Far Eastern Russia was the worrying bit. Always.
This is the hardest bit and when we did the maps,
said this is gonna be the toughest bit.
This is incredible.
The most exciting motorcycling I've ever, ever done in my life.
We got to a point where we couldn't ride any further.
Charley's really injured himself.
We're now a part of the support crew story, you know what I mean?
Please don't let anyone get hurt doing this.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Magadan!
We've successfully now crossed the biggest continent in the world
and are now going to the next one.
Just saw this red car come up and hit Ewan's panniers.
We did it! New York!
London town!
Can't wait to be home!
Ewan and Charley come up here, over the finish line,
checkered flag drops.
And Long Way Round is over.
The trip's finished and the goal of a lifetime has been achieved.
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