Longmire s01e04 Episode Script

The Cancer

Aah! What? Walt, hang on.
You're gonna throw your back out.
Pull, Ferg.
Pull! Fisherman hooked them.
I sent him home.
He was pretty rattled.
Caught them on a parachute Adams.
They're tied up like a pot roast.
Gunshot wounds are in the chest.
Exit wounds are in the back, through and through.
Likely no slugs.
Well-preserved Can't have been in this water too long.
Oh, right.
Since Custer National Forest is right across the stream, I gave a heads-up to the ranger station.
I hope you don't mind.
I didn't tell them anything about what happened, I swear.
- I just wanted to make sure - Ferg.
Good job.
- Morning, Eli.
- Hey, Walt.
Who are they? Not sure.
There's no wallets or I.
On either one of the victims.
Is there anything I can do to help? This is the at lip.
What's upriver? Uh, Swiftwater Creek flows right into the flat lip about 5 klicks north of here.
Klicks? Yeah, you know, klicks.
It's another word for Miles.
Actually, uh, klicks are kilometers.
It's army jargon.
You've seen too many war movies, Ferg.
Flat lip river runs right through the res, doesn't it? So these guys could be Cheyenne.
Key card.
It's probably from a motel.
Is there a name on it? Well, that would make life too easy, wouldn't it? It's not for the Ritz.
That's for damn sure.
Hold up.
National forest across the stream.
Res upriver.
Who owns all this land? You are tall! Morning.
I'm Sheriff Longmire.
This is Deputy Moretti.
Sorry, sorry.
I-I'm a little frazzled.
I just got into town.
Is this about the permits? 'cause my contractor said he got those permits.
I swear No no, ma'am.
Please come in.
I'm sorry.
Come in.
- They're here somewhere.
- This is not about permits.
Actually, it's a little more serious than that.
We're investigating a crime, miss Ambrose Lizzie Ambrose.
We recovered two bodies on your property this morning Took them out of the creek.
Oh, that's awful.
That's that's just awful.
What can I do to help? Take a look at some photos of the men we found.
Yeah, let me get my glasses.
We need to know if you recognize them.
Let me see.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, I don't know what happened.
I guess I just hadn't adjusted to the altitude.
And those pictures Should I be scared, Sheriff? I mean, I'm out here all alone now.
You said you didn't recognize either of the victims.
You sure they weren't part of the crew working on your property? I don't think so, but, like I said, I was away.
Could you call your contractor and get a complete list of everyone - who's worked on your house? - Yeah, of course.
Do you think one of them could've been the murderer? Probably not.
It's best to be sure.
Now, uh, we're gonna need to speak to all of them before we leave, and, uh, after that, you might want to send them home till we clear this up.
Could you do that for me? I don't think I could talk to them right now.
Look at me.
I'm still shaking.
Don't worry, ma'am.
We'll make sure they leave you in peace.
Thank you.
Go make sure you follow up on that list of names from the contractor, and take that key card you found on the victim, see if you can't find what hotel it's from.
We need to get these men I.
Is there a problem? You do realize she was flirting with you, right? She fainted.
It's a classic first move.
I think you're reading too much into it, Vic.
First, she makes a big point of mentioning that she's all alone out here, and then she touches your arm.
I'm just saying, she's cute.
You should ask her out.
Vic, just drop it.
Whatever! How did you know I was here? I didn't.
I stopped by the Red Pony.
They said you were here.
Didn't say you were wrecking my house.
I am fixing your house.
Somebody has to.
I was gonna get to that this weekend.
No, you were not.
So, why are you looking for me? I need a favor.
That is Freddy white hawk.
You know the other one? Never seen him before.
How well do you know Freddy? He was one of the few kids on the res who had a shot at a real future If he wanted it.
Nice kid.
Great student.
But? But I caught him dealing pot at the red pony, and I banned him.
Maybe I should've helped him.
Freddy have any family? His parents died when he was young.
He was raised by his grandmother, Alma.
They were very close.
Walt, I know it is your job, but I would like to notify Alma of Freddy's death.
Might land easier that way.
Officer, I'm the manager here And I think you need a warrant for what you're trying to do.
What are you a lawyer? Six hotels, and everybody seems to think that I need a warrant when all I am trying to do Is see if there is a hotel in this county that belongs to this key card.
I mean, whatever happened to civic pride, helping out the po-lice? Finally.
Now you really do need a search warrant.
You got lucky.
Judge was drinking at the Red Pony.
Here's your warrant.
Do you smell something? Smells like church.
Sheriff's department! Walt? Holy shit.
Well, we got guns and money.
All we need is lawyers.
So, there really was a double homicide.
Thought you were just trying to ruin my weekend.
Appreciate you making it in, branch.
Sorry you had to cut your trip to Jackson short.
Ah, it's fine.
We were fighting the whole time anyway.
Who's "we"? What's up with this guy? Found him in the motel room of one of the victims.
Yeah, along with a shitload of ammo and 238 grand in $50s and $100s.
Thought it was just some kid from the res.
Freddy white hawk, one of the victims.
Other guy checked into that motel room Octavio Mora, paid cash.
We also found this rental-car map of l.
in his hotel room.
So we think Octavio rented a car in L.
no sign of it at the motel.
And now these morons won't tell me anything, even though I've told them Yeah, uh-huh.
No, that's correct.
I'm calling about one of your rental cars.
Please don't put me on hold a Sons of bitches.
Sheriff, I think I found something.
That statue is a Saint Jesús Malverde.
He's the patron Saint of smugglers, and he's kind of a big deal with the Mexican drug cartels.
What the hell is a Mexican drug cartel doing in Absaroka county? And how'd a kid from the res end up floating in the river with him? Drugs usually mean gangs.
Maybe the res gang started importing directly from Mexico.
Was Freddy in a gang? I don't know.
I know who might.
Where is he? He is in my office.
What are you doing out here? I am doing what one normally does in a bar drinking.
Have you talked to Freddy's grandma? Yes.
How'd it go? You run through the right words.
You think about what to say.
But when you're there I know.
Alma would like Freddy's things back, especially his Saint Christopher medal.
We didn't find anything, uh, like that on him.
She said he always carried it with him.
Would you look again? Of course.
This white guy's got a glass jaw.
He's not gonna last long.
What happened? So you knew him? That's Freddy white hawk.
What happened? Shot in the heart, tied up to a Mexican drug-cartel operative.
They were both floating downriver from your res.
Must've been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Was Freddy in a gang? I'll call their membership office and see if he's on the roster.
Mathias, I just had to tell Alma white hawk that her only grandson was murdered.
That woman does not care about your pissing match with the Sheriff.
She wants to know what happened to her boy.
If you cannot stand the idea of cooperating with Walt You think of it as helping her.
I'm trying to find a connection between Freddy and the Mexican cartel.
Now, was Freddy in a gang? Not that I know of.
What about the cartel? Are they operating on the res? - They were.
- Were? Growing marijuana on res land about 10,000 plants.
They were actually growing it here? It's good business.
Plant the supply next to the customer, cut down on transportation costs.
When did you find them? A month ago.
Arrested five Mexican migrant workers, held them for a week.
The feds never showed up to take custody because they're focused on the border, so we had to let them go.
You raided a Mexican cartel grow and never thought to let me know? Problem's contained, Sheriff.
Next time, I'll send a smoke signal.
This one of the Mexicans you released? No.
This guy I know him.
Found the same one in a tent at the grow we raided.
It was like a little shrine.
Yeah, he's their patron Saint.
You want to hear my theory, Sheriff? Cartels use scouts to find the best place to hide a grow.
Freddy must've been theirs.
After we raided the grow, cartel got angry at Freddy and killed him for picking a bad spot.
When Cheyenne get into business with outsiders, it never ends well.
Should've known it was you.
You're the only guy in town that gets pizza delivered to a mile marker.
Hi, Jamie.
I was sorry to hear about your wife, Walt.
It was weird.
Uh, I-I saw her right before she went to Denver, and she seemed good.
And then I don't know It all happened so sudden.
And, uh, you know, thanks for how you helped her when she was sick.
It's the business I'm in, Walt.
That's what I want to talk to you about Your business.
What do you need to know? Did you know Freddy white hawk? Why are you asking me in the past tense? Oh [Sighs] No.
Was he the Cheyenne kid they pulled out of the river? Not "they" me.
So you knew him? Yeah.
Buy marijuana from him? Do we still have, like, um, our old understanding? It's just between us.
I was just making sure.
Um, yeah.
The last eight or nine months, I got everything from Freddy.
He was like weed-mart.
He was making some serious coin, too.
Uh, I don't know where he was getting his stuff, but it was nice.
It was like, uh, a relaxed body buzz with an energetic yet slightly racy head high.
It was Why didn't you ever mention Freddy to me? You never asked.
That's how it's supposed to work, right? The cop asks the informant questions.
Freddy ever mention anything about the Mexican cartel? Mexican cartel Here in Wyoming? Have you have you watched CNN, Walt? T-these guys chop dudes' heads off! God, I'm so screwed! Jamie, think.
Freddy ever mention any Mexican names? Yeah, uh, h-h-he talked a couple times on the phone to a guy Some dude he called El Lupo.
Ever seen this man before? What'd they do to him? Oh, no, God! Oh, I told you! They're coming for me! What the hell is happening to my county? Man.
I still can't believe the cartel was growing pot here.
I mean How did we miss that? We didn't miss it.
It's not the Sheriff's fault that the tribal police didn't tell him.
Maybe not, but it's a good thing you found all that Jesús Malverde stuff.
We'd have had no idea to even look into the Mexicans if it wasn't for that.
That was nice work, Ferg.
Just a web search.
Here they come.
Let's do this.
Darius, quick, what's 21 minus 17? What? Four.
That's how many years till you can legally buy beer.
This is a serious offense.
$750 fine, up to six months in jail.
Come on.
Answer a couple questions, guys.
Maybe we can work something out.
Was he a member of your gang? Yo, CSI Wyoming, I don't need a gang.
I got my tribe.
That's my gang.
And the only gang Freddy white hawk was in Was, like, the national honor society.
Freddy was a major pot dealer.
Apparently, he was printing money.
I got to imagine you guys wouldn't like that.
Maybe you went so far as to take Freddy out.
If Freddy was dealing, he wasn't dealing on the res.
We'd have known about that.
Our boys even helped the tribal police take down a Mexican pot farm on res land.
Does the name "El Lupo" mean anything to you? Yeah.
It's Mexican for "wolf.
" Actually, it's Italian.
This beer's warm.
Next time, pull from the back.
It's colder.
Mathias used gang members to raid the cartel grow? Kind of like what we did in Iraq.
Pay the bad guys to fight the even worse guys.
Mathias thinks the cartel was cleaning house after his raid.
Punishing their scout.
But why would the cartel kill one of their own guys, too? Maybe Freddy and Octavio double-crossed the cartel somehow Cheated them out of money, stole product.
Or maybe Mathias was the one running the drug trade and the cartel was his competition.
Well, that would explain why Mathias never informed us about his raid.
Well, if Freddy wasn't working with Mathias or the gangs, he was certainly working with someone.
El Lupo.
Who's El Lupo? Miss Ambrose.
Can we help you? Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I interrupted.
It's just, um, Deputy Moretti asked for that, uh, list from my c oh, shoot My contractor of all the, um, laborers he said worked on my renovation.
Next time, you can just fax it over.
Well, I also have something else for you.
Uh Do you have, like, an office? Yeah.
Oh, just right in there.
Oh, okay.
Oh, hi.
Well, look at this.
I didn't want to do this in front of them.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I recognize that guy from his posters.
He's the one running against you for Sheriff, isn't he? Yeah.
Anyway, I was very impressed with the way you handled things yesterday, so I want to write you a check for your campaign.
It's not necessary, ma'am.
It's It's Lizzie.
And I insist.
Anyway, maybe we could, uh, get together one night for a drink or dinner.
I like to stay informed about the issues.
Well Uh, quicker that way.
Yeah? It may be funny to you.
I don't appreciate you telling her to come down here, trying to set me up on a date.
Walt, I never asked her When I told you to drop it before, I meant drop it.
You think the whole world is flirting.
You ever wonder if it was just you? Can I answer my phone? Yeah.
Deputy Moretti.
Yeah, no, I would love that information.
Thank you.
Yeah, hey Did that car come with a GPS? It did? Heard the chatter on the radio.
You lost, Philly? No.
Just curious why Octavio Mora's rental car ended up so close to the res.
Not on res land.
Boots are standing on paved national forest.
This road here runs through your land.
Is the geography lesson over? I'll check the bushes and the garbage cans.
You take the car.
If this isn't your land, why are you giving us orders? There's a security bar on the inside.
Here, let me try.
Excuse me.
You know, I really don't appreciate being accused of something I didn't do.
What do you mean? I told Lizzie Ambrose to send that list in.
I never told her to come by the station.
Uh Okay, well, I Besides, you wouldn't be so angry if there wasn't some sort of attraction between you two.
First Jesús Malverde, now Saint Christopher? These guys sure like their saints.
That belonged to Freddy.
Okay, well, at least now we can put Freddy and Octavio together.
They entered the woods alive, floated out dead.
After the cartel got kicked off the res, maybe they set up shop in the national forest.
Freddy could've been looking for a new place to grow pot.
Call the forest service.
Have them poke around.
See if anybody's started farming out here.
What are those, surveillance photos? I think it's a target list.
- You got a problem? - No.
If these murders are about the cartel seeking vengeance, why are you still alive? 'cause I stood up to them.
They know not to mess with me.
You or the gang you paid to run them off? By the way, what happened to all that pot you seized, Mathias? You think I'm involved in the drug trade, Sheriff, just say it.
I just did.
So I raided the cartel's grow just to knock out the competition? Is that what you think? That's what the cartel thinks.
So, you think Mathias is involved in these murders? What do you think? That seem like something he might be capable of? I hope not.
But, then again, all men are capable of killing under the right circumstances.
You know I remember when I could count the number of murders in this county on one hand, two at most.
Now I got a multibillion-dollar drug cartel right in my backyard.
To progress.
It's a cancer, Henry.
You know the thing about cancer? By the time you find it It's often too late.
Do you have a reservation, sir? No.
That's okay.
I think we have a room.
So you're a fisherman? Yes.
Can I have a name, sir, and a credit card? My name is Octavio Mora.
I was off-trail an hour ago and heard this music playing.
Figure it's just hikers goofing off, but when I got closer, it smelled like pot.
I didn't want to get too close, so I called you.
All right, then, Eli, let's follow your nose.
Sheriff's department! Ammo.
Looks like it belongs to an AK-47.
He must've heard me the first time and high-tailed it out of here.
Aks, secret camps I came home from Afghanistan to get away from all this crap.
Ammonium nitrate.
It's good for growing weed And making bombs.
Homeland security requires fertilizer sellers to keep a record of all large sales.
Call all the big Farm suppliers in Absaroka, see who's been buying fertilizer in bulk.
The cancer's spreading.
- Who are you? - Uh, I'm Carson.
Someone ordered a pizza, which is weird since this place sells pizza.
Good pizza.
Where's Jamie? He didn't show up for work.
Jamie, I can't help you unless you call me back.
I'm at the red pony.
It's my last message.
Where do you think he is? I'm hoping he's just hiding.
You hope? I'm worried that Mathias or the cartel have got to him, so Okay, I found something.
According to the Internet, it takes the average marijuana plant three months of growth to reach the height of this plant.
Well, according to the Internet, the moon landing was faked.
I am just trying to help.
I know.
I'm sorry.
So, three months.
What does that tell us? Well, if Mathias kicked the cartel off the res a month ago and they set up this new grow, these plants would be smaller.
This grow was active before then.
I know a guy at the AG school in Sheridan.
If this plant can tell us anything, he will know what.
You can't.
I have to.
I have to help Freddy.
I did not do anything then.
I have to do something now.
I mean, you can't walk around with a 4-foot marijuana plant.
It's illegal, remember? Deputize me.
Thank you.
Where you been? Spinning my wheels.
Where are you two going? Well, we checked on that fertilizer.
None of the big stores made bulk sales to any large family or industrial ranches.
But they all report a series of small purchases just under the homeland security limit, all to the same local worker Nomar Vargas.
I had them track down security video of his last purchase.
Recognize him? He works for your girlfriend.
I'm just kidding.
He's on the list that Lizzie Ambrose brought over.
We're gonna go track down his last-known address.
No, branch.
I'm gonna need you to find someone Man named Jamie Debell.
I'll go with Vic.
Who's Jamie Debell? A person of interest in this case.
He's either involved in these murders, or he's gonna be our next body, so Mr.
Vargas, why have you been buying so much fertilizer? I do all kinds of jobs for people Landscaping, too.
Well, you've been buying a buttload for one of your employers.
We're interested in one in particular El Lupo.
Look, Nomar, nobody will know you talked to me.
You just tell everyone you're here about a job.
I need to know who El Lupo is.
I swear, I never met him.
I just buy the supplies and drop them off.
We have receipts that say you used cash.
Where'd you get the money? From a Cheyenne boy Freddy.
He would drop off bags of cash to me from El Lupo, a-and I would just buy and then drop off the supplies.
That's all, though.
Where? Show me on a map.
This is the spot.
Oh, my God! Looks like El Lupo has big expansion plans.
Where the hell do you think he's growing? I don't know.
This forest covers 1.
2 million acres, so we'd better start looking.
See if you can reach Eli.
I tracked these pipes from that pot farm we found.
Figured they must lead to a lake or a river.
And if there are more grows out here, they've got to be irrigated by something.
Two different water sources, or do you think one of these pipes leads to another pot grow? Let's find out.
Vic, you go on with Eli.
I'll head up this way.
I can follow a pipe.
You two walk too slow, anyway.
Is she single? Hello? Yeah.
Yeah, he's standing right next to me, actually.
For you.
Hello? Walt, my friend at the AG school was able to I.
Our marijuana strain.
It is called Khyber Kush.
It is a rare strain.
Mexican cartels would not bother with it.
Apparently, it grows better at 6,000 feet or higher.
The strain originated in the foothills of Southern Afghanistan.
Hello? Did I lose you? I heard you.
Thanks, Henry.
Everything good? Yeah.
Mexican cartels.
Now that they've finished screwing up their own country, they got to come here and screw up ours.
Only thing is I'm pretty sure the grow we raided was not the work of a Mexican cartel.
Really? You think it was a res gang? I'm gonna hit the head.
A res gang would have every incentive to keep their grow on the res, wouldn't they? Besides, the pot we raided wasn't from around here.
So, where is it from? Southern Afghanistan.
You know that part of the world, Eli, don't you? Said you served over there.
That's right.
Four deployments.
So, you ever run into any grows over there? Any Khyber Kush? How about it El Lupo? Staging a raid on one of your own grows, trying to throw me off.
That's smart.
Walt, this is crazy.
You're way out of line here.
I saw how much fertilizer Nomar Vargas was buying.
I knew there was tons more pot in these hills.
So you could afford to sacrifice one grow To make it look like the cartel's work.
But you forgot their Jesús Malverde statue.
All right.
All right, these grows were mine, but I didn't kill Freddy.
He was my friend.
He was my partner.
He knew customers, and after four tours of wandering around pot farms and poppy fields in Kandahar, I knew how and I knew where to grow.
Why is he dead, Eli? Because Freddy underestimated the enemy, Walt.
Two days ago, Freddy shows up at one of my grows with a stranger Mexican cartel guy Freddy scouted for way back.
Freddy thought he could be a partner.
But this bastard, no, he tries to buy our business.
And when I say, "no," this son of a bitch he shoots Freddy twice in the chest.
Figures I'm just gonna shit my pants and sell.
Well, after being through what I had, you just react.
So you killed him? Hell yes.
There's no way that guy was leaving there alive after executing Freddy.
You know, Walt, I was sent to war to kill my country's enemies over there, and now it looks like I'm going to jail for killing my country's enemies here.
Walt?! Walt?! The only way we get out of here Is taking these cuffs off and giving me my sidearm back.
We got to split up to take them out, Walt.
I got enough regrets in my life.
Don't make me add this to the list.
Don't move! You just gonna shoot me in the back? I got every right to.
Unh! You know they're gonna keep coming, Walt.
They're not just gonna give up.
Neither am I.
Eli, drop the gun! Where you been, Jamie? We've been worried about you.
I know.
I was worried about me.
We solved Freddy's murder.
The guy who killed him is dead.
That's what your deputy told me.
Branch? Did he say anything else? He wanted to know how you and I knew each other.
What'd you say? Told him we used to play in the same band.
"Now you owe me dinner.
" Signed "Lizzie.
" Who is Lizzie? A registered voter.
Will you see that Freddy's grandma gets that?