Longmire s02e03 Episode Script

Death Came in Like Thunder

Previously on Longmire Hey, is the detective from Denver called? Fales.
Not for you, he hasn't.
Good evening, Sheriff.
Not sheriff quite yet.
Maybe you could use some help with that.
Why didn't you tell me Cady left town? 'Cause it's none of your business.
You don't even know where your own daughter is, do you? Hey, you've reached Cady.
Leave your name and number, and I'll get back to you I know you don't want to talk to me, just come home.
Excuse me, I'm looking for one of your detectives.
Detective Fales? He expecting you? No.
But just tell him Cady Longmire is here.
All right, how about a hand for Branch Connally? We wish him better luck in the election.
- I thought you had it.
- I did.
Let him win, Ferg.
Quick photo.
Come on, guys.
Ruby tell you where I was? Yes.
And she also wanted you to know that the city council called.
They scheduled a debate between you and Branch.
I don't remember a debate last election.
That is because you ran unopposed.
What? I can tell you've got something else you wanna say.
Only after you put down the axe.
I heard from Cady.
She called you? She sent me an e-mail.
It did not say much, only that she is safe.
This, uh, e-mail say where she was or anything or? If Cady had wanted me to know, she would have said so.
She is an adult, Walt.
She's my daughter.
Walt, I am only the messenger.
Hello? Miss Etta place.
Detective Fales.
I was hoping to hear from you.
What's with the assumed name? I like my privacy.
I'm calling to talk you out of doing this.
No, I need to talk to someone who will tell me what happened to my mother.
How long are you in Denver? As long as I have to be.
The 911 operator said the call came from somewhere near here.
Sheriff's department.
Hello? Up here.
Hello? Ohh, thank God.
What's your name, son? I'm Robbie Colfer.
It's my leg.
I think it's broken.
It's not broken.
Kneecap's dislocated.
That's impressive.
How did you manage that? I, uh, was riding my bike up on state park trail.
I guess I got lost.
I didn't think state park was anywhere near here.
It isn't.
Try again, Robbie.
All right, I know I'm on private property.
But these hills are legendary, man.
I was stoked.
Then I hit a rock, and next thing you know it, tail up down the mountain.
He's ass over heels.
I got to see that again.
I'm sorry.
Worse news fine for trespassing's $500, son.
What? You got to be shitting That's not cool, man.
It'll be tender for a bit, but you can walk on it.
Hey, Walt.
Robbie didn't hit a rock.
No heartbeat.
There's no head trauma.
No blood.
He has no visible wounds.
He looks pretty young.
Marko Vayas.
32 years old.
If I had to guess, I'd say heart attack or aneurysm? What's with the beret? "Vayas" isn't French.
Basque immigrants from the mountains between France and Spain.
What are they doing in Wyoming? Uh, things got bad in their homeland around World War II, so they came here to raise sheep.
I don't see any sheep.
And I don't see his dog.
Young guy dying of a heart attack, okay, but his dog dying at the same time's a little too coincidental.
What do you think poison? Stop at his house.
If there's poison there, we don't want anyone else exposed.
Robbie, got to make a stop.
Anyone home? Hello? Reclusive-bachelor chic.
You and Marko have the same decorator.
I'll look for poison.
There's no medications in the cabinet, no food.
This guy obviously lived alone.
It's kind of sad, actually.
He might have some family.
We should try to notify them.
Any idea how to find them? What's the date today? Barrabilak, please.
Have you ever had that before? Here you go.
What did you just eat? You don't want to know.
Um you know where we can find the Vayas family? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Costa, Sal? Is everything all right? - This is my wife, Amaya.
- Pleasure.
Sheriff Longmire.
W would you join us? Uh I understand you're related to Marko Vayas.
Marko is our baby brother.
He's not here, though.
He went up into the pasture three days ago so we could compete in the festival.
Have you seen or talked to him since? What is this about? Sorry to tell you, we found your brother dead this morning on his property near Gallitan Falls.
Are you sure of this? I'm afraid so.
What happened? We're still trying to figure that out.
Can you tell us anything? Was it an accident? Did he die of a heart attack or something? Did Marko suffer from any heart conditions? No, not that we know of, but it runs in the family.
Their father died a a few months ago from a heart attack.
We found this picture at his house.
Is that his wife or girlfriend or She's a girl in Ecuador.
Marko never met her.
He had it in his head he was going to bring her to Wyoming to marry.
Like a mail-order bride? We always call Marko "basati.
" It means "crazy boy.
" He had these wild ideas a lot, but he never went through with the marriage.
We were able to talk some sense into him.
Guess he just held onto the picture.
I'm sorry, but we're not done yet.
No one's watching the sheep.
Let him go.
That was weird Sal just leaving like that.
I got four brothers, and we don't always get along.
But if you told me one of them was dead, I wouldn't give a damn about any sheep.
What you thinking? I can't tell if Marko's family is lying to us or if Marko was lying to his family.
What makes you say that? This picture was taken here.
This girl's in Wyoming.
What's that? Uh, this picture that Walt found at the victim's house.
Something about it told him it was taken from around here.
She's cute.
Got a nice smile.
More than I can say for some people.
Try cracking a grin next time.
National crime information center.
This is David Mackey.
David, this is Sheriff Longmire, Absaroka County.
I need you to run a name through the computer for me Marko Vayas.
I'm curious if any other law-enforcement agency's ever run his name for anything.
Sure, I'll check the database.
Now, listen while I got you on the phone, uh, has there been any hit on that name I gave you a while back? Sheriff, I told you before, if anyone looks into this Henry "Standing Bear" guy, I'll call you.
Ok? - I appreciate it.
- No problem.
I got it.
- It's the mountain.
- Nope.
It's the bird.
- A red-tip meadowlark.
- Yeah.
Wyoming native.
Don't go much further south than the bighorns.
Come out to the pasture this time of year to eat the clover that grows in the sheep droppings.
So, the picture could have been taken on Marko's land.
You get anything from the biker's video? Uh, no.
Besides the crash, there's really nothing to see.
It's about two hours long.
I watched it in fast forward.
You go too fast, you miss the little things.
- Slow it down, watch it again.
- We're not gonna get Marko's toxicology report back for a few weeks, and I have spent the last two hours going through 100 mail-order-bride websites.
Hey, Walt? Why does she get all the good assignments? We need to get ahold of Marko's computer if we're ever gonna figure out which services he used.
Marko didn't have a computer.
Where'd he find the girl, then? The old-fashioned way.
"Cyrano Caballero big sky matchmaker.
Say hola to your new bride.
" Hmm.
You know the number-one epidemic facing American men today is heartache.
What you got is a lot of very frustrated fellas looking for a better class of woman.
Luckily, though, right on the other side of that border, you've got plenty of lovely Latin ladies who are also looking to improve their lives.
So I put these two together, and bingo problemo solved.
A cure, if you will.
I can't believe men actually pay you for this stuff.
A lot of guys actually think American women are pushy and overbearing.
Sheriff, I couldn't help but notice that you don't have a ring on that finger.
You know, I'd be more than happy to offer you my services.
No, thank you.
A good woman goes a long way to easing some of the obvious stresses of your daily life.
I'm seeing someone.
We're not here to talk about his love life, okay? Do you recognize this girl? Oh, yeah.
That's Rosa Marquez.
And a true rose she is.
Married a basquo boy by the name of Marko Vayas.
Couldn't have been more than a month ago.
Yeah, we spoke to Marko's family.
They had the impression he didn't go through with the marriage.
A lot of times, families have a hard time understanding love.
But I can assure you they were married.
I helped her put her immigration papers in order and I officiated the ceremony.
Then you'll have her immigration papers and her last known address.
Mm, my stuff's not all that computerized.
Besides, I can't just give you my client's personal information.
Marko Vayas was found dead, possibly murdered, and Rosa There was no sign of her at his house.
Oh, hold on here.
If you think that Rosa had anything to do with Marko's death, you got another thing coming.
I put all my girls through a rigorous background check, and I'll tell you that Rosa is as good a girl as they come.
Jeremiah, I'm not accusing Rosa of anything, but I do need to talk to her.
I mean, I'm sorry about Marko.
My heart goes out to his family and to Rosa.
But I'll tell you what, I haven't spoke to either one of them since the day they got hitched.
All right.
You hear from Rosa, give us a call.
I certainly will, but I can assure you you won't find that she had anything to do with any of this.
Oh, Sheriff.
If things don't work out with your lady friend, here's my card.
Give me a call if and when you change your mind, all right? I, uh, got the preliminary autopsy report.
Marko didn't die from an aneurysm or a heart attack.
It was respiratory failure caused by, and I quote, "exposure to an unknown substance.
" Poison.
- Where are we with Rosa Marquez? - Stuck.
Immigrations and customs said they'd get back to me on Rosa's visa info, but who knows how long that'll take, so Lizzie brought that by for you.
So What? Uh I found something.
Oh, sorry.
- Was I interrupting? - No, that's my phone.
I think.
Uh, before I show you the video, I just I just wanted to say that, about the picture in the paper I wasn't there supporting Branch.
We were on patrol.
He said he just needed to make a stop.
- I didn't know it was gonna be for the campaign - Ferg.
What did you find on the video? You see that? The biker had a bottle of water with him.
And? Well, if Marko was in those hills for a while, he would have had drinking water, too.
Hot day and all.
But you didn't find any.
Someone must have poisoned his canteen and took it before you got there.
See if you can find that canteen.
That was immigration.
I underestimated them.
As far as they know, Rosa hasn't left the country, but get this.
The address on her visa it's not Marko's place.
First Mexican drug dealers, now mail-order brides.
That's quite the clientele.
I don't judge people.
Sheriff's department.
Something tells me they're not yours.
Hey! Rosa just jumped out the window.
Stop right there! Look, hear hear me out, Walt.
I I know how this looks.
But the innocent party here is Rosa.
Most innocent people don't jump out the window and run.
She's afraid she's being deported.
Thinks 'cause her husband up and died, she's not a citizen anymore.
Told her it ain't so, but she won't listen to me.
Sheriff, I didn't mean to interfere with your investigation, but somebody's got to look out for this girl here.
You seem to care an awful lot about Rosa.
I care more about my business.
I guarantee all my girls they're gonna be safe from police harassment.
It helps if your girls don't murder their husbands.
I never kill Marko.
He was a good man.
He gave me a house, new life.
We searched Marko's house.
No one was living there but him.
I visit once.
It was a beautiful land.
But Marko was scared of what his brothers say, so we decide I could go live at the hotel, and when Marko sell his land, we could get a new house together.
Marko was selling his land.
You didn't think to mention that? I thought about it.
Who was he selling it to? No idea.
I think they conned him.
Jeremiah convinces Marko to sell his land to get the girl, they kill Marko, Rosa inherits, she and Jeremiah split the profits.
Need to confirm that Marko was selling his land first.
Well, I'll head over to the county clerk's office, see if anyone was pulling permits on the land.
Any luck with the canteen? No, but I'll keep looking.
Also, get some search warrants for Jeremiah's office, Rosa's hotel room.
Look for any types of poison.
Meantime, I'd say those two are a flight risk.
Let's lock them up for a bit.
What about Marko's brothers? Rosa said Marko was afraid of them.
If he was selling the family land and they found out, they'd have reason to be pissed.
When your mother, uh, left the hospital after her chemo treatment around 8:00, she stopped into this café.
The waitress said she ordered a cup of tea.
About 30 minutes later, she left, heading back to the hotel.
Her attacker came from this alleyway.
Somewhere in the scuffle, he stabbed her twice and took off.
Is this where she died? No.
She survived the initial stabbing.
She died a few hours later.
The hospital managed to get ahold of your father.
He was with her when she passed.
Did you ever catch the guy? That's why I came to Absaroka last month.
We did find him dead.
I want to see his face.
He tends to get aggressive around outsiders.
Just stopped by Costa's house.
Amaya told us we could find you two up here.
Is Costa around? We need to speak to both of you.
According to this, Costa left a day ago for the north pasture.
That's six miles that way.
What are all those markings? work is written on this land.
Any of this land belong to Marko? When my father died, he divided the land between the three of us, but we work it together equally.
We spoke to some people said Marko was planning to sell.
Those people lied.
Oh, it's possible he didn't tell you.
Seem to be a few things he's kept from you, like the fact that he married that girl from Ecuador.
It's strange that he never mentioned that.
Maybe he was afraid of how you'd react.
I told him that was a mistake.
Little basati was foolish when it came to some things.
But there are certain things even he was not foolish enough to do.
He would never sell this land behind our backs.
Too many have tried to steal it in the past.
Like who, exactly? Lumber companies.
They cut down our trees without permission, drive their logging trucks through our pastures.
You asked before about our enemies.
Those people.
They are our enemies.
Is that a spring? Our land is full of them.
Freshest water you'll ever Walt! Hang on! Hang on! Hang on.
Are there any Springs like this near where we found your brother? Show me.
This weather is insane.
We only went up, like, It's Wyoming.
What are those? Weeds? It's hemlock.
Looks like we found our poison.
Check it out.
It's our new poker-chip design.
Just came in today.
- It's nice.
- Keep it.
So, I've been seeing your new television ads all over the place.
Good to see you putting the campaign funds to use.
Trust you're getting everything you need.
Thank you.
But I've actually come about something else today.
What's that? Big Pines Timber recently pulled the permit on a piece of property I was looking into.
When I checked to see who owned the company, I was surprised to see your name on the board.
Oh, I assumed you knew.
My boys at the lumber yard did just throw you a campaign rally.
I thought you were just a casino developer.
I had no idea you were in the timber business.
I prefer to remain a silent partner.
White people get nervous when Indians start taking back their land.
Why were you looking into the company? The land big pines timber was looking to buy belonged to a basque sheep herder Marko Vayas.
He was recently found dead.
Well, that sounds tragic.
I've heard Marko may have been reconsidering the sale.
How badly did your company want that land? Are you accusing me of something, Branch? Jacob, I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but a dead body turning up in the middle of a business deal is bad P.
I know you don't need that, so I'm here to discuss it with you privately.
But if you don't give me anything, sooner or later, Walt will come knocking.
Well, I can tell you that our company has wanted that parcel for quite some time.
Vayas rejected our first two offers, but I thought we were finally nearing a deal.
So, his death now, in fact, poses a problem for us.
You bet.
What can you tell me about the case? You got suspects, witnesses? Do you know who inherits Marko's land? I can't give you details about an ongoing investigation.
Branch I didn't donate $100,000 to your campaign because I like your smile.
I was up at Marko's Wells looking for hemlock, and, uh, these are some of the cuttings that I took.
This is elderberry.
It's almost identical to hemlock except for the berries, obviously.
Oh, and it won't kill you.
And how exactly does that help us? Well, I didn't actually find hemlock by the wells, but I just thought it might be useful to see what it sort of looks like.
You get anything from Jeremiah's house or the motel? No poison, no canteen.
Jeremiah and Rosa are still in jail.
It's been almost 24 hours.
If we want to hold them, we're gonna have to charge them with something.
Jeremiah's lawyer's already on his way here.
All right.
Release them, Ferg.
Before you do, impound their cars and have Rosa surrender her passport.
What's all this? Turns out Marko was poisoned by hemlock.
He's probably the only person that died from it since Socrates.
All right, I googled it.
Poison's nothing new.
Back when the rail road was coming through, the U.
army used to poison Indian wells on occasion to kill the natives and take their land, so But Marko's brothers were the only ones who knew where that well was.
Not the only ones.
Rosa said she spent some time on the property.
Marko could have showed her the well, showing off the estate to his bride-to-be, or anyone looking to buy the property could have done some surveying, found the well that way.
You find anything at the county clerk's office? Yeah.
Big Pines Timber was trying to buy Marko's land.
Spoke with an official from the company who said Marko rejected the first couple offers, but looks like they were close to cutting a deal.
Which official? Spoke on the condition of anonymity.
We're not reporters, Branch.
Big Pines Timber just called.
We got to get down there.
You think you can just kill us? You'll have to do better than poison.
We won't die so easily.
Hey! Break it up! Sal, get off! Break it up! Come on.
They've already begun.
They're wiping us out.
You have to do something, Sheriff.
- Please.
- Take him.
Any truth in what Sal's saying? His brother came to us wanting to sell his part of their land, but the company thought it would be better to have the whole thing.
We made the family an offer for all three plots a week ago.
It was a very generous offer.
A simple "no" would have sufficed.
Is this the knife he used to kill her? Yeah, we found it with his body.
Her DNA was on the blade.
I know it's tough.
I'm only sorry you had to get all this from me.
I'm sure this would have been easier coming from your father.
Unfortunately, he didn't leave us much of a choice.
Well, it couldn't have been easy for him keeping something like this from you.
You'd be surprised.
He's gotten pretty good at it.
Don't be so hard on him.
I mean, everything you're feeling right now, he's had to go through it alone.
I mean, besides you, he only has that friend of his to talk to.
Um uh Henry.
That's right.
Is this his body? - He didn't die of an overdose? - No.
Someone broke his neck.
Do you have any idea who killed him? None.
But I've been at this a long time.
And sooner or later, everyone tells their secrets to somebody.
Hey, uh, I hope all this helped.
It did, I think.
You need anything else, feel free to call me, okay? I don't think I'm gonna do that.
No offense.
No offense taken.
Who was that? She was either sent here by the prime suspect in my murder case to find out what I know, or she's my new best friend.
That was Costa.
Told him the situation.
He said he'd get down here as soon as he could.
Why am I in this cell? Why?! It's those Timber people that should be in here.
There's no crime trying to buy someone's land.
We know Big Pines Timber made offers to all your family.
That's a lie.
No one came to offer me anything.
Everything they said so far has been true.
Whatever that Timber company offered, looks like Marko was gonna accept it.
And you would have done just about anything to stop that, wouldn't you? That land's been in your family for generations.
Marko was about to sell you all out.
You know nothing.
Nothing! Settle down! You ever hear of Guernica, Sheriff? Yeah.
It's a basque down in Spain.
Hitler bombed it, Picasso made a painting about it, and Marko had a copy of it in his house.
In 1937, Franco let Hitler use us for target practice.
My grandparents were the only ones of their family to survive.
Their land was gone destroyed.
But they had each other.
If you think I care more about land than my brother you're wrong.
But if what you're saying is true if someone killed Marko over a piece of pasture you best pray you find them, Sheriff.
Because if I get to them first, I will rip them apart with my bare hands.
Death came in like thunder.
Walt? If you're a man like Sal and you wanted to kill someone you do it face-to-face.
You'd want to see him up close watch the light go out of their eyes, and you wouldn't care if you got caught.
Poison is a coward's weapon.
Killers that use it are patient, sneaky.
They want to get away with it.
Sal doesn't fit that bill.
But there are a few people that do.
Branch, Ferg, go find Jeremiah and Rosa, bring them back in.
Vic, let's go see Costa and his wife.
Now what the hell is it? I just stopped by the motel.
Rosa's not there.
I'm guessing you know where she is.
I don't know anything.
Rosa? I don't see their truck.
Maybe Costa's on his way to the station to pick up Sal? Walt, it's Ferg.
I got Jeremiah in custody, but it looks like Rosa bolted.
All right, bring Jeremiah in.
And, Branch, keep looking for Rosa.
Uh, I don't know where Branch is.
He didn't come with me.
I need to speak with Jacob.
- He's out at a business dinner.
- Where? I know times, I don't know places.
But I'll tell him you dropped by.
I'll tell him myself.
Costa? Sheriff Longmire.
What the hell happened here? What did you say to Costa when you called? I just told him about Sal and the lumber company.
There's nobody here.
There's no telling where they went.
There's someone who might know.
This doesn't concern you, Sheriff! Pull her up! Pull her up now! I just wanted her to admit what she did.
She sold us out! - Oh, my God! - Amaya? - Stay down! - He was trying to drown me! I wasn't trying to kill her! Yes, you were.
Holding a person's head in a poisoned well that's attempted murder in my book.
You poisoned this well? I didn't.
I had no idea.
Then how did this get here? - You swallow any of that water? - Oh, God, I don't know.
Hemlock takes about an hour to work its way into your system.
Ambulance may not get here in time, but if we hurry Please, get me to a hospital.
I will.
I will.
Not just yet.
What? Walt, what the hell are you doing? Getting to the bottom of this.
I think the person who killed Marko knew that he was trying to sell his land.
Big Pines Timber said you all knew.
They said they made offers to your whole family for the property.
Sal said he never got an offer.
That true for you, Costa? No.
No! I never spoke with anyone! That's right.
You and Sal were always with the herd.
Days at a time.
Amaya you were the only one who was home when the lumber company came to make an offer for your land.
They told you that Marko was planning to sell his land.
You didn't tell your husband and Sal about the offer.
You didn't tell them what Marko was planning.
You decided to handle the situation yourself.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You make it look like a heart attack 'cause you knew the boys' father had died of one.
Wouldn't look strange if Marko died the same way.
I didn't have a choice.
If Marko sold his land, that would mean less water, less grazing land for the sheep.
In a year, half our herd would be dead.
Half our income gone.
We'd be ruined.
You should have told me.
You would have done nothing.
You're weak.
He was the baby little basati.
You gave him anything he wanted.
Someone had to look out for this family! You are not our family! You're not our blood! Okay, enough.
Walt, this is nuts.
Let me radio the hospital, tell them we're on our way.
Don't bother.
It's not hemlock.
Actually, this is elderberry from my pocket.
Looks like hemlock except for the berries.
And it won't kill you.
Found Rosa Marquez.
She was at Big Pines Timber, signing the sale papers for the land she inherited from her late husband.
How did they find her so fast? Hard to say.
Was there something else? Hello? Walt? It's David Mackey.
I got a hit off of one of the names you mentioned.
We need to talk, Henry.
Lizzie was waiting for you here tonight.
You should talk to her, Walt.
She seems to think she's in a relationship with you.
There are certain things that happened in Denver that we've never talked about.
Things I need to know.
Why now? Detective Fales is investigating you.
You need to tell me exactly what happened, Henry.
You are an honest man, Walt.
I would like you to stay that way.
I will not ask you to lie.
It is not your job to protect me.
It is my job, and I wouldn't have to protect you at all if you had just let me You tried.
And you nearly got yourself killed in the process.
Wasn't your job to kill that man.
That was mine to do.
That was my right.
A good woman was murdered.
A bad man is dead.
End of story.
If Detective Fales insists on investigating me, he's free to do so.
He will find nothing useful.
How can you be so sure? For such a spiritual man, Walt, you have a surprising lack of faith.