Longmire s02e05 Episode Script

Party's Over

Previously on Longmire.
I heard from Cady.
She sent me an email.
- She is an adult Walt.
- Cady you home? She's my daughter.
I've been seeing your new television ads all over the place.
I'm Branch Connally, and I approve of this message.
Where does he get the money to run all those ads? Good to see you're putting the campaign funds to use.
Lizzie was waiting for you here tonight.
You should talk to her Walt, she seems to think she's in a relationship with you.
You were tossing and turning all night, what is it? They found me.
Walt, ADT security just called.
There's been a break-in.
Where? Don't shoot me, sheriff.
I'm unarmed among other things.
What if the Ferg had answered this call? Well, then he'd have quite a story to tell.
But the Ferg didn't take the call.
You did.
About the only kind of call I can get you to answer these days.
I know.
It's, uh Just with, uh, the election, and we're not talking about any of that tonight.
I thought you were out of town.
I was.
Everything's fine, Ruby.
False alarm.
Really? She wants to talk to you.
On my way.
More beer for me.
You got to get down low for a profile.
You want to take the pictures? What I want's a new truck like that one.
Ferg, bounce one of those lights off the wall.
Teacher's pet's gonna need some shots of the tagging.
Walt had to buy me a new vehicle.
Mine got totaled.
Yeah, boo-hoo.
Sorry I'm late.
I was answering another call.
Could have stayed.
We got this.
Well, then Who did it? Store clerk found her taking out the trash, closing up shop about an hour ago.
Stiffness of the corpse and the purple discoloration of her body tells me she's been dead more than 24 hours.
Blood on her clothes.
None on the ground.
This body was dumped here.
That's what I was saying.
Entry wound is in the side rib area.
With all that blood, I'd say the bullet probably punctured her heart.
There's also bruising on her face.
She looks Cheyenne.
There's no I.
, but I searched her pockets, and I did find this.
Sure as hell doesn't look like aspirin.
Given our location here, and the gang signs, this might be a drug-related murder.
I also found a cellphone in her other pocket.
And this a key.
Branch, see if you can get a billing address for that cellphone, if you don't mind.
We'll start there.
Ferg, you stay with the girl till doc bloomfield can get here.
No one should be left in an alley alone.
This is the address.
Phone company said the name on the account is Tanya Dove.
Allow me.
You ready? Sheriff's department! Sheriff's department! Think they heard you? Branch, check the bedroom.
Hey, Walt.
This is Tanya.
This girl has Tanya's eyes.
Maybe she's got a sister.
Looks like she's got a couple.
No guns or ammo, but I did find this wedged between the mattress and the box spring.
Oxy Codone.
Prescription for Gerry Solomon.
No address.
Maybe that's where our pill fragment came from.
Branch, since you found Gerry Solomon's pill bottle, see if you can find Gerry Solomon.
Let me see Tanya's phone.
Thought you didn't know how to work one of these things.
Yeah, I'm full of surprises.
There's a Lorna Dove.
Lorna's not answering.
You got to check the texts.
Walt, nobody calls each other anymore.
You say that like it's a good thing.
Uh, the name that pops up the most on Tanya's list is Lucy Samms.
I knew something was weird.
I haven't heard from Tanya in a couple days, but I-I just figured that Lorna took away her phone again.
Is that something Lorna has done before? Yeah.
She acts like she's Tanya's mother.
She's not? Tanya's mom's in prison and her dad's dead.
I guess 'cause Lorna's older, she's, like, in charge.
Was Tanya on any medication or? No, she wasn't sick or anything.
She take any drugs? Hang on.
- What are you saying? - What she's saying is we want to know all we can about Tanya.
Tanya would have told me if she was taking drugs.
We told each other everything.
We're best friends.
Do you know anyone who may have had a problem with her? Boyfriends, ex-boyfriends? Tanya had a boyfriend Justin Bollman.
But he's a sweetheart.
We're gonna talk to Justin.
Right now, we really need to notify her family.
Anyone know where we can find Lorna? She work nights or? Lorna doesn't work.
She fights.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! We're looking for Lorna Dove.
I'm her trainer.
We need to talk to her.
Lorna's about to fight.
I'd really rather talk to her first.
It's important.
Can't it wait? The guy that runs this event is a real prick.
If she's late, he'll scratch her event from the card.
I'm just asking for 15 minutes.
Well, right after, then.
Really pack 'em in to see girls beat each other up.
It's every man's second fantasy.
Vic, keep an eye on the ring.
Hello, Henry.
Strange to find you so far from home.
You startled me.
Is that a Manhattan? I have always enjoyed Manhattans.
Oh, party's over! Deena, what brings you to town? I had a nine-ball tournament in Cheyenne, and I can't come through Cheyenne without thinking about my warrior.
All right, all right, all right! Enjoy the fight.
Our first flyweight event tonight features a local favorite Michelle Breen.
And from over in durant Lorna Dove! Give it up! Who's the hottie with Henry? Nobody.
One round.
The girl's tough.
All right, Lorna's gonna change and then come out and talk to you.
I'm kind of in a hurry.
Hey! Hey! So, I've been watching Lorna Dove's apartment since last night.
Still no sign of her.
I mean, should I keep waiting, or should I go check out the boyfriend's house? You stay put.
We're heading there.
Just making a stop first.
You call me immediately if Lorna shows up.
You got it.
Excuse us.
Can I help you? Yeah, I'm wondering if a Tanya Dove has any prescriptions on file.
Let me take a look.
Tanya with an "a"? Yeah.
Uh, aside from a course of antibiotics a year ago, we haven't filled anything for her.
What about her sister, Lorna? Nope.
Can you tell me if this is Oxycodone? Oh, it's hard to tell looks generic.
What makes you think it's oxy? We found this at Tanya's home.
I know Gerry Solomon.
He came in here a month ago after back surgery.
What's he got to do with this? That's what we're wondering.
Now, if you have any way to figure out if that pill came from that bottle, you'd be saving us a long drive to the crime lab.
Sure, I'll look that up for you.
So, I'm sure Gerry Solomon's a really nice old man.
But he wouldn't be the first person to try and turn a $10 co-pay into some extra money by selling his pills.
Okay, it's generic, but it's not oxy.
It's here.
It's Hydrocodone.
Uh, it's similar to oxy, but this is definitely not what Gerry walked out with last month.
Appreciate your time.
Hey, Vic.
You find the pill-bottle guy? Gerry Solomon? Not yet.
He wasn't home.
Left my card and a note on his door, a message on Gerry's answering machine.
He and Walt must be the only guys left who still use answering machines.
So, where are you? Going to talk to Tanya's boyfriend, if that's okay with you.
So, Vic Does Walt seem nervous? Why? Town-hall debate's just a week away.
It's game time.
Walt's never been a big public speaker, so I was just wondering if he's getting nervous.
I'm fine, Branch.
Hey, sheriff.
Any sign of the sister that got away from you last night? Just let us know when you find Gerry Solomon.
Hang that up.
So, Tanya was your girlfriend? How long had you two been dating? Six-month anniversary was coming up in a couple weeks.
She was practically part of the family.
So, are you close with Tanya's sister, as well? Not really.
Neither was Tanya.
So, Justin You aware of much recreational drug use at the high school? I've heard some kids are on Xanax, and Other stuff during finals.
Tanya ever take any pills? What? No.
No, no, she she wasn't into that stuff.
Did she ever mention someone named Gerry Solomon? No.
Who's Gerry Solomon? He's a friend of the family we're trying to locate.
Do you think he did this? We're not sure.
Now, we did notice some bruises on her face.
Do you know where those came from? Tanya and Lorna They used to get into fights.
Real fights.
I don't know if I should say this, but, uh Lorna had addiction issues.
She could have relapsed, and if she lost control of herself I-I don't want to think about it.
We need to find Lorna.
She can't stay away from home forever.
You saw it, right? Justin was high.
Just checking.
His mom seemed oblivious.
Could you tell when your daughter was high or drinking? We never had that problem in our house.
Every parent thinks that.
Every kid thinks they're getting away with it.
Cady? Cady Longmire? Hi! I'm Lizzie.
Lizzie ambrose.
Hi, I'm Cady which, apparently, you already know.
I've been bugging your dad to introduce us for the longest time.
Really? W-why? Oh.
Well, I-I assumed he would have mentioned me.
We've been Seeing each other from time to time.
Oh, well.
You know your dad.
Well, it was great to finally meet you, Cady.
Yeah, it was it was great.
Go ahead.
Say it.
What are you talking about? Deena.
Henry, please.
Deena's great.
And you know what they say, uh fifth time's the charm.
You buy a ring this time, or maybe another piano? She wanted to take lessons! Ow! Is this why you came here to judge me? Not the only reason.
I'm trying to find this fight trainer named Jack Shaw.
Trains a girl named Lorna Dove.
She the girl who was fighting last night? Uh-huh.
I asked around several gyms in the county nothing.
I was thinking maybe he worked out on the res.
There is a boxing club on the res.
I can make a call.
See if they have heard of Jack.
Hey, Walt, you want to play me? I'll beat your ass.
I got work to do.
Uh, she's all yours.
Lorna Dove.
Okay, Lorna, let's take five.
Hey! We need to talk to you.
Why did you run off in such a hurry the other night? It was my baby's bedtime, all right? I didn't have time to sit around and chat.
But you didn't go home.
We really need to ask you some questions about your sister Tanya.
She's dead.
What else is there to say? Why don't you step out of the ring so we can talk? No, thanks.
I'm done talking.
Jack, let's go.
Jack, put 'em up! Look.
We can talk here, or I can bring you into the station.
You want to spar? Let's spar.
But if I win, you talk.
I'm ready to talk now.
How did you know Tanya was dead? That kind of news gets around.
Where did you go last night, Lorna? When I saw you at the bar, I figured Tanya was in some kind of trouble.
I thought that if I could find Tanya, maybe I can get her out of whatever mess she was in.
But Then I talked to her boyfriend, and I found out what really happened.
After I found out, I just drove.
You know, the car helps the baby sleep.
Then I came here and slept.
You know, it's quieter here at night than in my apartment.
Any idea where these came from? Yeah.
A guy named Gerry Solomon.
This was in your house.
Is it yours? No.
Is it your sister's? I don't know.
I tried to keep her out of trouble, but I came home a couple weeks ago, and she was high.
Tanya said it was no big deal.
It was just painkillers.
But once you start down that road, it's tough to turn back.
I know.
I was messed up.
But I-I turned my life around.
Now, I'm just trying to scare Tanya straight.
I heard you may have hit Tanya before.
Is that true? Who told you that? That kind of news gets around.
After I found out about the painkillers, I signed Tanya up for a rehab outpatient program on the res, but Tanya blew it off.
We got into an argument, and I hit her.
I told her if she was gonna get high on painkillers, then she was gonna have to feel a little pain.
So you admit to beating your sister.
And when we came to talk to you about it, you fled.
Lorna was fighting the night that Tanya died.
So there's no way she could have done this terrible thing.
Go find who killed Tanya.
Lorna and me Got training to do.
My brain's a little mushy, but Tanya didn't die the night she was found.
She died at least Yep.
And if Tanya and Lorna's fights at home were 1/10 of what I just felt, it could have gotten out of hand.
We should check and see if Lorna has any guns.
How do you endure this much pain and not take any painkillers? I don't know how Lorna does it.
Maybe she doesn't.
Hey, sheriff.
Lizzie called.
And Vic wanted you to know that she couldn't find any guns purchased by Lorna Dove.
And a reporter from the Durant Courant wanted a quote from you about the town-hall debate next week.
Thanks, Ruby.
And I look forward to the opportunity to share my ideas for a modern approach to law enforcement.
No, thank you.
What's up? I was hoping, after you're done talking to the press, you'd, uh, apply your modern approach to finding Gerry Solomon.
Who are you? I'm Gerry Solomon.
Uh, deputy Connally said you wanted to talk to me.
I do.
You been out of town, Mr.
Solomon? Well, I've been spending a few weeks with my daughter over in ten sleep.
What's this all about, sheriff? I'm interested in your Oxycodone prescription.
Now, we found this somewhere it shouldn't have been.
Well, I really shouldn't say anything.
I-I don't want any trouble.
Actually, Gerry, the way things stand, you already got trouble.
Now, the best way to shake it is to tell me what you know.
Three weeks ago, some kids broke into my house in the middle of the night.
All they wanted was my pills, and they knew I had them.
Was this girl one of them? No.
How about her? No.
They were all boys.
Why didn't you file a police report? Well, they said if I called the police, they'd come back and kill me.
I was scared, sheriff.
That's why I've been staying with my daughter.
I'm gonna need you to look at some pictures, see if you recognize the people that stole your pills.
Well, I don't think I can, sheriff.
I-I'm sorry.
I can't.
Gerry, those pills seem to be involved in a wrongful death.
And if you can't point out for us who stole them, we're gonna have to assume that you sold them illegally.
Did you, Gerry? Yo, yo give 'em back.
That look like him? Yeah.
How is it that kids out here in the middle of nowhere still manage to look like Philly gangsters? They all watch the same TV shows.
Boys, we have a problem.
We ain't got a problem.
Yeah, we do.
We need to know who you've been selling drugs to.
The only thing we ever sold was magazine subscriptions to help out our school.
That ain't easy.
It's a digital age.
Here's another thing that ain't easy that's doing time for breaking and entering and murder.
Unless you start answering my questions, you can kiss your digital life goodbye.
So, you ever sell any magazines to Tanya Dove? Nah, man.
We used to sell it to her older sister.
Lorna Dove used to be a real reader.
That girl loved her magazines.
And then she got all cleaned up, and she came and she made it real clear to us she didn't want us selling no magazine subscriptions to her little sister.
So you never sold drugs to Tanya? Magazines.
One time.
But then Lorna got all up in our grill about it.
Like I said, she was a good customer.
You got to reward loyalty.
So we don't sell no magazines to Tanya no more.
Plus, we didn't need some girl going all MMA on us.
We ain't fighters.
We're lovers.
What about this guy? McLovin! McLovin? He's a nerd from a movie.
What kind of magazines you sell to McLovin? You lied to me, Justin.
You told me you didn't know anything about drugs, then I find out you're buying them on the street.
No, I-I didn't buy any I don't have the patience for more dishonesty, Justin.
So unless you want me to go tell your mother that you're buying and taking drugs, you'll start answering my questions right now.
Please, don't tell my mom.
Okay, so, yeah, Tanya kind of liked to party.
I bought her some stuff a couple of times.
Like Oxycodone? Those guys wouldn't sell to Tanya.
They were afraid Lorna would go ape-shit.
Watch your language.
When did you buy those? Uh, a couple weeks ago.
You buy anything more recently, like oxy-or Hydrocodone? No.
She wanted me to.
Tanya ran out of pills, and she was jonesing.
But buying oxy off of gangbangers kind of freaked me out.
Listen, if Tanya had pills on her, I don't know how she got 'em.
I don't know.
I wasn't telling you the truth before, but I am now.
Tell me one more thing, Justin.
You ran out of pills.
You didn't have anything to give Tanya.
What were you on yesterday when we interviewed you? Pot.
Friend gave me a joint when he found out about Tanya.
You're not gonna tell my mom, are you? Lizzie.
Ah, hi! Oh, I am so sorry about interrupting your special night.
Oh, that wasn't your fault.
I only hope you didn't get in trouble for your part in my little plan.
Walt hasn't even mentioned it yet.
What are you two talking about? Nothing.
That's what concerns me.
I actually came to talk to you.
First of all, I'm sorry about the whole False alarm.
I hope you're not too mad.
Well, truth be told, that's the that's the best home-invasion call I've ever gone on.
You said "first of all.
" Usually means there's more than one topic.
Why haven't you told your daughter about us? How do you know what Cady knows or doesn't know? I ran into her today.
Today? Here, in durant? Yeah.
How do you know what she looks like? Well, not from you introducing us, obviously, but you do have pictures of her.
Is that my gift? Uh I'm sorry.
I-I haven't had a chance to, uh, um I wanted you to be here when I when I opened it.
Um, you know what? I'm I'm sorry.
You're absolutely right.
I should tell Cady about you.
In fact, I should do it right now.
How do you know she is back? Lizzie just saw her on the street.
I tried calling, I went by her house, but nothing.
You heard from her? Not since the one e-mail last month.
You seen her? You're not scared to tell me, are you? I am not.
Why would she not come to talk to either one of us? Sheriff Longmire.
Uh, there's a call on line one.
Would you like me to take a message? Lorna just threatened Tanya's friend Lucy Samms.
The best fighters don't always make the best people, sheriff.
But Lorna's got a good heart.
She's harassing people.
Where is she, Jack? She left the little one with me a couple hours ago, said she'd be up later to pick her up.
Can't you leave her be? She's been through a lot.
Doesn't put her outside the law.
Do you know where she is? No.
But I'm gonna look for her right now, so don't hassle me.
You said she was coming back here.
I don't feel like waiting.
Then I'll come with you.
I never tapped out.
I'm sorry.
Did you do something wrong? I didn't take good enough care of her.
Right now we need to focus on taking care of you.
So, tell me what happened to you.
I was so angry About Tanya, I-I couldn't think straight.
It was like I s looking at the world through a tunnel and everything else was black.
I know how that feels.
I just knew somebody had to pay for what happened to her.
Who did this? And after I threw the first few punches I remembered my baby and how I had to get back and take care of her.
But It was too late.
They were already beating on me.
There was so many of them.
How many? Stop! Turn around, get on your knees.
Hands up! Back up! Get your hands up! Back it up.
Let's go! You want to buy a magazine? Yo, I got rights, man! You got all kinds of rights the right to remain silent, the right to a lawyer, et cetera.
I'm sure you've heard it before! You don't have the right to beat a girl! You don't have the right to have your two buddies hold her down while you kick her in the ribs! Ferg! And you don't have the right to scream racial slurs while you punch her in the face! Hands behind your back.
Come here.
Come here! Aah! You're the only one without bruises on your knuckles.
So I know you didn't hit Lorna.
So I'm gonna give you a chance that the rest of them won't get.
You tell me who killed Lorna's little sister, and I won't charge you with murder like the rest of your buddies.
I never killed anyone.
Then why was Lorna so sure that you and your friends did? I don't know.
Tanya owe you money? No we only sold to her the one time, and she paid up.
What about your supplier? Could Tanya have gone straight to him? Come on.
We ain't got no supplier.
We steal 'em, and we sell 'em.
How do you know who's got the drugs? How do you know which houses to rob? We got a deal with the pharmacist.
We pay him, and he gives us the addresses of old people who fill big prescriptions for painkillers.
And we bust in, we steal the pills, and then we sell 'em for 10 bucks a pill.
No one's supposed to get hurt.
Come on.
You kind of disappeared there, Cady.
I just Wanted to make sure it wasn't 'cause of me.
It wasn't.
You want to take a beat on that? So, where you been? All over.
Portland, San Francisco, Denver.
Denver? Mm-hmm.
What did you do in Denver? Nothing worth talking about.
Yeah, well, if you ever do need to talk about anything I'm here.
I know.
You know I'm not gonna invite you in, right? I know.
I'm I'm just glad you're home.
And I'm hoping, no matter what happens with all this that We can find a way to be friends.
Or, at least, friendly.
Don't forget your sign.
You sure? I got plenty.
I need you to shut down for a minute, let me in the back.
Look, I-I know it's not okay, but I swear, I told those guys if anybody ever gets hurt, this arrangement is over.
That's very noble of you, gene.
These drugs these are covered by insurance companies and medicare.
All anybody has to do is refill their scrips.
There's no harm, no foul.
A girl is dead.
I had nothing to do with that.
No, no, no, no, no.
I can't go to jail.
I'll tell you anything you want to know.
You give me a list of all the names you sold to those gangsters, and all the Hydrocodone prescriptions you've filled in the last two months.
So, Barbara, you recently filled a big prescription for Hydrocodone.
We found the same generic in Tanya's pocket.
Also found a key to your house.
You know Justin and his girlfriend were stealing your pills? No, no, no, no.
That's not that's not true, okay? One time she suggested that we go through the medicine cabinet for pills I said no.
Then how did the pills get in Tanya's pocket? I don't know.
Well, one of you does.
I-I didn't give Tanya any pills.
Maybe you didn't give them to her.
But she took them.
And one of you stopped her.
I don't understand.
Still not fully set.
That's what happens when you try to fill a hole this size.
I'll bet it's the same size as that bullet that entered Tanya's side, hit her heart.
And I'm guessing there used to be a nice area rug here.
Covered in blood now, probably.
Which one of you threw it out? One of you gonna tell me, or should I guess? Okay, I'll just guess.
No! No, wait! Let's go.
Wait! Wait! Wait! I thought she was an intruder! I woke up, and I saw somebody in the room.
I thought it was a man.
And he went into the bathroom.
I was so I was so scared.
So I-I took the gun from the side table, and when he came out, I shot him.
Stop saying "him"! It's not until I got close that I realized it was Tanya.
Please, Justin, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry, Justin.
It was just self-defense.
So why didn't you just call the police after the shooting, Barbara? Because I didn't I didn't want Justin, I didn't want you to hate me.
I didn't want to lose my son this way.
You were at a friend's house that night, and I thought, if I could just hide her, that you would not have to know.
So I-I took the pills out of her sweatshirt pocket.
You must have missed one.
And then I used the rug to drag her out to the car, and I put her in the trunk.
And then I-I took her to the alley, and I left her there.
You assumed people would blame drug dealers.
Yes! Yes, and they should, because it was drugs that killed her! Maybe you're right.
The night of the shooting, you had any of those pills of yours? Yes.
My doctor prescribed them for me.
'Cause I can't help but think, if you'd been a little more clearheaded, you might not have shot Tanya Dove.
I'm so sorry.
Lizzie seems nice.
She, uh She is, um We're not really dating.
Um, not quite.
Uh I'm not sure what you'd call it, but, uh dad.
It's okay.
I'm, uh I'm sure you would have told me You know, eventually.
You know, you were right about how I'd feel once I knew the truth about mom.
You want to talk about it? Eventually.
Where you been, punk? Portland.
San Francisco.
Dad, I need you to tell me something.
Are you ever gonna finish this cabin? Only if you come around more.
Promise me.
I promise.