Longmire s02e08 Episode Script

The Great Spirit

- Previously on Longmire If I were pushed to choose between our county's best interest, and my fathers profit margins.
Trust me I'll choose Absaroka every time.
You can never tell when he's telling the truth.
- So where you been? - San Francisco, Denver.
Denver? What did you do in Denver? Has there been any hit on that name I gave you awhile back? Anybody looks in to this Henry Standing Bear guy I'll call you.
Wasn't your job to kill that man, it was mine to do.
That was my right.
Uh, it's Ferg here.
Ruby stepped away, so I am Manning the radio.
How are the, uh, repossessions going? Still waiting for Branch.
He was supposed to meet me here 30 minutes ago.
See if you can track him down.
Uh, oh, here he is.
I mean, here's a note that was left on Ruby's desk.
"Branch called.
Guess he's sick"? Either that or he didn't want to be throwing people out of their homes with an election around the corner.
My whole life is in this place.
This is my home, man.
If you could just give me a couple of days, I'll have the money a-and you wouldn't have to do this.
Already had your 60 days to pay under the law.
Told you that 30 days ago.
And here we are again.
This isn't up to me, Mr.
I don't want to be here any more than you do.
I'm good for it.
Ask anybody.
Hell, ask your deputy, Branch.
Me and him go way back.
Please, this is my home, man.
I know it ain't much, but without it, I got nothing.
Walt, you there? Go ahead, Ferg.
A trucker called and reported an abandoned horse off Route 18.
Said it's been running around the farm fields out there and tearing up the crops.
Vic is out on another call right now, so you want me to head out there? No.
I need you to stay and mind the shop.
Want me to call Branch, see if he's feeling any better? I'll take care of it.
I have another job in mind for Branch.
What's that? Compromise.
Henry, get her into position.
She's dragging a man behind her.
Is he alive? I hope not.
She tries to jump that fence, she'll get all tripped up.
Could kill her.
Keep her on course.
We just got one shot at this.
No need for all of that.
Huh? Come on.
Bullet went all the way through his neck.
No slug.
Whoever shot him was probably at close range.
- Who is he? - It's tough to tell.
His back pockets are torn, so no wallet.
I'll roll a fresh set of prints, send to the DMV, see if we can't identify him.
I see you made a full recovery.
Better, thanks.
Ferg called.
Said a guy was dragged by a horse.
Wild horse.
Got a heavy winter coat, no shoes.
My guess, he's just been herd torn.
That's a pretty nice saddle for a wild horse.
So you figure he was riding the horse and he got shot? Gunshot goes off, spooks the horse, he runs.
Victim falls off, gets tangled in the ropes? That knot's a bowline.
Someone tied him to the saddle.
Why shoot somebody and then tie him to a horse? It seems like overkill.
Murderer probably wanted to get rid of the body.
That's where the trail ends.
Let's see where it started.
Vic, get that horse to the vet.
Hey, Walt.
I guess I'll take the body to Doc Bloomfield's.
Only if you're feeling up to it.
After that, pay a visit to your buddy Travis Murphy.
Travis? Why? You need to take possession of his property.
You seem more than usually irritated with Branch.
He's so focused on the election, he's barely doing his job.
The trail is lost here.
There are at least a dozen other hoof prints.
What is this? It's an arena.
Looks like the rodeo's in town.
Durant's got a big rodeo arena right in town.
Why come all the way out here just to put on a rodeo? Do it in town, you got to deal with permits, rules, insurance Humane society, me.
Come out here, and anything goes.
I can see that.
All this land's owned by the same guy who owns the illegal rodeo grounds.
Only it's not a guy, it's a company Uh, Beltro Corporate Farms LLC.
Sugar beets, corn, and alfalfa.
Corporations came out here about 15 years ago.
Bought up all the family operations.
Hard to tell who owns what these days.
Hey, you got a second? Can I help you folks?! You the Foreman here? No.
Cal Weston.
Just a hired hand.
Dealing with the corporate bosses ain't my strong suit.
It's tough explaining farming to fellas that never held a spade before in their life.
Titus Griffin's the Foreman.
Is he around? Uh, I haven't seen him this morning.
We're pretty low on supplies.
He might've gone into town to restock.
Is there some kind of problem? Got evidence of an illegal rodeo that was held on the property last night.
You or any of the workers happen to know about that? No.
I had no idea.
I live in town, and I left around 7:00.
I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
I can't speak for the workers that live in the barracks, though.
But Titus lives on site.
He probably has a better idea of how they spent the evening.
We need to talk to Titus immediately.
Have him call the station when he gets back.
We also need to alert the company about the rodeo.
Think you can get their number for us? Sure.
I'll be right back.
Conveniently left out the part about the guy being murdered.
Murder most likely happened at the rodeo.
I'm sure some of these workers were there.
If news of the crime spreads, evidence and witnesses start to disappear.
We need to talk to the Foreman before word gets out.
He may be able to put us onto some suspects.
Doesn't look like we'll be in short supply.
One second! You got to be kidding me.
Hey, brother.
Been a long time.
- Yeah, it has.
- We missed you at the last reunion.
I had no idea you were camped out here in a trailer.
Yeah, well, I'm not big on material things.
Stuff like that just kind of holds you back, you know what I'm saying? Plus, it makes it easier when I need to pack up and hit the old rodeo circuit.
- So you still ride? - Yeah, man.
Hell yeah.
I'm surprised you gave it up that easy.
Yeah, well, we all got to grow up sometime.
Think you know why I'm here, Travis.
Look, I, uh I don't have the money to pay the bank right now.
I got injured in the ring and had to sit out for a few months.
You know how it is.
But look, man, I-I'm back in the saddle now.
And there's a few local venues that I'm looking to hit up.
Two more days, man.
I guarantee you I'll have the money.
You think you could talk to that hard ass boss of yours, buy me some time? Yeah.
I can float you the cash till you get back on your feet.
I don't want your charity, man.
That's not what this is.
I help you You help me.
Walt mentioned there's an illegal rodeo that's been operating in the area.
You hear when the next one's happening Maybe give me a call.
An illegal rodeo? I've been the Beltro Corporate Manager for this area of Wyoming for going on 10 years.
We never had that problem before.
I'm afraid this case is a bit more complicated than that, Mr.
Man was found murdered.
My God.
That's, uh, Titus Griffin.
He, uh He's one of our foremen.
What happened to him? You know if he had any family? Wife or children? No.
He, uh He lived alone at the company house.
He devoted most of his time to running the farm.
Paid off, too.
I mean, his His property's one of the highest-grossing farms Beltro owns.
I wish I had 10 men like him.
Always made me look good.
Sometimes, uh What makes a man profitable to a company Doesn't make him popular with his workers.
You ever have a problem with any of the laborers? He took a hard line with them.
That's what you do when you're the boss.
I mean All your deputies like you? Any men that work under Titus have a record? Well Field hands don't really come with references.
- You mean they're illegal? - No, no.
No, the company has a policy, strictly forbids that.
I just I mean, the men are seasonal.
And with a transient labor force you're never Exactly sure what you're getting.
Appreciate it.
Uh, we need to question all the men that work under Titus.
I'll I'll fax you over a list right away.
Thank you.
So, I just got off with the vet.
Um, he says the horse is gonna be fine but, he wants to know what you want to do with it.
What I want to do with it? Yeah, he can only afford to keep it there a couple days, and He can try to find her a new home but Given what that horse has been through She may never be okay for someone to ride.
I'll handle it.
How'd the high-school reunion go? Talked to Travis.
He managed to come up with the money he owes.
You're welcome.
Victim's name is Titus Griffin.
Ferg, see if you can track down his next of kin.
Titus Griffin, as in the Foreman for the farm? Seems odd that the boss would be in an illegal rodeo, don't you think? Maybe Titus tried to put a stop to it.
Beltro will be sending a list of all the men that worked under Titus at the farm.
Vic, I'm gonna need you and Branch to head out there and question them.
I seriously doubt that those guys are gonna talk to us about an illegal rodeo where their boss was killed.
We could just go to the rodeo.
Talked to one of my sources.
There's gonna be another one tonight.
See if you can find anyone who saw or spoke with Titus last night.
I saw your shooting.
That was really impressive, especially from this distance.
Thank you.
Very kind of you to say.
Did you, uh, do that trick last night? I do the same trick every night.
If you're watching.
Where did you get your holster? Wow.
I am Really into leather.
A local man, Javier Hemendez, made it for me.
You wouldn't happen to, uh, have his number, by chance? I may want to get a holster of my own.
I don't have his number, but I can give you mine.
- You look like the man in charge.
- What do you want? I want to know who's running this operation.
I'm looking to ride.
Orale! ¿Has oído? Tenemos una celebridad.
Branch Connally for Sheriff quiere montar! We see your signs.
Oh! You're famous! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Hello, Bob.
What what are you doing out here? I could ask you the same thing, Bob.
Now, I know this place isn't aboveboard, but my girlfriend really wanted to come, and she's hard to say no to, you know? - Girlfriend? - Yeah.
Her name's Yelena.
Met her at work.
She comes in, cleans the flower shop every week.
Anyway She's friends with a bunch of the farmers who compete in these events.
She likes to come out and cheer them on, you know? Were you here last night? This gonna get me in trouble? You see this man last night? Yeah.
Yep, he was here.
Be kind of hard to forget.
He shot a guy.
What? He was doing all these trick shots, you know, like Shooting cigars out of people's mouths from horseback.
He ended up shooting one of them.
The man he shot, he die? I don't know.
Everybody cleared out of here pretty quick.
I assumed they sent him to the rodeo doc.
Oh, Yelena, I want you to meet Walt Longmire, a very dear friend of mine.
Nice to meet you.
We should go Roberto, they're saying the Sheriff is here.
Oh, you're so sweet when you're worried.
I love you.
Looks like my campaign advertising is working.
Bob! Where do I find this rodeo doctor? Wyoming State Medical School.
Practicing medicine without a license.
- That's a felony, Paul.
- Oh, come on.
Look, someone has to look after those guys, and no legit doctor is going anywhere near that rodeo.
I don't see why this is such a big deal.
Man named Titus Griffin was murdered at that rodeo last night.
That's a pretty big deal.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What does that have to do with me? He supposedly shot someone during an event.
- You treat anyone with a gunshot wound? - Yeah, yeah.
Uh, a Mexican guy Javier Hemendez.
Did Javier live? Yeah, he was lucky.
Bullet caught him in the cheek, passed clear through only took out two teeth.
Listen, I wanted to take him to the hospital, but Titus He gave me a wad of cash, he told me to keep my mouth shut.
Titus paid you? Yeah, Titus pays everyone.
He's the guy who puts on the rodeo.
Most of the competitors, they work for him back at the farm.
People pay big money to see these guys almost kill themselves.
So, Titus works those guys hard in the fields all day long, and then he uses them in his backwoods rodeo? Lovely.
He sounds like a real Prince.
The man that Titus shot, Javier Hemendez I heard his name before.
A sharpshooter at the rodeo told me about him.
The shooter had a gun belt with the same symbol on it.
He said Javier Hemendez made it for him.
So Titus shoots Javier in the face Then ends up dead and tied to Javier's saddle.
I think we ought to find Javier.
He's on the list of workers that Beltro sent over.
Vic, let's go.
Not you, Branch.
Had enough exposure for one evening.
I need to speak with you privately.
Vic, I'll meet you outside.
I'll just be a minute.
Did you know Detective Fales was in town? You sure? You saw him here? He came into the Red Pony, asking for me.
He's expecting to speak with me tomorrow.
I guess we knew this day was coming.
You need a lawyer? What I need is for you to tell me everything that you told Detective Fales.
The slightest contradiction in our stories, and he will notice.
Appreciate you coming in from town.
Sorry to get you out of bed.
I heard what happened to Titus.
Why didn't you tell me? We were still piecing things together.
There's a man works here we need to talk to Javier Hemendez.
He lives in the barracks.
You think You think Javier might've killed him? That surprise you? Come to think of it, he showed up to work yesterday with a bandage on his face.
I guess nothing should surprise me from them anymore.
- "Them"? - Illegals.
Louie, uh, Frier told me that hiring illegals is against company policy.
I'm sure that's what he told you.
But hiring illegals is how he makes his money.
Pays them nothing, and if they don't like it, what are they gonna do, call the police? How does Titus feel about all this? Oh, he knew.
Probably why he pushed them harder than he should.
Javier's a type of man who would take revenge? Push any man too hard, sooner or later, they're gonna push back.
They were all here when I left.
Couldn't have been more than three hours ago.
Got any idea where they could've gone? I thought we said tomorrow.
We did.
But I kind of lost track of time.
Easy to do in here.
Can I at least offer you one on the house? - You have been very patient.
- No, no.
I'm I'm good.
I actually want to talk to you about your friend Walt Longmire.
I'm not sure if you know this, but the man that killed his wife was murdered.
Turns out he was some meth head.
I had heard that.
We think we got someone on the hook.
Who? Not at Liberty to say, and in the meantime, the prosecution's making me jump through hoops! They want to make sure the defense Can't point to anyone else as a suspect.
Like your friend the Sheriff.
Due diligence.
So I was hoping you could help me out.
I hear you two are close.
What would you like to know? Walt went to Denver A few months after his wife's murder.
Were you aware of that? It was around June, if I'm not mistaken.
Since we're on the subject.
Would you mind telling me why you were in Denver? Gas-station receipts show You were there the same weekend, then again a week later.
I went to help a friend.
Which friend? Ada Black Kettle.
She's 80, lives alone.
I try to check in on her when I can.
Did you see Walt when you were in Denver? I did.
He was there following up on his wife's case, making sure the Denver P.
was doing its job.
Well, I'm sorry I wasn't assigned, to her case back then, but I'm here now.
Once a case is in my head, I just can't let it go.
My ex-wife used to call me obsessive.
You sure you do not want a beer? No.
You look like you've had a long day.
Why don't you have that one? Henry, it's me.
Give me a call back when you get this.
Hey, Walt.
You wanted to see me? Yeah.
Uh, take a seat.
You mentioned your girlfriend knew some of the competitors from the rodeo.
All those men have disappeared from the farm where they work.
You think Yelena might know where they went? Geez, Walt.
You know We got a good thing going.
Feel kind of weird asking her something like that, especially when it's gonna get her friends in trouble.
Bob, I don't really care if these men are here illegally.
That's a federal matter.
I'm just trying to solve a murder case.
That company Yelena's friends work for, is bound to notice half their workers missing, and when they do, they can call immigration and have them deported.
If you help me find them first, I might be able to stop that from happening.
I imagine that would make Yelena pretty grateful.
You really think she'll see it that way? Sheriff? Uh, can I Women love a hero, Bob.
The bank just called.
They want to know why we haven't taken possession of Travis Murphy's trailer yet.
He hasn't made his payment.
Travis? That can't be.
Man will say or do just about anything to keep his home.
Can't cut corners in this job just because someone's a friend.
I was just trying to give somebody the benefit of the doubt.
Won't happen again.
Take the damn trailer.
You want to be Sheriff, you do it.
- Vic.
- What? What did I do? Go with him.
Make sure he gets it done.
Managed to sweet-talk her.
Here you go.
With me.
Thanks, Bob.
Man towards the front of the camp with a bandage on his cheek Fair bet that's Javier.
I see him.
So, what's the plan? I never thought I'd say this, but I think I got to be more like Branch.
Ipolicía! Ila migra estan aquí! Get up.
Titus Griffin was shot two nights ago and tied to a saddle with the same insignia.
I understand he shot you in the face that same night.
Did you return the favor? No, no, no, no.
This was an accident.
We do it lots of times before, nothing happened.
I did not kill him.
Why run away from Beltro Farm, then? Well, I did not run.
A man come to the farm, tell us to go.
But we cannot leave Wyoming.
Why? Beltro They tell us we can come here with our families From Mexico.
They promise us a house and papers.
But when we get here, they give us no papers.
Beltro tell us we have to pay For travel For the food.
Why not just run away? They split our our families up.
They send them to work on other farms.
They tell us if we don't do as they say We will never see them again.
No one help us.
Only Titus.
Titus didn't seem like the kind of man would help.
Everything we heard, he wasn't a good man.
You are wrong.
He was our friend.
He bought a saddle from me so I can make money.
All the money from his rodeo, he gave to us to pay our debts.
He promised even to turn the company in.
You saying Titus was building a case against Beltro? We tell him no.
The company They are bad men.
They kill him, didn't they? Hey.
Hey, Branch.
Before you do anything, just give me a chance I need you to come down off those steps.
- You ain't even gonna hear me out? - Just to have you lie to me again? - Branch, listen.
- No, thanks.
Come on, man.
Hey, Branch, that's my home.
How long have I known you? Come on, man! Boy, you ain't the quarterback anymore! You don't get to call the shots.
Put it down, Travis.
Get away from my house.
Put the gun down! Now! She will shoot you, Travis.
You got to the count of three.
All right.
All right.
I'm sorry, man.
It's just that that's my house.
Everything I got in the world's in there.
It's okay.
Maybe we can talk about this.
Don't you ever pull a gun on me.
I'm not the quarterback anymore.
I am the next Sheriff.
Sheriff? You made any progress in the investigation? I'm afraid your company's got a big problem on its hands.
Seems a fair number of the workers from Titus' farm have gone missing.
I went out there to question them, and they cleared out.
Good news is I managed to find them.
And, uh, they had some interesting things to tell me.
Particularly how Beltro trafficked them to The States.
Tore their families apart, and Forced them into indentured servitude.
That's some accusation.
Of course, consider the source.
What's more interesting to me, though, is that none of those men had a reason to kill Titus.
Turns out he's a big advocate for them.
Hosted rodeos on the property to help supplement their wages.
Even building a case against Beltro till someone stopped him.
Are you implying that Beltro had something to do with his death? Only takes a single man to make a company bad.
Man like yourself, for instance.
Man who enslaved workers Paid them next to nothing so he could boost profits.
Make himself look good.
I know who you need to talk to about this.
Our company lawyer.
Think your company will stand by a man who's gotten them mixed up in a human-trafficking ring? Well, my division's quite profitable.
I like my odds.
I gave you nearly $700.
What did you do with that money? Told you to evict him, Branch, not pay his bills.
He pulled a gun on Branch.
Answer Deputy Connally's question, Travis.
What did you do with the $700 he gave you? I had other debts that needed to be paid.
At the rodeo three nights ago, I got in a little too deep with this bookie, Miguel.
- You were at that rodeo three nights ago? - Yeah.
Near Weston Farm.
You remember Cal from from school? He still works there? - Yeah.
- You're kidding.
Cal's family's owned that farm as long as I can remember, but they sold it a few years ago.
Was Cal at the rodeo that night? Yep.
He was there.
Hell, he's the reason I'm in the hole.
I bet on him, and he choked big-time.
What can I do for you? Trespassing, Cal.
I've been promoted to Foreman.
New job comes with the new house.
You can call Louis Frier if you don't believe me.
Louis Frier's no longer employed by Beltro.
He got picked up by the Feds on a human-trafficking charge.
Someone called in a tip.
What's all that about? Consider it a welcome-home present.
This was your home, right, till your family sold it? It's hard letting that go.
I imagine that's why you stayed on.
Can't imagine it was easy watching Titus live in your house.
Losing your home can make a man do crazy things.
You think I killed Titus? I didn't have anything to do with that.
What the hell are you doing?! Same thing you did to Titus.
That's the horse you tied Titus to.
Vic fires that gun, that mare will take off so, either you tell me what you did to Titus, or you're gonna learn first-hand what he went through.
Are you crazy? Help me! Cut me loose! Vic's from Philadelphia.
Not much experience with horses.
Eventually, one of you will let go.
There ain't nothing for me to tell you! Please! You can tell me why you lied about being at the rodeo that night.
I got an eyewitness who can confirm you were there.
No one else at the rodeo had a reason to kill Titus.
They all seemed to share the same high opinion of him.
He was a generous man.
He gave all the proceeds from that event to the workers.
That's not true.
I worked for him.
I never saw a dime of that money! He probably figured the illegals needed it more.
They were being held against their will, separated from their families, left without a home.
Titus was just trying to give some of those things back.
And what about me?! I'm stuck at the same job they are! My home, my life, taken away by Titus! And he never lifted a finger to help me! He didn't even have the decency to give me a raise! The night of the rodeo, I found out he was giving away all that money to the workers, and after everyone cleared out, I went up and I asked him for my fair share! He said no! And that was it! I snapped! And I shot him! Okay.
Good job.
It wasn't fair.
Those people chose to leave their homes.
I never got that choice.
Hey, Walt.
Can I help you with something? - Is Henry around? - No.
He said he was going out of town for a bit and might not be back for a day or two.
He say where he was going? Nope.
A man may soon come to visit you A Detective from Denver.
He might have some questions about the last time I was here with my friend Walt.
You remember that? Is your friend well? Yes.
But I fear I may have put you both in a bad position.
You did right.
What did the first warrior say to the great spirit? The first warrior looked out on the land that was his home.
He saw the hills And the stars.
And he was happy.
For giving him this home, the first warrior told the great spirit that he would fight and win many battles in his honor.
Time to go home.
But the great spirit said, "no".
"Do not fight for me".
"Fight for your tribe".
"Fight for the family born to you".
"Fight for the brothers you find".
"Fight for them," the great spirit said.
"For they are your home".