Longmire s02e10 Episode Script

Election Day

Previously on Longmire Ignore the polls.
I do.
But there are some things I cann't ignore.
You know what would help? Dirt.
You got any juicy Longmire secrets, now would be the time to spill 'em.
Where did you get those eyes? My dad and my ex-boyfriend are in the middle of a nasty campaign fight.
- And recently I found out that my mother - Your mother what? - I know what happened in Denver.
- No you don't.
Word of your wifes' murder won't leave this room.
But I think that right now your daughter might need you more than the county does.
Your family's been coming here every summer since the '80s, right? The '70s, actually.
And we're here year-round now, so I can finally vote for you.
We just got to get out that vote! May I borrow the sheriff for just a moment? Uh, what for? I think she's asking you to dance.
I'm not sure that's such a such a Go on.
Come on! All right, sheriff! Nice one, Walt.
Hung me out to dry there.
Price of politics.
You, uh, want to dance? Two vodka tonics, ma'am.
Thank you.
Ooh, thank you.
I thought maybe you got lost.
That block of ice was charming, but it's not a very efficient way to make a drink.
Look at Ferg.
Ooh, light on his feet.
You go, boy! I have been asked to say a few words about tomorrow's election.
We have all grown accustomed to the modern drumbeat for change.
Our opponent seems particularly fond of the word.
And while I believe that change can be good, I do think people too often underestimate the value of things that never change.
My friend Walt is one of those things.
Who would ask him to change his loyalty, his honesty, his intelligence, and compassion? Not me.
Though some of us do think that maybe it is time he got a cellphone.
But other than that, sheriff.
Speech! Speech! Thataboy, Walt! Uh Okay? Uh Thanks.
Walt, come on.
That's not necessary.
I'll get that in the morning.
Doesn't seem right to leave you with a mess.
Who said anything about you leaving? Hmm? I'm sorry.
I I got a big day.
Yeah, got to get your rest.
I, uh yeah.
It's votin' day! Hello? Dad? - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You too.
You got to be kidding me! Hey, we're stepping up to retail politics now, man.
Look at this.
No, seriously.
You know, a town this small, the whole thing could come down to, you know, getting a few more of your people to show up at the polls, a few less of the other guy's.
Got to get the vote out.
In this thing? Yeah.
Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
The job I want is sheriff, not '80s heavy-metal lead singer.
I think I'll take my own car.
- Nah! - Yeah.
Look at this.
He's gonna take his own car.
Man of the people.
Thank you.
Walt has rubbed off on you more than you realize.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Cady, what brings you here? Oh, I just came to wish my dad luck on the big day.
Oh, he hasn't come in yet today.
That's weird.
I was just at his house, and there was no sign of him.
Oh, maybe he stopped to vote.
Why don't you have a cup of coffee and wait for him? Oh, um Thanks, but I promised Henry I'd go get out the vote.
You know, a lot of people on the Res don't have cars, so I'm gonna shuttle them to their polling places.
See you guys later.
Huh? How did you get in here? Through the front door.
The front door has been locked since 2:00 A.
Well, I fell asleep in the bathroom, and then I came out here and everyone was gone, the door was locked, and I fell asleep out here.
After helping yourself to some drinks.
And food.
Look, I didn't mean to steal anything, Henry.
You know that.
I just There just wasn't anybody here to serve me.
Why did you not think to call someone to come get you? Well, I would have called my lady friend, but Yelena broke up with me, if you can believe it.
Heartbreak or no, you need to call someone to come pick you up.
I was starting to wonder if you were even gonna show up.
I just wanted to wait for the lunch crowd to clear out.
Yeah, makes sense.
Any idea which way things are leaning? I can't tell you anything like that.
You know that.
Just one? They took away my driver's license on account of my vision.
I didn't think I was gonna be able to vote.
Well, I'm happy to help.
You know who I voted for? It's really none of my business.
Longmire! All right.
Now, you all know me.
I'm an Indian, and I'm proud of my heritage.
So you must understand how strongly I believe in this man when I say to you we all need to forget the past.
It's time to look to the future.
The future has stepped out of his patrol car as we speak.
Give it up for Mr.
Branch Connally! Thank you.
Get 'em, big guy.
Thank you very much.
Think fast! Looking good, people.
Hey, Henry.
Thought you could use these.
He was supposed to hand them out to people, and I found them in a closet.
Oh, yes.
He preferred to run a silent campaign.
Can I get you something to eat? Yeah, sure.
I wouldn't mind a little something.
Hey, Vic.
Sorry to bug you.
I didn't think I should bother Branch or Walt.
What's up, Ferg? Somebody just called in a car accident.
I know.
And I got to stay here Manning the phones until Ruby finishes counting the votes.
No, it's fine.
Tell me where I have to go.
Sheriff's station.
Hey, Ferg.
It's me.
So, I'm out here at this accident site.
It's the weirdest thing.
It's like a double hit and run.
Who'd you say called this in? Guy didn't leave his name.
He just said he saw the wreck as he drove by.
Ferg, send an ambulance right away, okay? Cady.
We just spoke to the head of trauma.
She was unresponsive when she came into the E.
, so they rushed her straight to surgery.
It's gonna be a few more hours depending on what they find.
Walt, did you hear what we said? Oh, my God.
I just heard.
She okay? I need to take a walk.
Oncology, paging palliative services Extension 3609.
She okay? It's hard to say.
She was in surgery.
It's pretty bad, though.
Just wish there was something we could do.
Well, we could find the son of a bitch who hit her.
You're right.
Looks like you took some photos.
So, I went out there, and as far as I can tell, Cady was out of the car changing a flat tire.
I found car Jack and these lug nuts on the side of the road.
Now, when the Pontiac smashed into her wagon It must have sent her flying.
It's okay, Ferg.
How could somebody do something like this and then just leave the scene? I know.
So, who owns that car? No plates, and I couldn't get through the door, so I broke through the passenger window and I checked the glove compartment and found a expired registration.
Guy named Darren Tooman in Montana is listed on it.
And I found a fifth of bourbon on the front seat on the floor.
Now, I know that with Ruby away somebody's supposed to be here, but I'm going to Montana to find the owner of that car.
We got voicemail.
I'm going with you.
Hey, Ferg.
No sticker? What? Don't forget to do your civic duty today.
I am doing my civic duty.
Why's he so upset? Because his friend, your ex-girlfriend, is in critical condition after getting hit by a car.
Cady? Yeah.
Careful, Ferg.
Paper on the windows can sometimes mean meth house, okay? Oh, shit! Ferg.
Darren Tooman? Yeah? Get up.
Come on with us.
I owned that Sprint since high school, but it was just sitting in the yard, so I sold it a few months ago.
There's no record of that sale, Darren.
Well, I sold it on Craigslist.
The guy paid cash.
He kind of He overpaid, to be honest, but I sent in my part, the transfer of sale to the state of Montana.
But if the buyer didn't file his paperwork, the sale never posted.
That car is still legally registered to you.
Can you describe the guy that bought the car, anything? 'Cause if you don't, you might be liable for manslaughter.
Oh, well, he was a white guy, a brown baseball cap, and he called himself "K-Dawg.
" Any news? No.
Yeah uh Coffee or something? No.
Okay! K-Dawg, the guy who responded to the Craigslist ad, is Kellen Dawes, and he lives in the county right on the Montana border.
Let's get there! Hey, Ferg.
I know that you want to do a good job for Walt, but you need to take it down a notch.
Why? Why do I need to take it down a notch? I want to find this guy, and I want to And what? You want to do what? You want to hurt him? Because if you go out there like this, all jacked up, you're gonna do something stupid.
You're either gonna get yourself in trouble or you're gonna get the bad guy out of trouble.
Maybe I should go talk to Kellen Dawes by myself.
Yeah, maybe you should.
It's gonna be okay.
You know, it's supposed to be them sitting out here and us in there.
They're supposed to break their leg on a trampoline or get stitches when their hand slips carving a pumpkin, you know? It's not supposed to be like this.
My, uh, my son Troy, he's a football player, a damn good one.
And then suddenly out of nowhere, he just starts losing all this weight.
I mean, it's crazy.
Like 30 pounds in a few weeks.
And they don't know what's wrong.
Centuries of science and they can't tell me what's wrong with my son.
It's our fault.
We're supposed to take care of them.
We forget to and start thinking about ourselves.
We go out and have a good day Thinking about our own happiness instead of theirs.
The world decides to even things out.
Kellen Dawes? Yes? You mind putting the gun down, showing me your hands? I do.
But I will anyways.
That's a nice rifle.
Only because I take care of it.
I can see that.
I'm more interested in a car, an old Sprint.
You know that car? 'Course I do.
Worst $500 I ever spent.
And a couple weeks ago, somebody stole it.
Why didn't you report it stolen? Why do you even care about that stupid car? 'Cause it was involved in a hit and run.
That's really too bad.
Everybody okay? No.
Well I can tell you I didn't have nothing to do with it.
Then you won't mind me taking a look around your property? Knock yourself out.
So, what are we doing to find the guy that hit Cady? What are we doing? Well, Vic and I went to Montana and back, but I'm not really sure what you've been doing.
You you pissed at me? Honestly, I've been pissed at you for months now.
Me? What'd I do? You could've dated anybody.
Why'd it have to be Cady? Wow.
Uh I had no idea that you even liked her.
Yeah, well, there you have it.
I don't know what to say.
Just forget it.
Where'd they take the cars? Print shed.
You want to come along? No, I got to stay here in case Vic calls.
She's gonna be okay, Walt.
Uh Thought you'd want to know where we stand with the driver.
The owner of record sold the car to a guy named Kellen Dawes.
Kellen says the car was stolen a couple weeks ago.
Whoever drove the car left behind blood.
There'd be cuts, scrapes, worse.
Kellen didn't have any that I can see, so I'm inclined to believe him.
Checked at all the hospitals to see if anyone's come in with consistent injuries in the last 24 hours, and, uh Nothing.
So I guess That I'm nowhere.
I'm so sorry, Walt.
Check the drug stores.
Security cameras.
Look for anybody who came in to buy first-aid supplies Gauze, bandages, disinfectant.
After what they did, they'd stay away from hospitals, doctor's offices.
Hey, Walt.
You won.
What? The election.
We must have gone through half the pharmacy security tapes in Montana.
I got a couple left.
What are we supposed to do if our mystery driver had all the first-aid stuff on hand? We're supposed to try everything, right? No, I know.
Just seems like a long-shot.
I got one.
Check this out, Vic.
Oh, my God.
I know.
Bandages, pain meds, ice packs.
No, I know that guy.
That's the kid that said that his car was stolen.
That's Kellen Dawes.
Kellen? Kellen, stop! What are you doing? I'm in Montana now.
You don't have jurisdiction over here.
That's the state line? Yeah.
That's the state line right there.
How can you be so sure? I've lived here all my life.
I know where the state line is.
Hey! Hey, you can't do this.
You don't have authority over here! You're overlooking one thing, Kellen.
I don't give a shit whether or not I have authority in Montana.
You hit a girl with your car and you ran.
You're under arrest! It wasn't me.
I swear.
Then what were you doing buying first-aid supplies at a pharmacy an hour after the accident? It was for a friend! I loaned him my car! He came back all messed up.
What friend? Bob! Open up! Billy, where's your dad? He's not here.
Ow! You're hurting me! You're under arrest! Get up! What? What did I ever do? You hit my daughter with a car and left her to die! Get in! How drunk were you? I wasn't.
I swear.
Found a fifth of bourbon in the front seat, not to mention the fact that you felt the need to flee the scene of the accident.
Nobody does that Unless they have something to hide, so How drunk were you?! I told you I wasn't drunk.
I mean Not very.
But I was okay to drive.
My unconscious daughter Would argue otherwise.
My dad called me from the Red Pony, and he asked me for a ride home.
And my car's in the shop, so I borrowed my friend Kellen's.
And while I was on my way over to get dad, Kellen texted me.
I didn't think it was a big deal to read it, but I must have taken my eyes off of the road for a second.
And that's when I hit the parked car.
I was dazed 'cause I hit my head.
I didn't even see your daughter at first.
It wasn't until after I got out that I saw her over in the grass.
If you saw her Why did you run? I was sc I was scared.
You realize she could have died if nobody found her?! I'm so sorry, sheriff.
I did call 911.
I swear.
Book him.
Driving while intoxicated, reckless endangerment, driving an unregistered vehicle, fleeing the scene of an accident And anything else you can think of.
Yeah? Morning, Branch.
Look, I know it sucks, but that was no way to handle it.
What are you talking about? I had a room full of people, man, waiting to drown their sorrows with you, and you don't even show up.
Can't get you on the phone.
Nobody likes losing an election, especially not by such a slim margin.
How slim was it? You lost by 17 votes.
And if you want to win the next one, you're gonna have to learn to give the people who helped you a little more respect.
Honestly, Jacob, I got bigger things to worry about.
Walt, I've got to talk to you.
It's about Billy.
There's nothing I can do for your son, Bob.
He did a bad thing.
There's gonna be consequences.
Except he didn't.
Billy didn't do what he said he did.
It was me.
I was driving.
I've been drinking for a few days, and Yelena broke up with me, and Billy came to pick me up.
But I made him let me drive.
Trying to prove something to him, I guess.
Then When we hit Cady's car He told me to take off.
Said he wasn't as drunk as me.
Because of my record, I'd probably get in more trouble.
So you have to arrest me, Walt Not Billy.
I did it.
Get Get up! Come on! You're coming with me.
Come on.
There it is.
That's the car you hit.
That's the car you were driving before you walked away.
Get in.
Get in there behind the wheel.
Tell me what happened.
You didn't crawl out of this wreck, Bob.
Your son did.
He was skinny enough and panicked enough to tear free.
He squeezed his way out.
And this car was heading towards the Red Pony, not away from it.
Your son hadn't even picked you up yet.
Now, tell me, Bob, how'd you really get those cuts? These cuts are not from yesterday.
They're fresh.
You tell me the truth, Bob.
When I found out When I found out you arrested When you arrested Billy, I had to do something! I had to do something! I mean, this whole damn thing was my fault! If I wasn't such a worthless drunk, Billy wouldn't have even been in the same place! He wouldn't have even been there! Oh, God.
And so I broke a bottle.
I cut myself up because I wanted to convince you that I did this to your daughter, Walt.
I did it.
I may not have been driving the damn car, but I did this! It was my fault, and I should be punished! Not Billy! Please, God, Walt! My life is over.
And I have wasted it.
But don't let me ruin my son's life.
I deserve to be punished, not Billy.
Do we need to put this in triplicate? No.
Just initial it.
A signed confession Bob Barnes was the driver.
I got a signed confession from Billy saying the same thing.
He said/he said.
I believe Bob.
Release him, Ferg.
I won't.
Dad? What's going on? Come on.
Branch, there's nothing in the tread walls.
You sure? It's practically brand-new.
I know.
It's crazy.
No nails, screws, nothing.
You want to buy a new tire? No, I want to fix this one.
Look, maybe Maybe the leak's not in the tread.
Maybe maybe it's in the sidewall.
All right.
Hey, come on.
Listen, I got to go ring up those customers.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, sorry for the wait.
Let me go get that part.
Hey, punk.
I thought if I could if I could figure out who hit you, I can find who to blame that would somehow fix this.
And here you still are.
I haven't fixed anything.
They say this is all a horrible accident.
This wasn't an accident.
This is because of me.
I found Bob Barnes in here yesterday morning Drunk.
I told him to call someone to come pick him up.
I-I keep thinking What if I had driven him home myself? If I had just This isn't about any of that, Henry.
This is our fault.
You don't do what we did in Denver without there being consequences.
I need to make things right.
You cannot confess to a crime you did not commit.
I'm not talking about confessing.
I need to set things straight with the world.
With myself.
With Cady.
I've been selfish.
I have to make a sacrifice.
What are you saying? I need eagle feathers.
I need your blessing to do something a white man is not supposed to do.
I need to do this, Henry.
There's nothing else I can do.
We are nothing but flesh and muscle bones and blood.
It is all we have to give.
It is good you made this vision quest to help your daughter.
You will suffer and shed blood for the one you love.
This is honorable.
Her suffering will not be in vain as long as you maintain your focus on the healing vision.
You will return to the umbilical connection to mother earth with this piercing.
Your communication with Maheyo will be through the love of our mother.
This way, your own thoughts will not cloud the healing vision.
Your sacrifice will be made tangible through the shedding of your blood and body.
Your silence will be heard.