Longmire s02e13 Episode Script

Bad Medicine

Previously on Longmire.
Ed Gorski is stalking me.
Broke into my car.
My house.
There's no greater enemy, than the mortal enemy of a friend.
I lifted a fingerprint of the car.
Cady was driving.
I did find an interesting detail.
You've found that David works for me.
Would you mind telling me why you were in Denver? He's expecting to speak with me, the slightest contradiction in our stories and he will notice.
Longmire residence.
Cady? Morning, Ferg.
What's up? I didn't expect you to be there.
Uh, how are you how are you going? A-are you feeling any better? I am.
Is the Sheriff around? Yeah.
Dad! It's Ferg! Hold on.
We got a call because a guy was beaten up pretty badly last night, and, um Walt, there's something a little I don't know delicate about this situation.
What is it? Well, I guess this guy's been staying here for a while.
And he's from Philadelphia.
So I was looking at his phone Ferg, spit it out.
He called the same number That number Is Vic's.
I'm sure you know that Vic's marriage is a little rocky.
Don't jump to conclusions, Ferg.
Well, I'm not, but I-if this is what it looks like and Vic is having an affair you know, her husband found out, beats this guy up I mean, she could be in some real trouble.
What's the Victim's name? Ed Gorski.
Hey Sheriff.
Come to finish the job? What did you get yourself into here, Ed? You tell me, Sheriff.
Well, it says here you got a busted rib, missing tooth, and you took a pretty good blow to the back of your head.
You get a good look at your attacker, Ed? No, I didn't.
You made sure of that when you snuck up behind me and hit me in the head.
I didn't do this, Ed.
Even though a few days ago, you said you would do exactly this if I didn't leave your county? Doesn't matter what I said or didn't say.
I didn't do it.
How long you been sleeping with Vic? I'd think by now you'd learn to watch what you say.
Now I got nothing to lose.
The people of your county are gonna be surprised to discover that their Sheriff goes around beating up strangers.
Well, I think the pain medication is clouding your mind, Ed.
You wanted to see me? Ed Gorski was, um Beaten to within an inch of his life last night.
I can't say I'm sorry to hear that.
Got Sergeant Haynes, Highway Patrol.
What's that all about? Vic, um I need to know the precise nature of your relationship with Ed.
Was he just an angry ex-cop who lost a partner, or is there More to this situation? How is that any concern of yours? Because I am involved in this.
This is my problem.
And I will handle it.
Um I kind of made it my problem.
Um A couple of nights ago, I went to see Ed, and I told him to leave town.
One could characterize what I said as a threat.
Now that the man's been beaten up, Ed thinks it was me.
I never asked you to do that.
I know.
I know.
Now, I need to know that this man was threatening you and not that you two had some kind of romantic relationship.
There was Kind of, sort of something between Ed and I years ago before I was even married.
"Kind of, sort of something"? It lasted a few months, but he was married, so I ended it.
And then I met Sean.
Look, Walt, I-I promise I never meant for you to get roped up in this.
Just let me go talk to Ed.
I think I can get him to drop the charges.
How? Just trust me.
Walt Mathias is on the phone, and surprise, surprise he's not happy.
He didn't want me to call his daddy.
Why is my Deputy in the back of your vehicle, Mathias? Neighbor called in some suspicious activity.
Saw Deputy Connally driving around the neighborhood, peeking in windows.
It's a bit over the top to cuff him.
Well, he didn't have permission to operate on the res.
And he just started using these on the back door when I pulled up.
May I have a few words with my Deputy alone? You can have him, but not his car.
I towed it.
He can retrieve it from impound later after he pays the fine.
You know Mathias could've locked you up.
What were you doing on the res without his permission? Come on, Walt.
You sneak around behind his back all the time.
That's true.
I always feel bad about it.
And I always have a good reason.
What's your reason? The house I was looking into belongs to a guy named David Ridges.
I'm pretty sure he was involved in causing Cady's car accident.
I found proof that someone intentionally caused that flat tire that she was fixing.
I also found David's fingerprints on the car.
Battery's dead.
What the hell happened in here? Maybe this will tell us.
If I die, I will not travel the road to the star nation.
I only know one way to set things right.
I'm going back in time to be the man I was.
I need to leave this body behind and save me from myself.
I'm going to take with me everything that is bad and return with the true strength and honor of The Crazy Dogs.
That's quite a suicide note.
But what happened to the body? Should we call Mathias? Get him involved.
And say what? That we snuck back onto the res, illegally broke into a house? With probable cause.
We discovered a suicide, but we don't have a body.
Also, there's no drag marks or any sign of blood on the floor.
I don't know much about native American spirituality, but is that time-travel stuff normal, or a sign that the guy's a little nuts? Yep.
I mean, where in the hell is he? He didn't just disappear, did he? That's a good question, Branch.
And who is he? Why was he trying to hurt my daughter? I've never seen this guy in my life.
Yes, you have.
I think I'd remember it.
Apparently He was pouring drinks for you the night before the election.
I found this at Cady's house.
This don't make any sense.
There's one more detail about this guy that might factor in.
David Ridges worked for Jacob Nighthorse.
I think Nighthorse had David Sabotage Cady's car to Keep your voters away from the polls.
Last week, I confronted Nighthorse about it.
And Nighthorse denied it.
Pretty much.
You think Nighthorse told Ridges that you were onto him, Ridges killed himself? It occurred to me.
It also occurred to me that Nighthorse knew I was onto him, and he killed Ridges, and did a pretty convincing job of making it look like a suicide.
No flowers? I thought at least a balloon.
Cut the shit, Ed.
Language, Vicky.
I might have to wash your mouth out with soap.
Is that how you talk to your Sheriff boyfriend? He had nothing to do with this.
He seems a little old for you, Vic.
What's that about? Daddy issues? What do you want from me, Ed? I want you to feel the consequence of your actions.
Isn't it enough that I had to leave town Leave my family The only home that I have ever known? You don't think that I felt those consequences? No, I don't.
I think you had a change of scenery.
You haven't really felt what I've felt.
You haven't had your whole life unravel.
You've been out in big sky country with your chicken-shit husband without a thought in the world for the lives you've ruined.
You want me to feel bad? I feel bad.
I want you to feel what it's like to have everything you care about taken away.
I want you to hurt, Vic.
I can arrange that.
I'm going to take with me everything that is bad and return with the true strength and honor of The Crazy Dogs.
It all makes sense to me.
He's calling on The Crazy Dogs, what the blackfoot call their dog soldiers.
Again with the dog soldiers.
Show me what else you found in his house.
This is negative medicine.
It is used by someone who is on the dark side.
It represents lost spirits that are desperately looking to find their way back to the light.
I hope he finds the light after what he did to my goddaughter.
He needs to go back.
You believe he actually time-traveled? A lot of my people have a different idea about the nature of time than you.
Perhaps he will return in a few months or years.
You can ask him then.
I don't have years.
I need to know how this man is connected to Cady's accident.
Well, if I were you, I would proceed with caution.
All this Bad medicine, whether you believe in it or not, tends to attract some dangerous types.
Like Nighthorse.
What does Jacob Nighthorse have to do with this? I'm not sure.
I think we should go have a chat with him and find out.
Hey, Walt, I need to talk to you.
I can go alone.
Okay, sure.
But don't go in hot.
Cool as a cucumber.
So What's up? Ed Gorski's gonna fill out a crime report, but he won't be naming you.
So, who's Ed naming as his assailant? Me.
'Cause I did it.
I didn't want your life getting tangled up in this mess, so I decided, before he came after me, I was gonna go after him.
You beat him up? Show me your hands.
Based on the way Ed looked, I'd expect to see a cut or a bruise or I didn't use my hands.
I used a baseball bat.
You didn't hire Hector? No.
And Ed's gonna fill out a crime report based on what I told him, so I just thought you should know.
And I should probably, uh Put myself on suspension until the dust settles.
Vic, if he files that report, you're not gonna be able to work here anywhere, really.
I guess I should have thought of that before.
Got a few more questions about David Ridges.
Why? David is dead.
How do you know that? Because I found the body.
When? Two days ago.
I was worried about him.
He started talking about Killing himself.
Though he never put it quite like that.
He talk about going back in time? Yes, that's exactly how he put it.
How did you know about the time-travel thing? Did you talk to David about the flat tire? No, I didn't.
You were the only one I talked to about that.
Then I guess he'd heard about your suspicions through me.
I don't think I'd be betraying him now by telling you that your suspicions were well-founded.
Did he tell you something about it? He told me everything about it.
He thought that by disabling that car Cady Longmire was driving, he'd be helping me and, of course, you.
He never meant for anybody to get hurt.
So, he confessed to you and then killed himself.
If all that's true, then where's the body? Hopefully with his ancestors.
I'm gonna need you to be a little more specific.
A little less spiritual, you mean? I burned it As per David's wishes.
Show me where.
Hello, lawman.
How'd you find me? Hector, I've got friends in the Cheyenne nation.
You're not supposed to be on the res.
You're not supposed to be off it.
I go where the wind tells me.
Justice has no borders.
But you should know an injustice is about to occur.
Must be Tuesday.
Someone's about to go to jail for what you did to Ed Gorski.
Who is Ed Gorski? The white guy from the motel.
He's laid up in a hospital now with a missing tooth.
Kind of your calling card, if I remember correctly.
If you don't come back to the station with me, someone else is gonna confess to that beating.
If she does, she'll likely lose her job.
She should not confess if she did not do it.
I know that.
But she's going to.
Now, an assault charge for you might mean a little jail time or a fine.
It's not gonna ruin your life or end your career.
Some might say it'd enhance your reputation.
I do not care about my reputation.
But you do care about right and wrong.
Longmire residence? Yeah.
Excuse me.
Sorry, you can't just come in here like this.
Detective Fales, what is going on here? Is your father at home? No.
What is this? It's a search warrant.
For what? Honestly, I don't really know.
We're serving it on behalf of another police department.
You think my dad had something to do with killing that meth head in Denver? What'd you do, standing bear? Nothing.
If you really think about your father and how much he loved your mother, is it really so hard to believe he would want to kill the man that took her away? So when I came to Denver, you were already investigating my dad? You weren't helping me.
You were just digging for information.
I'm gonna need you to close down.
You almost done in there? Almost.
Don't touch that.
Don't! You can take anything you want, okay? It doesn't matter because my dad is not a killer, but you cannot take this! Open it.
Go to hell.
Cady, I have a warrant.
Now open it.
She can she can keep the tea box.
Don't forget the cabinets over there.
Those are very important documents.
I'm gonna need those.
Hey, who are you? What's going on? They showed up an hour ago with a search warrant.
Why didn't you call me? He wouldn't let me use the radio.
Who? Hello, Sheriff.
Who's your friend? Ferg.
Lock him up.
See this one? Yeah, I saw that.
There should be a file cabinet over here.
You mind telling me what's going on in here? I found a witness connecting you to the Miller Beck case.
Who's Miller Beck? The man who stabbed your wife.
Never knew his name.
Not even when you attacked him in a meth house in Denver last year? You're tearing up my office on the word of a drug dealer? Oh, no, no, no.
He told a very compelling story.
This witness remembers being approached by a big cowboy that had all kinds of questions about Miller.
The witness told the cowboy that Miller had showed up recently with $700 in cash he had taken off some lady in a purse-snatching.
The cowboy asked him to describe the purse.
Then, he paid the witness a few bucks and went on his way.
Cowboy in Denver what are the odds? Well, a few hours later, that same cowboy busted into their house with a gun.
He attacked Miller, but Miller's friends were all cranked up on meth, and they kicked his ass.
When I showed the witness some photos, he identified the cowboy as you.
That's quite a story And one decidedly lacking in evidence.
Why do you think I'm serving search warrants? I brought David's body out here to honor him.
And because a man tortured by as much dark medicine as David Ridges needed all the spiritual help he could get.
I wanted to set him on the right path into the next world.
You didn't think to call us? Or Mathias? Why? No crime was committed.
Troubled young man took his own life.
He has no family.
No one wished him ill.
Except you, I guess.
I did not wish him ill.
I was just trying to find out what his fingerprints were doing all around the flat tire that almost killed Cady Longmire.
Obviously, I'll need more than your word to confirm that this is him.
It was him.
Then you don't mind if I take a sample for DNA.
You will not.
This might not look like much to you, but it's sacred ground.
David is with The Crazy Dogs now, and you will let him be.
I need to do my job.
You set foot on this land again The force of the Cheyenne nation will come down upon you for disturbing a holy place.
Henry? Fales is here searching my office.
I just wanted to warn you.
Too late.
They are here.
They gonna find anything? Nothing I cannot explain.
So, what are you going to do? At the moment, there's not much I can do.
Fales has pretty much taken over the office.
Couldn't come at a worse time.
I got, uh, someone in custody who doesn't need the extra scrutiny right now.
Who? Hector.
Walt, I told you about Vic hiring Hector so that if there was a beating, you would not arrest him.
After all, he was doing something for your friend.
Things have gotten more complicated.
You have no idea.
What are you doing here? Get used to it.
Yeah? What what's that supposed to mean? It means that I might be out of a job soon.
What? There's, uh Some stuff that's been going on that I haven't told you about.
That doesn't sound good.
It's not great.
Do you, um do you remember those flowers? Somebody from Philly showed up here in durant, and he's been Threatening me.
This Bobby donolato thing.
When are they gonna let this go? You didn't do anything wrong.
Cops aren't supposed to rat on other cops.
You know that.
You did the right thing.
They were breaking the law.
Why didn't you tell me this was going on? Because I don't want to worry you.
It wasn't Gorski, was it? Well, now I know why you didn't want to say anything.
Where is he? I'm gonna kick his ass.
Somebody already has.
That's why I might be out of job.
Well, answer it.
Maybe it's another ex-boyfriend looking to get back in the game.
You going somewhere? You got your job to do.
I still got mine.
I have to move this prisoner.
Well, can't you find someone else to do that? I may still have a few questions to ask you.
Ferg, let me borrow your cellphone.
Uh, okay.
You got any questions, you can give me a call.
Where are you taking me? There's too much activity in my station.
I'm friends with the Sheriff in Cumberland County.
I think he'll take you in.
You mean jail.
For a little bit.
You in some type of trouble, lawman? I don't know, Hector.
Then why don't you just keep driving? I can't.
What are you doing out here? Looking for you.
Ruby said you two were on your way to Cumberland County.
And the horse? It is for Hector.
You are going to put him on it and tell him to disappear.
Told you before, Henry I can't just let him go.
You can, and you will, because you owe him.
I owe him? Never done anything for me.
Actually, that is not entirely accurate.
He killed a man for you.
When I saw what happened to you in Denver last year I realized that there were only two ways the situation was going to end with you dead or with you in jail.
Neither of those two seemed right to me.
So, while you were recovering, I took the photograph and address out of your pocket, and I went back to Denver.
It is time to get your spiritual affairs in order.
What's going on here? Who are you? I am the judge and the jury, and I am here to pronounce your sentence.
Are you ready to hear it? Get out of my way.
Death within the next Do you know why? Because you are a murderer, and you do not deserve to live.
Think about that in the hours you have left.
So, what does any of this have to do with Hector? I did what my people often do when your justice system fails.
I called in Hector.
You pronounced his sentence, and Hector went there and killed him? No.
I told you before, lawman I'm not a killer.
Hector, you told me that you did it.
You told me that man hurt the lawman's wife, so I hurt him.
But I'm not a killer.
Hector, someone broke his neck and buried him in a shallow grave.
I believe you.
But it wasn't me.
I beat him like I've never beaten anyone, and I gave you his teeth, but I didn't kill him.
If I did, he would have stopped feeling pain.
Death is release.
Pain is forever.
I assumed that you killed him.
I think choosing who lives and dies is up to the great spirit, not me.
I'm just a man.
So, what are you going to do now? Well, if he had killed that guy, I'd probably release him.
But now, 'cause of this Ed Gorski thing, I don't think I can.
Ironic Hector was the only one of us who did not have murder in his heart.
So, if it wasn't you, and it wasn't him who killed that meth head? Where'd you move Ed Gorski? He called me to come down.
Excuse me? Ed Gorski.
I was just in his room.
He's not there.
He checked himself out an hour ago.
Are you Deputy Moretti? Yeah.
Gorski left this for you.
I'm sorry, dad.
What for? I didn't know that when I went to Denver I was helping Detective Fales.
He tricked me, and I should have known better.
It's okay, pumpkin.
You didn't do anything wrong.
But I did.
After your mother died dad Did you kill him? No.
But I wanted to.
And I tried to.
Did Henry? No.
So, what does Fales have that makes him think you did? A witness.
Someone I talked to last year.
A friend of the murderer.
He told me that The guy was bragging about mugging your mom.
He even described your mom's purse, the one you picked out for her when you were 9.
Remember that purse? Of course.
Well, I went to the guy's house, and That purse was in the garbage can.
I still can't believe mom died for what she had in her purse.
I mean, mom, of all people.
You know, she always taught me, "you put $50 in your purse and the rest" "The rest in your boot.
" "ln your boot.
" Fales told me the guy that killed your mom got $700 out of her purse.
Walt I'm patching in Vic for you.
Vic, what's up? I wanted to let you know that, uh, Ed Gorski left town.
He's not gonna press any charges.
That's good news.
So, Ferg told me that you arrested Hector.
You know, you didn't have to do that.
You can't protect everybody, Walt.
Well, it's sort of my job to try.
So, anyway, I guess I can come back to work now? You want me to drive over to Cumberland County, get Hector released? No, I'll take care of that.
You've already had one heck of a week.
Why don't you take, uh, a vacation day? Really? A vacation day.
Paid? Don't make me rethink the offer.
How'd it go with Nighthorse? He said he found David Ridge's body and burned it.
You believe him? I'm heading out to the burial site now to see if I can get a DNA sample.
You want to come? Where is it? It's on the res, right on the other side of the powder river.
Might be better than going in there.
I can't.
I have to go in.
I got called in to my own office.
I was beginning to worry you weren't coming, thought maybe you were going to flee.
Are you here to arrest me? I'm still thinking about it.
Been wondering something about you, Detective.
What's that? Why are you working so hard to find Miller Beck's killer When your department could hardly be bothered to find my wife's killer? Town I grew up in was a small town, like this one.
And our Sheriff was a lot like you.
You don't know what I'm like.
I do.
You wear the hat and the badge.
Far as you're concerned, you're the most important person for miles around.
And you think you can do whatever you want without anyone checking on you.
You know, I saw Sheriffs in the South who literally got away with murder.
And I saw that corruption trickle down to the deputies.
I grew up around too many badges who'd arrest a man they didn't like, beat a man who didn't respect them, kill a man who hurt them.
I got my badge for a different purpose.
I want to protect people from guys like you.
So this is about you settling some old beef, with me standing in for some some corrupt Sheriff from where you grew up? I have motive and plenty of evidence.
What would you do? Not ignore the one detail about this case that doesn't make any sense.
And what's that? My wife's purse.
My wife Never carried more than $50 in her purse.
Your witness said Miller Beck took $700 off her.
If he didn't get that $700 from my wife, where did he get it? From another purse? No.
I think someone paid Miller Beck to stab my wife.
And I think the same person killed him to shut him up after I started asking questions.
Who do you think would have wanted your wife dead? Someone that didn't like her, or someone that didn't like me.
I got a few ideas.
That's a very good theory, Walt, but I'd rather stick with my evidence.
We turned up this medicine bag in your friend Henry's office.
Mathias said his people often keep special items in those bags.
I know what a medicine bag is.
Do you know what was in Henry's? Teeth.
And they match Miller Beck's dental records.
I've got the dead man's teeth from your friend's office and proof that he was in Denver last year.
You may be innocent, but your friend Henry is not.
You arrested Henry? The tribal police did.
Then I'll have him extradited to Denver.
But don't you worry.
I'll make sure he gets his one phone call.
Damn! Aaah! Henry, is that you? Walt.
Help me, Walt.
Who shot you? Who shot you, Branch? A dead man.