Longmire s04e10 Episode Script

What Happens on the Rez...

Sorry about smacking you.
But you totally buried the lead.
If you'd have started with what happened to Gab, I wouldn't have hit you so hard.
Where is Gab? Right behind you.
Do you want a Diet Coke? I'm addicted to the stuff.
- What's wrong with your ass? - I got shot.
I have something for that.
Reduces swelling.
So Gab shot a man and needs to lay low.
That requires some serious medicine.
Heather Crazy Dog.
Close enough.
There you go.
After those men attacked you, your friends tried the sweat? To call you back? Did it work? I wanted it to.
Sometimes it takes more.
My great-grandmother watched white soldiers massacre her entire family.
She was raped.
She passed this skull down as her medicine because it's the truth.
Do you have medicine? I'm not sure what that is.
Your medicine is a power.
I can change your name.
I can even change your Social Security number.
But only your medicine can change what's inside.
Now you're here.
We'll find your medicine.
Okay, you, say goodbye.
I am not leaving her.
You've got a car parked across the river where the cops can find it and a truck with your blood in it at home.
You want to help her out? Go clean up your mess.
She's right.
You need to take back Mandy's car, or she'll turn us in.
Gab, I am so sorry.
Why? You got me here.
I think I gave you the idea to shoot that man.
When I told you to write to Hector.
I think I already had that idea in my head.
You just reminded me that I had the strength.
Thanks for bringing her.
Never come back.
Henry, it's me, again.
Please give me a call when you get a chance.
It's kind of important.
Good morning.
- Coffee? - Uh, no, thanks.
I just need to go grab my, um - Pants? - Yeah.
They're over there, so I'm I'm gonna go get the paper.
Just met your roommate.
Um You have to get dressed and go.
Whoa, whoa.
Not till I have a cup of coffee.
- No.
- Just one cup of coffee.
Otherwise, this feels dirty.
But, um Put your clothes on first.
- All right.
- Okay.
Met your friend.
Um, Eamonn.
Eamonn the deputy? Uh Uh, you can't tell your dad, okay? Oh, uh, sorry, Ferguson.
You all right? - You seem distracted.
- No, I'm good.
I just need to talk to the sheriff before he gets in.
Sheriff! Monte? What are you doing here? I'm sorry to say, but I'm filing charges against one of your deputies.
Charges? Against who? Sheriff, I've been waiting for you to get in.
- You're too late, Zach.
- Whatever this guy has told you - Don't you threaten me again.
- Again? I never threatened you.
I don't know what this guy's problem is, but he's out of control.
I was minding my own business.
I wasn't doing anything to anyone! He comes busting into my room without probable cause! Hey! My office.
That's messed up, all right? He's been watching me.
He storms into my room without permission and with violent intent.
I have witnesses that will tell you - that he assaulted me.
- All right! Monte, do you want to file a formal complaint? - You're damn right I do.
- Ferg's in the bullpen.
He'll take your statement.
Look, before you say anything, can I show you what I took from his room? No! You can't.
Anything you have, you got without a warrant and without probable cause.
He was following me.
Paranoia is not probable cause.
Paranoia is when there's no factual basis for fear.
Now, in this case You mean Monte's case? Because he has a case.
Everything you took from his room was obtained illegally.
Now, this is the last thing I need when I'm already dealing with two murders.
- It's Henry.
- Not now.
He says it's important.
You wait here.
I don't need you and Monte in the same room.
Sheriff, what am I supposed to do? Take his statement.
Hey! I'm hungry! Yeah, we all have problems.
Henry, what's so important, it can't wait? My truck has been stolen.
When? Hard to say.
I have not used it since the night before last.
So sometime in the last 36 hours.
I hate to say it, but I think the person that took your truck did it because it's yours and they didn't think you'd call me.
Who do you think Gab.
She's fleeing a murder charge.
- Murder? - Yeah.
Tyler Malone died last night.
I do not think Gab would've stolen my truck.
Ferg found evidence of a getaway vehicle in the woods.
Gab doesn't own a car.
Your truck is missing, so That is still quite a leap.
I hope so.
Meantime, we'll call the state police.
I'll let you know if it turns up.
- Ruby.
- Yeah, state police.
Green '58 GMC truck.
- Looking up the license plates now.
- Thanks.
Where are you going? I'm going to talk to the last person that saw Gab.
Who the hell are you? I'm talking to you, asshole.
What are you doing with this car? Nothing.
I was just walking by.
I saw you get out.
Where's Gab, girl who killed my guys? I really have no idea what you are talking about.
Gab borrowed the car.
You're returning it.
You got to know something.
Hang on a second.
Don't I know you from somewhere? I do not think so.
No, no.
No, no.
You were at the casino the other night, right? You were following me and my guys.
I think you are confused.
Confused, huh? I feel really good about this, Mr.
From what you've told me, there's absolutely grounds for a case here.
Uh, I'll come meet you in an hour at the casino.
Hey, Punk.
I was just gonna go outside and get some get some air.
Was that Yeah.
Uh, Cady's his daughter.
I didn't I didn't tell you that? No, you didn't.
- I need to know everything.
- About what? About when you saw Gab yesterday.
You said she was alone.
Are you sure? Why wouldn't I be sure? Was she hurt? Not that I could tell, no.
Why couldn't you tell? Was she in a vehicle? No.
No, I told you.
I-I saw her walking, and then Was there one nearby? There may have been one parked.
Could it have been Henry's truck? What? No.
Good morning, Walt.
We got to go.
There's been some sort of a kerfuffle at Mandy Plitt's house.
Ruby's word, not mine.
If you remember anything, you call me, okay? I don't know what you two have been doing, but I caught an accomplice.
An accomplice to what? This Indian - Hey! - either helped Gab murder my guys or knows where to find her.
Back up, Walker.
We don't even know that Gab had anything to do with Tyler's murder.
Well, you may not, but I do.
Owen here said he saw Gab the morning after Tyler was shot.
You saw Gab? Right here.
She was in a hurry to borrow Mandy's car.
After Mandy said no, she threatened Owen.
That ought to tell you a little bit about her.
What'd Gab say? She told Mandy to hand over the keys or she'd accuse me of rape and that I'd end up dead just like Will and Tyler.
Okay, in my book, that's an admission of murder for both Tyler and Will.
What's he got to do with this? Gab borrowed the car.
He returned it.
So he's either in on it or he knows where to find her.
Is that true? - No.
- Bullshit! This Indian was following me and my guys.
He was there at the casino the night Tyler that was shot.
For all I know, the girl was laying in the back of the truck while he was talking to me.
So, you gonna arrest him, Sheriff? Unfortunately, I can't.
See, this is the Res.
I got no jurisdiction here.
I don't get this.
I What do you got against us? What did me and my men ever do wrong? Aside from rape and murder, you all seem like great guys.
So, this is It's just a goddamn joke to you, huh? This Indian, he's an accessory to murder.
Even if that's true, there's nothing I can do.
Then I will.
You don't have that authority, either.
He's got to go to the tribal police.
Sir, who would you rather take you to the tribal police? Me or him? Out! Henry, are you okay? It got a bit physical before you arrived.
I landed on something sharp.
What the hell's going on? I am as confused as you are.
Well, you're sure not as mad as I am.
What are you doing in Mandy's car? The one that Gab borrowed the morning after the shooting? She asked me to return it for her this morning as a favor.
You saw Gab this morning? No.
She called.
I do not know from where.
Why couldn't she return the car herself? She did not say.
I did not ask.
She said she had parked it at the Red Pony.
When I went down this morning to get it, that is when I noticed my truck was missing, and that is when I called you.
Do you think it's possible that when she dropped off Mandy's car, she took your truck? It is possible.
You knew Tyler had been shot.
I told you that.
It didn't cross your mind that maybe Gab had done it and she was trying to escape? I was with Gab yesterday morning.
She was not trying to escape then.
You were with her? Yes.
We took a walk.
Ask your daughter.
She saw us both.
Cady saw you? Yes.
Get back in.
Why? So you can yell at me some more? There's clearly no point.
You've said all you're gonna say.
So what, then, are you going to take me to Mathias? I'm not taking you to Mathias.
Then I would rather walk.
Henry, you're hurt.
Best thing for an injury is to walk it off.
So, did you really hit Monte? Not on purpose.
Well, I'm sure he was asking for it.
How screwed do you think I am? Ruby, call Cady.
Tell her to come here as soon as possible.
Ferg, do you have Monte's statement? Uh, yeah.
I got it right here.
- But I just want to s - Let me see it.
I'm not sure which is more surprising to me the fact that Cady Longmire has voluntarily come to pay me a visit or that she's friends with Calvin Blackwolf.
- I represent Mr.
- In what? In the matter of his wrongful dismissal.
Wrongful dismissal? You were fired? What happened? I'm here to ask you the same question.
You're his employer.
That's true.
But I don't handle day-to-day personnel decisions on the floor.
And that would be? Malachi Strand.
Why did Malachi fire you, Calvin? He, uh He said I was missing shifts.
But that's not true.
Every time big tippers came to the table, Malachi would tell me to go take a break.
I needed those tips.
It's not fair.
And you complained to him? He did.
And he was fired.
My client believes that this was about Malachi playing favorites.
But I think Malachi's behavior could suggest even more egregious improprieties.
"Egregious improprieties.
" All the self-righteous hostility one expects from a Longmire, but with notably more elegant vocabulary.
You are free to treat this like a joke, Mr.
Nighthorse, but you have 24 hours to respond to my client's complaint.
After which time, we will be filing suit.
Well, I will take all of this under consideration.
I'm sure you will.
So, do I get to defend myself? You read this? Is it all true? Well, yes.
But Then the "but" doesn't really matter, Zachary.
I'm sorry, but you can't storm into somebody's room without cause, steal their property, and hit them.
- That was an accident.
- Well, I'm sure it was.
But it should never have happened.
Well, I promise I won't make another mistake like that.
But you already have.
You got into a fight at the oil field your first week on the job.
Now this.
That's two physical altercations in such a short time.
You once told me that the best way to stop a problem was to get there before it becomes a problem.
I'm sorry, but that's what I got to do here.
You don't have to say any more.
Well, unfortunately, I do.
I need your badge and gun.
Sorry I screwed up, Sheriff.
I know.
So am I.
What's up? I understand the rest of the world disappointing me.
But you? What are you talking about? You lied to my face.
You saw Henry walking with Gab yesterday morning.
And yet you told me again and again that she was alone.
How did you find out? Henry told me.
He did? Well, if he was willing to tell you, then obviously, he has nothing to hide.
He only told me because he was cornered.
And you only confirmed it because I caught you in a lie.
Why did you feel you had to lie? I thought that maybe Henry was involved with something.
But I was obviously just being overdramatic.
What did you think he did? Okay.
We've gotten to a place where I'm uncomfortable answering these questions.
Cady, this is serious.
I have reason to believe he's involved in a serious crime.
Which is why I can't talk to you about it.
He is, after all, my client.
Well, we never dissolved the relationship.
You're going to use legal technicalities so you can you can lie to me? I'm not lying to you.
And I'm sorry.
But if I tell you things without Henry's permission, I could be disbarred.
- He's not here.
- What do you mean he's not here? Henry Standing Bear is an accessory to a murder.
That's why he's not here.
That's a felony.
I'm not authorized to deal with cases like that.
Strictly misdemeanors around here.
So you let a criminal go.
- Well, that's the flip side.
- Flip side of what? Well, you and your men can do whatever you want on the Res without anybody being able to hurt you.
The flip side is when something goes wrong, there's nobody that can help you, either.
So the sheriff's not gonna lift a finger to find this murderer.
You aren't, either.
That doesn't leave me a lot of goddamn options, does it? Sure doesn't.
You were right.
He was here, and he's pissed.
Okay, Mathias.
Thanks for the update.
You fire Zachary? I did.
So what was it that he found over there? I don't know.
You didn't let him explain himself? What difference would it make? I don't know.
But neither do you.
Look, I'll admit it.
Took me a little while to warm up to Zachary.
But I think he's a good cop.
So do I.
So what happens if he was right? What happens when he's not? What's that tell you and Vic about how you should do your jobs? Obviously, this is your decision to make.
But I think you're making Zach pay for someone else's crimes.
This is about Branch.
That was the last time my personal feelings about a deputy led me to make the wrong decision.
But Zach's not Branch.
Branch was always trying to prove something.
It was always about Branch.
But Zach I just think he really wants to help people.
You might be right.
I believe his intentions are good.
But I have to think about the consequences.
I've made my decision.
Come in! Jacob? Wow.
You must really love the Red Pony to willingly live in a place like this.
And to stay on, even after you got bought out by Malachi.
"Bought out" is not how I would put it.
He tricked me.
Well, he tricked me, too.
I thought that Malachi's past mistakes were attributable to his circumstances and that if someone like me believed in him, his best self would come out.
But there may be no best self left in the man.
Jacob, why are you here? I have mounting evidence that Malachi has been using the casino as a base for illegal activities.
He's threatening everything that I have set up.
And I need your help.
Illegal activities are more of a Sheriff Longmire thing.
Why not go to him? Well Because he hates me and doesn't trust me.
And you think I do? Maybe not.
But in the end, Henry, I think that you and I want the same thing.
Betterment of our people, achieved by our people.
Walt would see my trouble with Malachi as an opportunity to destroy my casino.
You might see it as an opportunity to save your bar.
Just when I was beginning to see you as an idealist, the pragmatic negotiator comes out.
Ah, yeah, well we both like being our own boss.
If you help me keep my business, I'll help you get yours back.
What are you proposing I do? Malachi's been stealing money.
He's got to hide it somewhere.
I'm guessing it's here.
- Money laundering.
- Yeah.
If you could help me prove that they wouldn't let him run this place from prison.
Think about it Henry.
Monte, can I come in? Sure.
I'm gonna leave the door open in case things get out of hand.
I want you to know that we take these charges seriously.
Zachary's been let go for his behavior.
I'm here to apologize personally.
Apology accepted.
Knowing what a harsh outcome this is for Zachary, I wanted to suggest that maybe you find your way to dropping the charges against him.
What's in it for me if I do? Nothing.
Ah, it was worth a try.
Bribery would have made a really juicy addition to the complaint.
What complaint? This one.
You're suing me for your little tiff with Zachary? Or is this just your way of getting back at me for not hiring you? I'm not the one suing you.
I'm just the investigator.
Who's suing me? Barlow Connally.
Frankly, I don't care No, I don't! Yelling is not gonna change my answer, sir! It's just gonna make you look foolish! - Just call him on his cell phone! - He doesn't have one.
- Bullshit! Who doesn't have a cell phone? - Watch your language, sir! There he is.
Time's up, Sheriff.
Make an appointment.
How 'bout instead of that, I set a court date? You've been holding Trot for two days.
- It's actually only been 36 hours.
- Close enough.
As far as I know, you haven't charged him with anything yet.
- We've got 48 hours to do that.
- Right.
But if you haven't charged him, I can only assume it's because of lack of evidence.
And we both know that you're suddenly not gonna find some in the next 12 hours.
Not when the actual killer's still out there.
- What do you want, Walker? - What do you think I want? You charge him or you release him.
If you do neither, I've got lawyers at Newett drawing up paperwork right now to drop a wrongful-arrest suit against you.
Wrongful arrest? Based on what? Abuse of power, corruption, colluding with tribal police to conceal the real suspects while intimidating and harassing me and my men.
Shall I go on? I hope you all realize next time you try to hang false charges on me and my guys, not gonna be so patient.
Okay, Walt.
I'm sure you got a good reason, but why would you Because now is not the time for me to be fielding any questions about corruption, abuse of power, or intimidation.
Why not? Because I'm already being sued for the wrongful death of Barlow Connally.
Walt, Walt.
Not so fast.
So, Ruby said, uh, Steve Rosato saw the abandoned truck in a lane behind his store.
Sounded like it could be Henry's.
You think Gab is somewhere around here? Don't know.
You worried about that lawsuit at all? I mean, I know that Monte took a lot of stuff out of context, but there's some pretty damning stuff in there.
Why should I be worried? The feds cleared me.
It's just gonna be a hassle.
These lawsuits eat up a lot of time.
It's a bad time to be shorthanded.
About that, uh, I was thinking, instead of going through a whole search again, you think Eamonn might be interested in taking that job? Uh I don't, uh I don't really think that that's the best idea.
Why? Um Because Eamonn and I are in a relationship.
Um a sexual one.
We're sleeping together.
Oh? Seriously? That's your response? What do you want me to say? I don't know.
"Wow, I had no idea," or, "How long has that been going on?" It's none of my business.
Yeah, Walt, you know We used to be close, you know, so close, in fact, that my ex-husband thought we were too close, and so did Lizzie.
And everybody else always thought that there was something going on between us.
You know, it's not like you actually encouraged me to stay married.
And then, you think that Eamonn is flirting with me, so you push him away, and then all of a sudden you start dating the psychiatrist, and you want to hire Eamonn? Why? Feel guilty? Please don't walk away from me.
I'm not walking away from you.
I'm walking away from that truck.
It's a Chevy.
It's not Henry's.
So, what exactly is the nature of your relationship with Dr.
Monaghan? The exact nature of my relationship is none of your business.
It is my business, Walt.
Whether you like it or not, your life, it impacts mine.
Walt, Dr.
Monaghan called.
She needs you to get over to the church right away.
Thank you so much.
Oh, thank God you're here.
Is that your van? Yeah.
I, uh, came out after my group, and and it was on fire.
And the fire department said that someone broke the window and threw a Molotov cocktail inside, so Jesus.
You think it was your patient? Well, i-i-it's hard for me to imagine any other explanation right now.
What's your patient's name? I'm sorry.
I'm just not really comfortable giving you that information.
I don't think you're bound by doctor-patient privilege in the face of a violent act like this.
It's This patient hasn't made their last four sessions, so I'm completely in the dark as to their state of mind right now.
So, someone lit your van on fire, and you don't want to tell us who it is? Yes.
That's right.
Well, I don't think you should go home till we know that this patient is no longer a threat.
You got somewhere to stay? Uh, yeah, I can You should just stay with Walt.
It'll be a lot safer for you with a man around.
How did you get in? Boyfriend gave me a key.
What do you want? To talk.
Where is your, uh, friend Gab? I don't know.
Aah! Aah! You tell me where she is, and this'll stop.
No, it won't.
Aah! Hey.
You know, you were right.
About Monte.
He's trying to dig up dirt on Walt for a civil suit.
Monte's bad news.
I saw the stuff you found in his room.
You know, the transcript of my conversation with him? It was totally taken out of context to make Walt look bad.
Monte's really trying to take Walt down.
What are you gonna do? Actually, I thought I might take another run at Walt.
- Get him to take you back.
- Nah.
That ship has sailed.
Are you drinking? There's no reason not to anymore.
Hmm? I can think of a bunch.
All right, look.
I'm gonna take you home.
No, I'm good.
Come on, man.
Come on.
I'm tired of people not listening to me! Give me your goddamn keys! You know, it's, uh It's been a long time since there's been something positive in my life.
I thought this job was going to be that.
I just got sick of cops always getting there after the crime, after someone had been raped or murdered.
And I thought that I could be the guy who could stop those things from happening in the first place.
Look, man, I'm I'm really sorry I gave you such a hard time when you first showed up.
You didn't deserve it.
It's good, man.
It's all good.
What are you doing? Well, since you're driving, I can have another drink.
Bartender! I've been checking with the state police hourly, and they have absolutely nothing on Henry's truck.
They put out an alert to all the counties, other states? It's not their first stolen vehicle, Walter.
What about Gab? Anyone respond to the missing-persons alert? No.
- Please.
- Oh, Lord.
You have to help her.
Mandy, what happened? I didn't tell him anything, I swear.
I don't know anything.
But you You have to find Gab before he does.
Who? Who did this? Mr.
It's a pleasure to see you again.
I need to find a girl.
Oh? For you this time or one of your colleagues? Not that kind of girl.
Her name's Gab Langton.
She killed one of my guys.
Well, I am not a bounty hunter.
If I don't find her, they're gonna pin the murder on one of my boys.
I can't have that.
If Trot goes down, he might take me with him.
And our lucrative arrangement where I overpay you to take care of my guys, that's over.
Do we have anything other than a name? Make, model, and license number of her getaway vehicle, and her accomplice is an Indian by the name of Henry Standing Bear.
Hank Standing Bear's involved? Well, now I am interested.
Well, the sheriff sure isn't.
Walter Longmire's not going to help you.
He's Hank's best friend.
But tell you what, I'll put the word out to the brotherhood.
And if any of them has seen Gab or Hank, I'll let you know.
I know you know where Gab is.
I know you helped her escape.
Now you need to tell me where she is.
Walt you tried to get justice for her and could not.
And now, just maybe, she found the only justice available to her.
Why are you working so hard to punish her for that? Because if I don't get to her first, Walker Browning will hunt her down and kill her.
Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where's Gab? Hey.
I promised you a home-cooked meal and I never delivered, so Oh, you delivered.
Also, this is a restaurant, so not really home-cooked.
Well, the guy who cooks here Henry also lives here, so it is his home.
Well, that's thin, but I'll allow it.
Also, I wanted to let you know that Walt brought up the idea of hiring you.
And I know that I should have spoken to you about it first, but I told him that it just couldn't happen.
Yeah, you definitely should've spoken to me about that first.
Well, yeah, but I mean that it wouldn't have mattered anyway 'cause we can't work together if we're in a relationship.
All I did was pick you up at the hospital, and now we're in a relationship and you're making career decisions for me? Vic, I told you I liked it here.
And my current boss turns out to be ethically challenged, something I helped expose.
So I don't know how long I'm going to be in that job.
- I'm sorry, Eamonn.
I - Are you? Because 'Cause it It feels like I'm just some kind of pawn in whatever weird dynamic you and Walt have going on.
That That is not true.
Really? He fired me because he was jealous, and now you tell him not to hire me because you want to make him jealous? Okay, so I'll admit that I didn't handle this situation particularly well.
But none of that means that I don't really like you.
You know, Vic? Ah.
I like you, too.
But before there's gonna be any kind of "us," you got to figure out what's going on with you.
Gab? Gab? Hey.
So, here it is, the great demon your mother fought so hard against.
It's not that bad, is it? Well, my client sure seems to like it, so I'm hoping you have some good news for him.
Well, that's not why I asked you to come.
Please, sit.
If we're not talking about Calvin Blackwolf's job, then we're not talking.
I think you're gonna want to hear this.
The profit generated by all this was never intended to enrich any one person.
It is intended to change the life of the whole tribe.
And yet you're the only one in a Prada suit.
I want to fund the construction of schools, hospitals, treatment centers.
I-I really don't have time for a speech.
Um, I have a complaint I have to write for my client.
And I would also like to fund you.
Excuse me? Most of our people don't understand the law.
They can't afford lawyers.
But with a properly funded and managed legal-aid center, we could start to change that.
Are you trying to buy me off so that I'll make Calvin's lawsuit just go away? Calvin shouldn't have been fired.
His job's still here if he wants it, along with back pay and an extra week's vacation.
What I would like, Cady, is for everyone in Cheyenne Nation to have access to representation.
And I'd like you to provide it.
I was raised by a white woman.
And I know there are a few special ones out there.
So call my office if you're interested.
Gab? You can't come in here.
You're supposed to fast for at least 24 hours first.
Gab, you need to come with me.
We have to leave now.
Are you here to arrest me? I'm here to protect you.
There's another man who's trying to kill you.
Why? He thinks you killed his friend, the oil worker.
And if you're not around to tell your story, he can pin a second murder on you, too.
I don't care.
I wish I did kill them both.
I know.
But if you let them blame you for both murders, that means they get away with everything.
And they can do it again.
Marilyn says this medicine wheel is like a microphone to our ancestors.
I've been asking for their guidance.
It's hard to believe they would send a white sheriff to help me.
Spirit helpers can take on strange forms.
Maybe this time your ancestors just worked through Henry.
He drew me this map.
Do you think he would've sent me if I wasn't on your side? Well, isn't this a coincidence? Out of my way, Walker.
All right.
As long as you leave Gab with me.
- I can't do that.
- Of course you can.
Look, I know we've had our differences, but we're both just doing the same thing.
- No, we're not.
- Sure, we are.
We're looking out for our friends.
I'm doing right by Tyler, who this girl shot and killed.
And you're trying to protect your pal Henry from getting busted being her accomplice.
I'll keep your secret.
Leave the girl with me.
Or what? Gonna shoot us? I'm not gonna shoot you.
He is.
Put the gun down, Sheriff.
And the handgun.
You don't think killing a sheriff will catch up with you? We're on the Res.
All kinds of crazy shit happens on the Res that nobody has to pay for.
Aah! Gab? Hey.
Where is she? Who? Gab? She's gone.
I know that.
Where did she go? She hasn't gone anywhere.
She's gone.
As, uh in, Gab is no longer Gab.
Who is she? It's more like, "What is she?" She's been transformed into a red-tailed hawk.
Just now? She's always been a hawk in spirit.
Now she's a hawk in reality.
Did you fire that shot? What shot? Somebody just killed a man down there.
Saved my life.
Gab's, too.
Good deal.
I suppose it is.
Are you gonna go after her? There's no point.
If she's a hawk, that's outside my jurisdiction.
Look what I found.
I have been looking all over for it.
I bet.
How can I repay you? With blood.
So, do you want to talk about any of it? Maybe.
Not now.
It's really quiet out here.
It's great.
It's a little too quiet, don't you think? Do you play this thing? Not in a long time.
Come on, play me something.
I'm a little rusty.
Like, rusty-rusty or chicken-rusty? There.
No! No.
Come on.
Play some more.
Move over.
Zach, it's Ferg.
Where are you? Give me a call, okay? Do you ever feel you've created more evil than you've stopped?