Losing Alice (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

The Bond

Alice! Finally!
I thought we had lost you forever.
So, come along. I want you
to meet some of the crew here.
They already started working with Hilik.
They're under contract. They
gave up other jobs to come on board.
But if there's anyone you don't get
along with, we'll see what we can do.
But they really are
the best in the industry.
- Uh-huh.
- So don't cause any trouble, okay?
Here's what the rooms look like.
The lobby past the elevators.
- I love this one.
- There are different-sized rooms
and we can get access to bigger ones.
Shoot anywhere we like
- Here's the dining room.
- design them how we like.
Uh, the bathrooms.
It's all fine.
The textures are very clean, yet
There was this cheap hotel that I
Yeah. About a thousand years
ago, I was at this little bar in Tel Aviv.
My friend and I, we met
some German tourists
and after a few drinks they
convinced us to go with them,
back to the hotel, right?
And that hotel
Somewhere near HaYarkon.
Near Jaffa, completely isolated.
I can't believe we even went there.
Do you recall the name?
It was so, so sleazy
although totally magical.
I mean, a place you
want to shoot a movie in.
So, anyway I went home soon,
but she decided to stay for a while
and you wouldn't believe
some of her stories.
- Anything there?
- Sounds familiar.
If this is it,
we were gonna shoot another
production at that place a few years ago.
Oh! Oh, my God. This is it.
It's exactly the way I
imagined it. Exactly the place.
It's not just another
generic hotel. This is perfect.
This is, uh, Room 209.
Yeah, but we already have a deal
with the other hotel we showed you,
the one Hilik picked.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and it'll be hard to work there.
The elevators are tiny and
the stairs are too narrow.
That's why we didn't
shoot there a few years ago.
Still, I'm interested in scouting
this other location. Let's go see it.
If it doesn't work, we'll let it go.
Is it true David is thinking
about leaving the project?
Is there trouble in paradise?
Okay. Good.
Then make sure David is all in.
Third floor.
Shame on you, I say.
I know everything that you've
been doing, working with the devil.
I know about everything that you have done!
You've reached David. Please
no voice messages, texts only.
Hey, babe. I just left Lifshitz's office.
Wow. They're all shocked by Hilik's death.
Looks like it was a suicide.
He owed money to some
loan sharks or something.
Anyway, they're all thrilled
we're doing this together.
Uh I'm on my way to Sophie's.
We're gonna be going over the script.
And your mom said she's
gonna pick up the girls.
Bye, love.
Hey! Did you hear me?
Shut up!
Who cares what you have
to say? You stupid little girl.
That's all!
Well then,
I'm the stupid little girl who you
wanted to have a relationship with,
so don't give me any of that bullshit!
I made a mistake, okay?
Oh, so now you made a mistake?
- Unbelievable! He made a mistake!
- That's right. I did.
Did you know you were
gonna turn out to be a cunt?
- You are such an asshole!
Really? I'm an asshole! Really?
You fucking piece of shit!
Get out of my face.
You know what? You need to go. No. Just go!
Just get out of here! I don't ever
want to see you or hear from you again!
- Get out of my life!
- You get out!
- You stupid child. You little girl.
That is enough!
I'm so happy you're
here. I forgot completely.
I'm sorry, I can always come back.
No, no, come in. It's fine, really.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, please. Come on in.
Uh, just make yourself at home.
I'm-I'm in the middle of
something. But I'll be
I'll be right back, I just
I'm glad you came.
Please, please calm down. There's
someone here to see me. Alice.
Please try to calm down.
Could you even care a
little bit? You really should.
I won't! I really don't care!
- I don't care!
- You're the one who pulled me into this!
What I care about is you
breathing down my neck, nagging!
- You wanted me!
- Sucking the life out of me!
That's what I care about.
- You know what?
I can't do it anymore! It is
a nonstop rollercoaster ride.
Good! A weight has been
lifted off my shoulders!
Stupid idiot.
You are horrible, you know that?
I've never known anyone
as cruel as you are. Horrible!
Stop it! You're so annoying! Enough!
I can't stand seeing your face
or hearing your voice anymore!
Do you hear me? Do
you hear me? I have had it.
I'm done with you! You got it?
Shut up!
- Don't you stop talking for once!
- Oh, you're such a bitch.
- Bitch! Bitch!
That's it. No more.
No more. I can't take it.
I'm out.
You're nothing but a
stupid, crazy little girl
and I can't stand being around
you. You understand that?
I'm through with your shit.
Day in, day out, nagging me.
So go! I don't need you!
I'm sorry about taking so long with that.
Are you all right?
Yeah, and thanks so much for coming.
It's just more comfortable
here than at Lifshitz's office.
Sure. No problem.
I'm making us a smoothie so we
can calm down before we get started.
I need to calm down a little.
Was that your boyfriend?
Whatever. It's too complicated.
I'd prefer not to talk about him now.
- What is it?
- I forgot to defrost the schnitzels.
I need to call him.
So, what was it you said
when we were on the train,
that you were my student or?
I wish I was.
I wasn't accepted at all.
Oh, so you never studied film?
I did, but on my own.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
On the days my parents came home late,
I had to go to our idiot neighbor, Tom,
who was kind of a pervert
artist, and big on Hitchcock.
I saw all of Hitchcock's
movies when I was a bit young.
And nobody realized what was going on.
Can you
can you even imagine Yaara
watching Psycho at six years old?
Good luck getting her
into the shower after that.
- I understand what you're trying to say.
- Hold on a sec.
- But I'm telling you
- Would you listen to me?
- No, no, you listen to me.
- Can you let me finish what I'm saying?
I get the dynamics, the
characters and all that.
I just believe that there is,
there might be a way for us
to maybe add just a few little changes
that will give Eleanor compassion.
I mean, in the scene with, um
- Amir's wife
- Rita.
- Why do you keep forgetting her name?
- Yeah, Rita.
She begins to realize what's going on,
and it doesn't even bother
Eleanor? It should be kind of
scary or something.
Just because you identify with
Rita, whose husband's been taken,
and you're looking for a reaction.
It doesn't matter. It doesn't bother her.
Just agree to disagree and let's
take some time to think about it.
But you don't understand a thing.
- What?
- You're all the same.
You get excited about the script
and then you can't wait to make
some stupid changes and ruin it.
- Let's not You're a bit confused.
- I'm not changing a word.
I hope that's clear to you. Not a word.
I'm just trying to see if I can identify
with the characters you created.
I am not interested in
connection. I am trying to shock.
So stop being a bored, bourgeois woman.
I think I should go.
No, don't go yet.
It's fine.
No, no, it isn't.
I was horrible and I don't
want you leaving like this.
Listen, I have to go somewhere
and I really want you to come with me.
Don't be afraid. You'll
have a unique experience.
Trust me.
I took my anger out on you and
I don't want you to leave like this.
Well, it's late, and I can't.
It will be perfect.
I'm not coming with you if you're
not telling me where we're going.
I have a Gaga class that I paid for
and I want you to be a
part of my experience.
- Come on now, really, Sophie. No way.
- Listen
- And I'm telling you
- The stuff is not for me. Stop.
- I can't. I just I can't get into it.
- I think you'll love it. Wait and see.
- Sophie.
- Let's do it. Please? Please?
And soft chest, ribs, pelvis.
Soft good.
Feel how each one is a different rhythm,
a different groove, or
at least available for you.
Grab your ass, lift your pika.
Your arms.
And soft chest, ribs, pelvis.
Soft good.
Feel how each one has a different rhythm.
Different groove.
We want to let go.
Let go.
Yeah. We want to let go and then punch.
Feel how you let go and punch.
Let go and punch.
Let go. Good.
So now, when we quake,
we let go all the time.
Let's connect to our really soft voice.
And from this soft voice Ah.
More like animal, guys.
- Connect it to pleasure and to letting go.
Otherwise, we're just gonna be a statue.
Show me how you can find your way.
Let's groove in your own groove.
Soft groove.
Now, thick. Grab it.
Back to back.
And try not to touch them yet,
but just feel how you're standing
really close with your back to them.
Really close.
And try to rub your
back against their back.
See how you can include
the rubbing of the skin first.
As if you're trying to vent from
the flesh to really push into it.
More skin, guys. More skin.
Where's Mommy?
On her way. She'll be here soon.
When? She said she'd be home by now.
- I'm finished.
- Well, I'm not.
She's not on her way back?
- Where is she?
Oh, my God.
You should've warned me. Hold on.
David's calling. One second.
Hey, babe.
- Uh, how'd it go?
- That's very nice.
Good. How's it going?
Great. Are you on your way home?
No, sweetie.
No. I'm actually, um
Well, I'm kind of in the
middle of something.
Really? I thought you'd be home by now.
No TV. Want me to tell you a story instead?
No, one thing led to another
and I ended up at Gaga.
Gaga? What's Gaga mean?
It's a kind of dance class. Sophie took me.
Never mind, I'll tell you when I get home.
Does it go this way or that way?
- Dori, please help Grandma.
- What's wrong?
Don't give her a hard time.
- Nothing's wrong.
- Where's Mommy?
- She's on her way home right now.
Why are you acting that way?
I'm not acting in any
way. I'm making schnitzels.
- Help me out a little.
- Can I have a yogurt?
Put your head down.
I thought your mom said
she'd pick up the girls.
And make them dinner.
So, everything should be okay, right?
I'm not fighting with you.
It sounds like you are.
No, I was just asking when you'll be home.
So, now you're gonna make
a fuss about everything?
I'm making a fuss?
Please, just stop, okay?
- Bye.
- Okay, bye.
I wanted to talk to her, Daddy!
- Is it my turn yet?
- What is it, Mom?
You are the greatest son and
you're an even better husband.
Mom, please, back off.
There's always a ton of guilt.
And even when you don't feel guilty,
you feel guilty for not feeling guilty.
- Sounds bad.
- It's bad.
Yeah. But it doesn't become
real until you have kids.
- Yeah. Do you feel guilty?
- No.
Of course.
It's only when the kids
come that you get the guilt.
And anxiety. Lots of it.
And the more kids, it just gets worse.
It's just as if pieces of
you are roaming the earth.
- What fun.
It's not just that, but
it's that too. It's, um
The fries are dry.
Wow. No way.
No way!
- Hey!
- I don't believe it!
- Oh, my God.
- It's been so long. Come here.
- Oh, wow.
- Where have you been all this time?
- Hey. We just got lucky.
- What?
Let's go eat our fish and chips on a boat.
Hold on. What are you
talking about? What boat?
My friend Dalit is here and she
can take us on a night cruise.
- Did you arrange this?
- For real?
A friends of yours just
shows up with a yacht?
Where else would they be?
It seems weird.
Life can be weird, Alice.
No. Listen. No, really, it's time to go.
- No, no.
- You'll go home then.
We will eat our dinner on the boat
and then you can go home after.
They will be sound asleep
when you get home, I'm sure.
You have no idea how
amazing it is. Pure bliss.
This stuff is amazing.
You know where we are?
Not really.
Of course I do.
Alice, are you okay?
Uh, yeah, just fine.
Reception sucks.
No. Go see her.
You're gonna have so much fun.
You won't believe
what a great feeling it is.
Ever seen anyone like her?
One of a kind.
- Yeah.
- Just unreal.
What an awesome body.
Like a mermaid.
You're not even human.
You have to come in. It's amazing.
- Whoo!
Have a couple of shots
and just jump in there.
You have to relax a
little. Don't be so tight.
- Cheers.
- L'chaim.
How did you become friends?
She had an older boyfriend
who used to bring her here.
I get a lot of couples who like to do that.
They want to go out to sea at night.
You know, so no one sees them.
They'll be anybody they want
to be and only God sees them.
- Really.
- Whoo!
Thank you.
Hey! Come on in!
- You're missing it!
Back in the day I would've jumped right in.
- No.
- Let me.
- Come on.
- No, no, not me.
No, really, please. I'm not going in.
- Come here.
- No.
Shh. You'll enjoy it.
Be a little girl for a moment.
- What a beautiful body.
- Thank you.
Hey, babe, I couldn't get reception.
I had a bit of a
Anyway, I'm on my way home.
And you're probably sleeping.
See you soon. Bye.
What the fuck?
- Good evening.
- Evening.
Can you blow into this, please?
- What? Why? What's the problem?
- Just blow into it.
Did I do something wrong?
It's a random checkpoint.
Yeah. Now blow into this, please.
Shut the car off.
Right this way, step forward.
See? Now look at me.
See? Now the other way.
Now the other way.
Walk in a straight line.
Now walk along this crack.
Heel to toe. Heel to toe.
Inhale, close your eyes and put
your head back for ten seconds.
Hi. No, I worked out.
Um Sophie.
Yeah, her.
Thanks for being a
good friend. You're great.
Good night.
Who was that? The doctor?
He's been a good friend.
Him and his wife.
I called him because
David's asleep with the girls.
But he couldn't do it 'cause
they're at a wedding or something.
So it's good you came.
Anything happen between you two?
With Tamir?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Of course not. No, no, no.
- Okay, but it's not that far-fetched.
I mean, people do things
like that all the time, you know.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
- What?
Hey, I'm really getting a vibe right here.
You can tell me. I swear,
I won't tell anybody.
No, no, no way. No, listen
No. No, no, no, no. No.
You just gave him a blow job.
I knew it!
No! No way! No! Not a chance in hell.
- I never did that, for God's sake. No.
- No?
- What? No?
- No.
No, it's nothing like that at all.
It isn't really an option.
It's one of those fantasies that
married people entertain, you know?
I mean, it's not something that's
supposed to materialize though.
Not in this life.
Are you okay to drive?
Yeah, considering I don't
have a driver's license.
I'm a good driver though, right?
Where were you? I was starting to worry.
I got into trouble.
We went for a bite to eat after Gaga
and I had a bit to drink.
Just a few, though.
Driving home I got pulled over
for a random DUI test.
And I got my license suspended for a month.
You're kidding.
How did you get home?
Uh, Sophie. Sophie drove me.
Sophie? How come Sophie?
- What could I do?
- Call me.
I did. You didn't answer.
Besides, you had the
girls. What could you do?
Call again, wake me up. I would've
called my mom. Why Sophie?
Are you mad?
There's no middle ground
for you. It's all-or-nothing.
- What's it matter?
- It was your first day.
Nina was waiting for you all night.
Can't you do things gradually?
Okay. So this time it wasn't gradual.
- Where are you going?
- Living room. You're annoying tonight.
Sophie's there.
How do you expect her to go
home? She drove me in my car.
That's just great.
You know. I wonder, if you didn't have
to, if you'd still want me in this role.
If I wasn't a part of this deal.
If you had to cast the part,
would you even consider me for it?
Why are you asking that?
You wouldn't choose me, Alice.
You're projecting all
your doubts on me now.
You wouldn't cast me
in this and you know it.
I don't understand how
you got that idea, David.
I've always wanted to work with you.
'Cause you're a fantastic actor.
And I love you.
I'm cold.
Is that good?
Yes, thank you. Sorry for waking you up.
It's fine.
Is it true you might not
want to do the film now?
Is it because of Alice?
It has nothing to do with Alice.
Then what is it if it has
nothing to do with Alice?
Well, I'm not sure.
I'm just not sure if I'll do it or not.
Just decide you will.
I don't know.
Just say you will, David.
I really don't know what to do.
Say you will.
Or is the film too much for you?
Say you will.
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