Lost in Oz (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow

1 Previously on Lost In Oz Enjoy Emerald City, Miss Gale.
You're not going anywhere.
There are over a hundred different known magical elements in Oz.
And I need one of each to get home.
That's Glinda the Good.
If anyone can get you home, she can.
Glinda flies her castle around the city? And it's filled with magic? She's completely fallen off the map.
If we can start the Ferris wheel, we find Glinda.
Only magically trained personnel should operate machinery.
This is it, Toto.
All the magic we need is inside that castle.
- Oof! - [Toto whimpers] Toto, we made it.
We're going home.
[ruff ruff] Huh? Aah! Hi, there.
It's me Scarecrow.
Uh Wonderful to see you again.
Again? - [barking] - Huh? Uh, I'm terrible with names and faces and significant dates.
Uh Whoops.
[chuckle] I'm all over the place.
Let me get that for you.
It's okay.
If you could just point me to Glinda What's your name? How's your day going? Did you grow up around here? Oh, it's so nice to make eye contact.
Am I coming on too strong? I'm Scarecrow.
What's your name? I'm Dorothy, - and this is Toto.
- Huh? We're looking for Glinda the Good.
"Glinda hears cases from far and wide in her illustrious Consultation Parlor.
" I can take you there.
It says here it has really nice carpets.
Do you like carpets? Oh, man.
When Dorothy and Toto flew in at the very last second, boh! Yeah.
That was incredible.
And, West, the way you used that feathosphorus Is there a word for scary in a good way? So, uh, what do we do now? I guess, uh, don't we have school? Oh, yeah.
Normal life.
[thinking] I'm going to miss you, Dorothy.
And this is the Diplomatic Reception Room, where a thousand fresh lilies are delivered daily to greet disiting vignitaries uh, visiting dignitaries.
Tea? [wheeze] [coughing] This has been super-informative, but I'd really like to see Glinda now.
[gasp] How long have you been standing behind me? Pretty much since you stopped walking.
Well, pleased to meet you.
I'm Scarecrow.
I know.
We must met.
- We did? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, listen, I should tell you, I have a, um, uh, uh Memory problem? Yes, yes.
But I manage.
Now, what was I doing? Oh, yes.
But before we leave, I should tell you I have a, uh A memory problem.
Yes, but I manage.
Where are we going? I'm looking for Glinda.
You're looking for Glinda? Why didn't you say so? She's just around the corner.
[fanfare] She's coming.
[Dorothy gasps] Glinda.
[arf arf] What are you doing here? Get out.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to trespass.
I just Huh? [barking] Huh? Y-You're a ghost.
[gasp] Am I a ghost? What just happened? Am I seeing things? Or do witches just do that? There's something weird going on here.
Don't you want to finish the tour? There's the ballroom, the control room Ooh, there's a gift shop.
[fanfare] Oh, she's coming.
What are you doing here? Get out.
Scarecrow, does Glinda say the same thing every time you see her? Oh, gosh, yes, like a broken record.
She's kind of a bore socially.
She's not a ghost.
That's a recording on a loop.
How could I have trusted that traitor? - Scarecrow: Whoa! - [barking] You can take me, but the people of Emerald City will never follow you.
Ohh! [ruff ruff] Glinda was taken? Who is powerful enough to take Glinda the Good? Do you have any idea how long you've been here? I don't know.
Ballpark, 20 minutes.
Uh, who would want to betray Glinda? Nobody I know.
Do you know anything useful? Yes.
Everything I know is from these pamphlets.
I can tell you if If only there were security logs or even a guest book, something that could tell us who was visiting Glinda that day.
I know.
It's from Glinda's Gift Shop, and it's on sale.
[squeak squeak] - [ruff] - [squeaking] [ruff ruff] Baby's Very Own Great Book of Records.
"Just like Glinda's.
Does not actually record daily events.
" So that means there's a book of records that does record daily events.
- Where is it? - Hmm.
[squeak] Of course.
The Great Book of Records.
Silly me.
This is just a child's toy.
- [squeak] - Huh? "The Great Book of Records "is kept in Glinda's private study in the secret wing of the castle.
" I think I might know where that is.
I don't think that's a a door.
[ruff ruff] [squeaking] Yes.
I've been here before.
I'm sure of it.
It's jogging all kinds of memories my middle name, the times tables, [gasp] my middle name.
I think that's oblivion water.
[gasp] Hello, there.
I'm Scarecrow.
I know.
We've met.
I'm Dorothy, and you have a memory problem.
And now I think I know how you got it.
Are you a child doctor? No, but I hope to be one day.
Come on.
I'll catch you up.
[school bell rings] [sigh] What are you doing? I dropped my textbook, and I was going to pick it up, but then I thought, Why? Yeah.
I can't think of any good reasons, either.
[clatter] Reigh: Ow.
It's me.
I have terrible news.
Toto and Dorothy have not ushered in the Golden Age of Magic yet.
Both: Huh? But here's the good news.
I'm positive that they haven't left for Kansas, and if you come with me, I can prove it.
Thank goodness.
Next time, lead with the good news.
[ruff ruff] That's got to be it: Glinda's private study.
What happened here? - [crack] - Ooh.
[squeaking] Whoa.
That's the Great Book of Records.
Well, one of them, at least.
There's countless volumes containing all the knowledge and history of Oz.
So this will tell us where Glinda went and what she was running from? It looks like there's a page torn out.
What about the page before it? The print's too small.
How can anyone read this? - There's got to be a - Ooh.
magnifying glass.
This won't work.
The glass is missing.
Are you sure it's not around here somewhere? Wait a second.
Let me see the top button of your jacket.
Where did this come from? It fits.
This is incredible.
We're inside a chapter of the Book of Records.
Scarecrow, old friend, before you say anything, I know what you're thinking.
Are you talking to me? I'm speaking to you not as your friend, madam, but as your chief advisor.
If we wait any longer, the magic shortage will turn into a crisis.
I'm close.
Sustainable magic is possible.
I just need more time.
Time and magic are both limited resources.
There's unrest brewing.
There was a sit-in in Winkietown last week, and the frond people are on hunger strike.
Time is limited, yes, but I'm confident our friends will lend a helping hand when I show them what I've been working on.
You were Glinda's chief advisor? Oh, no.
That That can't be right.
I'm just a nobody.
Well, I don't know half the words that came out of my mouth, and I'm not so dignified like that.
What happened to me? [ruff] I much prefer my jacket now, though.
What about the next page? It's gone.
Whatever happened to Glinda must be on that torn-out page, and this next one is a total mess.
The pen kept writing over and over on the same page.
Think we can get something out of it? Worth a shot.
[thump] [thump] [thump] [thumping] Who were you running from? Whose flag is that? Uh, no! You're the one that ripped out the page.
You sacrificed your memory to protect it.
I did! You remembered.
Whoever was chasing you didn't want anyone to discover what was on this page.
Scarecrow! The page fits perfect - [alarm blares] - [Toto barks] Oh, no.
- [barking] - Quick, hide this.
- [gasp] - What's happening? The Book of Records.
We tripped an alarm.
We need to leave.
Hurry! The boat! I don't think the library is sinking.
[ruff ruff ruff] I think we're rising.
We need to get to the Grand Hall.
[ruff ruff] If there's any way to go faster, now would be the time to do it! Get down! - Lower! - Aah! [alarm continues] Who? Huh.
Monkey, I command you to fly us out of the castle.
Scarecrow: We're free! Whoo-hoo! Portal technology.
We're trapped! Uh, don't forget about the flooding water.
Scarecrow, didn't you say there was a control room? I did.
Well, if this castle can fly, then maybe we can land it.
Uh, where's the steering wheel? We don't have much time.
How about this thingamajig? - Whoa! - Ooh! [grunt] I wish West was here.
This looks like a whole lot of nothing.
Okay, what exactly are we looking at here? Is my mind supposed to be blown yet? Dorothy flew into Oz.
There were huge energy readings.
When, you know, Glinda's castle disappeared, nothing.
Nothing means she hasn't left.
Are you on catnip? Whoa! Oof! Scarecrow: Aah! Dorothy: Whoa! We're all gonna die! Give me the hat.
I need to call my wife.
You can talk? Zip, tell my wife I love her.
I should have worked less and been a better father.
And, Zip, if she needs someone to groom her, I want it to be you.
Wait, wait, wait.
Monkey, you can communicate with the other monkeys with that hat? How else would we all get orders? Also, the name's Fling.
Fling, we can call West.
She has to know something about these magic controls.
Can you tell your friends to send a message? Zip, this human wants to talk to somebody named West.
Mom: Honey, a friend is here to see you.
Uh All: Aah! Ahem.
West, it's me Dorothy.
I need your help.
No! You're a monkey! Monkey, get out of here.
Help Ojo grab that broom.
It's working.
Okay, tell her it's really me.
Sorry to jack up your day again, but I'm stuck in Glinda's castle, and it's taken off somewhere.
- West: Shoo! - Huh? Whoa! I touched some magic knobby things, and it's out of control.
How do I land this thing? [gasp] Stop, Ojo.
It's her.
Dorothy, are you okay? I'm going to need something more specific than "knobby things.
" Give the monkey a pen and paper.
Now tell him what you see.
I see my life flashing before my eyes.
Describe the control panel, please.
Okay, I'm looking at four orbs in the shape of a diamond.
Dorothy: Whoa! Scarecrow: Ohh! Well? - He's still shading.
- Whoa! Forget the shading.
It's "Gm.
" Great.
Look up General Magic's product database.
doing a search for the castle autopilot specs.
Do you see a cruise controleum crystal? Any other adjectives you can throw at me? It's white.
Take it out.
Don't take it out! - Ohh! - Yow! You need to engage the manual drive system first.
The drive system is composed of two sets of dual suspended orbs, with an energy channel running between both.
One is up-down, the other is left-right forward-back.
Don't touch the orbs.
You want to manipulate the magic channel flowing between them.
Manipulate the magic channel? But I'm not a witch.
Just put your hands between the orbs and move then in the direction you want.
Aah! No.
It's burny and zappy.
It's too powerful.
Clear your mind.
You have to focus.
I think I got it.
Now, West, you guys are gonna need to guide me from the ground.
Can you see me? Fitz: They're passing over us right now! [gasp] There! We're coming, Dorothy! Can you carry all of us? Are you crazy? We're taking something with air bags.
Mom! I need to borrow the van for a sec.
I'll be really careful, I promise.
"What?" means okay! What? Let's ride.
[car alarm chirps] Yow! Okay.
We see you.
Go to your 9:00.
We're going to land you and Betsy Bob in Central Park.
And hope there are no joggers out.
[exhale] Impossible.
This is really hard.
You can do this, Dorothy.
You just need to clear a few more blocks to reach the park.
We're driving there as fast as we can.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh! [whimpering] [car alarm chirps] [shouting] [panting] West: Dorothy? Hey, guys.
- Yeah! - Yeah! - Whoa! - Whoa! Ojo: Dorothy! Yes! [laughing] That was insane! The unstoppable power of the Toto-Dorothy duo! I'm sorry you didn't make it to Kansas, but I just lied.
I'm really glad you didn't make it to Kansas.
We missed you.
So what happened up there? Where's Glinda? And, uh, who is this guy? This guy is me.
That's Scarecrow.
The castle was empty, except for him.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
- Huh? - Chief Advisor Scarecrow? - Uh-huh.
Is this for real? You guys should really follow politics.
It's your civic duty.
What about Glinda? She's missing.
All this time, I was looking for Glinda to help me, but I think we need to help her.