Lost in Oz (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Shortcut to Emerald City

1 Previously on "Lost in Oz" GUPH: Dorothy and her Emerald friends, I want them out of the fairylands You should have called me sooner.
[GASPING, SCREAMING] There! The shortcut to Emerald City.
If I could get you power, would you tow us to that mineshaft? The witch is a tricky one.
You'll need this.
Mom! - Who did this to her? - The Shadow Gnome.
Can you believe it, guys? We made it to the mineshaft.
We're halfway home! ROQUAT: Emerald City, here we come.
[TOTO HOWLS] [GRUNTING] Wha [GRUNTS] Thanks for not turning us over to Guph.
Thank you for the wind maker with the odd little face on it.
Hey! That's my face.
I know.
[SCOFFS] Whatever.
DOROTHY: Any shot you want to come with us to Emerald City? There is nothing for me there.
My home is in the desert.
But what about Guph? Now you're his enemy, just like we are.
I will take my chances with Guph as you take yours in the tunnel.
Why? Is the tunnel dangerous? I thought it was just a shortcut.
A cut shorter, yes, for those who are working together.
Split apart and you will be finding dead ends.
Oh, is that poetry? Sounds like a warning to me.
It is a warning.
Poetry is for the babies.
Bye! OJO: Where are you taking us? WEST: To Guph.
- How do you know that? - He said so, right before turning my mom into an ornament.
So we're going to the Gnome Kingdom? I can't think of anything worse.
What do you know about the Gnome Kingdom? Uh nothing.
Just that it's a horrible, ugly place For us! You know, folks from Emerald City.
It's probably a wonderful place for gnomes.
You think gnomes like to live in a horrible, ugly place? No, of course not.
That's not what I meant.
Entitled Emeraldos, you take our magic and leave us with nothing.
King Guph is going to change that.
[SQUEAKING] Everybody on.
OJO: This looks pretty sketchy.
This doesn't look safe at all.
[GASPING] I don't believe my eye.
What is that? The Powder of Life.
Animates the inanimate.
It's the reason I exist.
Infuse these objects and fill them with light, ignite their stillness, and bring them to life.
[GROWLING] [ROARING] Ah, safety.
Thank Oz.
Hey, not so tight.
Maybe the powder of life could save my mom.
Good thinking.
Let's do it quick.
Then she can save us.
[SCREAMING] SHADOW GNOME: Heeya! To the Gnome Kingdom.
Remember Tred's warning.
- [PANTING] - We shouldn't split apart.
You're not seriously listening to that wheeler's warning, are you? DOROTHY: We need to be careful.
We don't know anything about this tunnel.
[SNIFFING] [BARKING] Toto, wait! [BARKING] DOROTHY: "Trans-Desert Passage.
"Connection to Emerald City, "built in partnership with our friends The Gnome Kingdom"? What? Emerald City and the Gnome Kingdom used to be friends? Yeah, until the wicked wizard stole my dad's belt.
The wicked wizard? Who's that? Only the worst guy ever.
Before Glinda, he ruled Emerald City.
Oh, I don't remember him being very wicked, but he did have pretty loose pants.
Are you sure the belt wasn't just a thoughtful gift? You honestly think my dad would just give away our most prized possession? Maybe they were good friends.
The Gnome King's belt contains the sacred orb.
He wouldn't give it to anyone, not even his best friend in the whole world.
It sounds really special.
It's beyond special.
Whoever wears the belt controls the Gnome Kingdom.
But you controlled the Gnome Kingdom, and you don't have the belt.
Yeah, and look how that turned out for me.
I lost my kingdom, and I'm stuck in some filthy tunnel with a mutt, a bag of straw, and you! [GROANS] [GRUNTING] [GASPING] DOROTHY: The Crystal Wall? This is the only door to Emerald City.
Why would it be blocked? SCARECROW: Maybe it's a trick.
Ohh! Obviously, the Emeraldos blocked it off from the other side.
Oh, no one I know in Emerald City would do something mean like that.
And besides, between the four of us, we've got three good brains.
As long as we work together, we can get through anything.
[GASPING] See? Wow.
How could the wall just vanish? Don't you see? It's because Scarecrow's an Emeraldo and I'm a gnome.
This is super messed up.
You think the door likes people from Emerald City more than gnomes? I don't think the door likes gnomes at all.
I think it's enchanted by the Emeraldos to keep us gnomes out.
Good thing you're traveling with an Emeraldo then, huh? After you, kind sir.
[SCOFFS] Something feels strange about this place, Toto.
[GASPS] I keep finding myself in these terrifying situations.
[WHIMPERS] The way I see it, we've got two options.
We can take some Powder of Life from the tank, or we can take it directly from him.
So really what you're saying is we've got none options, because but of those scenarios are impossible, not to mention dangerous on so many different levels.
Come on, Reigh.
If we can just change my mom back, I know she could help us escape.
But we can't even move.
These bars are keeping us so safe, I mean trapped.
If Dorothy was here, she'd say it's worth a shot.
I'm thinking munchkin's right.
What have we got to lose? We just need to get the Shadow Gnome to come closer to us somehow.
[ALL SHOUTING] [ALL EXCLAIMING] I have incredible hearing.
Don't think to try me.
- Are we clear? - Mm-hmm.
[FABRIC TEARS] Ah, by sundown today, this pathetic house will be gone, along with Dorothy and her irritating friends.
That's very exciting, sir.
Tread and Calico should be here any minute.
I spot the wheeler! Alone? He wears the banner, sir a banner with Roquat's face.
I know which banner it is.
Take me down to his level.
Oh! Tread, Tread! Worthless Tread! I had such high hopes for your mission.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Where are they? Where are Dorothy and her aggravating friends? Wheeler codes forbid us from squealing on those who help us.
So then why would you come back? A Wheeler never leaves you hanging.
That is also part of our code.
Ah! But I am left hanging, Tread.
Wheelers never claimed to be perfect.
Douse him! [GASPING] Oh! [SNIFFING] Was that perfume? I hate perfume.
It's Extract of Awakening.
Now you'll be forced to tell me the truth, whether you want to or not.
No! No! I will never tell! I love your mustache! I want to braid it.
Thank you.
Looks like the extract is working.
You know, you're so tall.
It's so cool how tall you are.
- Duly noted.
- I sleep with a night light.
Where are Dorothy and her friends? Dorothy and her friends are at the Trans-Desert Passage.
Tread took them to the mineshaft last night.
Thank you.
Take him away.
My secret dream is to be a cookie maker! How beautiful.
Looks like Dorothy's house will be making a pit stop before leaving the Fairylands.
[SOBBING] Chocolate chip Notify Calico that our rendezvous point has changed.
This is the kind of amazing stuff Emerald City and the gnomes made together.
And now you're holding some grudge about a belt? I'm not holding any grudge.
Are you, Roquat? - Don't talk to me.
- Hmm? Don't look at me.
Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going? You said not to look at you.
So look at the ground, you dingus.
Walk backwards for all I care.
I will happily walk backwards.
I'm actually very good at it.
He really is, Robot.
I've seen it.
- [EXCLAIMING] - Hey! Ow! That hurt my feelings.
Good! You deserve it! Where'd this wall come from? Dorothy, you all right over there? Of course she's all right.
We can see her.
- Can't you see her? - What is wrong with you two? Scarecrow's a klutz! That's only because King Roquat is confusing me.
Roquat, why are you confusing him? Really? You're taking his side now? Guess that makes sense since you're practically one of them.
- One of who? - An Emeraldo.
Actually, I'm from Kansas, which you might remember if you ever paid attention to someone other than yourself.
- Ah! - [WHIMPERING] Toto? What's going on? Why won't the tunnel let us through? It's like the tunnel's getting mad at us for getting mad at each other.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
But if it's true, it's Dorothy's fault.
[GROWLING] Excuse me? Before the first wall appeared, you made Scarecrow bump into me, which made me get mad.
What are you talking about? Then, right before the second wall, you got mad at us.
I got mad at you! Because you were being a You were not being a very nice guy.
Just saying, I really don't think this tunnel like you.
Toto! Stop it! Stop it! What's gotten into you? Everyone just needs to calm down.
I don't think this tunnel likes any of us.
Commence Operation Distract A Gnome.
Pink Paw, make me proud.
Guys, I think it might be a little bit too windy up here.
[GASPS] Ah-choo! Soon you will be punished for what your people have done to gnomekind.
Prepare yourselves for King Guph.
[GASP] [SQUEAKING] - [ROARING] - What? [ENGINE SPUTTERING] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTING] [REIGH WHIMPERING] Something wrong, mate? Who messed with it? Who messed with what? How can we mess with anything? We've made a terrible mistake! [FRETTING] [SCREAMING] [ROAR] [SCREAMING CONTINUES] [REIGH WHIMPERING] What happened? [QUIVERING] Huh? [ALL GASP] You might be a born witch, but you can't control the power of life.
Only one way to find out.
You don't know what you're doing.
I'm saving my mom so she can knock you back to where the sun don't shine.
I will ornamentize you right where you st No, no.
You will do no such thing.
Calico, my friend.
You mustn't be so cavalier with another gnome's prisoners, especially when that gnome is your king.
- But she - No buts! I'll have my scepter back now, please.
Don't make me ask again.
I'll see you in the shadows.
[CHUCKLE] Good choice.
Leave on a high note.
Now are you ready to reunite with your long-lost friends? Hmm? I don't care whose fault it is.
It's yours! We've already established that.
If we share the fault, maybe the tunnel will let us pass.
[SCOFF] What are you talking about? Oh, Glinda enchanted this tunnel to not let aggression into Emerald City.
[GASP] I just remembered that.
That's what Tread warned us about.
The tunnel is only a shortcut if we stick together.
Split apart, and [IMITATING TREAD] you will be finding dead ends.
[LAUGHING] That was pretty good.
[GRUNT] We're going to be stuck here forever.
[GRUNT] I think you made it angry.
Whoa! Or we just need to show this tunnel who's boss me! Here comes another one.
Run! Aah! Hey, what's going on here? I I'm stuck! Hurry, Scarecrow! Help me get him out of here.
[GRUNT] I knew this tunnel hated gnomes.
Come on! You're not even trying! - [GRUNTING] - Put your back into it! Toto, you're just standing there? Please, get me out of here! - Ohh.
- [SIGH] What should we do, Dorothy? [GRUNTING] You're going to go to Emerald City without me.
You're going to leave me here all alone.
Oh, I was trapped all alone in Glinda's castle once.
After a while, you get used to it.
[WHIMPER] [WHINING] [BARKING] We know what it feels like to be stuck and all alone, too, Roquat.
We wouldn't do that to you.
Y-You You wouldn't? But But we were just arguing.
Friends can argue.
But when it really counts, friends don't leave each other behind.
I I have this strange feeling inside.
It's like I want you to know how much that matters to me.
A sincere thank-you ought to do it.
Thank you.
[GASP] Aah! Yes! - Let's go.
- Quickly.
Before the tunnel changes its mind.
[GROWL, BARKING] Just for the record, I still think the Wizard stole my dad's belt.
- What belt? - Look.
I think that's the end of the tunnel.
[BARKING] Is that Emerald City? I am so happy to be home.
Huh? That's not Emerald City.
Whose tiny house is this? Mine.
[GASP] West? Is it really you? Hi, Dorothy.
And Ojo? Reigh? Patchwork! I can't believe this is happening.
Oh, what are you guys doing here? - [TOTO GROWLING] - [GASP] Hello, Dorothy.
What are you going to do to us? As the new and improved King of the Gnomes, I expel you from the Fairy Lands.
You and your friends will never come back to Oz.
- SCARECROW: Hey, wait.
- Hey! - Where are you taking him? - Let me go! DOROTHY: No! Put him down! You can't do that! [TOTO BARKING] Go forth!