Lost In Space (1965) s01e07 Episode Script

My Friend, Mr. Nobody

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, we left our small party of space colonists as they began their first test drilling for radioactive materials-- materials that could be transformed into enough atomic fuel to lift their disabled spaceship off this strange and alien planet.
I've got the explosives.
We'll be able to blast through now.
- Will, get behind that rock.
- Yes, sir.
Give me a hand with the rig, Don.
[ Coughs ] [ Beeping ] Daddy? [ Beeping Continues ] - Cut the blasting switch.
- I can't! It's already firing! Well, jerk the wires! - Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- Can you move your fingers? - They're okay.
How many times do I have to tell you you can't-- I was just trying to help.
Don dropped this, and I thought you'd need it.
Boy, plastic explosives.
What a dumb thing to carry up where we're blasting.
- That's enough, Will.
- Let's check the rig.
Come on.
Penny, you can't stay here.
- I could help.
- No, it's too dangerous.
- Why don't you go find out if you can help your mother? - She said she's too busy.
I'm sorry, Penny, but you can't stay here.
"Why don't you run along and play, dear?" "Yes, Mommy.
" "That's a good idea.
Why don't you run along and play?" "Yes, Daddy.
" And, Will Robinson, you're nothing but a boy.
Hey! [ Echoing ] [ Male Voice, Echoing ] "Hey.
" Hey.
Well, how do you do? [ Echoing ] "Do.
" I'm just an echo, that's all.
[ Echoing Continues ] "All.
" Echo.
" Only where does it come from? Where? "Where.
" Where.
Maybe I should choose number 435.
I think 476 will be very becoming.
Will, don't you have any idea where Penny went? All I know, Mom, is I'm hungry.
Can't we eat supper without her? It's gonna be dark pretty soon.
Maybe you oughta go out and look for her.
- [ Penny ] Hello.
- Oh.
- Hi.
Am I late? - Where've you been? - Oh, someplace.
- Someplace? Where's someplace? It's where a friend of mine lives.
That's where.
- A what? - He's just sort of an echo.
- We didn't have time to talk too much.
- Talk to an echo? Of course.
He lives in this deep cave.
When I pushed the rock and fell into it-- - You what? - I didn't get hurt or anything.
Besides, it was so dark in there, I couldn't see.
So I pushed the rock again, and it opened, and I climbed out.
- How big a rock? - Oh, bigger than this, even.
But I can move it with one finger.
Oh, Mother, it's the most wonderful, marvelous place.
Boy, why didn't you just stay in that cave, you sissy? 'Cause I knew I'd be late for supper.
Don't you know what you would've seen? A white rabbit.
And then this teacup and saucer would come jumping out.
No, it wasn't like that at all! - Will, now, that's enough.
- Okay, Mom.
- You believe me, don't you, Mom? - Oh, yes, of course I do.
Will just doesn't understand.
And there's this magic fountain, and all you have to do is-- Time's up.
Now, let's see what we have here.
Very gently, now.
There, now.
- Oh, Mother, I like it.
- So do I.
It's very pretty.
And there's this mysterious voice.
It talks to me.
Darling, I'm very glad that you found such a nice game to play.
I like this much better than 435.
So do I.
I think you made a very wise choice.
[ Chuckles ] [ Creaking ] Hello? Aren't you still here? [ Male Voice, Echoing ] "Hello.
" You're not just a game are you? "Game"? And you're not just an echo, either? "Echo.
" Hey.
Oh, please, can't you put words together? Can't you answer me? "Words to-gether.
" Together.
Now you're doing it.
All right.
I'm coming in and I won't get scared and run away this time either.
'Cause I'm not afraid of you, see? "In.
" Yes.
Come in.
And you will be my friend won't you? Won't you? Come in.
Stay in.
Stay my friend.
[ Whirring ] [ Whirring Stops ] Right on time.
Thank you.
- Hello, darling.
- Hi, dear.
- Didn't I see Penny back there with you? - Yes, I got her to come along by promising her I'd drop her off on the road to her friend's house.
Will, Penny, come and get it! - Her friend's house, huh? - You know, that spring area where she plays.
John, you don't think she could be in any danger there, do you? No, no.
No, no.
She keeps talking about a cave that's dark and wet and shiny.
There may be some limestone-type formations far below but there's simply no way she could get in there.
We prospected that whole area.
There's nothing there.
Mother, cherry pie! How did you do it? On the computer.
Well, I'm not really worried.
It's just that she seems so happy these days, I don't want anything to spoil it.
Oh, nothing's gonna happen.
Hey, where'd you get the jacks? - My friend gave them to me.
- Your friend? How can someone you can't even see, who isn't even there, give you things? He just shook a piece of his roof apart, and there they were.
His roof? You're crazy.
These are just little rocks, pieces of quartz you picked up.
Here, here.
Watch that now.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't care.
I've got lots more.
My friend has whole walls made out of jacks like those.
Come on.
Let's go eat.
Well, I do care.
Here I was, on the verge of checkmating you, my friend.
On the verge of-- Good heavens.
So sorry, my dear friend.
"Whole walls," she said.
Here, analyze it.
Hurry! Penny! Oh, Penny, wait! Penny! Penny! Wait.
Wait, my dear.
Ah! I haven't had a chance to ask you yet, my dear but, uh, how is your friend feeling today? I don't know.
I haven't gone to see him yet.
Well, well.
It occurred to me perhaps he would enjoy having some other visitors to see his house and have a cup of tea.
By a singular coincidence, I have very little work to do today.
I'm the only person he likes to talk to.
- He's shy.
- But perhaps I could-- Material crystallized under great pressure and temperature.
Excuse me a moment, my dear.
Wait, wait.
Not so loud.
I mean, not yet.
Suspend report on chess game.
Understand? [ Robot ] Understand.
Penny! Penny! Penny, my child.
I'm not like your brother and sister, you know.
I believe in your friend.
It makes me feel so lonesome and envious to think of you having-- I'm sorry, Dr.
You're just gonna have to find somebody else to play with by yourself.
Material crystallized in the isometric system.
Never mind all those polysyllabic words.
Why they had to program you with an unabridged dictionary-- The subject is a native carbon.
Well, say it! Say it! Most commonly referred to as the diamond.
Diamond! Diamonds! Oh, I'm sorry.
Good afternoon.
[ Chuckling ] Thank you.
I'm sorry I'm a little late.
Would you open your door, please? Remember now, count to three.
One, two, three.
Well? Well? Where did she go? I couldn't see a thing after she left that pond.
Why didn't you say so? Go on, go on.
Don't just stand there.
Only don't make so much noise! I might've known it.
You have as much Indian tracking blood in your circuits as I have.
Now check directions, recompute! Do as I say.
Of all the stubborn, clatter-brained-- No, wait, my learned compatriot my fellow diamond king.
Perhaps this big rock-- Yes.
Move it, my friend.
Push! Affirmative.
You're programmed for 50 tons of pressure, yes? Push! That's it! Put your back into it.
Low gear, you weakling.
Low gear! Do I have to do all the work? [ Shouts ] Stop! Stop! Disconnect! Does not compute.
Rock should move.
You blundering bag of bolts! [ Sighs ] She must be around here somewhere.
- Somewhere! - Affirmative.
- [ Whirring ] - Be quiet! What's the matter with you now? Danger.
Do you want her to hear us? Do you want everyone on this planet to know about our diamond mine? - Of course it's dangerous.
Now be quiet! - [ Whirring Continues ] - [ Whirring Stops ] - There.
Faint heart never built Fort Knox, my cowardly friend.
Now go home.
You make too much noise anyway.
I can do much better without you.
Hello? Hello? What's the matter with you today? Why won't you answer me? Are you listening to something else? Is that it? Well, I don't hear anything.
I brought a book to read, so you could learn some more words.
But if you don't even care well, then I don't care, either.
There's probably not enough light in here anyway.
And I'm not gonna wait 15 minutes for-- [ Male Voice ] "Care"? What is "care"? Well "care" is like when someone won't speak to you.
That's what it is.
"Light"? "Light in here"? I know light.
I can fix light.
[ Rumbling ] - More light.
- You're too rough! "Rough"? And besides, I still can't see you.
I don't even know who you are.
I don't know who I am.
What? But that must be awful.
Maybe you've been asleep, or-- or growing up or-- or changing.
I don't know yet.
Well-- Well, why don't you try to find out? Do you know what my brother calls you? He says you're nobody 'cause I can't tell him you're somebody.
- If you'd just-- - Is that a name, like Penny? Of course.
But you could try to be Mr.
Nobody, couldn't you? If you'd just let me see a little bit of you! I don't know how.
But try.
You just can't stay down here until you die.
What is "die"? Well I-- I don't think I'm exactly sure myself.
But when s-someone can't speak anymore or when someone can't move anymore.
Like before you could remember, maybe.
I remember rocks rocks bubbling.
These? But-- But this is granite.
It takes millions and millions of years to-- You mean you're that old already? "Read.
" You say, "Read.
" Oh.
Well it might be a little young for you, but see, it's about an ugly duckling who didn't have anyone to play with because they all said he was too big and too hideous to look at and-- Are you listening to me? Mr.
Nobody? I didn't mean to criticize you before and-- There's no reason for you to be scared here.
Please, say something! Where are you now? Mr.
Nobody, please, answer me! [ Dr.
Smith, Echoing ] What shall I say, my dear? Mr.
Nobody? That's me.
Where are you? What happened to your voice? Right here, my dear.
Your old friend.
And I've just thought up a new game to play.
Remember the jacks, my dear? Well, suppose we play marbles? Yes.
Gather up all the loose marbles you can find.
The big ones are the best, you know.
Bring those.
We might even play croquet.
Look about.
Look about, my dear.
Maybe you can even find rocks that big-- as big as a billiard ball or a nice, glittering bowling-- - [ Screams ] - [ Rocks Tumbling Down ] Help! Help! Save me, somebody! Help! Dr.
Smith, what are you doing here? Help me, dear! I'm wedged in up here! Hold on.
I'll be right there.
Hurry up, Penny! I'm stuck! Penny, hurry up, dear! Help! Help me, Penny! [ Grunting ] - Oh! - Easy, now.
Be careful.
- [ Grunting Continues ] - Ooh! Pull, dear, pull.
- There.
I'm holding you.
- Oh! Oh! - There.
- No, no, dear.
Farther away.
Those rocks may give way again.
[ Sighing ] Thank you, my child.
Thank you.
Ah! I just happened to be out here, uh gathering some wildflowers for your dear mother.
You pretended you were Mr.
Nobody, didn't you? Who? Oh, yes, well, I did perhaps hear you talking to yourself down there.
- [ Rock Scraping ] - But I merely thought that-- No! No! It's all right.
It's all right.
No harm done.
It's much better a dangerous hole like that be closed up.
Nobody? Mr.
Nobody? Much, much better because now we know where to drill a proper hole, don't we? A hole for blasting.
Look, Smith, I just finished supper.
- I'm tired, and I had a lousy day today, so-- - Of course, of course.
And tomorrow, bright and early, Professor Robinson's pet theories will send you drilling in some other outlandish location.
He just does happen to be in command here and we do happen to need the ingredients for our rocket fuel, so-- - Oh, right you are, sir, on both counts.
- [ Sighs ] Wouldn't you like to be the discoverer? The successful prospector? Here, look at this.
Porous clay.
Where'd you get this? A place I know.
It was washed out by a stream.
But there may be more underground.
Has Robinson seen this? Come on.
Oh, no.
He's still eating.
And he's even more exhausted than you are.
What are you up to, Smith? We could take the portable rig.
It's only a few feet of drilling, then the explosive and we bring up a test core.
You mean now? There's only about an hour of daylight left.
Come on.
But this place is only a few minutes from here.
Don't you understand, Major? I could do this myself.
I would like to be the savior of our little party.
But unfortunately, Professor Robinson simply doesn't understand my competence with the, uh, explosive pellets.
You mean he doesn't trust you with them.
Or the guns.
Perhaps by this act, perhaps by sharing with you the possible glory of our salvation I can in some small measure redeem myself in all your eyes.
[ Chuckles ] I sure would like to see the surprise on everybody's faces.
All right, but we've gotta step on it.
I'll meet you in five minutes out by the drill.
And remember, sir, mum's the word.
Just you and me.
Oh, and you, too, my stupid friend.
I wouldn't forget you.
Couldn't be a pile driver, eh? Well, for the next few days, you're gonna be a steam shovel, a bulldozer.
That's what's going to happen.
I'll shake them loose.
You'll dig them up.
Every last diamond in that hill.
Mother, do you think just a place could think and talk, well - like you, maybe? - Well, maybe.
I asked Daddy if it's only people that can have brains.
- He said very few of them do.
- [ Chuckles ] Well, darling, I'm sure there are all sorts of mysterious forces that we don't understand.
Even forces with far more intelligence than we have.
A rainbow could have feelings, or the moon maybe? Well, certainly.
I think so.
Go on now.
Mother, I'm scared.
If a thing can like you, it can get mad at you too.
Oh, Penny.
I've just got to see Mr.
Nobody right now! I've just got to! Now, look, I said no.
If you have something you want to tell him you can talk to him right here, can't you? That's all there is to it, dear.
Talk to him? Right here? Oh, Mother, I thought you were the only one.
I thought you really believed me.
At least just a little bit.
Wait-- Penny? Penny, of course I do.
Now, I still do.
And you know why? Well, I'll tell you a secret.
When I was a little girl, I had a very special friend too.
His name was Mr.
Noodles, and he lived inside my teddy bear.
- What? - [ Chuckles ] It's true.
I know that you're the only one who'd understand how very, very real Mr.
Noodles was to me.
Oh, Mother, that's the silliest thing I ever heard of! How can anyone live inside a teddy bear? Penny! No, not here.
I've been all over this area.
There's nothing here.
Over here by the outcropping, I think.
This should be just over the main deposit of clay.
Nothing but granite.
Do you wanna bet? Maybe a little limestone, but-- Here, take another look at this.
The clay washed down into that little pond, that little spring.
So maybe a bird dropped it there.
Doctor, these minerals are at the wrong end of the spectrum entirely.
Only 45 minutes left, Major.
Only 45 minutes until dark and here you are, sir, using the time to quote someone else.
Well, John happens to be right about that, but-- No sense wasting the trip.
Come on.
Let's get started.
Will, you haven't seen that piece of clay I found today, have you? - Don hasn't had a chance to see it yet.
- The porous clay? - Mm-hmm.
- That's the best find you've made so far, isn't it? Could be.
I wonder what happened to it.
I'll go look around the lab.
No, stay and finish your work.
I just thought I had it in my pack.
This doesn't really work.
Just fooling around with some old rocks I picked up.
Well, a drill and polish, huh? What are you doing? Making yourself a necklace? No.
Maybe something for Penny.
Girls get so gloopy sometimes.
Can you imagine bawling 'cause you imagine your imaginary friend is mad or scared or something? Only trouble is, some of these rocks are hard as diamonds.
- Diamonds? - [ Will ] Yeah.
Can you imagine anything as useless up in a place like this? You should've heard Dad laugh when I showed him.
I bet he knew what they were all the time.
What are you talking about? I'm going to bed.
Will, did you see Dr.
Smith sneaking out alone this evening? No.
He went someplace with Don, I think.
They were carrying the drilling stuff.
I guess they're getting ready to blast some more tomorrow.
- Blasting! - Where are you going? Oh, for the love of-- It's all right.
I'll fix it.
Doc, of all the wild goose chases.
It's just impossible there'd be clay in formations like-- - I'll have it fixed in a moment.
- But it's getting late.
- Just a little deeper.
We're almost there.
- [ Sighs ] [ Explosion ] A cave within a cave.
If that isn't the last straw! No, that's all right.
That's far enough.
Quick now.
- Give me your bag of explosive pellets.
- Just take it easy.
I'm still doing this.
[ Grunts ] Mr.
Nobody, wake up! Mr.
Nobody, please, wake up! Open, I said! Mr.
Nobody! Mr.
Nobody, please, wake up! Two, I think.
Maybe three.
Are you serious? If I place more than one pellet in that hole we'd cause a cave-in that would wreck the whole area.
It would take a steam shovel to get us a sample then.
Of course, of course.
You know best.
Here's the firing wire.
You'd better handle that too.
Please open up, Mr.
Nobody! [ Sobbing ] [ Grunts ] Mr.
Nobody, it's me! Please, Mr.
Nobody! I'm sorry about what happened this afternoon, but you've just got to answer me! You've just got to! Okay, that does it.
Let's get behind the rocks.
Yes, of course.
Oh, uh, wait.
The drill.
That's okay.
Leave it.
Come on.
Whatever you say.
All set.
You've just got to stop hiding now because, well, something awful is gonna happen! - [ Mr.
Nobody ] "Awful"? - Yes.
Tomorrow, maybe.
And it's all my fault, I guess.
But if you'd just come out in the middle of this planet wherever you've been growing for all these years! I don't know yet what I am to be.
But if you'd just move to some other place! Let Dr.
Smith have his dirty old diamonds! Oh, please, Mr.
Nobody, please! Can't you forgive me and listen? [ Mr.
Nobody ] Penny? Penny? "When a person can't talk anymore when a person can't move anymore.
" Penny, please move.
Penny, please don't die.
Penny? [ Rustling ] Wow! What in the name of-- All right.
I'm all right.
- I wasn't hurt a bit.
- Yeah.
What went wrong? What-- Did you put more explosive pellets in that hole? Of course not.
What are you talking about? - Then what happened to them? - You mean the bag is empty? No wonder it was such a fearful blast.
They must've rolled out on the ground up there when you put the bag down.
What a mess! I must say, we did rather shake things up a bit, didn't we? A bit! It would take a bulldozer a week to dig out underground samples now.
It's just a good thing there wasn't anything here in the first place.
It could be that I was mistaken about the possibilities of our finding clay in this area.
Smith you've finally said something sensible.
But tell me something.
Why is it whenever you come near anything the roof caves in? We all have our good and bad luck, sir.
But this time I was wrong.
I concede it.
There's nothing further we can do here.
I suggest we return to the spaceship.
Brother, you'd better run if you wanna catch up with me.
[ Mr.
Nobody ] Wake up, Penny.
Please, wake up.
- Penny.
- [ Thunder Rumbling ] - What's the matter? - Did you hear that? It sounded like thunder.
The sky seems clear enough.
[ Thunderclap ] Listen.
It sounds like a storm coming up.
I hope it doesn't wake the children.
I'd better check the outside equipment.
I'm going out to find them, Penny whoever they are that did this and I'm going to teach them a lesson.
[ Thunderclap ] You hurt Penny! - I will destroy you! - What is it? - I don't know.
- What's happening? - It feels like it might be an earthquake.
- But it doesn't stop.
Come on.
Keep moving.
John, I can't find Penny.
She's not in her bed.
Penny? Penny! - [ Wind Whistling ] - [ Shouts ] Run back there! Run! Diamonds! Diamonds! Smith, get up! - Come on! Get up! - [ Thunderclap ] - [ Whirring ] - Penny! - Penny! - Get back inside! - Get back inside! - Penny! Let me go to her! - Mother, no! - Penny! - Will, what does it say? - Environmental analysis report.
But say it! Say it, will you? [ Whirring Continues ] I mean-- [ As Dr.
Smith ] Won't you please give us your analysis, my learned old friend? Affirmative.
Release of pure cosmic force with antimatter core.
It has anger.
It will destroy us.
That's stupid.
Forces and things don't get angry.
[ Robot ] It has anger.
It will destroy us.
[ Judy ] Don! [ Thunderclap ] - Don! - Judy, come back here! Will, get inside! [ Thunderclap Continues ] Will, help! It's coming after me! Save me! - What's that you're holding in your hand? - They're mine! They're mine! - Diamonds? - [ Robot ] Pure cosmic force with antimatter core.
It has anger.
It will destroy.
Cosmic force? Antimatter? It's gonna kill us all! - Get him inside! - Wait! - Up! - Wait, everyone! I'm prepared to sacrifice myself.
It's a far, far better thing that I do! Here, take back your filthy diamonds.
Leave us alone! [ Thunderclap ] [ Thunderclap Continues ] John, the laser guns, it's our only hope.
We can't! If we let it get that close to the ship, we'll be blown apart.
The Robot, Dad, he has laser circuits.
You hear that, Smith? Maximum firing level, circular range.
Fire all directions on command.
Circuits armed and ready.
- Hurry up! It's getting closer! - I just hope he can break that force apart.
- All right.
Get him moving.
- March, my metallic hero! March! Tell me when, sir.
Tell me when.
Not yet.
Wait until he's close to its center.
All right.
Start firing and continue his marching.
Fire! John, look.
It's Penny.
The spaceship! Oh, no! Cease fire! Tell him to stop! Halt, my friend.
Suspend fire.
There she is! - She's running right toward it.
- Penny, look out! - She's running right toward it.
- Penny, look out! Acknowledge! What's the matter with this thing? Halt! Cease fire! No! No! Stop it! Penny, get back! Please don't hurt them! Don't hurt anyone! I love them! I love them just like I love you! [ Thunder Diminishes ] - [ Mr.
Nobody ] "Love.
" Love.
- [ Thunderclap Stops ] Love you.
I love you, too, Penny.
It's gone.
Careful, now.
Be careful.
Oh, my Robot! Oh, thank you! Thank you, Mr.
Nobody! But where are you? Mr.
Nobody, where are you? Penny! [ Laughs ] Oh, Penny.
[ Chuckling ] - He's gone.
- Yes.
Oh, my Robot! Oh, no! Don? Don, what is pure cosmic force? What does it turn into? I don't know.
There are a lot of things I don't know.
- It's like a new Milky Way.
- Oh.
Well, caterpillars can turn into butterflies, can't they? Oh, John, look.
Just look.
[ Mr.
Nobody ] Good-bye, Penny.
Good-bye, Penny.
Good-bye, Mr.
Hey! He's all fixed.
Good as new.
Tuned to the finest-- - What's that? - Just a necklace I was making for Penny.
That's all they're good for in a place like this.
You know how girls are-- always liking useless stuff.
- Hey, you wanna play chess? - Affirmative.
When I think of the value of these rocks back on Earth-- Oh, the pain.
The pain.