Lost In Space (1965) s01e17 Episode Script

The Keeper (2)

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall, Dr.
Smith and the Robot had waited in hiding for the alien known as "The Keeper" to leave his giant spaceship-- a spaceship filled with hundreds of caged animals gathered from every corner of the universe.
The nefarious Dr.
Smith now planned to steal the monstrous space vehicle and return with it to Earth.
Safely aboard.
You will take off immediately.
I will need time to study the controls.
You may have exactly five seconds.
Well? What are you waiting for? I must scan and compute control systems.
I do not wish to make an error.
You always have to make a problem out of everything, don't you? It's all perfectly simple.
This one probably starts the power system.
Do not tamper with alien controls.
Any one of these could whisk us away from here.
[ Whirring ] I wonder what that was.
I think I may have done something wrong.
[ Creatures Growling ] Come along.
Well, come along! Come along, you ninny! It's all your fault, you tin-plated fool.
We've missed a golden opportunity to leave this miserable planet! - [ Creatures Growling ] - Danger! Extreme danger! - All creatures escaping! - No! [ Growling Continues ] [ Growling Continues ] - [ Screaming ] - [ Screeching ] [ Screaming ] No! [ Roaring ] - [ Owl Hooting ] - Do something, you fool! Don't just stand there! Immediate danger has passed.
Period of reasonable safety will ensue.
"Reasonable safety" isn't good enough for me.
Let's get back to complete safety of the Jupiter 2.
Come along.
Come along! Come along.
A narrow escape.
A narrow escape.
Point of information-- the creatures are still loose.
You needn't remind me.
However, our unfortunate accident could prove beneficial.
That does not compute.
Your reasoning is unclear.
Bah! Since all The Keeper's animals have been released he now has plenty of room for passengers.
Perhaps we can persuade him to take us back to Earth.
After all, what else can he do? Destroy all of us for what you have done.
What I have done? Now you listen to me, you ungrateful wretch.
You will erase that from your memory banks.
He must never know we were responsible.
Not we, you.
Don't quibble.
Just erase everything that's happened! It is done.
My memory banks have eliminated all recorded events - from 1710 hours to-- - [ Roaring ] [ Gasps ] Run for your life! Just once I'd like to see Smith start something and finish it.
He got most of the job done.
For Smith, that's quite an accomplishment.
I know of only two things he likes to do-- sleep and eat.
- I'm ready for that turn-off valve.
- All right.
Don, don't move.
Don't move.
Over there by the rocks.
[ Don ] Look at the size of that thing! John, he's heading right for us.
Look, if he decides to attack you make a break for it.
I'll try to stop him with this.
[ Don ] Trying to stop that lizard with a pipe is like fighting a war with a toothpick.
We run together, or we don't run at all.
Here he comes! - [ Growling ] - [ John ] Let's go! [ Growling Continues ] [ Electrical Hum ] The force field's in effect.
That stopped him.
Man, oh, man! Have you ever seen a lizard like that before? - We both have.
- Yeah, sure.
When was that? Do you remember the iguanodon that the Robot accidentally released from The Keeper's cage? Yeah, but he wasn't any bigger than-- That's quite a coincidence, isn't it? Ah! Another day.
Awake, my noble friend.
Awake from your slumbers.
I do not sleep.
It is not one of my functions.
You're missing a very refreshing experience.
Ah! I feel most exhilarated this morning.
The time is 14 minutes past 8:00.
The day is Thursday.
The month is March.
- The year is-- - Never mind the year, you ninny.
It is a time when we shall soon be going home.
Ah, "home.
" Sweet, nectared word.
The verdant hills the crispness of the winter air, the delight-- You're talking to yourself again, Dr.
An intelligent conversation with one's self is so much more rewarding than a discussion with a dolt.
You're an absolute genius.
No doubt about that, Smith.
Now, if it's at all possible, could you tear yourself away from yourself? - John would like to talk to you.
- And what does the good Professor Robinson want? Well, he hasn't confided in me.
A very wise move on his part, I'm sure.
Lead on, MacDuff.
[ Iguanodon Growling ] [ Growling Continues ] You wish to speak to me, Professor? Yes, I do.
Couldn't the matter wait for a while? I haven't had my breakfast yet.
I always feel so much better with a full stomach.
You're not the only one that's hungry this morning, Dr.
[ Dr.
Smith ] What an ugly brute.
- [ Don ] When did he come back? - About an hour ago.
Well, fortunately, we're safe in here.
What did you want to talk to me about, sir? Do you have any idea why The Keeper would let his animals loose? - I haven't the slightest idea.
- Dr.
Smith, if you're hiding anything from me-- I resent your innuendo, sir.
You're not exactly George Washington when it comes to telling the truth.
- Mind your manners, Major.
- [ Creature Hisses ] Professor Robinson, if you brought me here to malign my character-- [ Don ] The Keeper's out there.
- [ Staff Whirring ] - He'll be torn to pieces by that lizard.
[ Whirring Continues ] [ Roaring ] [ Roaring Continues ] He's walking right through the force field.
[ John ] Energy has no effect on him.
There are a few questions I want to ask our visitor.
- I was hoping you'd show up.
- Were you? If you hadn't come to see us, I'd have come to see you.
You're either a good liar, Professor Robinson, or you are innocent.
- I intend to find out which.
- Wait a minute-- Silence! You try my patience.
I should destroy all of you now.
Reduce you to pitiful grains of dust which the winds would blow away across the wasteland of this planet.
I'm sure the young man meant no harm.
Let us all try to keep our tempers and act like intelligent beings.
"Intelligent beings"? You flatter yourself.
You are less than the insects which I crush beneath my heel as I walk! - What is it you want here? - I intend to find out something.
Give me your hand.
I will not harm you.
All right.
Now look at me.
That will be all, Mrs.
What is all this nonsense about? I'm looking for a guilty conscience, Dr.
Someone entered my spaceship and released my animals.
I intend to find out who that person is.
You said you were looking for a guilty conscience.
- How do you propose to find it? - You shall see for yourself.
Place your hand in mine.
I'll do no such thing.
I warn you, Dr.
Do not anger me! Maybe you've got something to hide, Smith.
Certainly not.
It's just that I refuse to be the subject of this ridiculous hocus-pocus.
If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear.
Why would I want to turn your animals loose? Enough of this idle talk.
Place your hand in mine! - No, I won't.
- Looks like you found your man.
Very well.
But this whole business is a complete waste of time.
I warn you.
I never suffer from conscience.
- Nothing's happening.
- Look at his belt.
[ Whirring ] What are you trying to do? Get away from me! You may hide the truth from everyone else.
You cannot lie to yourself.
That's not true.
Aside from our talk I haven't been near your spaceship! I will give you one more chance to tell the truth.
If not-- All right.
I did turn your animals loose.
But it wasn't for myself.
It was for all of us.
I wanted The Keeper to take us back to Earth.
I thought that if he didn't have a spaceship full of animals, we could talk him into it.
You stumbling fool! Do you realize what you've done? You have released hundreds of animals.
They will eventually take over this planet.
You will not be able to perform the most simple task outside without being exposed to danger.
You will have to take us back to Earth now, won't you? It wouldn't be humane to leave us here to die.
You not only act like a fool, you talk like one.
Well, actually, no great harm has been done.
You can take your staff and summon all the animals back into their cages.
Yes, I can.
But what of the smaller animals which have been destroyed? In order to survive, animals prey on one another.
Yes, I have lost some animals but on the other hand, I have gained two rare and valuable specimens.
- What does that mean? - You are to give me the children, Penny and Will.
If not, I will leave you at the mercy of the animals.
Think about it.
Penny and Will in exchange for your lives.
You can't have Will and Penny.
We won't give them to you.
Not even if every foot of this planet crawls with dangerous animals.
You've been after the children since you arrived.
You just used Dr.
Smith as an excuse.
A typical animal reaction-- the parents springing to the defense of their young.
Now you listen to me.
You're wasting your time.
You just take your animals and go back where you belong.
Because if you want to take Will and Penny you've got to fight us for them.
- I think you'd better go.
- As you wish.
But consider my suggestion.
Your children will be well cared for.
Aren't you forgetting a small ingredient for happiness known as love? You are talking about an emotion common to Earth people.
Fortunately, I do not suffer from this weakness.
We also have an emotion called anger.
Perhaps you should know of it.
Do not come any closer, young man.
I have no desire to harm you.
Come on, John.
We'd better go inside.
[ Whirring ] [ Whirring Stops ] I have not given you permission to leave.
I think I should go inside with the others.
They, uh-- They need me.
You deserve to be punished after what you have done.
But I didn't turn your animals loose for myself.
It was for everyone! Your sincerity has the hollowness of a lie.
What a miserable creature you are.
But I have need of you.
Just ask me.
Come to my spaceship this afternoon.
When you are there, I will tell you what is required of you.
Your spaceship? You want me to come there? Oh, no, I can't.
I won't! If you do not do as I say, I will come for you.
But your animals-- they'll kill me! With this, you can walk among all the creatures without danger.
Come to my spaceship.
And be warned-- it would be unwise not to do as I say.
I assure you, sir.
I'll be there.
You wish to communicate? - I do.
- Then proceed.
I have issued an ultimatum to the Earth people.
They are to give me the two Earth children or I will not return the animals to their cages.
Is this wise? I'm fully aware that I will lose some of my animals.
But the Earth children are unique specimens and well worth the loss.
Very well.
You may continue.
However, you must not let your desire for these Earth children supersede all else.
You have many rare specimens and they must be protected.
I will remember.
[ Iguanodon Growling ] - [ Whirring ] - Go away.
You can't harm me.
I've got this.
[ Growling ] [ Whirring Stops ] Anyone inside? [ The Keeper ] You may enter.
Well, here I am.
A fact which seems to please you a great deal more than it does me.
- Fool, why are you smiling? - Oh.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm terribly sorry.
- What shall I do with you? - Do with me? Surely you have not forgotten who released my animals? But I explained why that happened.
How shall I punish you? Shall I put you in one of my cages with this information on the door? "Foolish Earth man.
"Low intelligence level.
"Has little regard or loyalty to its kind.
This specimen must be regarded as the worst example of its species.
" Oh, please, sir, have mercy on me.
On the other hand, you may be of some value.
Oh, indeed, I could be, sir.
You'd be amazed how helpful I can be.
Perhaps we shall see.
- Tell me what you want.
- The two Earth children.
I couldn't take them.
- Anything else.
- Nobody has asked you to take anything.
What do you want me to do? You are to convince the Robinsons to give up their children.
They'll never do that.
There are arguments of logic.
Find them.
- I don't think it will work.
- Dr.
Smith, your life depends on it.
[ Electrical Hum ] You did not release all my animals.
[ Growling ] [ Howling ] This will be your fate if you fail.
[ Gasps ] No! No! The force field keeps the animal from escaping.
- [ Growling ] - Now, remember what you have seen.
[ Howling ] Don, are you busy? Trying to be, but who can work at a time like this? There's just gotta be some way out of this mess.
- There is.
- Sure.
What do you suggest? We sprout wings and fly to another planet? I'm sorry, Judy.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
It's all right.
We're all jumpy.
What do you have in mind? Well, I don't really know how to say this but I think we should go to The Keeper and offer ourselves instead of Will and Penny.
The Keeper won't send the animals back to their cages unless he gets the children.
Maybe he'll accept a substitute.
It's worth a try, and it seems the only way.
That is, if you're willing.
You know how I feel about the kids.
Thank you, Don.
I knew you wouldn't refuse.
- You didn't tell your parents about this? - No one.
All right then.
We'll go to see The Keeper the first chance we get.
I assure you.
Will is like my own son.
And as for Penny the dear child is an absolute angel.
Your deep feelings toward the children move me close to tears, Dr.
Now, what is it you want to say? There's no need for sarcasm, Professor Robinson.
Discussing this matter is quite painful to me.
Well, knowing how, uh, sensitive you are to pain, I'm sure it is.
Please go on.
I have a solution for our problem.
Give the children to The Keeper.
I should've known better.
Smith, I ought to break your neck! - Let me finish! - All right, but you make it good.
Let us consider our problem from the logical point of view.
If we don't give up the children, we're doomed.
But if The Keeper takes them, we survive.
Eventually, we will be rescued from this unhappy planet then we can get Will and Penny back.
On the one hand, we all perish.
And on the other, we live and have a chance to save the children.
Ah! I believe your husband has something to discuss with you, madam.
Smith looks like the cat that just swallowed the canary.
- What's he up to now? - He suggested a solution to our problem.
I know I shouldn't ask, but I just can't help myself.
What is it? [ John ] Nothing we can consider, but, uh I do have an idea of my own.
I wonder if The Keeper could be persuaded to accept a substitute for Will and Penny.
Are you suggesting that you and I go? Why not? We've lived a good bit of our lives.
The children are just starting out.
If someone has to go with The Keeper, it should be us.
Oh, John.
When do we leave? [ John ] Right away.
Well, there it is.
- We'd like to speak with you.
- You may enter.
But before you do, let me tell you that the purpose of your visit is futile.
I will settle for nothing less than I have asked.
What's the matter? I was just thinking maybe we should tell Mom and Dad.
And have them stop us? No, it's much better this way.
- I guess so.
- Come on.
I would take you to see my animals, but as you well know, they have all been released.
You could call them back if you wanted to.
That's very true, Mrs.
But at the moment, I have no such intention.
You're even worse than some of your animals.
But surely you did not come here to discuss my lack of virtue.
That's right.
We're here to tell you that you can't have the children.
Then you made an unfortunate decision.
However, we'll make you another offer.
- And what would that be? - That you take us instead of Will and Penny.
All you want are two specimens.
They don't have to be the children.
That's very noble.
I must admit I am both moved and tempted.
We'll be far less trouble to you than the children.
Then will you agree? You and Professor Robinson would make excellent specimens but for one important exception.
You would not easily adjust to captivity.
The children would not miss their freedom as much.
That is all we have to say to each other.
[ Don ] Anybody inside? It's Don.
It seems another of your party is anxious to make a great sacrifice.
Shall we greet him? Well, I expect a self-sacrifice from the parents but two more volunteers? You Earth people continue to amaze me.
It was my idea.
I thought perhaps-- Oh, Judy, it was a wonderful thing to do.
You know why we're here, so let's get on with it.
Judy and I will go with you in place of Will and Penny.
The boldness and courage of youth.
It's a refreshing sight to a weary traveler such as myself.
What do you say? Yes or no? You're both exceedingly handsome.
I would take you with me but for one important point.
And what's that? The very things which I admire in you-- boldness and courage.
At the first opportunity, you would attempt to escape.
No, you won't do at all.
Frankly, I'm sorry.
And now there doesn't seem to be much more to be said, does there? So this meeting is at an end.
Come on, darling.
[ Whirring ] [ Electricity Arcing ] Send me the children.
- [ Growling ] - [ Screaming ] [ Roaring ] [ Roaring Continues ] I've looked everywhere.
They're not in the spaceship.
The force field is still on.
That only stops people coming in, not going out.
Why didn't they tell us they were leaving? Perhaps they wish to make their sacrifice without your knowing about it.
Your parents have gone to plead with The Keeper.
- I don't understand, Dr.
- My dear child your mother and father have gone to offer themselves as specimens - in your place.
- What about Judy and Don? They, too, have ventured forth with the same purpose in mind.
I hope they come back soon.
We must face reality.
They may never return.
Smith, please don't talk like that.
It grieves me, too, my dear child but we mustn't hide from the truth.
Oh, it is indeed a dark day for all of us but we may yet be able to find a little ray of sunlight.
- What do you mean? - We will go to The Keeper and ask him to collect his animals without exacting such a fearful penalty from us.
- You mean, not take us with him? - Precisely.
I don't know, Dr.
The Keeper wants to add us to his collection pretty bad.
Very true.
But consider this-- Who could resist the tears and pleading of two innocent children? Not even a heart of stone would fail to be moved.
All right, Dr.
We'll go see The Keeper.
A very wise decision.
Let us leave immediately.
Is something wrong? Well, what about the animals? Suppose we run into one that's dangerous? Never fear, Smith is here.
I will protect you.
Come, children.
Let us go.
Let us go! Will? Penny? - No sign of them.
- Oh, I'm really very annoyed.
They shouldn't have run off like this.
And with all those animals running around loose.
- You find anything? - Not a trace.
And Smith's gone.
- You thinking the same thing I am? - Exactly.
Don and I will keep looking for them.
We'll split up.
You take the Chariot and search the east area of the woods.
I'm on my way.
Don't worry.
We'll find them.
It'll be all right, dear.
- Judy, I'm gonna go look for them too.
- I'll go with you.
No, I think you'd better stay here in case they come back by themselves.
Oh, my foot.
I know I shall be permanently disabled.
It is said that an army travels on its stomach.
I know I shall be forced to try that method of locomotion.
It'll be dark pretty soon, Dr.
We'd better hurry if we're gonna get to The Keeper's spaceship.
Just a few short moments of rest, my boy and I'll force myself onward.
Oh, the pain.
The pain.
[ Sighs ] [ Rustling ] Will? - Penny? - [ Iguanodon Growling ] [ Growling Continues ] [ Growling Continues ] [ Iguanodon Growling ] Maybe we'd better get back to the Jupiter 2, Dr.
Yeah, we can see The Keeper in the morning.
Is this fear I detect? I can remember times when you weren't so brave yourself.
For one so young, you have an old memory.
Smith, what's that? Never fear, Smith is here.
[ Whirring ] Go away! Shoo! I ought to break your neck.
What are you three doing out here anyway? We are going to see The Keeper.
And whose bright idea was that? Well, we thought if we'd see The Keeper then he might change his mind about wanting us.
You sure this character didn't put you up to this, Will? How dare you, sir.
We all thought of it together.
That's right, Don.
Well, we're going back to the Jupiter 2.
We'll take the Chariot.
It's not too far from here.
Come on.
[ Iguanodon Growling ] Mr.
Keeper? What happened? Are you all right? - I believe so.
- Oh.
Here, maybe you'd better rest for a while.
Let me help you.
After what I have done, you can still show kindness to me? You are indeed unusual creatures.
Have you seen Will and Penny? They're gone.
I thought perhaps they might have come here to see you.
They're running around outside? We must find them.
They are in extreme danger.
- Where is my staff? - Here.
Let us search for them.
Oh, dear.
[ Groaning ] Oh, my foot! I simply must have some rest.
- My foot is in great pain.
- Stop complaining, Smith.
- We haven't got much further to go.
- I cannot go another step.
- Then we'll go without you.
Come on, Will.
- Go along, Will.
- I'll manage somehow.
- Come on, Will.
Just a few minutes, Don.
[ Screeching, Growling ] - [ Growling Continues ] - Listen carefully.
The Chariot's just over there.
When I give the word, run.
[ Screeching ] - Run! - Wait for me! [ Roaring ] [ Roaring Continues ] - Close the hatch! - Close the hatch! [ Engine Starts ] Don, it's stuck! Well, help him! Help him! [ Engine Starts ] Don, we aren't moving! We're being held.
The power units aren't strong enough.
Why didn't I think of this before? I know how to get rid of this monster.
[ Gasps ] The ball! It's gone! I must've dropped it while running.
Don, what are we gonna do? I just hope someone's in the control room.
Jupiter 2, come in! Jupiter 2! Jupiter 2, come in! Jupiter 2! Don! Come in, Don! John, I've got the children.
They're in the Chariot but we're being attacked by some kind of a monster.
What about your laser rifle? Can't you use it? I tried, but it didn't do any good.
We're trapped, and we need help.
I'm on my way.
[ Growling, Roaring Continue ] [ Screaming ] [ Roaring ] [ Roaring Continues ] [ Whirring ] [ Roaring Stops ] - You all right? - You all right? - Oh, Will.
- Penny.
- There's my girl.
- Where am I? - Dr.
- [ Chuckles ] Dr.
- There.
It's all right.
- Come on.
Let's get them home.
Mom! Dad! Don! Come out here, quick! - What's wrong, Will? - Nothing's wrong.
That's why I called.
- You don't hear anything.
- So? There are no animal noises.
The Keeper must have called them all back.
The boy is right.
All the animals are safely in their cages on my spaceship.
All except one.
As a reminder of my visit here, I am leaving this creature with you.
We've had enough trouble with your monsters.
Take him away.
It is a fitting punishment for the trouble you have caused me.
Now I bid you farewell.
- Come on, Will.
- [ Wailing ] The animal! It came from over there.
Well? Are you all gonna stand there gaping like fools? Get me out of this dreadful contraption! Look.
Just you wait, Major.
You'll be laughing out of the other side of your face when I get through with you! Get me out! Have you ever seen a more dangerous animal? I'd better let him out.
- [ Laughing Continues ] - It won't open.
It looks like you're gonna have to go back to the spaceship and, uh, get the tool kit.
Take your time, Will.
I wanna enjoy this as long as possible.
[ Laughing Resumes ] Get me out of here! Get me out of here! - Get me out of here! - [ Laughing Continues ] I don't know why you're fooling around with it.
If I can get the generator on the force field realigned and rewired properly it'll last us another 10 years.
"Ten years.
" That's a wonderful prospect.
You've gotta be practical about these things.
The way I figure it, our food and power supply is geared to last 10 years.
We might as well run out of everything all at once.
Oh, you're just full of cheerful thoughts tonight, aren't you? Unidentified flying object of vehicular nature is in approach pattern.
- I don't see anything.
- [ Beeping ] The scanner alarm! [ Beeping Continues ] What is happening? Will somebody please turn off that alarm? It's jangling every nerve in my body.
- Something's coming in.
- Whatever it is, it's coming in fast.
Nothing made on Earth ever traveled that fast through space.
What's happened? Will, why aren't you in bed? My dear child, we are being invaded.
[ Spaceship Passes Overhead ] It is the end of everything for our little community.
- Destruction at the hands of monster aliens.
- That's enough, Smith.
Check the force field.
Break out the laser guns just in case.
You, check the Robot.
Surely you don't expect me to go out there alone, unarmed, defenseless? You'll be protected by the force field.
- Force field indeed.
- I'll go with you, Dr.
Thank you, my boy.
On second thought, you know as much about the Robot as I do.
You might as well go and-- Come along.
Let's get on with it.
A strange ship has landed a half a mile from here.
What kind of ship? Could it be from Earth? Negative.
Atomic structure of ship's metal beyond analysis.
Therefore, it computes that ship is not terrestrial in design.
Maybe it's empty.
A deserted hulk.
There are two entities aboard.
"Entities"? I'm afraid we must prepare for the worst.
Two entities.
Oh, dear.
[ Whirring, Beeping ] I'll go on ahead.
You cover me, Don.
Do you expect danger? Let's say I don't believe in taking chances.
Will, you stay back here with Dr.
[ Whirring, Beeping Continue ] I wonder what kind of horrible creature lurks inside that spaceship.
Probably none at all.
Dad's signaling Don it's all clear.
- Are you cold? - Why do you ask? Because you're shivering.
As a matter of fact, I am a bit chilled.
Shall we, uh, withdraw over the ridge so we'll be out of the wind? - I guess it's all right.
- Come along.
Well, what do you make of this? They must've been little green men.
Oh, very funny.
This hammock.
That looks human enough.
What's this? "A.
" Who could A.
Tucker be? And what would he be doing in a ship like this? John, the door! If you're warm enough, we'd better get back now, Dr.
In a moment, dear boy.
One is hardly in one's best fighting trim with chilblains.
In a thrice, I shall be ready to fight my weight in tigers.
Oh, dear.
Well, now then.
Observe closely, dear boy.
Hands, feet, brain-- all working together in the closest cooperation.
Lead with the left.
Cross with the right.
Dance away.
Jab! Jab! Now for the finale.
A left hook.
He's going down.
A stiff uppercut-- That is you, isn't it, Will? Answer me, my dear boy.
That is you, isn't it? [ Screaming ]