Lost In Space (1965) s02e30 Episode Script

The Galaxy Gift

[ Man Narrating ] Last week, as you recall, we left our young space pioneers rehearsing a harmless playlet, unaware that their unexpected guest star was to be a hideous alien life-form.
Oh, please, sir.
Do not throw us out into the raging storm.
Because, baby, it's cold out there.
Ohh! That does it.
I resign.
How can we put on a serious play when this metallic ham will not follow the script? This play doesn't need a director.
It needs a referee.
Now, when you're all ready to take this seriously, call me! Do not leave, Will Robinson.
We need you.
We don't need the writer or the director.
All we need is the star-- me.
Penny, let's try it from my entrance.
I will knock, and you will answer.
- [ Robot ] What was my line again? - "Just one moment!" Oh, yes, now I remember.
Waiting for the knock at the door, Dr.
- [ Knocking ] - Hark.
[ Gasps ] Shall we rehearse or shall we-- [ Screams ] [ Coughing ] Something's wrong with him.
I better call Mom.
This is some sort of a trap.
Penny Robinson, you stay where you are.
- This is some sort of trick.
Everyone stand back.
- [ Coughing Continues ] My sensors tell me the alien is not dangerous.
He is only ill.
Ill, my foot.
The creature is up to some sort of devilment.
I repeat: The alien is not hostile.
Maybe you'd better find out what's wrong with him, Dr.
I have analyzed the alien's illness.
He is suffering from atmospheric poisoning.
He needs assistance, or he will perish.
Let him perish.
If he's like the other monsters we've encountered on this planet - I say, good riddance.
- Is there anything I can do for you, sir? [ Coughing Continues ] [ Whirring ] Well, do something, you cowardly clump.
Don't just stand there.
If I attack the alien monster, he in turn will destroy Penny.
- All we wanna do is help you.
- The name is Arcon and you are both to leave at once.
Not without my friend, Penny Robinson.
I think we should do as he says.
Will you be all right, Penny dear? Do as the alien says, Dr.
I'll be all right.
Come along.
- [ Coughing ] - Is there anything I can do? Nothing at all.
We have an oxygen tank in our spaceship.
Shall I get it for you? Are you trying to kill me? It's the oxygen in this atmosphere which has brought on my condition.
[ Coughs ] - You'd better sit down.
- [ Coughing Continues ] What are you going to do now? I must alter myself into a life-form which can exist on this planet.
Perhaps an Alfoid from the Galta nebula.
Ah, that's a little better.
Why didn't you just change yourself into an Earth person? And then you could breath fine.
Earth persons are repulsive creatures.
I've never been able to duplicate the transformation of the cell tissues.
[ Coughing ] It's no use.
I will try to approximate your Earthling construction.
- How do I look? - Much better.
- I mean, uh, how do you feel? - I may survive.
- Something seems to be missing.
- Oh, don't worry about that, Mr.
It's quite a common occurrence with many Earthling males.
Oh? Where are we? Where is this place? Well, I can't answer that question exactly.
We don't really know.
Obviously, you're not very bright.
Not nearly perfect.
Then I don't suppose many Earthlings are.
I'm as smart as anyone my age.
When I was your age, I could speak every language in the galaxy.
Maybe so, but you don't know where we are either.
Shh! I heard something.
Did you hear something? No.
- The Saticons, they're coming.
- The who? My, but you are dull.
The Saticons.
Cruel and vicious creatures from a dead planet.
What do these Saticons want? This.
They're coming closer, I can tell.
In a moment, their missile bombardment will begin.
[ Rumbling ] Warning! Warning! Alien missile approaching.
Someone's attacking us! Negative.
My computers indicate that the missiles are searching out and zeroing in on another alien life-form.
We better get undercover just in case their aim's not too good.
The missiles are coming closer.
Soon the Saticons will be here.
Well, if you'd like, you can come into our spaceship for protection.
You're far from perfect, but you're very kind.
What's being perfect have to do with it? It's got everything to do with it.
They're zeroing in on me.
I've got to get away.
You best go too.
You may be hurt.
- But what are you gonna do? Where are you gonna go? - I don't know at the moment.
Perhaps I should come into your spaceship.
Pardon me if I move on.
[ Whirring ] Hurry home, Penny Robinson.
Oh, Penny dear, perhaps a bit of warm milk will calm my nerves.
What a trying experience.
Your father and the major should never have deserted us.
You know they had to check out the relay station.
I wonder what happened to Mr.
Arcon? He just disappeared.
I do hope he's all right wherever he is.
The state of his health is of no interest to me.
We have our own problems.
Well, I suppose so.
Good night, Dr.
Good night, dear.
Sleep well.
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
This is all too much for me.
I simply-- [ Screams ] Help! Help! Help! Help! There's a monster in my bed! - Help! Help! - Oh, Dr.
What's the matter? - Look! - That's not a monster; that's Mr.
What? He seems radically changed and not for the better.
I was afraid the Saticons had caught you.
They almost did.
Fortunately, my superior intelligence once again saved me.
Penny's told me about these Saticons that were chasing you.
- What's happened to them? - A very good question.
I suppose they're there somewhere around.
No, I don't hear them.
I'm safe for a while.
If you're hungry, I'll fix you some food.
- I don't eat.
- You don't eat? - What a pity, sir.
- All my energy supply is solar.
- And you may call me Arcon.
- Yes.
- Mr.
- I beg your pardon.
I daresay you don't have a heart either.
Quite right.
You're brighter than you look, Doctor, uh, Dr.
You're welcome to stay as long as you like.
That's very generous of you.
Very kind.
- But not in my room.
- I'm totally exhausted.
I shall sleep for 10 hours and then wake.
Good night, all.
I refuse to allow this creature to occupy my quarters.
Oh, I don't know, Dr.
I think we'd better leave him alone.
- We don't know what he'll do if he wakes.
- The Saticons! The Saticons! - I'll know they'll come! I know! - Jumping Jupiter! What's going-- - Who is he? - Arcon.
- Mr.
- Mr.
Oh, Saticons! Saticons! I know they'll come! You know how sensitive I am to the weather.
I shall probably catch a dreadful cold in my delicate back while that creature rests comfortably in my bed.
Come on, Dr.
A little fresh air will do you good.
Attention! Approaching danger.
Activate force field immediately! - Well, everything looks quiet enough.
- No! Look.
- You'd better activate the force field, Will.
- Yes, ma'am.
[ Whirring ] [ High-pitched Whirring ] - What does he want? - They have come for the alien.
They demand that we turn him over to them.
- How do you know? - They communicate by high-frequency radio waves.
My sensors are able to pick them up.
- Tell them we'll send him right out.
- Dr.
Smith! - We have no other choice! - But, we're in no danger as long as the force field is activated.
- If they get him, they'll destroy him.
- How shall I answer? Tell them we refuse their demand.
- What are they saying? - "We shall destroy all of you.
" - What are they doing? - Nothing good.
That much is certain.
[ High-pitched Whirring Continues ] It's getting awfully cold in here.
Something must be wrong with the temperature control unit.
The activators, they're registering.
Nevertheless, we are experiencing a drastic climatic change.
- [ Both Shivering ] - I'm literally freezing.
I think there's an explanation.
It's our friends out there.
The temperature must have dropped 30 degrees already.
We've got to do something.
I know exactly what we must do.
We must accede to their terms and hand over the alien.
- We can't do that.
- The aliens wish to know if you will agree to their demands.
- [ Penny ] Please.
- Tell them no.
- Madam, I beg you to reconsider.
- You heard my answer.
Here is their reply: "Very well.
Then die in your spaceship.
" [ Gasps ] Mr.
Arcon? It's me, Penny Robinson.
- May I come in? - Why of course, my dear.
The door, it just opened by itself.
Now, watch it close by itself.
I'm especially good with doors.
What's that you got there? Oh, well, it's so cold, I thought you might like something hot to drink.
Well, thank you, my dear, but I have been constituted - without appetite or need for food.
- Oh.
But it's so cold.
Cold? I hadn't noticed it.
The temperature seems fine to me.
- It's 10 below zero.
- In my globular form, that's just the way I like it.
Well, it may be perfect for you, sir, but it's much too cold for Earth people.
We won't be able to survive if it gets much colder.
Really? How interesting.
The Saticons were here last night.
They're punishing us for not turning you over to them.
That was a charming gesture on your part, my dear.
Well, it would seem Earthlings have virtues.
Perhaps you will do after all.
- Do? For what? - To entrust the amulet to.
But I don't want your amulet.
You need protection, my dear.
This will give it to you.
No Saticon can touch you if you're wearing this.
- But, Mr.
Arcon-- - Don't interrupt.
Now promise me you'll never give it up.
If you do, you'll give the Saticons power to destroy our entire galaxy.
- Do you promise? - I promise.
But, what will you do? Whatever I do I will do by my superior will.
Don't worry about me.
I'll get away.
I always get away.
Mom, Mr.
Arcon's gone.
Gone? Gone where? He left because of the Saticons.
He didn't want to cause us any more trouble.
Oh, and, uh, he gave me this.
- Oh.
- At least we've met one alien with a sense of fair play.
- He really gave you that, huh? - Yeah.
He said it would protect us.
Well, we won't need it now.
As soon as the Saticons realize Mr.
Arcon is gone - they won't be bothering us.
- Yes, but the problem is who's going to tell them? I shall be more than happy to perform that task, madam.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
My record of cooperation in the past leaves a great deal to be desired.
However, as of this very moment you see before you a new Zachary Smith.
- If you like, I'll go with you.
- No, thank you, my dear.
I do not require any assistance.
I shall return shortly.
A new Dr.
Well, if he's anything like the old one, heaven help us.
Well, if he's anything like the old one, heaven help us.
Well, Dr.
Smith, does the cat have your tongue? Mind your manners, or you'll lose your friends.
They're having dinner.
It would be most rude of me to drop in on them unannounced.
- I will announce you.
- Very well.
Tell them that I am a friend.
Come in.
Come in.
It is not necessary to communicate through the mechanical man.
We have now mastered your language.
That's splendid, gentlemen.
It makes everything so much easier.
I suppose you're wondering why I'm here.
You've come to tell us that Mr.
Arcon is no longer in your spaceship.
Why, yes, that's true.
However did you know? We scanned your mind.
You came here to make a deal with us.
- To betray your friends.
- I? How dare you, sir? That's a gross insult.
There is no need to rush off, Dr.
We were just about to dine.
- Join us.
- Thank you for the invitation.
You're most kind.
And the repast does look delectable.
- However, I'm not particularly hungry.
- Sit down, Dr.
Smith! Certainly.
Perhaps I could do with a morsel or two.
- Assuming, of course, that this is a business luncheon.
- Eat! The temperature stopped dropping.
I guess they got the word that the alien was gone.
- Then why doesn't it start to go back up again? - Maybe they don't believe him.
But at least it isn't getting any colder.
That must mean that they're willing to talk it over.
Mmm! Lovely.
Truly a gourmet delight.
You know, it reminds me so much of mandarin duck that I liked so much back on Earth.
Ah, yes, I remember it well.
Would you like to go home, Dr.
Smith? Home? Oh, my dear sir you have voiced my most fervent hope.
We would be most happy to arrange it for you.
Pray, continue, sir.
You interest me.
You have something which we want.
It should be a simple matter for two agreeing parties to come to terms.
- Dr.
Smith, I suggest we leave.
- Silence, ninny! Can't you see I'm discussing business with this charming gentleman and, uh, and his associates.
Arcon left an amulet in the possession of the Robinsons.
- Get it for us.
- I see.
- Get it for us.
- I see.
Now, tell me, dear sir, suppose I were to do as you wish? What assurance do I have that you would fulfill your part of the bargain? As a gesture of our good faith we will give you this molecular transport, which can return you to Earth.
[ Whirring ] Contact.
[ Dr.
Smith ] How magnificent.
How decorative.
How functional.
However, I shall need a little time to gain possession of the amulet.
We trust you, Dr.
So much so, that we will give you the key to the transport which you may take with you now.
Why thank you, sir.
It's a pleasure to do business with you.
Shall we now consider that we have made an arrangement? Of course.
Why thank you.
We will expect to hear from you soon, Dr.
And so you shall, dear sir.
So you shall.
- And now, good night.
- Good night.
Come along.
[ Gasps ] Clumsy clump! I am extremely disappointed in you, Dr.
You intend to betray the Robinsons.
I shall do no such thing.
It takes two to make a bargain and I have no intention of keeping my part of it.
Those old fools.
How easy it was to pull the wool over their eyes.
I have the key, I know where the lock is and I know where I'm going.
Get going! - [ Beeping ] - Surely it must be ready.
It is ready.
But this deception makes me ashamed.
How sad.
- A perfect duplicate.
- Thank you, Dr.
It is as good as I can supply after such a hasty inspection of the original.
It appears that you are of some slight use after all.
They will never believe that it is the real amulet.
Of course they will.
These naive aliens will believe anything.
When it comes to perfect duplicating, bow your bubble to Zachary Smith.
Ah, fine, fine.
[ Sniffs Loudly ] The street is pungently scented with mandarin duck.
Did you put up the menu? Have we forgotten anything? Perfect.
I'm glad I scanned Dr.
Smith's mind while he was eating.
According to his memory cells this is what his planet of origin looks like [ Sniffs Loudly ] and smells like.
One moment.
There is one more thing.
The old fool will believe that this is really Earth.
We will get the amulet, and he and his friend will die here.
Very good.
They're not around.
- How can you be sure? - With Zachary Smith, you can be sure.
Gentlemen, my end of the bargain is complete.
Here is your amulet.
- They will not buy it.
- Hold your tongue, you cackling clod.
[ Whirring ] That's strange.
It turned on immediately before.
William, do you understand how to work this contraption? It sure looks complicated, sir.
No problem at all.
The Robot will do it.
Get this thing operating.
- It does not compute.
- Oh, stand aside, you mechanical misfit.
I'll do it myself.
- [ Whirring ] - There, I did it.
It's working.
Smith, I think you'd better turn it off.
Operating an alien machine that you know nothing about could be very dangerous.
Stop worrying, William.
I have no intention of trying to test this contraption personally.
- Then how will you learn if the molecular transport works? - How indeed? I think we shall need a test pilot, so to speak.
Do not look at me.
You've got the wrong robot, Dr.
- Coward! - [ Warbling ] Well, well, look who's here.
Sweet little Debbie.
- Hello, Penny.
- Hi.
[ Warbling ] What a delightful creature you are.
I know what you're thinking, Dr.
Smith, but you can't send Debbie.
I know what you're thinking, Dr.
Smith, but you can't send Debbie.
- Send Debbie where? - Now, Penny, you know I wouldn't harm a hair of sweet little Debbie's head, but this is an emergency.
- It must be done for the good of all.
Come here.
- But-- Dr.
Smith, you can't! - Please, Dr.
- Never fear, Smith is here.
In you go, dear.
- Debbie's gone.
- This very moment, our dear little friend is probably walking on the green sod of our native land.
Maybe so, but you shouldn't have sent her.
Smith always has someone else do his dirty work.
Dirty work, indeed.
This is a scientific experiment.
There's absolutely nothing to worry about.
A few moments for Debbie to select a few identifiable objects from Earth and I shall bring her back.
Yes, I think she's had enough time now.
Oh, Debbie! Good girl.
Come on.
It's your last trip now.
Come on.
[ Warbling ] Well, it looks like some kind of rose.
- A black rose? - We've simply got to try it again.
No, you won't.
Run home, Debbie.
- Run.
- [ Warbling ] Dr.
Smith, it's just no use.
There are billions of stars and planets out there.
Trying to pinpoint Earth would be impossible.
I have computed the chances of locating Earth without the proper instrument settings.
By trial and error, it would take 7,000 years.
They cheated me.
I kept my part of the bargain.
Liars! Thieves! [ Gasps ] You wish to speak to us, Dr.
Smith? Yes, I do.
You promised to send me back to Earth.
I got the amulet for you.
It's right there on your table.
- Is that what you wish to give us, Dr.
Smith? - It certainly is.
And all I got in return was a secondhand, obsolete molecular transporter.
- Indeed.
How sad.
- [ Whirring ] He destroyed it! A useless imitation.
The Earth girl wears the authentic amulet around her waist.
I was afraid you would cheat me and so I prepared a duplicate.
We have waited long enough.
Do as we say, and none of you will be harmed.
Arcon gave it to me, and I won't let you have it.
Then we will be forced to take it from you.
Stand back.
I will destroy! - You are powerless to harm us.
- Stop them! - I cannot activate my energy charge.
- Give us the amulet! Give it to them, Penny! No, I won't.
You'll have to take it from me, and I know you can't touch it.
Is that so? We shall see.
Stop! Turn it off.
We will not harm you.
- Penny! - Come on, Robot.
Penny! I am deeply sorry things didn't work out, my dear sir.
Now if you'll excuse me.
Stay where you are, Dr.
It's been a very long and a very tiring day.
You tried to trick us, Dr.
It was a misunderstanding on both sides.
But I'm sure we can make an adjustment.
You still wish to return to Earth; we still want the amulet.
You can get it for us.
Until you do the temperature will drop 10 degrees every hour until you all die.
Oh, dear.
What assurance do I have that you won't cheat me? You dare to bargain with us? Oh, certainly not.
But, let me put it this way.
I will give you the real amulet as soon as-- but not until-- you return me to Earth.
We felt you would insist on this.
It is granted.
Well done, Zachary.
Oh, there you are, Penny.
I've been looking for you.
- How is Debbie? - I put her to bed.
The poor dear fell asleep in my arms.
Oh, Penny, it's so cold.
I'm afraid we shall all catch pneumonia.
I don't feel the cold at all.
How fortunate you are, my dear child.
Where's your mother? She trying to find a small, warm spot in this frozen world? She and Judy are still trying to contact Dad and Don on the relay transmitter.
Did you straighten everything out with the Saticons? I'm glad you brought that subject up.
There's something I'd like to discuss with you.
- What is it, Dr.
Smith? - I don't quite know how to say this, Penny so perhaps I'd better come directly to the point.
You must give me Mr.
Arcon's amulet before we all perish! I can't, Dr.
He gave it to me and I'm sure he'll come back for it.
Besides, Dad and Don will be back soon.
They'll know what to do.
Try to understand, dear child.
The Saticons have agreed to return me to Earth.
As soon as I get there, I shall arrange for the rescue of all your dear ones.
It's a golden opportunity for us.
The chance we've been waiting for.
Please don't ask me anymore, Dr.
Arcon made me promise.
He said his whole planet would be destroyed if I gave the Saticons the amulet.
I can't force you to make a decision, Penny.
But consider carefully all that I have said, and remember you control the fate of our entire little band.
We are all in your hands.
Especially me.
It's so cold.
It's so terribly cold.
If only Mr.
Arcon were here.
Arcon! Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
You Earth creatures are so sentimental and emotional.
That's why you're so backward.
[ Scoffs ] I don't know why I chose you.
- Chose me? - Never mind.
What do you want? Well, I have a problem.
I thought you might help me solve it.
Don't tell it to me.
I don't want to hear it.
It'll ruin everything.
- But this is important.
- Then solve it.
Do what you know is right.
If I advise you, it'll spoil the test.
Test? What test? Do what you think is right.
That's the important thing.
Smith, I don't want Debbie to take any more trips.
She's terribly tired, and besides, I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing.
Trust me, Penny, and everything will turn out beautifully, I promise you.
Come along, dear.
There you are.
- In you go.
- [ Warbling ] You said you could return us to Earth.
Prove it! - [ Saticon ] We shall return the creature in a few moments.
- Contact! [ Warbling ] I had the occasion to previously scan the Earth boy's memory.
These objects should convince Dr.
Smith of our sincerity.
Debbie's back! Oh! What's she holding? Well, let's see.
Let's see what she's holding.
Debbie, come here.
A hot dog.
She brought back a hot dog.
Oh! And a pennant.
It appears that Debbie has been to a baseball game.
[ Saticon ] Well, Dr.
Smith, are you convinced? Indeed I am.
Now then, sir, it's understood that once we return to Earth and you have the amulet -you will send the rest of the family back as well? - It is agreed.
- All right.
Let's get started.
Penny, let's get started.
- A note of caution, Dr.
One hot dog and a pennant do not prove that Debbie was on Earth.
That's ridiculous, you cautious clump.
Of course she was.
- Smells like the real thing.
- It is the real thing.
Come along, Penny.
We're just wasting time.
Debbie, you stay here with the Robot.
Go along.
[ Warbling ] You stay here and take care of Debbie, you nervous ninny.
We shall see you later on Earth.
I can barely contain myself.
All right, we're ready.
Send us home! Contact! [ Saticon ] Very well, Dr.
You are on your way.
My sensors indicate that was not an authentic Earth hot dog.
It is only a duplication.
Smith and Penny have been tricked.
They will be destroyed.
I must warn them.
Maureen! Maureen, can you hear me? Yes, dear, but the contact is fading because of the storm.
Yes, I know.
It caught us at the relay station.
We just made it back to the Chariot.
It's no use.
Radiator block must be frozen.
I don't know where this storm came from.
We got no advance warning at the weather station.
- Well, the Saticons caused it all.
- The Saticons? Yes.
I'll explain when you get back.
Please hurry, John.
- All right, dear.
- [ Howling Stops ] Hey, it's stopping.
Yeah, but for how long? Well, whoever it was that caused this I guess they got what they wanted.
I guess they got what they wanted.
- [ Cable Car Bell Ringing ] - Where are we, Dr.
Smith? Obviously we are not in the Dodger Stadium.
- I'm not even sure this is home.
- Let's not panic.
For some reason, this street seems very familiar.
"The Royal Imperial Restaurant.
" Now, that name rings a bell.
I recognize the writing.
Maybe we're in China.
[ Scoffs ] China.
No, Penny.
Not China, Chinatown.
We're in San Francisco's Chinatown! - Are you sure? - Absolutely! What a coincidence.
I was thinking of this very spot just the other day when I was with the Saticons.
[ Inhales Deeply ] Oh, what a heavenly aroma! Penny, I've dined in this restaurant a dozen times.
They make the most marvelous mandarin duck.
Yes, and there it is! It's the Robot.
What are you doing here? I had to warn you.
The hot dog which Debbie brought back is a fake.
- What? - You're sure? - Positive.
It is composed of alien foodstuffs.
What does that prove? After all, we have not been on Earth for a very long time.
Perhaps they don't make hot dogs the way they used to.
I cannot explain, but my sensors are very uneasy.
That's ridiculous.
Perhaps the hot dog was not all that it should have been but I tell you, we are on Earth.
I'm sure of it, and that's all that matters.
Penny, give me the amulet.
We must keep our part of the bargain.
Wait a minute.
If we are on Earth, where is everyone? - It must be a holiday or something.
- Yoo-hoo! Anyone here? Penny, let's try to raise someone at that theater over there.
Come along, dear.
I don't know what it all means, but if Dr.
Smith is involved, it could mean trouble.
Well, Will said that Dr.
Smith had some sort of an alien machine.
I looked everywhere.
Both Penny and the Robot are gone too.
[ Mr.
Arcon ] And they will not return.
- Oh! - I frightened you, Mrs.
Robinson? Oh, dear.
Well, you just appeared so suddenly.
Perhaps you weren't expecting me to return.
Perhaps you expected my enemies, the Saticons, had destroyed me.
We didn't think any such thing.
Don't try to pretend that you're pure in spirit and not given to evil thoughts.
None of you are.
I trusted your daughter, but she betrayed that trust.
- What are you saying? Where is Penny? - Beyond help.
I demand to know where my daughter is.
These controls are set for a dead asteroid far out in space.
They must all be there now.
The Saticons must have tricked them into believing they were going to Earth.
Well, somehow, you've got to help them.
Nothing will happen to her if she keeps the amulet.
But, she won't.
- She'll give it away, just like all the others.
- Others? What others? For hundreds of years, I've been searching for someone who'd be beyond all temptation.
For the perfect individual to whom I can entrust the greatest gift in the galaxy.
But, everyone I've tested has given up the gift for selfish or greedy reasons.
Well, if Penny did give up your-your precious gift she did it to save us, not-not for any selfish reasons.
But she was herself safe.
She has the amulet.
Nothing can harm her.
I don't understand all this.
Well, you just don't understand families.
What Penny did, she did to save us all, without any regard for herself.
Perhaps I have been wrong.
We do not have families on my planet.
We are hatched from eggs in a central incubator.
Oh, yes, I'm sure.
- Well, where is she now? - She's in the Saticon world now.
I'm sorry.
But without the amulet, they would destroy me the minute I entered.
You know, Dr.
Smith, I have the funniest feeling we're being watched.
We probably are.
The Orientals are very shy by nature.
[ Penny ] It's probably just my imagination.
I simply cannot understand it.
Surely there must be someone about.
What are we gonna do now, Dr.
Smith? I have an aunt on Nob Hill.
I shall call her.
- There's a telephone booth.
- You will need a dime.
A dime? I can't even remember what a dime looks like.
Well, at any rate, a phone call probably costs a quarter by now.
- You do not have that either.
- Silence, dunderhead.
I do not like it here.
It is somehow alien.
We've been lost in space too long.
That's our problem.
I do feel there is something definitely wrong, and I'm going to investigate.
Penny dear, let's sit here and rest for a bit.
- Surely someone will be along soon.
- If you say so, Dr.
[ Sighs ] It's difficult to believe, isn't it? Here we are in San Francisco in the U.
on the planet Earth.
[ Loud Buzzing ] Dr.
Smith! Quickly! What is it? Can't you see I'm resting? There is something you must see.
We should have left him behind on the planet.
- Well, what is it? - Look.
- Well? - I saw a fly.
Did you really? There are billions of flies on Earth, remember? There are no flies of this species on Earth.
It was-- - Silence or I shall deactivate you.
- Better not.
We may need him.
What possible use could we have for this primitive pile of pistons on Earth? [ Saticon ] Hold it.
Remember our arrangement.
We have returned you to Earth.
Now give us the amulet.
- Where are you? - Never mind.
Place the amulet in the rickshaw over there.
Yes, yes, of course.
Penny dear, the amulet.
But this is our only protection.
Hush, child.
You heard what they said.
Now do as I say.
Fair is fair.
They kept their part of the bargain.
Come along, dear.
- There must be something you can do.
- Is there anything I can do? Nothing can happen if she doesn't give up the amulet - if she refuses to betray her trust.
- Is that all you can say? Now look, you got my daughter into this.
Just stop acting like a spoiled child and get her out.
- You must have some powers left.
- Don't shout at me.
- I'm trying to think.
- I'm not shouting.
Penny said that you could change into any form you wished.
- Maybe you could sneak into their world.
- Yes, that's possible.
- You're very bright for an Earth boy.
- Thank you, sir.
Oh! [ Loud Buzzing ] Those flies.
Perhaps we can convert the Robot into an electronic flycatcher.
They appear to have reached epidemic proportions.
I repeat.
I saw a fly-- a giant fly.
- Not another word, do you hear? - But, Dr.
Smith-- - There! - [ Buzzing ] - [ Screams ] - [ Screams ] I knew this wasn't Earth.
[ Gasps ] Oh, gentlemen, I am so glad to see you.
I must tell you you have obviously made an error.
This is not the place you were supposed to take us to at all.
- Isn't it, Dr.
Smith? - No, of course not.
We don't have flies like this back on Earth.
It is supposed to be an exact duplicate.
But, unfortunately, I guess we were unable to determine its correct dimensions from your memory.
You seem to have a habit of exaggerating.
I-I don't understand.
We have created this street from fragments of your memory.
- You did all this just to get the amulet? - That is true.
Now you must be destroyed.
- [ High-pitched Whirring ] - Penny! Well, do something, you cumbersome clod! Where's the power pack? The power pack! Where's the power pack? - There.
- This still does not seem like Earth.
You promised me.
We made an arrangement.
- Can't we talk it over? - All talk has ended for you.
[ Arcon ] You wanted this.
Now take it.
- [ Screams ] - [ Dr.
Smith Gasps ] Come, this place is crumbling to cosmic dust.
Quickly! - Danger! - [ Screams ] It is over.
It is I, see? - [ Penny ] Mr.
Arcon! - Oh, thank heavens.
Everybody hold hands.
Contact! Oh, Penny! My goodness me.
What happened? Oh, it was just terrible.
The Saticons built a make-believe street, and for a while we thought we were home.
Fortunately, our good friend Mr.
Arcon appeared at the most opportune moment.
- He saved all of us.
- You have not escaped your fate, Dr.
You have merely postponed it for a brief while.
Oh, please, sir.
I can explain everything that happened.
- It was all just a mistake.
- A fatal one for you.
As punishment, I must send you to a dead star.
Oh, please, Mr.
Arcon, I didn't mean it.
The thought of getting back to my own land was just too much for me.
As a student of perfection, I can see that you'd be a reject in any society.
- I suggest you say good-bye to your friends, Dr.
- Have mercy on me! If you send Dr.
Smith to a dead star, you'll have to send me too.
- I'm as much to blame as he is.
- I no longer blame you.
I hold Dr.
Smith solely responsible.
Obviously, he's caused you considerable trouble in the past.
You should be glad to have him gone.
Well, I don't know about your particular culture, Mr.
Arcon but in ours we forgive mistakes.
Human beings aren't perfect.
We make errors - but we profit by them.
- Hmm.
A very interesting philosophy.
Well, you just think about it for a while.
I'm sure you'll see what we mean.
'Cause if you send Dr.
Smith, you're gonna have to send me.
- And me too, Mr.
- You'll have to send the three of us.
- I wish also to go with my friends.
- Oh, thank you my dear, dear companions.
I think I'm going to cry.
Oh, spare us.
Spare us all.
Very well, if that's what you want.
I, too, shall be human and do the imperfect thing just this one time.
If you want him, you may have him.
Oh, thank you, Mr.
Now good-bye, all.
And especially you, Penny Robinson.
Good-bye, Mr.
Oh, dear, he forgot his control console.
- Oh, no I didn't.
- [ Chuckles ] Well, now, Dr.
Smith, you must let that be a lesson to you.
From now on, you keep out of trouble.
You may take my word on it, madam.
You are looking at the new Zachary Smith.
Well, I'm not counting on it.
Come on, everybody.
[ Sighs ] Oh, the pain, the pain.
- [ Buzzing ] - Shoo! Shoo! - Shoo! - [ Buzzing Continues ] [ Dr.
Smith Screams, Groans ] Gosh, it's a comet and heading this way! We must prepare for catastrophe.
[ Narrator ] Next week on Lost In Space a fantastic adventure into the black void beyond the stars.
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Who are you? - [ Will ] We're gonna crash! Your tie-line's going.
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