Lost in Space (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


Oh, God.
He looks smaller than yesterday.
Is that possible? He's down three ounces.
That much? It's good you're here.
Hey there.
Hey, Will.
I know it's been rough so far.
But I need you to fight, okay? I need you to fight now.
If you fight now, I promise you that I will fight for you for the rest of your life.
All right, how many of these do we need? I've never seen you throw yourself into a task with this much gusto before.
What can I say? I'm taking my vitamins.
It has nothing to do with that boy being here? No.
And he's not a boy.
Will's a boy.
- Okay, sure.
- Yeah, whatever - It's going up fast, huh? - It sure is.
Let's just hope to hell it works.
How How exactly will we know that it works? You skipped Victor's speech? Yeah, that makes two of us.
I'll give you the short version.
The Resolute may be deaf, but it isn't blind.
So, uh, Victor thinks if he builds a light tower bright enough - It will be seen from space.
- Yeah.
Just needs to coincide with the orbit of the Resolute.
- Is that possible? - Well, the science people think so.
What do you think? Right now, I just wanna make sure that that robot doesn't wander in right in the middle of all this.
He's gone? Yeah.
Kids said it just walked off.
These people are already on edge.
Last thing we need is that thing being drawn in when that big light gets turned on.
Like a moth to a flame? Yeah.
Something like that.
Hey, excuse me.
I'll see you back down there.
Let's see if this works.
- Any luck? - Nope.
Do you think it's coming back? I don't know.
Well, there's only so many things we can worry about at a time.
- You going somewhere? - Trying to.
- In the middle of all this? - There's something I need to check on.
You wanna tell me what's going on? I I don't know.
Maybe Kepler's Law doesn't apply here, or or maybe it's the celestial mechanics of the system, or maybe I'm wrong about the gravitational constant.
- I - Which means? It's the sun.
It's rising earlier and earlier every day.
Well, that's what happens on Earth.
It's spring, right? It's kinda nice the weather's changing.
But it's the rate of change.
It's way too fast.
I need to figure this out.
I'll come with you.
I'll be fine.
You should work with the kids.
Make up for the time you lost.
That's why you're here, isn't it? Look, I will call you if anything Hope you're not going on a field trip.
We might need that Chariot.
You be careful.
Don't punch anyone.
If the cables overheat, we'll need every available Chariot battery as backup.
Then we should make sure they don't overheat.
What's she doing, anyway? When she's ready to tell us, she will.
Don't you have a meeting to lead? - How're we doing with the mirrors? - We are applying the last of them.
Good, good.
And construction? We should be finished with the tower frame by midday.
And what about electrical? We're about 100,000 watts short of our candela target.
How'd that happen? A team member shorted the lights in the testing phase.
We don't have time for mistakes.
You're welcome to take the Jupiter 2 NAV lamps if you want.
If that gets you where you need to be.
Uh, yeah.
It should.
Wish I'd thought of that.
I would've got some sleep last night.
Problem solved.
We good? I suppose.
But, uh, we need more Mylar foil.
The coverage is patchy.
Well, let's stop standing around.
That tower is some science project.
It's actually a really interesting concept.
Yeah, and apparently one that requires lots of heavy lifting.
Something that a particular R-O-B-O- - could come in handy for.
- She's got a good point.
You guys said I could wait for the right time.
I did.
But isn't this the perfect opportunity to show everyone how useful he could be? So you should tell Dad, as soon as possible.
He's gonna be fine, okay, once he has a chance to process it.
And to get through the five stages of anger, from furious to mad to PO'ed Okay, fine.
I'll do it.
- When? - When he's in a good mood.
You can't wait that long.
Wait that long for what? Huh? To tell you that Will refuses to unload his insulation.
He says it's too itchy.
Come on, that's not like you.
Just wear a pair of work gloves.
He's avoiding me, isn't he? Maybe you should ask Will if you have questions about Will.
Dad, you can talk to him.
Okay? Just be yourself.
Actually, no.
Maybe be, like, 20% nicer.
Need a hand? Yeah.
Ah, think I'm gonna need a tutorial.
So, red can go to black, and black can go to red, but green always goes to the ground.
You're a pretty smart kid, you know that? Thanks, but I'd take brave over smart any day.
But bravery without intelligence, that's a very risky thing.
Haven't seen your robot in a while.
Do you miss it? I guess.
Can you do me a favor? What? Well, um, there's something I need to do.
Something that's very important.
And I need the robot's help to do it.
I was thinking, maybe if you knew where it was, that maybe you could bring him here.
I Dr.
Smith? Don.
Oh, my God.
You made it.
I'm so relieved.
I'm relieved I made it too.
Do you need anything? Can I get you some water? Let me get you some water.
Maybe that's where my flare gun is.
Next to the water.
You know, the flare gun you stole when you left me for dead? I would never do that.
It was an accident.
So you stole it out of my pack by accident? Well I took it out because I was scared.
I thought about shooting it off, but I knew what you'd say, that you'd be annoyed.
So I put it back.
But in the wrong bag.
I've been feeling so guilty.
Now you're here.
Don't beat yourself up.
We both made it.
You know, I I think I saved you.
You What? My St.
Christopher medal.
It protected you.
It brought you good luck.
Do you still have it? The necklace? No.
No, I lost it.
In the storm.
I forgive you.
I gotta go.
So we'll talk later, okay? Is it dangerous? Nothing we wouldn't be prepared for.
Are you asking us or telling us? This an important family decision.
Everyone has to be on board.
All right, pros and cons.
Okay, start with Earth.
Uh Pro: governments have stabilized, for the most part.
Pro: the World Cup.
Pro: my friends are here.
Cons: If we stay here, we won't ever see another blue sky, or a rainbow.
And as for future Robinsons, there won't be much life left here for them.
And Alpha Centauri? Pros: It's habitable.
It's a It's a paradise planet.
There's no wars.
There's no instability.
You could build whatever.
You could be whatever you want there.
Pro: blue skies.
Con: It's a one-way ticket.
There's no coming back.
You're right.
It's a really big decision.
What does Dad think? He wants what's best for everybody.
So he's coming? Uh, if he can.
Judy, only the best of the best get to go.
They could fast-track your medical career.
And Penny, what about first author in space? Can anyone go? Anyone who passes the tests.
There's more than one? Don't worry.
You'll all pass.
Hello? Oh! Ow! Son of a Ow! Yeah.
It's broken.
Ow! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let a man prepare.
I'm not the first person to break your nose, am I? What do you think? Who taught you self-defense there, Doc? - It's Judy.
My dad taught me.
- Is he here too? Yeah.
John Robinson's my dad.
He came into the picture after I was born.
- Sensitive issue.
- Not particularly.
What are you doing with all of that booze in our Jupiter? Sensitive issue.
- I'm sort of like a importer-exporter.
- Smuggler.
What is the matter with you Robinsons? You make it sound like a bad thing.
Is it? Obviously never had single malt Scotch, have you? How's Angela? Hard to tell.
She doesn't come out of her cabin.
Does she talk much? About what happened on the Resolute? - Not really.
Why? - Checking on my patient.
I'm curious as to how such a big baby survived such a big storm.
Honestly? I didn't think I was gonna make it.
I didn't think any of us were.
I just held my breath for as long as I could.
Starts the pounding of blood in your ears, right? Louder and louder until you think your head might explode.
Ow! Ah! Oh! You have serious anger issues.
Oh! You said "us" when you were in the storm.
You mean you and Angela, right? Yeah.
And, uh, some shrink named Dr.
No, we rescued her.
Guessing by the look on your face she didn't mention me? No, she said she was alone.
I bet she did.
You're a tough guy to track down.
- I thought you wanted me to help.
- Yeah.
I did.
Hey, you might want to run those in parallel.
That way if one of the lamps shorts, the others won't go out as well.
- Like Christmas tree lights? - Yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm sorry I missed so many.
It's okay.
You were saving the world.
No, I wasn't there and, uh I know that bothered you.
Just like something's bothering you right now.
The robot.
I know how close you got.
Just upped and left.
What do you think about that? Um I I, um 'Cause I think it hurt.
Just like it hurt when I left.
But I want you to know, I'm not going anywhere.
I missed a lot and, um I know that we don't always get each other, but I'm here now.
One thing's for sure, it it kind of hogged all your time.
So, uh The upside is that we get to spend all that time together.
Right? Yeah.
What do we got going on here? Try and plug that one in there to run to the power box.
How'd you manage to get these other ones in? Why are you setting these up here? This is the cable path.
I'm sorry.
I need these moved to the other side of the tent - before the first team breaks for lunch.
- Yes, sir.
Use your head.
Sorry your dad sucks.
At least he figured out a way for us to signal the Resolute.
Good point.
Um, thanks for keeping our secret about you-know-what.
I'm not keeping it.
You're blackmailing me.
Or did you forget? - Wow.
No quippy comeback.
- Okay, give me a second.
One, one-thousand.
Nothing? Maybe I'll have one by the time I'm done helping you.
I can't wait to eat real food again.
- The beef ravioli ones aren't that bad.
- Yeah.
Until you've had, like, 20.
Is it from here? What? You know.
Uh I'm not sure.
- Is it sentient? - It's a robot.
I know, but its face, those swirling lights.
It It looked like it was thinking.
How long am I gonna have to keep your secret? Until it's not a secret anymore.
- Can I see it again? - No.
Why? - Why not? - Because you can't.
Your parents don't know.
Do they? - Does it matter? - Uh, in my experience, yes.
A lot.
Know what? I think I'm done helping you for today.
- You got it? - Got it? Yeah.
Here we go.
Heard all about your crash-landing.
- I'm sorry, from from who? - Don.
He said he almost died.
We all thought we were going to die.
But he said that he was waiting for you.
Uh Judy, be careful.
What do you mean? He's not who you think he is.
When we crashed, Don's friend died on impact.
He stole her boots right off her feet.
Like it was nothing.
He wouldn't even bury her.
- Yeah Yeah, well, with the storm - There was no storm yet.
I was the one who buried her.
Someone had to.
And the survivor - Angela? - Yes, Angela.
She needed help.
But he He just hid under a rock.
He wanted to wait the storm out.
It was like he didn't care if she lived or died.
Then I was the one who had to search for help.
Why did you tell us you were alone? Honestly? I wanted to protect you.
I wanted to protect your family.
I should get back to work.
Come on, Will.
You can do it.
Stay calm.
- Hey.
- How'd I do? You did great.
Sit down.
You okay? I didn't pass, did I? It's just a practice test.
But if I don't pass, no one gets to go to Alpha Centauri, right? Will, listen to me.
You won't remember this, but when you were really little, you and I made a deal.
And you kept your end of the bargain.
And now it's my turn.
The light tower is ready to go.
Good work.
Naoko, how long before they'll be able to see us? The Resolute will be in range in 20 minutes.
It will be nice to finally hear a different message, from, "We're looking for you," to "We see you.
" What do you have? Oh, my God, this is incredible.
Light it up.
- We did it.
- Yeah.
It's incredible.
Like moths to a flame.
What are those things? Bugs.
They're positively phototactic.
I think you mean positively disgusting.
As opposed to negatively phototactic.
It means they're attracted to light.
Uh, okay.
Do you want herb chicken or peanut butter? I like to mix 'em.
Really? Why am I not shocked? I saw you talking to Dad.
Did he freak out? You didn't tell him? Don't move.
- No! No, no! No! - You're making it worse.
Just hold still.
Nice hair.
You look great.
Hawking radiation detected.
Fu - Is it all packed up? - Yeah, it's in the Chariot.
Best night here by far.
Yeah, it is.
What a story we'll have when we get to Alpha Centauri.
One I could have done without.
I I didn't know how to tell you this before, because I didn't want to interfere with family matters, but there's something I think you should know.
It has to do with the robot.
What? When you and Maureen were away, Will took the robot out into the woods.
I I think the girls went too.
I assumed that they told you.
I thought at least Will would have.
Excuse me.
- Where is it? - Where's what? Where's the robot? I don't know.
Why are you lying to me? I'm not.
I mean, I didn't mean to.
I mean, I didn't want to.
I I just - Will, why'd you hide the robot? - He was different before.
What are you talking about? You know how something happened on the Resolute, and then we all crashed? Yeah.
It was because of him.
I don't know why, but he was there.
He hurt some people.
Will, people died.
But he saved me.
He saved Judy.
He protected us in that storm.
He's good now.
Did he hurt you? I can control him.
I made him promise to never do that again.
Will, you're just a kid.
You can't control anything.
Where is it? Where is it? I thought I raised you better than this.
Is that why you hid it? Because you were worried it was gonna hurt us? No.
I was afraid of what you would do to him.
What the hell? Oh, no! Quick! Run! Get away from the tower! Find cover! I'll take him.
Go! Go, go, go! Penny! Judy! Vijay! Vijay, get down.
Over here! Get down! Stay down! Call your robot.
Who cares if anyone sees it now? This is Captain Radic broadcasting from the Resolute, day seven, 1900 hours.
We have yet to detect any survivors, but we'll redouble - Dad.
- I got you, Penny.
Come on! Dad, why aren't we running? If we turn our backs, we haven't got a chance.
Will, they're in danger.
We all are.
Where are you? You see this? You've got to be kidding me.
Run now.
Over here! He won't fight back.
Because I told him.
That was a mistake.
Fight back.
Please, fight back.
Fight back.
You have to be like you were before.
You have to be bad.
Do it.
Be bad.
Get back.
Just step back.
No, no, not them.
- No! - Will! Will, no! It's me.
That's it.
That's it.
It's me.
It's me.