Love & Anarchy (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

The Present, Eternity and the Action Plan

Hey, are you catching the bus
to Stockholm? It's about to leave.

It's leaving.
Hurry up.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for taking Isabell
to the hospital behind your back.

I can understand that you're angry,
but you have to understand
that there are other sides to the story.

Like what?
where's my thick, blue sweater?
It's in the dirty laundry.

Wear something else.

Isabell's doing better, wouldn't you say?
I think it's because
she's realized that she can be herself,
that it's okay to be different, if we'd
just stop being so damn judgmental.

Grandpa's the way he is, but that's okay.

Oh really?
So, all of a sudden,
Grandpa is perfectly normal?
Maybe he's even a role model.

Sure, I can appreciate that.

Having a granddad
at the psych ward is inspirational.

You're going off the fucking deep end,
can't you tell?
You're not making any sense.
The kids
Knock it off!
- You're telling me to knock it off?
- Yes.

Walk backwards, dress like a teenager,
do all of that stuff,
but you're not getting the kids involved.

I draw the line there.

Maybe you want their childhood
to be as messed up as yours.

Huh? That's a great idea!
Reading comic books in the waiting room
at the psych ward every other weekend.

That's where you'll end up
if you keep this up.

Get your helmet.

You have hockey practice after school.

- Bye, Mom!
- Bye, honey!
What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- Oh, it's nothing.


- Why the hell won't she pick up?
- Shit.
This is unbelievable!
Is it really that urgent?
If Sofie doesn't produce an action plan
within the next two days,
Stream-Us will revoke the acquisition
and then it's game over.


What's got into you, Friedrich?
It's about damn time she made use
of those expensive tools
in that box of hers, once and for all.

I'll try her again.

- Who was that who just walked by?
- That was Anette.


- May I help you?
- I have a book manuscript.

- Sorry?
- I submitted my manuscript a while back.

But I never heard back from you, so
I'm wondering if I could hand it in again.

Maybe you think it's weird,
me showing up like this again,
because perhaps you did read it
and thought it was the worst thing ever,
but didn't have the nerve to tell me.

That's totally fine, of course,
so in that case, just get rid of it.

I just thought I'd give it another shot.

Well, by all means.

Oh, okay.

- Well, thank you.
Here you go.

- Thank you.

- Bye.

- Bye.

You just never know with consultants.

Action plans can imply almost anything.

Well, let's just hope they're aware
that they have a responsibility
toward the employees.

Hi, you've reached Sofie Rydman
A girl came by to drop off a manuscript.

I'm just a few pages in, but it's amazing.

- I can't stop reading
- I'm too busy to read novels right now.

I'm trying
to save this publishing house, Caroline.

How about moving to London for a while?
For a year or two.

- What are you talking about?
- I'm involved with this company in London.

They really want me to come over.

- What do you say?
- Yes!
A change of scenery
might be fun for all of us.

You can attend the Swedish School
and learn English.

We can visit Madame Tussauds on weekends.

You can stay home and rest.

With the money I make,
you can easily take a year off.

What do you think, Mom?
I don't know.
We haven't discussed it,
so I really can't say.

Yeah, I mean
I guess it could be fun.

- London, London, London!
- London, London!
But we can't just leave Grandpa like that.

Well, maybe it would be good
to get a bit of
a bit of "me time" as well,
to be able to move on.

Sure, it might be a good idea, actually.

One year in London.

Mm, or two.

- I mean, we'll spend summers here, so
- Yeah.

Ronny, I got your email.

There's a presentation tomorrow?
That was the idea,
but Sofie hasn't come to work.

Still no sign of the action plan
and Stream-Us expects
a presentation tomorrow.

- And where's Sofie?
- That's the question.
Where is she?
There she is.

Here's the action plan.

Sorry for the delay.

What are you doing?
I will have to cut my assignment short
because I'm moving to London.

But you have to present this to Stream-Us.

I'm sure you can manage on your own.

All instructions and details are included.

- It shouldn't be an issue.

- Yes, but
I've sent you an email with the graphics
you can use during the presentation.


That's great.

Over here, Denise.
Here's the action plan.

You two will present it to Stream-Us.

Why do we always get stuck
with the dirty work?
Because you are the backbone
of this publishing house.

We all need to contribute.

What about her?
Well, she's moving to London.

Good for her.

Hey, I need to speak to you.

Sorry, I'm busy right now.

Why are you moving?
Sofie, are you listening?
We need to talk!
I get that this is hard for you.

What you and I did was insane.

It can't go on.

I love your insanity.

Stop it!
I'm not crazy!
You don't know what you're talking about.

You think life is nothing more
than a joyride, don't you?
You and me, that was just a game.

A childish, silly game.

It's got nothing to do with reality.

All of this has been real to me.

You're not yourself right now.

- What are you doing?
- I threw it away.

You're so fucking naive, Max.

This means nothing to me.

Max, what happened?

We have to set everything up
for the presentation tomorrow.


- Great.

- Sure.

Sure thing, I
I just need to get a glass of water.

Are you all right?
- What's wrong?
- Help!
Oh my God! What happened?
- What's happening? Talk to me.

- I can't breathe.

Call an ambulance.

Easy, easy.

Hi! Our IT guy fell flat on his back
and can't breathe.

No, he's not high! This is a workplace!
How do I tell the difference
between a panic attack and a heart attack?
There now.

- Never mind.

- It will be okay.

Whatever you're going through right now,
you'll be okay.

I promise.

There, now.

What do you make of this?
- Huh?
- I don't know.

But this probably means
that several employees will be fired.

I'll be damned.

I guess
that's probably me.

But there has to be
some goddamn measure of compassion.

Or maybe not.

- Am I interrupting?
- No.

You have to read this book.
It's amazing.

Wonderful! But we're dealing with
the future of the publishing industry.

What Denise is trying to say
is that we need some peace and quiet,
but I'm glad
that you're enjoying yourself.

- What do you make of this?
- I don't know!

I made reservations at a day spa
after lunch.
Nille and Elin will join us.

- Oh, today?
- That's right.

Nille and I are going to hit the gym
and we'll meet up with you guys after.

- I'll get dressed.

- Okay.

I think that hanging out with friends
can get our life back on track, don't you?

- I'll take care of it.
Go get your bag.

- Okay.

It's a chance for you to kick back,
especially if we're serious about London
Oh dear!
Are you okay?
It's just a little

- Oh, I'm running late.

- You should go.

- See you later.

- Mm.

Go, go, go!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Hi!
- Hello.

- Hi! How's it going?
- Pretty good.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather,
so I won't make it today.

You're going to do just fine without me.

It's all good.

Everything will be just fine.

Uh, uh
Where's Friedrich?
I'm here.

There you are! Hi, Friedrich!
I asked Tom to fill in for me today.

He's going to do a great job.

It will be good for him
Max! I can see Max.

- Max! Tell him to come back.
Max! Good.

- Hey.

Are we all set to do the presentation
on one of those fancy, big screens?
- A projector.
You got it.

- A projector.
Great, like a pro.

You are my team and I am your captain,
but there is no I in team, so, go, go, go!
Let's do this.

Bye, bye.
I'm hanging up now.

Good luck!
"Go, go, go, go"
- He's so excited and yet he calls in sick.

- There are better ways of doing this.

I can't believe Sofie
walked out on us like that.

- She seemed so steady and reliable.

- I guess we didn't know her that well.

Some people do that to you.

It's okay.


I remember this one time
when I was a kid and
we came to visit you at the hospital.

I wanted to go down to the cafeteria.

They had these yummy chocolate biscuits.

And you said we couldn't.

It was really difficult
for me to understand why,
until I realized that
you weren't allowed to leave the ward.

You weren't allowed out.
You weren't
You were locked up in there.

That's when I decided
I was never going to end up like you.

Ever since, my whole life
has revolved around nothing else.

Every step, every thought,
everything revolved around
I know.
I understand.

You immersed yourself in thought
and fantasy instead of being with me.

The political progress of the world
was more important than being with me.

What the hell is that?
I'm so sorry I didn't do better.

I can assure you
I tried so hard to deal with everything.

And I guess I wanted to rebel.

I failed at that, too.

Then I got stuck somewhere in-between.

I will never be like you.

No, I certainly hope not.

It would make me so upset
if you ended up like me
or anyone else, for that matter.

The only one you should be is yourself.

You have so much going for you
that's distinctly unique.

You're a forest now.

Didn't you write that in your novel?
"I'm a forest now.
Do you remember when you let me read it?
It was absolutely amazing!
"I'm a forest now.
"A forest of rebellion.
It was so beautiful.

That thing What do you make of that?
I don't know.
I don't get it.

- Are you feeling better?
- I am.

The book I mentioned
You have to read it.

- It's just so
- I know.
You told me.

What about this illustration?
And that one?
You need to stand up straight.

Be more confident.

It's not easy to be confident
when you don't know what you're saying.

Look at this guy.

Per Holknekt.
The number one
motivational speaker in Sweden.

He's got posture and bona fide confidence!
Okay, mini Ronny,
how do you explain this line graph?
- Max?
- Yes?
Can we make this chart more accessible?
- What do you mean?
- Well, it might be hard to comprehend.

So maybe we can simplify it somehow.

I can enlarge it, if that helps.

Yes, please!
Caroline, please put together a short
and concise summary of these charts.

On a sheet of paper, sort of,
that we can place on each chair,
so that everyone gets a copy,
to avoid any misconception.

- Okay, but I don't know if I can
- Fantastic!
I'll update Ronny in the meantime.

He wants to know if it's going to plan.

You've lost so much weight!
- Which diet are you on exactly?
- God, no! I've just been so busy.

- Really?
- Lately, yes.

You know, I've been struggling as well.

- You have?
- Oh yes, absolutely.

It's so weird because I had everything.

- Yeah
- I didn't want for a single thing.

But my entire body was telling me,
like, this can't go on.

It's so hard to come to terms
with the fact that you're sick.

- Yeah.

- But I got so much help.

sleeping pills, sedatives
And I found this great CBT therapist.

I've learned to stop thinking
and feeling so much all the time.

Whenever I get a thought or feeling
I don't like, I have the perfect method.

I press my inner stop button,
and it's gone.

Now I hardly feel anything.

It's such a relief!
- Would you like her number?
- No, I
You know what? I'll send it to you.

There you go.

They're here!
Oh, thanks.

- Hi.
Michelle Krauss.

- Tom.

- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.

Hi! Tom.

This should be interesting.

We're looking forward
to your presentation.

We're excited to share
our plans for the future.

- Where's Ronny?
- He's at home.

- I see.

- He's feeling under the weather.

And your future strategist, Sofie?
She's in London.

- London?
- Yes.

But Ronny asked me to tell you
that, for a working-class kid like him,
it's amazing to take part
in such a dynamic development.

Please, have a seat.

There are so many non-stop flights
out of London.

You can go anywhere without a layover.

That's right.
Non-stop flights
to Ibiza every five minutes.

- We're thinking of buying a house there.

- Oh really?
Yeah, well, we've talked it over.

My God, it would be so wonderful.

You guys should, too.

- Absolutely.

- Yes.

Buy a house in Ibiza?
I could easily imagine retiring in Ibiza.

So damn nice.

The four of us, watching the sunset,
until the day we die.

I mean, Sofie's been working
her tail off recently.

You've really had your hands full
with that goddamn publishing house.

Excuse me, but it pisses me off.

Fucking amateurs!
- Totally clueless as far as finances go.

- That's so exhausting.

Completely irrational,
feeling this and feeling that.

Holy shit, that sucks.

Sorry for getting worked up, but
they've screwed you up the ass.

And on top of that, there's Sofie's dad,
who really did a number on this family.

Isabell gets swayed by his foolish rants
and Sofie gets pulled into his madness.

I get it.

But now we're moving to London
to get a fresh start.

I found a therapist
who's supposedly top notch.

You really need a change of scenery.

- No.

- It's going to be great.

I'm going to work hard
so that you can stay home
and focus on yourself and the kids.


No, I don't want to.

I can't.

- Excuse me?
- I don't want to.
No way.

I understand if you're confused right now.

We'll sort this out.

We just need to get your medication right
and you'll be back to normal.


Sofie, goddamn it.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?
Hey, where are you going?
This is a summary
of the format development.

This is where we are today
and this is where we aim to be next year.

It's obvious
that we are lacking in efficiency, truly.

We will utilize
big data, flows, processes,
and not to mention, stories.

Exactly how will you implement this?
By focusing on diversity,
identity politics,
and women.

Women are

Lots, really,
when you take a closer look.

Hi, Tom.
It's Ronny.

What's the latest? What are they saying?
as well, of course, is important.

How will you capitalize on that?
Hold your phone up so I can see.

We need to focus and tap
into the mainstream market,
and this will be achieved
by focusing on real quality.



Sorry I'm late.

You can step down and let me handle it.

No worries.

I can see that you've covered
just about everything.

That's really, really, really good.

Actually, there's only one thing
that I would like to add,
which is that everything you see here
can, in fact, be disregarded.

Stand tall.

The commitment you have is one of a kind
and cannot be quantified in this manner.

That's enough.

What is this?
What are you trying to do?
- It's an action plan.

- You're out of your damn minds.

- I can't take it.

- Yes, well
- I can't take it anymore!
- I'll get rid of her.

Do you know how much I work?
Does anyone have a clue how much I work?
- I work all night.

- Stop her!
- Stop her!
- I travel all over the world.

I make calculations and evaluations,
I have SPD, I
And what the hell do I get in return?
You spit in my fucking face!
Will the acquisition be revoked?
What the hell do you think?
You bet your ass it will be revoked.

I will never set foot in this disgusting,
obnoxious book business again!
Fuck it.

Fuck it.


- Fucking
- Bye.

Hello? Can anyone hear me?
What's happening? Hello?
I think I have a bad connection.

I'll hang up and we'll talk later.


What a mess.

But I think it's all for the best.

We're back to being
just a publishing house again.

- Denise!
- Yes?
Come here.

Did you see this?
What's this?
- Huh?
- This is brilliant!
Such a captivating writing style.

- Is it a whole book?
- Here you go.

- Have you read it, Caroline?
- Yes.

So what happens now?
Well, I don't know.

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