Love & Anarchy (2020) s02e06 Episode Script


Nice! And move your face to the left.

Just like that.
And look at the book.

It's very easy to be hated
when you're a woman who has power,
but my life is just like everybody else's.

I try to find a work-life balance,
combine my role as a woman,
a businesswoman, a mom,
and now also as an executive.

I think a lot of Perfect Guide's readers
can relate to that.

- Hmm.

- So how do you manage?
Do you consider yourself a feminist?
Absolutely, of course.

Can you be anything else in this world?
Good morning.

Your alarm went off a while ago.

It was really annoying.


Who's that?
I don't know.

- Can I come in?
- Yes.

I'm sorry about the cruise.

I should've been there for you.

It's unforgivable.

These things happen.

It went fine anyway.

Are you sure?
Denise can be a bit
a bit difficult.

It went great.

- So you forgive me?
- There's nothing to forgive.

Have you had a visitor?
Maybe we can talk later?
Of course.

I understand.

I'm sorry.

Denise will be here any minute.

- Some coffee?
- No, thanks.

Do you want coffee?

Serve these.

I'm supposed to help Ronny.

We've lost half our authors.

If we don't charm our way to a contract
with some of them,
neither you or Ronny will have a job.


Can I offer you some cookies?
- Really tasty, they're chocolate.

- No, thanks.

- Aren't you Max the Grower?
- Yes.

Man, I love your pictures.

You're so relaxing.

Thank you.

It's just incredible.

You look just like in the pictures.

Are you publishing a book here?
- I'm just the IT technician.

- Yes, he certainly is.

That's how we work here.

We find what's unique and we nurture it.

We're so proud of Max.

Max, can I ask you something?
My mom's roses
The leaves, like, curl up.

- Why do you think that happens?
- It could be several
- Denise! Hi!
- Hi!
- Where have you been?
- I just had a meeting that ran late.

Sorry I'm late.

If you follow me,
we'll now give a presentation
on our new projects.

Bring your coffee and everything.

Come, come.

Great, I'm so glad you're here!
I'll DM you on Insta.

"He looked at me.
"And it was there, right then,
that I knew that
that nothing would ever be the same.
Yeah So that was it.
Fantastic! Great!
Maybe a bit more
I don't know, but try again.

"He looked at me.
"And it was there, right then,
that I knew that nothing would ever be"
Not that I get the point
of this audio book nonsense,
but if you narrate a text,
it shouldn't sound like a grocery list!
Do you even know what the words mean?
- Yes, I wrote it.

- Dear God!
Friedrich, I don't think
Clearly, something very important
has happened.

That has to be conveyed.

"He looked at me.
"And it was then, right there,
that I knew that nothing would ever
be the same.
"He looked at me.
"And it was there, right then,
that I knew that nothing
would ever be the same.
How hard can it be?
"Some things
don't become real until they are told.
"And that's how"
"Some things
don't become real until they are told.
"And that's how it was with him.
and I've got plenty of new ideas.

That's great! I'm so excited!
Hi, excuse me.

Is Max the Grower still here?
He's busy, so
Can you just remind him to check his DM's?
It's about the rose.

If I see him.

Yes, thank you.

What is "the rose"?
Well, Max will get it.

You know,
I'll be sleeping at his place.

I can bring it up then.

Yeah, great.

Because we're together, so
Super, so you'll remind him.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- I will.

- Bye.

These are just test photos
from Max's Insta account
to give you a feel for what direction
we want to go with the cover shoot.

At first, I was going to suggest something
like this, but this morning after
You came in closer to noon.

- Ten o'clock is still morning.

- Yes, definitely.

- Okay.

- For half of the meeting they wanted
They just wanted to talk about you, Max.

So now I suggest we take this route.

Imagine The Naked Chef,
but The Naked Gardner instead.

And Max values simplicity.

Pure, naked plants.

Isn't it a bit passé to allude to sex?
Twenty years ago, sure.
But now?
I think it would sell just as well.


Maybe Max isn't okay with it.

No, I'm cool with it.
It's fine.

That's settled.

but the people who were here
have posted about Max's book.

- Aftonbladet wants a comment.

- I'll come help you.
Thank you, Caroline.

- I'll be right back, but keep discussing.

- Okay.


Lots of nice pictures.

How are you?
Yeah, good.

Which one would you choose?
Denise can choose, she's better at it.

I like that one.

Yes, it's really nice.
But it won't sell.

Your hands aren't that nice.

Yeah, true.

It was nice to hear
that you're proud of me.

I'm proud of you, too.

I'm I'm worried about you.

It's Perfect Guide.


- Hi, it's Emelie.

- Hi!
It's going to be a strong and honest piece
about you and the publishing house.

Great to hear.

I'd just like to ask a few more questions
about your childhood.

- I understand your dad just passed away.

- No!
Oh, I'm sorry.
There must be some mistake here.

So he's alive?
No, he
No, he
It's still fresh.
It wasn't long ago.

I understand.

But it would be interesting to hear more
about this strength you have.

Is that from your childhood?
How was your relationship with your dad?
I think I see him.

It's not unusual
to see those who have died.

It's a natural part
of the grieving process.


How long does that last?
I think we should start
with you writing down
in which situations he appears.

I want you to make a note
of when you see or hear him.

And when we meet next week
Next week?
There must be a quicker way,
some trick to make him disappear.
Have you given any thought
to why you might be seeing him?
What do you mean?
Do you think there's
a reason as to why he appears?
Is there?

I don't have time for questions.

I need a practical solution to this.

If you're looking for a quick fix,
maybe you're in need of an exorcism.

Or Yeah.

That was an attempt at a joke.

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

- I have a question.

- Okay.

Are you allowed to kill yourself?
Well, allowed How do you mean?
It's a sin, isn't it?
To take your own life?
We no longer talk about sin.

What God can provide is security.

- Yes.

- Okay.


You don't do exorcisms here, do you?

Maybe you should see a psychologist.

Sofie! I need to talk to you.

Yeah, not now.

So, 42% of the population
suffer from insomnia.

Forty two percent!
Sleep problems have doubled
in the last 20 years.

It's a market that's expanding every year!
So I'm thinking, let's make sleep content!
Let's make audio books
that are great to fall asleep to.

If they fall asleep while they're
listening, they can't turn it off.

The money would just keep rolling in.

Yeah, that sounds great.

Awesome! This is going to be fantastic.

"Lund & Lagerstedt - we make you sleep!"
But there's one problem
No, okay.

Sorry to bother you.

But when you were reading
I got an idea.


- You don't know what I'm going to suggest.

- The answer is no.

I don't have time for nonsense.

I have to focus on my label.

Ah! But that only exists
as long as Lund & Lagerstedt exists.

- And Sofie's authorized me to
- What do you want?
I want you to narrate a few books.

Your passion in there was amazing!

- Okay, what?
- My own literary salon to host talks.

If Lund & Lagerstedt agree to fund it,
then maybe I can narrate a few books.

Hi, Elin.
Sorry I haven't called you back.

- You know The Goop Lab?
- Yes, you always talk about that show.

The breathing guy,
who helps people have breakthroughs,
is married to a Swedish woman.

He's in Stockholm.

He's running a course.

I was supposed to go with Sanna,
but she got scared because it's hardcore.

Everyone who's done it
says you become a totally new person
Okay, well, I'm in.

Are you serious?
Yes, absolutely.
Why not?
"He came
like a whirlwind one April evening,
wearing a Höganäs pot
in a belt around his neck.

Just one more time.

a bit

Take it again.

"He came like a whirl"
And if you could lean a bit closer
to the microphone as well.

That'd be good.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes, perfectly.

But I still think
a bit closer would be good, and
And if you puff a little,
into the microphone.

No, you're right.

You're right.

Maybe you could whisper.

- Whisper?
- Mm.

- Strindberg?
- Yes.

I know how to read Strindberg,
and it isn't whispering.

- Is it okay if I go?
- Yes, you can go.

"He came like a whirlwind
April evening
wearing a Höganäs pot
in a belt
around his neck.
Good evening ♪
Good night ♪
With roses covered ♪
With cloves adorned ♪
and you
and you.

You, too!
You have all been made to think
that you are so much smaller
than you really are.

And sadness
is nothing but a toxic slag product.

And the answer to it is a physical detox.

Let your bodies work.

Expose yourself to a little pain, ladies.

And then you can be born again
as a new and stronger human being!
By controlling your breathing,
we're going to break down your defenses,
so that you can finally get in touch
with your true inner strength!
Are you ready for that, ladies?
Let's reset your minds!
In! Out!
In! Out!
One, two, three, in! One, two, three, out!
Brilliant, ladies.

That's 5 minutes, 55 to go!
Out! In!
If you faint, don't worry.

Just get up again.

is not for the faint-hearted!
You just have to continue.
In! Out!
Wow! Amazing, ladies!
Fantastic! So powerful!
Thank you so much for today!
- Would anyone like to share?
- Yes, I just have to say thank you.

- It felt as if I slipped out of my body.

- Right.

And that everything became like
What's it called? Bright!
An out-of-body experience!
You're well on your way, sweetheart.

- Great.

- Thank you.

And you?
I felt the same way as her.

It's a process.
Maybe next time, honey.

And you?
Are you okay?
I'm such a failure.

- What
- I can't do anything.

It's completely meaningless.

What's wrong with me?
I'm about to lose my job as a copywriter
because I don't have any ideas, none.

A copywriter needs ideas.

Katrin Zytomierska
was completely reborn here.

But for me, nothing happens.
I've been to God knows
how many psychologists,
but it's an endless loop.

Everything feels so empty and meaningless,
and no one has any answers.

I've tried everything.

I even went to a priest last week.

I have to go.

- It's Sofie.

- Hi.
It's Emelie.

We got cut off earlier,
and the piece is going to print.

- We were talking about your dad.

- Right.

There's There's not much more to say.

I know you said it's still fresh.

That's exactly why.

Having a wound is so hot right now.

Just think about Sommarpratarna.

- It would boost you and the company.

- I understand that, but it's not a wound.

And I actually don't feel the need
to keep poking it.

- But
- Quite right.

Never sell your pain.

- Hello?
- Can't you just stop?
I'll stop when you start.

Start what?

Look who's talking.

- I just want to
- No!




- No, I didn't.

- Why did you hide this morning?
I wasn't hiding.

Would you be ashamed to be seen with me?
We don't really stand for the same things,
so to speak.


So you're scared
of being seen as a hypocrite?
- Thank you.

- Do you feel like hypocrite?
I'm an analyst.

I do analyses on power, gender, sales
I know what's right and wrong.

I know what you should think,
what you shouldn't think.

It's almost like
I've become so good at it that I

You must think this is so boring.

I don't.

Go on.

It's almost like
I've become so good at it,
that I can't tell the difference
between what I actually think and feel,
and what I've decided to think and feel.

What can you say about yourself
that's true?
I don't know.

Maybe that I actually
have no clue about anything at all.

You asked me to come over?
What's happened?
I can't tell you.

I can't think anymore.

It's just
coursing through me
in all directions at once.

It's like I've fallen from reality.

Like I can't make sense of anything.

It sounds like you need to rest.

- To find some sort of tranquility.

- But I don't know where to go.

It just keeps pushing.

It's never quiet.
It won't leave me alone.

I'd like to see your allotment sometime.

Cut it out.
You don't want that.

- No.

- No.

Come on,
this is not good literature.

It's some late-stage capitalist shit, man.

Subtitle translation by:
Josephine Roos Henriksson
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