Love Child (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 3

1 MATRON: I'd caution against giving Dr Miller the impression that a return to work as a single mother is in the realm of possibility.
Surely it wouldn't be a problem, Matron? Elena! Oh, Joan! Thank god.
Uh, I found her in the Cross last night.
- There was a man chasing her.
- Um, I'll take care of her.
Her name's Elena, but she doesn't speak much English.
Why do we have to have check-ups? Because they're perverts.
You'll need to remove everything below the waist, please.
Uh I don't want to.
Do you have anyone that you can talk to, if you need? The baby's father.
- What's his name? - God.
- Take good care of her.
- We always do.
- Here you are, Mrs Ranovic.
- Thank you.
Oh, yours looks as new as mine, doesn't she, Amy? She's beautiful.
Yours too.
What's her name? I'm waiting for her to tell me who she really is.
If I could be you and you could be me For just one hour Oh, yeah If we could find a way To get inside each other's minds Nappies, talcum powder.
Wipe flannel, dry flannel, Vaseline, spare towelettes, spare booties, spare gown.
More spare cloths for spills.
Right, that's it.
That you've been blind Oh, yeah Baby.
Walk a mile in my shoes Walk a mile in my shoes Hey, before you abuse Sorry.
It just takes so long to get out the door.
Have you seen this, about Jackie O sunbathing in the nuddy? I barely know what day it is.
I haven't seen anything.
Sunday, and we're going to church.
SIMON: Indicate left.
- Your other left.
- MARTHA: Don't confuse me! Yeah, yeah (GEARS GRIND) Well, that took five years off my life.
There's nothing wrong with my driving.
You're just antsy about the interview.
Just checking for damage.
Morning, ladies.
Ready for the big day? Morning.
Just so you know, Simon's a bit tense.
His interview's tomorrow.
- Is he going for a new job? - Resident doctor.
2IC to Andrew.
It's a tenured position.
There are only two on the shortlist.
I know it's gonna be him.
Why didn't I hear about this? They come around as often as leap years.
Well, it's not like you can do it.
- MAN: All set, Dr Millar? - Yes, Father.
- And this is your husband? - Uh no.
He can't be here.
This is Vivian, the baby's godmother.
- She's Catholic.
- Hello, Father.
We do require that the father be here, since you yourself are not a member of the faith.
I'll do everything that's required.
You guaranteed the baby's father would be here.
He's still away.
I'm sorry.
Did she just lie to a priest? Not exactly.
He's away.
Then perhaps we should wait till he gets back.
(WHISPERING) Are are you saying you won't baptise my daughter? (WHISPERING) Fine.
I'll name her myself.
Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey-ey Ooooh Ahh You think that I don't feel love What I feel for you is real love In others' eyes I see reflected A hurt, scorned, rejected Love child Different from the rest.
- Can't get rid of you.
- I'm here about the job.
- Hmm? - The permanent position.
I want to be considered for it.
Well, look, I'm sorry, but you're a bit late.
There's already a shortlist.
And I'd be on it if I'd known about it.
You really think you can do it a full-time job and a newborn baby? If I get it, I'll hire a nanny.
Can you interview now? - Give me two seconds.
- Okay.
Somebody's popular.
- Oooh, gimme, gimme! - Not today.
Oh, Elena! I saw your name on the card, so I thought I'd sneak it in before Matron confiscated it.
Thank you.
Who's it from? Paolo, the man I have been sent to marry.
The one you've been sold to, you mean.
What? She has, like a donkey.
What does it say? "Cara Elena, spero che ti senti meglio" In English, please.
He hopes I soon feel better and he longs for the day we meet.
Oh, that's beautiful.
Oh, it's from his parents' store.
He didn't even buy anything.
Look, there's nougat and there's little biscuity things! - Ooh, amaretti.
- Mmm.
I don't really like wog sweets.
Amavetti? Amabetti? Is the other guy still in there? No.
Joan's in there, thanks, Martha.
Joan's going for your job? Why'd you tell her? It was nearly in the bag.
It was only between me and the other bloke.
You can still beat Joan, can't you? The salary, security, it's everything we need for our future.
I know.
Think of the babies we're gonna have.
One step at a time, eh? This was the first step.
It still can be.
You just get in there and win.
- Dr Patterson? - Yes? Have you made your choice yet? Uh, after ward rounds.
How difficult can it be? There's only two to choose from.
Mmm, three now.
Joan's in the mix.
Well, that's absurd.
She's a new mother.
Well, she thinks she can do it.
Maybe she can.
How many babies have you had, Dr Patterson? Please call me Andrew.
Well, it may seem progressive to you, Andrew, but I don't see it working in this environment.
This is a hospital, not a village.
And a very well run hospital it is, largely thanks to you, I'm sure.
Oh, I'm just one small cog.
You're an amazing woman, Frances, but I'm sure you hear that all the time.
Not as often as you might think.
By the way, have you, um have you done something with your hair? - No.
- Still.
Don't be silly.
- Are you busy this afternoon? - Oh! (COUGHS) Ever heard of knocking? Why have you got Joan's baby? I'm just minding her for a bit.
While she steals my husband's job? He is so mad at me.
So, stay out of his way for a bit.
Why don't you chuck a sickie and come to the beach with me? I've got a split shift.
I'm going after lunch.
I haven't got any togs.
You won't need them, not if we go to the right spot.
The nudie beach? Are you crazy?! Oh, you've gotta try it at least once.
I am not flashing it around where any old perv can see! Matron said these need to go to the linen supply room.
Oh, yes, Viv can show you.
She's just about to leave.
Aren't you, Viv? - You could get a nice all-over tan.
- I've already got one.
Oh, please! I am a respectable married woman.
Why are you even asking me? Because you've got a car.
My husband has a car, and he's very precious about it! So, lend me the keys.
He won't know.
No! Get out of here.
Sorry, Debbie.
She's no fun.
I wonder what he's like, Mr Not-So-Big Spender.
My family says he's a good man.
Yeah, sure, but I mean don't you want to find out for yourself? You're the one who's gotta marry the guy.
- At least she knows he's thoughtful.
- Who cares? Is he spunky? - Looks aren't important.
- They are to normal people.
- Aren't you curious? - Little bit.
Let's go check him out.
We've got his address.
Oh, we're not allowed out.
You know that.
This is the biggest decision of her life.
She has to at least see the guy.
- Far to go? - It's not too far.
- Too far to walk.
- Who said anything about walking? Just give me five minutes.
Dearest Alan.
I long for your touch, for the sound of your voice.
Just to know that you're thinking of me.
I think about you every day.
If I don't hear from you, I don't know what I'll do.
I could do anything.
I could do anything.
Call me soon.
I love you.
(TYPES) - Last chance.
- I already said no.
You're no fun.
And you're a thief! You stole those car keys.
I borrowed them.
Come on, we'll go without her.
Bye, church mouse.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - There we are.
Warming her up.
Okay, um (GEARS GRIND) - Is it meant to do this? - I know what I'm doing! It's fine.
Oh, hey, we're on break.
Can I have a bite of that? Duck! How's it going? Oh look, yeah, you know, Andrew thinks I'm indecisive, but I don't think I am, but I just consider all my options.
- Is is that wrong? - No, of course not.
Just do it confidently and keep it simple.
- Do I make things complicated? - Sometimes.
It can be confusing.
- Right, so, keep it clear? - And decisive.
- All right.
- You'll be fine.
Okay, all clear.
- That was close! - Shift over.
What are you doing here? Stopping you both from killing yourselves.
Oh, god! (ENGINE STARTS) - You never said you could drive.
- You never asked.
Paolo, here we come! - Lance.
You're going for this? - Yeah.
Your unlucky day.
- You two know each other? - From med school, yeah.
Heard you got married.
Hope it hasn't slowed you down.
Not that I've noticed.
Meet the competition.
Simon, you know, of course, and this is Lance Richards.
- Joan Millar.
- It's a pleasure, Joanie.
Joan's fine.
- Right.
Let's do this.
- May the best man win.
Okay, I know that you're all competent doctors, so what I'm looking at is your approach.
- Your personal style.
- Oops! How you handle things.
Mrs Green: multiple births, previous caesar.
Now 34 weeks.
How shall we manage her from here? (BABY CRIES) Preparing for a caesarean.
That's the safest course.
Simon? Um oh, I'd ask a few questions, find out why the first delivery was a caesarean, and if it was cephalopelvic disproportion, for example, that's a factor that's not gonna change.
But if it was another reason like foetal distress, that might not apply in another labour.
- Joan? - I'm sorry? Second caesar, yes or no? I'd consult the woman first, possibly do a trial of scar.
- Depending on what? - Various factors.
Such as? I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
A lactating obstetrician.
That's gonna be awkward.
Every time a baby cries, she'll spring a leak.
It was like a tap.
I couldn't turn it off.
Of course you can't.
It's a reflex.
Simon's creepy friend was staring at me.
Don't get worked up.
Just sit down, get yourself calm.
Here, take this.
Mmm, and what he said was even worse.
Forget him.
Just feed your baby.
You're right.
I was just shocked.
Really? Nurses get that sort of stuff from doctors all the time, and worse.
- Comments like that? - Mm-hm, and wandering hands.
But fortunately, we have our tricks.
A little jab just by mistake, or my personal favourite the pre-op bowel cleanser.
Two of those and he won't be laughing.
I couldn't do that.
Now, I nicked you a shirt from lost property.
Fresh coat, nursing pads.
- You're a lifesaver.
- I know.
ELENA: Are we lost? RITA: I don't know.
I need a map.
- Hurry! - All right, I'm looking.
We've gotta get the car back before Martha finishes work.
How the hell do you make this thing work? Here, give it to me.
Glad you could join us.
Right, this looks pretty straightforward.
Hello, Wanda.
Any questions? - I have one.
- Clive.
I'd really like to be there for the birth.
Is that okay? That's fine by me.
LANCE: Are you sure? You know what they say, it's like watching your favourite pub burn down.
Not very helpful.
(LAUGHS) Hey, just a joke.
Martha! Could you do me a really big favour? Nope.
Not having the baby.
But I can't take the baby to the beach.
You shouldn't be going.
Oh, come on.
Be a friend.
I'm not helping Joan take Simon's job.
Oh, think about all the times that she's helped us.
I don't want to.
But you will.
Keep your undies on and don't get arrested.
(KISSES) Thank you.
Don't smile at me.
I'm not happy.
Martha, whose baby is this? Whose do you think? I might have known.
This is unacceptable.
Tell me about it! How am I supposed to get any work done? JOAN: Is there anything bothering you at all? No.
About the birth? Oh it's silly, really.
Not if it's bothering you.
I don't want Clive to see me like that.
Without my face on.
I've got freckles.
I hate them.
What if my make-up runs off and he sees what I really look like? Do you think he'd really mind? He thinks I'm beautiful.
And I want to keep it that way.
I was just checking on something with a patient.
What, something I missed? Er it's not medical.
Then is it important? She doesn't want her husband at the birth.
She's scared she'll look ugly.
What if I talk to him, man to man? Think you're up to it? I've got a wife.
You've got to take feelings into account.
Come on.
You just got stiffed.
Simon's a friend.
He wouldn't do that.
Don't kid yourself.
He's a man.
We play to win, sweetheart.
Don't call me "sweetheart".
It's a compliment.
I like what I see.
You're smart and sexy.
Maybe after all this is over, you and I could get a drink together.
Joan? That's Yes.
I'm sorry, I've I don't Oh, Greta, Greta.
We had our babies together.
I'll leave you to your girl talk.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do.
It's Amy.
They've said it's just colic, but she hasn't slept in three nights.
Here, let me.
Oh, she does she seems a bit unsettled, doesn't she? Hey.
- How did you do that? - Mrs Ranovic? - What's going on? - I'm helping this patient.
You're not on staff yet, thank you.
Why don't you let me deal with this and you get back to Dr Patterson? Good luck.
(MATCH STRIKES) SIMON: Having a nervous one? Uh, water's broken, so it'll be all go soon.
Not necessarily.
Can take a while.
I want to make a good job of it.
It's not called labour for nothing, you know.
It's hard work.
- I guess you've seen a few.
- I have.
I have.
It's not glamorous.
Women sweat, make noises.
I'm not worried.
I think she's beautiful, no matter what.
She plasters all that gunk on her face, but she doesn't need it.
Like, when she's in the shower and no make-up, hair all wet, that's that's when she's most beautiful.
Got these cute little freckles she tries to hide.
She's gorgeous to me.
Make sure you tell her.
DEBBIE: Stop, stop, stop.
This is it.
Oh, this is a really bad idea.
Let's go, please.
He can't see me.
How would he see you? And even if he does, would he know it's you? - He has my photo.
- No one looks like their photo.
He thinks I am a good girl, but I'm not.
I'll say.
You shagged a sailor.
Paolo doesn't know that.
He thinks she's got TB.
A shagger and a liar.
It just gets worse.
Please! I changed my mind.
I want to go.
No bloody way.
Not till we've seen him.
It's a warm day, the sun is shining Someone says "Let's go to Brighton" So, we all get up on our friend's car (VOICES CLAMOUR) - You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.
Absolutely disgusting! Shame on you, young lady.
- It's a free country.
- What would your mother say, hmm? Absolutely.
Go home.
PROTESTERS: Nude is rude! - Is it your first time? - Oh! (LAUGHS) - Is it obvious? - Don't worry, it's mine too.
You can pop down here, if you like.
Oh, I like your sunnies.
I'm copying Jackie.
Can you tell? - I love her style.
- Oh, she's so cool! She doesn't care what anyone thinks.
Would you want that life, though? Poor girl can't do anything without being photographed.
- I'm Kate, by the way.
- Viv.
How do you get your clothes off? Quick.
Just whip 'em off and lie down fast.
Is that what you did? I haven't moved since I got here.
My friend wouldn't come.
She thinks it's disgusting.
Why are people so scared? I know.
They're just bodies, right? - Don't look.
- Okay.
Three, two, one.
Arggh! (BOTH LAUGH) - See? That wasn't hard.
- Piece of cake.
I am sorry it was so rushed, little one.
It's ridiculous, what you're doing.
It's unworkable and selfish.
I don't expect you to approve.
That child should be at home and you should be there with her, not using my staff as babysitters.
Don't worry, it won't happen again.
You can be sure of that.
That water's looking pretty good.
Are we brave enough yet? Well, if Jackie can do it Let's, "Three, two, one," and go for it.
BOTH: Three, two, one.
Go for it! DEBBIE: That must be him.
Look how old he is! No! I cannot marry him.
Don't worry.
I'll rescue you.
When Al and I run away to Paris, you can come with us and be our maid.
If I no marry him, my family will kill me.
What's worse, death by family, or being crushed by that? RITA: It might not be him.
Oh, who else can it be, eh? - Why don't I ask him? - No.
No! Don't talk to him! Okay, don't freak out.
I'll just get him chatting, you know? Turn on all the old charm.
You wanna know, don't you? (TURNS ON CAR RADIO) ('HI HONEY HO' BY DADDY COOL PLAYS) I'm real gone so long Love the way we carry on And on and on This feels so good! Well, I'll do what I have to do I'll give her a hand.
I gotta get that girl Well, I've just gotta see it through Ho, ho, honey, hi Ho, ho, honey, ho Shake it, break it, oh, for goodness' sake I just lose control I'm real gone so long Love the way we carry on And on and on Mama's coming back? No? Ho, ho, honey, hi Ho, ho, honey, ho Shake it, break it, oh, for goodness's sake I just lose control I'm real gone so long Love the way we carry on And on and on And on and on and on DEBBIE: What are those? Mangoes.
You no see before? No, of course I have.
Is it ripe? You feel.
Perfect! Yeah.
(SNIFFS) It is.
Shame I forgot my wallet.
No worries.
I give to you.
A gift from Paolo.
- Paolo.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Paolo.
Have a good day.
- It's him.
- Oh, no! I cannot bear this.
You know, at least he's kind.
He gave me a free mango.
Oh, this does not help me! Papa said to give this to you for your friend.
Oh! Thank you.
You have another friend.
Hello there.
Lucky I have another mango.
Um is that guy your dad? Si.
He is Paolo, I am Paolo.
- Oooh! - Ciao.
Well, say thanks to your dad for us.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
- I knew God would save you.
- Happy now? Just drive! Drive! (HORN HONKS) - What are we doing here? - Delivering a letter.
Why couldn't you just post it? - Is it for Alan? - Too many questions.
It must be for him.
She loves him.
But does he love her? Okay.
Let's go.
- Arggh! Oh! - What is it? - Oh, it's like a knife! - Can can you drive? - Mmm! Arggh! - Okay, move over.
I'll do it.
- It's okay.
- Arggh! It's okay.
Arggh! Oh, I didn't see it! - That was perfect.
- Mmm.
- Have a nice time, then? - Oh, apart from these busybodies.
Can't they live and let live? Oh, my word! Well - Watch yourselves! - A little self-respect, ladies.
My stop's this way.
I'm this way.
It was really nice meeting you, Viv.
It was nice to meet you too, Kate.
Hey, when you're ready to travel, give me a call.
I'm a travel agent.
I will.
Okay, grab yourselves a coffee and we'll have a quick debrief.
I can do that.
It's fine.
We can do it ourselves.
- If she wants to, let her.
- How do you have it? Two sugars, lots of milk.
- Mine's black.
- Coming up.
- What's with the housewife act? - I'm just taking care of Lance.
He was a prick in med school and he's still a prick now.
- I thought you two were friends.
- God, no! I can't stand him.
That makes two of us.
(RITA WAILS) What are you doing? - You have to help us! - Rita's baby! Oh! Come on, Rita.
Here, lean on me.
No! Will I lose it? Not if I can help it.
- I'm sorry about your friend's car.
- Not now, Debbie.
- I didn't see the pole! - Show me where the pain is.
- Is it like a cramp? - (WHIMPERS) - No, no, no! We can't go this way.
- It's too late now.
- No, she'll kill us! - I'll do the talking.
What's going on? The girls were outside on a break and Rita started severe cramping.
- It came on suddenly.
- We didn't do anything.
You'll keep.
In you go.
(WHIMPERS) It's all right.
Nearly there.
(GASPS AND WHIMPERS) Oh, what are they gonna do? Just check and make sure the baby's all right.
PATTERSON: Okay, 30 weeks.
Possible prem labour.
What's your plan? LANCE: Have a look with the speculum.
- Check her cervix is long and closed.
- Correct.
- I I don't think - I can do that.
- Legs in the stirrups, please.
- Get away from me.
- Step back, Lance.
- Don't touch me! Don't touch me! She's hysterical.
Get out! Joan, you take over here.
- Just let me do my job.
- You don't have a job! Out! It's all right.
He's gone, he's gone.
Stay with me, Rita.
Deep breaths.
Breathe into your stomach.
Breathe in.
You're safe.
You're safe.
He's not coming back.
You have assaulted a patient.
That is not how we do things here.
She was hysterical! You saw her.
No, she was distressed and she was scared.
It calmed her down.
What's the problem? You really don't know? I could have gone ahead.
You wouldn't have heard a peep out of her.
You know, thank you for your interest, Lance, but the position's been filled.
Thank you.
- What, just like that? - Oh, no, you're not the man for the job.
I know who's got it.
No, you know nothing.
If I could have those tits in my face every day, I'd give her a job too.
You know where the door is.
Nurse Maguire, I've just had a very disturbing phone call.
What about? One of our hospital patrons telephoned to tell me she'd seen one of my nurses at a nude bathing spot.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You need to decide if you want to be a nurse or a stripper! Rita's back in Stanton House.
The cervix was closed, there was no bleeding.
I think it was round ligament pain.
Thank you for stepping in.
- Looks like a happy ending.
- Mmm.
What did you say to him? I just listened, more than anything.
It's an underrated skill.
I'll take baby away for some post-natal checks.
Make sure you bring the right one back.
We always do.
I'll speak with you later, Dr Patterson.
MATRON: (VOICE-OVER) I'll take baby away for some post-natal checks.
CLIVE: (VOICE-OVER) Make sure you bring the right one back.
We always do.
Are you lost? The door's that way! I'm looking for the men's room.
Sounds urgent.
Oh, I think the nearest one's that way.
(STOMACH GURGLES) Or is it that way? (LAUGHS) What a guy.
He's got a stellar career ahead of him.
- Well, possibly not in obstetrics.
- Gastroenterology? Mmm.
So, when will we know about the job? Give me 15 minutes.
- You did well with the dad.
- Yeah, you did a good job with Rita.
It's anyone's.
- Thanks for coming, Father.
- Not at all.
How can I help? A couple of things.
First is a Board matter.
Possible change to hospital policy.
Concerning? Fathers at deliveries.
Some of the doctors are in favour.
- And what's your feeling? - Well, I'm opposed.
All my experience tells me it would be distracting and disruptive.
Well, I have great respect for your professional opinion, Frances.
- And I hope I have your support.
- You always have that.
And the other matter? You seem troubled, Frances.
It's just the responsibility wears on me sometimes.
Of course it does.
Lives are in your hands.
They are.
Why aren't you sleeping, eh? Hey? Yeah.
Where the heck's Joan? Still working, I guess.
She can't do this.
It's been a whole day! While you're sitting down, I've got to tell you something.
It was a tough decision.
I was looking for the person who went the extra mile and put in the maximum effort.
And today that person was Simon Bowditch.
That can't be right.
Could you excuse us a moment, please, Simon? Yeah.
No one here has worked harder than me.
I've been running all day.
I have been hounded by Matron, cramming in feeds.
I've been groped.
I've been put down! And all Simon had to do was his job.
Are you finished? I can't believe what I said to Dr Patterson.
I completely lost it.
Oh, he'll understand.
It's been a tough day.
And there'll be other jobs.
To be honest, I'm relieved.
It's too soon.
I felt guilty all day.
- Thanks for helping.
- Oh, Martha did most of it.
Little angel.
MARTHA: I am so proud of you.
Yeah, but I didn't think I'd get it.
That's what makes you special.
You're humble.
Most doctors think they're God's gift.
JOAN: Simon.
I just wanted to say congratulations.
The best man won.
Didn't he just? - And I'm sorry about before.
- Ahh, it's forgotten.
Martha, would you do me a favour? Would you be Laura's godmother? I thought that was Viv.
- I think this little girl needs two.
- You got it.
What happened to your car? Oh, Martha! - It wasn't me.
- Oh, then, who was it? Someone else! It's all right.
It's all right.
We're gonna need a bigger car soon anyway.
How about a family wagon? What do you think? Keep going, keep going.
All right, stop.
Pick three.
Okay, these cards will determine your future.
Number one.
The Sailor.
That's Ed.
Will you ever see him again? Number two, the Grocer.
That's sexy Paolo.
Will he be as sweet as his mangoes? (LAUGHS) Debbie.
Number three, the Trapeze Artist.
This one's you, Elena.
Swinging through the air, no safety net.
Will someone catch you or will you fall? MARTHA: Why are you walking funny? Promise you won't laugh? I burned my bum at the beach.
(LAUGHS) Looks like a tomato.
I was too shy to turn over.
Was I right? Was it pervy? No.
It was fun.
Eugh! Did anyone look at your bits? No! I didn't look at theirs either.
Two godmothers reporting for duty.
So, how do we do it, this thing? Each flower is something you wish for her.
Anything we choose? The things that matter the most.
A free spirit.
A lot of nerve.
Don't be afraid to live your dreams.
And always keep your pants on at the beach.
Okay, I think we've got it covered.
May this wisdom guide you, Laura Elizabeth Millar, and may your days be full of sunshine.
(CAMERA CLICKS) - Come on.
- Thank you.