Love Child (2014) s04e07 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 7

1 You were supposed to be arriving back as a doctor, married.
(SIGHS) What on earth did you do, Joan? I didn't do anything.
Promise you won't go anywhere.
All right.
I'll get the money to pay back the debt.
(SHOUTING) MATRON: Congratulations.
You look like you've got just enough there to ruin Elena's life.
I'm gonna marry her.
If you set foot on the grounds of Stanton House again, I'll see you arrested.
- I ran someone over.
- Oh, my God.
Is he? I've gotta go and confess.
No, no, no, no, don't.
Don't do anything yet.
Now, it's not as much as I'd hoped for, but it's a start.
VIVIAN: She makes me laugh so much.
She's obviously a little bit in love with you.
(GROANS LOUDLY) - It's a boy.
- Is it all right? He's not? You're perfect, and you're safe, and you're gonna have a wonderful life.
One, two, three Good lovin' Good lovin' Good lovin' Good lovin' I was feelin' so bad I asked my family doctor just what I had - I said, Doctor - Doctor - Mr MD - Doctor Now, can you tell me what's ailing me? Doctor He said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ANDREW: What do you like to do at home to relax? Gin and tonic? I don't know.
I keep up on journal articles.
You take work home with you.
That's a great plan.
- I keep busy.
- Ah.
You need a hobby.
Tomorrow morning, 6:00am, the beach, be there.
I'm gonna teach you how to surf.
47 babies in one week is the record.
Though that was in 1951.
Dr Faber, this is our head of obstetrics.
Dr Patterson.
Forgive the intrusion unannounced.
I haven't even brought chocolates.
Lawrence Faber.
I just read you in The Lancet.
Early detection of endometriosis.
Oh, and Dr Millar, one of our residents.
Dr Faber has come all the way from London to show us the latest in ultrasound machines.
And how many hospitals are you visiting? Just King's Cross for now.
Let me show you the rest of the hospital.
Try to cheer up.
Do you know who that bloke is? Yeah, I do.
I used to be engaged to him.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ahhhhhh You think that I don't feel love What I feel for you is real love In other's eyes I see reflected a hurt, scorned, rejected Love child, different from the rest.
- How long were you together? - I don't want to talk about it.
I don't to pry.
Was he hopeless in the sack? Or was he hard to live with, giant ego, temper to match? I just want to forget he's here.
Ah, there you are.
I was thinking Dr Faber could join you on rounds.
Unless it's too much trouble.
Not at all.
We've just started.
I'll leave you to it, then.
So what happens at the nunnery now? Do you pray all day, every day? We don't pray all day.
There are six calls to prayer.
Only six.
The convent's not just about devotion.
Well, at least you've stopped waving guns around.
That's something.
I think your prayers brought Ed back to life.
Have you seen him today? We tried, but Matron's always watching.
Elena, just grab your man and run.
You can have the baby anywhere.
It's lovely.
Thank you.
See we all together.
Three friends.
Just don't blow your nose on it or anything.
Sell the ultrasound.
Go home.
The convent's my home.
All packed? Good to see.
We've got the chariot parked out the front.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) Tell me the way I die a little each day Cry a little each way Tell me the way Tell me to go I lost the dice with each throw I love you, girl, you know Tell me to go Away Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose Be prepared if you've gotta choose My girl's gone away Sister Bernadette.
Take care.
Go inside, Rita.
You can make up your bed and still be in time for midday prayers.
I remember, Sister Bernadette.
When does the epidural go in? Meg wants to avoid medical intervention, if she can.
No drugs.
Birth's part of nature, after all.
Nature, yes.
My mother used to say garden slugs and herpes were natural too.
Meg's had a normal, uneventful pregnancy.
Delivering twins vaginally is a risk.
Having an epidural in place gives us control.
And not having one in place gives the mother control to respond to what she's feeling.
If anything happens Pregnancy is not a disease, Dr Faber.
We can intervene without extra analgesia.
You don't want to have to go through the pain - Meg's entitled to a choice.
- Joan.
She is.
An informed choice, of course.
(EXHALES) I'm sorry.
That wasn't ideal.
What the hell, Lawrence? You don't get to just parachute in here and carry on like nothing happened.
- I know.
I meant to find you first.
- No, this is an ambush.
I wanted to explain.
But everyone was there.
I rehearsed 50 opening lines.
Some of them included handing you a puppy.
There's a reason we haven't talked in years.
But here I am.
Please, Joan.
You hurt me.
I thought I'd buried it, but here you I heard what happened to your baby.
I'm so, so sorry.
What you've been through I don't want to talk about that.
Not with you.
You're looking good.
Should be out of here in a day or so tops.
Still no memory of the accident, just a complete blank? I reckon I'm getting flashes.
- Definitely a car.
- Oh, yeah? You remember what sort of car, or? (CLEARS THROAT) How is Mr Thornton's pregnancy progressing, Doctor? Oh good? Dr Bowditch is an obstetrician, and well out of his natural habitat.
Yet again.
Dr Mi Wilson was tied up, so I was just just filling in.
Wilson saw me about 10 minutes ago.
Okay, all right.
Well, I should be back to it, then.
What is your interest here, Doctor? No interest.
Just passing.
And what do you think you're doing in here, young lady? Nothing! I was just Nothing.
Come on.
LAWRENCE: Joan, can't we talk? I heard you got married.
Divorced a year later.
Look, my plan was to find you alone in the hospital somewhere and explain.
If you'd caught me alone, I'd have punched you.
- Look, this is the truth.
- The truth? We conceived a child and you made me get rid of it.
This place is buzzing.
I can see how it gets under your skin.
Well, it never gets boring, that's for sure.
Good distraction, then.
I did not make you call that clinic.
You drove me there.
We decided it was for the best.
I was trying to support you.
We had a choice.
I think we made the wrong one.
And how much you've been hurt But it's a start When you open up your heart Trying to hide What you feel inside ANDREW: Perfect timing.
I really need to buy somebody a drink.
Thanks, but I'm meeting a friend.
Hey, listen you've known Joan a long time.
Has she ever said anything about Lawrence Faber? No, not to me.
Oh, you're very cute when you're lying.
Did you know that? There must be more.
Of course there is.
But it's not my place to say.
All right.
It's a start When you open up your heart First he remembers the car.
- Next he remembers the colour.
- He's due to be discharged.
What if he remembers my face? He was unconscious when you helped him, wasn't he? - Oh, don't remind me.
- Then he won't remember your face.
No, look, I could just go to the police now, and since he's feeling well You got lucky, Simon.
Ed's not hurt.
We have a chance to get on with our lives.
Your job now is to buy me a very large drink, and a bigger one for you.
Come on.
What goes up must come down Spinning wheel got to go round Talkin' 'bout your troubles, it's a cryin' sin Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin You got no money, you got no home Spinning wheel I'm gonna have a dance with the girls.
Right, love.
Talkin' 'bout your troubles, and you never learn Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel turn Did you find a directing sign? If you've done something wrong, do you reckon you should confess? What have you done? Do I know her? I need some air.
within your mind And show you the colours that are real (BOTH GIGGLE) If I'm honest, Viv I have a bit of a crush on you too.
Someone is waiting just for you Spinning wheel Spinning through Drop all your troubles by the riverside.
(CAR HORN BEEPS) Goodnight, then.
(GROANS) (SNIFFS) I remember that sound.
(GRUNTS) It means you're getting up.
Very bad idea.
When's your flight back to London? Don't think about that now.
Remember the matron in London City where you did your obstetrics term? She kept mistaking me for a nurse the entire six weeks.
There's a job going at that hospital.
Permanent obstetrician.
What's that to you? That'd be pocket money.
Not to me.
I was thinking about you.
In case you wanted a bridge back into the UK.
The head of obstetrics there is a friend, and you are a terrific doctor.
So I suspect you have a very good chance.
This machine can detect foetal heart activity at just seven weeks.
We can also use both A and B scan to estimate biparietal diameter.
We had a date with the waves.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
It's much simpler.
Dr Patterson, for the first time.
Very impressive, Dr Faber.
Your baby's head is well engaged, Wendy.
Shouldn't be long.
Maybe it's time for an oxytocin drip.
Help nature along a little.
Barring complications, I'm sure Dr Millar would prefer nature to take its course.
(WHISPERS) (CLEARS THROAT) Last night, obviously that looked strange.
You two are friends.
Really good friends.
I don't need to hear it.
(SIGHS) (BABY CRIES) SIMON: "Leave $400 by three o'clock" It's blackmail.
"or I will tell the cops about the hit-and-run.
" It's all coming out.
Who did this? They sent this note to me.
- Someone knows that we're married.
- Ed.
He said he was remembering.
Don't, don't.
He's been bedridden, and where would he get a typewriter? Oh, so someone wants a ton of money we don't have.
So we pay.
Are you listening to me? We barely covered the mortgage this month.
There is no money in the bank, and I have $8 in my wallet.
- We're stuffed, Martha.
- We'll find a way.
We have to.
(SIGHS) DEBBIE: Missed a spot.
What are you guys doing here? Relax, we snuck in past some old penguin.
She looks seriously scary.
Can I have a hug? I miss you.
So this place is creepy.
And they've got you doing slave labour, so I can see not much has changed.
It's in service of God.
We do whatever he asks of us.
What are you girls doing here? This is a cloistered area.
No distractions.
Leave, immediately.
Sorry, Sister.
We go now.
I can see you're going to be my pet project.
Now get on with it.
There's a lot to do before prayers.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) It's not exactly $400.
It'll have to do.
- Where'd you get all of that? - Doesn't matter.
No, look, we can still get the police involved.
No, we can't.
We watch and wait and find out who's doing this to us.
Where are your wedding rings? No, no, no.
They are all we had to sell.
It's not worth it.
No way.
I can't ask you to.
- I'm getting it back.
- Simon, please, we're so close.
(ALARM RINGS) Ward D, everyone out now.
Everyone in maternity out to the courtyard.
Martha, some help, please.
This is not a drill.
Doctor, hop to it! Yep, yep, come on, love.
You're right.
Thank you so much, all right.
It's all good.
- You right? Ooh.
- Nothing to stress about.
It's okay, got it under control.
Fag in a rubbish bin.
Reckon we'll live.
False alarm! Everyone as you were.
(ALARM CEASES) Nothing to worry about.
Back to work.
It's gone.
We paid.
It's done.
Forget about it.
(BELL TOLLS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) And now you have missed Compline.
Are you trying to make Jesus sad? No, Sister.
This was not a day to please the Lord.
First your friends assail us with their own loose morals on display for all the world to see.
They're not like that at all.
I And now you neglect evening prayers.
Tomorrow we shall put you to work in the garden.
Hopefully you are better with the vegetables than with the floors.
I did notice the lettuce are dying.
They're not getting enough sun behind that screen, so I thought I could move them next to the carrots.
Novices are not asked to show initiative.
You're here to have your heart shaped for God.
Some things don't belong where you've put them.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) Andrew Patterson is pushing for a new men's room to be opened so fathers can be present during labour.
(SCOFFS) Men being forced to watch the birth of their child.
it's traumatising.
Patterson's a favourite here at the moment.
People listen.
Who's backing him? Dr Millar, I suppose.
Dr Faber whispered in my ear.
It's possible Dr Millar may pursue a job in London.
A move overseas would be a wonderful respite.
A great relief for Joan.
(LAUGHS) Rita? What are you doing here? Oh, my God.
You escaped? I missed you all.
I think maybe God doesn't want me to stay at the convent.
Oh, that's convenient.
What did the penguin say? Did she go spare? I snuck out.
- (LAUGHS) - I did leave a note.
Are there nun police? - They're gonna be after you for sure.
- No.
There is the Matron, though.
We have to hide Rita.
There's that storeroom downstairs.
We can filch food for you.
Thanks, but I need to talk to Matron to make it right.
MATRON: Rise and shine.
Everyone should be up.
Beds should be made.
What on earth? Please, Matron.
I want to stay.
You are not to leave the hospital until I organise for your return to the convent, where you belong.
Come on! Up, up, up, up! Lawrence thinks I should move to London.
I think it could work.
He seems different.
We've both changed.
No way you're riding a bloody wave today.
Why not? I've got the moves.
(LAUGHS) Come on.
I do! What? Out on the water, you've got to let the world go.
- You leave it on the shore.
- (SIGHS) Then you can be one with the ocean.
The ocean seems kind of cold today.
What's happened? "$200 by next Monday.
" Or else.
(SCOFFS) What do they think, we're made of money? I can't pay it.
I should have tried harder to fix this.
- Done something sooner.
- Done what? I'm gonna come clean, starting with Ed.
Just let me fix this.
I-I have no idea what I'm doing, Kate? We haven't done anything.
Yes, we have.
And you're married.
I'm not just married.
I I'm pregnant.
(LAUGHS) I just got the results.
That is fantastic.
- Congratulations! - Thanks.
Thank you, Viv.
You're gonna be so busy getting ready.
Yeah, I guess.
I-I hope I'm sure we'll see each other around.
Yeah, I'm sure we will.
We're friends, right? There he is.
Do you have a plan? - Tell the truth.
- Just blurt it out? - He might go to the police.
- Yeah, good.
I have to do this.
It's gonna come out anyway.
I want to see you two.
In my office.
You two have been jumping around like a couple of scalded cats.
You haven't had your mind on the job all week.
- Overworked.
- Mmm.
Yeah, you know what it's like.
And then there's this.
- What's that? - Oh, please.
I saw you throw it away.
Uh it was it was me.
I-I-I knocked Ed Thornton down with my car.
The ambulance was coming, and I I left.
What were you thinking? I just panicked.
I'll tell the hospital board first.
Or maybe, I don't know, I'll go to the police.
- No, no, no, no.
- It has to come from me.
Go back to work.
Say nothing.
This can be handled discreetly.
And stay away from Ed.
Can I take those for you? I know where they go.
- I think you're meant to be waiting.
- I want to help out here.
Viv, you had a baby in Stanton House, didn't you? Like me.
Twins, actually.
Two beautiful girls.
And you don't mind working here? It's been good? Mostly good.
There's Matron, of course.
But there's something special about seeing new life come into the world, being a part of that.
It never gets old.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) Meg's been in established labour about two hours now.
Hello, Meg.
Sounds like your babies are on their way.
How far apart are the contractions? - All the time.
- About three minutes apart.
I'm gonna take a look, okay? Cervix is thin and in place.
She's nicely dilated.
Let's get her into the delivery suite.
(GASPS) Deborah! Yes, Matron.
Please, take a seat.
I must apologise.
I've been too slow to talk to you about your many spirited letters of complaint.
Oh, right.
All banged out in high dudgeon on your little typewriter.
And then there's this.
Your blackmail note.
I've never seen that before in my life.
Your machine types in cursive, Deborah, like these notes.
And the police can match these notes to your typewriter.
I was only doing it to help Elena.
With the money, her and Ed can stay together.
- Does Elena know? - Of course not.
I'm not stupid.
So you knew who ran over Ed and you kept it a secret? Well, I only just found out.
I didn't know for sure.
It was just a guess.
Dr Bowditch was always hanging around Ed's room, and Martha said some really weird stuff to him.
You're going to give me all the money now.
Tell no one.
If you cooperate, there will be no ramifications.
You will, of course, be on double work duties until your baby arrives.
Oh! Oh! So gorgeous, Meg.
- VIV: Two beautiful girls.
- Shh.
(DOOR OPENS) Congratulations.
- Doing well? - Yes.
And no need for an epidural.
Good call, then.
I'm I'm not the woman you knew in '68.
A lot's changed.
It's okay.
I like everything I see.
(BABY MURMURS) How how did you do that? We've been racking our brains for days.
Who was it? Was it Ed? There's no harm done.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
But, come on, blackmail.
We can't really report them, can we? Unless you still want to throw away your medical career? The guilty party is leaving the hospital very soon.
That's enough.
Ed's leaving soon? Oh, and I've taken a certain amount of the ransom to cover a need.
(SIGHS) Hey.
I've gotta go.
Please stay.
You're gonna have our baby real soon.
I'm not gonna let them give it away.
I'm gonna pay off what your family owes fast.
No more fighting, Ed.
Promise me.
I promise.
I'm coming back for ya.
We'll be together.
Because that's fate, okay? Fate.
MATRON: Time to go.
This should tide you over.
Whatever you do, leave Elena alone.
Best not let a silly romance turn into a lifelong mistake.
I thought maybe there was a trainee job here on the wards like I did.
Rita has shown that she is a hard worker, and we always need an extra pair of hands.
Please, Matron.
You do understand this job has as many lows as it does highs.
And it's how you handle the lows that concerns me.
I can do it, Matron.
I know I can.
And I promise you I won't let you down.
I've been through Laura's file twice now.
Was there something I missed? I want your opinion.
Maybe if I'd asked earlier for an antibiotic.
It was an underlying heart condition.
Pneumonia was probably inevitable.
But, look, there must be something else.
There is nothing to indicate Or if I'd asked for a broader spectrum antibiotic.
If you really want my opinion, you did everything you could.
I'm sure there was something else I could have done.
The way I see it, you want answers.
You want a reason Laura died.
Even if that reason is you? Yes.
I don't know how to get through this.
You need to make a change.
There's a new life out there, Joan.
London's waiting.
I need you to promise me something.
Promise never to hock my rings ever again.
No, I need you to promise me that you'll never take 'em off.
Love you.
Love you.
This adventure's been everything I wanted it to be.
How much notice have you given? Can I make an appointment time for you at London City? - What about your passport? - Lawrence I can't come to England.
What? - Is this about? - It'd be running away.
I've run away before.
It's time I stopped.
A new start.
What's keeping you here? (CAR APPROACHES) We've forgiven each other for what happened in England, - and that's a wonderful thing.
- Oh, stuff forgiveness.
I love you, Joan.
And I love you.
I can't come.
- Ohh, Bella.
- Aww.
Looking good.
And the convent will let me go back for noviceship classes.
- So what's the pay like? - They pay me? Rita! Let me have a look at you.
Hat a little further back on the head.
There's no room in the nurses' quarters for now.
You'll have to stay in Stanton House a little longer.
And these are your extra night-time chores until further notice.
Have you worked with grease traps before? Moo.
I knew you wouldn't go to England.
There's no surf closer than 500 miles.
How do you know I'm not going to England? It seems we have a new obstetrics EMR.
Joan Millar.
Hello again.
Aren't you supposed to be in Singapore? I had a revelation in the taxi.
Wherever you are, that's where I'll be.
(ROMANTIC MUSIC) The most romantic Love Child of the year is here.
I don't know what it is that makes me love you so Joan Miller, I'd do just about anything for you.
The proposal.
Will she say "I do"? And an unmissable farewell.
Who says goodbye? Love Child, next Tuesday after new 20 To One.
On Nine.