Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (2012) s01e06 Episode Script

The Atoned... Messiah (Innocent)

1 Crap! I haven't played for a while, so I can hardly keep up.
Now I'm just a burden Hey, you're in my way.
Yuuta! Yuuta! Yuuta! I need your support! Seriously, what? I've got a low level matter of high importance to discuss with you.
That makes no sense whatsoever.
I finished making a uniform for our Society.
A uniform? Wear this during our operations.
You read it "Dark Flame".
This is mine.
You read it "Evil Eye".
So, from tomorrow's meeting onward— Dream on.
I told you I got rid of all that crap already.
Is that your character? Yeah.
His name's "Solitude".
It's just a game, all right?! Hear that? The Priestess is home for you.
Regroup at 7AM, rendezvous point B.
Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Dark Flame Here we go sparkling daydream Let's look for a shibaraku mitsumeatte kara We looked into each other's eyes for a while What did you think of while it lasted? sorasu made ni nani wo kangaeteta no? ki ni naru I want to know that A kuchibiru togaraseta atashi wo mite Look at me as I now pout my lips Will you ask me what's wrong? dou shita no tte kiite kuru no? A matte miru no A I'm waiting A gomakashita ato no hitorigoto wa I'm embarrassed by what I mutter after A hazukashii kara kikanaide kureru? being so evasive, so please don't pay it any attention Our love is so strong A ato ni hikenai hodo we can't run away hikareau koi A It's already begun mou hajimatteta mou hajimatteta It's already begun It's already begun mou hajimatteta mou hajimatteta It's already begun mou hajimatteta It's already begun mou hajimatteta It's already begun yume nara takusan mita I've dreamed of our meeting so often sameta mama Now I'm awake And still I want to see you demo mada aitai demo mada aitai And still I want to see you And still I want to see you demo mada aitai A And still I want to see you demo mada aitai kimi ga sou saseta You did this to me koi ga yokubari da ne Love is greedy koi ga yokubari da ne Love is greedy A My heart seems to hop with glee tobihanesou na kokoro no yuku mama ni yukou yo So I'll let it guide me A My ideals, delusions and reality risou mo mousou mo genjitsu mo subete kimi wo jiku ni mawaru Are all about you atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world A atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world Changing into a new world atarashii sekai he atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world atarashii sekai he Changing into a new world It's July already, isn't it? The Innocent of Atonement I get that I'm the only one who even sort of understands what's going on in your head, but would it kill you to at least try speaking with others? I talk with Dekomori, Kumin and Nibutani as well.
That's true, but how about some more people? You only talk with me, Nibutani and Isshiki in class too.
We're the same.
We're not even close to being the same! I don't like wasting time with pointless chatter, anyway.
What a pain.
Maybe I should just leave her be.
In this dimension, they are the only ones who acknowledge my existence.
Togashi, you're not half bad! That picture of Takanashi looks really cute! R-Really? Let me see! Wow, you're right! Togashi, do you draw manga? Not really You can't escape me in the darkness! Hah! I drew lots during my dark days I'm done.
It's cool.
Really? Let me see! Is this Togashi? In battle.
In battle? Released on the verge of death, the mighty Dark Flame! Shut up! Dark Flame? I shouldn't speak of it aloud, but the Dark Flame is Yuuta's most powerful sorcery.
With it, Yuuta becomes— What are they even do— Ouch Never let your guard down or you'll face death, fake Forest Summer! Don't call me that! Are you okay, Nibutani? Ah, yeah Do you know her? W-Well Even underclassmen love you, huh? What are they even doing? Yuuta.
Wh-What?! We must talk after class.
What?! You got a love letter? Now what? Isn't this what you've been waiting for all this time? What're you panicking about now? I-I never thought I'd really get one Hey! You're not the moe character here! But it must be because of the guitar, right? Which means she appreciated my musicianship, right? But I can hardly play at all yet! What should I do?! You can start by getting off of me! Everyone's staring at us.
I gotta play minors, right? Chicks dig minor chords, right? Where did you get that from? Calm down already! How could I?! Let's consider this rationally.
Question 1: Is it really a love letter? I told you it is! Question 2: Are you sure it's not just a prank by the guys? Just look at this cute handwriting! Dear Isshiki, This Saturday after class, A clas I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
This Saturday after class, Dear Isshiki, I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
A clas Dear Isshiki, A clas This Saturday after class, I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
Dear Isshiki, A clas This Saturday after class, Dear Isshiki, This Saturday after class, I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
A clas "This Saturday after class, I'll be waiting under the ginkgo tree.
" See? Question 3: Could it be a girl and a boy in cahoots? How can you distrust people so much? That goes way back.
Who do you think it's from? The letter's signed "a classmate" and there's no other name.
Do you have any ideas? Well Hirataka, Nabatame, Tsumoji I got nothing.
I can't imagine any of them doing this.
But if you consider everything Then? Nibutani! You know, every time our eyes meet she always smiles at me! She's so serious and tidy too! So she must be drawn to the wildness of a rocker No-no-no-no! How do you know?! There's no way it'd be her! That much I can guarantee! What makes you so sure?! C-Could it be that you and Nibutani Hmph! No way in hell! Of course not.
You two would never get along.
Like you have any idea.
Anyway, I wanna find out who sent me this love letter! Even if I asked directly, they wouldn't tell me.
You're my only chance! Can't you just look forward happily to the big day? Are you nuts?! Do you really think I could just interact normally right off the bat with a girl I just met?! Ten to one I'll screw up out of anxiety! Right? How can you be so confident about your lack of confidence?! of Summer Magic Nap Society Far Eastern The darkness swirls around me! I can feel the powers of oblivion descend at my call! I doubt they'd know anything about it.
When you wear this, you must introduce yourself properly.
Wielder of the Wicked Eye, Member Number Zero of the Society, Takanashi Rikka! Servant of the Wicked Eye, wielder of the Mjolnir Maul, Member Number Nil of the Society, Dekomori Sanae! Night Sister of Melodies, Member Number Nought of the Society, Tsuyuri Kumin! It is decided.
Deathly, that's right! Why bother numbering yourselves then? Zero is the coolest number.
I can't possibly imagine any other number! I don't really get it, but I guess it's cool! And now We shall decide who is most worthy of bearing the number zero! That's death metal to my ears! We can do this too! I see! Why do you play along with their games? But come on, what are you wearing under your shirt? N-No, I just There wasn't any other Yuuta, you put it on! Stop looking! You stupid brat! You came to meet your death? I guess you lack the brains to understand anything but force.
Oh no! The white water! I warmed it so that you can fully enjoy its taste and body.
Are you the devil incarnate?! Oh wait, I'm a creature of darkness now Are you an angel incarnate?! Not a single damn was given! Drink it! Drink it all! Stop! In the name of death, stop! Hang in there, Deko! Come on! Deko! Hey, Nibutani What? Can't you see I'm busy?! Shut up! Um, the thing is What?! Get outta my face! You want some too?! H-Hey! Oh, Isshiki! How's it going? I just needed to talk to Yuuta for a sec Ah, I see! You caught me off guard there You almost got me there! Your vile white water is no more! Bear witness, fake Forest Summer, and despair as you face the limitless power of my Death Drive! "Forest Summer"? Don't ask me She's kinda nuts.
Mabinogion's Rainbow Manuscript, Chapter Three, Verse One.
"When the whispers of the spirits, and the dreams of light and water reach our hearts, a world of ivory whiteness opens up to us.
" "I, who have been watching over this world for more than four centuries, alone understand.
" "That which this world needs most is" "Love!" Stop! Anything but that! What's going on?! You really are a mere fake.
The words of the true being devastate you mentally! Forest Summer, are you— Don't call me that! Um, Nibutani If you even think of telling anyone in class what you just saw I'll place a deadly curse upon you.
The wind cometh Wh-What do you think? Could it be a prank? No, I'd say this really was written by a girl.
Really?! Do you know who wrote it? Not that much, no.
Do you think it could be love at first sight? You seriously consider that a possibility? Not a chance.
Nobody asked you! Anyway, what you choose to do from now on will decide how all this goes.
And I hope you already forgot what you saw today.
For your sake.
O-Of course.
That's great news! See you later! So, what now? Well, I guess I'll do what it takes.
Between now and Saturday I'll simulate how it could go with all the girls in class, so that I'll know what to do no matter who it is! Seriously?! You'll see! I already got intel on all the girls from the guys during the cutie poll! I still have enough time! Isshiki But I must use that time well, so I'm taking this train! Later! What's wrong? We should get going.
Yuuta, your hand.
Huh? My hand? Don't move.
What was that about? I was reading the wind.
The wind? Come on! I felt a great disturbance in the air.
It was just the train! So if what's written in this notebook found by Inomata is true, then the boys of this class have arbitrarily ranked the girls.
This is bad.
Could it get any worse? Was it back then? By the bench at the station yesterday? Most probably.
But they don't yet know whose it is.
But I want to ask the boys about this.
Mera Yes! Do you participate in polls such as this? Um Well Er I don You don? Rem— Rem? I don't remember anything of the sort! This is bad.
This is really bad.
It's only a matter of time now until they find out I was behind it all.
And then my newfound love will be over before it began Think! I gotta think of something! Um, shouldn't you ask Togashi? Yeah! He's a class rep, after all! Togashi, what do you say? Um, I Did you know about this? Um, well, that's Uh It was me.
I wrote the notes you found.
And I made the ranking! Isshiki! Isshiki, is this true? Yes.
But please don't misunderstand.
There was no kind of poll amongst the class.
I just wrote it by myself! I'm sorry.
It was a joke that went too far.
This has nothing to do with the other guys! I did it! I alone, all by myself! Is that really something he should be applauded for? Don't think so.
So you did this all by yourself, Isshiki? Yes.
But I can't change the fact that it was found, nor the offense it caused.
At this point, I have no choice but to shave my head as an apology! Isshiki, that's I am a man! Nothing less would do! But shaving your head?! Yeah, I don't think that's necessary No.
That's how men set things right.
H-How was it? My "take all the blame and look cool" plan.
Well Not to mention the bonds of brotherhood that were forged from me covering for you all! But what about your hair? Huh? You mean shaving my head? Come on! The point was just to show I was ready to go that far.
But you said that was how you'd set things right.
Yeah, but they won't really expect me to— We will.
Nibutani, when did you— Let me make this clear: the girls still doubt you.
Whatever you said, you can't seriously expect us to just believe it like that.
Not until you really set things right.
Me? Of course.
You said it yourself.
No way No way! I'll ask one last time: are you really okay with this? No, I'm not! Of course I'm not! I finally grew this mane after enduring a crew cut for three years in junior high! How could anything about this be okay?! Then tomorrow you'd better get down on your knees and beg them to spare your hair! But then I'd be just a loser! Nibutani's right.
If I don't set this straight, all the girls, including the sender of that love letter, will think I'm a loser! Not to mention that if I change my mind, they'll start to suspect you guys again too! But still! I organized the poll.
I must take responsibility! That's how men roll, right?! Is that Japanese harakiri? No! It's something completely different! Cut it out already! You lot! You're in the way! Get out! This is the stronghold of our Society.
I possess the right to— We'll be done in a moment! Wait, we're deathly— My servant! I-Is it sealed off? Hey, Yuuta Hm? Thanks a lot, bro.
I'm glad I talked to you on the first day.
My dad went bald when he turned 35, you see.
Judging from my genes, I barely have 20 years left to enjoy my hair.
I lost three years already thanks to that crew cut, and now it's come to this again.
It's all so stupid.
Isshiki, I Why are you crying, Yuuta? Hurry up and put an end to this ordeal! With your own hands! Isshiki! What's up, girls? It's been sealed.
It's been unsealed! Are you done? My servant! Yeah, we're done.
But Isshiki's quite nervous now.
Please try and cheer him up somehow! Okay.
I'll bestow some mana upon him.
I don't really get it, but sure, leave it to us! Deathly so! But first, I must warn you Whatever you do don't laugh.
Did you listen to a word I said?! What are you doing?! Isshiki! Yes? I wish to empower your courage.
Come here.
O powers of Oblivion gathered at this unholy occasion! By my name, I order you to bless this man! Hey, stop that! But He's so full of magic! And thus the case of the cutie poll was finally closed.
Don't laugh! Don't you have an ounce of compassion?! And on that fateful Saturday, betting on what little chance he still had, he waited under the tree for the girl who sent the love letter Isshiki! Isshiki was met with the madly devoted support of all the boys in class.
So the sender of the letter didn't show up in the end? Nibutani, do you really have no idea who it could have been? What could you do even if I did? I guess.
But still, you gave up your precious locks to protect the other guys.
That kind of determination is actually pretty cool.
And I think there might be girls who think so.
Really?! You nuts? Of course not! Are you making fun of me?! Sorry! I just couldn't help myself.
Please, Isshiki, let me touch it! Wh-What the Summer vacation's right around the corner.
Hey, Yuuta, what do you say? Dad can't make it home this year, so it looks like we're going to Jakarta! Sure, I'll think about it! Yuuta I have a request for you.
Come with Rikka on our summer vacation.
I need you.
Summer begins.
To be continued inside identity ibasho wa doko Inside identity! Where do I belong? kanchigai ga haji ka douka Getting it wrong is a shame? Being honest hurts? sunaosa ga itai toka dare ga nanto iou to tadashisa nante wakannai ze Whatever people say, they don't know what's right The boring river of time flows on futsuu ni nagareteku nichijou ni When the stars tried to fit in muri shite najimase to shizunjimatta kouseitachi wo They ended up sinking into it So chew them, swallow them, and spit them out! kande nonde haite ware "I wish you understood me" konna boku wo wakatte hoshii iitai kedo ienakute That's what I want to say, but I can't "No one ever understands me" nande daremo wakatte kunnai no to omou no wa zeitaku nano kana nano kana Is it selfish to think that? Is it? Is it? The emotional Sun in the sky kanjouteki na taiyou wa netsu wo agesugite dounika narisou Overheated, reaching its limit sakebitakute shou ga nai Of course I want to shout My fast and furious identity gamushara ni mo tometeru identity Inside my identity inside my identity Inside my justice inside my justice tamashii wa ite There's a soul ibasho wa doko But where do I belong? So cool How about "Military Easel"? Such a sophisticated pun Tehehe Tune in next time!