Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Sonnie's Edge

Wes, you're a beaut.
She's purring like a kitten in there.
Gonna run those tests again.
Link's strong.
None of those glitches we had last time.
That last wetware update seems to have cleared that up.
Yeah, maybe.
But I really think we should Oh! - Hello? - Yeah? There a problem? - Can we help you? - My apologies.
Our little evenings have become quite popular.
Arthur, their appearance fee.
Oh, thank you.
Might I have a peek? I've heard so much.
He's magnificent! Yes.
She is.
Of course, my apologies, "she".
What would you say if I asked you to lose tonight's match? Fuck off.
There's no need to get angry, my dear.
- It's just business.
- Not to me.
I don't dive and I don't lose.
And what makes you so special? I'm not special.
No other team uses a female pilot for their beastie.
That's it, then? Your edge.
Women fight better than men.
- This one does.
- Yeah.
That's my girl.
- Seventeen straight wins to prove it.
- You'll be handsomely paid, of course.
You don't fucking listen, do you? It may be about money for you, but for us, it's personal.
Five hundred thousand.
- One insignificant loss for more money - Insignificant? than you could ever win? Fucking men.
It's cunts like you that fucked her up to begin with.
A year ago, Sonnie got snatched by an estate gang and when they was done using her, they started cutting, slicing their marks into her flesh.
Can you imagine that kind of pain, that kind of humiliation carved into her skin? A lifelong reminder of that day.
So when Sonnie steps into the pit, she's not fighting for pride or status and certainly not for your fucking money.
She's carving up the men who did this to her.
Very well, then.
I won't press you further.
Piece of shit.
Though I hope you'll reconsider.
What a sweet little girl.
You're going down down down You okay in there? Tonight is the big night of the big fight! Brutal beasties in a bout to the death! Gore gore galore! Affinity link is booted, Sonnie.
You ready to get in there? Comin' in on a hot winning streak She's up and running.
- I give you - And on the move.
Khanivore! Look out! Can you hear that? What's coming down - Yeah! -to tear up the town? It's Turboraptor! Are you ready? Fucking yeah! Fucking little cunt! Get 'im! Surprise, motherfuckers! Her heart rate's spiking! Come on, motherfucker! - What is that? - Fuck me.
Yes! Sonnie! Sonnie, you're a beauty! Fuck.
You wanker! Fuck you! Khanivore! - Oh, no! - Steady on there, little man.
Think they got someone to clean that up? I don't think anyone cares, mate.
Well, I might give it five minutes and if they don't, I will.
- It's a shit-hole.
- That arm.
What was that? Cheating, that's what it was.
But it was made of bone.
That's not against the rules, is it? Yeah, I just wanna know how they engineered that solid piece, that's all.
You thought we were gonna lose tonight, didn't you? Can I help you? This place is amazing.
You were amazing.
Look, why are you with.
Dicko? Security.
Ever thought of leaving him? Sometimes.
All the time.
You could come with us.
No, I couldn't.
I envy you.
Your bravery.
I'm maybe even a little bit frightened of you but I'll never be like you.
Oh! How do you do it, all this fighting and hatred? - Aren't you scared? - Scared? All the time.
Now, hate that was something I had to learn.
You don't come into this world with hate, that's primal.
It fills your senses.
You can see it, hear it taste it and it keeps me alive.
But that night, the gang, the Rape.
It's not that.
They can't see past it.
No one can.
But it ain't what gives me my edge.
Angry little girl, out for revenge.
Dicko believes that shit 'cause he wants to.
They all do.
Everyone sees what they want to see.
Are you scared now? You made Dicko so very angry.
Silly fucking girl.
Was your pride really worth it? Neat trick.
Not good enough.
What are you? Just a couple of bioware processors spliced to a spine.
You're not in there? No.
The night Wes and Ivrina found me, they managed to save that body, but those estate fucks had broken my skull.
You wanna know my edge? Every time I step into that ring, I'm fighting for my life.
That fear is my edge.
Ahh! That fear of death.
Do you feel it? Please!