Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Beyond the Aquila Rift

1 This surge point queue's killing us.
Yeah, well, this hangover is killing me.
Next time, you should wait and celebrate our successful run after we're home.
Now, please tell me we're almost ready.
The Q-Jibs are a touch misaligned.
Might be a rough transition, but we're ready.
- Suzy, you have our course? - Course is plotted, - locked and loaded.
- Thank you very much.
Might have found us a shortcut across the local bubble too.
Check this out.
That's what I'm talking about.
We might even make a bonus for this run.
Blue Goose, this is Arkangel Dispatch.
You are cleared for surge point insertion.
Roger that, Dispatch.
Uploading syntax pattern now.
We're clear for remote relay, boss.
Roger that.
Arkangel Dispatch.
This is Blue Goose.
Wheel's yours.
Be gentle with us.
Do you need me to sing you a lullaby, Thom? Oh, would you, Dispatch? You know how I like it.
Sultry and slow.
A repair facility? Shit! Come on, Suzy.
Take care of Ray.
Fuck me.
I feel like a runny shit.
- Where the hell are we? - I'm still trying to figure that out.
I don't recognize the station.
Thom? Greta? Is that you? In the flesh.
What happened? - Is our ship damaged? Did we? - There was an error in your routing plot.
A mistake in my work? No way.
I don't think it was your fault.
Looks like Arkangel Dispatch had a glitch in their syntax launch patterns.
That's such bullshit! How far are we, Greta? Well, pretty far, I'm afraid.
This is Saumlaki Station, in Schedar Sector.
- Schedar Sector?! - That's light years off our course.
There's no way a routing error got us that far.
I need to see the ship's logs and the data recru Surge tank sickness.
Not the first time I've seen it.
Best thing we can do is put her into her tank until we sort things out.
Your friend's better off asleep.
Thanks, Greta.
The situation sucks, but it's good to see a friendly face.
She'll be okay, Thom.
- Just give her some time.
- Sure.
Now, come on.
We'll let the engineers check out your ship, and since you'll be stuck with me for a few weeks, you should relax and enjoy the station.
I've been running out Now it's all just a fight to breathe You like the view? I gave it all, yeah, I gave it You see right there? That filament of the Local Bubble? Aquila Rift is just beyond.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to make sense of all of this.
Finding you again all the way out here.
Maybe it's fate, Thom.
Written in the stars.
Can I tell you a secret? Ever since we met in Tallinin, I've been hoping I'd see you again.
What, you mean when we had our little fling? - Say three years ago? - Four! And it wasn't just a fling.
Remember when we broke that bed in that hotel? I never knew anyone could fuck that hard in zero-G.
You know, sometimes I wish I'd stayed.
- My ship, you know - It's okay, Thom.
You're here now.
That's all that matters.
I'll never, never Break the silence When I look inside I don't have to hide If you're looking, you won't find it Who's the enemy? Don't know what to believe Living in the shadows Living in the shadows If you're looking, you won't find it Who's the enemy? Don't know what to believe Living in the shadows Living in the shadows I always think men are sexiest when they try and think.
Thom I haven't been completely honest with you.
The routing error, it took you further than I let on.
You're not in Schedar Sector.
Shit! These are the Saumlaki Station coordinates.
Now, watch.
This is the view from where we are.
150,000 light years from home.
How long were we in our tanks asleep? In subjective time, only a few months.
But several hundred years have passed back home.
Even if you could chart a course back, you'd never reach the world you left.
Holy shit! I'm sorry I lied, Thom.
But some people have a hard time with the truth.
Of course they fucking do! - You might as well be telling me I'm dead.
- But you're not dead, Thom.
You're here with me.
So, how did you end up here? It's always the same routing error.
Brings everyone here.
Thom, maybe it's time to wake up your friends in the Blue Goose.
What happened? Did we make it back? What's the last thing you remember, Suzy? Those pricks on Arkangel.
Then dreams.
Dreams like what, Suzy? Dreams like Like this.
- Who is she? - That's Greta, Suzy.
You met her before, remember? Years ago, at Tallinin Thom, that's not Greta.
You've got tank sickness, Suzy.
- What's going on, Thom? - Relax.
Everything's fine.
- It'll be okay.
- You're a terrible liar, Thom.
Just take it easy, Suzy.
Who are you? - What the fuck are you? - It's okay, Suzy.
It's okay.
Look at her, Thom.
Look at her! End this! We'll try again, later, Thom.
As many times as it takes.
Suzy's right, isn't she? You're not really Greta.
I'm sorry, Thom.
I really am.
You're Well, still in your tank.
Still asleep.
And this station, this whole place, is a simulation being fed to you.
Stop that! The whole truth.
Some of what I told you is true.
You did end up here via a routing error.
You are beyond the Aquila Rift, thousands of light years from Earth, and there is a station here.
It's just different.
So, who is feeding me this fake reality, this fake Greta? I am.
And just who or what are you? I don't think you're ready for the answer.
Let me be the judge of that.
You don't know how many lost souls I've been through this with.
I don't want to hurt you, Thom.
I just need to know what's going on here.
I need to see.
I need to see this place.
I need to see you as you really are.
You're not ready.
- Trust me - Show me, God damn it! All right, Thom.
But understand this: I do care for you.
I care for all the lost souls that end up here.
Hello, Thom.
Hello, Thom.
The smoke is clearing out All the circling lights blind me I know the truth, but for you Hello, Thom.
Greta? Is that really you? It's good to see you, Thom.
What happened? You're in Saumlaki Station, Schedar Sector.
Schedar Sector? But that's hundreds of light years off our course.
Yes, it is.
But, hey, at least there's a friendly face here.
I don't know what to believe Living in the shadows Living in the shadows