Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Helping Hand

Jockey Mother, this is Anthem.
I'm on station at satellite LV426.
Copy, Anthem.
We got you monitored.
Appreciate the company, Bill.
These solo jobs tweak my nerves.
God damn company penny pinchers, am I right? Why pay two when one'll do? Prepping EVA.
Now, you be careful out there, Alex.
Locate panel, sync and navigate.
No! God damn it! Damn it! Come on.
No No! Come on! Fuck! Fuck.
Fuck! Anthem.
This is Jockey Mother.
Alex, what the hell's going on out there? I'm fucked.
Impact on my mobility unit.
It went non-functional and the backup's damaged as well.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Alex, rescue team are on their way.
The boys will be with you in 58 minutes.
Listen, Bill.
That impact Well, it looks like it damaged my oxygen tanks too.
The rescue team's not gonna make it in time.
- Now, just hold on a second - No.
Math's come in.
I'm done.
Just do me a favor, okay? Next time the suits come calling, would you kick them in the bollocks for me? Now, Alex, just wait Alex, you idiot.
Of course! Here we go.
No! God damn it! Shit! Come on C'mon, you fuck! Anthem to Jockey Mother.
You read? Jesus, Alex.
Thank God.
We thought you were dead.
What happened? I had to make a wee sacrifice to the great nothing.
But I'm still breathing.
Well, thank the fucking Lord.
So, you still need a hand? Funny you should ask but I got things under control.
Just get a few beers chillin', Bill.
I'll be home soon.