Love, Death & Robots (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

Secret War

Malenchenko! Hey, I need help here.
This area smells like shit.
The dead number at least 47.
Hard to get a firm count with the state of some of the bodies.
Survivors? - The horses are here.
- Well, Okhchen? A small group.
Attacked last night.
Then headed back the way they came.
Headed back for their barrow? I believe so, sir.
Have the men prepare to move out.
Signal the other teams we've made contact.
We will track and destroy these monsters.
Permission to speak freely, Comrade Lieutenant? Of course, Sergei Pavlovich.
I fear the teams are too far apart.
We cannot support each other if we encounter too many of them.
I raised that concern also.
But the major thinks we can cover more area this way.
He's confident each team can handle itself.
And the planes we requested? The Air Force is busy with the Germans besieging Stalingrad.
There's darkness in every direction these days, comrade.
We'll have to find our own way through it.
There are places like this scattered throughout the deep forest.
Old places.
My people believe they are cursed.
I can feel it.
The air feels heavy.
They are close now.
They know we're here.
Go! Cover me! Reloading! In the trees! Behind us! Move out! Comrade Lieutenant! - What is it? - A body, one of ours.
Whatever happened to him, it was some time ago.
Secret police.
This place was bad luck for him too.
And the sooner we're gone, the better.
Can you play? Yes, I can, but I should not.
Play for Maxim.
It was my fault, sir.
Who was he? A Major.
Boris Grishin.
He was assigned to Operation Hades.
Does that mean anything to you? I've heard rumors of it.
An operation focused on exploring arcane peasant myths.
In November 1919, after the White Army was forced to retreat, Grishin was dispatched on a secret mission.
He was an occultist.
His assignment was to perform a certain black magic ritual, whispered about among the Koryaks.
It was meant to summon unholy creatures who could fight beside the Red Army.
The operation doesn't seem to have worked out very well for him.
We must take this information to our superiors.
They could end this plague.
They would more likely end us for revealing their past mistakes.
No, we have our mission, comrade.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Have you ever seen a ghoul barrow that big, Lieutenant? Never.
- Pogodin! - Sir.
Time to earn your pay.
Of course, comrade.
I've never seen so many tunnels.
I don't like it down here.
Stop your whining.
I can hear them coming.
- Pogodin.
- I'm working on it.
One more wire.
Pogodin! Almost.
They're closing in! There's too many of them.
What's the hold up? You are getting older and slower.
Next time, you do it! Is it sealed? Are we done? No.
Sir, shall we prepare to fall back? The horses cannot outrun that horde.
The creatures will catch us in the trees and tear us apart.
We must make our stand here.
Sergei, bring me the fastest horse! Kaminsky, unload all the ammunition and explosives.
Maxim, Oleg! Take those charges and set them at the base of the cliff.
Double time! Set up the machine gun positions on our flanks.
How can I help, sir? Hold the reins tight.
She is fierce.
One of us can make it through if we slow them down.
Please, sir.
No! I'd rather die with you.
- I beg you, let me stay.
- Give the Major our coordinates.
Tell him to bomb this place into scorched rubble.
- Father, please.
- That is an order.
Ride like hell and don't look back! Comrades, we stand here.
We die here! It has been an honor!