Love, Death & Robots (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Bad Travelling

1 Thanapod! Leeward side! I believe this to be the only fair way.
Off you go, Cert.
Go on now.
Steady on.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank Cerval! Thank Cerval.
So, now that we've chosen a leader I will be picking who goes.
All right! All right.
You needn't manhandle me further.
I go willingly.
I shall report what I see.
Do that.
Good luck.
Phaiden Island.
Beg your pardon? Take me.
Me eat meat.
- Oh my.
- Me eat meat.
Of course.
But first, you and I must come to an agreement.
Most importantly, I am the only one who can keep this ship on a straight keel.
Me, you need intact.
Do you understand? Good.
Now, there is one more thing you have which I shall require.
What happened? Torrin! I negotiated with it as you must now with me.
Listen carefully, I am in no mood to repeat myself.
The thing speaks.
You had a conversation with a crustacean? Which I haven't the patience to explain beyond saying that it wants passage to the nearest island.
We saw that beast do exactly what it pleased.
You'd have us believe you will go up against it? If, in fact, we do transport it in the hopes it will spare our lives, we have nothing substantial to feed it.
And as it has acquired a taste for What about him then? He's already half done, isn't he? Yeah, he looks quite unwell.
He's half more alive than anyone else will be that points a crooked finger at my brother.
Enough! We reside together in this misfortune.
Which puts us right back where we started.
- Huh? - But, Chantre, you are correct.
We find ourselves faced again with a grim and terrible decision.
Unless it's already been made.
That's it.
Every last bite.
Phaiden Island.
This is where it wants to be taken.
With the wind at our backs, it's still another day and a half.
And allowing this thanapod ashore would mean unleashing it on unsuspecting Phaiden citizenry.
Sounds good.
Just as soon spit on you as nod, in my experience.
That happened to me.
Nevertheless, I propose another possibility.
These nameless islands further on are deserted.
We may be able to take the monster there without it even realizing.
This course of action offers a chance at sparing countless innocent lives.
Fine, we shall put it to a vote.
Each of you will have equal voice.
It will be a secret ballot with no man knowing any other man's choice.
You will privately mark and fold your ballots, then return them to me.
A circle will indicate a vote to sail beyond the peopled shores despite the risk.
And an X is a vote for a shorter voyage to Phaiden Island.
X means you fulfill the creature's wish.
Let conscience be your guide.
I begin with a confession.
By a folded corner here, an irregular edge there, I made each of these ballots unique, unbeknownst to anyone but myself.
Having paid strict attention as I handed them out, the duty falls to me to reveal I have succeeded in ferreting out the cowards in our midst.
- W-what did he say? - He said there are cowards.
Craven cowards who would gladly betray a stranger if it meant saving their own skin.
Two cowards who voted to pass our terrible burden to the defenseless men, women, and children of Phaiden Island.
- Mr.
Melis, step to your right, please.
- Excuse me? He said, "Step to your right.
" Okay.
Very kind, thank you.
Done and done.
Nearly as unpleasant as it was necessary.
United we are at last, in spirit, goal, and purpose.
Suparin, adjust our course please.
Double the meal, double the time in between.
One would hope.
Wait, sir.
 Please! They made me.
Torrin! Torrin! You rang? Phaiden Island.
Phaiden Island.
Patience is the word of the day.
We are well on our way Hungry.
Of course.
So many mouths to feed.
Must eat soon.
We must eat.
There lies Phaiden Island.
Closer by the minute.
I am willing to see the failed attempt on my life as an expression of low morale, but this nightmare is very nearly at an end.
I swear it.
And tomorrow, sir? If your friend below us gets Maintain course! And wake me at the toll of the hour.
Huh? I refused to participate.
And for that I am grateful.
In the spirit of fairness, I lied before.
I didn't actually mark the ballots.
I didn't have to.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa! Every one of you made an X.
We've arrived! Show yourself.
Phaiden Island.
As you know, there's not much good eating on a jable shark.
The meat is greasy.
And the hide is too tough for any garment.
But what they do have in abundance is oil.
Shell protects.
It's not for you.
[thanopod screeching
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