Love, Death & Robots (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

1 We got these fuckers now.
We're gonna lose comms in there.
Raptor Base, this is Delta Zero Three.
We have positive ID on the hostage.
Delta Zero Three, understood.
The status of hostage? Still breathing.
We followed the insurgents to a tunnel system.
Delta Zero Three, stand by.
It's getting kinda late.
Maybe we should back trail and break camp.
Wait till light.
That hostage looked like he was in pretty bad shape.
It's always fucking night in a cave.
- Why are you such a pussy, Spence? - Why are you such a dick, Dilman? Get ready to move.
Delta Zero Three, secure hostage and proceed to exfil.
Received, Raptor Base.
Delta Zero Three, over.
Beaumont, on point.
One beam, no white light.
Everyone, go goggles.
Spence, I want IR markers at 25-meter intervals.
Roger that.
Oh, I feel like a fat, fucking target of opportunity up here.
Don't worry.
I've got your back, donkey.
Stop calling me that.
Okay, okay.
Soon as you stop fucking donkeys.
I told you, I was just petting it.
It was scared.
What was I supposed to do? All right.
Cut the bullshit.
We're on the job.
Weird shit, man.
What is it? Some sort of lichen.
- Is that normal in a cave? - Fuck if I know.
I'm from Rhode Island.
- Set security.
- Roger.
A military-aged male.
No discerning marks of trauma.
No trauma? Then where'd his fucking face go? The hostage.
What the actual fuck? Sarge, I got two more over here.
These must be the insurgents.
Didn't we just see these guys? What kinda weapon does that to a person, huh? Fuck this shit.
We still have a mission.
Let's get this done.
Sarge, the hostage was the mission.
We should take him home.
Harper, up.
Hmm? The fuck you doing? - Something's on me.
Get it off! - Shut the fuck up.
What the fuck? It's got a fucking face or something.
No, no, no, no, no.
Fall back.
- They're everywhere.
- Fuck this! Fuck.
Shit! Stone, light 'em up! Jesus! Beaumont! Give me your hand! Fuck! - Cover me.
- On me! On your right! Coming on your left.
Check right! Reloading! Sarge! Let's go! Go! - Dilman, let's go! - Moving! Move your ass! Let's go! Jesus fuck, those things ate Beaumont! Where's Dilman? Holy shit.
- Dilman - Hey! Fuck! Dilman! I could have helped him.
You couldn't have.
The bugs aren't following us.
They must only guard the tunnels.
Guard what? What in God's name is this place? That sound It's coming from And what's making it? We're soldiers, not fucking archaeologists.
Those fuckers.
Sarge, for shit's sake Hey! We got bigger problems.
Cannibal roaches with human faces and a giant fucking alien temple.
We gotta get the fuck out of here.
There's a tunnel over there.
Could be the way to the surface.
Let's go! and my salvation.
I shall not fear.
- Spencer.
- The Lord is my light.
God is dead.
Embrace the suck.
We gotta move.
Contact rear! - Go, go, go! - Moving! Covering! Fuck.
- Frag out! - Move it! Reloading.
Move it! - Spence! - He's gone! Let's go! I'm out of ammo.
Down to one grenade.
You? Just this.
Might save the last round for myself though.
That voice What the fuck is that? It's coming from from in there.
So let's get moving in the opposite fucking direction.
Sarge! Sarge, what the fuck are you doing? How? What? How? No.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Sarge, what No.
Stop! Release me.
Release me.
Release me.
Release me.
Release me.
Sarge! - Stop! Stop! - Release me.
- Release me.
- Don't do this.
- Release me.
Release me.
- Sarge.
Put it down! - Release me.
- Stop! - Release me.
- Stop.
No! No! Release me.
Release me.
Release me.
Fuck you! Release me.
Release me.
Release me.
Release me
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