Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds / Gureumi Geurin Dalbit) (2016) s01e17 Episode Script

The End for the Beginning

Byung Yun.
Arrest them right now! Do not Do not move! His Highness' safety is top priority.
Clear a path at once! Ra On.
It may be a very difficult battle, but I think I need to find out exactly what Baekwoon is and what is the wall between me and the people.
It is probably on the other side of that wall.
What? The nation that you wish to create.
Is it? I hope I can see it, Your Highness.
Then I will need your help.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
Byung Yun.
I believe the world that Baekwoon wants is not different from the world that you want, Your Highness.
I really want to see the nation beyond that wall between you and the people that you will create.
Do not withdraw your sword.
The moment you do, I will lose you.
Your Highness.
Do not withdraw your sword.
It is my order.
I cannot obey your order.
I am sorry, Your Highness.
Stop! Byung Yun! Move.
Your Majesty.
Bring His Majesty inside! I said to step aside! Byung Yun.
Do not forget.
If I had just one person in this world that I could trust, it would still be you.
Thank you for believing in me.
Byung Yun Byung Yun.
Byung Yun.
(May we be nothing but friends in our final moment.
) May we be nothing but friends in our final moment.
Why are you exiting the palace at this hour? Open the gate.
It is the King's order to take the prisoner.
But Master Han.
Yes, Master.
Open the gate.
They are rebels! Close the gate! Get them! Please hurry.
Let us hurry.
What are you doing? Come out! I will buy you some time.
Master Han.
Take him.
Let us go.
We must go.
Wait a moment.
A moment is all I need.
Just a moment.
Look here.
I am an old friend of his.
Would you let me take his body? - No.
- Wait.
Come on.
Chief Kim.
(Chapter 17, An Ending for a Beginning) (One month later) Your Highness, have you woken? Your Highness, have you woken? Your Highness, have you woken? Your Your Highness.
Of course, you have not woken since you are not here.
I assume you do not need to use the restroom.
It is fine.
I shall take the scolding, so do not worry.
Time to get scolded.
This is your first time visiting us, is it not? Is it? I am drunk often, so I do not remember.
Please come by often.
I will think about it.
Did the Crown Prince skip the meeting again? He challenged your order to execute the prisoner and disobeyed you last time.
Now, he has no regard for his role as the interim king.
Your Majesty, those appeals are just some of all the letters from scholars asking the Crown Prince to be dethroned.
I said I would not address that again.
You must know, Your Majesty.
Please do not place this nation's welfare in jeopardy, Your Majesty.
The Crown Prince is not the person who placed this nation's welfare in jeopardy.
You hindered everything he tried to do mentioning Baekwoon when it was not confirmed.
You kept on gathering the scholars to protest so that everyone could know about it.
That is why I am saying this.
Your Majesty.
The Crown Prince has lost all credibility.
He visits kisaeng's parlours more often than the court.
It is only natural.
Please do not confuse the matters of the state and dethrone the Crown Prince.
It is only proper to appoint a new crown prince.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
Please come back, Master.
He is so cold.
He's as cold as ice.
Look here.
Come and talk to me.
How is the Prince? Is he well? Yes, of course.
He gets healthier by the day.
He should.
He will be a new crown prince soon.
He must be healthy.
That is also a great virtue.
Excuse me? Father, what did you just say? Why are you so surprised? Dongungjeon will soon need a new master, so you should get ready.
Do you mean it? Yes.
It is almost finished.
Yes, Father.
It is about a new-born baby that was sneaked out of the palace.
What if the baby is alive and not dead? Would that change things? Your Highness, it is I, Eunuch Sung.
Byung Yun.
I am here.
When will you respond back to me? Is Byung Yun okay? His physical wounds are almost healed.
He must want to rest more.
He has lived such a tiring life.
He is probably preparing his heart to see you.
Have you not heard from Ra On at all? No.
Are you disappointed? No.
Thanks to that, I am having fun playing a "catch the tail" game.
I am closely monitoring land deeds, money and people coming in and out of the Kim Family.
I see.
However, the hunt does not end even if you catch the tail.
They may cut off their tail and run away, so be careful.
Yes, I shall remember that.
I am almost prepared.
Please prepare to fill a great void in the Royal Court that is soon to come.
Did you look into it? Well My goodness.
Tell me the truth.
Your Highness, I think what Master Kim Yoon Sung said is true.
What? Are you saying that baby is really alive? Yes.
There really is a baby that the kisaengs are raising.
Being dethroned is not necessarily a bad thing.
Many princes in the past lived a long and happy life after they were dethroned.
It may be better than claiming the kingship.
It sounds enticing, but there is one thing stopping me.
That is you.
I do not think I can leave with you controlling the court.
Were you followed? No.
I checked several times, but there was no one following me.
I see.
You have been through much.
I heard from Mother.
Is Byung Yun really here? Is he really alive? He's still not conscious, but he is recovering.
I am glad.
I am so glad.
Come with me.
Byung Yun.
It is I, Sam Nom.
Will you lie in bed while I am here? You must have been tired from suppressing and hiding all these years.
Is that why you are resting for so long? Autumn will pass at this rate.
Please wake up before all the leaves fall.
Byung Yun.
What is the palace like when the first snow falls? If snow collects on Jahyeondang's big yard and on top of the low roof, it must be very beautiful.
It is pretty.
Byung Yun.
Are you awake? You annoying punk.
You still talk so much.
Byung Yun.
It hurts.
Byung Yun.
(Jahyeondang) All right.
The richest person in heart across the country is me.
I give you this as a piece of affection.
Do you know what the Crown Prince's nickname is? My gosh.
What is it? Pretty Prince? Prince Dung.
See? Everyone knows about it.
Darn it.
Did you just laugh? I thought he had a problem with his facial expression.
Were you disappointed that it was I? No.
I was slightly surprised.
To be honest, I was struggling alone lately.
Was it because of the wedding? I found out who the person is that you love.
I became the Crown Princess as a transaction.
If I want more now, it would be absurd.
Thus, I plan to be true to my role.
I cannot comfort you as she did, but I will remain as your assistant to help you protect your throne.
Because I am the person who will be with you until the end.
Why did you want see me? Do you really not know? Once the Crown Prince is dethroned, my son will become a new crown prince.
How long will you challenge him and me? Your Highness.
I have been staying quiet after knowing the truth because of this sickening blood that we share although I hate to admit it.
I thought you would want to see her at least once.
Your and His Majesty's child whom you abandoned in exchange for power.
Shut it.
Confess on your own.
That is the final courtesy I will show you.
Your Highness, you cannot delay any longer.
Please head to the Royal Office.
Wait a minute.
Your Highness.
Master Jung Duk Ho is here to see you.
So how did it go? He was caught just when he tried to leave the city.
We checked and confirmed that he was the one who gathered the assailants.
I am ready.
Let us go.
He has not repented for his misbehaviour, but he rather visits kisaeng's parlours too often and even gambles.
He is not fulfilling his duties as the Crown Prince and is ruining the Royal Family image.
It must be stopped at once.
Your Majesty, His Highness is here.
Tell him to come in.
Crown Prince.
Did you sneak out again last night? Yes, Your Majesty.
Where did you go? As the Minister of Government Administration stated, I went to kisaeng's parlours and to gambling dens.
They say a good king lends his ear to the people.
I cannot hear anything from within the palace.
Thus, I spent the nights with the people and heard many stories and requests.
Are those people kisaengs and gamblers? That is correct.
Why? Is that a problem? Your Majesty.
I cannot remain silent on this.
The scholars of all levels requested the Crown Prince to be dethroned.
Your Majesty, I request that you dethrone the Crown Prince and exile him.
Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
- Please be understanding.
I understand what you want.
But before I leave, I wish to share some stories that I heard at the parlours and gambling dens.
Would you like to hear them? - I really enjoyed it.
- Please come again, Master.
You look so thin.
I could not look after you when you gave birth Be careful with what you say.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
Where is the baby? What do you mean, Your Highness? The baby whom the kisaengs are raising.
I do not understand why you are looking for the baby You are not That cannot be.
It is not true, is it? Where is the baby? Earlier today, someone took the baby saying he was from the palace.
Someone from the palace? Crown Prince, what are you doing? Your Majesty, please allow me some time.
I give you my permission.
Look closely to see if there is anyone familiar.
Your Highness, why are their eyes closed? Well What do you think? It is because they all died.
They died because of what they said.
Some of them died even before they started talking.
I assume the killer thought they wouldn't be able to talk once they are dead.
I was surprised by how much proof they left behind.
I looked into the assailants who attacked Dongungjeon.
I discovered who gathered the assailants, paid them and gave them the order.
It was proved to be done by Baekwoon already.
We can just ask him.
Let him in.
Is the person who asked you to gather assailants here? Yes, Your Highness.
Point him out.
They are the ones.
The money and farmland given to the assailants.
Whom did those belong to? We confirmed those were Minister Kim Eui Gyo's.
These are his secret ledgers.
My goodness.
This is absurd.
Tell the truth right now.
Who hired them and disguised them into Baekwoon? They are Ministers Kim Eui Gyo and Kim Geun Gyo.
I don't deserve your mercy, Your Highness! Ministers Kim Eui Gyo and Kim Geun Gyo! Is what the Crown Prince said really true? Your Majesty.
His words are not trustworthy since he heard it from kisaengs and gamblers.
This is a conspiracy against us.
Are you still denying it? - Chief Magistrate.
- Yes, Your Highness.
Arrest the two this instant and interrogate them to find out about everything they have done.
Yes, Your Highness.
Your Majesty, this is unfair.
Let go of me! How dare you treat me like this? Your Majesty, I have done nothing wrong.
Your Majesty, I am innocent.
Your Majesty! Let go of me! Let go! This is unjust! You said the hunt does not end even if I catch the tail.
What do you think I should do to prevent him from cutting off his tail and running away? It is not easy to catch a large tiger in one try.
Cut off his right arm first and then his left arm.
Lastly, cut off his head.
Until you finish all this, you must never let your guard down.
I have something else to show you, Premier Kim.
This is a court lady who was killed secretly not long ago.
She gave birth to a baby right before she died.
However, I could not find her baby.
I wonder what is the story behind this.
Are you not curious about this woman? The baby is adorable.
Look at me.
It is all right.
How cute! - Baby.
- She's so cute.
Did you see that? Smile.
Earlier today, someone took the baby saying he was from the palace.
Did you say the Crown Prince brought this baby? Yes, Your Highness.
He said he has to keep her for a while for some reason.
He asked a Dongungjeon court lady to take care of her.
She was so cute when I first saw her, so I asked His Highness to let me bring her here.
I see.
Please take a look.
Is she not very pretty? Does it still hurt? I am fine, Your Highness.
You slept for so long.
Maybe I was too ashamed to see you.
You protected me and the maiden I love.
Above all, thank you for coming back.
She comes here from time to time to attend to me.
When I am done preparing everything, I shall bring her back to my side.
I shall make her laugh and chat by my side just as she used to.
I shall make her happy again.
I am almost there.
When it is all over, shall the three of us sit around together at Jahyeondang and have a drink? Pardon? I asked why we should put him on the throne.
After all, he is not the King's son.
How could you say such nonsense? Do not scorn the Royal Family of Joseon.
What else could disgrace the Royal Family more other than ruining its legitimacy? The baby is the King's son whom I gave birth to.
That is good.
You will have to keep making efforts to make everyone in the palace believe it and to keep them from having a doubt.
If you fail to do so, your life will not be spared.
Premier Kim.
Please sit down.
Do you think you will be safe? Are you threatening me, Your Highness? I have no choice.
I am aware of who you are.
You have my life in your hands.
You are also my saviour who made a lowly girl like me become the Queen.
However, you should know that your life is in my hands for the same reason.
You made me the Queen when I did not even know my father and grew up among kisaengs.
What else other than this could disgrace the Royal Family? Shut that mouth.
The next time you threaten me, you better brace yourself.
When I was little and did not know anything, I was jealous of you, Your Highness.
I thought even though I was from the family in power, I would only be one of your subjects.
I know that.
That is why I always wanted to have friends.
No matter how hard we tried to be close, I am You are the Crown Prince whom I must obey.
Is that why we ended up this way? You, Byung Yun and I.
Why must we fight against each other? From my grandfather and my position to be the successor of my family, I have always wanted to run away.
You might not believe me, though.
I do.
I wished to run away from my position if I could as well.
I shall do what I have to do.
Please do what you believe is right.
However, I am worried I might hurt you.
I am worried I might want to protect my family.
Thus, even if something happens, there is no need to feel apologetic.
Neither of us need to feel sorry.
We started this knowing what could happen.
(8 years ago) Did you see him? Yes, Master.
I took a close look at the Crown Prince.
Tell me what you think.
I could feel the dignity of the Royal Family in his face.
However, there is one thing What is it? Do not hesitate and tell me.
Actually, he's destined to die young.
I also felt an uncommon energy from one of his friends.
Yoon Sung.
He has the face of someone who is destined to become a sage king.
He was wearing a headgear embroidered with a crane If the next king will not be from the Lee Family, I should put the right person on the throne.
Did you want to see me, Grandfather? Your Highness, the Crown Princess is here.
Escort her in.
What brings you here at such late hour? Your Highness.
I heard the royal physicians made you medicinal herbs, but you refused to have it.
Please drink it.
- Crown Princess.
- Please help me fulfil my duties as the Crown Princess.
Do not drink it.
Your Highness.
- Your Highness! - Your Highness.
Your Highness! Your Highness! My goodness, Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.