Love in the Wild (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Last time on "love in the wild," six new women were introduced.
Tonight, it's the guys' turn.
Each guy chose one new girl, and the couples became trios.
One two, one two.
Some of the new girls succeeded, winning over their match.
Michelle, she is perfect.
While others couldn't compete with rock-solid connections.
Her and I have formed relationships.
At the couples' choice ceremony, Jesse devastated Tara when he left her for Ali.
We had intimate relations and I think I'm a little hurt bacause I let it happen.
Jesse, you're fake as hell.
In the end, six women went home.
Tonight, the remaining couples will take their relaionships to new heights.
Don't get so close to me.
Tentions will escalate.
I'm gunning for that guy.
I want him out of here, stat.
And that couples' choice ceremony takes a dramatic turn like never before.
Jenny, before they make a decision I'd like to say something.
Oh,gosh! Apparently you are not going to fess up to what happened.
We had a romantic encounter.
What a shakedown, huh? After the couples' choice ceremony, I was just relieved because it came down to true relationships.
I picked summer.
She's a one in a million type of personality Hey, cheers.
And I'm hoping that there's gonna be a deeper connection.
What happened with Tara? You did her dirty.
You did Tara dirty.
What was gonna happen? My understanding is they slept together, but the following day, Jesse wanted nothing to do with Tara.
A gentleman doesn't do those things.
Ken, I told her what was going on.
Tara and I, we're no longer a romantic possibility.
There's gonna be some collateral damage, and some people are gonna get hurt.
Look, I wanted to be with Ali.
Knowing Jesse had a romantic encounter with Tara, I'm not sure where Jesse's head's at.
I don't know if he thinks I'm you know, that type of girl.
Have a good night.
Night, guys.
That is gonna be interesting.
I'm gunning for that guy.
I want him out of here, stat.
Everything worked out really good.
Mm-hmm Finally! I just get Ben by himself.
Him and I, the way it should've been since get-go.
I felt ecstatic.
Michelle possesses many qualities that I look for in a lady.
Apart from her being absolutely stunning, she's great to be around.
She makes me laugh.
I think she's brilliant.
Oh, look at that.
Two names remain.
Letting cina go wasn't an easy thing to do, but sometimes good things need to come to an end for greater things to come together.
Now all my attention can be focused on getting to know Vanessa and, uh, I'm kind of excited for it.
I'm just kidding.
No, I'm just kidding.
Now that it was just Jason and I, I felt relieved.
Like, it made me feel good to know that he went with a real connection, and I'm excited to see what happens.
I'm excited.
I just wanted to be with Ken by myself.
As soon as we got into bed, we were like, "ah, come over here!" So we started, like, cuddling and, like, kissing.
And just wanna enjoy every minute that we're here.
Yanina and I definitely have chemistry.
So it's hard for me to hold back.
She has kind of pumped the brakes a little bit on me.
But, hey, I'm committed to her, and--and I won't waiver in that commitment.
Wanna make it more like blankets? No.
Like sleeping bags? Yeah.
I don't really know where Ali's head is romantically.
I know I'd like to pursue that part of things.
And if I know that I like someone, I tend to move pretty fast.
Seriously, Jesse, take your hand off me.
Jesse, I'm slow to relationships.
I understand that.
When Jesse started making a move on me in the lean-to, I just wasn't having it.
It was like too much, too soon, and it just irritated me.
Hello, kids.
How was your night last night? Good.
All right, I thought about it, and I realized that coconuts are a lot like relationships.
From the outside, they all kinda look alike, but once you break open that hard outer shell, they're either delicious or rotten.
On today's adventure, you're gonna learn a lot about what's inside your coconut.
Ben, are you staring at my coconuts right now? In certain parts of the Dominican Republic, they use food for currency.
Your job is to collect 55 coconuts and carry them down that long dirt road.
At the end, you'll trade in your coconuts for a horse.
You'll take that horse to the top of the mountain, where you will see a map, and that map will help you get through the rest of your adventure.
Now to help you, you get a wheelbarrow.
Well, here's the tricky part.
The wheelbarrow is in pieces.
I've never built a wheelbarrow before.
I'm trying to think of the most successful thing I've ever built.
Um, it's probably, like, a sandwich.
So when I say "go," you guys have to make a quick decision-- whether to take the time to build the wheelbarrow.
Ready, kids? And go! Wait.
Never mind.
Never mind.
Here, here, here.
We gotta figure out how to do this thing first.
On a normal Saturday morning, I wouldn't just wake up and build a wheelbarrow.
And to be honest, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.
No, this is wrong.
I wanted to pick up the wheelbarrow and just run with it, carrying as many coconuts as possible.
Put this thing, and then we'll use it like this.
But yanina pestered me to build, build, build.
Yanina, that won't work.
It was kind of annoying because I know how to put a screw together and I couldn't do it because I didn't have his support.
No, we don't I knew our best bet would be to put the coconuts in, and then someone take the front, someone take the back.
And just truck it.
All right, ready? Yeah.
It was very exciting to be partnered up with Jenna.
She's just super cute, super bubbly.
I mean, she's kinda got the whole package.
Hold on.
Yes? I knew that chase and I were pretty strong, so I said, "screw it.
" Yeah.
The pressure is on.
Summer is so athletic, super sexy, super smart.
You know, I'm hoping I can hold up my end of the bargain.
I feel like ah-nold.
It is.
The coconuts did start to get really heavy Let's drop it.
I'll just drag it for a little bit.
But Ryan was really encouraging.
He never made me feel bad about taking a break.
I thought that was really sweet of him, and I really do like that in a guy.
See where my hands are? Yeah, just turn it right there.
Vanessa and I decided to build the wheelbarrow.
We're good.
Okay, now what? I wanted to demonstrate to Vanessa what kind of partner that I can be during the challenge because these adventures allow you to show some colors that you don't have the opportunity to show elsewhere.
You all right? Yeah.
All right.
How many you got? It's about roughly 40.
Did we drop one? Let's get all of them in.
We were the last ones to leave the wheelbarrow area, but all the other teams, they were gonna do it in two trips.
I said, "I'm gonna do it in one no matter what.
" Do you have all 55? No.
There--I-- there's 55.
We needed 55 coconuts, and Jesse was riding my ass to, like, count how many there were.
Yeah, there's not 55 in there.
There's not? No.
It wasn't-- we need to make sure we have more than 55.
Okay, well, if they fall out, they fall out.
I mean, he's a nice-looking dude, but I think Jesse is the type of person, he's expecting, like, girls to fall in line and be noncombative, and that's just not me.
Whoops There's the horses.
Yeah? Ryan and I were the first ones to the horses.
There's no one around us.
We start counting the coconuts.
27, 28 29 29 We didn't have enough, so we started back for the rest, and then we saw everyone coming.
Everyone's gonna be coming back this way.
I was sweating it because we never knew exactly whether we had enough coconuts to begin with.
You okay? No.
I had decided I was gonna do it in one trip no matter what.
And although I didn't want to admit it, I knew I had screwed up.
At that point, all I wanted to do was put the wheel back on.
But I have to be honest.
I felt like an idiot.
Sorry, Ali.
I'm gonna have my mental breakdown here in a little bit.
We're good.
I got it, yanina.
The hardest part was actually you had to go all the way back for the second load of coconuts.
Bloody hell.
46, 47 We just need nine more.
One quality in Vanessa that I really like is that whether she's tired or fatigued, she doesn't complain at all.
She keeps on going Good job.
And looks so good doing it.
Good job, Ben.
50 51 52, 53, 54 55.
We finally got all 55 coconuts, and since I was so winded, we decided that I would ride the horse.
You're leading it.
Okay? The goal was to get to the top of the mountain and get a map, and we were on our way in first place.
All right, come on, sweetie.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
48 I was sweating it because I knew that we dropped some, so I was concerned that we would have to go back for a second load.
All right, come on.
Good plan as far as putting it all in at once.
But we hit 55, like, right on the dot.
It's like we nailed it.
Nailed it! Okay, how do I do this? I'm not sure if I want to go to the oasis with Jesse, but I am a competitor in that, like, I don't like to come in last place.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
You're doing good.
You're doing good-- both of you.
Vanessa's looking pretty nice on the horse.
Our chemistry allowed us to acquire that first-place spot.
However, we have one of the slowest horses possible.
Come on, horsey, they're catching up.
They are catching up.
Let's go.
Come on, mate.
Let's go.
Come on, mate.
Come on.
Come on, mate.
I was calling our horse "mate.
" Like --'cause Ben's like, "come on, mate.
" I'm like, "yeah, come on, mate!" He's cute, but he's sleepy.
He's not cute Go, ya bastard! Come on, you! Come on.
Come on, Ben.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on.
Come on! Come on! Come on! At this point, we were both really motivating our horse to get going because we're here to win, and it worked because we actually passed both Ben and Jason.
Whoo! I give chase major props.
He was really going balls to the wall.
Come on.
Good boy.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! But I definitely felt like a medic should've been called because I think I broke my vajayjay.
Good job.
You're doing great.
Come on.
Yeah, buddy! Eyes on the prize! Yeah, good job! Good job! Ready? Okay.
Go for it.
"From this point, trek down the trail up the river.
" "Follow the trail to a place where you see a pair of ropes across a waterfall.
" "Cross the river using the ropes and continue along the trail to the pool below the falls.
" Got it.
Got it? "Cross the river using the ropes and continue along the trails.
" Ali's reading the map, and when she reads the part about the ropes and crossing the river, she starts to break down a little bit.
"Cross the river using the ropes and continue along the trail to the pool below.
" I have this paralyzing fear of heights.
And so when I was reading the map, I was kinda like, "okay, this guarantees I'm gonna be tested at this challenge.
" All right? Oh.
You doing all right? All right.
Several of us reach the waterfall at the same time.
Hey, be careful.
H! My blinders were on at the rope bridge.
I just wanted to get across there as soon as possible.
Come on, baby.
Yanina and I make for a great team.
She encourages me to push her, and I do.
Come on, baby.
Let's go! So far, we're both happy with each other.
You got it? Got it.
Ooh! Halfway through, I lose my footing.
I felt like a jackass.
I went straight up military style.
Having summer there definitely made me step up my game.
Let's go.
Don't go back--there you go, lean forward.
All right, good.
Stand on the mid-- on your toes.
Yeah, I'm here.
Aah! My heart just dropped.
I mean, looking down and seeing how high up you are, it's very intimidating.
You think everything's over.
You're done.
You're doing great.
You're almost there.
You're already halfway.
Jason and I get along really well, even under pressure.
He's one of those guys that is like, "come on!" He's cheering you on the whole time.
Hell, yes! You're doing great.
Uhh! Big step.
One last big step.
You're good, girl.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh! You set? Okay, ready? Here we go.
Shut up.
Don't talk to me.
Because I have this paralyzing fear of heights.
I don't like to be touched if I'm scared.
I'm like don't touch me! No! You're good.
Don't get so close to me.
I know.
Jesse's, like, backing up on me.
I had to tell him at one point to, like, not crowd me.
But instead, it's like he heard it and then it just washed over him.
Good job.
Don't talk to me.
We got to the second waterfall, and we had to retrieve another map in a grotto located behind the falls.
So we're gonna have to swim.
Once we arrived at the waterfall, we noticed that Ken and yanina were ahead of us.
And since swimming is my strong suit, I charged it.
Ken and I got to the bamboo at the same time.
We both took our maps out.
We beelined it.
Yanina--she looked like a drowned rat.
I had to literally just reach out and grab her.
This adventure is intense.
Between myself and summer and Ken and yanina, it's a dead heat at this point.
Catch your breath.
We get to the waterfall.
I'm trying to get Vanessa to understand that we need to haul ass right now because we're falling behind.
"Head up the sea trail until you reach the upper falls.
" The map told us we need to go to the top waterfall, and then find this machete, bamboo, and rope, cut down 50 pounds of bananas, and get this to the scales to cross the finish line.
We get to the waterfall, and Vanessa was a superstar.
She grabbed the canister, and now we'll take it up to land to read it.
That's it.
So we have the canister No map.
Now we're screwed.
So we have the canister No map.
At this point, we need to find this map.
It's crucial to our success in the rest of the race.
Teams are starting to find theirs and go, and I'm watching them walk away with map in hand, and I'm frantically searching, and it's not looking good.
"Head up the sea trail, where you will see a sign "which says 'continue to upper falls.
' "follow the sign.
"Once you reach the upper falls, you must collect "a machete, a long pole, and a rope.
"After collecting these materials, "continue along the trail until you reach the banana plantation.
" Come on, yanina.
Are we gonna just take second all the way or do you want to push 'em in front? We were hiking up the mountain and we were head-to-head with chase and summer.
So Ken is more worried about being first than actually thinking what we need to do next.
Hey, babe, we need that machete.
I kept telling him what we needed to do, and he kept saying, "you want second place?" We could take 'em right now.
And the four of us went right past the sign of the trail to the upper falls.
Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, we gotta grab the machete, I think.
Upper falls.
Yeah, this is the base.
Before we got to the banana plantation, we had to find a pole, a machete, and ropes.
Yeah, it's all right there.
There's actually six sets of those.
What do we do with this? Let's go, back this way.
That meant that summer and chase and Ken and yanina had actually passed the point where you're supposed to pick up the tools for the next task.
Let's go, yanina.
We're getting there.
We got all the way up the mountain.
We get to the banana plantation, and, like, "where's the machete?" Uh-oh.
This is the banana plantation.
We have to go back.
I was so pissed.
We were in this neck and neck competition with Ken and yanina, and we had to go all the way back down and get the machete to cut down the bananas.
My heart was like Let's go, yanina.
When yanina and I failed to retrieve the machete, a part of me was really nervous that Jesse would win.
I don't trust him, and I want him out of here immediately.
Come on, darling! I'll give you a hand.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Here we go.
Everyone else seems to have forgotten them.
Come on.
We're there.
Come on, Ali.
All right, let's go.
Every second counts now.
Yeah, they don't-- they don't float.
So we finally have our map, and we have some major time and distance to make up.
At this point, we're both discouraged.
To the upper falls.
But I stayed calm and cool because I didn't want one part of the adventure to ruin this relationship that we were building on.
At the banana plantation, me and Ryan were in first place, and we had to cut down 50 pounds of bananas and carry it to the scales and run to the finish line.
But we have absolutely no idea what 50 pounds looks like.
All right.
Let's get swingin'.
Come here, bananas.
Just a bit too close to my fingers.
I'd never really used a machete before, but I was like a man possessed.
I don't know what 50 pounds worth of bananas feels like, but what made it worse is Ryan literally had bananas everywhere.
I know.
We have plenty of weight, I promise.
Hold on.
This is slippin' here.
I knew we had way more than 50 pounds, and I tried telling him.
I mean, it--it was-- it was stupid.
Just keep it at this pace.
We're good.
It was such a great feeling when we passed Ryan and Jenna.
I was so ready to go back to the oasis with just Ben.
I mean, that's all that I was thinking of.
We're in third place.
My strategy going into this is, I wanted to build loops with the ropes, hang 'em on the pole, then hang the bananas on that pole, and carry the pole together.
Make it a lot easier for both of us.
Ooh! Hold on! Hold on! Come on! Son of a bitch! Ryan's got a little bit of a potty mouth when he gets frustrated.
It can kind of be a turn-off for me.
These adventures definitely brings things out in people that you don't normally see.
Halfway on this trail, we come upon Ryan and Jenna.
Hold on.
Hold on.
God, man.
They fall, basically, on the side of this trail, and we pass them.
So that put us instantly in second place.
Dude, where's that wheelbarrow? I think Jesse's intentions are a little shallow.
He has a motive behind whatever he says, and it's like my guard is-- is at its highest alert.
It's just too much for a girl who's not that type of girl.
Let's get out of here.
When we finally got to the banana field with the machete, it felt like it had already been picked through by everybody else.
It was like this desolate banana field.
So we were kind of like scraping up any bananas we could find.
We were concerned about coming in lalast now, so we were kind of, like, running for our lives.
See? Look.
They're right there.
I was not expecting any other team to be within eyesight.
Oh, God.
Dude, they're, like, coming right now.
Seeing chase and summer there-- it kind of filled me up with new energy.
I'm trying to get Vanessa to understand that we still have a chance, and we need to haul ass right now, girl.
We get all these bananas, and we had to go to a weighing station.
I was happy we were in first.
I was hoping that we could keep it.
Hang it at the top.
Can you? We had to collect and pop the whole total on there, and it had to weigh also past 50 pounds.
How can we hook the whole thing on? When we get there, Ben's struggling to get all the bananas on this hook.
Luckily, all of our bananas are on ropes.
I pull up three ropes, put 'em on the hook.
They're 50.
50, probably.
Let's go.
We just take off running.
Instantly, first place.
50! 50! Go, go, go, go, go.
Let's go, let's go.
Oh, we got way over.
I was telling you, but we just proved how strong we were.
Bring it home, kids.
Come on.
You did it! Yay! I can't believe my eyes.
Me either.
Neither can we.
The last time I saw you guys, you were dead last.
What happened? It's that lean-to.
It's the inspiration to get out of there.
Well, congratulations, you guys.
You came in first! Yay.
So you will be staying in the beautiful oasis.
Believe me, we need it.
I didn't have as much elation winning the adventure because, like, now I have to go to the oasis with this guy, and knowing that he has, like, romantic interests in me-- it's a very unsettling feeling.
Good luck, you guys.
Thank you.
Run it in! You did it.
Ben, you look wiped out! Tired.
Need a banana.
Did anything happen? No.
Oh, my gosh.
He was so, like, sweet through the whole thing.
He was good.
Wow, Ben, you're growing here.
All right.
You guys came in second place.
It was bittersweet because we'd love to have come first and gone to the oasis.
Ah, it was so close.
Literally about three bananas away.
Jenny! Well, how was it? Oh, that was a grind.
It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
Well, you guys came in third.
That's good.
We'll take it.
We'll take it.
That's good.
You know, being new partners.
Go around! Aah! Oh, our little happy couple.
I'm dying.
I'm dying.
How did it go? We lost the lead, and it was my fault.
How? Not paying attention to what the girl says.
Well you guys came in fourth place.
Not bad.
Got it.
Let's go.
All right.
We just started feeling our connection, started opening up a little more with each other, and it's like, wow, now we're in last place, and we could be eliminated.
Summer! Chase! Ohh! You did it! Barely.
Unfortunately, you came in fifth place.
You're in a tent.
Have a great night, you guys.
All right.
Whoo! At least we made it! Wow, Jason, is that a banana in your pants, or you just happy to see me? Both.
So how was it, you guys? He was great.
He kept encouraging me, and even though we had, like, a blunder, we just kept going, and Well, I have bad news and I have good news.
The bad news is you guys came in last, so you'll be staying in the lean-to.
The good news is I'm lying.
There is no lean-to.
Really? Anymore! It's done! You'll be staying in one of the tents.
I'm feeling disappointed 'cause we started off so well.
I mean, we worked great with each other.
I'm starting to like this girl.
I'm starting to fall for her, and to have it end shortly would be pretty devastating.
Coming up If you push me to the point where I'm uncomfortable, I'm going to snap, and then you're really gonna think I'm a bitch.
Jesse's like the one-night stand that won't go away.
And later Would you like to stay with Jesse, or would you like to switch? Jenny, before they make a decision, I'd like to say something.
Oh, gosh.
Looks, uh, a little better this time around, doesn't it? I think being at the oasis with Ali came at the exact right time.
We were kinda at that position where we needed to find out where both of our heads are.
Ali and I have had a couple arguments, but I'm still attracted to her.
I-I'm so excited to be here.
Much nicer than the lean-to.
And I have that guy mentality where I think, give it enough time, uh, if she got to know me a little better, she'll realize that she did have feelings for me, that she would open up in that more romantic way.
I can't believe Ali and Jesse won.
I need to make a focus on attention to detail.
And then that we will be solid.
Coming from first to being in fifth place sucks, but what are you gonna do about it? You can either dwell on it, or you move forward.
If it wasn't for our mistakes, he would not have-- he is where he is because we up, not because we-- yeah, not because of his skill set.
Today I messed up so royally.
I feel like I let summer down.
She's a super competitive girl, and I'm not holding up my end of the bargain.
That was so stupid.
I really hope she doesn't change her mind about me, because I truly have feelings for her.
But I'm really nervous at this point.
Today was a nightmare.
We had a bit of everything-- animals, fruit, swimming.
A machete.
Ben and I have formed this connection, this--this bond.
I don't know, and it happened rather quickly, but he makes me smile and laugh, and that's, like, the most important thing.
I'll take second, though.
It's all right.
I'm happy with that.
At least it's not last.
I know.
We did so well.
As a new couple, for the first time, something so intense and hard as that, but we were both absolutely, you know, cream-crackered.
Cream-crackered means knackered, and knackered means shattered, and shattered means tired.
From the beginning, Jason and I had a great connection.
We clicked.
Everything was going well.
We work great together.
But now we're in last place, and we could be eliminated.
We got extra padding, and we're protected from all the bugs.
Look on the bright side.
The connection I have with Vanessa is for real, so it's definitely hard to think about we might be going home.
I've found someone that I actually do have a connection with, and we just click, so, you know, I-I hope we get to stay.
Maybe some of the other couples aren't happy and wanna switch up which maybe that'd allow us a chance to continue.
True, but this whole thing is not about the challenges.
So I guess my question is are you romantically into me at all? Honest answer.
I don't know.
You push me beyond my comfort zone, and then it pisses me off, and then it makes me-- like any feelings that I could possibly develop for you go the other way.
I think in Jesse's mind, friendship mode also kinda opens the door to "I could probably work the friendship angle "to my advantage and eventually, like, wear her down to where there could be a romantic interest.
" I think you're so used to having guys who just Fawn over you the entire time and say "yes" to everything you say.
No! I think so.
I like a challenge.
It keeps me on my toes.
Doesn't sound like it, 'cause every time I try to have a normal conversation with you, you think I'm being combative.
Jesse is like the one-night stand that won't go away.
I struggle, like, even wanting to get to know him as a person because, like, he might be a really great guy, but he might be a really great guy for someone else.
I'm gonna bring this up one more time.
Oh, my gosh.
If you push me to the point where I'm uncomfortable, I'm going to snap, and then you're really gonna think I'm a bitch.
Ali is a very Debbie downer personality.
The more time I spend with her, I realize that Ali and I just don't get along.
That's where you're different from other guys.
They just know how to read me better.
I'm not the person who shows all my romantic sides.
All you show is zero.
That's all--my only-- well, then take it for what it is.
I wish at the beginning she was honest with me, because then maybe I would have seen earlier that we don't belong together, and I could have stayed with someone else, but Ali kinda screwed me.
Coming up Jesse's been very strategic, and I was worried he would look at me as a potential competitor.
Hardly a competitor, Ken.
A wrench was kinda thrown in my original decision.
I'd like to ask Because yanina and I haven't been able to reach the oasis, I've been trying really hard to get that intimate moment with her.
I want you to know that I'm really happy with where we stand, and I hope that you have those same thoughts.
I do.
I have the same feelings.
Well, I like the sound of that.
Ken is definitely a guy to admire.
It's a definite plus to find someone that has the brains and the looks at the same time.
It's just you and I now.
Well, I'm just worried that Jesse, who is a troublemaker, may pick you, and then that means I would go home.
Tonight Jesse has the first pick of any of the girls, and they can't refuse.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried.
The way that he behaved with Tara leads me to believe that he may do something drastic tonight.
I'm concerned that he may pick yanina and send me to the unmatched area.
That would just kill me.
This is nice, huh? Vanessa's a pretty unique girl.
So I'm all about Vanessa right now, and I'll move mountains to keep it going.
So you're truly a gentleman like this all the time? All the time.
I'm really starting to feel a connection with Jason.
He definitely has a lot of qualities that I would want in a boyfriend.
Like, he just seems all around, like a good guy.
I came here for many reasons.
You know, one was to try to break out of my shell Yeah.
When it comes to trying to meet a guy, you know? Like, I always have my guard up.
Recently, I had a life-changing experience, and after that, the whole thought of settling down has been on my mind a lot.
It just made me realize it's time for me to let my guard down and open up my heart.
Well, what started it all is-- which I didn't tell you, and I won't get too into it 'cause I don't wanna get too emotional yeah.
But my dad recently passed away with lung cancer, so like, it just makes you think, you know? I'm so sorry.
To share that kind of information with someone that you've only known for such a short time, it let me know that, hey, this might really be, you know, something special.
We really communicate together, and you're, like, really good at keeping me motivated.
Ultimately, it means the world to be able to continue this adventure with Vanessa.
Our connection is blooming right now, and if it gets stopped early, it's gonna be pretty crushing.
I hope it doesn't.
I mean, not everyone has written their name in cactuses.
Going to the couples' choice ceremony.
I'm gonna leave it up to Ali to make the decision whether we stay together as a team or not.
If it doesn't work out with Ali, then I've gotta figure out whether to go home or pick someone else.
I'm really concerned about one thing tonight, and that's Jesse.
Giving Jesse the power makes me scared as hell.
If that guy picks yanina, I'm gonna raise hell.
Going into couples' choice, I'm extremely confident that Ben is going to accept my offer to continue on as my partner.
We've been getting along great, and I don't think he wants to be here with anyone else as well.
Welcome to your couples' choice ceremony.
Please take a seat in the order you finished your adventure, first in front, last in back.
All right, kids, I'm gonna be calling you guys up as couples in the order you finished your adventure.
Each of you will be asked if you want to stay with your partner or if you wanna switch for someone else.
Now, Ali and Jesse, you guys came in first, which means you have an advantage over everybody else.
If you decide to switch partners, whoever you choose cannot deny you.
You have a guaranteed switch.
The rest of you, if you decide to switch, that person that you choose can say no.
And if you're that unlucky soul, you have to go stand over in that unmatched area and hope that someone picks you.
We'll continue this process until one man and one woman are remaining.
Those two will be eliminated.
First up Ali and Jesse.
All right, last time, the guys got to choose first.
So this time the women! Are you nervous? I am nervous.
Really nervous.
Mm! Well, don't forget.
No one can deny you.
That makes it easier.
So would you like to stay with Jesse, or would you like to switch? Jenny, before they make a decision, I'd like to say something.
Oh, gosh.
While you two have been at the oasis, some real relationships have been forming.
I'm telling you this because Jesse, in my experience, has been a little calculating.
I'm concerned because I care about yanina, and I don't want these two to break us up.
So I just want you two to know that your decision right now may impact us here, and what we have right now is pretty good.
So with that in mind, Ali? Well, Jesse and I fight like cats and dogs.
So I don't think it's gonna come as a shock if I say do want to go a different route.
I wanna know who you're gonna choose.
I would like to choose Ben to be my partner.
Ben, does this shock you? Yes.
I had no idea.
Uh, Michelle and I were getting along great, and things were working out brilliantly.
I did not see that coming.
All right, come and get your girl.
Please step over to the couples' area.
So, Jesse, you kinda have your pick.
I do.
So, Jesse, you kinda have your pick.
Um A wrench was kinda thrown in my original decision.
I was gonna respectfully ask your permission to dismiss myself to the unmatched area.
Unfortunately, I think if I do that, a good friend's connection will have to go home as well.
I'd like to ask Michelle.
Michelle, how do you feel about that? We'll see how it goes.
Come on up here.
Stranger things have happened.
Very true.
Please step on over to the couples' area.
All right, third place couple, Ryan and Jenna, come on up.
So, Jenna, would you like to stay with Ryan, or are you going to switch? Um Ryan, I think we work well together, and I'd like to stay.
There's the smile.
So, Ryan, would you like to stay with Jenna, or would you like to switch? I gladly accept.
I wanna stay with Jenna.
All right, please step on over to the couples' area.
Congratulations, you guys.
Thank you.
Ken and yanina, please come on down.
What would you like to do, yanina? Would you like to stay with Ken, or would you like to get to know somebody else out there? Definitely I am not switching.
Ken? I think we are building on something good here.
I would like to stay, and, uh, I accept.
So were you sweating out Jesse's power? I was nervous.
Jesse in the past has been very strategic, and I was worried he would look at me as a potential competitor.
Hardly a competitor, Ken.
Every bit of everything I did that you've called scheming Okay.
Is to get people with appropriate persons.
And Tara would be somebody you would consider to be a schemer? Collateral damage.
Collateral damage? Yeah.
A woman.
You broke her down.
She had no connection with anybody else.
She told me she had a connection with you.
What happened with you and her that night? That's not a connection? No, it wasn't.
Not love.
Not love, Ken.
You've said enough.
And that's why we're here, isn't it? Well, I just saw it differently.
That's why we're here.
What happened that night? What did happen that night, Ken? You were there, apparently.
Uh, I've heard rumors.
Apparently, you're not going to fess up to what happened, but, uh we had a romantic encounter just like people do who are attracted to each other, and maybe we just didn't hit it off quite as well as we thought.
That's what happened.
It was our business.
No one else's.
That's all that needs to be said.
I'm sure you've had a few encounters, Ken.
Jesse, what you need to do is find a woman that you care about and make it work.
Just do that.
Don't worry about everybody else.
I did, and I tried, Ken.
And I gracefully tried to bow out.
You didn't bow out, Jesse.
You're sitting right there.
Tried, Ken.
You'd bow out, you'd be right there.
Right now what's gonna happen because of your decision I think you need to stop talking, Ken.
These two people are probably gonna go home.
There's also another world out there, Ken, after this.
I don't even know what that means, Jesse.
What is that? Leave it, leave it, fellas.
It's good.
It's good.
You both-- you both have points.
Wow, huh? Well, congratulations on staying together.
You guys are moving on to the next adventure.
Please step on over to the couples' area.
Thank you, Jenny.
Well, we're down to the final four, which means two of you will be going home.
So our fifth place couple-- summer and chase.
Summer, kind of heavy, huh? A little bit heavy.
All right, summer.
Yes? Would you like to stay with chase? Who looks a little nervous, by the way.
Or would you like to switch with Jason? Um you know, I think you guys are such a great couple together, and it's a really hard position to be in.
But I think chase and I have had a great couple days together, and, of course, I would love to stay with him.
Chase? I definitely wanna accept summer's offer to stay with her.
I-I'm definitely, you know, falling for this girl right now.
So sweet.
Aw! Congratulations, you guys.
I'm happy for you.
Please step on over to the couples' area.
Jason, Vanessa, unfortunately, you guys are the last two, which means you've been eliminated.
A lot of people are gonna be sad to see you guys go, including me, but even though you won't continue with us, do you think you'll continue with each other? We'll do all we can to.
Do you feel the same way, Vanessa? Yeah.
I definitely think he's a good guy, and he is boyfriend material.
Well, I'm hoping you can find love in each other, but unfortunately, it's time to go.
Carry on, guys.
Take care, man.
I think I was on my way to finding love in the wild, but getting last place in the adventure sealed our fate.
When two people agree to kind of let down their guard and let each other in, that's rare.
It's definitely hard to accept that this is it.
Yeah, it sucks.
I came here with an open heart, and I'm leaving here with an open heart, but Jason has a little piece of it now.
I've done things that I never thought I would do in a lifetime, and knowing that My dad was there watching me the whole time, I just know that he would be so proud of me, and I know he's looking down at me right now and saying, "good job, kiddo.