Love Is Blind (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Last Night in Paradise

1 Hold on, let me close the door.
Oh, that was insane! I can't believe everyone is here.
Like, my girls, your guys, are all here.
- I'm so happy I saw Kenny.
- It's insane.
I mean, it was a weird moment.
That was a weird moment.
My first impression of Barnett, he's very deeply troubled.
He's very mixed up, he's confused.
I see it all over his face.
Days ago I was having conversations with him about being his wife, and, he said things to me that I've never had said to me in my whole life.
I care about him deeply.
I would be lying if I was to say I didn't.
Seeing him, hearing his voice, it hurt a little bit, I'm not gonna lie.
But, it also made me really happy with the decisions that I made and the fact that I have someone who's so amazing.
How did you feel about Amber and Barnett? I think Amber and Barnett, it's interesting because we're in this whole thing, right, to connect with somebody for their soul.
And, I think they connect for other reasons.
Amber was ready to tell everybody that she and Burnett had, like, slept together multiple times.
This for me is way more than that.
I don't want to do that, because I feel like giving over your entire physical self could happen with anyone.
I can't go back to the real world of, like, "Let me just give you my body because we had a moment, like, whatever it was, like - Babe - I actually Everything is so different.
Barnett and I are good, and, I don't look at him differently for what the situation was with, you know, Jessica and him in the beginning.
Because, at the end, it ended up having her come to me.
There's no anger, there's no resentment, there's no because we ended up with who we were supposed to end up with.
I want Barnett to be happy, and, I want nothing but the best for Amber.
I hope they're excited, I hope they're happy, I hope they're doing whatever they're doing because, we're all - They're doing all the doing, I'm sure.
- We're all We're all doing our thing, and We are, yeah.
What we did in the experiment, no one could touch.
Like, just to meet each other and jump into bed, it would ruin everything for me at this point.
Like, I can't do it.
And, I get it, what you're saying about physicality.
But, I'm not some random hookup.
I'm not some random guy that's gonna just come into your life and then go.
The physical You know, for me, that's a big thing.
My biggest concern is, like, I don't want you to get so stern with me when you're telling me how you feel about it that it's almost as though it's a command.
As in, like, this is how it's gonna be, and this is this.
"Come off like a command"? What the fuck are you talking about? What are you talking about? No, I wasn't trying to be, like, an asshole about it.
What? Ah.
I am It's not what You took it the wrong way.
That's not what I'm saying.
No, it's what you're saying.
That's not what I'm saying.
Listen, I'm on the same page as you.
- We want something to be special.
- Me, again.
We want it to be a moment.
And something to be a checkpoint we can look back on and say - this is a foundation that we appreciate.
- Yeah, okay.
- I feel the same way.
- Okay.
That's good.
You know, we're on the same page.
Hmm? - I said, we're on the same page.
- Sure.
I feel like everything in this whole scenario is the opposite of what the world is.
The world is this place, where you can easily swipe right on somebody and hook up with them that night.
Go hook up with somebody, you could do it right now.
That's it.
- I may have used a poor choice of - We can all hook up with somebody now.
I've already told you that you and I are on the same page.
I'm sorry, it was a bad use of words.
All I'm saying is that we don't have to keep talking about it.
- I know.
- That's all I'm trying to say.
We have just seen each other, what, two days ago? And so she wants to make sure it's a real thing, and I get that.
And for me it's 1,000 percent real, because I don't want to be with anybody else.
It's me and you.
That's all I want.
I don't want anything else.
I don't want anyone else.
I want you.
It's me and you in four weeks for the rest of our lives.
Okay? I fucking love you.
I won't give, won’t give up Won’t give up To find a better way I won't give, won’t give up Won’t give up To find a better way A love so epic Making everybody jealous Ain't nobody gonna tell us What to do 'Cause our love is here Looking at the night sky Bright shining like a diamond mine Our love is wild Like a wild fire A love so epic Making everybody jealous Oh, shit, are you all right? - I need you, though.
- Gotta keep looking where we're going.
It's the ocean, what am I gonna hit? A buoy.
Hit a shark.
Two weeks ago I had not seen my fiancée, no.
I, uh I'd heard her.
Talked to her.
And, in a few weeks, she's gonna be my wife.
I mean, typically, when you get engaged I feel like you have at least a year or so, to prepare for a whole freaking wedding.
And we haven't We haven't really started.
After you.
- Know what I'm excited about? - What? Feeding our fur baby.
Oh, yeah, you have to meet Coda.
You're gonna love Coda.
I'm excited to meet her.
She's gonna love you.
She, just She pees when she gets excited.
She's kind of like me.
You pee when you get excited? Yeah.
I peed a little when I first saw you, so - Oh, that's great.
- I think it was pee.
Oh, my God! - That's so wrong.
- I know.
I'm kind of sad to get back to the real world.
I want to.
I'm excited to introduce you to everybody, but I kind of don't want to go home either.
I like our bubble.
I want to keep you to myself, and not share you.
I like our bubble.
I know.
- But - Are you excited to live with me? - We're going to be living together.
- I know.
This is legit.
We're going to be living together.
I promise I'm not scared.
Better not be.
I will beat you up.
Oh! Dude, my mom is gonna be so excited.
She's gonna be excited? Oh, that's good.
She's been trying to get me married off for forever.
Well, this is basically an arranged marriage.
What do you think your brothers and your mom and dad I don't know, you just gotta be, like, super nice to them and they'll like you.
I'm definitely a smart ass.
I don't know about super nice.
I don't know how genuine that would be.
So It's crazy seeing everybody last night.
I don't know if anybody could picture what people looked like.
I couldn't.
Like, I couldn't see any of the faces.
So, I was meeting strangers and then I heard their voices, and I'm like, I do know you.
Who do you think is gonna make it? Do you think that we're all gonna make it? Everybody else, I think they're really happy, too.
I just don't know if they're as happy as we are.
Didn't have any second thoughts last night after meeting Jessica? I know, like deep down that it was never gonna work with anybody else.
Even if he matched with anybody else, it wouldn't work the same way it works for us.
This was fate.
This is what was meant to be.
She can take anything she wants You know her She's a goddess, a goddess A goddess, a goddess, a goddess She's a goddess, a goddess - You excited? - I am so excited.
Oh my God, I can't believe we're about to get on a helicopter.
- This is ridiculous.
- I know, it's so beautiful too.
And it looks like a tiger, so it's fierce, like me.
Last night, it was actually really awesome to just see all of the different couples, and it made me appreciate Cameron even more.
You ready? - I'm very ready.
- Yes, so ready.
So I feel like our connection is super special.
I'm not saying that they don't have special connections, but, not like ours.
Like, me and Cameron are like We're here, you know? We're flying.
Oh! Look at the sand, it's white.
- So clear.
- The water is gorgeous.
I'm having fun and scared at the same time.
You're doing great.
The physical connection is absolutely there.
Lots of physical connection.
- This is amazing.
- Yeah.
I'm so happy to be here with you.
I wouldn't want to be here with anyone else.
I can't believe that Cameron and I have only been physically in person for three days.
It feels like we've known each other for years.
We still don't have outside distractions.
No phone, no friends, no family, no TV.
In Mexico, we can just really focus on building our physical connection before we start living together and planning a wedding.
- I'll take care of you.
- Yes, I know you will.
I have no doubt.
- You're perfect.
- You're perfect.
I haven't really been with someone who is, like, just really into me.
Like, it's like we're saturated with each other.
I'm the same way with him.
It's just like, we're like We can't, like, escape each other.
And, I just think it's cute, for now.
No, I'm kidding.
It's always gonna be cute, it's always gonna be cute.
- One more.
- Okay, one more.
- Love you.
- I love you.
What is this? Oh! What's up? Today, Mark and I are going horseback riding.
I'm really excited to do this, kind of get out and enjoy some activities with him.
I think last night, I felt a lot of pressure seeing the other couples.
They mentioned that they had kind of advanced things from a physical perspective, and I wasn't there yet with Mark.
This one's a little nervous.
I'll probably end up get him.
It's fine.
It's all fine.
Feels like a fit.
Last night, I don't believe it was an argument.
I believe it was more of a misunderstanding.
I think we're on the same page, communication-wise.
And not just that.
I feel like we're one person, in a way.
We're thinking the same.
We're always thinking of each other.
I'm thinking about her now.
So, it just feels different.
And I know that every time I see her, I'm just, like I'm excited, I'm happy.
So, that must be a sign, like, I'm doing something right being with Jess.
I love her.
Whoo! Yee-haw! I think I need a bandanna.
I know.
We'll have to get you a matching one.
I've never dated someone who's so much like me.
We literally are the same exact person, and, for me, I'm trying to figure out: does that work in real life, or, you know, is that just something that's really great and that's a best friend? And, I don't know yet.
Ride 'em.
Ah! Oh my gosh.
Yee-haw! - You're doing so good.
- We're pals now.
I love it.
Ow! I'm all right.
I grew up in the woods.
- I'm basically a wildebeest.
- Backwoods Alabama? Backwoods in Douglas County, Georgia.
Back in my day.
- Wait, say more.
- I, like, love this, right now.
- I'm happy.
- I needed this.
- All right.
- Here we go.
Oh, my gosh.
- What? - Oh, she's so cute.
- Oh, this is a cool spread.
- Oh, my God.
To our new horse friends, - and, to us.
- To us.
- Loves ya.
- Cheers.
Love you.
Well, I'm glad that we could, kind of take a step back today, and, be a lot more lighthearted, and, just let ourselves go.
It was awesome.
Today has been, like, the most important day, I think, throughout this entire thing, because I just feel you.
- And, like, having - We're finally being ourselves.
Because, I feel like before, you don't see the person, and you can let down your walls, but, there was something about the environment that you just wanted to tell this person, like, all your deepest things, and you wanted to find out really quickly if they were right for you, so you're asking serious, important questions.
It's really hard to tap into a lighter side of your personality when you're being so being so heavy.
- So, you're trying to say I'm funny.
- You're funny.
Are all the other guys this funny? No, absolutely not.
- Okay, I picked right.
- I'm the I'm the funniest.
I picked right.
I needed this.
Horseback riding takes it out of you.
It's been an awesome day.
I feel like today, Mark, he let loose, he was himself.
He was funny, silly, and I got to see that side of his personality.
I would say last night I had a definite feeling that I was not maybe there in terms of the physical aspect of our relationship.
Today, I'm really surprised.
It's taking a bit of a turn for me.
Him showing his true colors and me seeing just how wonderful he is, how dynamic of a man he is, it's really attractive.
Oh, my God.
That's really potent cheese.
Which one? That one.
- Oh.
- This? Okay.
Oh, please don't.
Don't smell it.
No, no, no! Go.
Just go for it.
It's blue cheese.
- Hmm.
- It's blue cheese.
You like blue cheese? You were so perfect until that moment.
You were everything.
What happened? Why are you cracking me up so much today? Today I'm getting the funny, crazy Mark and I'm loving it.
So don't you worry about me Don't you worry no no And it goes down down Don't you worry Pick yourself up up Watch it go round and round There's that little number.
Can I give you some sunscreen for it? - Yeah.
That'll be fine.
- I'll take this back with me.
- I am a lucky man.
- Aww.
Me, too.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking that I don't want this to end.
It's nice.
It's an escape from the everyday.
You know? And being out on the water, sitting here with you is just, it's an escape.
What do you need an escape from? Work, and drama, and everything else.
It's just, with you, it's peaceful.
What do you mean, "drama"? You know, just life, you know? You always got a little mix of social drama, and everything always going I don't know anything about you outside of here.
So, enlighten me.
You will be enlightened when we get back to reality.
All right, well, I don't want to wait, I'm impatient.
What drama? Seriously, you make that sound really bad.
You sound really worried.
I'm not worried, I'm just enjoying this.
I'm one of these people that likes to live in the moment.
When I'm on vacation I like to stay on vacation, you know? And when we gotta get back, we get back to the real world.
I mean, I agree, I don't want to leave here, but, eventually we're going to have to, so, I don't know.
- We don't have to, right now.
- You're being really vague.
I said I love being out here, away from everything, and then you dug way too deep into it.
What do you mean? I'm just asking questions.
I know, and I answered.
I said I was just enjoying living in the moment, being out here.
I feel like you're just evading the question.
Back in the pod, we were really open to being vulnerable, because, nothing else mattered.
It was just me and Damian.
And I never felt him close off.
But, now, it's not the same.
I can't make him open up.
What are you escaping from? - Reality.
- Okay, why? Because, I'm here, and I'm enjoying this.
When you go on vacation, it's to escape your everyday routines.
Okay, you're not understanding what I'm trying to tell you.
- You're not saying it.
- Yes I am.
- Then say it.
- I am telling you.
You're just not listening to me.
I said I'm enjoying being here with you and enjoying the moment, and you're going down this road - of overthinking it.
- What "whole road"? I'm not overthinking, I'm just asking a question.
- If that means I'm overthinking it - I've answered every question.
- Okay.
- So, what did I not answer? - What did I not answer? - Nothing.
Damian knows everything about me.
I communicate.
That's how I build a healthy relationship.
Oh, my God.
If he doesn't want to talk about it, then I'm done.
Oh, fuck me.
I need to be with you Stare into my eyes I need to be with you There you go, boy.
Oh! - It's good.
- Very good.
I want a taste of your steak.
Do you want a bite? Whoa.
Just out of curiosity, is there anything that, you know, makes you nervous, in general, about living together? Quirks that I have, - or anything that's giving you hesitation? - I don't think so.
- Mm-mm.
- No? Is there anything that sticks out that you're hesitant about or that scares you? I mean, it's Us going back to reality, we're probably not gonna see each other as much as we'd like.
That's something that we have to pay attention to.
Obviously, the both of us have demanding jobs.
- Yeah.
- You know.
We work Can work late hours, um So, I think having a little bit of time management and putting our work down when we need to.
Putting our phones away, like, two hours before we go to bed.
- Exactly.
- Just to have that "us" time.
- We should implement that "rule.
" - Yes.
Throughout this experiment, I had no distractions, no phone, no internet, nothing.
And my sole focus was Kenny.
Going back home to Atlanta, we have our phone or work distractions, and then friends wanting to see us, family wanting to see us.
That could be a concern.
How quickly did we realize in the pods, like, the value of having separation from all the distractions, right? If I could stay in Mexico with Kelly forever, I would say yes in a heartbeat.
Unfortunately that's not the way that life works.
It's gonna take a lot of effort, but the confidence I feel is the confidence that I have in, you know, what Kelly and I have created.
We're gonna be solid.
- It's gonna work out the way it needs to.
- It will.
I never want to let you down - It'll be good.
- Mm-hmm.
I never want to let you down Honestly, life is so much better having you in it.
I appreciate you.
Appreciate you, too.
My life could not get any better, um No, no.
I mean, it, it will get better because we'll grow together and support one another as a partnership.
But, as of right now, as if there was no tomorrow, my life could not be any better.
- I need a big kiss.
- Yep.
Best lips ever.
Finally, some pool time.
You ready to get in? - Are you ready to get in? - I'm definitely ready to get in.
- This is nice.
- Yeah, not too cold.
This just feels like nothing that I've ever experienced, because I've never had a man so, just, willing to show me how much he loved me.
- It's important.
- That's an important distinction.
It is.
It definitely feels like Cameron and I are in this dream state.
I know that we'll have to deal with parents and friends and their opinions and news, and all that, but I hope that at the core of everything we still stay strong and stay ourselves.
You know, one of the things that we're gonna have to battle, - once we leave here - Yep.
is, um, you know, the fact that we're - an interracial couple.
- We are? Who Who thought? Yeah.
But, I mean, I know that you've had experience in interracial relationships before.
- Right.
- Have you ever been in public and someone has said something Oh, yeah.
- rude to you, or to her? - Definitely.
I was crossing the street one time with her, and someone yelled out, "You should be with a black man" to her.
- Wow.
- And then, she actually, just immediately, went up and, like, kinda told him off.
- Told him off.
- Yeah.
I am wondering how Lauren may respond if a friend or family member says something disparaging about us being in an interracial relationship.
I don't want her to start to have second thoughts or reservations about getting married.
I love her so much, and I just don't want her to have to deal with that.
You know, I mean, no one wants to hear that type of thing.
People will always have opinions about something that you do with your life.
- Yeah.
- Always.
Yeah, of course.
So, it's my life to live, and I will just have to take whatever comes with that.
And, if I have to make some people uncomfortable in the process, so be it.
I mean, people should just be with who they love.
- I agree.
- It's really simple.
I think that if I were to go through this whole process, out of everything, opening myself up to being hurt, being vulnerable, breaking down the walls that have been there for years, and then getting to the altar, and if Cameron told me no, he doesn't want to get married, I would be devastated, I would be disappointed.
I would be very shocked.
You're awesome.
You're awesome.
Hopefully, you're feeling better.
I am.
What about you? Yeah, I'm feeling Feeling better now.
You weren't too happy with me earlier.
And, I can't ignore that.
I was upset.
We're a lot alike.
We see a lot of things on the same page, we can read each other in a lot of the same areas.
But, it's hard for me to want to get into, like, deep conversations in the middle of something.
And, for you that's easier.
But me, I'm not used to that.
I feel like you're putting me down because you're telling me I'll give you time, I'll give you space, I'm not gonna dig, and then, you dig, dig, dig, push, and then stomp off.
I'm not this person that wants to take you out of your happy bubble.
Once you said I want to escape from reality, there's a reason why you said that.
And, I'm not trying to get something out of you, I'm just trying to understand you.
You're closing something, and I feel it.
And I can't ignore it, and that's why I push.
But then you come at me and you're like, "You're dramatic," and that's not fair.
Because you knew what you were getting yourself into when you When you were talking to me in the pod.
I didn't process all that when we were talking on the boat.
I didn't process that there's a reason that, you know, she is asking questions.
It's not because she's digging or she's trying to upset me, it's because she cares.
When I'm backed into a wall, sometimes, I put up this block, trying to not let anybody see the emotional side of Damian.
But, I just need to be willing to open up more and let her help with it.
So, my escape from reality When I planned on getting married and engaged, I planned it all differently.
And, I don't think any of us ever expected to go this route.
But I also expected to be able to provide.
I have a good career, I have a good job.
And I sacrificed that, coming here.
It scares me not to be able to give you what you deserve and to not, like, to get a place, and to possibly lose my job, and all that scares me.
It's okay.
I've always planned to be a solid rock for my family.
I want to make sure my wife and future kids and everything are taken care of.
But, I've taken more time off than I'm really allowed to, to be here, so there is a scare of going back and not having a job because I want Giannina to be proud, I want her family to be proud of the man that she's decided to marry.
There's a lot of fears there because I don't want to lose her.
It's not easy for me to open up.
And I try, and I try, and I find myself and I throw excuses in there because I'm not used to somebody caring.
And I know you care.
I can provide for myself.
I have no issue working hard to get what I need, what I want.
But, the fact that he wants to put me in that equation I'm, uh I'm taken aback, in a good way.
You want to know what I think? It's your own expectations, but it's okay if those change.
Like, no one thought that we would be in this situation, right? So, it's okay if things don't work out as planned.
The expectations that you set for yourself, you've, you've met them, at least with me.
Like, you're the most caring, like I said, like The things that you do on a daily basis, I'm like, "How?" How? Like, this isn't real.
Like, this man is literally a gentleman.
Like, you do everything.
Giannina has all these wonderful qualities that I've always looked for in a woman, but, when we get back to our jobs and family and friends and social media, will it work? I think if we can hit the right points and understand each other and learn to communicate, I think it's possible.
The job thing If they let you go, it's their loss.
One hundred percent.
Don't worry.
Stop worrying.
Thank you.
Of course.
We should finish these drinks, - and get some food.
- Yeah.
Cheers, you guys.
- Good to see you guys.
- Great to hang out with y'all.
Meow, meow, meow.
Give me that.
Oh, hell yeah.
I love you.
- Hey! - What's up? What's going on? I didn't know y'all were gonna be here.
How you doing tonight? I did not want to blow-dry my hair today.
I was like, nope, done.
Good for you.
I didn't want - I've got rum and pineapple.
- My hair is done being done.
They're being super suave, having martinis.
We did.
And they're really good, by the way.
- I'm an olive fan, so - I actually want a martini.
I also want to be kissed by you, later.
I'm just gonna go.
I'll totally still kiss you, olive breath and all.
Vodka soda, for me.
- No problem.
- Vodka, soda, lime.
So, when Jessica came into the bar, I thought that it may have been awkward, in a sense, you know, between Barnett and Jessica.
I did notice that Amber became a little bit more touchy-feely with Barnett.
I don't know if it was just coincidental, or if she was doing it to claim her man.
- Were you hung over? - What? We drove a boat.
I should have been, but I wasn't.
We drove horses.
- Y'all rode horses? - We drove horses! - "We drove horses.
" - I was catching on.
Speaking of bareback, sounds like last night.
- It's a little crooked now.
- What? - Ahem.
- Ahem.
Anyhoo, round two.
Whoops, don't do that.
- What's in my pocket? - Hey.
I don't know.
- Oh, that's you.
- You're excited to see me.
Whoo! Smuggling pennies over here.
I just got you excited.
Eww! I would not have made that drive.
And no meal.
You sweet thing.
I'm gonna get that drink.
- Are we all migrating? - Just us.
- Oh, just us? - Yeah.
- How has it been for you, coming out? - Great.
Like, it's, it's, really crazy because we are, like, so, like, just in sync with one another.
- Yeah.
- It's so funny, because we, like, we haven't had sex, like - Yeah.
- We haven't.
We're taking it, like, really slow, and he's I mean, we're We get heated.
But it's fun.
He's like, "Oh, okay.
" I have to, like, "Go.
Go away from me.
" Yeah, just stopping before something happens.
I love it.
It's cute.
Everyone's like, placing their bets on Kelly and Kenny.
Like, well, "Kelly and Kenny are definitely, like, grow old together and be having grandbabies, like - And look back on the journey, and - He's great.
- be, like, such a success story.
" - We're definitely, like, eye to eye.
I mean we've had open communication about everything.
- Good.
That's so important.
- Yeah.
- How's it going? - Oh, it's great.
It's been nonstop laughing.
Like, my mouth still hurts from how much we've been laughing.
So it's been Yeah, it's been such a great time.
- We've had fun together.
- Kel, you deserve it.
- Thank you.
You do, too! - So much.
Today was so much fun overall.
It's awesome being here with Mark, but I am seeing all the other couples and they're in it.
I adore him.
We are bonded for life.
But it's hard to not compare my feelings for Mark and where we're at, with everyone else.
I think I have been, like, struggling a little bit with the physical aspect.
- Yeah.
- Um It's different than what I normally go for.
I mean, I can't, I'm not gonna lie about how I feel.
- I want to, really, like - No, and you shouldn't.
It's just, there's a physical discomfort still.
I had, like, Mark, my pod Mark, and then, I had, like, this person, and I was trying to put it together, you know? - So, I'm still getting there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Seeing both of them, Barnett and Mark - Yeah.
who would you say that you're more attracted to? I am literally, always the only girl hanging out with you guys.
- Story of my life, y'all.
Meow! - Oh, oh, oh.
If I, literally, didn't know these guys, maybe I Maybe I would say Barnett because he's just more my typical type.
- Right.
- I do just think there's something sexy about somebody who just - owns who they are, and like - Absolutely.
I think he and Amber are hitting it off.
- Yeah.
- Like, but, the guy doesn't know what he wants.
- Right.
- You know? So for me, seeing him, like, clearly he's an attractive guy, but It just wasn't right.
- It wasn't the right timing.
- Yeah.
And that's okay.
But, yeah, he's great.
- Mark is cute.
- I want a friendship with him.
- And I want the best for his - Yeah.
- new relationship.
- Absolutely.
But, the whole "age" thing that I was so concerned about, - has not been an issue at all.
- Doesn't matter.
It's been more the physical aspect, where I'm struggling.
- Right.
- The age thing is not an issue.
It's just, there's a physical discomfort still - in kind of moving into this phase.
- Right, that's okay.
So I know she's dated taller guys before, and Mark is shorter.
And I know she's dated some, like, lighter-haired guys before, so maybe because he's darker? I don't know.
I really don't know what is throwing her off.
- All right, let's go back to the bar.
- Yeah.
The way I feel when I'm around Mark is not the way I want to feel around my fiancé.
What's up? - Hey, babe.
- What's up, friends? And at this point, I just have to be honest.
I have to air this out, I have to get this on the table.
I have to tell him where I stand.
How am I supposed to be Some things are not meant for me How am I supposed to be These past few days have, honestly, been amazing.
I was finally being me, and I finally got her.
It's like everything All the stars aligned.
But, before we went to bed, Jessica was telling me about how she's feeling, how, uh she doesn't know if she can get there with me, physically.
I think this all came to a head after meeting the other couples.
The physical attraction between Kenny and Kelly is undeniable, and, I think Barnett and Amber are playing out in this, you know, very sexual, showy way.
They seem to all be in a different head space as it pertains to their physical relationships, and, I'm really far behind with Mark.
When he kisses me, it doesn't feel right, or comfortable.
If I can just hear his voice and grab his hand, then we're good.
But it's all the other things that just don't feel right.
I think we go home and see what happens but I don't feel right wearing the ring this morning, based on how I feel.
It's not to say it can't work, but, I'm not, you know, really expecting that to happen at this point.
I love Jessica.
I love being around her, I love everything.
Her laugh, her smile.
And I'm not I just feel like, though, Jessica is trying to find something wrong in something that there's nothing wrong.
Like, there's nothing wrong with the connection we made.
Like, there's literally nothing.
And, I keep battling, and I keep fighting, and You know, even now, when, it's like, this came out of nowhere.
We had a perfect night, and I think that's what kind of hurts, is that I'm just like I feel like I've fought and keep fighting, and keep fighting, and keep fighting, and I keep I keep going back to the reveal and, it's like, that's my person, and I can't lose you, I don't want to I don't have to I can't keep you in my mind In my mind In my mind I always fight for what I believe in, and I always fight for the people that I want in my life.
It's It's like I never I never give up.
I also don't want to pressure anybody.
I'm here, I'm strength, I can be that rock that we keep talking about, but you know, I need the same.
I'm struggling to breathe It's all very unclear Why did you have to leave Alone with all my soul Fuck.
- Fancy.
- Yeah.
Not too shabby.
I am feeling sad because I don't want to leave Mexico.
This is paradise.
Can't we just move in here and live here forever? - The party's here.
- What's up? Oh, hey girl.
But, I know that we have to go back to Atlanta tomorrow, get back to work, and really start building together as a couple.
And then, on top of that, trying to think about planning a wedding.
- Showoff.
- Whoo! Sit back and let it go Put on my favorite show Just kick my heels up Forget all my worries and float From here Don't fight it Everything you need is right here There’s love inside the screen Come on and dive in To this technicolor dream Don’t fight it It’s everything you need How is it seeing everybody from the pods? It's kind of crazy, like, do I look like what you thought? You could tell, just from your voice, "She's an attractive person.
" Cam is a lucky dude, literally.
You guys are a match made in heaven.
- Did you think she would look like that? - No.
That definitely just, like, blew me away.
You know, we've dated all these people before, so this isn't totally comfortable.
I've had very serious conversations with these guys.
One of these guys, who was not Mark, told me that he wanted me to be his wife.
We are happy for each other, but we've all dated each other before.
We've had very serious conversations, like I've never had in my whole life.
Me and G connected on such a level inside the pod that I expected that to carry outside of here.
- Right.
- I expected it to be simple.
And, you know, you're still trying to put a face to the name, - even days later.
- Right.
You're like, wow, this is who I was talking to the whole time.
- And, it's still a challenge.
- Yeah.
I mean, how do you feel like you and Kenny have been coping? - Do you think that it's been pretty solid? - Yeah.
Everything's like, pretty close to how it was in the pods? - Yeah.
- Yeah? That's awesome.
Which is crazy, but, yeah.
- What's up, Jess? - What up? - Well, last night was fun.
We were, like - Yeah.
Y'all really have some sexual - I don't know why.
- chemistry, or sexual something.
I'm physically attracted to Barnett.
My natural instinct, if it were pre-pod Jess, would be to go to Barnett, the most attractive guy that I, just, normally gravitate to.
That's totally a different take from the person I thought you Our relationship, I feel like was - totally, totally different.
- Every relationship I had was different.
But, like, we did have a connection, and, I mean, it was a strong connection.
I mean, I got really emotionally invested in that, and then I felt like you did too.
- I mean, I'm happy, so - Yeah.
If Barnett and I continued our relationship outside of the pod, you would see a totally different Barnett, an introspective Barnett, a sophisticated, you know, holding-himself-high Barnett.
It would be the complete opposite of what you see with him and Amber.
It's interesting to see that he chose something completely opposite of kind of what we had going.
So how's, uh, Mark? I mean, we're struggling for sure.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Like, the physical, for me, has been really hard.
It's just not like, maybe, clicking.
It's like, we connected so much in the pods, and then, it's like, I guess seeing each other, like, it doesn't feel right 100 percent.
You know what I mean? So, I'm still trying to figure that out.
But, like, we'll see what happens.
So, my biggest thing, like Look, I love this chick.
I've never felt like this about someone in my entire life.
I knew from the first time I talked to her.
- She's intense.
- I keep fighting, but then, damn, it's like, yo, I'm gonna keep fighting, but I need something back.
- Organic - At some point she has to believe it and see it, too.
You shouldn't have to fight forever.
Talking with Amber made me feel better, a little bit, but I still feel as though I need to go talk to Jess.
It's almost like, let's go back to square one, where we started, and communicate.
And, just, get into what we're feeling, and how we got here in the first place, which is opening up and being vulnerable, and being who we are internally, and just saying, "Hey, this is what's going on.
What's going on with you?" And figuring it out from there.
You want the other person to be all in, too, and you want that reassurance.
I feel it.
Gotta embrace the mess and see if you can manage it together.
And no peeking.
Hey! - No.
- I'm not.
I'm just Don't open them.
Falling in love is scary as hell.
It flips everything upside down.
Tonight, I figured we could have a romantic dinner, and stargaze.
You've been out in the sunshine your entire life, but really you've been in the dark.
And then someone just opens up your eyes, and you're like, well, is this it? I don't know, I think so.
I like it, I think.
So it's exciting, and it's amazing, and it's warm, and it's terrifying.
Because someone taps into you, and you're, like all right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Love is a beautiful thing.
You know when people, like, name stars? I want that.
Well, we will find a star and, we will name it after you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, I needed that.
I'm feeling really confused.
Um I don't know where Jessica's head's at right now.
I'm confused as to how someone could say yes to someone in the pods, and fall for someone, and then, gut punches me and says, "She doesn't think she's ever gonna get there.
" It's something that we have to talk about, because I'd rather her tell me than hold something in and not tell me something at all.
I want you to be a thousand percent open with me.
That's all I've ever wanted.
Seeing you, meeting you, accepting your proposal, it was all one hundred.
And, that's what I felt.
And, that's why I'm still here right now.
But, I feel as though, once we got done with the experiment, you stopped You, like, put that roadblock in there.
Just because it's an experiment that someone set up and said, "Hey, I think love is blind," you can't come in with preconceived notions.
You have to let the human element play out.
We have this incredible, undeniable connection.
But, it has not turned for me.
I know we're about to go back to Atlanta, and move into the next portion of this experiment.
And, I know fully I don't want to go meet your family with a ring on my finger.
I can't do that to you, I can't do that to your family.
To do this whole thing is not something that I feel comfortable with at this point.
I'm not there yet.
I don't think I should wear the ring.
I'm just uncomfortable.
It doesn't feel authentic for me to wear this symbol of forever.
Right now I just feel like we are miles apart from each other.
You can't fake all that when I saw you.
You can't fake the things that we said to each other in the pods.
All those emotions and everything, it was real.
Getting down on one knee was real.
But the experiment, it doesn't end there.
The experiment doesn't end at the pods.
I get it.
It was safe.
Like, there was no judgment, there was no insecurities.
But, like, there's still none of that.
There's just not a wall between us anymore.
It feels like we haven't, necessarily, given it an honest chance.
I need her to kind of remember where we were, reassure her that I'm the same man you fell in love with in the pods, is the same man that's in front of you, in person.
I'm not trying to force you into a decision.
I'm just taking you back to where we were, and letting you see that.
I need my back Like, you know, my teammate.
You've given me unconditional love since day one.
I'm still here.
I'm still open.
I want to remain open to you, because I really, really care about you so much.
I love really hard, and, I love you.
- That's what I'm saying, what I felt.
- And I do.
I really do.
I appreciate you telling me.
I'd love for you to be on my team.
I'd love for you to be there for me, and be - We'd just rock and roll.
- Be a badass team.
A team.
You, you, keep me hurting You, you, keep me yearning You, you, leave me burning
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