Love Is Blind (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Countdown to I Do's

1 [dramatic music plays.]
You're not going to ask me for my blessing to this? [Cameron.]
Of course, you know, in an ideal world, I would've wanted to have asked for your blessing before I proposed to her.
Um, the circumstances didn't really allow me to do that.
Well, I'll let you guys talk on your own, maybe.
Uh, okay.
Be nice, Daddy.
So I've never introduced my dad to any of my boyfriends, let alone my fiancé, who is also white.
My dad is also very vocal about the black community and keeping the black family structure strong, so I'm a little nervous.
I mean, my dad's not racist or anything, but I'm nervous as to how he'll react.
He doesn't take a lot of shit.
He's used to being the boss, he's used to calling the shots, he's very protective over me.
Um, but he's a great man.
With Lauren, I know that she has never lived with a man before.
And never introduced a man to her parents, and I feel honored that I'm that guy.
This is big stuff here, man.
This ain't no, uh, you know, easy thing here.
This is big stuff.
I don't want to be a bad guy.
I don't want to scare you, nothing like that.
It's not my intent.
- I want to know you.
- Yeah.
But I'm brutally honest.
Anybody who knows me will tell you.
I have no problem speaking my mind.
I got through life like that.
I guess it's simple and a short-cut to say you're a white guy, she's a black woman.
Let's talk about that.
How do you feel about being in a room full of black people? Have you ever been in a room full of black people? [Cameron.]
Of course.
Just you, young white guy there? [Cameron.]
Of course.
That's a hell of a question, but it's real.
Yeah, absolutely.
Um No, I, I had a serious relationship prior to meeting Lauren.
- We dated for five years.
- Okay.
She was a black woman.
Um, so I found myself in that type of situation all the time.
You know, I have experienced being in a interracial relationship where people have issues That's not everything, - but it's certainly gonna play a factor - [Cameron.]
- of how you live in the world.
- Yeah.
You know? Your daughter is the most amazing woman I've ever met.
I fell in love with her without ever having seen her.
I love her for who she is, and I'm grateful every day to be with her.
I don't judge you by anything other than how you treat her.
- I appreciate that.
- [Bill.]
Okay? You know, this is so overwhelming to me.
It's a surprise.
All of it, it's a surprise.
Um Okay, let's see how this goes.
It's ultimately her decision.
I've always taught her to live her life the way she sees it.
When I talked to Cameron, he's a little too mellow for me, but I like him that she likes him.
That's as good as the approval's gonna get right now.
I'm not 100% with this.
I'm from a whole other generation.
We didn't pick a wife like this.
- Yeah.
- [Bill chuckles.]
But she loves you, so I like you.
That's a start.
Well, I wanna work so that you do love me, eventually.
["Give A Little Bit" playing.]
Give a little bit of love Give a little bit of love And you'll come around Take a little bit of love Take a little bit of love And you're gonna feel Give a little bit of love [indistinct chatter.]
- [Nick.]
Fellas, fellas, fellas, fellas.
- [Kenny laughing.]
- How are we? - [Damien.]
What's up, buddy? - [Nick.]
You guys doing all right? - [Kenny.]
Doing great, man.
Hi! [women.]
Hi! [Vanessa.]
Wow, you guys look glowing.
Fellas, in this blind love experiment, you chose to get engaged and spend the rest of your life with a woman you had not seen, based solely on an emotional connection.
You've shared a romantic getaway, you moved in with one another And now, your weddings are just two weeks away.
- [chuckles nervously.]
- [shudders.]
Today, you guys are gonna choose a suit to wear at your wedding on your wedding day.
Awesome to see you guys brought family and friends with you.
A little moral support today.
That's good, it's important.
- Damian, who do you got with you? - This is my buddy Aaron.
- What do you think of all this? - Kinda crazy.
But if I knew anybody would kinda do this, it would be Damian.
- [Nick.]
Is that right? - [Aaron.]
- He's the risk taker? - [Aaron.]
You can't calm him down.
He's always on to the next thing, - on to the next thing, so - Not this time.
[all laughing.]
Not yet.
Lauren, is this your mom? This is my mom.
So, what are you thinking right now, Mom? I never dreamed of her getting married through an experiment.
[all laughing.]
[Pamela laughing loudly.]
Just drink your champagne, Mom.
[all laughing.]
Mark, who you got with you? - Uh, my best friend, Bardia.
- Brad.
Hey, man.
What did you think when Mark told you this was going on? What was going through your mind? I thought it was crazy.
I'm older than Mark, and I think, you know, 24, 25 is a little too young to get married.
- [Nick.]
You think he's too young? - I do.
I think, 24, 25, you're really just starting to find yourself.
And so I'm a little concerned that she's a little older than him.
Yeah, well, you're a good buddy.
You're here today, you know, regardless of how you feel.
And you're obviously He knows he's always got us.
Yeah, you always need people in your life that'll give it to you straight.
Of course.
I mean, I've always I mean, we've been best friends for a long time, but he's always respected me in the sense that I will always make my decision for me.
And, yeah, the age is gonna have its challenges.
And we're gonna, you know, day by day.
That's been our motto since the start.
We've taken it day by day, - and I'm excited for those challenges.
- Mm-hmm.
So, we'll see what happens.
And I'm just excited that he's been my support system.
Hey, these are your boys.
You wanna look out for them.
And this is a big, big day.
So, Damian, Barnett, Cam, Mark, Kenny, when you choose your suit today, I want you to think about what it symbolizes.
This will be the gown that you will wear when you stand in front of your family and friends and the man that you've chosen.
In that dress, you will ultimately decide Will you say "I do" to the man that you got engaged to, sight unseen? Or will you choose to walk away from her forever? I hope you will all celebrate a beautiful wedding, and experience a marriage that lasts the test of time.
But this is an experiment.
Is love blind? I hope you guys prove that it is.
Guys, enjoy the day.
Enjoy this process, seriously.
Can't wait to see you in your suits.
- Thanks, Nick.
- [Nick.]
Have fun, guys.
Okay, we got nos, we got yeses.
[soul music playing.]
Every little girl always has this fantasy about the day that she goes to pick her wedding dress.
[woman 1 gasps.]
[woman 2.]
Oh, look at you! Oh, wow, Lauren.
With the train and everything.
[woman 3.]
Oh, Lauren! Where's the yes? It's really nice.
Oh, my god! Lauren.
- Oh, my god.
That's beautiful.
- That is gorgeous.
This is all real.
This is all happening.
We're planning a wedding.
I'm here, trying on wedding dresses.
It doesn't get more real than this.
[all gasping.]
- [Jessica.]
Stop it! - [Pat.]
Oh, my God! [all cheering.]
I love this.
Baby, you look like a goddess.
I love shopping, but this is the biggest moment ever.
Oh, I like the back.
Oh, yes, honey.
[woman 1 gasps.]
So, there is a lot.
- Amber, that's gorgeous.
- [woman 2.]
That's beautiful.
- [Amber.]
That dress is gorgeous.
- I mean, this is so pretty.
You couldn't see, but I totally kicked my leg out right there.
- It's a leg kick.
- [Lauren.]
So gorgeous.
Oh! [women gasping.]
I'm like, no.
No? [laughs.]
I've never gotten so serious about someone that I would go to a wedding dress shop to try on a dress, so it's uncharted territory for me.
- I want to dip my toe in the water.
- [laughs.]
Really, just I wasn't ready to jump, so I'm like, next we'll do something really bridal-y.
[woman 3 gasps.]
Ooh! [women gasping, exclaiming.]
That's pretty.
- [Lauren.]
That is pretty.
- Oh, I like that.
You look gorgeous.
- Do you love it? - [Kelly.]
Like dating, I'm so picky.
Maybe this is a true reflection of that.
I've never like planned this day.
So I feel like it's harder for me to figure out exactly what I like.
It's okay.
'Cause I don't know.
- So - Next dress! [upbeat rock music playing.]
Are you thinking more suit or tux? I'm thinking suit.
You are barrel-chested.
Is that a good thing? Well, it is when you're looking for women, but not when you're fitting clothes.
- [Cameron laughs.]
- [Barnett.]
What's this for? [tailor.]
That goes in the back of the shoe to let your heel slide in.
- [Barnett.]
I'm not fancy.
- You guys don't dress up a lot, do you? - [Barnett laughs.]
- How does it feel? A little tight.
So, Barnett, I do have some concerns.
Yeah, no, seriously.
Like, um, yeah.
I don't expect you to understand either way.
I mean, I really can't understand.
It has only been two weeks.
Honestly [sighs.]
I've been happy before, but this is This is a different happiness, and I don't know really how to explain it all the time.
- But it's just like - [Brett.]
I've never been with anybody that's so easy to be with, you know.
- Yeah.
- There's always complications, like, even, like, the little shit that comes out, it just doesn't really matter, you know? - You're saying is, when you know - We get past the little stuff quick.
Amber is the whole package.
Like, I've never been with someone so confident, and I've never been so confident about someone.
So, it's crazy.
And you know more about her and she probably knows more about you.
Honestly, she probably knows more about me than you do.
That's how crazy that whole experience was.
I know.
I know we've had like years and years of, you know, breakups together and stuff like that.
You know, it's just [sighs.]
I'm excited for the wedding day.
Like, it's my day, but it's really her day.
Just 'cause it's something she's probably dreamed about her whole life.
I haven't dreamed about it my whole life.
I just started thinking about it two weeks ago.
It's, it's, it's real, but I'm trying not to make it, like, crazy stressful.
As long as you're happy, I'm good.
I'm happy.
I'm happy.
Oh, wow.
I was trying to put the pieces together because I couldn't visualize things anymore.
I just can't stop staring at it.
Then when I put on the dress, I was like, "Wow I can see it.
" So I took it as a sign.
I'm a really big believer in signs.
- [gasps.]
- [Kelly.]
Stop it.
Oh! Oh, my gosh! [Lauren.]
Gigi! Giannina, oh, my God.
I mean, like you see it in movies and everything, and, like, you always picture it, you walking down the aisle.
- [Lauren.]
- And then I put on this dress - [Lauren.]
Yay! - [Jessica.]
Oh, boo-boo.
I think he'll think I'm pretty.
Yeah, I think he'll like it.
What is this? - [sobbing, laughs.]
- [Gigi's friend.]
You look so beautiful.
Oh, wow.
Oh, my God.
When I saw her, I just melted.
I mean, I had to get up and hug her, 'cause seeing her there with that dress, it was like seeing a princess, like a fairy tale.
- Like, it became a reality.
- Yes.
[Pamela gasps.]
Oh, wow.
It's beautiful.
Oh! I love that on you.
You like the train? Trying on wedding dresses is something that my mom and I have always talked about.
She's always wanted to help me pick my dress for that big day.
So, we're finally at that time, and I definitely feel scared overall of the whole commitment of marriage and the fact that I'm gonna be married.
But right now, in this second, in this moment, I'm feeling good right now.
This is a moment I've been waiting for, Lauren.
I've been waiting for this.
Lauren looked gorgeous.
It got to me, so, um You know, I've always waited for this day to see her in a wedding dress.
I'm really happy for her, that she found someone to To make her happy.
- [Lauren.]
- [woman 1.]
[woman 2.]
Ooh! [all exclaiming.]
Oh, I love that.
- [Lauren.]
That's pretty.
- [woman 3.]
That looks good.
Give us a spin, give us a spin.
Kelly, this is really pretty on you, girl.
That's beautiful.
Watching my sister walk out in that wedding dress today was just the most beautiful feeling 'Cause it's my It's my little sister.
She's my heart.
So I'm very excited to see the next stage in this [sniffles.]
in her life, coming to fruition for her.
In the most beautiful way.
I feel like I Not that I'm losing my sister, but it's like - [Kelly.]
Well, yeah.
- She's not single anymore.
- Does that make sense? - [all agreeing.]
Believe me, I know.
Single a little too long, guys.
I mean, you're literally getting married off.
So it's like a loss, but you're gaining so much more And you're gaining, yeah.
It's just change.
It's still happy, and it's beautiful.
It is beautiful.
So, it's different.
- It is different.
- Yeah.
I love you.
Round two.
[all exclaiming.]
Round two.
Oh, my God.
Gosh, Amber! [Lauren.]
That's beautiful.
I've been thinking about my wedding since the first time I saw Cinderella.
You look like a swan.
You know, you want the prince and the princess.
And the older I got, I realized I didn't want somebody to save me.
I wanted somebody that, you know, sometimes would need me to save them.
And that is what I think I've found now.
This is surreal.
Um I don't know, I guess, like, the idea of getting down the aisle and making it this far with Barnett, and then the possibility that he he might say no, I don't think I could survive it.
The more excited I find I'm getting about these things, I'm more scared.
I'm starting to get In the back of my head, there is this very legitimate fear that Barnett isn't going to be able to go through with this wedding.
Things you don't really think about, like Nick said You don't really think about picking out your, your suit for the day.
You know, and that's why I seem kinda scrambled, 'cause I've never really put much thought into that.
I don't think you've put much thought into any of it.
Yeah, I have.
Is there such thing as tailor confidentiality? [tailor.]
There is, of course.
All right.
I like it.
I'm a little skeptical.
He thinks he knows what he wants.
- What's up, man? - What's up? Dude, can you believe it? [laughs.]
But he doesn't necessarily understand the gravity of the situation.
I think he's not looking before he jumps off the skyscraper.
When I was your age, right, I wasn't looking to make emotional connections with people.
It was more I was in school, I was working, I was looking for a fun time, a good time, you know? It's so big, man.
I knew coming in to this what the responsibility is of a married man, of the possibility that I could find someone, and marry and spend the rest of my life with them.
I knew that, taking the leap of faith coming in here.
And I didn't back down from it.
And I found someone that I made an emotional connection that I've never made with any of my exes or girls that I've dated in the past, and now, again, I'm here in this process right now with Jessica, and I am still steadfast in what I believe in.
So what Bardia sees is the age gap.
A 34-year-old woman, successful where she's at in life, and a 24-year-old guy that's still figuring it out.
What he's looking at is a societal thing as opposed to what I actually experienced.
That emotional connection that I had with Jess was so real, I think that's really hard to grasp for some people, is how could this be true? In ten days, you just propose to somebody when you didn't even see them.
Well, on the contrary, I think that I got to know them better than if I saw them first.
I know you said you've never had an emotional connection like that with somebody.
How does that affect your physical connection? I made that emotional connection with someone, and finally, you know, we pushed it and pushed it for so long till it happened, and that physical connection, I can honestly say, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.
One night, I think our emotional connection took over and we made it into a physical connection.
It was beautiful to see how both, just amazing And that's why whatever Bardia's concerns are with me and what anyone's concerns are with me is that now that we have both tied in together, it's as if there's nothing that can stop us.
[sighs deeply.]
- [dresser.]
What do you think? - [Jessica.]
This doesn't feel right.
I don't know.
This one doesn't feel right.
It feels really pretty.
It feels really pretty? I just don't know if I like it.
I don't know if it feels right.
I just feel like [sighs.]
[trembling sigh.]
[sighs deeply.]
- Okay.
Second time.
- [Lauren.]
I like that.
Ooh! That's way better.
- You don't like it? - Um Uh Yeah, so, like, this dress is doing things to me.
Um Yeah.
It's gorgeous.
Like, it's a forever dress.
- Right? - [Giannina.]
Do you want to be in that dress? [trembling breaths.]
I don't know.
Am I being true in this? Or am I being wishful thinking, or Where am I at? - [gasps.]
Still need time.
I'm suffocating.
- [Giannina.]
It's okay.
Marriage, to me, is forever.
There are just so many details for me for me that need to be ironed out before I can commit to being with someone for the rest of my life.
[upbeat pop music playing.]
What's up? [Jessica.]
Hi! How are you, birthday boy? [Barnett.]
Birthday boy? The last time I saw you, y'all made me drink whiskey.
It wasn't my fault.
- Oh, my gosh.
How are you? - I'm good.
I've decided I do want to talk to Barnett today.
I cannot walk out of here after this entire experience with any regrets, with anything left unsaid.
I cannot leave anything on the table.
- How are things? - Good.
Really good.
Stressing out.
Dude, if you would've asked me three weeks ago, I would've never guessed.
- Really? - No offense.
- Really? - Yeah.
- When? Like, in - Never.
If I would've ever thought, like, you and Amber will be getting married, I would probably have never Why? I don't know.
I Well, I pictured you so differently than reality.
- Not in a bad way at all.
- No, no, I got you.
I think it's amazing.
You guys are actually such a good match, and I realized that in Mexico.
- I was actually saying that yesterday.
- No.
Um - Oh, shit.
That's amazing.
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Yeah, so It sounds like it's a good That's a good situation.
- Anyway - You're a good You're a good faker.
- Just kidding.
- All right, stop.
- That's not a good thing to say.
- No, don't say that.
[both laughing.]
I know I was 100% about you at one point.
But, like, I'm with Amber.
And then the other day I guess, whenever, my birthday, like, when we were talking, I guess it felt like, you know, you had regrets about us, maybe.
When we were talking.
- Really? - Yeah.
That's how I That's what it felt like.
Not to you.
- Huh? - Not to you.
I wasn't sure.
- Really? - I wasn't sure.
- Regrets about you? - Maybe.
And I think that pissed Amber off a little, too.
- Really? - Yeah.
What? I'm mortified.
How could he think I like him? Now she thinks I like him.
This is very awkward.
Oh, for sure.
From her perspective, that's what she saw.
So, I mean, I didn't know how to take it.
- No.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- It was a weird night.
- I'm so sorry it was - Okay, okay, okay.
- Sorry if I came across weird.
I'm a loving, very overly loving person when I've had a little bit too much to drink, and I think that night, specifically, I gave him the wrong impression.
And especially, like, seeing you with Amber, like A thousand percent, like She and I couldn't be any opposite type of people.
- So, like - I know.
It's - There's no way I could see it, like - Okay.
- So, I'm sorry.
- No, you're - I should definitely chat with her.
- It's my fault because [Jessica.]
I should talk to her.
That's kinda why I was like, "Could you see us together?" 'Cause, like, it felt like you were regretting it.
Uh Not sure where to go with that, but I'm so thrilled for you guys.
I would not ever, ever You're engaged! And I really don't I, I, really have never thought that one time.
Like, the only thing I've ever thought was, "They're so great together.
They seem like they're having a great time.
" You know, "I'm happy for him.
" That's it.
I mean, I'm sorry I assumed.
Are you just, like, 1,000%, just like, "I'm doing this.
" Yeah.
I'm pretty much 100%.
So, I'm glad.
I'm, I'm in a good place.
- I like where I'm at, so - Good.
At this point, I'm done with Barnett.
I don't want to continue the interactions with him.
Mark has been my rock, and I know that's the right relationship for me.
It's just been hard for me to accept that.
I have never been able to commit to taking a relationship forward, so I'm scared, to be completely honest.
["1, 2, 3 Turnaround" playing.]
Doo, doo, doo-doo doo-doo Doo, doo, doo-doo doo-doo Doo, doo, doo-doo doo-doo 1, 2, 3, turnaround Don't you watch me now Just turnaround Touch your knees, don't look Just turnaround Do it now Don't make me count to four 1, 2, 3, turnaround Watch yourself Why don't you turnaround Walk right through that door Doo, doo, doo-doo doo-doo Doo, doo, doo-doo doo-doo Who could it Please, don't look at me So obviously It makes me sweat Straight to my head I'm turning red 'Cause someone said So I'm upset [Giannina.]
Planning a wedding, yeah, it's stressful.
We're super busy.
So, I've been wanting to sit in a room together and talk things out together, Okay, so You know how like we Are you on your phone? See, I don't do that.
We're in the gym, I was pausing my music 'cause it was still playing.
G sees me on my phone for three seconds.
She's like, "Please put your phone down.
I'm trying to talk to you.
" But she's constantly on her phone, and I don't say anything.
You're making a big deal, jumping to conclusions.
You do it all the time.
The problem is you're so consistent with it, you don't realize it.
Yeah, I probably do it 'cause I literally work through my phone.
You're on Instagram.
You're on social media, and you're like this talking to me.
I get alerts.
People tell me, "Hey" Know how many times I've posted since I've been back? - Not once.
- I don't care.
That's your life.
- So, the thing is - [Giannina.]
That's your social media life.
But you're making like I'm on my phone a lot.
I'm on my phone this high of a percentage compared to you.
So don't make it about social media when I go to check my phone to pause it.
Being on my phone and being on social media are two completely different things.
I'm on my phone a lot because I have to work through my phone.
We're having a conversation and I had to repeat the same thing four times.
You're like, "Sorry.
Huh? Huh? I'm really sorry I was sidetracked.
" And you remember that.
You did it three, four times in one conversation.
- So - This is such fucking bullshit.
You think I want to argue with you? You bring them up, and then contradict it 'cause you do it.
And if you want to bring up the Do you have a problem with me posting on Instagram? Is there something you want to get out? - No, it's just - 'Cause I told you I do shit on Instagram.
That's my social, like, blogging platform.
I know it's your blogging platform, but I'll message you, and you don't reply back for eight hours.
You're like, "Sorry, my phone was turned off.
I was busy.
" - And then - I called you in between your texts.
I rather call than text.
Yeah, and it was nine hours later, and you had posted on Instagram.
Are you serious right now? This is literally wasting time.
You make me an option, not a priority.
And that's what it comes off as.
I want you to live your best life, but you gotta have some respect for the other individual too.
I don't want social media to be put before me in any case.
Because I haven't done that to her.
- [Giannina.]
Jesus! - Communication.
Don't talk to me.
- Don't talk to me.
- [Damian.]
The door is locked down there.
I don't care.
- Oh, God! - [chuckles.]
- [Barnett.]
- [Amber.]
How the fuck was your day? I don't know.
I have not been at work since this experiment ended.
My days are pretty much centered around getting ready for the wedding.
Barnett is working nonstop every day.
You look like your day was wonderful.
I don't know what she does all day.
I honestly don't know.
Since she's not really working, she burned through a few A few shows on Netflix already, so [chuckles.]
I may or may not have gone home and started working on my wedding list and called more people while I drank an entire bottle of red wine.
Normal stuff to do.
Everybody is like, "Oh, God.
Does he know what he's in for?" - And I'm, like - I think I do.
- I don't know.
- I'm nervous.
We're gonna find out.
- I'm nervous.
- [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
- Oh, God.
It sounds like you had a good day.
I went to go get my dress fitted.
Oh, it's gonna look so good, and then they gave me the prices.
- That doesn't look good.
- It's not good.
It's not great.
So the alterations themselves are $850, which puts me at least, like, $400 over budget.
I've always pictured my marriage in the future to be really secure.
I would love to be a stay-at-home mom.
I hope Barnett can take care of me.
Honestly, I have so much to do.
I have to pick out a cake, still.
I have to order my bridesmaids dresses.
I have them picked out.
I do want real flowers.
They don't have to be expensive.
I want my bouquet to be nice, because obviously I'm going to be the center of attention on our wedding day, duh.
I want everything to look really good.
My mom has already done so much for me, I feel like it would be unfair to ask her to pay for my wedding.
Like, I want to make sure we can manage this ourselves.
Let's see how this ends up.
I don't want to ever have financial issues.
Amber's at a place right now where she's struggling financially.
I mean, I'm worried about it.
I have to support a wedding, a family.
I have to support the house, I have to do all this.
It's a lot of pressure.
[upbeat pop music playing.]
You want to help me with this guest list? [Lauren.]
Ooh! Wedding stuff.
- [Cameron laughs.]
- [Lauren.]
- Let's do it.
- Yeah? I've got really most of my guests already filled out.
- Do you? - Yeah.
All right.
As for my guests Mm Okay.
I still have a lot of family and friends to tell.
- Yeah? - Like You know, I haven't told everyone to be honest.
- Why do you think - I haven't? Yeah.
Why do you think you haven't? I just don't like explaining myself to people, and then them judging, and being, like, "Oh! Well, why?" - I don't feel like going through that.
- Yeah.
Not that I don't want to tell people about your wonderful self and how awesome you are, but I just Like, you know, "Yeah, this is supposed to be fun and exciting," and, you know, it is.
- You know, to a degree, but I just feel - [laughs.]
I just feel stressed.
- Like, you know? So - Yeah.
I mean, I don't think for any wedding it's all fun and laughter.
Yeah, exactly.
I feel a huge sense of relief now that Cameron has met my dad.
But now that I have the opportunity to marry this wonderful man and have a partnership, a partner in life that wants it to be "us" and "we," and "I'm here to help you and support you," it's like, "Why are you scared, Lauren? What are you fighting?" I don't know.
I Maybe I'm, like, afraid of some type of disappointment, like, in the past, I know, but I can't project that onto Cameron.
That's not fair.
The invitations just make everything like, you know, it's no turning back now.
- Yeah.
- Not that I, you know But it's just like Now people are going to be here in the seats, and, you know, what are you going to do? So is it Is it a fear of it's going to be an unsuccessful marriage, I guess? No.
Not really, just because nobody goes into a marriage planning on getting divorced.
I mean, my parents are divorced, your parents are still married.
But my parents were married for 17 years before they got divorced.
- [Cameron.]
- So you've seen the happy ending.
I really haven't.
It's like It's pressure.
I know.
I'm just trying to get to the root of your fears about all this.
Every fear and phobia and thought to try to sabotage whatever this is is, is flooding in my head.
So I've been fighting that this whole process.
You know, I'm just trying to follow my heart.
- So, how are you feeling? - Yeah.
Still no doubts? Ready to do this? Get married? Walk down the aisle? You're not scared or anything? No, I'm good.
You know, it makes me a bit nervous to see Lauren's reservations about our wedding.
It gets me thinking maybe she's less set on it than I am.
I just want us to be on the same page about this wedding.
I mean, honestly, I'm excited for you to be my wife.
I don't really want to wait.
Are we really about to do this? Yeah, we're about to do it.
Oh, my God.
We're crazy.
Not that crazy.
But you only live once, right? ["Make Tonight" playing.]
Make tonight Make tonight Something beautiful We both know it's all right [Mark.]
Tonight, I have something special set up for Jessica.
We're starting to feel the reality of everything, and everything coming on top of us, and all these different, you know, voices in our heads, and I think we need to go back to where we started and see why we connected in the first place.
Oh, cute.
It's a little picnic.
And my favorite wine.
Why are there? Wait, why is there one meal in here and one in there? I just feel, I don't know, just where we're at, kinda going back to the pod - where it kinda started.
- Yeah.
This is amazing! This is so cool.
Thank you.
I have been struggling internally about my relationship with Mark.
He knew that I had taken steps back since the pod, and, you know, for him to be accepting of that and also be so thoughtful to put this date together is everything.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
To a very cute and thoughtful date.
Red wine, perfectly-cooked amazing steak, and the pod, which is like my comfort.
Going through, day to day, you tend to just keep it even keel.
Something about being in this pod-like scenario brings down the walls, and you just open up.
When I was born, my mom was She just turned 20, actually, and she was a virgin until she was married.
She met this guy.
He was, like, 23.
And they decided to get married.
So then she got pregnant, and their marriage obviously was not good.
You would think that a couple that was married would be excited about having a baby, but apparently he was not.
So he wanted her to have an abortion and she refused to do that.
So, he said he didn't really want to hang around for it.
[sighs deeply.]
["We Could Cry" playing.]
Tears roll Come wash it away I'm here, babe.
Come wash it away So I can let it go [Jessica.]
I definitely have abandonment and detachment issues.
Just always knowing that there was someone from the beginning that didn't take an interest in my life, I think that stayed with me.
We could cry We could cry for our yesterday We won’t give up We won’t give up [breathes deeply.]
But the happy ending is my mom met my dad.
I don't call him, like, a stepdad or anything like that because we're that close.
He adopted me when I was four.
And, like, he stayed my whole life.
What you've told me tonight, I'm, I'm thankful and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be able to sit here and even talk to you remotely about your story and where you come from.
You have no idea the amount of respect I have for you, on top of the amount of love I have for you, and tonight kind of, I don't know, just reiterates, like, why I fell for you in the first place.
I'm definitely on the same page.
You know, I feel much more closer to you right now then I have.
You embody everything that I've ever wanted, and I realized that tonight.
I love you, babe.
Loves ya.
Realizing the impact of this date, I believe that if we hold on to this core value and this core foundation, we can last a lifetime.
[indistinct chattering.]
Do you want anything to drink? - Yeah, I'll take something to - Yeah? [chuckles.]
So, the Georgia peach martini.
Thank you.
Giannina, like, she has been testing me.
Can you handle all these sides of me? Emotionally, she's not the same girl she was when I was dating her in the pods.
I wasn't worried about arguments or coming here and fighting, and when we stepped out of there, it's like I saw somebody completely different.
You keep getting upset over every little thing I do, whether it's good or bad, right? And blowups and arguments, you just get up and jet.
And I understand that's you saying, "That's me, that's what I do.
" But some days, I feel like I'm dragged along.
Like I am a toy, a game, a pawn in something that I don't understand.
I feel like something's missing now.
This wasn't the girl I saw in the pods, the girl I fell in love with in the pods.
I mean, we developed something there, and since we've gotten back [dramatic music crescendos.]
- [Damian.]
Like, seriously? - [Giannina.]
The social media, the texting and stuff like that, it can become overwhelming.
I don't think I've posted one thing on Snapchat since I've been back.
I haven't posted anything on Instagram.
I haven't been on Facebook.
It was because it was things you and I talked about in the pods.
You're like, "It's so refreshing just to be away from all of it.
" But it seems like you get so wrapped up in it sometimes, you forget everything we went through.
I want the pieces of us that were in the pods to come back out.
It's the piece of you that I fell in love with in the pods.
You were emotional, you let me in, I let you in.
But since we've gotten back, and the day we get our phones back, you're like, boom.
You lose sight of that.
I want it with G so bad, but it's got to reciprocate on both ends, and I can't have a successful marriage if my partner's not all-in.
We keep things the way they've been going, and you will lose me.
You will lose me.
I don't want that.
Love's not supposed to be easy, but you're not making this easy.
And if you care about me in the littlest bit, you will try.
'Cause I'm trying, G.
I am trying.
And I'm so sorry.
As much as you're sorry, I'm sorry too.
'Cause I haven't been true to myself.
I've become submissive because I'm scared I'm gonna upset you until where I'm gonna lose you.
And I'm gonna change that.
I don't want you to be afraid to tell me, like, "I don't agree with this.
" Okay, well, another pet peeve of mine, real quick, is you saying G.
all the time.
I hate that.
I haven't stood up to it because I was trying to let you be you.
Oh, my God Even if I say "Oh, my God," is that still a thing? - No, that doesn't bother me.
- Really? And I don't say it to you because I'm just trying to, like, not add another thing to our problems.
- While we're getting everything out - Yeah, tell me everything.
Politics can be an issue in family, friends.
You think politics will be an issue? You are very opinionated.
- If I'm asked questions about it.
- Yeah, I understand.
And I do have my own political opinions.
But I'm not going to be like, "That's wrong.
" As long as I'm not being imposed on, like, about political beliefs Because those will not change.
You don't think they'll ever change, in any aspect at all? No, those will never change.
I'm from Venezuela.
My country is in shambles.
My family cannot eat.
I have to send them supplies every single month just so that they can wash their hands, or make breakfast, or feed the dog.
They don't have anything.
That's something you haven't expressed to me before.
That's another thing I just learned.
I didn't know you sent care packages to your family monthly.
That's something that I think is very sweet and very sincere.
I would help you with that.
If it's important to you, like, I make it important and a priority to me.
- Right.
- Right? That's something you're passionate about, then I'll help you with it.
This is why I fell in love with you.
I would like to make my fiancé feel loved by [sighs, chuckles.]
not putting him through my roller coaster of emotions.
I don't feel like I deserve him, but I'm gonna earn him again.
I did it once.
[upbeat pop music playing.]
Can you feel the love love love Can you feel the heat heat heat [Kelly.]
- [Kenny.]
How you doing? - [Kelly.]
I'm good.
- [Kenny.]
Yeah? - [Kelly.]
- [laughs.]
- That feels good.
- [Kelly.]
Yeah? - [Kenny.]
You want to play footsies? [Kelly.]
I think it's nice that we're just getting to know each other, you know.
- Well - [Kelly.]
I like hanging out.
We were able to make this commitment to each other, and then we haven't, you know, had sex yet.
So I know how I feel about it.
Like, how do you feel about it? - We are just so perfect on every level.
- Right.
And I just don't want to throw that in the mix just yet.
Just jumping in and having sex too early in a former relationship, from a sexual standpoint, I wasn't able to open up.
And that negatively affected things because he wasn't able to pleasure me the way that I wanted to be, because I wasn't emotionally connected to him.
I mean, to be totally transparent, I just have had issues in the past with having an orgasm, so I would fear that that would not happen, and it would be could be frustrating for both of us.
I'm attracted to Kenny physically.
I'm attracted to him mentally, emotionally, like But I don't know what that disconnect is.
It's like the bonds are so strong, and why I can't feel that infatuation with him.
In past relationships, I think that that was a lot of the missing factor with why I can't necessarily reach climax.
- If we were to start having sex, like - Right now? Yeah, right now.
- Don't get any ideas.
- Okay.
No, I mean, I want to experience a very powerful, energetic intimate moment with you.
'Cause we already have such a powerful, energetic relationship.
It is uncomfortable 'cause I've never really actually talked to a woman about those level of details.
And that's not to say that something's wrong with her.
It's just maybe she hasn't connected emotionally at all in past relationships.
I'm very confident.
I guess some people would say, "Here's a challenge," right? Here's something that I can do that no one else has done.
So, hopefully, we can get to that point.
I know that she loves me, and she knows that I love and care about her.
It's important, as a couple, to talk about those things.
Again, it's not like a forever thing.
- It's just a momentary thing, right? - Yeah.
- I get it.
- Yeah.
- I get it.
- Yeah.
I'm not gonna pressure you into anything.
But, you know, when our time's right, our time's right.
- [laughs.]
- Let's have fun.
Let's keep having fun.
- Tiffany! - [Tiffany.]
Hey, girl! - I miss you! - I missed you.
- [Tiffany.]
I haven't seen you since - [Lauren.]
I know.
How's everything been? - [Tiffany.]
We have so much to catch up on.
- [Lauren.]
I know.
I know I look crazy, girl.
I just left the dentist I just had, like, a root canal, so my mouth is kinda swole.
So that's why I look kinda bummy.
Well, hopefully, your mouth gets better.
I know.
I'm excited to talk to a real friend just about everything, and kind of dump on her for a little while about everything that's been going on in my engagement.
I am nervous to how she's going to react 'cause I know Tiffany does not hold back.
She will tell me all the truth and be very honest with me.
That's why she's one of my best friends.
So, what's been up? So, I know that I told you I was doing this, uh, dating experiment.
Like are you engaged? Oh, this right here? Yes.
Actually, I was getting to that part.
This is real life.
Stop playing.
So I connected with this guy named Cameron.
- [chuckles.]
- [laughs.]
I know it's crazy.
I know it's crazy.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- Are you, like, punking me? - I'm telling you the truth.
He's very handsome.
He's very smart.
He is Caucasian.
- Okay.
- So The swerve.
Yes, you know, a little swirl.
Swirly swirl.
- Wait.
- [Lauren laughs.]
Here, let me take one, too, girl.
This is a lot.
Oh, my God.
I still feel like I'm about to be punked or something.
Give me your hand, bitch.
Don't tell me nothing else.
Will you be in my bridal party? Sure.
- Yay! [both laughing.]
Well, this is a lot.
I don't know what to feel right now, like Is this a great fit? Is this something that's like lust and not love? My biggest worry is that it's not true love.
So what would you say, like, the biggest difference with dating Since he, you know, is Caucasian, and you've dated mostly black guys? So what would you say is the biggest difference with dating between the two? Um Ah! [both laughing.]
Besides that.
Well, I wasn't even talking about that 'cause actually, he's very Mm.
No questions about that, honey.
I was pleasantly surprised.
- Okay.
- Um [both laughing.]
So, outside of that? Outside of that, I would just say the fact that he's Caucasian It's not really a big deal to me, - but I'm super black girl magic.
- Yeah, and with the times now.
- It's kinda crazy.
- And I'm very like, "The black struggle.
" Like, what are we gonna do? Black families.
And I feel like, in my mind, I thought if I dated a white guy, I would have to tone down my blackness to be comfortable.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Right.
With him, I don't have to do that.
Like, I'm just straight me.
But the whole thing that scares me is just the commitment of marriage is huge.
So I guess that's where I'm torn in between.
It's like the feeling of being happy and the side that's like, "What the fuck are you doing? You're crazy.
What are people going to think?" I know I asked for this, but now that it's here, I'm scared.
That's where I'm at.
Stressed the fuck out.
- [laughs.]
Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.
- I know.
That's the same thing my mom said.
["So Bad" playing.]
I've waited all my life for this So bad, so bad So die if I don't get it Bad [Amber.]
While we're cooking, I'm gonna have some guacamole and salsa.
I feel like we're learning how to cook right now.
I kind of am.
I know how to cook certain things, but I mean I've never cooked steak on my own before, so [Barnett.]
You nervous about anything right now? [Amber.]
You think I scared your family as much as you thought I was going to? [Barnett.]
I don't think you scared my family at all, honestly.
I think I was just being worried about things just 'cause I was worried.
It's easier to worry about stuff when you don't know what's gonna happen.
I mean, we had no idea how our families were going to react 'cause our families have never had to deal with this before, so we have no clue what to expect.
And I think I was expecting the worst because I assume the worst.
I'm always scared to disappoint my family.
I always feel like they aren't sure of me.
I don't know why.
What would have happened if they didn't like me, they told you they thought this was a terrible idea, and they're never going to agree with it.
What would you have done? I don't know.
Honestly, I don't know.
I try not to worry too much about his family not liking me, but in the back of my mind, that is something that could potentially be an issue for us.
If the next time you see them without me and they say, "You know what? This is crazy.
We don't think you guys belong together.
We can never support this.
" What if they didn't want to come to the wedding? What if they didn't want to be there? How would you feel about that? What would you do? I wouldn't feel good about it.
- I wouldn't know what to do about it.
- Would you still marry me? [softly.]
I don't know.
I'm always so worried about what they think because I've seen them not like people.
And I'm afraid of that.
And it's not an easy situation when you bring someone home that they don't approve or don't like.
So here's the deal.
I am the kind of person that I want you to back me up in front of your family, and if we get home, and you think I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong in private.
I think if there's ever an issue between us, I don't ever want other people to think that there are cracks in us.
Whether there are or there aren't, it's none of their business.
So what if there is an issue between me and somebody in your family? Can you manage that? Can you stand up to them to back me? She always says that blood's not always thicker than water.
I have to be on her side, no matter what.
But my family has always been there for me, and I do believe that it's important to have a wife that supports my relationship with my family.
Whose side are you gonna be on? I don't know.
[suspenseful music plays, intensifies.]
[suspenseful music crescendos.]
[music stops.]

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