Love Life (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I want to see the world before the cardigan and slippers.
I've missed you, man.
Joe, you're home.
Lucy pregnant? So, who is he, the father? All you need to know is that it isn't you.
My dad, he hasn't paid the rent.
There is a woman who is going to have your baby.
It's taking me this long to admit it's not going to happen, our baby.
He looks like someone.
I keep trying to think who it is.
He looks like me.
No, no, no.
No, the chin is all wrong.
Oh, I know who it is.
Who? It's It's Ant.
Or is it Dec? All babies look like Ant and Dec, with their cherub chins.
Dad, I had this horrible dream.
I dreamt I woke up and he was gone, vanished from his cot.
Ah, that's only natural.
Yesterday, he was part of you and today, he's not.
I mean, if part of me was cut out and lying in this crib gurgling, I'd have nightmares.
I got you a pomegranate juice, darling.
I hope that's OK.
Apparently, it prevents hardening of the arteries.
Sorry I took so long.
Erm That's OK.
Dom, if we could just sneak off for a week away, where would you go? We can't afford to just shut up shop.
We've got orders on the books.
No, I said, if.
Just for the hell of it.
Where would be your first choice? Cuba? You can't go to Cuba for a week.
It's the other side of the world.
The place you've always wanted to go to, 'the city of romance'.
You haven't booked it, have you, Pen? I just thought why have we never got round to doing it? We've got orders on the books, people waiting for kitchens.
Go to Paris? When? Are you a daddy now, Uncle Joe? No, I'm not, Bobby.
Why are you not? Cos this is not my baby.
Why is it not? You have to admit, it is pretty weird having a photo of your ex's baby on your phone.
Are you going to go and see Lucy in the hospital? Why would I do that? Just a bit of support.
Can't be easy, all on her own.
I've made things worse for her, wading in, interfering.
She's got her dad.
Are you going to be the baby's daddy? No, I'm not.
Will you all just get off my back? It's a picture, that's all.
Alex, Namaste.
Is that Alex male or Alex female? Some Hiawatha-lookalike he met on the top of Mount Everest.
She's followed him back here.
Holy C.
See you then.
What? No.
Fair enough.
You're dead right, mate.
Move on to pastures new.
You can't undo the past.
What's done is done.
It's not your baby.
I expect the father will be on the scene, anyway.
What do you mean? Well, now that he knows, he'll want to see the baby.
Any father would.
Hi, this is Lucy.
Please leave me a message and I'll call you back.
Lucy, it's me.
It's Don.
Erm Sorry to call.
Erm I mean, maybe I shouldn't leave a message.
Can you call me, please? I've been thinking, erm, and if we could talk about the situation Erm I think I'd better erase this, if I can.
'What's done is done.
It's not your baby.
' 'I expect the father will be on the scene, anyway.
Now that he knows he'll want to see the baby.
' Joe, I wasn't expecting you.
I just wanted to see you're OK.
Not great you going home in a taxi, is it? Well, that's kind of you.
Well, here I go.
Bath oil.
Luxury slippers.
And those dried mango things you like.
Aw, thanks.
Everybody buys presents for the baby and the mother gets forgotten.
And she's the one that's done all the work.
Your little flat will never be the same, Dad.
Toys everywhere.
We'll just have to get something bigger.
He's a contented little soul, isn't he? You were a terrible baby, Lucy.
You didn't cry.
You bawled.
From day one, you howled like a drunken Irishman.
Is that racist? Got to be careful what you say, nowadays.
And your mother? Well, she slept like a bat.
I was up and down, up and down.
Sure, that's how you remember it, Dad.
It's a fact.
I kept a bucket of dummies by your cot.
I'll take your bags out for you.
A big day.
Not every new mum gets to go home in a scaffolding truck.
Some mornings, there could be 12 of them in that cot with you.
I just thought we could wander along the Seine.
You know? Escargots.
All you had to do was mention it to me, first.
It wouldn't be a surprise, then, would it? I didn't book it on impulse, you know.
I had a tarot reading first.
Oh, Pen, I'm sorry.
I'm being ridiculous.
Of course we'll go.
I just wanted to show you that I'm sorry.
That we can get it back how how it was.
You don't have to be sorry.
It's OK.
Look, I've got to I've got to go to the bank, take those cheques in.
What are you doing, Dad? Well, it's not every day your daughter brings your grandchild home, is it? Have you decided on a name yet? Arthur.
Suits you, Lucy, motherhood.
You've got a glow on.
Every bone and muscle and ounce of flesh of my body hurts, but it's worth it.
He's perfect, isn't he? What's this? It's It's a mistake.
I mean, I told them.
I said, 'You are making a terrible mistake.
' Told who? The bailiffs.
They took all of this? How much do you owe? I mean, you can't talk to these people.
They didn't do this.
You did.
It'll be all right, petal.
I'll pay back some of what I owe.
We'll get the stuff back - some of it - hopefully.
The midwife is coming for a home visit.
We can pick up some bits.
She's coming tomorrow.
We can't live like this.
Let me get Arthur out of the way for five minutes, so you two can talk.
Yeah? Come on.
Joe, erm I did call.
You called Lucy? To see see if it's appropriate for me to pop by.
And, obviously, it was appropriate.
Oh No I don't know.
I left a message.
Erm, I think I might have erased it.
I'm not sure.
Does he have a name yet? Or she? He.
Oh, it's a boy.
He's called Dominic.
Cruel joke.
I don't know why I did that.
It's been on my mind, whether he was here yet.
Look, Dom, I'm sorry I told you Lucy was pregnant.
I shouldn't have got all size 12 about things.
I'm glad you did.
I'm glad I know.
Does your wife know anything? Well, that's the impossible bit.
I mean There's no way to tell her without Might be best for everyone to draw a line.
It happened.
Erm So are you and Lucy? Yeah.
I'm not doing her a favour, Dom.
I'm not the mug who picks up the pieces when a bloke dumps a pregnant woman.
Of course.
I'm lucky to have her.
Yeah, you are.
She's a great girl woman.
I mean Aw! I'd better take him back inside.
If I could just speak with Lucy.
Now is not a good time.
I'll tell her you popped by.
If she needs anything We've got it all sorted.
Glad to hear it If your wife finds out, she's going to be destroyed.
It's got to be best to do the right thing.
That's what I've been tormented with.
What is the right thing? Do you want to hold him? Oh.
He's called Arthur.
I think Lucy wanted a name that had nothing to do with any man she knows or has ever known.
You have to keep doing it, don't you? 'Oh, Will, it's not his fault.
' I should be able to fall to bits because my dad is there.
I am there.
No, you're not.
You're nowhere.
I want a father and look what I've got.
It's not that bad.
You can beg and borrow a few bits of furniture.
There's all-sorts in the charity shops.
At least you're not being evicted.
There's something I need to tell you about that.
You've lost your heel.
I seem to be managing.
Well, it'll be here somewhere.
You had it when you brought lunch back.
Did I? Yeah.
Come on.
We'll find it.
Thought you'd have noticed, losing a heel.
I did, but I was rushing about after a customer.
I thought I'd get it later.
Probably went under something.
I never liked these shoes.
I'll bin them.
Buy a new pair in Paris, eh? Dom, I know that it's my fault that we've wasted so much time, when we could have been getting on with adoption.
I think I did, actually, go nuts.
You know, you want a baby and it's not happening and you sort of stop being compos mentis.
When you said about adoption, you were right and it was sane and, well, sensible, but I was too far gone to hear you.
I want to put that right now, if if you'll let me.
Adoption? You've changed.
Why have you changed? I've got to go to the bank, take those cheques in.
Why have you changed? I saw you, when I came back with lunch, upset, Dom.
You don't have to protect me from your feelings about having a family.
Why does life have to be so messy? We've got time, you know.
It's all going to be all right.
We can have a family.
Is it time to go home yet? I'll go to the council in the morning.
They'll have to house me.
I've got a baby.
On some nightmare estate or some hell-hole B&B.
Thanks, Joe, for putting that thought in my head.
Des and Linda have got a caravan.
You could stay there.
It's lovely.
A view and everything.
I'm not sure Des and Linda would want to do me any favours.
They're convinced this whole mess is my fault.
They keep saying, 'Poor Lucy.
' Anyway, like you said, it's not about me.
It's not about you.
It's about what's best for Arthur.
You were always good at finding the one argument I can't deny.
I like the idea of a Chinese baby, Dom.
I mean, not a romantic delusion, you know.
I mean, we could learn about the culture.
It'd be really interesting, go over there on visits and everything.
Go to the actual part of China where the baby is from.
Oh, do you have to keep saying, 'Baby'? Just talking about the possibilities.
You keep saying that word.
Baby, baby, baby.
It's like you're doing it deliberately.
I'm not getting at you, darling.
I'm just trying to be helpful.
I see.
Women with babies.
Must be the same for you seeing men I will go under.
I will crack up! Dom, you're spooking me now.
I will be one big lie.
Every time I kiss you, every time I hold you, I will hate myself.
But you didn't lie What lie? I have been to Paris.
No, you haven't.
I went last year.
No, you didn't.
With another woman.
And now she's having a baby She's had it, actually.
I've met it, him, Arthur.
I didn't want to tell you like this.
I wanted to tell you kindly.
I didn't want to tell you at all.
Baby? It was an accident.
That was your baby? I didn't want to tell you like this.
Are you all right? What do you think you're doing? I can't breathe! You can't just drive like Have Are you hurt? Look at this! Who is going to pay for this lot? People's graves, families.
Let's get you home.
Are you drunk or what? It's not cruel what you've done, it's not nasty.
It's It's beyond it.
It's beyond that.
It's It's beyond I'm calling the police.
Alex, I am so sorry I'm late.
Stuff happening.
I'm a bit drunk.
Give me five minutes, I'll catch up with you.
When we met at Moonlight Lodge, at Namche Bazaar, did you realise I had a crush on you? I thought it was altitude sickness, to be honest! So, can I ask you Did you stay cool, cos you thought I lived a few miles down the road and when we got back it could get messy? Or did you not fancy me? Alex, any bloke would fancy you.
You're just too young for an old dog like me, that's all.
Only eight years' difference.
Or ten? Or something.
I think you're a little bit drunk.
I can't hack it back here.
A few weeks and I want to kill people.
I'm going to Argentina, Patagonia, gonna trek along the Rio Negro river.
How are you going to pay for that? Four jobs.
Slave for a month.
That'll buy my flight and then I'm gone.
Do you want to come? Ah.
My tent sleeps two.
I wasn't entirely honest with you, Alex.
The reason I didn't jump on you is because there's someone else.
Someone long-term.
So, why are you sitting here now? Was someone else.
I was hoping, when I came back, we'd sort of pick things up.
But you didn't sort of pick things up? It's complicated.
I guarantee I am not complicated.
One trip.
Lake Titicaca.
Iguazu Falls.
You know why we do this, Joe.
I've seen it in your eyes.
It is not for the memories.
It's not for the photos to show your friends.
It's not for the tales to tell.
It's being there.
We'll get it all sorted in the morning, shall we? I'll just leave you be then.
Good night, Lucy.
Good night, Arthur.
I saw your car outside.
What a lovely surprise.
Mum, what time do you finish? Give me a hand with this, would you, Pen? There used to be three of us, but, with the cutbacks, I just have to get a sweat on.
You should tell them you can't manage it all on your own.
Oh, I still love it.
At least, I'm staving off the time when I'm sat there, with custard dripping down my chin.
Oh, God, Mum.
Please don't be so cheerful.
I'm going to come back to the house and I'm going to stay for a while.
I know what this is about.
You don't.
You do not have a clue what I'm going through.
Dom has had a baby.
You see? Is that what you thought it was? No.
For once in your life, can you admit that you do not have X-ray vision into my mind? I know.
I know, darling.
Oh, God.
Dom has got a baby.
It's killing me.
I just keep thinking what if this was meant to be? What if me and Dom could have the baby? Oh, no.
Not the gushing again.
I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm happy, because I'm exhausted, because I'm exhausted and happy.
Because of the countryside and the sky and the birds and the wind and the neighbours, who are neighbourly.
I'm a bit nuts, aren't I? You've just had a baby.
You're shattered.
You're homeless.
You're allowed to be nutty.
Are you sure you want to let me in? I might squat.
We might never leave.
Come on.
Mr Bonny? Yes? The work placement.
The interview? It is today.
I checked before I left the house.
The bus stop is like a mile down the road - I walked.
Of course, yes.
Of course.
Er, come in.
I mean, come.
Have you had burglars? Yes.
You should call the police.
I will.
They said they'd be an interview.
How old are you? So why do you want to work with tiles, Tilly? Idon't.
I want to paint frescoes, but they didn't have fresco-painting work placements, so they said the nearest thing was this.
So, how old are you? Still 17.
Yeah, I did I've already asked that.
So That's young.
That's the age that you do the placements.
No, I just meant, in In life, you are young, when everything is before you.
It's amazing to sit there, just not knowing.
One thing I would say is be brave, if you can.
You know, we think it's all going to be so simple.
Get married and everything is going to be sorted, but it's all strange, really.
Is this the interview? Excuse me, I have to make a phone call.
I've just realised something.
I need to ring someone while it's clear.
Hi, this is Lucy.
Please leave me a message and I'll call you back.
Lucy, hi, it's me.
It's Dom.
Erm, I wanted to say I'm sorry for just turning up like that.
I'm glad you and Joe are back together.
And things are working out so well for you.
You were quick.
All I wanted to say was I'll leave you alone, so you and Joe just go and be happy.
That's one good thing.
Bye, Lucy.
Dominic Bonny? Yes.
Registration ML54 AMV? Is that your vehicle, sir? It's my wife's, ours.
You left the scene of an accident.
So I'm afraid I am here to arrest you.
If you will accompany me to the station? Oh.
Is your wife here, sir? She's left me.
Is that because you crashed the car? Other way round.
Sort of.
Erm Do you mind if I get a few bits? Yeah.
So, do you work here? Not yet.
I might.
I was having an interview.
Work placement.
Sorry to interrupt.
Hope I don't spoil your chances.
I did a work placement at Dixons.
It's why I went into the police force.
I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for your number while I'm on duty.
We We'd best be going.
Shall I come back for the interview another day? Yes.
Have you got everything, sir? Nothing else that you need? That's it.
I'll call my wife from your car.
I really am barking now.
I know it's a box on wheels, but I feel like it's heaven.
Hm I'm afraid heaven leaks when it rains and there's no mobile reception, but there's running water and you can stay here as long as you like.
I don't suppose Des and Linda will thank you for saying that.
Hold Arthur while I put the kettle on.
Oh, hello, little man.
You're a natural.
Where's the tea? I'll get it.
Go back to Mummy.
There you go, mate.
I think he's just cold.
I'll get a blanket.
Come on.
Holding a baby it feels I can't explain it.
It's what your arms were made for? Yeah.
I never realised that.
My whole body is sort of I don't know.
I know you think I'm mad, I think I'm mad, but I'm not.
Dom I want us to get the baby.
For us.
I ache with a longing in my sleep that never goes away.
I see babies every day, other people's babies, never mine.
Penny, you're distraught.
This is not real.
You cannot So, I'm sure there's a reason you drove into a graveyard.
Being pregnant.
Having a baby.
All of a sudden, you turn into this pathetic, needy sponge.
Give it a week and you'll be taking on the world again.
Do you think people live here? I mean not just holidays.
Families grow up here.
Couples grow old here.
With everything that's happened, Joe, how you must be feeling, I do realise, for me to be able to pick up the phone and you're there, I can't tell you what that means.
Of course I'm there.
I'd better not go with the keys.
Who is Alex? She's someone I met on the trek.
She lives just down the road, so Ah.
Have you been seeing her since you got back? Once or twice.
Happy ever after on a mountain top? Lucy, don't.
You're a complication, Arthur.
I thought you were a lovely bundle of life.
Why do you think I'm here? I hope you don't think that because I'm borrowing your brother's caravan, I'll be so grateful, I'll throw myself into your arms.
That's not why I did it.
Good, because there's one thing I'm clear about.
I'm a mother now.
I want a man that can be a father, not a boy who thinks a child is a complication.
Maybe I don't want a woman who is going to have another man's kid the minute my back is turned.
Perhaps you should go and pour your woes out to Alex.
I will.
The tarot reading said that something would happen in three.
You, me and her.
That's three.
We can't just say, 'We want the baby.
' You're the father.
You have rights.
Why is it always women's rights? What about men's rights, fathers' rights? I'm not saying that we grab the baby out of her arms.
I'm saying that we ask, we see what's possible.
Women get equal pay.
That's the law.
You can't discriminate against women.
You are being discriminated against.
You're trying to make this sound logical.
It's not logical.
Dom, do you love me? I do.
Well, then go and see Lucy and tell her that we would like to have the baby.
Can Can I ask you a favour? That girl who came into your shop, if she comes back for a second interview, could you give this to her, please? I know it's a bit cheeky, seeing as how I arrested you, but well, thanks.
Why do I always fall for guys who are still in love with their ex? I daren't leave her side, some of the things she's coming out with.
What am I going to do? Do you want the baby? In a perfect world.
Oh, he's so lovely, Liz, so mind-blowing.
How could I ever think of taking him away from Lucy? She might want you to take him.
You don't know till you ask.
You don't have to go in demanding anything.
Just Just offer.
Then see.
And then Penny will see that you've tried.
And you can get on with your lives.
It can be really scary up here on a night like this.
So I thought I'd better check up on you.
I wasn't scared until you turned up.
Anyway, provisions.
A peace offering - in the form of peanut butter.
Help out here.
Will you let Mummy sleep for ten minutes? Your first? Yeah.
Yeah, he is.
Isn't he a handsome little fella? See you now.
Lucy? Joe? Joe! Have you seen a man with a baby? Yes.
Joe! The law favours the birth mother.
Always? Virtually always.
Unless there's a crisis.
All we're after is information, really, to see how the land lies.
No, we're not.
I want to know what to do to get the baby.
What kind of crisis, Mr Pitt? If the mother were negligent, a drug addict, homeless.
That kind of thing.
Well, she's none of those, thank heavens.
People might think I'm being cruel, selfish.
How can you do this to another woman? Well, why is my pain any less than hers? She had sex with my husband.
She's no saint.
We're all human.
My husband has a baby.
Why is it wrong for us to want to love that baby? It's an unusual claim.
I'd go so far as to say unique in my experience.
Mr Pitt, this is the biggest thing in my life.
So we need to construct an irrefutable case.
You have one new message.
Lucy, hi, it's me.
It's Dom.
Erm, I wanted to say I'm sorry for just turning up like that.
I'm glad you and Joe are back together.
And things are working out so well for you.
All I wanted to say was I'll leave you alone, so you and Joe just go and be happy.
That's one good thing.
Bye, Lucy.
I mean, what I don't understand is they've cleared the house, but I didn't borrow the money on the furniture.
I mean, what has my sofa got to do with the 3:30 at Chepstow? I mean, I didn't go to the bookies and say, 'Here's my bed and here's my telly as collateral.
' Did I? I mean, how is that fair? I don't know how she eats this stuff.
I woke up in the night starving.
I mean, it's like It's like shoe leather, orange shoe leather.
I've let her down.
I mean, I know I have.
It was supposed to be the best of times.
Me bathing the baby.
A bucket of dummies.
Well, she has Joe.
He'll look after her.
They're not together.
I heard her say to him, 'You're too much for me.
' 'I can't cope with you any more.
' But he said He was holding the baby.
She knows him inside out.
He'll do a flit again.
Just like he always does.
Oh, this is terrible.
I'll have to call her.
This is terrible.
Joe! You idiot! Sorry, Lucy.
I should have left a note.
Do you know nothing? I had to come to look for you.
I was lost.
Lucy, it's OK.
OK? It's not OK.
Dom came to see me and you didn't tell me.
Dom? You told him we were back together.
Who are you to tell him he can't see me, he can't see his baby? There's something I've been wanting to ask you.
When you and Dom were together did you tell him that you loved him? What has that got to do with anything? You can't ask me that.
That means you did.
People say things.
Why does it matter, anyway? We're all finished.
Did you tell her we want the baby? She wasn't there.
I spoke to her father.
We have to get your name on the birth certificate.
We have to talk to her now.
Lucy is going through a tough time.
It's not easy for her.
She's homeless.
Her dad got into debt.
Homeless? Homeless? That's what I've been tormented with.
What is the right thing? Go away! Lucy.
Dom? How did you find me? How is he? How are you? I've had better days.
I'm really sorry, Lucy.
I don't know how to tell you this, but I have to, cos you're going to find out, anyway.
Penny wants the baby.
I think they're going to run away together.
I've decided.
I'm in.
What do I do? Make up your mind whether you've got a boyfriend.
Lucy, er, I have to see you.
Lucy, by any chance? Yeah.
He's booked his flight.
You wouldn't leave me holding the baby while you went off to see Dom? I am the woman that had your baby.