Love Life (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Becca Evans

[Marcus] So how was Hong Kong?
[Mia] Oh, my God, you know,
it's like another billionaire,
another impulse purchase
to add to his collection
of hundreds of bags
that he's saving for his future wife.
- Hundreds?
- Yeah.
He hasn't spoken to her.
He's hoping the bags will help
- "jumpstart the conversation."
- [chuckles]
- [laughs]
- I should hook you up with my friend Kian.
He's rich, I could see him
doing some shit like that.
- Wow, like, hook up-hook up?
- No, no.
I mean, like, connect, business-wise.
'Cause I'm, like,
seeing somebody right now.
- Come on, dude.
- What?
Don't be like that. We're friends now.
We're supposed to be able to
have this conversation.
Yeah, of course. It is. We are.
Besides, you'd like him.
- He's chief of staff for de Blasio.
- Fuck de Blasio.
Are you seeing anybody now?
Nothing serious.
It's really sad that you and Ola broke up.
We, as a collective,
were really excited
to have you back in the fold.
I mean, this is a huge loss for us.
[both laugh]
You're probably gonna
hook up with some white girl next.
Nah, nah.
Nah, I'm I'm off that.
[both breathing heavily]
[narrator] Marcus first met Becca Evans
at the bar at the Palace Hotel
while waiting on one of his authors
to talk about their book.
Subsequently, Becca and Marcus started
meeting up every few weeks
to spend the night together
at that same hotel.
For the first time in his life,
there was no pressure,
and there were no stakes.
It was a relief that this woman,
recently divorced for the second time,
wanted exactly what he wanted,
How do I look?
- You look good.
- You're a liar.
- Oh, my "You look good."
- No, no, I'm serious.
I mean, you kinda look like a
white girl Prince.
But you look great.
- Fuck you.
- [laughs]
I mean, I'm meeting my daughter for lunch.
She's back from boarding school.
She's introducing me to a new boyfriend.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Apparently, this one's name is Jadd.
Like, literally, J-A-D-D,
which I had never heard before.
Right, because it's not a name.
[chuckling] Not a name.
I don't know.
Maybe she just wants
her mom's stamp of approval.
Wonder what she'd think of me.
You never have to worry about that.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Call me?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Bye.
- Bye.
We're promoting you.
Executive editor, what do you think?
Oh, wow. [chuckles]
That's that's great.
I didn't even know I was up for this.
Well, your exceptional taste
and tenacious work ethic
gave me no other choice, my friend.
Awesome. Um
So does the promotion
come with a salary bump?
[sighs] Yeah, I mean,
I'm still waiting on HR
to sign off on that one.
The salary freeze, it is killing me.
But I'm almost positive
that we can probably work something out.
Uh, but in the meantime,
this little token of appreciation
for of your hard work.
[mimics robotic whirring]
It's the Paris Review dinner.
Everybody wants these babies
but I am giving them to you.
They're honoring Nikki Giovanni.
If anybody wants to see Nikki, it's you.
Are you giving me these tickets
because of promotion
or because I'm the only
Black editor in the office?
Because of the promotion, of course.
I mean, I love Nikki Giovanni.
I wish I could go see her.
I love her. I love Black poetry.
I love poetry, you know?
You know what, give me the tickets back.
Gimme 'em back.
I wanna go see her. [chuckles]
I mean, you can have them.
You deserve them.
Let me know about that bump.
Yeah, no problem.
- Congrats, Marcus.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- [sighs]
- Yeah, yeah, it's pretty cool.
I even got invited to this
Paris Review dinner
for Nikki Giovanni.
Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you.
Kirby, get in here!
Mom, you don't have to
Kirby, get in here!
Oh. Here's your dad.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
Hey, Dad.
Oh. Hey, Marcus.
Marcus got a big promotion.
Executive editor.
What kind of raise
did you negotiate for yourself?
Uh, we're still working on that.
You accepted a promotion without a raise.
Oh, Kirby.
Black men make 87 cents on the dollar.
If we don't advocate for us, who will?
I'm getting a raise, Dad.
Next time, get it in writing first.
Wait, Marcus forgot
to tell you the best news.
He's got this big invitation to a dinner
honoring Nikki Giovanni.
That's your dad's favorite poet.
I know, I'll be sure
to snap a picture with her for you, Pop.
[Donna] Wait, I have an idea.
- Kirby, why don't you go?
- What?
- What?
- You have a plus one, right?
Uh I I do, um
but I'm sure Dad
doesn't wanna come all this way
for one night.
[Donna] Then he can stay the weekend.
So now Dad's flying out next month.
Mm-hmm. That's Donna Watkins for ya.
He's staying with you.
- Oh, no.
- What, why not?
You and Dad are best friends.
I can't have houseguests right now.
My therapist says
that I am giving too much.
You're back in therapy?
I am back with Jaleesa.
No, Ida.
Listen, I can take care of me.
You take care of Dad.
Dad can't sleep on my couch.
He's got that CPAP machine.
I can't do it right now.
- I need my space.
- For Jaleesa?
- Come on, bro.
- Okay.
Let him sleep in the bed
and you sleep on the couch.
I just think that you and Dad
have a better thing going on.
- I mean
- Here we go
with the daddy issues.
You want my therapist?
Your therapist? No.
Look, it is not my fault
that you get along better with Dad.
Look, I just talk to him more.
I call him once a week.
Once a week?
Yeah. See, the problem is,
you treat Dad like
he's some type of a chore.
Just open up to him
if you wanna get closer.
I don't wanna get closer to him.
I want him to want to get closer to me.
[groans] The Y chromosome is a curse.
What, am I wrong?
Fine, whatever.
He can stay with me, but you owe me.
And get the fuck outta my fridge.
All right, damn.
[cell phone buzzes]
- Hi.
- 'Sup?
- Come in.
- All right.
[both] You look good.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- I'm glad you made it.
- Yeah, me, too.
Marcus, Gigi. Gigi, Marcus.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- How how you doin'?
- Good.
Uh, we just opened up the mini bar
Patrón, if you want some.
Oh. Please, yeah,
- yes, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah. [chuckles]
- Come on, sit down.
- All right.
Wait, wait, wait, so how do you
- [both giggle]
- [Becca] Sorry.
How do you two know each other?
Well, back when I was
still stuck with fuckin' Len
Wait, Len was fucking bald.
- So fuck Len.
- [Becca] That was a bait-and-switch.
When I met Len,
he looked like Chris Isaak.
[chuckles] I mean, he did.
- So don't listen to her, okay?
- All right.
So back when I was still with Len,
I decided to start taking singing lessons.
Don't laugh. As an outlet.
- And Gigi was my vocal coach.
- And she's amazing.
- No, I'm not.
- She's amazing.
- Stop.
- She's incredible.
But the truth is, this one
has the voice of an angel.
I mean, Marcus, you have to hear her sing.
What I think we should do is,
I think that we should finish this bottle,
and then I will fucking sing
"Wicked Games" for you.
[gasps] See? Now we have
something to work towards.
A plan.
Maybe we could even serenade him.
Yeah, yeah, that sounds good to me.
Always with the gang, gang ♪
Always rep the gang ♪
Gang, gang, gang ♪
Always rep the gang ♪
Gang, gang, gang ♪
Whole lot of gang shit
Gang, gang, gang ♪
Whole lot of gang shit ♪
Gang, gang, gang ♪
She froze up when that ghost came ♪
Big body rolls
It be hoggin' up both lanes ♪
She lift her nose up
When she want that cocaine ♪
Kiss. Kiss, kiss.
- [smacks]
- Oh!
- Come on.
- All right.
Do you wanna watch? Take them off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And all I want is Huncho ♪
- [Becca] Hurry up.
- [Marcus] I'm coming, coming.
Pulls strings like a banjo ♪
And the keys a piano ♪
Take me back to the back door ♪
I want you to fuck us.
- All right.
- [both laugh]
[breathing heavily]
[narrator] Marcus had borne witness
to so many threesomes over the years,
in pornography, in bad teen comedies.
Fuck, you feel so good.
[narrator] But it was surreal to finally
participate in one himself.
It had been built up so much in his mind
that it now all seemed
to be happening in slow motion.
I want you to fuck Gigi.
Though, not as slowly as he hoped.
Nah, I'm not done with you yet.
No, fuck Gigi.
Just give me one second.
[both giggle]
[Becca and Gigi singing]
Won't look down won't open my eyes ♪
Keep my glass full ♪
Until morning light ♪
Till morning light ♪
Get it?
- Hi.
- Hey.
We ordered breakfast.
I actually
gotta get outta here.
This, uh this was fun.
- This was fun.
- This was fun.
- I'll see you later.
- I'll see ya.
- [Gigi] Good to meet you.
- Yeah, I'ma dip.
Nice to meet you. All right.
- All right.
- Okay.
- [Becca] Bye.
- Bye.
We'll serenade you out!
One, two, three
One, two, three, drink ♪
[Kian] No, no. No, no, no.
- I'm not talking about that.
- Bro, come on!
You flew to LA
for a date with Minka Kelly,
and you're not gonna tell us?
- Whoa, you flew to LA for a first date?
- [Kian] Mm-hmm.
- That's thirsty as hell.
- No, no.
- With Minka.
- Thank you.
Okay, with Minka
That's thirsty as hell.
My father came from Iran
to this country with nothing,
and now his son can get
blown off by Minka Kelly,
so that's the American dream
if I've ever heard it.
Anyway, it's a good story, so.
I had a threesome.
- What?
- Yeah.
- Two chicks?
- Yeah.
- Same time?
- Yeah.
Gimme some details.
- Yeah, um
- Details, details, details.
Honestly, um
I came in, like, a minute,
and, um, just kinda kept going
'cause they didn't realize it, so.
How's that possible?
Come on, don't tell me
that you've never pretended not to finish.
You saying it like it's a badge of honor.
I can't believe you so proud.
Listen, listen.
Premature ejaculation aside,
you should keep it to yourself,
- I'm happy for you.
- Thank you.
- Getting out there, I love it.
- Thank you.
Ew, y'all stories, man,
it's making me happy I got a family.
I wanna be the man I'm 'posed to be.
Like I'm Simba or something.
- You're welcome.
- Mm. Thank you.
[Josh] You wanted to talk with me?
Oh. yeah, yeah, wanna sit?
This gonna be a real talk? I really
I have to get going.
Okay, well, you don't have to sit.
- I'm already sitting.
- All right. Um,
I just wanted
to follow up about the raise.
It's been about a month now, so
I know, I'm sorry.
We have to table this conversation
till the end of the quarter,
This is the end of the quarter.
Uh, next quarter.
Here you go. Oh, and he landed.
He's in a car service now,
headed for Ima's.
Uh, it's Ida's.
You put my dad in a car service?
He could take a cab.
He's your father, not a hooker.
Show some respect.
When did you get an assistant?
- Six months ago.
- No, that's impossible.
All right, have a great time.
And, um
you should really invest in,
like, a real tuxedo.
Everybody can tell when you wear a rental.
Why don't you pay me then I can buy a tux.
Boy, you just on time.
I was craving a grape Fanta.
You hush. I look good.
- Hey, Dad.
- There's my boy.
I'll stay seated it it's all right.
The flight made my knees seize up.
Oh, son, you don't wear a burgundy
to a black tie event.
Dad, this is black tie.
Not in my day, it wasn't.
But like the kids say, you do you.
- Marcus, you want some?
- No, no.
We should probably head out.
Traffic is gonna be rough.
- [sighs] Fuckin' narc.
- All right.
Well, at least have some wine.
Yeah, and if you spill it on your suit,
no one will be able to tell.
[both laugh]
Oh, Lord, Daddy choking.
You look like
a decorative pillow on my sofa.
- Oh, stop.
- [both laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
Hi. Uh, Marcus Watkins, Sutton Court.
Mr. Watkins and your guest,
you're gonna be table two.
Thank you.
[soft jazz playing]
Well, there we are.
[Kirby] Not bad.
You don't think we too close?
- Dad.
- Just asking.
[Marcus sighs]
Where can we get this wine
I keep seeing everyone with?
I guess you gotta go find 'em?
- He's right there.
- Thank you.
Thanks, man.
Is that James Patterson?
Oh. Yeah, yeah, that is James Patterson.
He's a fucking hack.
[laughs] Yeah, he's a total fucking hack.
[both chuckle]
"The heat you left with me
last night still smolders.
The wind catches your scent
and refreshes my senses.
I am a leaf,
falling from a tree,
upon which I was impaled."
It's incredible. Incredible.
Thank you so much.
Such a fan, Ms. Giovanni.
[Giovanni] Thank you so very much.
Thank you, thanks a lot.
Come on.
It's on our way out.
Ms. Giovanni, that was phenomenal.
- That's very kind of you.
- Ms. Giovanni, Kirby Watkins.
It is a pleasure
to make your acquaintance.
I appreciate that.
Can I take a selfie
to freeze this moment in time?
Oh, I'd be delighted.
- Get in here, son.
- Oh, no, no.
This is your moment. Enjoy.
[Kirby exclaims]
- Thank you so much.
- It's my pleasure.
And thank you for coming.
Thank you, thank you so much.
[woman] Oh, Ms. Giovanni.
Can you send these pictures to your mom?
To post on the Instagram.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- You good?
- Yeah.
[indistinct conversation]
You know, you don't
brag on yourself enough.
God, it's amazing how you can
compliment me and criticize me
in the same breath.
I had no idea you was doin' so well.
I called you the second
I got the promotion.
No, you called your mother.
I know it seems
like I been really hard on you.
No, Dad, it's fine.
I'm glad you're here,
you're having a good time.
No, no, it's not fine. And I'm sorry.
But I do worry about you.
- I'm okay.
- No, no, let me finish.
Does Sutton Court know
how valuable you are?
Do you know how valuable you are?
It's important to know your worth, son.
Nobody's gonna give it to you.
- And you didn't get defensive.
- [chuckles]
This is progress.
I got a joint in my pocket
if you wanna hit it real quick.
- So you're not a narc?
- Hell no.
- Well, let's do it.
- All right.
Pay no attention ♪
Disbelieve them what they say ♪
As for me, it could only be one way ♪
- I had a great time.
- Yeah, me too.
- I'll talk to you in the morning.
- All right.
Get home safe, all right?
Heart full of love ♪
Heart full of love ♪
For you ♪
You ♪
Got a heart full of love for you ♪
[cell phone buzzes]
[cell phone buzzes]
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come on Come on in.
- Yeah.
- Um
- Wow.
- Yeah, like, welcome to my crib, or Uh
- [chuckles]
Everything okay?
Uh [exhales]
There's no easy way to say it,
so I'm gonna say it.
I'm pregnant.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I guess it must've happened
that night with Gigi.
And it It's mine.
I mean, I haven't been with anyone else,
unless it was Gigi
who came in me that night.
Wow. Uh
Listen, I'm sorry.
I God, I know it's a lot.
Um, I didn't want to tell you
over the phone.
Yeah, this is
[chuckles nervously] This is crazy.
- It's crazy, right?
- Yeah. Um
Yeah, it is, I know.
I didn't think it could happen at my age.
Yeah, me either.
Um My doctor called it a miracle.
- Can I sit down?
- Yes, please.
- Yeah, sorry.
- That's okay.
It's a little stressful because there are
- complications at my age.
- Of course.
I mean, I've done it twice before,
so I'll just I'll figure it out.
Yeah, I mean, well, you know,
whatever you wanna do, like
I mean, I'll I'm more than happy
- Thank you.
- Yeah, to, like, come with you.
And obviously, I'll pay
for anything that you
Oh, no, Marcus, I'm keeping the baby.
But I don't need
anything from you, I'm set.
Uh um
Uh Oh, God.
Oh, my God, how could
I let this fuckin' happen?
I'm totally fine with you being involved
as much or as little as you want.
It's really, I mean,
it's not that complicated.
Well, I mean, it is.
It's kinda complicated.
Okay, Becca, you can't tell a Black man
that he doesn't have to be
involved with his kid.
Okay, well, that seems ridiculous.
What does race have to do with anything?
People are gonna judge me
differently than they do you.
Like, that's just That's just facts, so
Neither one of us wanted this to happen.
It's gonna be okay.
I mean, come on, Marcus.
It's gonna be a little mixed baby.
Mixed babies are so cute.
- I don't
- Better be cute.
No, I don't think that's
I don't think that's funny, like
- Okay.
- I'm gonna say it.
Is that the reason
why you wanna keep the baby?
Do you want, this trendy little,
frizzy haired accessory
to, you know, walk around town with?
You get to be Sandra Bullock
or Angelina Jolie.
You get your progressive street cred,
like, just fuckin' cemented.
I mean, like, is that
Is that what this is about?
Fuck you, that's not what I meant.
I didn't even have to tell you.
I did you a courtesy.
But you do not get a say
in what I do with my body.
It's your body, but half
of what's happening in there,
that's That's me.
And I don't get any say? Like, none?
Come on, that's fucked up, you know it.
Like, this isn't supposed to be a thing.
Like, I don't wanna be tied
to you for the rest of my life.
I'm giving you an out.
No, I don't I don't want an out.
Then what do you want, Marcus?
I am going to have this baby,
and it's my decision,
and I'm sorry if it's not what you want.
[Aldous Harding's
"Imagining My Man" playing]
I'm going to answer ♪
Protecting ♪
It can be so hard to forgive ♪
It's not what I thought ♪
And it's not what I pictured ♪
When I was imagining my man ♪
You are so nervous all of the time ♪
Giving the classics ♪
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