Love on the Spectrum U.S. (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

So… So I certainly had
a wonderful time tonight,
without a question.
-It was really nice meeting you,
so you want to get together again
some other time?
Yeah, um, I definitely enjoyed my time,
and, yeah,
I have enjoyed it a lot, but, um…
Yeah, if you… if you would like
to get together again, um,
I definitely would like
to get to know you a little bit more.
Oh, excellent.
I definitely would like
to see you again at some point.
Yes. Are you okay, comfortable
shaking hands or…
Oh, yeah, of course,
we can shake hands or, you know, hug.
Whatever. You know, whatever works.
You don't mind, you don't think
that's too much, do you?
-Um, I think that's fine for now, yeah.
-Oh, all right, very good, then.
-It was so nice to meet you.
-Oh, yes. Of course. Good seeing… Good to…
Very nice to meet you also,
without a question.
Okay, so--
You don't mind if I walk
with you to the station, do you?
No, I don't mind at all.
-Okay. Thank you very much, then.
In South Carolina, Kaelynn
has just been at a speed-dating event.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
All right, how you think it went?
The first guy, he was okay.
Like, he wasn't like…
It wasn't, like, an immediate no.
It was a solid maybe. I could have been
persuaded one way or another, you know.
-Solid maybe is good.
The second guy, oh my God.
Absolutely not.
His answers didn't even make sense.
Cute name badge.
You afraid they'll forget?
Did they at least remember your name
with the name badge?
Um, no, actually they didn't!
He looks at me,
so presumably looks at, like…
The name tag.
"Nice to meet you, Tori." Walks away.
Third one, um, he was nice.
Nice is good.
How about fourth guy?
That… That sounds promising.
-We like Peter.
-We like Peter?
-We like Peter.
-Okay, tell me about Peter.
I don't remember
what he did for work, some kind of, like…
-Generic boy job?
-Generic boy job.
Generic, well-educated boy job, though.
Did you tell any of them your diagnosis?
It just wasn't relevant
to the conversation,
and they didn't, like, ask.
At what point, like, if you go out
with him, when do you think…
-Not any time soon.
I mean, if he hasn't put it together.
So you don't wanna, like,
disclose that information?
It's just, like, I don't know,
bad things tend to come of it.
They tend to make incorrect assumptions,
and so it's, like, easier
to just show them what is true,
and then explain it later.
That's just how it is.
Did you hear the story
about the firefighter?
So I went on a date
with a firefighter, um,
and I had brought my dog at the time,
and he's like,
"Why did you bring your dog?"
I was like, "He's my service dog,"
and I tried to explain that I train dogs,
so it wouldn't be weird that I'd have
a service dog because I train dogs.
And so he, like,
pushed and pushed and pushed.
"Well, why do you have this dog?
What are you doing?"
And so I mean, there's no way around it,
so I had to just tell him, um,
that I have autism
and this is actually my service dog.
And he stood up and left.
That was it. That was it.
He left, and he blocked my number,
and that was the end of it.
It was a thing that you don't really
move past super quickly.
Like, I don't know
that I, like, was attached to him,
you know, 'cause it was a first date,
but it just kind of reiterates
why we don't disclose
that information immediately, you know?
If somebody reacts that poorly
to your diagnosis,
then that says something bad about them.
Well, yeah.
Hi, Kaelynn. This is Emily
from Speed Dating in the Park.
Oh, hey.
I was calling to let you know
that you had a match tonight.
It was with Peter.
Hey! We matched with Peter!
Yay, Peter!
Glad you're excited.
I'll go ahead and send you an email
with his contact information.
-You can reach out whenever you want.
-Okay, thank you.
-We got Peter!
My dream, when it comes to love,
is hopefully want to find the right guy
that would work with me,
getting married and running a company,
continuing to do
animation productions together.
That's what I see.
After a successful first date,
Solomon is waiting to see Dani again.
I'm feeling so excited,
you know what I mean? Like,
it's just such an amazing, like, adventure
that I'm gonna have with her today.
-Back again.
-Back again, Solomon.
Sorry, I'm just really nervous right now.
Good seeing you.
You too.
Let's just walk around,
because look how beautiful this place is.
I know, right?
It's like walking
into the Princess Peach's castle.
Mario and Princess Peach walking together.
Yes, honestly.
Wow, it's a lovely Koi pond.
I know, right?
You're a really unique person.
-Oh, why, thank you.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay! It's okay! It's okay!
-I'm all flattered!
-That was awkward. I'm so sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
We could look at the fish all day,
but there's plenty more to see.
I've heard they have a lovely rose garden,
and every roses have particular names,
like the Lincoln Rose.
There's the Otter Rose.
There's the Tournament of Roses.
You know a lot about roses. That's very,
like, a good passion that you have.
It's the power of research.
-You never stop learning.
I love doing research myself too.
So you do work, right?
Yeah, I just came back
to my old job two weeks ago.
-Everyone was happy to see me.
-Old job? Like, where at?
Oh, Ralphs.
At James's house,
it's the morning
after his dinner date with Emma.
He was so excited last night.
-All right, well.
-Oh my gosh.
All right, yes, well, yes--
You were all smiles!
-Go ahead, you can smile now.
-See that smile!
-Yes, well--
I can see it!
I'm of the opinion the date went well.
I think Emma is very nice
and lovely and all that.
I do, as a matter of fact,
have a photograph of the two of us.
-Yes. Do you want to see?
I wanna see!
Well, yes, what do you think?
Oh, she's cute!
Yes, she is.
-That's a nice photograph.
-Yes, it's not bad.
-Very nice.
I guess my hair doesn't look too bad
in the photograph.
-It looks great, James.
-Your hair looks wonderful, James.
Look how large my head looks, though.
It's full of brains. You have a big head.
I sure hope so, yes.
When I first met her I asked,
"Are you comfortable shaking hands?"
And she was, thankfully,
but, well, at the end before we left,
I asked if she wanted
to shake hands again.
She said she was comfortable
giving me a hug, so that wasn't too bad.
-Yes. Yes.
-That's… Yeah.
-All right!
-I suppose that's--
-Not too bad, huh?
-Not too… Wow.
-Are we embarrassing you?
It's not very often
you let anybody hug you.
No, no, no.
It's pretty amazing
how she has a lot in common with me
and shares many
of my interests and hobbies.
If I were a more paranoid type of person,
I'd be a bit suspicious.
What do you mean, suspicious?
You could've set this up.
You could've spoken with her beforehand
and told her every--
all the things to say, possibly.
But no, but I like
to keep a positive attitude, you know?
I do not believe
that you would have done that.
I'm certain that she is genuine.
You'd be totally heartbroken
if they did.
Yes, obviously.
Then they'd have to deal with your mother.
Bang, bang.
-Bang, bang!
-You have to do it like…
Bang, bang.
Bang, bang.
That's, like, the minimal amount
of trick right there, dog.
You gotta amp it up.
The vet told us that she's overweight.
-She's a fat dog.
-She's not a fat dog.
She's a perfect dog.
What's news?
What's news?
Yeah, like what's new
in your world?
In 2023,
I'm going to be a quarter of a century.
-How does that make you feel?
It does make you feel worried, doesn't it?
I'm still young, right?
Listen, you're young till you're, like, 50
and then it's downhill from there.
Yeah, I'm… Wait a minute,
I've got lots and lots and lots of years.
Where do you want to eat tonight?
-Wanna go somewhere?
Hi, Christine, it's David.
Uh, can I speak to Abbey, please?
Um, yeah, hang on, just a minute.
-Hi, Abbey.
-Hi, David!
How are you?
I'm good.
Can you hear me?
Do you want to go on another date?
Yes, I would.
Would you like to come
to Lions Tigers & Bears with me
this Friday?
Yes, I would love to go there.
Me too.
I have a lot of stuffed lions
back at my house, and dogs.
I have only one stuffed lion.
Really? I have so many.
But I can't carry
big, giant stuffed animals
'cause it doesn't look mature.
-I know.
-It looks immature.
We might have dinner plans,
but we're not sure yet,
so I'll talk to you later.
I really got to get going.
-Can't wait to see you this Friday.
-Can't wait to see you this Friday too.
See you then. Bye.
-You too. Bye.
You're going to that place with David!
I know!
That's so awesome!
-Isn't that amazing?
Oh my God, this is…
This is great!
I'm planning the wedding.
I'm calling a wedding planner right now.
Where's my phone?
And voilà.
This looks so extravagant.
The universe actually brought this to me,
and this is to you.
It's really nice up here, honestly.
It's my first time,
actually, having champagne.
Do you like opening, like, wine bottles?
Have you opened one before?
I open it in my store
because we have an opener,
but I don't know how to open it,
like, myself, you know what I mean?
-I can help.
-You can?
-So all you have to do--
-Yeah, teach me.
-Teach me your skills.
-Okay, turn that little tab there.
-Like that, right?
Oh, wow.
That is really how you open a bottle.
Be careful. It's gonna pop.
-Damn. Whoo!
Sorry, I'm, like, kind of sensitive
to noise sometimes.
That's okay.
I'm sensitive to noises too.
Oh damn! Ah!
Have your parents ever taught you
how to pour drinks like this?
Not like champagne, no.
I pour very slowly.
-Oh, you really do it amazing.
-Thank you.
Thank you for, like, actually teaching me.
I'll remember that.
-Mm. So good.
-So good, indeed.
Let me just take a deep breath.
I just want to let you know
you look really amazing today.
Why, thank you so much.
You look amazing too.
My mom picked out the shirt for me.
Oh, wow. That's… Your mother did.
Like, you look
like this beautiful angelic angel.
It's just crazy,
because, like, when I first,
like, saw you in the first date, right,
I was like,
"Did this beautiful angel and soul
came from the universe just for me?"
I do like you so much, but, well,
we should try not to kiss too soon.
It's okay, on our first date,
but that's okay.
-No, no, no--
-Everybody makes mistakes.
No, no, I get it. It's just, you know…
We just have to take it slow,
is the thing.
Of course. Of course.
Do you have, like, um, any plans
to get further degrees?
Yeah. Actually, I am.
So I'm actually applying
to get my BA degree.
So I just got my AA degree.
Oh, that's so amazing.
Mosquito. It's getting one on my nose.
-You have a really cute nose, by the way.
-Thank you.
I've never seen
such a beautiful nose like yours.
You look absolutely amazing today.
Like, I just can't stop saying it.
I cannot stop saying it too,
and, um, I really like
the amused look you have in your face.
This looks… You…
Oh my gosh, what?
What were you saying? Oh my God!
You have…
That makes you so cute.
Oh, man. It's just great
spending time with you.
-It's great.
-Just such a beautiful, lovely moment.
I felt so lovestruck right now.
-What does that mean?
-Lovestruck which means I'm still in love.
I can feel the intimacy.
I really like how you hold my hand.
You're just, like, very tender-loving.
Gee, and you are, babe.
Oh my God!
Let's go for a walk.
The date is so fabulous.
Some strawberries and the champagne.
Oh, it's so lovely.
I felt like I just need
to get to know him a little bit more,
but I do like him.
Feeling romance, indeed.
Like… Like, I mean it.
What a lovely sunset.
Yeah, that sunset is dwelling
inside your beautiful soul and presence.
I think you will be really great
at creative writing,
which is something…
with is your great talent.
Yeah. My mom told me that.
Creative story writing
could also work for animation too.
Yeah, for sure. For sure.
-You have something on your face.
It's just your beautiful essence.
Oh, thank you.
It's okay to take it slow.
Hi there.
I'm Steve.
I'm 63 years of age.
Well, you look pretty good for 63.
Oh, you're awfully kind.
How old were you
when you were diagnosed with autism?
Wasn't all that long ago.
I mean, it's been I think
about two-- a couple of years.
How long would you say
you've been single for, Steve?
My gosh, I've been single all my life.
Steve lives
on his own in San Francisco.
This is where I have breakfast,
in one chair,
lunch in another one,
and of course, dinner in another one.
-Oh, really?
I tend to do that.
I know, it's kind of funny.
Oh my gosh.
Left and right, pictures of memories.
There I am
with my five-speed Schwinn Sting-Ray.
I used to think I was an Easy Rider.
This is more recent.
I'm on the left, and there's my dad.
-Oh, is that you?
I don't even recognize you.
I think I was
a little bit heavier back then.
There's my father and I
when I was a little boy
living in Los Angeles.
The emotion in that picture
is so touching.
Really makes me realize
how I connect with my dad,
and how he accepted me for who I am.
Do you ever get lonely?
Oh gosh, do I ever.
I get really lonely
here at home when I'm alone.
To have a lovely lady, oh my goodness,
that would be an absolute dream come true.
Have you thought
about trying online dating?
If somebody,
like my personal assistant,
is with me
and showing me and working the computer,
then I'm okay with it.
But I can't do it on my own.
Good morning, Steve.
Oh, hey.
How you doing?
Steve's assistant, Shorae,
has been providing support for him
for the last two years.
So, let's see.
What's on the agenda today?
We talked about
getting an online dating profile for you.
Oh, that's right.
So that's good,
so we're going to need some photos.
-Oh boy.
-You're up for that?
-I guess so.
-Let's go, yeah.
-Nice background.
-Oh boy, you're not kidding.
Okay, you want to stand here,
right in front of the painted ladies?
-So we can take a picture for the ladies!
-I like it!
Say, "Whiskey!"
-Whisky a Go Go, baby.
Hey, yeah! Put your hands up.
-There you go.
Let me see that big smile
-for the ladies.
Do, like, a romantic pose.
I don't even know if I know
how to do one of those.
Come hither!
Oh, there you go.
Now you're talking.
Now how about going to Twin Peaks?
-You like that area?
-Twin Peaks, oh! Do I like it?
-I love it!
A little wind is one thing.
Yeah, this is a little bit too windy.
A little bit.
Hey there!
All right!
-Oh my gosh!
Oh, wait a minute.
I'm in love!
Let's see.
-Oh my gosh.
This is kind of cute, huh?
-That one's nice too.
-This is the real Steve.
-That is, yes.
Even though my eyes are closed,
I'm enjoying it.
That's okay, you're enjoying the air,
and looks like your singing opera.
You already got a message.
Are you serious?
What things do you talk about
on a date?
-Are you good at maths?
What's seven times 13?
Uh, ninety-one.
What about 27 times 45?
Uh, twelve-fifteen.
Do you know what day of the week
24th of March 2009 was?
It was Tuesday.
What about 17th of December 2012?
That's amazing, Subodh.
Autism expert Jennifer Cook
is visiting Subodh
to help him as he prepares
for his very first dating experience.
Everybody on the spectrum is different
and we each need
different kinds of support.
Some of us have intellectual disabilities
and learning challenges.
Some of us have genius IQs.
Some of us are both at the same time.
We are, however,
all looking for the same thing,
respect, understanding,
and a whole lot of love.
Hi, Jennifer. I'm Subodh.
-Hi, Subodh.
-Please come in.
Thank you so much. I would love to.
Thank you very much.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you
for welcoming me to your house.
I am here because something exciting
is happening in your life.
-Finding a girlfriend?
-Finding a girlfriend.
-That's pretty big.
Have you ever been
on a date before, Subodh?
And so what do you think…
What are you smiling about?
What makes you happy
when you think about going on a date?
I feel so great.
Why? What do you see in your head?
-I'm thinking about my future.
-Tell me more about that.
Getting married, going on a honeymoon.
Okay, so you want
to have a special friend.
And is that someone
you would want to hug or kiss too?
-Oh yes!
We come from a different culture,
and, uh, dating is not something
that I grew up with.
-I have no idea how to help him.
-So that's been very challenging.
And it's difficult for him
to find somebody on his own.
So the most exciting thing for me
is that he is being helped by you,
and through this process,
he might find love.
I was only identified
as being on the spectrum when I was 35.
Oh, wow.
And so I had to stop
and kind of look around,
and say, "You know what?
Life does not come with a guidebook."
There needs to be, because there are
all these secret social rules
that nobody tells us
that other people seem to just intuit.
-It can get confusing. Do you agree?
-I agree.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
So when we go on dates,
what we're really wanting to do
is find things that we both like,
that we could talk about together,
some common interests.
Oh, I like to study
about the world cities and airports.
-That's fantastic.
So I believe your family
has set something up very specially
in the backyard.
-Wanna try it out?
-Okay. Let's go do it.
Subodh's at the very beginning
of his dating journey,
and for him,
this is going to be an uphill climb.
That's okay.
So we have set up
a special little practice area
to look at those little moments
of social interaction
that we don't think about
that are so built into just a dinner date.
So, tell you what,
when you come to the table,
this is a nice thing to do.
If you pull the seat out.
And you just say… Go like this, all right?
That's right,
and then I'm going to sit down in it.
There we go.
So now is when we are going to try
to find things that we have in common.
Then we can talk,
we have more to say to each other,
and we have more whats?
-That's right. More smiles.
So do you recognize that flag, Subodh?
Yes. I like the flag of France.
Oh, that's the flag of France?
-I wonder why they have a French flag.
-How are you?
Um, I'm going to be your waitress today.
When our server comes to the table,
we're going to look at her.
What do we say
when somebody gives us something?
If I gave you a present,
what would you say?
-Thank you.
-Thank you! Exactly right.
So when she gives us the menus,
what do you think we should say?
-Thank you?
And do you know
why that matters on a date?
We're not on a date
with the server, are we?
We want to show that we have nice manners
and that we're a kind person.
Here are some menus for you to order from.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I like escargots.
You do?
What do they taste like?
Taste like snails.
That's a good answer.
What about you?
I don't know if I like escargots.
I've never had them before.
-Are you guys ready to order?
-I'll take--
What are you gonna do?
You go ahead. You start.
Thank you so much, Subodh.
May I please have the French onion soup?
I'll take the escargots.
-Thank you.
-Hello. Thank you.
-Here is your French onion soup.
Thank you very much.
-It's not actual food?
That's right. We're pretending.
And here is your escargots.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-And we look and say?
-Thank you.
Yep, right over there.
-No, you say--
-Thank you.
-There you go.
-Welcome. Enjoy.
-All right.
Let's try. Very good.
Now you know what you could say?
How is your soup?
My soup is very delicious.
What about your escargots?
My escargots, it tastes like snail.
-That's how it should taste, I guess.
Are you all done?
-Are you ready for the ticket?
-Yes, thank you so much.
-Do you want to split the bill?
-Absolutely. That would be fine.
Subodh, I think you should not ask
for splitting bill on the first date.
As a man, you should be paying the bill.
Let me pay the bill this time,
and maybe next time we can split it.
That sounds good.
Thank you so much for dinner.
-So here you go.
Don't subtract money.
She's not going
to take any money from you.
Thank you so much. I'll be right back.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Now we can get up and go.
For Subodh, it's just gonna be a matter
of doing these challenges that
we're putting before him independently.
So I think one of the things for him
is gonna be practicing these skills,
but achieving them without his family
always being there to support him.
All right, bye-bye!
Thank you! Bye-bye!
Have a safe trip back.
-Yes, hello.
This is James.
Is this Emma?
Hi! Yeah, this is Emma.
How are you doing, James?
I'm doing quite well on this day.
I'm really, really enjoying
this beautiful weather.
How about yourself?
Um, yeah,
I'm really enjoying the weather too.
I've been going over to the beach
by my house a lot and stuff, so…
-Very nice.
-Yeah, it's the perfect day for a walk.
That's pretty cool. Yes.
Oh, speaking of which,
so there is a medieval Renaissance fair
in New York that looks pretty interesting.
I mean, would you
be interested in checking it out?
Would you like to go there and see it?
Oh, yeah, that sounds amazing.
Yeah, I've never been
to a Renaissance fair.
-Are you wearing a costume?
-Oh, I'm definitely going to dress up.
I have this really, really awesome
black and red opera cape,
and I have a shirt
that's black with red trim,
and I have these pretty nice
black and red boots also,
and I'm going to carry
a cobra-headed cane,
so, yeah, I'm pretty excited.
Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing.
I can't wait to see your outfit.
That sounds so cool.
I'm sure I definitely have an outfit
that I could wear to it.
All right, so I will see you then,
in that case.
I'm really looking forward
to checking out this fair
and seeing you… checking it out with you.
Yeah, definitely.
Well, have a good one.
Of course. I hope that
you have a very nice day also.
How'd it go?
Wait a moment. Wait a moment.
I'll tell you. Hold on.
Yes, so I did just, um, speak with Emma.
She sounded excited
about going to the fair.
-Isn't that great?
When I told her
about the Medieval clothing I'll wear,
she said it sounded pretty awesome,
so yes, I'm very excited about that.
If she wants to have a beer
or some kind of libation,
don't turn your nose up if she wants…
Say, "Oh God, you're drinking!"
No, I'm not going to.
-I will not do that.
You're there to enjoy each other.
-Yes, Dad.
-All right.
So she might enjoy your company more
after a couple beers!
-Dad! Stop it, all right?
-You're annoying me.
-Oh, James, I'm sorry.
Why is everybody annoying you?
I told you, there's
too much micromanagement.
When you have your conversation,
I know you might mention to her that
you have a couple of really cool swords.
I have both a longsword and a dagger.
I need to get a short sword.
I need to make sure I bring my longsword
to match so it's the same style.
Yeah, 'cause I might be in a situation
where a longsword just won't…
I'll be too cramped to use a longsword,
but a dagger won't have enough reach.
-You never know.
You never know?
Why, you're going bushwhacking somewhere
and you need swords to protect you?
Surely you would not need
a fully functional double-edged sword.
Well, I don't know.
They're cool, okay?
I know, but…
Have I mentioned
that I'd love to have a flamethrower?
-Yes, you have.
-Oh, okay.
What would you use
a flamethrower for?
I don't know. That's a good question.
It's good for melting snow or ice
or, like, burning away shrubbery, or…
Can you see your neighbors?
If I was tied up with wet ropes,
I'd need to burn through wet ropes
or something, you know?
Outdoor fires are regulated.
It's been two weeks
since Dani's second date with Solomon.
When it comes to, um, dating with boys,
I'm not so sure
if, um, the boy that I'm dating
is the right one.
-You mean Solomon?
I don't know if he's the right one.
I don't know. I just--
You're not supposed to know,
like, the first time.
I mean, she chased me for years.
Animation's my life, and I don't think
he's into animation at all.
What does he like to do?
-What's his--
He likes to do spirituality,
and the truth is, I don't think
he's figured out his life yet.
I see.
So maybe if he was ten years older,
it would be okay?
If he figured out his life.
I've already figured out my life.
Animation is my life.
I thought Solomon would be the soul mate,
but when the slipper fits, but…
Life is not a Disney princess movie, Dani.
What's your plan?
I just don't know.
-Is a Dear John letter acceptable?
I'm not sure Dear John letters
are a good idea.
Phone call?
You could give him a phone call,
or you could do a meeting, or…
I'm a little nervous.
I don't want to break Solomon's heart.
Better to do it now than to do it later.
Just like a Band-Aid,
take it off really fast.
-But if you do it really slowly,
then it hurts more.
-Oh, I get the analogy.
-Okay, good.
It was my major mistake that I shouldn't
be kissing him on the first date,
but I overcome with emotion.
I've always wanted somebody,
and I thought Solomon was the right match,
but I don't think so.
I should… I should go deeper
under what's underneath his iceberg.
You have to be compatible for a long time.
Thanks for the advice.
You're welcome.
Are you ready
to start your dating journey?
Yes, I'm gonna start the dating journey.
Very ready!
It's gonna be a new chapter! Yes!
Oh, I wanna fall in love
with all the girls!
Big day today.
-Are you excited about your date?
Is the girl American?
-Oh, yes.
-She's not Indian, I promise.
In Long Beach, California,
Subodh is getting ready
for the first date of his life.
Do you like…
Let's try this jacket on, yeah?
Turn towards me.
That looks very, very nice.
Good option.
What are you looking forward to
on your date?
In my future, I would like to travel
with your girlfriend in the future.
Yes, that's a good option.
And after getting married,
we'll go to the honeymoons
around the globe.
Subodh is meeting Rachel.
She likes rubbing a dog's belly
and salsa dancing.
She doesn't like skunks
or people losing their temper.
Hi, I'mRachel.
-Hey, Rachel.
-Hi, I'm Subodh.
-Please take your seat.
-Thank you.
So do you have a favorite movie?
I used to watch
a lot of Mission Impossible.
Okay. I have a lot of favorite movies.
Like, my favorite comedy
is the movie White Chicks.
-With the Wayans Brothers.
Yeah, you like that movie?
-I used to watch that movie in 2004.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, here are your flowers.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you. They're my favorite color too.
I haven't started dating a girl
in 33 years.
Me too.
You know?
I haven't dated in such a long time.
Yeah. Uh, Rachel?
-What do you like to do for sports?
I also like, uh, soccer.
I like to go swimming and snorkeling.
Oh, cool.
But I want to start
snorkeling and traveling.
-Where do you want to travel to?
-I am going with around-the-world ticket.
Oh, that's cool.
Well, I love to… Do you like to cook?
I like to cook food.
Well, I love to cook a lot.
I like to make some soup.
Oh, you like soup? I like soup too.
Welcome to the Crab Pot.
Here are our menus right here.
Thank you.
Do you like to eat poke bowls?
-Poke bowls?
I do, sometimes.
-I like poke bowls.
Do you like to draw or anything?
I like to draw a picture of a cake.
-That's cool.
-I love cake.
You like to decorate cakes?
Draw a picture of it,
but I don't decorate.
Picture of the cake? Okay, that's cool.
-That's cool.
So what's your favorite type of music,
by the way?
I like to listen to video-game music.
-Rachel, do you like video-game music?
-I don't listen to that stuff.
My favorite kind of music is pop rock,
and I also like Broadway.
My favorite musical is Hairspray.
-Oh, Hairspray!
-All right.
-I like The Greatest Showman.
I don't like it.
Oh, that's okay.
-You know, we can be different.
These are so pretty.
Can't wait to take this back.
Oh, wow.
I haven't done this one in 33 years.
I know.
Same as me.
Do you watch any TV or anything?
I do not like TV.
Do you watch YouTube?
Sometimes. Not all the time.
I like it all the time.
Yeah, I… Yeah.
Well, I watch TV sometimes.
What's your favorite things to…
I know you don't watch TV,
but my favorite TV shows
is Dancing With The Stars
and American Idol.
Let's change the topic.
Can we change the topic?
Sure, go ahead.
Go ahead.
So I just wanted
to talk to Solomon.
We've enjoyed our dating times
and everything,
but unfortunately, we're not compatible.
I just want to ask him,
"Can we still be friends?"
"Can we still be friends,
if it's possible?"
I hope I don't hurt his feelings.
You can do this, Dani.
-Hey, Soly.
-Hey Dani!
It's been a long time.
It's been a long time with you.
Things has been very, very busy lately.
No, I feel you on that.
Me too, honestly.
Like, I've been working a lot lately,
so, you know…
But there is one thing
I just want to talk to you about.
-Yeah, what's up? Talk to me.
I'm just a little nervous,
but unfortunately…
I don't think we're…
What I'm trying to say,
I don't think we're compatible.
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