Lovecraft Country (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Holy Ghost

[voiceover] Hey, Lei, what did you
do to make a mark on this world?
What mountains did you climb?
Which angels gave you their wings?
Which skies have you flown?
When you reached the heavens,
who was there to catch you when you fell?
And did they tell you
that you saved them too,
like you saved me?
That they are mending your wings
and holding them up to the sun,
just to step back and watch you fly?
So go ahead, Lei.
[Ruby] What the hell are we
doing in this neighborhood?
[Leti] I told you, I've got a surprise.
[Ruby] And I told you
I promised Hippolyta
I'd be over to watch Dee at 2:00.
Bail is usually $40, which means
I owe you around $500 for that,
and then there's that
time you wired me money
in Kentucky last Christmas
when I broke my camera.
You said that was for your light bill.
Yeah, that's right.
You've paid more than a few
of my bills over the years too.
You've been there for
me when I needed money.
- And I wanna return the favor.
- Hmm.
How would you like to
never pay rent again?
What does that mean?
I bought a house!
What game are you playing at?
It's not a game, Ruby.
There is no way in hell you
could afford to buy this house.
Come on!
[Ruby] Oh. [sighs]
Never mind. Now I can see why.
All right, it don't look like much now,
but when we're done fixing it up
Where'd you get the money
to buy yourself a house?
Our house, Ruby.
Where'd you get the money, Leti?
That has three floors, not
including the basement,
and 13 rooms.
I'm gonna turn it into a boarding house.
Make it a safe haven
for colored folks in need.
Just last year, there was
almost a riot across town
because a Negro couple
moved in to an all-white building.
- There's strength in numbers.
- No.
No, I don't have any time
for distractions right now.
I'm about to apply at a
Marshall Field's again
and I need to concentrate
on perfecting my résumé.
I'll help you.
I'll even mend one of
your dresses for you
so you don't have to buy a new one.
I don't know, Leti.
I know you think I've
used our relationship
to get over on you through the years,
but this could be our chance
to really bond as sisters.
I'm taking the biggest room.
[both laugh]
I knew it! Come on.
I haven't even shown you the best part.
It's an elevator.
- What?
- [laughs]
[elevator chimes]
That's strange.
It was working before.
[metal scraping]
- [screams]
- Leti!
Oh, my God.
That's not funny.
That's not funny.
- That's not funny.
- I'll get it fixed.
Oh, my God.
[Fats Domino's "Ain't
That a Shame" playing]
[dishes clattering]
[knock at door]
[Diana] Mama, Tic's
done burning breakfast.
[Atticus] Hey, I heard that.
You made
Me cry
When you said
Ain't that a shame?
My tears fell like rain
Ain't that a shame?
You're the one to blame
Oh, well
Although I'll cry
[singing along] Ain't that a shame?
My tears fell like rain
Ain't that a shame?
You okay, Dee?
Yeah. Yeah.
Everything's jake.
- Morning.
- [song stops]
Hey, baby.
I made you some eggs.
- Go ahead.
- Go ahead.
No, baby, you go ahead.
The printer called again,
about, uh, about the
new additions to the guide.
They're about a month overdue.
I keep forgetting the deadline.
[Atticus] He understands, considering.
I'll go do it now.
I took care of it last night.
Hope that's okay.
I know you didn't wanna
miss putting the guide out.
I hadn't proofed 'em yet, Tic.
They looked good to me.
Thanks. [clears throat]
[Diana] We should try the
scrapyard for some robot parts tonight.
Gotta be something good there.
I'm not staying over tonight, Dee.
You've been here for weeks.
[Atticus] I got some
things I gotta take care of.
[record scratching]
[knock at door]
[record scratching]
Can't pay a dollar I don't have.
Can't lock the door.
[breathing heavily]
[train chugging]
Pan to mop.
[train rumbling]
I got you, kid.
Ah, damn damn damn it!
That was Uncle George's
favorite story to tell.
I heard it so much, I'm
even dreaming about it,
like I was there with y'all
when the riot broke out.
Those white boys had you surrounded,
and out of nowhere came
a mysterious stranger
swinging a bat like Jackie Robinson.
Hit home runs on all their heads,
saving you both.
And all he said before
disappearing was
"I got you, kid."
We could've used that
stranger up in Ardham.
How Dee and Hippolyta doing?
As good as can be expected.
I've been helping Dee with her swing.
She could use you, a'ight.
I've worn out my welcome there, Pop.
I was hoping I could stay
here just for a few nights.
[somber opera music]
[bottles rattling]
[refrigerator door closes]
Feels strange, staying over there
without them knowing what
happened to Uncle George.
They know what happened.
That hotheaded sheriff shot him.
Hippolyta saw the body. We had a funeral.
End of story.
I know that's what we agreed on.
- Just don't feel right.
- So what?
You want us to tell
'em that wizards exist?
That white folks got
magic on their side too?
Maybe we just tell Aunt Hippolyta.
Hippolyta can't do shit.
We can't do shit. A'ight?
Best to just let it all die
with the bodies buried under that lodge.
Just feel like if Uncle
George was here
- He's not here.
- If he was here
Well, he ain't here.
If he was, he'd be saying we
need to find out all we can
God damn it!
[train rumbling]
[door opens, slams closed]
[laughs] Looking good, boys.
We need that elevator fixed.
I'm working on it,
but colored elevator
repair men are hard to find.
[Ruby] Leti, you know
there's a locked door up here?
So pick it!
[gasps] Hello!
- [James laughs]
- What's your name?
- Baldwin.
- [both laugh]
Hey, you're a novelist too? I'm James.
I'm Ruby.
I'd apologize for my
sister's rude behavior,
but she gets it from her father.
You planning to move all
that junk out of the basement?
It'd be a great space for a dance studio.
No significant alterations to the house
until that installment
contract's paid up.
[man] Where does this go?
Put it in the kitchen.
[man] There's no room.
[hammer pounding]
I went over to Ruby's
old place looking for you.
Her neighbor said you hit the numbers
and moved to the North Side.
It's nice.
No, it's not.
Not really.
But it will be.
Moving in on a Sunday when
the whole neighborhood's at church
and can't try to stop you.
Why did you go by Ruby's looking for me?
Wanted to check in on you.
You haven't checked
in since George's funeral
three weeks ago.
I wanted to check in
before hitting the road.
You going back to Florida?
Yeah. It's time.
Hippolyta's doing better. So is Dee.
You're gonna miss one
hell of a housewarming party.
Everybody on the South
Side's gonna be here.
- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
That'll be fun for your neighbors.
[Leti laughs]
I have a room I haven't rented out yet.
You should stay, at least, for the party.
I told my boss I'd only
be gone for a few days.
About a month ago.
All right.
[cars honking]
[man] Hey, what's that?
[horns blaring]
Here we go.
I told you it was gonna be
Trumbull Park all over again.
[sustained horns blaring]
Maybe I will stick
around a little longer.
[horns blaring]
[voices whispering]
[horns blaring]
[steam hissing]
Oh, motherfuckers.
[boiler rumbling]
Son of a bitch.
[boiler rumbling]
[air hisses]
[pipes groaning]
Oh. Ooh.
[voices whispering]
- [bang]
- [voices shouting]
I don't see anything.
No, no, no.
There was something
banging on that door to get out.
Could've been a draft.
Wasn't just the wind.
I heard voices.
[Atticus] I believe you.
What we went through
the stress of it
Plus keeping it a secret.
And your neighbors know what they doing.
I wouldn't be surprised if the
assholes with the cars are vets.
Well, I know they're the
ones tampering with that boiler.
Excessive heat and noise,
same tactics we used in Korea.
For what?
I'll nail the windows
down in the basement,
keep watch for a couple nights.
No, you don't have to do that.
But I will.
Thank you.
You know, the
This is the perfect place for a darkroom.
- [horns blaring]
- [laughter and chatter]
[upbeat music]
Hi! [laughs]
Leti, Leti.
I think that elevator's broken again.
That'll quench your thirst
after taking the stairs.
You heard about that newcomer preacher
that's supposed to jumpstart
the movement, right?
Michael, right?
He's going by Martin now.
I heard he was engaged to a white woman.
They made him marry
a colored one last year.
Loving a white woman doesn't mean
he can't stand up for colored folks.
I guess. [laughter]
All right, now this is your last pour.
No more, I say. No more.
- Just one.
- [laughs]
Ron is here?
Well, you say you wanna be a clown
You wanna be a goof
Let's get together and tear off the roof
Gonna boogie at midnight
We're gonna boogie at midnight
- More?
- Yes.
So greedy. [laughs]
Get together and have some natural kicks
Boogie at midnight
Ooh, we're gonna boogie at midnight
[laughs] Hey.
Thank you for bringing all this food.
Oh, I should be thanking you.
My icebox is overflowing
with food folks bring
when they come check in on us.
Couldn't eat it all if we try.
Even with Tic eating more than his share.
- He said he was helping out.
- He was.
Playing with Dee.
Helping out with the travel guide.
Leaving cups upright to
dry after he'd wash them.
George always set the cups
down when he did the dishes.
[cheers and applause]
That it?
Tic remind you of George?
Just being foolish.
You seen Dee and her friends?
[Etta James' "Good
Rockin' Daddy" playing]
Who's the coolest in our group?
You can really go, go, go
- [laughter]
- It's spelling my name.
- No, it's mine!
- Okay, okay.
Bobo, it's your turn.
Will I have a good time on my trip?
Now hold it, don't move it
Now boogie some more
You're a good rockin' daddy
Yes, you're a good rockin' daddy
[lights humming]
Come on now
[slow and distorted] I'll hold you close
And I'll hold you tight
You'll rock and roll from left to right
Gil, it's your turn.
Round and round and round
Who are we talking to?
Rest a while
And we'll boogie some more
You're a good rockin' daddy
That ain't funny, jerk!
- I didn't do it!
- Me either.
It moved by itself.
Y'all are assholes!
[door creaks]
[voices whispering]
I got a guy who's always late
[smoky jazz music playing]
Anytime we have a date
But I love him
Yes, I love him
[horns blaring]
I'm gonna walk right up to his gate
And see if I can get it straight
'Cause I want him
I'm gonna ask him
Is you is
Or is you ain't my baby?
Man, I've been looking for you.
Where you been?
The porch.
Keeping watch.
You thought it'd be a good idea,
let the neighbors see
a soldier live here, huh?
You was always real smart.
Hey, I wanted to ask you about Letitia.
What about her?
Me and her, we used to
tussle back in high school,
if you know what I'm saying.
And I'm feeling nostalgic tonight.
But I heard you been
staying here rent-free.
All right, man. All right.
But if that's yours,
you might wanna tell him.
Is you is or is you ain't
My baby?
Maybe baby's found
Somebody new
Or is my baby
Still my baby true?
Oh, is my baby
Still my baby true?
I don't hurt
All my teardrops are dried
[Dinah Washington's "I
Don't Hurt Anymore" playing]
No more walking the floor
With that burning inside
It's wonderful now
That I don't hurt
- [music stops]
- [breathing heavily]
I didn't realize I started my monthly
It's okay.
Hey, no big deal.
See you downstairs?
[door opens, closes]
[man] You think Marshall
Field's hasn't hired you
because you're colored?
[Ruby] Of course I know that.
And I'm willing to work
harder than anybody else,
if that's what it's gonna take.
You know, if more
colored folk thought like me,
the race would be a lot further along.
[upbeat music]
[horns blaring]
- Oh, no.
- [gasps]
- Oh, no.
- Damn.
Excuse me.
Where are the kids?
[Dorinda Clark-Cole's
"Take It Back" playing]
James, grab the shotguns from the closet.
Ruby, get Floyd's car keys.
Come on, put your hands together.
Come on, y'all.
We gon' take everything
back that the devil stole.
Oh, everything
Everything that the devil stole
God's giving it back to me
We're taking everything!
Everything that the devil stole
God's giving it back to me
Everything that the devil stole
God's giving it back to me
Can't have my joy
Can't have my joy
Can't have my peace
Can't have my peace
Can't have my faith
Can't have my faith
Want everything
-I want everything -Everything
Everything that the devil stole
God's giving it back
Yeah, that's it.
Come on, make the devil mad.
Stomp on his head!
Let him know you're going
to get your stomp, yeah!
-All back -Yeah!
Tried to take me out before my time
I want it all back
And I thank God He's controlling my life
-I want it all back -Yes, He is
Yeah, give me back my joy
-Yeah -I want it all back
And I thank God He's controlling my life
-I want it all back -Yes, He is
[siren wailing]
Yeah Give me back my joy
-Yeah -I want it all back
Give me back my dreams
-I want it all back -Yeah
Give me my possession back
I want it all back
[Lancaster] Letitia Lewis.
You have quite a record here.
What group you with?
The Monkey Urban League?
No, wait, I know.
The National Association for
the Advancement of Cockroaches.
I've gotten a lot of complaints
from your neighbors about you.
Have you gotten the 21 reports I've filed
about harassment from
those same neighbors?
Burke, Crane,
have we received any complaints?
Not that we can recall, Captain.
Anything strange happen
in your new house?
A'ight, how about this?
Did someone tell you to
buy the Winthrop house?
- [tires squeal]
- [yelps]
Gal like you can't afford that mortgage.
Not even renting out rooms.
[tires squeal]
You tell me who helped you buy
the Winthrop house and this ends.
[tires squeal]
You really don't know anything
about that house you moved into, do you?
We found the body parts of eight niggers
buried in the room below the basement.
So if history is any indication,
you won't last in that house very long.
At all.
[eerie moaning]
Get out
of my house!
[Ruby] Come on, guys.
There's nothing we can do?
Leti, we got a big problem.
None of the boarders like
that you put a bigger target on our backs
by busting up those white boys' cars.
They're all moving out.
It'll be safer for them.
Who cares about them?
We got an installment contract
to pay that we can't afford.
Ruby, it'll be fine.
I-I still have some of
the money Mama left.
All that money came from Mama?
I, um
I was just as surprised as you are
when I got the call.
The bank said that, um
she'd left me an inheritance.
But Mama didn't have any money.
[Leti] I guess she did.
And she just left it all to you?
You didn't even come to her funeral.
Hell, you don't even go by her last name.
I know.
Hell, it don't make any sense.
But to be honest, I'm tired.
I'm tired of trying to figure
out her crazy motivations.
Mama never did anything for anyone
or for any damn reason but herself.
And I didn't tell you be
Because I knew it was gonna hurt you.
Thank you for looking out for me.
- Ruby, don't
- Don't.
Now, you look down on
Mama, but you're worse.
What the hell's that supposed to mean?
At least Mama didn't pretend
to be anything but selfish.
Now, you say you bought this house
'cause you wanted to help our people,
but looks to me all you've done
is move in your artist friends.
And if you were half the sister
that you claim you wanna be,
you'd have split that
money with me and Marvin,
regardless of Mama's wishes
- But
- But you didn't!
No, you lied to me.
You begged me to move in here
'cause you really wanted
us to be sisters for once,
but that was just more of your bullshit.
Just you burying your guilt
for doing what you always do,
look out for Leti first.
And I'm the fool 'cause
here I was thinking,
all these years that I've been
helping you, sending you money,
that you were just a fuck-up,
but really, you're just fucked up.
- Montrose.
- Hey.
What you doing here?
Figure I'd hit a few balls with Dee,
help her with that swing.
Oh, I got this.
Just set 'em over there.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, I got it.
- I got it, I got it.
- [Montrose] I got this.
George's favorite.
I spilled coffee on his copy.
I saw his body.
The bullet hole where
that sheriff shot him.
And I know you and Tic
took care of that vile man.
I don't wanna know
the details of that, but
What you told me happened
Something doesn't feel right.
Tic's been staying here a month,
and every day of it, I
have this nagging feeling
that he's not telling me something
about my husband's death.
Hippolyta, I
I'm not sure what you want me to say.
What else you think happened?
I don't know!
[soft upbeat music]
What's all this?
My house is haunted.
[whispers] Hell.
Walk me through it.
All right, um
the realtist, JJ,
he was cagey about the previous owners,
but he called it the Winthrop house.
Now, I haven't been
able to dig up anything
on the name Winthrop, but I did find out
the last owner of the house
was a man named Hiram Epstein.
Epstein was a scientist at
the University of Chicago.
Until he was fired for unethical
experimental practices.
Unethical how?
Article doesn't say, but I think
he was experimenting on humans.
Eight bodies were found in my basement.
I'm not sure.
But remember the night
of the housewarming party?
Police captain's the one
who told me about the bodies,
and he was asking all these
questions about the house,
like he had some
sort of connection to it.
That's him.
Look who's standing beside him.
- [Atticus] That's Hiram Epstein.
- [Leti] Mmm-hmm.
They knew each other.
And Lancaster's name keeps popping up
in a string of articles
as the lead detective
in a number of missing person's reports
from the South Side.
You think he was
supplying this Epstein guy
with test subjects?
Mmm. Oh, and then this.
I took these the day we moved in.
The body parts that were found
in what is now my basement?
It took all night, but I was able to find
all eight faces.
Lucy, Anarcha, Grover
Colored folks who
disappeared on the South Side.
Now restless souls trapped
in my house with their killer.
They want out.
I know it.
Uncle George would reference
a haunted house story right now
that proves that these
ghosts aren't gonna stop
till you join 'em on the other side.
I think it's time to move out.
The night of the housewarming
that was my first time.
Your first time what?
- Leti, I'm sorry if I
- No.
No, no, no.
No, I don't regret it.
I needed it.
I needed to feel something.
We haven't even talked
about all the crazy shit
that happened in Ardham.
the spells, Uncle George's death.
And I died too.
And honestly, since I've been back,
I've felt like a ghost.
Like something's missing.
And I keep grasping at
everything, trying to avoid it.
Pioneering, the church, my sister
Hell, I thought the world was one way,
and I found out it isn't.
And it terrifies me.
But I can't live in fear.
I won't.
I gotta face this new world head on
and stake my claim in it.
[goat bleats]
[goat bleats]
[goat moans]
Where'd you say you found her again?
Mama couldn't really
commune with the dead,
but she was a hustler who
believed in doing her research.
If the spirits are as
malevolent as you claim, child,
you'll need a seal of protection
to keep us safe while we purge the house.
I'll reach out for the
spirits' energy until I find it.
Here, I feel a presence.
Take my hands.
Form a circle.
And don't let go.
No matter what.
Mama Oya,
I, your dutiful servant, call upon you
to use me as a vessel,
so together, we may cleanse this space
of these tormented spirits.
[lights humming]
[speaking Creole]
[speaking Creole]
[banging and clattering]
[voices whispering]
[voices shouting]
[voices whispering]
Found 'em. Terry.
[voices whispering]
Let's get 'em.
[voices howl]
- [door slams]
- [gasps]
[door creaking]
[voices whispering]
[speaking Creole]
[voices shouting]
It's working!
Chant with me now.
[chanting in Creole]
[all chanting in Creole]
[baby crying]
[baby growls]
[baby coos]
[steam hissing]
- [both screaming]
- [baby giggles]
[metal scraping]
[elevator chimes]
[all chanting in Creole]
[both laugh]
[all scream]
Our marks!
Let's go!
[voices hissing]
- [bones popping]
- [hisses]
Lucy! Jasper!
Anarcha! Rufus!
- Grover!
- [roars]
Olivia! Please!
[heavy rhythmic gospel]
[strained breathing]
Out of my house, bitch.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Help me!
[whines] Help me cast him out!
Get out of my house, bitch.
Get the fuck out of my house, bitch!
- Please!
- Get the fuck out of my house.
You are not dead yet!
You can still fight!
- [snarling]
- [voices whispering]
We're gonna tear your kingdom down
[Atticus] Get the fuck
out of my house, bitch!
Lord, Jesu'
Oh, Satan
We're gonna tear your kingdom down
Oh, yeah
You've been building
Your kingdom, yeah
[chanting in Creole]
All over the land
[all chanting in Creole]
You know what, Satan
Satan, we're gonna tear
Your kingdom down
[indistinct shouting]
[shouting in Creole]
Oh, the mothers
Are gonna pray
Gonna pray your kingdom down
You know what, you know what
You've been building
Building your kingdom
All in the house of God
But you know what, Satan
Your kingdom is gonna come down
Not only that, but
listen, listen, listen, listen
We're gonna tear your kingdom down
Get the fuck out of my house!
[breathing heavily]
In the house of God
But you know what, devil
Satan, we're gonna tear your
Your kingdom down
[reporter] It's amazing you're
even standing here today,
considering the opposition
you were up against.
And you didn't just do it for yourself.
To really be providing a sanctuary
for those in the community
most in need of cheap housing?
That's what makes this story newsworthy.
It's helping our community.
It was my sister who
really inspired it all.
Well, it is truly
It is truly remarkable.
- [elevator rattles]
- [elevator chimes]
- I have one last question.
- Hmm.
Off the record,
do you know anything
about the disappearance
of three of your white neighbors?
[elevator chimes]
I hadn't heard anyone was missing.
Can I grab a photo?
[shutter clicks]
[children laughing]
[elevator chimes]
[Christina] The bank
has wired your money.
I appreciate your help.
JJ, I think you better
grab that box and go.
Leti's inheritance didn't
come from her mother.
It came from you.
How'd you figure it out?
I saw his name carved on the frame
of your father's favorite painting.
Horatio Winthrop was a founding
member of the Sons of Adam.
But he was banished after stealing
pages from the Book of Names.
He was sick of Titus
having the only cipher
to read the Language of Adam
and tried to develop his
own from the stolen pages.
Hiram Epstein was a follower of his.
I didn't come here for a history lesson.
Then what did you come here for?
To make sure you stay the
fuck away from my family.
Shall I continue the lesson?
Most of the Order never
create their own spells.
They don't have the
discipline or the talent.
Those that do usually get
one spell in their lifetime.
My father's claim to
fame was invulnerability.
He thought if you couldn't be harmed,
you'd live forever.
He had to remove it
when he attempted to open
the door to the Garden of Eden.
It's extraordinary really,
when you think about it.
Every spell the Sons have created
has come from just one deciphered chapter
of the Book of Names,
orally passed down by Titus.
The Book is gone and
Titus locked his pages
in a booby-trapped vault
only he could access.
But imagine the possibilities
if Horatio Winthrop's
pages were to be found.
The Language of Adam could
finally be decoded in its entirety.
Call me when you're ready to
learn more about our family legacy.
And Tic, really, you [laughs]
Have to be smarter than this.
You know you can't just go
around killing white women.
[Alice Smith's "Sinnerman" playing]
Oh, Sinnerman
Where you gonna run to?
Where you gonna run to?
Where you gonna run to?
All on that day
Well, I run to the rock
Please hide me
I run to the rock
Please hide me
I run to the rock
Please hide me
All on that day
But the rock cried out
"I can't hide you"
The rock cried out
"I can't hide you"
The rock cried out
"I ain't gonna hide you"
All on that day
"I said," Rock
What's the matter with you, Rock?
"Can't you see I need you, Rock?"
Devil was waiting
All on that day
I cried, "Power"
I cried, "Power"
I cried, "Power"
I cried, "Power"
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