Lovecraft Country (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Full Circle

[car doors close]
Hurry, she's burning up.
Watch your step, come on.
[suspenseful music]
It's okay, pumpkin. It's okay.
[speaking Language of Adam]
Oh, shit!
[sinister music]
That's your birthmark.
Atticu [sighs]
- Leti!
- Tic. Leti.
- Oh, Leti.
- Atticus.
[tense music]
The answer is in your blood.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
No. No, why am I back here?
It's okay.
We're safe.
The one you carry brought you here.
Where are we?
Atticus unbound the book,
and now you both
must learn what was lost.
I ran from Master's house
till I couldn't run no more,
but I knew there was nowhere
I could go where we'd be safe.
My child would have Master's blood
and would always be
seen as a source of power
to those in the Order.
So I used a spell Master
worked on himself,
keep our bloodline hidden
from all who know magic.
Hanna unknowingly
birthed this ancestral space,
the night she first opened
the Book of Names.
There was so much she didn't
understand about magic then.
She believed that this was hell,
she was being punished
for using the devil's tools.
Every night, when I closed my eyes,
I found myself back here,
burning over and over again.
The pain was unbearable.
I had to make it stop,
but the flames I ran through to escape
followed me, even in death.
Before Hanna took her own life,
she dared to open the book once more
To find the spell that
would bind it shut forever
so that the suffering it caused
would not be visited on
those who came after.
Took a long time to understand
the fire was my rage made manifest,
that it could be tamed.
Once I did,
once I made this a safe
place for our ancestors
I realized this magic was
not something to be feared
but a gift to pass on.
[dramatic music]
Our family has protected
the book for generations.
Now that falls to you.
- No.
- There's no one else.
- Atticus
- Has his own burden to bear.
Do not do what Hanna did when
she bound the book out of fear.
Do not cripple your son with your doubts.
You will need to be
strong to fix her mistake.
I need your help. My
cousin's been cursed.
I unbound the book to save her.
You gonna save 'em all.
[Billie Holiday's "Easy Living" playing]
Living for you is easy living
[door clicks open]
And I'm so in love
There's nothing in life but you
I'll never regret
The years I'm giving
They're easy to give When you're in love
[gasps softly]
[breathing shakily]
[breathes shakily]
[exhales sharply]
Come over here and sit with me.
Let me look at you some more.
People say you rule me with
One wave of your hand
Darling, it's grand
You know what Hanna asked me to do?
[wind whooshing outside]
I don't wanna die,
Mama. [breathes shakily]
I know, baby.
But if we ain't walking toward an altar
to sacrifice ourself for
something important
What is our purpose?
There's gotta be another
way to stop Christina.
If my life taught me one thing,
it's that we tell ourselves we
have a choice, but we don't.
With George and
Montrose, I never had one.
They both were a part of my soul,
and I never should
have been scared of that.
I can see now all of our love made you.
You've got the best parts of both of 'em,
Montrose's fierce heart
and George's integrity.
You're a hero,
just like in those stories
you used to cherish.
[whimpers softly]
And Hanna's spell,
it's gonna change everything, baby.
This is a beginning, not an end.
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[stirring music]
Come on, now.
There's work to do.
[lively music]
Everyone concentrate on Diana.
[inhales sharply]
[inhales sharply]
[inhales sharply]
[speaking Language of Adam]
- Leti.
- Atticus!
Leti. Come on, we need you now.
- Wake up.
- Atticus!
[speaking Language of Adam]
Leti, wake up.
- Come on, come on!
- Wake up!
Atticus! Atticus, wake up!
[speaking Language of Adam]
Come on, Leti. Come on.
Atticus! Come on!
Come on! Come on, please don't!
- Montrose
- Come on, wake up!
[speaking Language of Adam]
Wake up. No. Atticus!
Montrose. Montrose!
[speaking Language of Adam]
Baby, I'm here.
Baby. Can you hear me?
- [gasping]
- [gasps]
What the hell happened?
I need a pen and paper.
[wheezes, panting]
I saw Mama.
No, it's okay. Mama's got you.
It's all right. Just relax.
Everything's fine.
We don't have time to keep debating this.
We have to do Hanna's spell,
and the blood tie's
the most important part.
We need a physical connection
between me, Titus, and Christina.
Mm-mm. It's too damn risky.
Hanna's been working
on this binding spell
for over a century.
The ancestors already
walked Leti through it.
Well, let her work on a
spell that don't have you
walking into Christina's hands.
There's no time, Pop!
If we wanna take her power from her,
we need to use the energy
from her spell against her.
In the book, it says you
die in the ceremony, Tic.
The book is wrong.
It's just one potential future.
[ominous music]
Talk some sense into him.
You, him, and the baby y'all go.
Christina can't find
you with the birthmark.
Look what we been through to get here,
monsters, ghosts,
a magical treasure hunt,
curses, the past, the future.
We can't stop fighting now.
The mysterious stranger I
heard about my entire life,
swinging a bat like Jackie Robinson,
saving you, Mama, and
Uncle George, was me.
[tense music]
This book belongs to
our family, and together,
we're gonna use this
book to protect our family.
[monster shrieking]
[monster growling]
[elevator dings]
We say the spell twice,
and then reverse to end it.
You'll start.
[knife clatters]
[dramatic music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[air whooshing]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[whooshing intensifies]
[domineering music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
Who are you?
Your blood heir.
Why did you bring me back?
To do what I should have
the night you tried to sacrifice my baby.
You ungrateful wench.
I gave you more than any nigger ever had.
You dare to use my magic?
What's stolen ain't yours.
Ahh! [gasps]
Where'd he go?
The circle was supposed to hold him!
We must get him back now!
Watch out! Whoa!
[glass shatters]
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
[dramatic music]
Those niggers have the Book of
[all speaking Language of Adam]
[otherworldly music]
[all speaking Language of Adam]
[all speaking Language of Adam]
[all speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[mysterious music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[solemn music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[exhales sharply]
And that was supposed
to be the easy part.
I made your favorite.
[clears throat]
You really need to eat something.
You left me.
[soft music]
I did.
I did, so I could become
what you imagined me to be
So I could be Orithyia Blue.
She's not real.
I found a place
where I could bring her to life
Where I could name
myself anything, and I did.
I went on adventures that not even
your father's beautiful
mind could have imagined.
And then I named myself mother,
and it brought me back here to you.
Pumpkin, I was always gonna come back.
And if I had known what
was happening to you,
- I would have come back sooner
- I don't care what you would have done.
You weren't here.
I was alone, and they
Never mind.
Everything's jake.
Couldn't have saved me anyways.
We have to leave the day after tomorrow
to get to Ardham by the autumnal equinox.
How the hell we supposed to get
a piece of that bitch before then?
Hell no.
She can get closer to
her than any of us can.
See, that's the problem.
She's too damn close.
The ancestors said
that we have to connect
all three of their
bodies to bind Christina.
And we need to amplify our intention too.
This spell's bigger
than the resurrection one
we just did, and we can't call
the ancestors for help again.
It's just the three of us.
[dramatic music]
Now tell me about this spell.
Shit. Tic!
What the hell is she doing here?
[door bell jingling]
Can we talk?
Anything you wanna say can be said here.
[scoffs softly]
This isn't generational hate.
Our families are not at war.
This has never been personal.
The hell it ain't. You're
trying to kill my son.
His death is a consequence
of a spell I'm attempting to cast.
There's no other way for it to work,
at least not that I could figure out
with the tools at my disposal.
But now somehow,
you've gotten your hands
on the Book of Names.
Give it to me
And you have my word.
I leave you and your family alone.
I find another way to achieve my ends
without your blood, using the book.
[daunting music]
[breathes deeply]
[speaking Language of Adam]
- [gasps, yelping]
- Leti!
What's wrong? Is it the baby?
No, no, no. Guys, she
She took my invulnerability. [gasping]
[Solange's "Weary"]
I'm weary of the ways of the world
Be weary of the ways of the world
I'm weary of the ways of the world
-Whoa, whoa -Whoa, whoa
[rotary phone clicking]
Operator. How may I direct your call?
The Drake Hotel.
You look very exotic.
Let me guess where you're from, Japan.
[speaking Korean]
So you don't speak any English?
I said, would you be
willing to die to fuck me?
[jazz music playing]
[melancholy music]
Thank you for meeting me here.
What we had was real,
but I thought if I denied that part,
I could deny all of it
including what you saw.
I'm sorry for the way I
talked to you at the house.
I know you only wanted
to help me by coming here.
I think I was trying to help myself.
My Umma mother died recently.
And for a long time, I
thought I couldn't feel anything
because I'm kumiho.
But then I met Young-Ja and you.
My mother finally
loved me like a daughter.
But all that feeling is gone.
And when you started calling again
I don't know.
I don't know what I expected
just showing up here.
Your feelings are not gone,
not forever.
It's what happens when you
lose someone so close to you.
You you lose a part of yourself.
It's called grieving.
It's human.
And in times of mourning,
that's when you should
be surrounded by family,
and that's what we are.
I was too scared to see it at first,
when you first showed
up, but our connection
our intertwined destinies
It makes us family.
I went to a Mudang, our shaman,
to ask about what I saw.
What'd she say?
She said I should not be
concerned with mortal things,
that you will die,
that I am destined to enter the darkness.
I don't believe that.
You were the one who
reminded me we have a choice.
We can be monsters
or heroes.
[solemn music]
[birds chirping]
I was in jail.
It's why I didn't come to Mama's funeral.
- [scoffs]
- Before you say anything,
I beat myself up about it plenty.
Truth is, I was relieved.
I didn't wanna go.
You think I did?
I know Eloise Baptiste wasn't easy,
but she was still our mother.
That's not enough, Ruby.
We just call ourselves family.
I'm even confused about
what family really means,
and Lord knows she
wasn't a good example of it.
You know, I know what it is now,
and it is not an obligation.
It's acceptance.
It's a willingness to sacrifice
everything that is necessary
in order to protect it.
You were right.
We do need to learn magic.
[mysterious music]
Is that
The Book of Names.
And we're gonna use it
in a binding spell against Christina,
but we need a part of her
body in order to make it happen,
and you're the only one who
can get close enough to get it.
Now, Atticus didn't want
me telling you any of this.
He thinks you're on Christina's side,
but you are my sister,
and I need my sister to
choose to be my family right now.
You're right.
You been getting family wrong.
You been getting it so wrong for so long
that you can't see
that you're still doing it.
You only wanna be my sister
when you need something, Leti.
And this moment might feel
different to you, but to me
It looks exactly the same.
[somber music]
There's more you need to know.
[door opens, closes]
[paper rustles]
[dramatic music]
You like it?
How did you learn to draw like this?
An artist named Afua taught me
so I could teach you.
I'll never be able to draw again.
Come here, pumpkin. I
wanna show you something.
- Come on. Come on.
- Hmm.
[poignant music]
People think of time
as a physical manifestation,
but it really is, like so
many things, in our minds.
We get fixated on moments, stuck in them,
but time
never stops.
Pumpkin, I know you're angry with me,
and you have every right to be.
I let you down.
But this moment will pass.
I'll make sure of that,
just like I will make sure
that you will draw again.
How are you gonna do that?
Come on.
[machinery whirring, clanging]
What have you been
doing down here all day?
Going over the details of my spell.
Intention, location, the body
combined with an incantation
Those are the elements of magic.
[uneasy music]
First time I created the potion
was on the bridge
Lancaster shot William on.
I used the energy of
his death for his rebirth.
For the body, I combined
parts of my blood, hair, and nails
with his.
That's why I have to keep
William in a comatose state.
Something wrong?
No. [snorts softly]
I was just wondering when
you got all of that from me,
and then I remembered.
You can amplify the elements
in various ways for bigger spells.
There's an infinite
number of combinations
and an infinite number of
ways they can be just slightly off.
You're worried your spell won't work?
If my spell doesn't work
I killed the last of
my family for nothing.
Your spell's going to work.
And you have me now.
[soft music]
Have you ever
It's my first time.
[muffled conversation]
Praise the Lord, sister.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this for me.
Do you need a moment?
[door closes]
I need a lifetime.
[gentle music]
We're gonna be okay.
But you don't have your
invulnerability anymore.
God's gonna look after us.
I wish I believed that.
You know what I realized?
All this time, I've been chasing faith
When I should have been
discovering it in myself
'Cause that's where he is
in all of us.
I see him so much in you.
And he's in our baby.
And you gotta believe in us.
[Nina Simone's "I Am Blessed"]
[chorus vocalizing]
[children laughing]
-I who never had much
-[chorus vocalizing]
I now have a treasure
A love too great to measure
I am blessed
With happiness
And I'm done with loneliness
All right.
Let's go.
Not really knowing
Till now just where I was going
- Here.
- Sorry.
That's all right.
I got it.
A love worth more than gold
[The Coasters'
"Sh'boom" playing on radio]
Life could be a dream
Life could be a dream
Doo-doo-doo, sh'boom
- [singing along]
- Life could be a dream
If I could take you up
In paradise up above
If you would tell me I'm
the only one that you love
Life could be a dream,
sweetheart Hello, hello again
Sh'boom ba-doh, ba-doo ba-doodle-ay
[all scatting]
Oh, life could be a dream
If only all my precious
plans Would come true
If you would let me spend
My whole life lovin' you
Life could be a dream, sweetheart
-Every night I look at you -[laughter]
Something is on my mind
If you do what I want you to
Baby, we'd be so fine
Life could be a dream, sh'boom
If I could take you up
In paradise up above
Tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream,
sweetheart Hello, hello again
Sh'boom and hopin' we'll meet again
Doo-doo-doo, sh'boom
[ominous music]
Pinch and swallow.
[grunting softly]
I'll see you on the other side.
[grunts softly]
[suspenseful music]
[grim music]
[intense music]
[dramatic music]
[frogs croaking]
That's enough symbols
to complete the binding triangle.
Atticus should be at the lodge by now.
What happens if Christina
starts her spell early?
She won't.
She needs the moon at its highest peak.
The witching hour.
Come on. Let's get to the bridge.
What's wrong? You see something?
Despite everything,
the trip here was nice.
I [sighs]
I feel like I understand
the pull of family for the first time.
[sinister music]
I'm really glad you agreed
to help us at the cemetery.
Of course. You're my sister.
[breathes shakily]
I caught Ruby trying to
steal the potion for you.
[voices whispering indistinctly]
What did you do to my sister?
She made me promise not to harm you,
and it's your fault that she's dead.
- [crowd yelling]
- Ah!
[crowd yelling]
[man yells]
[screaming] Hey!
[crowd yelling, clamoring]
[suspenseful music]
[twig snaps]
"He knew telling a story
was a kind of power,
but he also knew it wasn't enough.
If they were ever truly gonna disrupt
the hierarchy of warlocks
"They would have to spill
blood other than their own."
[twigs snapping]
[unsettling music]
- [high-pitched screech]
- [gasps]
[dramatic music]
For what it's worth, hijacking
my spell was a good plan.
It might have worked if
you had left Ruby out of it.
[foreboding music]
[breathes shakily] Where's Leti?
Where is she?
Where is she?
[grunting and straining]
It's time.
[crying loudly]
[roots tearing]
[monster growls]
[monster chittering]
[monster growling]
[monsters screeching, growling]
[twangy guitar music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[breathing heavily]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[breathing heavily]
I love you.
[breathing heavily]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[laughing menacingly]
[speaking Language of Adam]
Let's get Montrose. Come on.
[speaking Language of Adam]
You're too late.
I'm immortal now.
[speaking Language of Adam]
[wind howling]
[speaking Language of Adam]
Give it up, Leti.
Potion didn't have my blood in it.
The spell's not gonna work
unless their bodies are connected.
[wind whooshing]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[whimpers] Oh, God.
[speaking Language of Adam]
[ethereal music]
- [screams]
- [groaning]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[monster cooing]
[chanting indistinctly]
[thunder cracking]
[speaking Language of Adam]
[thunder cracking]
[uneasy music]
[speaking Language of Adam]
It's not gonna work.
You bound me from magic.
Not just you
Every white person in the world.
You gonna save 'em all.
And Hanna's spell,
it's gonna change everything, baby.
Our family has protected
the book for generations.
Now that falls to you.
Magic is ours now.
[solemn music]
[moans] Montrose.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Atticus, come on. Let's go home.
It's over. Come on, boy.
Atticus, come on.
Tic, come on, man. Come on.
Come on, man. Come on.
[grunts] Tic. Tic, come on.
Atticus, get up!
[softly] No. [sobbing]
- Tic!
- Montrose.
Come on.
Come on. Tic.
He wrote this for you.
[mutters indistinctly] No.
Dear Pop,
I hope you'll forgive me
for this one last secret.
I knew you wouldn't accept it
but it had to be done
to protect our family,
to protect us all.
"There is neither happiness
nor misery in the world."
There is only the comparison
of one state with another,
nothing more.
He who has felt the deepest grief
"is best able to experience
supreme happiness."
Recognize that?
Dumas's wise words are my wish for you
Supreme happiness.
Teach my son new ways of living,
instead of repeating
what we've been through.
As little George's grandfather,
you have a second chance to
be the father you always wanted.
Don't waste it.
Love, Tic.
[gasping and moaning]
[monster chitters distantly]
Help! Is someone there?
Help. [breathing heavily]
[softly] Dee. Help me.
[dramatic music]
[monster growling, chittering]
Help me. Please, Dee.
Please help me.
They still haven't learned.
[mechanical arm whirring]
[mechanical arm whirring]
[mechanical arm whirring]
[powerful music]
[monster growling softly]
[monster roaring]
[soft instrumental music]
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